Our traveling blog kitteh in her new home doing what she does best: Loving life!

Tiger Lily, waiting for Karen to pick her up.

For those who haven’t seen this in comments,below is a video of our own blog  kitty who crossed three states to her forever home — with the help of loving blog members PM Mom, Karen For Clinton, Pamela Of The Poconos and SophieCT.

You can read the story here. Thanks to everybody who stopped by during our live blog of Tiger Lily’s adventure.

Is this a happy kitty or what???

Lucky kitty. Lucky SophieCT.

Happy Us.

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  1. A time to remember! Doing right has such beautiful rewards.

  2. Happy us, indeed.

    The Great American Kitteh Relay was one of the most delightful events ever recorded.

  3. I still think we should do it with a pie….

  4. Anthony, it looks like Lily is pretty delighted too! So let’s make that…

    ….”ever recorded in the annals of kitty time”.

  5. Speaking of PMM….has she checked in yet?

  6. No, she hasn’t, imust. But she will because she knows if she doesn’t, there will be Punishments.

  7. Love this story. 🙂

  8. I sent the link to the youtube to family and friends and the ones that responded all fell in love with TL. It would be wonderful to see the little banana hugger vid go viral or at least have a ton of hits.

    Spread the link and give your friends a huge grin.

  9. Isn’t it ironic that for 4 years we had an imaginary kitteh in charge around here and now we have a real one!

  10. OT, the Scranton mayor is bucking the unions big time. He was given a court order to pay full wages and still cut even police and firemen, etc. down to minimum wage.


    This guy overstepped his authority. Some are making $150 a week now – down from $450 a week. They are putting their lives on the line for $7 an hour!

  11. What if Twitter had been around during the American Revolution?

  12. He’s probably in trouble over wages — particularly if they have been negotiated. Unless the contract has expired. But normally, old contracts stay in effect till the new contract is settled. Still, this sounds like below miniumum wage.

    ……But as to the size of the police and fire complement–Most cities are either mayor-centric or council-centric. If scranton is mayor-centric, he sets the size of organizations. If it’s council-managed, they set the complement. In other words no judge can tell city leaders how large or small to make a police and fire organization or any other organization. Sometimes the organizations will negotiate layoffs, but in the end, the city leaders decide that number. It is never a union decision or judicial decision. If they wanted to, the city could outsource the whole shabang, whether it’s a good idea or not. In many cities police and fire comprise more than half the budgets and even if the tax base shrinks, the unions want to negotiate a raise yearly and hold fast on benefits, so it can be a burden. In most cities,the retirement costs are snowballing too–especially given the early retirement ages. So sometimes, the mayor or/and council are forced to reduce the numbers to recoup so that they don’t have to raise taxes by large sums. One of the problems many cities have with police and fire is, they operate like a paramilitary organization. This means heavy on captains and chiefs, meaning fewer actual firefighters or officers. This is costly and sometimes results in layoffs of hands-on firefighters and police officers.

    So many cities are left witn NO negotiating options that benefit the taxpayers. In the end, he will reduce the size of these organizations, which is what he probably should have done instead of jerking around with coolie wages.

  13. Isn’t it ironic that for 4 years we had an imaginary kitteh in charge around here and now we have a real one!

    Whoa! Watch it! You do NOT want to piss off Bill. Trust me on this.

  14. Imaginary kitten?

  15. mcnorman, the tweets are hysterical. love the cover of FP this month too. Hill in shades looking cool as hell. If she runs in 2016 that should be her campaign pic. Terminator looking.


  16. Okay so Mr U has been gone a few days and will be back around 3. So I figured he’d be hungry and what do you make that you eat when it’s too late for lunch and too early for dinner? So I did this nice little Frittata in cast iron, which I topped off in the oven. I just am a bit irritated that obviously one of my pets removed a huge chunk of it…

  17. @ karen

    luv the humor

  18. Didn’t know you owned a shark as a pet.

  19. I would have expected Nora Desmond’s slice to be a thinner wedge? haha

  20. Well hey, like the chefs always say, NEVER serve something until you’ve tasted it to make sure it’s right. You know?

  21. It’s 9 eggs, 2 large potatoes, 1 zucchini, 1 onion, so I think there’s plenty left. Harumph.

  22. And a ton of romano cheese. So it’s enough, right? Right?

  23. Okay well there will be garlic bread.

  24. Okay so I ate some of that too….

  25. Did Bill see Tiger Lily’s video? He may be getting even for all the attention going her way. Not to mention that Lily got COSMIC!! Catnip.

  26. Bill gets his nip from an undocumented migrant kitty and he says cosmic is for babies.

  27. With garlic bread….YUM!

  28. ‘Depraved’ sex acts by penguins shocked polar explorer

    Accounts of unusual sexual activities among penguins, observed a century ago by a member of Captain Scott’s polar team, are finally being made public.

    Details, including “sexual coercion”, recorded by George Murray Levick were considered so shocking that they were removed from official accounts.

    However, scientists now understand the biological reasons behind the acts that Dr Levick considered “depraved”.

  29. until you’ve tasted

    Tasted??? How ’bout stuck your face in there and scarfed it up!

    Am going to sign off for a little while; monster sized thunderstorm heading this way with lots of lightning. BBL

  30. Tasted??? How ’bout stuck your face in there and scarfed it up!


    FYI, I plagiarized your post (with a link) in my blog post against crazy CAIR terrorist apologists.

    CAIR! I see you get your share of nice people too!
    He’s your punishment for stealing!

  31. Oh how cute. I have a kitty that looks just like that.

  32. Pamela and Karen, I cannot thank you guys enough. As you might imagine, the little one has brought the house to life.

    Lily, get over here and watch this–you’re famous!

  33. However, scientists now understand the biological reasons behind the acts that Dr Levick considered “depraved”.

    It only seems depraved the first couple times.

  34. Upps@7:00 – Okay, I’m confused about the “FYI” part but that’s not exactly unusual for me. LOL!

    Got a new cell phone in today and now I need to start futzing with it. I used to be the one who couldn’t wait for the latest and greatest whatever it was. Now, I seem to have a “okay let’s get it over with” attitutde. It’s a 4G whatever and can be used as a mobile hotspot which may be nice at times. Ah well, lemme open up the box and see what’s inside.

  35. Tiger Lily is so precious.

  36. Fredster, the FYI is for Adagio. Economy of comments!

  37. This penguin thing, it’s revenge. Did you see where they separated those two gay penguins after years together, and one of them went to the Bachmann Cure Center and reproduced or something?

  38. http://online.wsj.com/article/SB10001424052702303343404577518992733255510.html?mod=wsj_share_tweet

    Looks like SCOTUS did leak. And, that both Obama and Sen. Leahy sent a shot across the bow of CJ Roberts.

  39. It’s very elementary, my dear Watson. Find out which one of your cats or dogs can use a knife to cut a piece off, and you’ll find your culprit! lol

    am a bit irritated that obviously one of my pets removed a huge chunk of it…

  40. Hmmm…. middle eastern penguins in the polar circle….

    Details, including “sexual coercion”, recorded by George Murray Levick were considered so shocking that they were removed from official accounts.

  41. ROFL!

    Oh how cute. I have a kitty that looks just like that

  42. Pamela and Anthony, I agree 1000%!

    Doing right has such beautiful rewards.

    The Great American Kitteh Relay was one of the most delightful events ever recorded.

  43. I keep some of Ani’s books in my trunk, just in case an opportunity presents itself – which it did, today!

    I stopped at Whole Foods after work, and a car in the parking lot had a “Hillary for President” bumper sticker – so they got one of Ani’s books left on their windshield!

    About a month ago I saw an Obama bumper sticker at work – they got one, too, the stupid fools lol (although, now that they’ve read it, I’m sure they’ve grown a brain!)

  44. Indeed Oswald, indeed.

  45. the Bachmann Cure


  46. @lorac

    now that they’ve read it, I’m sure they’ve grown a brain

    Better late than never.

  47. “It’s just full of accounts of sexual coercion, sexual and physical abuse of chicks, non-procreative sex, and finishes with an account of what he considers homosexual behaviour, and it was fascinating.”

    but then they say the quote below – but I didn’t see where the “biological reasons” were laid out (other than having sex with dead penguins because of their positioning)…?

    Scientists now understand the biological reasons for behaviour Dr Levick considered to be “depraved”

  48. Here’s a blogger who can solve all you incorrigible womenz’ problems. And check out the commenter Dennis, would you? He thinks “We”, meaning Him, should define your proper behavior a little bit better and everything will be fine for him with you nasty creatures.


  49. Count down to how long before Daily Puma shows up there. His kinda place!

  50. I’m pretty sure Oswald is the leader of that penguin cult.

  51. Why on earth would Roberts be intimidated by Leahy OR Obama? His appointment is lifetime and he could make them more miserable than they can make him. He gets the last word on things that matter to them. I still say the guy trojan horsed Obama.

  52. I think Sophie should give us a weekly video of our little prodigy.

  53. Uppity@11:37 – from the WSJ article:

    It appears that the ObamaCare leaks began before the decision was handed down. Blogger Orin Kerr notes that in early June, National Review’s Ramesh Ponnuru, speaking on a Princeton University panel, offered an “educated guess, based on people I talk to at the Supreme Court,” that the vote had initially gone 5-4 to strike down the individual mandate, but that “there seem to have been some second thoughts” from Chief Justice John Roberts

    You’re Italian, you know how these things go:

    “My Aunt’s cousin’s sistah-in-law told her that…” 😆

  54. Fredster! I swear, my Uncle Louie wasn’t anywhere near these people!

  55. So what’s up with lil Jesse?


  56. Upps: Yeah, but your Aunt Marie told her hairdresser that Maire-Ann told him that…and then he axed Maire-Louise about it and then *she* said…

  57. Jesse The Lesser just doesn’t want that ethics investigation to move forward. You know, the one where he was practically caught red-handed trying to buy the Il Senate seat?

  58. And then don’t forget that Stella-Anne said she heard that…

  59. See now I know your lying! No Italian is EVER names Stella. Ever!

  60. She’s an in-law. And I was running out of Maries, Anns, and Annes.

  61. Florida, yum!
    10 foot gator removes swimmer’s arm

    Just wondering why anybody with even a small amount of grey matter would swim in a river that contains alligators?

  62. Nothing like going swimming in a swamp. “Hey what are those bubble over there….Let”s swim over and check it out.”

  63. Lorac, you are a knockout!!! How amazing of you to do that!

    And Uppity, thank you for this post today. It has been some rough seas in my neck of the woods, so i appreciate the warm fuzzies today!

  64. @Upps and DE: And they have a nasty habit of eating poodles…or doxies! 😯

  65. Well, according to this new Romney site, in response to Obama hitting below the belt on Bain’s Outsourcing –

    Obama appears to be quite the success himself, as Outsourcer-In-Chief:

    “Obamanomics: The Truth About How Obama Shipped The Recovery Overseas”

    (Keep scrolling down through all of the countries, the “stimulus aid-grants they received and the results)

    Whether it is electric cars made in Finland or solar panels in Mexico, taxpayers would be astonished to learn that their hard earned money went abroad for jobs that weren’t created in the United States.


  66. Hell he even outsourced his t-shirts.

  67. Nothing like going swimming in a swamp. “Hey what are those bubble over there….Let”s swim over and check it out.”

    Future Darwin Award candidates.

  68. Wasn’t that Big Black Limo/Tour Bus made in Canada too?

  69. Fredster, and that is why God made Glocks.

  70. Here’s another Darwin Award Winner:

  71. Ani, I know! Lorac is just so major cool. That person is still thinking about who put that book there! How cool is that?

  72. This is some new lesbian pac (well, I guess the FIRST one lol), but it’s going to support not just lesbians, and not just women, but also men – plus it’s going to promote people from either party. I’m not quite sure, though, what the qualifications would be of anyone they may support…? And, will it just be lesbians in the pac…? I guess I wish the article were more specific – what exactly are they wanting to accomplish.


    Unlike the Gay and Lesbian Victory Fund, which supports gay candidates, and Emily’s List, which is dedicated to electing Democratic women who support abortion rights, LPAC plans to promote men and women from either major party as well as ballot initiatives.

  73. lol UW

    Oh, don’t worry, I left a note.

    I wrote, “From another Hillary lover!” lol

  74. Just wondering why anybody with even a small amount of grey matter would swim in a river that contains alligators?

    “Hey Billy-Bob, bet you cain’t swim faster than a gator.”

    “Hold my beer and watch this.”

  75. Fredster mmmmmmm weinerdog.

  76. Well, this guy has had the b*lls to be a Darwin Award candidate, for sure:


  77. Hell imust, even HE wasn’t made here. lolol.

  78. Hahaha on your note. You are just so Effing cool.

  79. “My uncle Jeb says all you gotta do is hit them gators in the nose”.

  80. Behold the World Press Photo Award.

  81. What cracks me up is they hunted down the gator and took his arm back and actually thought they could re-attach it.

  82. lorac, That’s what you left on the Hillary car but what was the note you left on the obama bumper sticker car?

    HEY JERK, Thanks for voting for obama. Don’t do it again. Read this book and pay attention, jerko, this is a BFD, as the guy you voted for as VP, Biden, would say.

    This could be fun. Notes to obots. We should have done that in 2008. I have to write some and have them in the car for the next time I see a bumper stickered car.

    Hey, OBOT. Are you sorry yet? Do the right thing and repent in the voting booth on election day. Just say NO to O.

    Oh what fun!

  83. “Oh wow, Billy! Look at the colorful snake sunning itself on todays newspaper out there! Let’s pet it!

  84. Let’s go swimmin’ maybe we’ll see on of those 50 pound pirhannas.

  85. DE! for shame! I’ll sic chloe on your achilles tendons and watch you fall down (annd with no drinks involved either!)

    My uncle Jeb says all you gotta do is hit them gators in the nose”.

    Nope, .22 in the skull. Haven’t you seen any of them gator huntin’ shows?


  87. That’s it! We need a stupid people post.

  88. OMG the guy lost his ball. ROFLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLL.

  89. Lorac said:

    This is some new lesbian pac (well, I guess the FIRST one lol), but it’s going to support not just lesbians, and not just women, but also men

    How nice of them! Is that gay men or also straight men?

  90. Karen, that would be so funny! But I’m “representing” Ani when I put her book somewhere, so I left no note with on the Obama car, but believe me, I have those bad thoughts!

    That’s the only car in that whole area with an Obama sticker, and sometimes it parks on the street, at the end of a row of cars (ie, very visible), and I always yell at that car in my head, “there should be a law against you parking where everyone has to see that stomach-turning bumper sticker and O symbol!”

  91. A possible cause may be that the Michigan legislature recently legalized more powerful and dangerous fireworks.

    Just because you can doesn’t mean you should. Ask uni-ball now.

  92. Lorac, high-larious!!!
    And thanks for keeping it civil. We want to make converts wherever we can. But fwiw, I feel the same way — Hey bacala!!!

  93. “Betting on America”… to help him win another fours years so he can finish us all off.

  94. Fredster, I think it just said “men”, but I assume they mean both. But I really feel like it wasn’t specific enough. I guess the “post-2008 me” expects a lot more political specifics than I used to lol

  95. Just because you can doesn’t mean you should. Ask uni-ball now.

    Stop! I’m dying here!

    Good news is he probably can’t spawn now. Consider it a silver lining.

  96. Should get the guy in MI together with the idiot in La who tried to shoot off the giant sparkler bomb.

  97. What about that moron who made that sparkler bomb and blew his own arm off along with three cars.

  98. lorac: I was just teasing, but this could be intereting if ronnie-redneck showed up. 😉

  99. Upps, that’s who I meant. I still say the Louisiana idiot will file for S.S.I. since he’s all of 19 and has already spawned one offspring.

  100. “just because you can doesn’t mean you should. Ask uni-ball now.”


    They should name a new Bottle Rocket after this guy – “Peter Dragon”.

  101. Oh yea for sure the government will be paying him for his missing brain, fredster.

  102. Why Not: 😆

  103. Fredster like you said, at 19 he doesn’t have enough quarters of work for SSDI. He’s THAT dumb.

  104. Upps: Yep, that’s gonna be a tax-payer supported guy for a looong time.

  105. upps, yes, but Supplemental Security Income will be writing out the checks.


    One thing: I didn’t know it was funded by general tax revenues (according to the website above)

  106. Yup Fredster, SSI is for people who don’t qualify for SSDI. Or who just need more money to live. When I went down to the SS office last year for an elderly neighbor, the place was CRAMMED. Standing room only. There was only ONE senior couple there. The rest were SSI people.

  107. Dad: The possum just bit me; can we go the e.r. now? 😆

  108. Upps on the SSI or SSDI even…reports have said so many people out of work, can’t find jobs or have given up so they are filing for disability. But how can you go from looking for work to filing for being disabled? I know it’s any port in a storm, but it doesn’t make sense.

    Those reports of course being being said by “they”.

  109. Fredster – More people have filed for SSI than have found jobs since June 2009:

    The disability ranks have outpaced job growth throughout President Obama’s recovery. While the economy has created 2.6 million jobs since June 2009, fully 3.1 million workers signed up for disability benefits


  110. Sorry – that’s “SSDI”

  111. Gee, it’s a banner night on the Interwebs. People trashing SSI recipients here and my voter ID nightmare being questioned elsewhere.

    I think I’ll give up this blog shit for my health.

    Tiger Lily looks very happy. That’s good.

  112. That’s not how I read it though, Fredster. The report was that more people filed for SSDI last month than got jobs. SSDI is pretty hard to get on now. I know people who are REALLY sick who got rejected. I guess everybody gets rejected now and then they have to get an attorney and give up a chunk of their retroactive to a lawyer, that is, if they don’t die or something first. So, no way they can just hop to SSDI if they can’t find a job.

  113. Beata, I was just telling the truth. There was standing room only. I went around 8:30 AM and didn’t get to talk to anybody to hand them a paper till after 12. And there really was only two elderly people there, a couple. It was also a steady stream of more coming in. Most of them were quite young. I found that disconcerting considering it was a social security office. I just don’t see how I was picking on you personally. If so, then I apologize.

  114. Fredster, I really don’t know what the qualifications of SSI are, I do know about SSDI. I do know that non citizens can get it too. But the experience I had made it hard to believe all these young people were disabled. At least NONE of them appeared phsycially disabled. There were young women with childen in tow. Non English speakers, but most of them just weren’t very old. Maybe drug addiction qualifies. Or being on prozac or something. I have no idea. I do know SSDI is pretty nasty to people on their first try.

  115. I happen to know that many people are sick now – at least here in CA. They’re becoming sick and disabled not long after reaching their teen years! The reason I know, is that we’re a medical marijuana state. All of a sudden, everyone started getting sick and needing pot lol

  116. Guy saves a kitten who was buried from the neck down in concrete. Blaming mormon polygamists. Shows guy chpping the cat out. This is the short video not showing the kittens blood curdling howling. Kitten did die a few days later. Horrific. Just horrific. This shit just makes me sick.

  117. I think I have glaucoma.

  118. Why do you think that.

  119. Because I live in California

  120. I hope that youtube video, especially the horrific long version, doesn’t give some of these psycho gen yers some ideas.

  121. That is some seriously sick shit.

  122. VERY sick shit. The person who did this should be removed from the gene pool immediately. This is one sick bastard with a major personality disorder.

  123. kitten probably died because of circulation and pressure on its organs and functions. Sick bastard.

  124. What does california have to do with glaucoma.

  125. lol

    Let me translate California-speak: he wants some legal pot lol

  126. ROFL.

  127. That kitten video is awful. Whoever did that is so sick. I hate having to live on the same planet with people like that.

  128. UW, check your email when you get a chance.

  129. I tell you that kind of thing just stays with me and makes me cringe over and over again. I can’t shake the vision of the horrile torture of that kitten. I just wish a horrible death on the freak who did this.

  130. Torturing/killing animals is a warning sign of sociopathy. All the best serial killers do it.

  131. SophieCT, on July 10, 2012 at 7:04 PM said…
    Sophie, it’s a win/win/win situation. Am certain Karen agrees.

  132. Pamela🙂

  133. I stopped at Whole Foods after work, and a car in the parking lot had a “Hillary for President” bumper sticker – so they got one of Ani’s books left on their windshield!

    Excellent! You rock!

  134. I believe the story on the kitty in concrete is about a religious sect that pretty much controls the town:

    Colorado City, Ariz., a major center for the Fundamentalist Church of Jesus Christ of Latter Day Saints, a Mormon sect that split off in the early 20th century in order to continue the controversial practice of plural marriage.


    Chatwin, who left the FLDS 13 years ago, believes the cruel act was done by members of his former church. He claims both the threats and the animal killings have been going on for years.

    Chatwin also claims that when he reported the cruel act to Colorado City sheriffs, they didn’t seem too concerned.

    “[The officer] kind of chuckled and laughed a little bit and then he said that if it was up to him, he’d just throw dirt on [the cat],” Chatwin said. “And this is coming from a city marshal who’s a member of the FLDS Church.”

    The Justice Department has apparently stepped in over what is going on there:

    The U.S. Justice Department recently filed a lawsuit against government officials in Colorado City, and the neighboring border town of Hildale, Utah, for alleged civil rights violations, including acting as de-facto agents for the church, denying ex-members and non-members of the FLDS Church access to everything from police services to housing and utilities, according to KSTU-TV.

    At the time the lawsuit was filed, Chatwin told the station that the Colorado City government was “a theocracy.”

    Huffpo has the most comprehensive coverage of all of the details – sorry for the link, but the quotes above are from their coverage of why the kitty – and apparently other animals – are tortured to terrorize complainers of the sect:


  135. I don’t really care who did it, though. I just think whomever it is should die a horrible death as soon as possible. And the world will be a better place.

  136. Torturing kittens for the Lord. Super.

  137. P.S. I want to apologize for my insensitive comment last night about the firework guy’s genitalia injury. cruelty is cruelty. nuff said.

  138. Yes, Uppity. I couldn’t even watch the video. The headlines alone made me think of too many befitting punishments for creatures who could do such a thing.

  139. The Colorado City people are a cult and are not mainstream Mormons. True Morons are horrified by them. The Colorado City have plural marriages, mostly with very young girls. Excess young men are exiled so the old men can have more wives. They get a lot of government money and there are no consequences for anything they do. Read Under the Banner of Heaven by Jon Krakauer and prepare to be horrified.

    Tiger Lily is a beautiful kitty. So glad she found a good home.


  140. Yeah djmm, but that won’t stop Obama and his thousand Press Secretaries in the media frm giving it the Mormon spin.

  141. So once again, I find out that we give taxpayer money to people who break major laws with our blessings. This time it’s bigamists, polygamists, child molesters and animal torturers.

  142. Tiger Lily is too cute for words. SophieCT is one lucky mom.

  143. lyn5, please see my message on 2012/07/11 at 11:19 PM.

  144. thetowncrier, that was such a sweet message. Thank you. m.e. lou tolerated Eddie and his two bothers, Fozzie Bear and Lil Guy. She now is their guardian angel.

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