Remember Marilyn from “The Munsters”?

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Just hang on, you’ll see what I’m talking about lol

 So, you’ve all probably heard me rant about Toddlers and Tiaras before.  Well, I think I’ve discovered what may be the future for these poor little indoctrinated kids.  What you’re about to see may really freak you out, so I want to give you fair warning!  I know *I* was pretty speechless after I saw this.



You’re probably thinking, “hey, the pole is missing from the photo!”  Oh, silly reader.  Nope, this isn’t the annual meeting of the “Let’s All Try to Look the Same” Stripper Club.  Good guess, though!

Meet the Marshall family – well, most of it; besides these five daughters, the mom also has four sons.  No word on THEIR chest sizes.

… the Marshall household, where mother and four other daughters boast £50,000 worth of silicone breasts, cosmetic surgery at 18 is a rite of passage.

Yes, in case you weren’t aware (!), those breasts aren’t real! 

This top-heavy mom having 9 kids made me wonder – with all the (on and off again) controversy about whether to breast feed or bottle feed – did she even have to make a decision?  I mean, whether she breast fed or bottle fed, the kids were getting milk through plastic!!  lol   (oh, I’m EVIL!  lol) 

So, anyway, this article centers around the youngest daughter in the family, 14-year-old Britney.  She’s sitting in the foreground of the photo.  She’s thinking she doesn’t want to take part in the “family rite of passage” in four years when she’s 18.

‘Britney is going through a funny phase at the moment and saying she doesn’t want to get her boobs done,’ said Mrs  Marshall, a 53-year-old mother of nine.

You know, they say every family has a black sheep.  This kid, though, is REALLY a rebel.

Britney, however, dreams of being the first in the family to go to university, making her way in business and travelling the world beyond the family home in Kirkby in Ashfield, Nottinghamshire.

‘I’m too young to be thinking about having a boob job – I just want to work hard at school,’ she said.

‘I believe a girl should do what she wants and at the moment I don’t want to get a boob job.

Geez, maybe they should have this kid’s DNA tested.  Either she was mixed up with someone else’s baby in the hospital birthing room, or she has some strange DNA mutation.  They should really try to get her some counseling to help her address her strange goals for her life.  She likes school, she wants to go to college, she wants to have a career, she wants to have a natural body, and she wants to be able to make her own choices.  This poor kid is sending out all kinds of cries for help!!

And I’m certain that the women who went on a hunger strike to get women the vote, are very dismayed that this young woman is so twisted.  They sacrificed their HEALTH, so that this fool hardy kid could TURN HER BACK on the opportunity of becoming a plastic woman???  Such ingratitude in today’s youth!  Hillary probably took one look at this photo and finally realized why life has been so hard – she took the wrong path, that’s what it was!

Now that the rest of the family has already paid for multiple surgeries to get larger and larger basketballs put inside their body, they probably have some extra cash now.  Being the wise women of substance that they are, I’m sure that they’re now saving for the inevitable back surgeries up the road!

File this under:  It feels like I was born on the wrong planet sometimes!


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  1. Just for the record, I find artificial breasts to be a big turn-off. Some of them are grotesque. Not all men are obsessed about big boobs.

    I don’t like women with skin like saddle leather either.

  2. Cleavage revealed has always made me feel uncomfortable. (Yet I raised a daughter who finds it required for evening wear.)
    I doubt that female anchors willing to share theirs while reporting on anything about breast cancer are capable of realizing the hypocrisy.
    I wish those (such as myself) with a mastectomy or two, had the courage to wear revealing apparel, the hope being that awareness would be raised.
    Then to lighten up this comment, I have a second cousin, skinny as a rail, with huge breasts – so much so that bathing suits in decades prior were just not designed to conceal much. As she and a young inquisitive nephew enjoyed time in a swimming pool, the child got around to asking if “that” was her bum!
    I like the unusual perspective.

  3. Checking in. I am in Memphis. The first night out I spent at Mammoth Cave national Park- where their internet service was down. (Wonder if they got bit by that DNSChanger thingie) I did a cave tour in the morning and then made my way in a leisurely fashion down on to Memphis. I arrived around dinner time- but was informed by the locals that Beale St is not safe while traveling alon. Apparently- ALL of Memphis is to be avoided after dark unless traveling in groups. sigh. Not being 20 and immortal any longer I passed. Went to a BBQ place called Marlowe’s- recommended by a lady here- she said it has won all kinds of awards (I did see trophies there) and has been featured on “Diners; Drive-Ins and Dives” I have caught that show a few times- but the guy that is the host creeps me out. Anyway- the fried green tomatoes were good- but the BBQ brisket was tough and stringy. blech. Listen, I am not a big fan of bbq- but I know it is not supposed to be tough and stringy. The sweet tea was great!
    Having my camp coffee now- then will make some breakfast- oatmeal and yogurt to make up for the fried green tomatoes lol. Then I shall shower and pack up and head into Memphis for a look at the River.

    As for the sickos in the post with the boob jobs- the best antidote is a camping trip. I saw LOTSA kids yesterday at the Mammoth Cave park- and not a one with makeup, boob jobs or dressed like tramps and hobos. Pants on the boys were at their actual WAISTS! Imagine that!
    I had forgotten what a balm to the soul a camping trip is- though I have opted for cabins as opposed to the tent so far. The rain has been following me- which makes the locals really happy. It is nice and cool now- though I am sure it will be steamy later. This cabin has A/C! ROFLMAO! I shut it off right away and opened the windows- whatever they use to clean the place is industrial strength and REEKED! I opened it up and went to dinner and it was all good when I got back. I think it was in the 60’s or low 70’s overnight, with a cool breeze- nice sleeping weather.

    Lorac- sorry I busted your thread. lol
    You may now return to your regularly scheduled Lorac Wednesday.

  4. I mean, whether she breast fed or bottle fed, the kids were getting milk through plastic!!

    DING! DING! DING! We’ve got a WINNAH!!!!!!!!

    Breast implants as a family rite of passage at age 18…….. Jesus…… I guess the tramp stamp ritual happens at age 21?

    Speechless. Great post, lorac

  5. The tramp stamp should be applied at 16 and it should show their birth date.

  6. The tramp stamp should be applied at 16 and it should show their birth date.

    This is a slippery slope, Oswald. It could be construed by some as another attempt at voter suppression, thus targeting minority voters and other Obots

  7. This is a slippery slope

    That is a double entendre.

  8. Damn myiq. You give me videos to labor over a post I’m doing and then you post them.

  9. OT but couldn’t resist…

    President “Barry from the Block” Obama said this about a supporter dressed as President Lincoln: “Abraham Lincoln is in the house. My homeboy from Illinois.”

    Found this on Twitchy

    Here’s the vid of him making an ass of himself

  10. That is a double entendre.

    This comment has a hidden gold mine of possibilities within. Who wants to start?

  11. Body dysmorphia…Brain dysmorphia.


    1 gallon of silicone

    She’s had them removed because of infection. (I thought Sheyla was worried about toppling over.) Now, that she is healed she is looking for another plastic surgeon in Brazil to take it up a notch higher. So far, no takers in the states. You know that this is work doesn’t come cheap either. I just want to know if her personal insurance is racking up the tab for taking care of her infections. Cost for IV antibiotics over a period of 6 weeks is about $60,000.

  12. Oh Anthony, my mind is working overtime. hahahaha

  13. Another form of Munchausen by Proxy Syndrome.

  14. Hate to bring the last thread here but has anybody got any idea why the Justice department would step in to investigate a mormon cult that tortures animals to scare someone who left their fold, but tends to walk right by heads on poles near the border—-a justice department that tends to ignore the killing of wives and daughers for honor?

    I know this is all a coincidene, don’t you?

  15. oooh! I know!! Pick me!!!
    Answer: Because the heads on poles will vote for Obama in the general?
    Part II: Because those are just wominz silly!

  16. Sort of wondered about the “Mormon” connection-timing myself, Uppity.

    We mustn’t forget, it’s the same “Justice” department that didn’t seem to think that Black Panthers with bats at polling places in 2008 was voter intimidation “terrorism” but, somehow, requiring Voter ID is?

  17. Waving to PMM!! 🙂

  18. Yes that’s right Why Not. I forgot that one.

    Let’s recap.

    Black Panthers threaten voters on election day with billy clubs. Justice department has no problem with it. NOthing to do with Black Panthers, really.

    Ongoing honor killings throughout the USA. Justice department has no problem with it. Nothing to do with Islam, really.

    Beheaded people and women and children slaughtered at Texas border. Justice department has no problem with it. Nothing to do with Mexico, really.

    Somebody tortures animals to scare someone who had the brains to get the Eff away from them. Justice Department steps in. Definitely something to do with Mormons. Killings have “been going on for years” but the publicity is now and the Justice Department just notices.

    NOthing election-related going on here. Nah.

  19. Mom! Glad you checked in!!! You go girl!

    I couldn’t do what you are doing because No Room Service.


  20. As I continue to ruin Lorac’s thread, I remember very well having to show ID to get a voter registration card and then proving who I was over at the school where I voted when I was younger…..until the overpaid, politically connected poll workers that showed up every year got to know me.

    ID theft is rampant in the USA now and I went to Pet Supplies Plus and was horrifed when I handed them a blank check, they ran it through their electronic withdrawal machine and said they didn’t need ID and weren’t “allowed” to look at my driver’s license. I asked what if someone stole one of my checks, came in here and bought a couple of hundred dollars worth of stuff with no ID? The answer was: Crickets.

    You can hand any vendor a charge card now and not prove who you are. Exactly how is this a good idea in an era of stolen cards?

    My brother died and they stole his cards right off his dead body in the hospital. They ran it for clothing and a great lunch on the day of his funeral. That’s how good an idea no ID is.

    Just as soon as everyone’s bank accounts, charge cards or social security numbers are stolen, everyone will change their tunes. ID theft causes heart attacks.

    I am sure there are people who are not mobile and cannot get an ID card, or perhaps they can’t afford the fee for one. I think if we reroute and dispatch the food police to go help them at home with a polaroid camera, this would work. They sure have no problem meddling into people’s eating habits, so they are trained already. We have case workers with variety of purposes picking on or checking people day and night, why can’t they we contract with them to do this for people who need help.

    People need ID for all kinds of things that benefit them. The poor can’t get state of gvt help without it. The Federal laws require it for Medicaid. The rich can’t get a safety deposit box or a passport without it. It doesn’t discriminate by income or status. So I guess I don’t understand why the very same ID can’t be used to show who you are when you vote.

  21. Gee, I think I can see Afghanistan, Pakistan, Libya and Syria from my backyard.

  22. They ran it for clothing and a great lunch on the day of his funeral. That’s how good an idea no ID is.

    Can I tell you that when I have made the request for a government issued ID, I have had some folks turn around and walk out the door. What does that say? They are used to doing this kind of stuff. They know that they have the DOJ backing them up. Nothing is going to happen to them period.

  23. lorac, it is so true that there is an oddball in every family tree. My brother dyed his hair purple, at 50 he was still doing so. He wore electric jewelry and only came out after dark. Of course he is one of those collecting free gummint money. He is now 62 years old and has never worked a single day in his life although he is fit and healthy physically. Mentally he is a pot smoking hippie who never grew up and thinks he has outsmarted people like me who work for every dime.

    He just got all new false teeth thanks to suckers like me who work and support him with our tax dollars. Guess who he voted for? O-No.


    A while back OWS opened the gates at a Brooklyn train station to let “the 99%” free ride on the subways of NY for the day. It made the news widely and was all but forgotten. NY detectives are top notch, second to NONE, and they ran that DNA from the chain on the gate into their unsolved database and found it linked directly to the rape and murder of a beautiful young woman. OWS, aren’t you proud of the wonderful people you attract to your lawless ignorant stark raving mad demonstations?

    PMM: when in Memphis, (if you check in again) there is a great visitors bureau by the river near the bridge. It has fantastic statues of blues men and Elvis. They gave me a quick guide to get done all I wanted to see after I told them my “must sees” and it only took me a day to do the town right. Memphis beats Nashville by miles. It is a wonderful town for a blues and music fanatic like me.

    I saw Stax, Sun – great collection of memorabilia for music lovers, Beale – walked the whole thing in daylight and had dripping melting bbq, the outside of Graceland and Elvis planes, cars, etc on Elvis Blvd.

    but most importantly and unforgettably I went to the Lorraine Motel and sat on the grass and wept as I looked up at that balcony where my hero died.

    It takes a whole day if you hurry. You might want to stop on your way back home.

  24. OK, here it comes. I’m gonna put a match to it now….

    I held off commenting on the “Mormons Kill Kitteh’s” videos for two reasons:

    1) It’s one of the most disturbing videos I’ve ever seen (including a “snuff” film I saw in the 80’s by accident – had no idea what I was going to see)

    2) When I saw that Cenk Uygur was behind it, I listened carefully to the content:

    a man who believes it was put there by Mormon polygamists

    That’s a trifecta on behalf of the Obama Re-election campaign. It leads us to believe that

    1)Mormons kill kittens,

    2) Mormons are polygamists,

    3)Mitt Romney is a Mormon, therefor he condones polygamy and killing kittens.

    I’m not going to say a word about the DOJ thing. You’ve already said it.

  25. Exactly, Anthony. So very disturbing to the point of physical illness as a reaction, making people wretch and lose sleep because it is so very cruel. He helps this poor kitty and videos it. Had to take the time to go get a camera and a person to man the video. You and I would be freaking and chipping immediately. He films the handover to the rescue people. Not shaking at all. And the announcement that he ‘believes’ it was Mormons. Try that with illegal aliens, or Islam and see if it even makes the TV news that day. says it’s all been going on for years but today is the day to film it. Our Texas residents here at UW have sent me local news clips that never made national news…of people beheaded or riddled with bullets, or disappeared.

  26. about the kitten. No way in hell I can watch the vid. Upps, you’ve said many time that you get ill and it ruins your whole day to see abuse to animals. Me too. It took me a year to get over the images of the Gulf spill. I cannot watch that vid but clearly there is now (this week it started) push to define Mormons as bad people. Sadly.

  27. Anthony, this is the same Obama who told America not to “Jump to conclusions” when a piece of shit slaughtered people at Fort Hood while screaming Allahu Ackbar.

  28. clearly there is now (this week it started) push to define Mormons as bad people.

    Don’t underestimate the Romney Rapid Response team.

    Expect to see videos of Rev. Wright any day now…..

  29. FLDS is a sect that split off from the Mormon church over 100 years ago.

  30. Romney was just booed by the NAACP.

  31. He was talking about repealing Obamacare.

  32. Yes, the Fort Hood incident indeed.

    I have to say this: I’ve made no secret that I will be voting for Mitt Romney, unless credible information about his public record regarding his term as Governor or his work ethic emerges that will change my mind.

    That does not mean that I’m in the tank. I’m simply supporting the candidate I believe is more trustworthy and experienced. Someone who has shown us that they are capable of bi-partisanship. It could have been Hillary, had she decided to run. It could have been anyone from any party, if they had a history of competence and more importantly, experience.

    What galls me about the video is the cheap shot it takes to create a subliminal message about The Dog Eater’s political opponent.

    I think I’m going to go on a hunt for videos of people preparing dogs for dinner. Maybe I’ll luck out and find a particularly cute puppy being deep fried or something. I’ll say that I believe it was prepared and thrown into the pot of boiling oil by a Black Liberation Theologian, and then follow it up with a montage of Rev. Wright including a shot of The Dog Eater and his wife in the front row during one of his sermons.

  33. Same thing with Afghanistan, Pakistan, etc., Uppity.

    Ever notice that almost every time we’re giving more billions to the most evil, corrupt countries in the world, a video of women being beaten, flogged or publicly executed seems to appear and goes viral?

    All are expendable and timing is everything in the use of propaganda (and terrorism) – in the Art of War.

  34. He’s getting polite applause now talking about education reform.

  35. Christianity has crazed sects. Some handle snakes. Some do exorcisms and kill children in the process. Some let people die horrible deaths without medical intervention. Some roll round on the floor and speak in tongues that suggest demons. Every religion has it’s crazy nutbag sects. Jews have those insane hasidics. I wouldn’t go there if I were Obama, but like we figured, these are desperate times and shocking people is the name of the game. I wouldn’t be surprised if that guy buried that kitten in concrete himself. For the right price or for their own messiah, people will do anything. God knows, we have seen enough of it, never as much as this past five years. If the republicans have any brains, which I doubt, they will investigate this even deeper that Holder will. And faster. In the meantime, a creature of god was tortured for somebody’s own best interest and a good roll in the media. nobody even seems to give a shit about the pain and agony and fear that helpless creature endured.

  36. Romney was just booed by the NAACP.

    Yeah,but only 83% of them. This does not bode well for The Dog Eater…

  37. Damn Anthony, I like the cut of your jib.

    Romney setting himself up to be booed by the NAACP over the repeal of Obamacare is a pretty smart move – in rallying his base, fence sitters and those confused over romenycare comparisons, imo.

  38. Would Cenk even be doing the story if it didn’t involve Mormons?

  39. From the OFA picnic:

  40. Aaaaaannnndddd we’re off!

    I will continue my search after seeing a few clients

  41. Romney being booed for reaching out – doesn’t bode well for the opposition. Definitely, a bi-partisan, I’m a good guy, who will tell you the truth, approach.

  42. Romney addresses the NAACP:

  43. Yeah, you’d think Romney would have known better, considering what happened to Hillary Clinton for reaching out to those she had done battle for, as an unrelenting advocate for equality – ALL of her adult life.

  44. The Hill:

    Mitt Romney told the NAACP on Wednesday that President Obama has made it worse for African-Americans “in almost every way.”

    “If equal opportunity in America were an accomplished fact, then a chronically bad economy would be equally bad for everyone,” Romney told the nation’s leading civil rights group at their national convention in Houston, Texas. “Instead, it’s worse for African-Americans in almost every way. The unemployment rate, the duration of unemployment, average income and median family wealth are all worse for the black community.”

    They booed.

  45. Well of course they booed.he isn’t the plastic jaysus :lol;

  46. …if it had been about Hope and Change, they would have come out in droves for a proven leader in Civil Rights, Equality for All and advocacy for the Poor and Elderly and laughed at Obama for being the Exploiter-In-Chief that he is.


  47. They booed because Obama is black. It doesn’t matter to them that he has done NOTHING to lift them up and everything to keep them down. He’s black.

    If a dago were president and he was as horrid as Obama is as president, I would deny his ass before the cock crowed.

    The truth is, what we really have here are two men, neither of whom can win an presidential election fair and square, because in plain english, neither of them is as good as the average American. They are not good enough. Period. What put them in these running slots is money. Nothing else. So you can expect more of this crap and more puppy and kitty horror and more of everything that reviles you. Because these two horrid candidates could not win at all unless they are the one who is most successful at taking the spotlight of how horrible he is by making the other look more horrible.

    They disgust me.

  48. churl they wrote that headline because They Can. It’s par for the course. The Democrats despise women and are just as disgusting as the republicans. The ONLY difference between them is the D’s try to pretend they don’t hate women. The R’s don’t even bother. Thus, the Democrats look like fucking lying assholes every day of their lives. The writer of that piece is pretty much Who They Really Are, their captive women included.

  49. cute puppies and kitten vid time:

  50. Get outa my bed!

  51. Cute dog overload.

  52. Uppityites, our blog member Lyn5 lost her very beloved kitty m.e lou this morning, after a valiant fight against Chronic Renal Faulure. She is very very sad, so give her a hug when you see her. One brave kitty who loved life with her Mom and one loving Mom who helped them both buy a little quality time with each other.

    Enjoy your flight m.e.lou and keep that special place warm for Mom when the time comes–as she did for you in life.

    m.e lou, right, with her brother Eddie a few days ago.

  53. The Swine, Reille Hunter, ends her book tour after only 6000 copies are sold.

    Karma. It’s a bitch.

  54. Lyn, I am so sorry to hear about your loss. I know who painful it is to have your heart shattered by a loss like this.

  55. Here’s Mitt standing boldly before the wolves

  56. She should have moved to a cave. No one wants to hear from either of those two assclowns.

  57. Lyn (and Eddie) so sorry for your loss. RIP Lou.

  58. Obama’s gonna pay my bills

    Man you could swindle some serious crap with this. Go around with an OFA cards with some “secret” code on the back and tell people provide us with your SS# and we’ll give you the secret card and all your bills are paid.

  59. NOW endorses teh won again, cuz you know that’s what a feminist looks like.

  60. DE, I read about this a few days ago and people suckers are still biting.

  61. Romney vid: “I hope the obama campaign doesn’t think you’re playing favorites” – very funny line and delivery. Well done – got a laugh out of me in under one minute into his speech. I am pressed for time but want to hear what he has to say.

  62. Reille Hunter vs. Octomom

    Steel cage deathmatch

    Pay per view.

  63. Lyn, I am so very sorry for your loss.Sending warm hugs to you.

  64. THere are plenty of lazy suckholes in America who are looking for the easy way to easy street, so why wouldn’t they fall for that scam? The amazing thing is it’s believable because it’s Obama

  65. Yeah Oswald, that would be a great lineup.

  66. Nah. I’d rather see a John Edwards/Anthony Weiner match up. Or maybe Barney Frank vs. Chris Christie in Sumo Wrestling garb.

  67. Or how about a mud wrestling event! Scott Brown vs. Scott Walker….the Battle of the Scots! Could even have them in kilts with bagpipes playing in the background!

  68. {{{Uppityites}}}

  69. “I believe his vested interests are in white Americans,” said Charlette Stoker Manning, chair of Women in NAACP. “You cannot possibly talk about jobs for black people at the level he’s coming from. He’s talking about entrepreneurship, savings accounts — black people can barely find a way to get back and forth from work.”


  70. naacp=racists

  71. They have wimminz chair and menz chair? Now there’s a civil rights problemo.

  72. Interesting matchups. I’d buy tickets to all of them.

  73. Hugs right back atcha Lyn.

  74. Hey here’s a fun vacation idea for the little morons in Florida who enjoy swimming in rivers with alligators. 50 pound testical eating pirhanna. Cool! In Illinois where all the g’damned political thugs should go for a swim.

    When biologists say the pacu fish eats nuts, they may be correct in more ways than one



  75. Re: “Tramp Stamp”

    One appeal of tattooing the lower back is that there is little fat there, lessening the chance that images will become misshapen over time. Also, the lower back is often concealed, providing women the choice of when to reveal their tattoo.

    Lower-back tattoos are often perceived as, and unfairly cast as, an indication / symbol of promiscuity by some sexist males and their enablers. There are a number of pejorative nicknames for lower-back tattoos on women, including “tramp stamp”, “bulls-eye”, and “target”.
    “Slut-shaming” is sexist. The majority of women enjoy sex, with or without a partner or many partners. When men have sex with numerous women or men, they are lauded in positive ways. When women exhibit the same behaviors they are shamed by the use of pejoratives… slut, tramp, whore, etc. “Slut shaming” is bad enough when other women engage in it, but it’s intolerable when males engage in it.

  76. Re: “Tramp Stamp”

    My experience has been that in this country women are the enforcers of the patriarchy. Women shame other women.

    I have held jobs in everything from all-male environments to an office where I was the only guy among 7 females, and I was not the boss. Women say things far more vicious than anything I ever heard guys say. I was shocked and embarrassed when I overheard one woman say to another, “Did you see the ‘come fuck me pumps’ that bitch was wearing?”

    Body art is a form of expression. My son was training to be a tattoo artist until he discovered it’s really had to make a living at it. His personal canvas is well decorated with some colorful art.

    What does a “tramp stamp” express? I don’t know, but we wouldn’t know they existed if they weren’t visible. An exposed tattoo on a woman’s lower back draws attention to that part of her anatomy.

    Do we judge people by their appearance? Every damn day. That’s why we dress up for job interviews. But no matter how a woman is dressed it is not a license to commit rape.

  77. Also, the lower back is often concealed, providing women the choice of when to reveal their tattoo.

    Why get a tattoo and then conceal it? This implies a message that is not intended to be shared with everyone. What is that message?

  78. Re: Tramp Stamp-

    Sorry if you’re offended dwp, but I first heard the term from a gay (male) friend who just got one and was proudly showing it off at a local bar.

    I’m sure that many people (both male and female) call it a “Tramp Stamp” without malicious intent. Unfortunately, that is what a tattoo on the lower back is now called, thanks to the data re-enforcement of American slang. (Example: when I was growing up, a “hoe” was something you tended your garden with)

    All of that aside, what do you think of the “rite of passage” the women in this family subscribe to? I would think that objectifying ones self and then encouraging female children to follow suit is far more offensive. Do you?

  79. Lyn. I am very sorry about your loss of m.e.lou.

  80. Cockroach Alert & yes, the ass is pleading innocent to all charges.

    (Her breasts)…badly burned after she was hit with a hot frying pan. They took more than 40 pictures that show what they call a severe case of abuse.

    “It comes down to what appears to be slavery and torture,”

  81. Lyn5 and Eddie,
    Sooooooooooooooooooooooo sorry kitty m.e lou has left you. Rest assured, m.e. lou has been promptly elevated to kitty heaven, and is purring and meowing happily at peace with no pain. And very content having had time with you.

  82. Lorac, again, very nice post highlighting more of some people’s insane priorities.

    But it boggles the mind why the family would be either actively or tacitly encouraging the bright 14 year old to follow in their same footsteps. If the others want to do something to their bodies, let them, as they are adults, judgment nothwithstanding. But anyone pressuring a kid to have a cosmetic surgery, especially of that magnitude, is doing a grave injustice to her. She seems level headed with many more worthy goals in life. Hopefully, she can withstand the family pressure. Kudos to her.

  83. Anthony and myiq2xu, re: tramp stamp. Amazing American lingo. Words that can cut, but most people just probably believe they sound really slick uttering. The Text Me generation.

  84. lyn5 – sending good thoughts


  85. @ thetowncrier;
    Sorry to you too, if you were offended. I guess I’m just not PC enough….. /s

    I do have to say that as widespread as this term has become and for as long as it has become part of the lexicon, I find it incredulous that anyone asking for a tattoo on their lower back would be unaware of what they may be letting themselves in for.

    That said, I was the first one to use it in this thread, and it was obviously a joke. A joke about a mother who has instituted a family “rite of passage” for her daughters to get fake boobs on their 18th birthday, and then find fault with the only daughter who seems to have a modicum of self respect. Silly me.

  86. Shows you how out of touch I am. I didn’t even know what it meant.

  87. I personally always associated tattoos with chewing tobacco and hitch sleep trailers that are sinking in the mud. And six dawgs under the porch. I never associated them in any way with sex. and definitely not with sexiness. Does anybody remember the movie “Tattoo” with Bruce Dern? If that wasn’t enough to cure you I don’t know what would. I am amazed that anybody would permenantly mark their body with anything, especially with needles and ink. Anyways, I never got over my perception of tattoos and therefore it’s safe to assume I do not have a tattoo. Of anything. Anywhere. I just always figured my body was just fine the way it was and I didn’t need to mark it up. Call me square, I don’t care. At least I could still go to an interview looking human. Ditto for piercings in wierd places. But I just learned somethng today. Tramp Stamp. Lovely. I’ve seen some pretty disgusting tatoos on men. Do they get a Stamp name too?

  88. Anthony, NO apologies needed. Really. NOT offended. Just another term in our weird lexicon that has somehow stuck, despite its not-so-good connotations. Funny how terms catch on, and no one can control them once they are cut loose. No matter what.

    Your take on things is always enjoyable. A real treat to commisserate over your, and everyone else’s comments here at UW. Please do not stop contributing.

  89. Popeye had a tattoo. When I was a kid, I thought only sailors had tattoos.

  90. Good God McNorman. If I were in the writing mood, I would write up that cockroach POS right now.

  91. Hahahah imust. And Marines.

  92. Tattoos. Needles. Pain. Diseases if they come via dirty needles. Ouch.

  93. Who can forget the anchors on those massive forearms?

  94. UW that pos is one for the record.

  95. Look honey! Look what I got for you! A tattoo and Hep C!

  96. One of those tattoos from a Cracker Jack box seems pretty safe.

  97. Plus you get some candy coated popcorn and peanuts crier!

  98. ….or those guys with teh big heart and the name emblazened across it, followed by a botched removal. You would know right off that this is a man who seriously lacks foresight and certainly lives only for the moment.

  99. I have a weakness for caramel corn.

  100. caramel corn…caramel apple walnut pie…it’s not surprising.

  101. Yes I do suspect I have a thing with caramel.

  102. Cue NES or lorac claiming to be so J of caramel!

  103. I like it all melted and gooey and warm.

  104. Sorry I don’t have anything up today, gang.

    But I did spend the night at a Holiday Inn Express!

  105. Check your posts drafts. Yours is you like.

  106. I thought that I’d had heard every line possible about begging for $.

    Not homeless. Need boobs’: Ohio woman, 37, begs on the street to ask generous public for money to have breast surgery

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