Floppy Skin Tag Meets Dull Scissors

Yikes! The things people try to do at home to themselves with dull scissors.

Can you feel the pain?

Remember. Don’t try this at home.

Skin tag removal gone bad

November 1, 2010


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  1. Crier takes full blame for making you wince.

    And I really do not want you to try this at home. Unless I really don’t like you.

  2. I felt that.

  3. Dull people with dull ideas.

    And dull scissors.

  4. I once had a girlfriend remove a skin tag from my back in a moment of passion. I have to say that if you’re getting one removed that method is one of the best. I didn’t feel a thing even though it bled profusely.

  5. Oswald,

    even though it bled profusely

    A skin tag was murdered in a moment of passion?

  6. What a waste, Oswald. No teeth marks to show off.

  7. oswald, we have a shared experience. My ex had a skin tag on his back and one time… TMI.

  8. I once had a plastic surgeon remove some tags I got from wearing a chain. He burned the things off. I could smell my skin burning and it hurt like hell! My eyes were tearing, no kidding. Then he says, while you’re here do you have any anywhere else and asks me if I have any on or under “your breasts” because “a lot of women do”. I was like is he fucking kidding me? I couldn’t take what he was doing on my NECK. I could have had 20 on my boobs and I wouldn’t let him near me. What a perv, anyways. On the tip of my tongue was, “No. I don’t have any on my breasts. You got any on your balls”?

    As I’m leaving, he tells me I might have to come back because sometimes they come back. I’m like you have to be kidding. I don’t care if I grow a frigging basketball, you ain’t never seeing me again.


    At the risk of revisiting a small brouhaha about things on the lower back, could that skin tag be called a Tramp Stump?
    (ducking and running)

  10. Oh Anthony, you are in deep shit.

  11. Oh Ant-ney, it would be a rump stump.

  12. That story I linked to yesterday regarding OWS and DNA has been debunked. It was widely covered in the press before the investigators involved discovered the DNA on both items belonged to the same lab tech who handled the CD player from the murder scene and the chain from the subway gate. They said the lab tech will be repremanded for mishandling evidence on two items.

  13. You got any on your balls”? ROFLMAO 😆

  14. He probably said that to every woman and got to grope plenty of breasts in the process.

  15. I don’t care if I grow a frigging basketball, you ain’t never seeing me again.


  16. You got any on your balls”?

    On three different occasions over the years I had mine checked by female doctors. It was not nearly as much fun as I imagined.


  17. Os, I once saw a cartoon of an old woman in the dentist’s chair, her hand cupping teh dentist’s jewels. Caption:

    “If you don’t hurt me, I won’t hurt you”.

  18. Hey Karen, that DNA lab tech sounds like a promising OWS recruit.

  19. Os, I’ll bet that examination was at least more fun than, say, having a male doctor take a speculum out of the freezer and snapping it open and closed in front of you and your stirrups.

  20. Welp, according to the Freeh report, if there is a hell, Joe Paterno knows all about it. That son of a bitch. Too bad he’s dead, really. He deserved to live and be publicly scourged.

  21. Lyn5
    Hugs from all the kitties at my house. I lost my my love bug of a Maine Coon to Renal at 22. Still miss that big guy.

  22. I came to the conclusion that the real reason Paterno really refused to quit coaching was that he knew the minute someone else stepped up this was going to come to light. I am sure Paterno never thought they would investigate while he was alive. He figured that he was viewed as a god and he would take it to his grave and that no one would want to dig up that past at that point.

    Met the man when he would come to recruit at our high school and you would have thought the the Pope had arrived at our door (Catholic School in PA). I found him to look and act like a big old nasty rat. Guess I was right.

  23. I think Hell might actually be too good for that creep Paterno. What an sob. Years and years of this went on and he made sure to sweep it all under the carpet.


  25. It was more fun than “drop your pants and bend over the table” that I started getting to experience at age 40

  26. I got a blue screen about an hour ago. Just so you guys know.

  27. I got white blinds.

  28. I got a blue screen about an hour ago. Just so you guys know.

    Welcome to my world. 😦

  29. The guys from Saudi Arabia found two females to compete in the games.

    Saudi Arabia has found two female athletes to compete in the 2012 London Olympics.

    Wodjan Ali Seraj Abdulrahim Shahrkhani will take part in the over-78kg judo competition, while Sarah Attar will run the 800 meters, the International Olympic Committee (IOC) announced today.

    They will be the first women ever to represent Saudi Arabia at the Olympics.

    Their participation, alongside first-time women’s teams from Qatar and Brunei, means that every country present will have at least one female entrant, according to IOC President Jacques Rogge.

    He described the news as “an encouraging evolution” towards greater gender balance at the event.


  30. The US Olympic team uniforms were made in China

  31. I don’t care for them, especially that beret.

  32. Someone is making $ on those outfits.

  33. God forbid if the wimminz didn’t show her legs.

    Will the Saudis be making those wimminz run in burqas? Or will the just kill them when they get back to the home planet..for showing skin?

  34. I think they will be wearing their special outfits. I hope they aren’t the javelin throw.

  35. Or running hurdles.

  36. Allow your jaw to drop and watch DE throw this lidded jar.

  37. Kiln Porn aside, If you haven’t seen the beautiful things Scott throws, go here.


  38. What corndog designed the USA digs. Cripes, that is flaky.

  39. Apparently the models are supposed to depict America’s demographics. That’s why there are two men and two women. Oh ..wait…

    ***I’m surprised it’s not three white men and one black woman.

  40. Stoneware plates.
    And scott’s legs. lol.

  41. What corndog designed the USA digs.

    Ralph Lauren.

    Those berets are $50 each.

  42. I’m surprised it’s not three white men and one black woman.

    I’m surprised she’s not wearing a miniskirt.

  43. Well considering the quality of the paint he puts his name on, it figures.

    America in berets. Cripes.

    They look like bike helmets.

  44. The US Olympic team uniforms were made in China

    The flag was probably made there too.

  45. How come the flag is flapping in the wind but her skirt isn’t moving?

  46. Re: the photo McNorman posted –

    Gee, “Obama” gets to be equal with the white guy in first place. “Hillary” gets to have second place. Why does that sound so familiar? What could it be? What could it be? (And what’s with 2 people in first, if they were tied, wouldn’t 2nd place be empty? – what were they, tied together in a potato sack race and they won as a team?)

    Voting rights – wait we need to give a (<12% in 1870) minority the right before we give it to the true majority.

    First female president – wait we need to steal it for a 12% minority before we let a more experienced woman have her win.

  47. Gee, “Obama” gets to be equal with the white guy in first place. “Hillary” gets to have second place. Why does that sound so familiar?

    Astute observation and no surprise, eh?

    And of course the big boyz on the tall platform makes the wimmin look so much smaller as it should be!

  48. DE, that is some VERY NICE work you have done!

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