If there’s a hell, Joe Paterno knows alllllllll about it.

Helped innocent little boys take one for the team.

It’s really too bad Joe Paterno is dead. He deserved to live long enough to  have his complicit ass dragged into the public square and scourged.

This bastard made little boys take one for the team anytime that pervert Sandusky wanted a little something.

Paterno concealed what Sandusky was doing and did nothing to stop it.

A scathing assessment of how head coach Joe Paterno and other top officials “concealed” the child sex abuse allegations against Jerry Sandusky for more than a decade is detailed for the first time today in the findings of Penn State’s internal investigation.

The 267-page report released this morning followed an eight-month investigation and focused heavily on Paterno, former athletic director Tim Curley, former vice president Gary Schultz, and former university president Graham Spanier. The report found after learning of the abuse, these leaders rewarded Sandusky with an unusual $168,000 payout and retirement perks without lifting a finger to reach out to his young victims, who were forced to perform sex acts and raped in showers at the college.

Now if that isn’t a glowing recommendation to sleep on coals in hell for eternity, I don’t know what is.

I don’t really know if there’s a hell. But if there is one, Burn Paterno, Burn.

I guess we will just have to double down on the deserved shaming of Schultz, Curley and Spanier and let them see how much fun it is to take one for the team. Or maybe we should just forgive them because they had such a good reason for allowing Sandusky to abuse children.

“The motivation (was) to avoid the consequences of bad publicity, and not just bad publicity, but what are the consequences? Other investigations, donors being upset, the university community being very upset, raising questions about what they themselves did in 1998,” Freeh said. “Bad publicity has consequences for the brand of Penn State, university, the reputation of coaches, the ability to do fundraising, it’s got huge implications.”

Do these men not make you want to hurl?



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  1. Clean and articulate Joe Biden addresses empty seats at NAACP convention. Wait till you see the pic.

  2. Even though it’s that website of questionable integrity, even I couldn’t resist this time..

  3. Yeah, hurl them into a sea of helicopter roters.

  4. Note: I just noticed that the photo was taken BEFORE Biden spoke, so Breitbart might be doing what I keep telling you that do. I did see another piece earlier today where they were ‘waiting for people to be seated” before he spoke.

  5. Update: FOX NEWS says Biden “RALLIED THE AUDIENCE”. Proving once again that brietbart has about as much integrity as any pathological liar. It is what it is. Take a look at that pic and tell me it isn’t misleading.


    “Biden rallies NAACP audience in support of Obama, in Romney speech rebuttal”

  6. Uppity, that empty NAACP hall picture traveled quickly to many sites. It may have started here: http://instagram.com/p/M-_rz5Gw2F/ which is attributed to an AA named Rodney Hawkins who works for CBS in NJ. https://twitter.com/#!/search/rodney_cbsnj I saw the pic in a tweet which stated the speech was about to begin.

    I went to the Fox link above, but no picture lol.

    That’s a wonderful fire you have burning for JoePa .Cult worship. Yep. Local weatherman/wife team from Happy Valley. Way over the top with the worship it seemed to me. Now will mercifully be ratcheted way back. Although tee vee coverage is currently insane. Scranton local tee vee has one of their reporters in Philadelphia while Philadelphia sent one of theirs to Scranton.

    I was searching to document what I heard last night on tee vee – that one big Penn State donor gave most of the recent money they’ve collected so as not to have us folk surmise that anyone rich was upset with them over this 14 year coverup.

    I had a distant cousin a few times removed; he was a good football player but bypassed PSU – he was not the proper color. So JoePa had that going too.

  7. Do these men not make you want to hurl?

    Yeah, rocks.

  8. Even though it’s that website of questionable integrity,

    I think Breitbart.com is kind of like huffpo – a bunch of different bloggers / “citizen journalists” so the quality varies. After a while you get a feel for who the reliable writers are.

  9. I don’t think FOX would use the word “Rallied” if it wasn’t a good crowd. I think they would have gladly skewered him. Therefore, I hold Breitbart suspect. Again.

  10. Hell Votermom, don’t give Huffpo so much credit. I don’t trust ANYTHING they do, since they rarely report anything without their slant on it.

    AOL and Huffpo a match made in sleaze heaven.

  11. If you read Puzo’s “The Godfather,” you understand that, as big as JoPa was in Center County, he could have “taken care of it” in any number of ways. Had he the decency,… the will to be civilized, he would have had a discussion with Mrs. Sandusky to be sure she understood that her husband would be permitted to live a normal life under the condition that an “understanding” between them would exist. JoPa could have made certain that Penn State’s reputation as a school that upheld the value of the education they provided their young athletes would be preserved. The victims of the cover-up, solicited through a “charity” would have rightly been given free tuition to Penn State and provided professional counciling. The Alumni / Boosters would have quietly transferred Second Mile’s mission from http://www.thesecondmile.org/programsAndServices/community.php
    identifying children who would “benefit from positive human contact” to promising those children access to educational opportunities of their choosing within a structured support group or medical study. If, in fact, the Nittany Lion football program could silence law enforcement, media and janitors, it could have “found” Sandusky in the showers, his blood washing down the drain as the result of an accident to which there were no witnesses. One can come up with any number of possible scenarios by which the “Problem” could have been made to go away while reassuring the children that their safety and value were a priority. I agonize for the mother of a little boy who was brow-beaten into complicity by Athletic Department hacks who pressured her into withdrawing her complaints in her son’s behalf due to the impact it could have on the program.

  12. OT this pic is great

  13. I still think Hell is far too good for Paterno.

  14. SWP, truth be known, Sandusky’s coaching prowess too precedence over EVERYTHING. The Team is The Thing.

  15. Rodney Hawkins @Rodney_CBSNJ

    Talked to NAACP representative who tells me the rain is to blame… People are slowly coming in

  16. No worries Joe P, this pos named Joseph Duffy (didn’t want to lose the $3000 /mo pension so he let her starve slowly) will join you soon enough.

    A Chicago man has been arrested for abusing his wife after she was found starved, blind and covered in four-inch wide bedsores.

    Mary Jane Duffy, 60, was discovered alone and suffering by police on August 23, 2011, at the Brookfield, Illinois, home she shared with her husband.

    Weighing just 56 pounds, the frail 4-foot-11 woman was in the foetal position, covered in ulcers and had severe bruising, fractured bones and missing teeth.


  17. upps, there is a Reuters picture on google images with what looks like a full room of people giving Joe a standing O.

    The other Joe, yeah he should be sizzling and charred by now all over his money hungry greedy body. He rolled in millions and let the children suffer for it.

    I was out running errands and visiting a friend in the hospital today. I saw a few people with Penn State shirts on and a few stores with displays of the school merchandize with the logo. Each one looked like “PERV STATE” to me. That is what I will call it from now on.

    Just last night a guy at work was ranting that nobody has any evidence against JoePa. Obviously the fans are idiots to support him after this. If it was their sons how would they feel? Ass hats, the whole lot.

  18. As to the empty seats for Biden. I would say that it was most likely not a full house even at the end but was likely very empty at the start. I have been to these gatherings in DC and if the speaker is not a hot commodity like Ferdinand, they take their good old time going into the presentation/speech/whatever. Also, if it looked that empty and someone realized the photo had been uploaded on the web, i imagine efforts were made to move people to fill the seats pronto. So Breibarts was not necessarily wrong, in this instance but was likely premature.

  19. Old Joe Blows letters from the grave reminded me that I heard a little blip about good old boy Mike Vick getting a new clothing line.

    Here it is:

    So in a way, Jo Boy was right, some people will overlook an awful lot for the sake of the “game”.

  20. From http://www.csmonitor.com/USA/Latest-News-Wires/2012/0712/Nike-pulls-Joe-Paterno-name-off-child-care-center

    The president of Nike Inc. said Thursday he has decided to change the name of the Joe Paterno Child Development Center, a child care facility at the company’s headquarters outside Portland.

  21. Mt. Laurel, that photo was not taken durimg anybody’s speech. To imply that he spoke to an empty house because they are all mad at Barack for not doing anything for them would be known as prevaricating. Suckers go to these sites believing they are getting news when they are being manipulated instead. How does that site even remotely differ from Thinkprogress or common dreams or DKos. Another Humane Events and Pajamas media.

  22. Old Joe Blows letters from the grave

    After that Freeh report, they had better keep this scheeve’s grave site secret.

  23. Gotta love those gullible young rioters who “took over” Penn State the day JoePa was fired…..our future leaders. Shudder. You don’t think the university KNEW this was going to explode in their faces? ….nahh…. Anyone want to send your kids to Penn State? Lessee….This is a real selling point for recruiting in all sports.

  24. I felt kinda bad (for a minute) when Jo Paterno died ‘from cancer” (that no one knew he had until the scandal broke) I figure what he knew was coming killed him.

    Now, I feel bad again JoPa is dead.

    He needed to meet the soap and the soap holder first.


    Bobby Bowden of FlaState said they need to tear down Joe’s statue at Penn State. I disagree. Keep it up and add it’s picture to the Sexual Predator’s Registry. And add a BIG PLAQUE that reads “Winningest Coach in Child Molestation History”

  25. Crap. Was on the way to bed, and heard Kat running around chasing her “ball.” Said ball started to scream. I went to see why the ball was screaming. She ran into the kitchen with the “ball” by the tail. Now there is a mouse or a mole under the dishwasher. Kat is camped out.

    Already a plethora of dead wildlife cleaned up from under the bed. Used to be tons of lizards. Lately, butterflies.

    Can’t wait for the alligators.

  26. Good Kitty.

  27. Ah, the self-propelled kitteh ball!

    Not to worry. Whatever is is will be either gone by morning or gifted to you in your bed. Sweet dreams!

  28. Aw, UW I beat you and myiq by over 7 months about that voter ID stuff lol


  29. After that Freeh report, they had better keep this scheeve’s grave site secret.

    The sleaze bag should rot slowly from the inside out.

  30. She ran into the kitchen with the “ball” by the tail.

    I know that one… I was hoping it was my watch, but it never made that kind of noise

  31. What a sad thing that PSU did in allowing one person so much power to allow a bad seed to violate so many innocent kids.

    Power corrupts.

  32. Totally OT, but to lighten the mood – did anyone catch The Scissor Sisters on Andy Cohen last night?

  33. Uppity. My bad. Premature posting does not begin to cover it if it was not even the right event. I just took a quick gander at the photo and read the Fox article and figured the pic was a before shot (you know when they are testing the sound and then announce that the session/speech will begin and try to get people into their seats) with no during or after shots to show that people did arrive to hear – well another Old Joe. News if full of them Old Joe’s today (or I guess it is now yesterday).

    Remember to look in shoes and slippers before putting them on. Your kitty may have found a nice spot to stash your present as a surprise.

  34. Wow, Laurel, so not only was the story raw bullshit but the photo was from somewhere else? Amazing, really. Almost tops DKos. Still below PJ Media though. lol.

  35. Hell lorac, that’s no surprise. I should really give you the keys to this place.

  36. Hey AntKnee, I wonder if they buried JOe’s ass face down to give him the proper sendoff.

  37. Remember to look in shoes and slippers before putting them on. Your kitty may have found a nice spot to stash your present as a surprise.

    For her sake I hope it’s not still alive.

  38. G’Nite gang. If you haven’t seen it yet, don’t miss Crier’s post below this one. Prepare to wince.

  39. Hey UW. I scrolled by Drudge and he’s caught on to what we’ve been saying. Romney/Rice & Beans for SOS
    This election isn’t Coke vs Pepsi. It’s Mayo vs Miracle Whip, an Etch A Sketch vs a Blank Slate.

  40. UW will be back in a bit. I sent her a 20 min video of me throwing naked.
    I could hear “My Eyes…My Eyes” all the way in Florida.

  41. I wonder if they buried JOe’s ass face down to give him the proper sendoff.

    Aimed pitchforks always work best that way. hahaha

  42. Good Morning all! I arrived at the secret destination late last night- splurged on a hotel room- and just chilling out now. Breakfast shortly. It is still raining lol. That crap has followed me all the way – but I hear these people need it so it is all good. Seriously- the rain has been dogging me since KY. Came through Mississippi down route 61 and the corn and soybeans are standing in water! I mean INCHES of water. All GMO I am sure so I am not feeling too bad lol.
    I got to do the Vicksburg thing- and had lunch at a little place off the beaten path called “The Tomato Place.” Very tiny shack type place- has local produce, honey, canned goods (pickles, jams etc) I exchanged recipes with the lady- she had some ‘hot’ pickle green beans- which reminded me I will probably be up to my eyebrows in beans when (if lol) I get home and I will be making dilly beans. She had never heard of them- so we had a nice conversation on canning and pickling.
    Makes me wish I was a travel writer- I could take all this as a tax deduction lol!

    As for Joe PA- I am sure even the demons in hell are disgusted and devising new and improved torture for the bastard. If I had a student in that school and was paying for it- their ass would be OUT and enrolled elsewhere pronto!

  43. Hi PMM! Glad you made it safe! You could write a travel log book. All the off-the-beaten-path roadways……just you and your Rand Mcnally! Hey that could be the title! “No GPS. Just Me and My Rand Mcnally”

  44. I’m back from DE’s video and still a bit shaky. But really, DE, it was too bad about that vase that got involuntarily poked off the kiln. Still, I would like to buy it. I know youtube shutting you down and forcing you to return with a different account was a bummer, but with your prowess at…..the kiln……..people will find you again. Especially me. But not to worry! I downloaded that piece of work just in time!

  45. The Condi story is just smoke and mirrors. Just like with Hillary they won’t take Condi’s insistance that she does not want the job for real.

    Condi repeatedly said “NO WAY” so what part of that is Drudge and the media having a hard time understanding? It must be a slow news day so they pull out the Condi and Bain card again even though both have been repeatedly debunked.

    Life is too short to have to go through this crap, let alone go through it dozens of times for no reason what-so-ever. They are lazy and rerun old dead ends so they don’t have to do real reporting. And like Brietbart, they lie like rugs when they don’t have to. There is enough real dirt around. Why make fake mud when the stuff is all over waiting to be flung?

  46. I’m of the thought that the Rice thing is just another diversion from God Knows What They Don’t Want Us To Talk About. Drudge is the Goto creepy crawly for those rumors. Read Drudge, wait 60 seconds, do a google and see all the Freeper sites follow suit. It’s all so boring and predictable. Kind of like 2008 when Andrew Sullivan would post a blurb on what to call us Hillaryites that week. If you recall, the “Deadender” thing started there.

    The woman would rather have pins in her eyes than run for office. Condi does not impress me as the kind of person who wants her entire life shredded in front of 300 million people.

  47. Imust- great title! Personally I am more than a little afraid of GPS thingies. After those stories a few years ago about the GPS misdirecting people and sending them out into the middle of nowhere to get stuck in blizzards. Didn’t a man die from that?
    Just more of our dumbed down edumacashion- people can’t figure out NSEW or read a map any longer. Some electronic minder robot tells them where to go.
    My kids never knew I was enhancing their learning on all those camping trips. We would sit down ahead of time with the Rand McNally and plan the route. They would write to the State Tourism boards (the Stone Age equivalents of course) and they were the navigators on our rips. We would stop at the state welcome centers and look through the brochures, and match up which were along or not too far off the route.
    Reading, writing, directional skills, map reading, geography, money – handling, change making, budgeting….
    And they thought it was vacation when all along it was my version of summer school! ROFLMAO!

  48. “poked off the kiln”

    from how far away? There are a few straight wimmenz here and we need to know the details. Live vicariously through your good fortune.

    Damn, if Upps is buying a broken vase it must have been real special.

    Glad you made it safe, Mom. And that you got some sleep in a bed.
    We aren’t spring chickens anymore. We need a little TLC these days.

  49. As an important side note, I think every man should take a course in jar throwing, for The Hands. Once you can throw a lid and make it nice and smoooooooooth and every so gently remove it in perfect condition, knowing exactly when all it coming to the perfect end, you are There.

    This has been a public hands service.

  50. Oh- and for the record- that “Great River Road” was not so great. Not much to see or do- and not recommended if you have any questions about the reliability of your vehicle. Really just a road that goes through a couple of hundred miles of farm land- and no views of the river at all- so not sure what the hell that was about. There are some places where you can get even farther into the countryside to see local color. There is an even smaller road closer to the river- but small enough that I would not go there traveling alone lol. (Not 25 and immortal any more)
    I did stop in a town called Clarksdale Mississippi and had lunch in a very interesting place. It was not a place I would have walked into had the Chamber of Commerce lady not recommended it. The outside was covered in graffiti and so was the inside lol. It was some blues club and apparently the performers and clientele sign their names all over everything- walls, chairs, tables. The service and food were good though.

  51. Ok- I missed it- what happened with DE? Can’t get to his blog anymore? Or am I on punishment?

  52. ROFL Uppity! I’d say “Poor DE” but I think he likes the attention!
    On another note…..Obama’s people want to party like it’s 1999. Apparently, the O campaign had an October Surprise plan regarding an investment that Bain made after MR left. Apparently they invested in a company that disposed of aborted fetuses. O’s camp was going to run spots on Christian Radio right before the election.

  53. MOM! Our road traveler!!!!

    DE has decided to shut down his blog. He doesn’t have time for it, due to his prowess at the…….um……kiln…and prolly other places.

    Anyways, he did give me a heads up on it. Personally, I selfishly see this decision as a way to haul him over here more. But mostly, he will make more Hand videos.

  54. Mom I think it’s wonderful that you got thru lunch at that place without a drive-by.

  55. Karen, I’m not one to carry any tales here, but that vase flew right off that thing at warp speed.

  56. Dear Angi. Bless your little heart for putting up with my BS. You lucky snot,you.

  57. Guys, guys guys!!! And all Lebanese too! I hear tell Scott is conducting a Slow Hand seminar in your area soon.

  58. What happened to the sock?

  59. Sock goes back up later. I just think we aren’t done here at this thread…

  60. Whew! I thought I was imagining things…….

  61. Remember that cat in UK that used public transit every day and came back home the same way at the end of the day?

  62. Re: 1999. Typical Obama. The only way he can win is knocking everybody else off the ballot. This kind of shit in this kind of economy is starting to make Americans sick. The man is a petty bully looking for a free re-election ride. He sucks so much as president his only hope is to make his opponent look even worse than he is. Which is highly impossible, considering how much he has fucked up this country even worse than the day of the 2008 crash. The man is simply an insufferable whining fool and playground bully.

  63. “Casper, the Commuting Cat.” He was a tuxie, of course. A friend sent me a copy that she picked up on her trip to England in May. (Loved the Duchy organic shortbread cookies too!)

  64. Uppity@11:08am…..yep and yep!

  65. upps, how anyone can support the fraud is beyond me. I couldn’t understand the people who supported Bush for a second term either. The saying love is blind is true. We called them lemmings in 08 and they are still running off cliffs and blowing their leader all the way down.

    They are invested in the obama brand and some are doubling down on stupid rather than admit they were wrong in 08. Some of them, not all.

    The bumper stickers are all but gone in PA. This time in 08 they were at all the music events I went to.

    PMM, you were at the crossroads. Did you sell your soul at midnight out on south 61 where it runs along with south 49? Pick up a guitar and see if you got your mojo working. You were at ground zero blues club, i bet. I would have loved to be there with you! It is on my bucket list. Robert Johnson, Son House, hell yes.

  66. Condi repeatedly said “NO WAY” she means it too. 🙂

  67. Karen, Maybe PMM saw Ralph Maccio there!

  68. Penn St is gonna keep the statue up. Child molesters, jock worshipers, and all around idiots rejoice.

    The trustees’ reluctance to remove the statue is motivated, in part, by a desire not to offend alumni and students who adore the late coach despite the damning findings of his role in the Jerry Sandusky child sexual abuse cover-up detailed in the Freeh report, the sources said. Some trustees also said in interviews they want to resist being pressured by the media into a sudden decision about such an emotionally charged issue.

    “You can’t let people stampede you into making a rash decision,” a trustee said. “The statue represents the good that Joe did. It doesn’t represent the bad that he did.”

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