Ok, scrap the old sock. How about a bear cub love train?

Good for more than 100 I bet.


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  1. Get on the stick or the next one WILL be belly button lint. Meanwhile I want you to see Oswald in action at the Penal Colony.

  2. He’s the “Green POTUS” UW.
    Reduce (your income)
    Reuse (2008 V2.0)
    Recycle (every stupid trick the bots will fall for)

  3. Oswald, you should be ashamed of yourself!!! How in the world did you get released early for good behavior, when you were pulling THAT stuff??

  4. What a great post that would be, DE.
    “Stupid Obama Tricks, Redux”

  5. Where oh where is Jesse Jackson The Lesser?
    Video. Time’s Up. Constituents have a right to know.

  6. Been hanging with Amy. Oops hope not

  7. At least I never made kitty porn like Bill. He starred in Meow II and Make Me Purr

  8. Bill can’t help if if he’s sought after. You’re just jealous. And let’s face it, Os. Who wants to watch penguin porn anyways?

  9. Uh-oh. Ozzie, be careful of what you say about MKBill.

  10. That’s right. Bill gets more offers than Levi Johnson.

  11. Damn right, imust. He makes gorgeous Tuxies. Unlike Os, who can only make common penguins. You seen one, you seen em all.

  12. Behold the new header, jealous little birdie.

  13. Bill rules! Nice header btw Bill.
    (yes I am a suck up….you got a problem with that?)

  14. Adorable cubs.

    That NY Times article on Paterno linked on the last thread is unfreaking real. He was such a greedy filthy pig. Shudder to think of the multimillion dollar slime bag wheeler dealer insisting his wife get to use the hydro machines at the gym where the rapes occured mostly.

    Here is something to clear your heads of belly button lint, Paterno and Sandusky perverts and sleeze bags, and obama’s never ending carnival show for suckers.

    Hillary saving the world and laughing as she goes along:


  15. “Adorable cubs”
    When I lived in WY, the last thing that I wanted to see was a bear cub while hiking. It meant that momma Grizzly was close by and you could kiss your ass goodby.

  16. This is for your Obama Tricks post:

  17. FF love the header Bill rules! 😉

  18. Rain-soaked Obama promises to win Virginia – The Hill’s Blog Briefing Room

    Where’s the picture?

  19. No worries pamela….Uppity has one up there on the left sidebar!

  20. imust:

  21. Just when I’d given up finding a good one…scroll down to #3.

    No doubt he has seen Ani’s book.
    Or Uppity’s side bar.
    Be back tomorrown.

  22. The president apologized early in the speech for messing up the hairdos of women in the audience.

    “We’re going to have to treat everybody for a little salon, hair visit after this,” he joked as the rain fell.

    Youuuuuuu asshole!

  23. Now, now Uppity. Calm down. Don’t get yerself all worked up now sweetie! You know you wimminz think about nothing all day except your hair, your nails…..and eatin’ bon-bons during the soap operas!

  24. President Condsescending Sexist pig! Look at me! I’m Sandra Dee!

  25. Unless somebody else feels like writing, summer schedule has definitely kicked in for the coming week. Just so you all know. Life beyond blogging. You all have one. Me too!

  26. Yes, the NYT story on Paterno & his family screwing the Univ for more $ while the Sandusky investigation was heating up last year is mind blowing. I can’t believe the f’ing nerve of these creeps. They (joepas fam) made a disgusting statement that was all over the news this week after the Freeh report came out. Sickening. These people are all despicable. If they had a shred of common decency, they would have either STFU or better yet, made a public apology. Here’s the link to the article:


  27. Obama’s so weird. What a dork.

    I love that pengy vid (the one of our dear Oswald stealing the stones). I’ve seen it before. Its so cute!

    Wild header, but I’m going to have to make sure laker takes his seizure med before he sees it!

  28. Re: barkaloungers stupid hair remarks. Michelle seems like a strong woman, doesn’t she? I’ve always wondered why she hasn’t knocked the stupid misogynist streak out of him.

  29. Hillary looks great in the ap link (Karen’s comment above).

  30. pamela, good find on the photo of The Precious. Looks like he’s afraid he’ll melt.

  31. Hahaha! Yes, great pix of bark. He’s such a metrosexual, doesn’t want to get messy.

  32. Sophie, how is Tiger Lily doing?

  33. socal, Tiger Lily is fabulous. She has boundless energy and is really a joy. Except when I’m trying to type at the keyboard and she’s decided she’s interested!

  34. by the way, I agree entirely with you at 5:14. She probably doesn’t tell him he sounds like and a$$hole because secretly she enjoys laughing at what an a$$hole he is. Either that, or she’s too busy trying to be like Jackie to realize it.

  35. Happy 100th Birthday, Woodie!!!

  36. Sophie it appears you broke the blog.

  37. yeah, DE, I have that effect. I think I broke another blog tonight too. 😦

  38. There will be punishments.

  39. Punishments, eh?

  40. I’ve been swamped last few weeks & now I’m doing a major cleaning and rearranging cuz my Mama is coming next week.

    Oh, you wouldn’t believe what happened to hubbie today. He slipped and fell forward and his head went thru the glass panel next to our front door! I can’t imagine how it happened. Totally freak accident. He’s ok, his head is red and has a lump, its a miracle he wasn’t badly cut up. There’s a huge hole and the glass shattered all the way up. I just finished taping heavy plastic over it. The blinds saved his head. He seems to be fine now, wants to go out to dinner!?!? I’m still shaking too hard to cook!

    Oh, if Anthony stops in, laker wants to hear about his Les Paul. What it looks like, etc.

  41. Okay, I know y’all got a count thingie going on here so now I’ve added to it, but…


    and your bottle of Scotch is waiting for you Uppity dear.

  42. socal – tell Laker that I have a Les Paul Custom, solid black lacquered mahogany body, ebony fingerboard. Three open-coil humbucking pickups, a 57 Classic in the neck position, a 57 Classic Plus in the middle, and a 500T in the bridge. Think Peter Frampton. And heaven to play….

  43. Only 44 hits?

    I knew you shoulda done the post about belly button lint instead of this one.

  44. It meant that momma Grizzly was close by and you could kiss your ass goodby.

    That’s why you always take a slow runner hiking with you. You don’t have to outrun the bear, you just have to outrun your buddy.

  45. Wow. Anthony, I just showed this to my Mom last nite:



  46. I hope Gibson has one of those at the NAMM show in January, and they let me try it out.

    Hi DE! How is Zoe?

  47. Think Peter Frampton. And heaven to play….

    Wow. You can do Frampton, Anthony?

  48. See what you think of this. A small town in Alaska has claimed a cat as Mayor for 15 years. FoxNews is also carrying it & there’s a picture with their article. Here’s a local source:
    Talkeetna Mayor is a Cat Named Stubbs – KTUU.com

  49. That’s the one, Laker! Sure didn’t cost that much when I bought it, though…… Jesus – maybe I’ll sell it 😆

  50. Hey Laker!
    Zoe is doing great. Just have to figure out how to get her to stop eating bits of clay off the studio floor. She thinks she’s a pugmill.

  51. TC- Although I do like me some Frampton, I LOVES me some Clapton! He was one of my strongest musical influences when I was younger, and still remains on my musical Mt. Olympus as far as I’m concerned.

    Check this out and make sure you get to an amazing solo (starts at 4:07)

  52. Saw that this AM Pamela, you beat me too it.
    Looks like there is precedence for Bills run for POTUS.

  53. DE – I try hard to maintain my presence as a lurker, but this one grabbed me too.
    A precedent for Bill – great observation!

  54. K gang, Mom emailed me. She’s safe and sound at her sons place. Has had internet problems. Important thang is shes safe and sound. And she’s not having to listen to Smokey in heat. lol.

  55. BBC Nigeria.
    Posted on September 8, 2008 by Uppity Woman
    Posted on September 9, 2008 by Uppity Woman
    And mcnorman too.
    Shameful that it does not come out. Thanks to both for reporting it then and UW for remembering it now. I cannot forget it either although I am not certain I’d signed on here at that time.

    Glad to know PMM is well and in a very good place.

  56. Now the Republicans are going after Romney for not releasing more tax info:

    Even George Will cast aspersions while parsing the carefully couched statement Romney made.

    Things that make you go hmmmm….

  57. Ha!!! What a Fricken shill. Donna B claims Obama has closed the enthusiasm gap and Democrats are coming back. (On This Week with George…)

    The best part of this show today is that both Mary Matalin and James Carville are on this segment.

  58. It’s amazing Matalin and Carville stay married. Proving once again that there is life after politics.

  59. Ah the joys of vacation- haven’t seen nor heard any pontificating talking heads in a week. Ah the blessed peace.
    I am not even going to read the link on the Romney tax crap. I have the one and only answer for the Romney campaign on that
    “When Obama releases his medical, school, college, Illinois State Senate, passport travel……. records, I will be happy to release additional tax returns above and beyond those I have already disclosed in full accordance with the law.”

    They are idiots if they do not use these record requests as an opportunity to hammer home the fact that Obama has sealed so many of his own records. Most of the sheeples are unaware that nobody knows anything about Obama’s school records and that his Illinois Senate records have been conveniently “lost.”
    And who really cares what is in the sealed records? It is the point that the are hammering Romney by implying he is hiding something shady. Ok then- use the same damn hammer back at them.

  60. Re: Blind Trusts. It is a mistake to hammer Romney on this. Most of elected DC have blind trusts. The assumption here is the owner doesn’t get involved with the investments. Of course, that’s bullshit but they pretend it’s real. In fact, the leaks from Bill Frist’s blind trust was what made him scurry out of Congress like the rodent he is.

    Now about Swiss Bank Accounts. Seriously, do these attackers actuallly think there are no elected Democrats with swiss bank accounts? Really? Half of Congress must be crapping their pants.

    This is backfire shit all the way.

  61. PMM: Exactly! Both of these guys fail the transparency test. Both should show the people who they are and what they did with their lives. But both think they are above the meager requests of the people. Screw ’em both!

  62. UW: I personally hope the entire Congress is crapping their pants.

  63. A Romney surrogate, I think it was Sununu, made the point that most of Congress has Swiss Bank Accounts and named some names. The response: “They’re not running for president.” It’s like back in ’08 when up was down, in was out, night was day. Logic means nothing to the kool=aide soaked ones.

  64. Disclosure forms reveal that Democratic National Committee chair Debbie Wasserman Schultz, a member of Congress from Florida, previously held funds with investments in Swiss banks, foreign drug companies, and the state bank of India. This revelation comes mere days after the Democratic chair attacked presumptive Republican presidential candidate Mitt Romney for holding money in Swiss bank accounts in the past.

    Swiss investments? By her own standards, that makes Little Debbie out of touch and secretive, doesn’t it?

    So there you have it. I smell fear…..


  65. Imust; Sununu gave my college commencement address–he’s an alumnus–much to my horror and my parents’ delight.

    Anthony: I am lovin’ it.

  66. Yes, I think DWS was one he named, as well as Nancy Pelousy but the response was the same. I agree with you on Sununu Sophie, but he is a good attack dog. Sorry about your commencement address 😦

  67. Yeah, especially when my brother got Tom Chapin (Harry’s brother) and he brought his guitar.

  68. What?! Tom Chapin! And you got Sununu? Okay, that’s really not fair!

  69. No imust, it wasn’t fair. But it made me a better person. 😉

  70. I just went to Tom Chapin’s website and had a listen…… Good God….. Your poor brother


    Laundry is done – I’d rather fold my jeans than listen to another note

  71. belly button lint. ;lol; ;lol:

  72. Congress should not be allowed to have any investments.

  73. Happy Sunday to all. 🙂

  74. But Anthony, to be fair, have you ever heard John Sununu sing?

  75. imust, something tells me he’s going to be singing like a canary throughout the campaign season. I only hope the VP pick has his balls

  76. I agree Anthony. I love that he’s not afraid to take it right to Obama. I just don’t like HIM either! LOL!

  77. Anthony, Tom Chapin was essentially methadone for Harry fans.

  78. @Spohie: oh god…… so aptly put

    @imust: I don’t either, but of all the fearless, he sounds the most sane (think Trump).

    Now I have to supervise 18 kids in the heat. What is it about 12 year olds and their aversion to sunscreen? (the boys, not the girls)

    I can easily see this happening….

  79. Hee hee hee:
    Facebook Barbie:

  80. Anthony, we’re all Clapton lovers around here as well. So is Uppity.

  81. Saw Tom Chapin many times at folk fests, he isn’t bad. Some of those “listen” clips on Anthony’s link to his site seem to be from his special recordings for childrens albums. I saw Tom at Clearwater with the other members of “Woody’s Children” group and also performing alone and also with the Chapin Sisters. I was moved as always.

    Truth be told, my favorite of that fest was Loudin Wainwright. The man has made me laugh my head off for decades. From his old “puke bag on the plane” songs from the early SNL days to this fest where he sang a song he wrote “to piss off Pete Seeger” about how shitty the world is and how corrupt and rotten it all is. He is a riot and we need more laughs in this “world gone to shite” he sings about.

    And Arlo Guthrie and family always makes me smile.

    One blues fest and one folk fest to go this summer. I got my tickets and am psyched as always. LOVE rock but hate what they’ve done to it in the bonnaroo crap today. I’m too old for that stuff now. 🙂

    I lived in Bayside, Queens near the Long Island Expressway and we drove out to the spot where Harry died in Jericho on that highway the day after it happened. Everytime I pass that spot I still get the chills. And I feel nostalgic for that area and that time. I especially miss Jones Beach. I have a few days off coming up and need to hit the waves and the sand. No ocean in NEPA.

    Any one need a cat or a pie delivered to Long Islands south shore?

  82. Sophie, facebook barbie. LOL!

  83. socal, who is Clapton? lol But I think I do know and like one song he did – was he the one who wrote the beautiful song for a son who had died?

    Has anyone seen the photo on myiq’s newest post? Can someone tell me WHY those guys are doing that, and WHY they are doing it in public, and WHY they are doing it all together in public, and WHY it can’t be done with their hand OUTSIDE of their thin underwear?

    Seriously, WHAT are they doing? Are they just standing around, touching themselves? I’m sorry, that is just so weird.

  84. purina pet all stars always has adorable vids of dogs and cats:

    puppy on pool table:


    Dog playing fetch with self:


  85. lorac, what pic from myiq? Are you hallucinating men in undies? 🙂

  86. karen, more like being haunted! lol On the front page on myiq’s website. Check it out. Is this common in a world I don’t frequent? lol

  87. LOL, lorac. I was thinking the same thing. Maybe the guys thought they lost something.

  88. Peanuts here, get yer roasted peanuts here. Peanuts here, get yer roasted peanuts here.

    What picture lorac? There is no pictures there of men in underwear. Silly woman is imagining things again. 🙂

  89. karen- just finished reading through the comments on the other threads- and you were correct- it was the Ground Zero Blues club- though there were no live blues being played at lunch. Seriously how do you know about these places lol? I had never heard of it- the town or the club lol. It is completely off the beaten path and if I had just driven by without being directed to it I would never ever have gone inside. I would have made a beeline out of the neighborhood as fast as I could go without getting pulled over for speeding. It is a tiny, seedy looking little town- and I never would have pulled in after dark at all lol.
    But then, I know nothing about blues music. And I did not get the thing with the “crossroads” either. I saw the guitars at that intersection and just chalked it up to local color.

  90. New post up.

  91. Oh UW! You put a new one up too early! This is comment 96!

  92. You straight people have to do an intervention with Karen! She doesn’t see men in underwear where there are men in underwear! 97

  93. I think this may be my favorite header. I love the way the colors blend together. 98

  94. O has 99 problems but Hillary has always been the ONE.

  95. 100!

  96. 101 is MORE than a hundred!

  97. I needed a graphic that matched the title. It’s amazing what google can find.

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