Dismantling the legacy of Hillary’s husband

Temporary Assistance for Needy Families (TANF) is one of the United States of America‘s federal assistance programs. It began on July 1, 1997 [2], and succeeded the Aid to Families with Dependent Children (AFDC) program, providing cash assistance to indigent American families with dependent children through the United States Department of Health and Human Services.

TANF was created by the Personal Responsibility and Work Opportunity Act instituted under PresidentBill Clinton in 1996. The Act provides temporary financial assistance while aiming to get people off of that assistance, primarily through employment. There is a maximum of 60 months of benefits within one’s lifetime, but some states have instituted shorter periods.[3] In enforcing the 60-month time limit, some states place limits on the adult portion of the assistance only, while still aiding the otherwise eligible children in the household.

Way back when in the last century – oh around 1996 BB (Before Bill) – there were large numbers of people who spent their lives living off welfare.  This “lifestyle” had been going on for a long time, so that there was even a term, “generational welfare”, coined to describe the phenomenon of successive generations of a family coming of age and hopping onto the welfare rolls.  “Grandma was on it, then my mom was on it, and now I and my 5 kids are on it.”

Basically, kids grew up in the system.  They observed their other family members and even a large number of their neighbors, content to spend their lives just hanging out, making babies, maybe passing the time with drugs or alcohol.  The norm was to collect this money that while “free”, certainly didn’t provide for a very plentiful life.  You can imagine that there was not much upward mobility in their lives, or in their neighborhoods, or across successive generations of any given family.   

Here’s you in life BB:          

I can’t claim to know all of the reasons that Bill chose to make these changes (oh geez, I can hear Newt screaming, “It was ME!  I made that happen!  I had to FORCE Bill to go along with me!”).  I do know, however, that he limited welfare to 5 years, and people had to either do some work (not even full-time) or attend job training classes.  Not too much to ask of someone, is it?  The idea was to get someone trained in a skill, or get them immediately out there getting some work experience, as a transition between living off welfare and moving into a self-sustaining regular full-time job.  It would certainly seem these program revisions would help people start making the changes needed to start climbing the ladder to greater prosperity.

Teaching them HOW to fish, rather than giving them a fish, right?

So, it’s been almost 20 years.  What kind of results followed in the years “AB”?

The fundamental concept underlying TANF, which won bipartisan support under the Bill Clinton presidency, was its requirement that able-bodied adults work, or at least prepare for work, as a condition of receiving financial aid from the federal government. How successful was the program? In 1996, the year it was signed into law, more than 12 million families were on the welfare rolls, the poverty rate was 11%, and the unemployment rate was 5.4%. The following year, the number of caseloads dropped to just over 10 million, the poverty rate fell nearly a full point, and unemployment dropped to 4.9%. By 2000, the number of families on welfare had fallen to below 5.8 million, the poverty rate was 8.7%, and the unemployment rate was at 4%.

Now, to be fair, there are multiple ways to measure “success”.  The paragraph above utilizes the indices of the decreasing rates of poverty, unemployment, and people on welfare.  Other attempts to examine the effect of welfare take a different perspective, for example, by investigating whether the now-gainfully-employed former welfare recipients are any less poor than they used to be – and often they are not, because of the types of industries in which they seek employment (service, etc.).  Of course, I think it’s important here to mention that better jobs and higher disposable income are directly related to education/higher training and limiting the amount of children – or shall we say – not having more children than you can afford (financially, emotionally, and time-wise). 

In any event, I dare say the children growing up in these families in which the parents are working are more likely to learn from their parents’ modeling, grow up with an expectation of working, and achieve a higher level of success as adults than their own parents did (which used to be the common trajectory of most people’s lives).  And maybe one of these days, the majority of our youth will see the benefit of even just their provided high school education, and “graduating” with some actual knowledge!  What a concept for a way to improve yourself!

It seems that way back when, BB, democrats had to decide if they wanted to keep their potential voters stuck on the plantation, or did they really want to see them get ahead, ie their words matching their actions?  Generational welfare by all accounts was accomplishing the former.  Changing the rules to be a bit of a kick in the butt did seem to get people out of their lives of treading water, seemed to get them starting to swim forward toward the first step of a goal with their little fishies following in their wake, maybe sending some ripples out to others who might be observing.

And then Obama lumbered in, with his big stupid smile plastered on his face, like a big bull in a china ship, not having clue ONE about the future ramifications of his actions.  What he has now done most definitely makes me wonder if his preference is to keep us all down on the plantation, joyously indebted to the plantation owner and wanting to keep voting for him.  What did he do, you ask?

One has to give the president credit. Normally when he attempts to seize power that is beyond the scope of the executive branch, he does it late on Friday with an eye toward diminished media coverage.

….The revision by the Obama White House seeks to override the work requirement via the Secretary’s “waiver authority….

Apart from the legality of the move, several bigger question arise. First, why does the administration want to tinker with a program that has a proven track record of success? Second, how does waiving the welfare-to-work requirement square with the president’s demand that every American do his “fair share”? Third, and perhaps most compelling, how does Obama explain his continued flouting of Congressional authority when one of his biggest gripes as senator was President George W. Bush’s own power grabs?

A friend (h/t jem) passed on a newspaper clipping to me that felt apropos here.  I retyped it in order to include it in the post:

Submitted by Billy Fleming

The Food Stamp Program, administered by the U.S. Department of Agriculture, is proud to be distributing the greatest amount of free meals and food stamps ever.

Meanwhile, the National Park Service, administered by the U.S. Department of the Interior, asks us to “Please Do Not Feed the Animals”. 

Their stated reason for the policy is because the animals will grow dependent on the handouts and will not learn to take care of themselves.

This ends today’s lesson.

And then of course there’s this ongoing problem:

I don’t think the jury is out on Obama on this topic anymore.  But really – how can you teach someone to fish – when you don’t know how to fish yourself?  When hard work is anathema to you?  When YOUR way of obtaining fish is by cheating?

And what a treat – the “tartar sauce on the fish” is the dismantling one of Bill’s signature achievements.  I guess if you can’t be better than Bill, try to “win” by taking his work away….

Looks like the democrats need to decide once again if they want a “captive audience” on the plantation, or do they want their actions to match their words?  Perhaps step one will be kicking the Obamacrats OUT of our party, and getting ourselves back IN!  We took so  many steps forward with Bill.  Obama deprived us of all the progress we would have made with Hillary, and now he’s even taking away the progress that Bill made.  “Hey, watch over there, watch me drop a drone on an American citizen!!  Cool!”


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  1. Lorac slams another one over the wall!
    Welfare- or “The Dole” as it was known away back when, was never meant to be a lifelong income stream. It was supposed to be a helping hand for orphans, widows and children. Temporary. While you got your life back on track. Yes, things happen, often through bad choices, but letting children starve in the streets is just not what Americans do.
    Bill had it right. He instituted very necessary changes to the rules (or should I say created some rules?) Generational dependency was/is a plague on our country. For both the taxpayers AND the poor.
    I can not claim to have all the answers but one thing I do know- allowing people to sit on their asses and do nothing while collecting a check is bad policy. Same as sending money overseas to help the poor and having it end up in the hands of warlords is a bad idea. (Hmmm- that really is a good analogy- for how much of the welfare money we hand out ends up in the hands of our own brand of warlords- the drug dealers who have taken over large swaths of our country?)
    BS- set some rules and stick by them. And that includes setting the same type of rules for food stamps as the govt does for WIC. Get these people some basic education and some classes in budgeting, money and time management and running a household. Perhaps some classes on parenting would not come a miss either.
    All the fear and loathing I felt for Obama is NOTHING compared to the reality of his reign. All that is right and good is being thrown on the trash heap.
    But then, that has been his way from the beginning of his career no?

    I am heading out on the road back to PA in an hour or so- will catch up as I can!

  2. Some not so ancient history –

    Before the welfare system came about, each town took care of people in need. My uncle became ill and was unable to work to pay for hospital bills, so the town of East Brookfield paid for them. When he returned to his home, neighbors came with food and other help.

    When he was able to work again, my uncle paid the town back for the bills it had incurred for him. The neighbors were repaid in kind.

  3. MA used to have program where parents on welfare could sign up for any empty seats in the state colleges free of charge. Childcare was provided at the laboratory schools on campus. While negotiating your way through the course requirements looking for classes with empty seats might take some creativity, many women were able to get themselves a college degree. It was a wonderful program. Alas, it was unpopular with a lot of people who were paying college tuition for the same classes who were too stupid to look at the bottom line and realize that this program was saving everybody money. And turning “welfare queens” into professional workers like nurses and teachers, and engineers, and even a couple of lawyers here and there. People who not only stopped needing welfare, but became part of the 53% of us who pay income taxes. Cutting off noses and spiting faces and all that.

  4. It’s a bit difficult for even the dullest Normal to understand why any president would want to end the practice of giving someone a leg up and lead him toward becoming less dependend and more self-sufficient. There simply isn’t a good explanation for this other than you want people poor and dependent. Dependent On You. I have seen Welfare to Work in action and it does work. From what I can see, recipients are required to do some work and seek employment in the process. How horrible. And one thing is for certain: For the most part if they are not expected to seek work, they often don’t.

    Some states even have programs where people can watch other people’s kids while the parent works. It can be a friend. It can be a relative, and the state pays them for it. I mean, now much easier can you make it for someone to get off on their own and go to work?

  5. I still believe we reward the wrong things, the things that make it more impossible to become self-sufficient. We should be paying families NOT to have more children while they are on welfare. I would be willing to bet money that if we had a program that gave someone a $5000 check at the end of the year for not having a child, there would be fewer children born into the system. It would be a hell of a lot cheaper than paying for that child throughout a pregnancy and its development into an adult. It would also reduce the cost of medicaid without harming services. The way the system works now, you get more benefits for having a child. And of course the benefits are not enough to dig you out of welfare, but instead entrench you deeper.

    I know a person right now who is having a child with her boyfriend. And together they can’t afford the one she already has–a child who, incidentally, is very destructive and has cost me literally thousands of unecessary dollars. Her new boyfriend has moved in with her and, of course, welfare doesn’t know he lives there. So she is bilking the system. I have always known her to be a bit lazy, but she managed to grumble her way to work regularly. I can see that having a baby is far preferable to her than going to work….which is kind of stupid, since being a mother is a lot harder than going to work. She is now on her way out the door. When she came into one of my apartments, she was a productive working person, albeit a complainer about it, just like we all do now and then She quit the job she had for three years that I know of, because she said it was “too hard”. Now I have to chase her around for the paltry rent amount left after the welfare people pay the majority of her rent. If i call her before 10 AM, I wake her up. I find this offensive because there is no reason for her to be in this situation and pregnant. I would venture to say she has become a full-fledged member of the System, and the only thing that kept her from being totally happy with the situation was the welfare people forced her to find work, and work to find if for her if she couldn’t. Of course, now she’s pregnant so she doesn’t have to work. I have witnessed the erosion of a mind and what welfare can do to someone who hates getting up in the morning.. She is currently two month’s behind on roughly 200 or so remaining bucks a month in rent she has to come up with herself. So I have told her to leave. She cannot afford the place any longer. I am also sure she has destroyed her credit in one short year. She will now need to go find a crappy apartment somewhere and she doesn’t like that. This is just one more residual effect of succumbing to the system. I am not her fairy godmother. If she were a sick person I would let her rent ride and help see her through this, as I have done in the past for tenants. I am not without a heart. But there is no reason for this woman to have sunk so low. If I were to cater to this kind of bullshit, I would end up on welfare myself. When she has this child, it’s going to be more expensive to live, and more expensive for me. I see nothing positive in this deal for me.

    I see renting as a contract. My responsiblity is to keep the home in good repair and to respond immediately to any needs that are my responsiblity. I fulfill my part of this contract. The other part is the tenant is to respect the property and their neighbors — and pay rent. On time. When it becomes one-sided and I have to chase around and listen to bullshit stories every month, that contract is broken. The assumption here that people who act as “landlords” are rolling in the dough is raw bullshit. That may be true of slumlords, I don’t know because I am not a slumlord. One new furnace and you operate at a loss in that aparment. Then there are taxes and any other repairs that are needed. Whopping water bills if more people are in the apartment than you bargained for. Additions of babies cost a landlord more money. You might have a mortgage to pay on the bulding as well….and it is simply a bad idea to let your finances be dragged down because someone else is not doing their part. All these things are the reason I must terminate my relationship with this tenant and before anybody pipes in, I am going to say I resent someone expecting me to take a financial hit and quite possibly a loss for a person such as this. I know the difference between falling on hardship through no fault of your own and deciding the system is suitable to your lifestyle. I will always help the former and evict the latter. And I won’t apologize for it to anyone who is not writing the mortgage payment for me every month.

    I remember discussing her pregnancy with her, because I always liked her. I said, why on earth did you get pregnant. It wasn’t an accident according to her. She felt he is such a swell fellow she wanted to ‘give’ him a baby. WTF???? Listen, I’ve known some great guys in my life. If a guy was good to me, I bought him a sweater, I certainly did not commit the next couple of decades to raising his child. This self-defeating and totally ridiculous mentality is a certain path to poverty forever. Now what are the odds of this woman breaking up with this guy in the future? Go calculate them, I’ll wait.

  6. Maybe it has something to do with the unemployment numbers. Do the people on welfare looking for work get counted as unemployed? If so, Barry might want to juice up…or down the number of people looking for work so the unemployment numbers don’t look so bad.

  7. Great post, lorac. I was stunned when I learned about this. Wondered if it has anything to do with the bad blood we hear whispered about between BB and BO? My gut tells me that Valerie Jarrett has her hand in this.

  8. imust the ONLY people counted on the Unemployment rolls are people collecting unemployment. Once they no longer are on the rolls, they are not counted, even if they aren’t working. Also unemployed people who are not eligible for Unemployment are not counted. This is why it is easy to see they are jerking America around with the numbers. The unemployment rate is easily double the number being pimped, or even higher.

    Another game they play is double dipping the numbers. If a person has two part time jobs, it’s counted at two jobs added. If a person moves out of a state to get work in another state, both states’ numbers benefit. The state where the person is working added a job. The state they left subtracts 1 from the unemployment roles. Then there’s the jerking around with Seasonal Work numbers. There is no end to their lies.

  9. Anthony, getting rid of Jarrett in November would feel even better than getting rid of Obama. she is his brain.

  10. When I think of how my parents busted their asses 24/7 to finally Make It, when I think of the sacrifices they made and the risks they took against the future, I think FUCK YOU BARACK.

  11. Great post Lorac!!! 🙂

  12. And Upps you are spot on.I agree with everything you said. 🙂

  13. Ellie, you reminded me of another program that is costing taxpayers dearly. Now welfare recipients can apply for quarterly four-figure payments in order to take college classes. A high school diploma is required, only they don’t actually check to see if you are lying. The new game is to sign up for online courses with places like Phoenix. The money given to them by the government is considered a “loan” and it is not due for four years. What is happening here is, but for those who are taking it seriously and attending real schools, many are taking the money and signing up for one online course and just using the quarterly money for other things. Boy, those Rent An Appliance or Electronics places hop in the weeks after those payments arrive. Now in four years, you would imagine that these people will be paying back that money? They have no assets, they have no income other than what they get in entitlements, and the defaults just fly out the window. Proving once again that too many people have learned the bilking ropes and you can’t make a silk purse out of a sow’s ear. The checks and balances for this program are pathetic. SImply pathetic. You can easily lie about the HS diploma, for starters, you don’t have to produce a copy. You can take the money and run and never take a course if you don’t want to, or just take one and keep the rest of the money. They are sending the money directly to the client instead of to the schools. I can’t even imagine how many millions have been flushed on this program with no hope of recovering the “loans” from people who don’t work and own nothing of value.

  14. How horrible. Here’s a guy who tried to pull a mouse out of a stray cat’s mouth because the cat was choking to death on it. He couldn’t get the mouse so he shot the cat to end it’s horrible death experience (apparently people don’t realize you can heimlich a cat). However, the man contracted the Black Plague from the incident and is losing all of his fingers and toes at this point.

  15. However, the man contracted the Black Plague from the incident and is losing all of his fingers and toes at this point.

    Someone is laughing their ass off in Kitteh Heaven

  16. “The new game is to sign up for online courses with places like Phoenix. ”
    The online diploma mills “educate” about 12% of students getting loans, get 25% of the money and account for more than 50% of the defaults.

  17. I have to say, I’m a bit baffled by this move. Why would Obama do this now? It doesn’t make sense. I don’t see where the positive side is for him at all, and Obama never does anything unless it helps him in some way. Did he explain why? Is he setting up the GOP to complain and he thinks it will make them look bad?

  18. I don’t think the kitteh is laughing, though. I mean the guy DID try to save him. Choking to death is a horrible way to die. Personally I would rather be shot. I think he believed it was the humane thing to do. I mean the guy named tha cat so he had some affection for him. Cat probably bit him by reflex since the mouse was lodged in its throat. Shiver…..

    Chew your food, Fluffy!

  19. Imust, I see it as a way to get the votes of a bunch of welfare deadbeats who don’t WANT to work. Too bad for him that the same lazy bastards who don’t want to work also tend to skip voting.

  20. Yeah, he’s probably pandering for sure. The world is exploding all around us and he’s just trolling for votes.

  21. Well the more people’s financial lives he collapses, the more people he has at his mercy. Vote for me and I will give you a whole chicken one of these days if you are good!

  22. Spot on Uppity. That is exactly what he is doing — trading dependency for votes.

    Great piece, Lorac!

  23. Hey by the way — just did a new interview on The Grindstone that just came out!


    Did another radio interview this morning also on an FM station — will post when I get the link — they want me to come back and continue as a contributor!!!

    Thank you aoo, as always, for all your support.

    This week has been nuts, so sorry Ihave not been around more.

  24. “Cat probably bit him by reflex since the mouse was lodged in its throat. ”
    People are always blaming the poor cats. :>) Most likely route of infection was mouse carried infected fleas, fleas jumped a “sinking ship”, fleas bite man, Yersinia pestis causes fingers, etc. to turn black.

  25. I mean the guy named tha cat so he had some affection for him.

    Didn’t read the story til now. Can’t take it back, and don’t want it removed. Sorry I said it, though…

    See what happens when we just do a knee-jerk? My bad & willing to take a lash or two

  26. Chrissie McTingle opened his show going ape-shit on Sununu and Christie (Christie is opening the GOP Convention).

    Spit flying out of his mouth, lip quivering…. What a spectacle! Wonder if the thrill is still going up his leg?

  27. Uppity:FYI

    I am working on a web site and was checking cross platform compatibility when I decided to check back in to see what was up here.

    I saw something odd in Opera so I checked IE and Safari (I refuse to even have Chrome loaded and heck if it is not compatible – plenty of big time companies will not work with Firefox).

    Anyway, at the bottom of each post (or at least the three most recent), an advertisement appears in Opera, IE and Safari. No ad shows up in Firefox on any post.

    This post is Fisher Investments, the last post is for streaming something and so forth. The ad is placed right at the end of the post and before the comments.

    Not sure anyone else has seen these or if it is a fluke.

    Just thought you should know. I recall comments about the “new” WordPress trying to force ads on blogs.

  28. No one is lashing you, Anthony. Most of us, though, have more feelings for our furry friends than a lot of people. Don’t know about Oswald, who’d peel for $5,000, but he’s a penguin and already stripped.

    Good post, Lorac! High time people stop discrediting Big Dawg.

  29. Gird your loins. Just saw on CNN that Romney is ahead by 1 point in a NYT/CBS poll. Watch for heads exploding in Washington, specifically 1600 Pennsylvania Ave.

  30. I can’t stand that Otard. Everyday I find new reasons to dislike him. My girlfriend, loyal Democrat that she is, and I are in for some rough months as I find it hard to hold my tongue.

  31. Hillbilly in da house UW! I have been a very busy guy, so I have taken a long break from blogging. I am going to re-post this at my barn. I know you are a big Bubba fan, so I will only re-state my view that I am against almost every federal program that goes to the sick, or un-employed. I would rather see private support, or at the very most, state, and county assistance. I am just a rugged individualist, drink my beer, and eat my dinner, out of a can type of guy:) Hope all is well UW.

  32. Reblogged this on theconservativehillbilly and commented:
    I am re-posting this from my buddy UW’s site.I like to post stuff that I don’t always agree with. I will re-state my view that I am against almost every federal program that goes to the sick, or un-employed. I would rather see private support, or at the very most, state, and county assistance. I am just a rugged individualist, drink my beer, and eat my dinner, out of a can type of guy:)

  33. Uppity, that was the beauty of the MA plan before they demolished it. You had to apply for entrance to the college just like everyone else so you couldn’t lie any more than any other state college applicant can. No money ever changed hands. You just registered for classes with empty seats. You dropped your kid or kids off at the campus daycare center before class and picked them up after you were finished. At the end of the semester, if you were still a student in good standing, you got to register again. It took hard work and determination, but the women who made it walked across the stage with smiling faces and bursting buttons. Then they found a good job and started paying taxes.

  34. Anthony:

    MSNBC kills brain cells. If you want to be a drooling idiot try huffing spray paint.

  35. Hey Hillbilly! I was wondering where you were! Don’t drink too much of that cheap beer because i would hate to see you really sick without any healthcare waiting for your fellow hillbillies to dig a hole for ya! Shit can happen to nice, hardworking people too! We just need to weed out the ones who milk the system an we do often wonder if they are the majority. But we don’t throw that baby out with the bathwater do we now.

    Also, welfare in general IS paid for by states and counties. Welfare to work at least forced many recipients to find work. Without it, all the slugs will be very very happy. I’m not even sure why the fedral government sticks its nose in it, but that’s what happens when you let the fed ‘supplement’ things. It comes with strings and somethings they aren’t very helpful strings.

    But I love ya anyways!

  36. Spit flying out of his mouth, lip quivering…. What a spectacle

    He truly is a scheeve. When I see Tweetie, I always think “Somebody should run him through a carwash”.

    Didn’t read the story til now. Can’t take it back, and don’t want it removed. Sorry I said it, though…

    See what happens when we just do a knee-jerk? My bad & willing to take a lash or two

    Wish I had a thousand every time I moved too fast without really reading the story. It happens. Your cat will take care of it by getting you tonight while you sleep. And judging from his size, which I would say, MidSized Buick Cat, it’s going to be memorable..

  37. People are always blaming the poor cats. :>) Most likely route of infection was mouse carried infected fleas, fleas jumped a “sinking ship”, fleas bite man

    Yes SHV you are right. I have seen fleas hop off a dying animal with a vengence.

  38. I’m sure this has already been said above, by it is clear that Pr. Obama moves in cynical fashion to do that which will buy him votes. There is never an eye toward the consequences of his action, as Lorac notes in her post. So others are left to pick up the pieces.

  39. Hype, maybe you and your girlfriend can talk about other things. lolol. She must be really something though, else how else would you be listening to Obot worship. Bless your heart. Love takes us many places.

  40. Hi anita, congrats on your recent interviews!

  41. Mt. Laurel, the ads appearing sproradically are not new. Not everybody sees them at the same time but sooner or later everyone sees them. They are brought to you by wordpress. If a blogger doesn’t ever want it to happen, they have to buy the paid WordPress. I once posted at a blog and another commenter told the owner not to listen to me as my blog was riddled with ads. I saw no ads but it must have been a sight to behold for her to mention it. Price you pay for “Free” blogging.

  42. Fabulous post for Lorac Wednesday!!! Big Zero can try to take away everything Bill did but he can’t take away the 8 years of prosperity we enjoyed nor our memory of it.

    How come I never see ads? (Not that I’m J or anything…)

  43. Only the chosen ones see the ads Sophie.

  44. Imustsay….I saw a really good movie with my daughter today. The Pixar movie “Brave”. Actually has a strong female lead who isn’t looking for Prince Charming! Refreshing. And I might add, a very touching mother/daughter story, (yes, I cried.)

  45. lorac – what a good post! I want to send it to everyone.

  46. When hard work is anathema to you? When YOUR way of obtaining fish is by cheating?

    Gee. So classic BHO. So classic vote pandering to those who will sustain him in his bid to maintain his position.

  47. Learned this in micro class about Yersinia pestis. Bubonic plague.

    Ring around the rosies,
    A pocket full of posies,
    Ashes, ashes!
    We all fall down.

    The rosies referred to rosary beads, used for praying for help. The buboes released an offensive odour, the posies, flowers, were carried to mask the stench. Ashes derived from the burning of corpses. Fall down symbolizes dying people.


  48. imust, if CNN admits that Romney is ahead by 1, he’s ahead by 5.

  49. Congrats Ani! Keep up the good work! Report back with the links.

  50. What happens with Imust is on a tweetroll:

  51. LOL Uppity! You caught me!

  52. Yes imust, and that was just a sampling. lol.

  53. KILLER post, lorac!
    KILLER comments, Upps!
    Thanks to both — all this needs to be said.

    Everyone vote for Romney, please. He’s not as bad as O; period. Our republic may not survive ano’ 4 years of O.

  54. I was trying to start a trending hashtag and I figured you need a lot LOL!

  55. Great tweets, imust! Keep ’em coming. As I’ve said before, your wit was made for Twitter.

  56. Hiya, imust!

  57. I apologize for the horrible source of this link but I happened upon it. And we wonder why Hillary gets pelted with tomatoes? Somebody stuff a rag in that asshole michelle bachmann’s mouth befoe she starts a war with her g’damned pie hole.

  58. Thanks, imust and towncrier — will send more links — have bunch on the front page of my website (lower left news area) as well if you feel like checking it out — mag interview included above. Still waiting for link to radio interview from this morning….

  59. I’m utterly disgusted at O’s bullshite “you didn’t build it…someone else made it happen.” He doesn’t GET America, its values, its principles, its system. I believe he’s actively working to degrade our country so it can just be another unexceptional, distressed country. If you disagree, please explain why.

    Do your patriotic duty and vote him out, please. The two-party system s*cks, but it’s all we’ve got in 2012. Difficult times call for difficult choices…make your vote count (it won’t if you vote 3d party).

  60. Uppity Woman, on July 19, 2012 at 12:14 AM said: Edit Comment

    Glad John McCain stood on the Senate floor to defend Abedin today and decry in no uncertain terms what Bachmann was doing — I found it on twitter and actually retweeted something from Katrina vanden Heuvel posted the ThinkProgress link you used.. Will wonders never cease!

  61. Isn’t Bachmann on the Intelligence Committee? If so, she should be pulled.

  62. She’s married to a Jew, for chrissakes, albeit a lying perverted sack of shit Jew, but the point is, how in the brotherhood tank could she be? And how fucking dumb is bachmann. Or is it how fucking important is calling attention to herself?

  63. Well in that case, you obviously were the only place I could have seen it.

  64. I don’t know what committee she’s on imust, I just know I have always found her to be an obnocto and she hasn’t done much to change my mind whenever she opens her mouth. But then what can you expect from someone arrogant and obnoxious enough to insist she can “cure” homosexuality.

  65. Oh my. Check out Bill in the header.

  66. NES, “you didn’t build it…someone else made it happen.”
    It starts from somewhere. People start with an idea, and enlist/employ the help to bring it to fruition. It is like a brick wall. An architect designs the building. The workers lay down the bricks and build the building. The building did not start with the workers though. Business owners put A LOT at stake into making a business grow. They take all the financial risk and responsibility. EMployees get the security of a job, come high or low tide, their salary is there, irrespective of the business income or loss.

  67. Wait tiil you guys see DE’s graphic on Someone Else Made This happen.

  68. What? No kaleidoscope Bill? FF at work again…

  69. Priceless.

    “HOrse destroys Muslim’s face after he triest to have sex with it”.

    These freaks will screw anything. But hey, at least they eat what they screw, right?

  70. Was the Jon Lovitz series posted here re “you did not build that”? High-larious…

  71. Love this comment at that horse link

    Damned horse prancing around naked deserved to be raped.

  72. Where’s DE’s graphic?

  73. make your vote count (it won’t if you vote 3d party).

    If every person who’s ever said that voted 3rd party, 3rd parties would become viable choices. My vote is one of the ways I have to express my values and I cast it for the person who most closely aligns with those values. Barring a surprise Hillary entry, I’ll be voting for Jill Stein 2012. Tired of the D – R lesser evil game. Lesser evil still gets you “evil”.

  74. imust, I will be posting it. Trying to get DE to post it. Be patient. It’s worth it.

  75. Okay! No worries!

  76. Bill, Bill there’s a time and a place my man.

  77. Hey at least he cleans up!

  78. Oops! It’s back to the old header! Bill must have gotten embarrassed!
    Sorry Bill!
    What?? Now it’s back to Bill’s bath….??

  79. Whatchu talkin’ about girl!!!! Put down that bottle!

  80. I love when FF drops in and drops a header.

  81. CBS/NYT: Mitt Romney Has A Razor-Thin Lead Over Obama

    ….”Razor-Thin”??? Shhhh… if it’s not in the headline, maybe they won’t read the part about Romney having a “big LEAD edge on handling the economy and jobs” – uh, insignificant issue…

    Mitt Romney leads President Barack Obama, 47 percent to 46 percent, in a new CBS/New York Times poll released Wednesday night. The race has actually tightened from May, when Romney led 46 to 43 percent. Both polls sampled registered voters.

    The key: Romney has a big edge on handling the economy and jobs — he leads there 49 percent to 41 percent. Here’s a look at the topline results:


    Romney 49% – Obama 41% “on handling the economy and jobs”

    😆 😆 😆 😆 😆 😆 😆 😆 😆

  82. Can’t wait to see DE’s graphic. Maybe he can submit to this tumblr blog:

  83. Yeah I love having a choice of voting for death by drowning or death by fire.

  84. Oh shit. the graphic is there. lol.

  85. I feel an entire post on these coming on….

  86. You can easily lie about the HS diploma, for starters, you don’t have to produce a copy.

    That would be racisssss to ask for proof of graduating high school in order to enroll in college. It would be a hardship for people to get a copy of their high school diploma and/or transcripts!

  87. Obama:

    Jack! You didn’t build that house!

  88. Arethra….nice song but you didn’t do it!

  89. I see the new header. I see what Bill’s doing – and out in public! Reminds me of that photo myiq had up on his blog of the men in their underwear. I guess Bill is doing the cat version!

    Yes, Karen, I know you weren’t able to see it (but I know you looked really hard trying to see the half naked men! lol), but there really was a photo there of men in their underwear!

  90. Leslie xxoo!

  91. I hear you, Uppity.

    On the other hand, don’t you just love the thought of teh one sweating drops of blood over that poll?

  92. Yes Why Not. I do admit it gives my leg a tingle.

  93. Haven’t been around today. Terrible storm this a.m. knocked out cable and internet. It’s no fun trying to enable your cell phone to be a “hot spot” or whatever to get wi-fi for the laptop, plus it’s an add’l $20/month.

    Here’s a link to the memo that was posted at HHS on TANF:


    Some important parts of the memo:

    As specified in statute, the purpose of Part A is to increase the flexibility of states in operating a program designed to: (1) provide assistance to needy families so that children may be cared for in their own homes or in the homes of relatives; (2) end the dependence of needy parents on government benefits by promoting job preparation, work, and marriage; (3) prevent and reduce the incidence of out-of-wedlock pregnancies and establish annual numerical goals for preventing and reducing the incidence of these pregnancies; and (4) encourage the formation and maintenance of two-parent families.

    HHS is encouraging states to consider new, more effective ways to meet the goals of TANF, particularly helping parents successfully prepare for, find, and retain employment. Therefore, HHS is issuing this information memorandum to notify states of the Secretary’s willingness to exercise her waiver authority under section 1115 of the Social Security Act to allow states to test alternative and innovative strategies, policies, and procedures that are designed to improve employment outcomes for needy families.

    States led the way on welfare reform in the 1990s — testing new approaches and learning what worked and what did not. The Secretary is interested in using her authority to approve waiver demonstrations to challenge states to engage in a new round of innovation that seeks to find more effective mechanisms for helping families succeed in employment. In providing for these demonstrations, HHS will hold states accountable by requiring both a federally-approved evaluation and interim performance targets that ensure an immediate focus on measurable outcomes. States must develop evaluation plans that are sufficient to evaluate the effect of the proposed approach in furthering a TANF purpose as well as interim targets the state commits to achieve. States that fail to meet interim outcome targets will be required to develop an improvement plan and can face termination of the waiver project.

    So am I reading this correctly in that it is up to the *states* to apply, or not, for these waivers?

  94. Hate to say it lorac, but a bunch of them around here got turned in and they were all white trash. Of course, none of them is in jail for fraud, though.

  95. I’ve looked that memo over a few times and it seems like this is something that the individual states have to do, i.e. apply for these waivers and I just don’t see that very many states will consider applying for those. If someone else cares to look it over, l’d like to know what others are getting out of it or if I’m completely misunderstanding it.

  96. they were all white trash

    On behalf of white trash, and especially Southern white trash I resemble that remark!

  97. John Kerry will be so relieved to know that somewhere out there, there’s another epic failure being called “Horse Face.”

  98. Fredster, from what I understood of the criticism of it, apparently the original 1996 TANF legislation prohibits the work requirement to be waived. Other things can be waived, which is what I think you’re reading about. But the work requirement was written in a section of things that cannot be waived – and Obama has now said he wants it waived. Which is why the criticisms are coming up that this move of his isn’t even legal.

  99. Fredster, from one of the articles I cited (I only pasted part in the essay for brevity):

    The revision by the Obama White House seeks to override the work requirement via the Secretary’s “waiver authority under section 1115 of the Social Security Act (42 U.S.C. 1315).” Although it is true that section 1115 allows HHS to “waive compliance” with specified parts of various laws, it is does not grant a carte blanche. Rather, all provisions of the law that can be overridden under section 1115 must appear within section 1115 itself. But the work requirement, which is contained in section 407, does not, meaning that its provisions can’t be waived.


  100. John Kerry will be so relieved to know that somewhere out there, there’s another epic failure being called “Horse Face.”


  101. ROFL Fredster. You may be white trash but dammit, you’re OUR white trash!

  102. That’s the other thing that fries my ice. The thing about child care. Middle class people cannot afford expensive child care and many of them need two incomes to survive. Yet they can get no help. Middle class people pay taxes so others can get paid to watch their relatives’ kids. Seriously, where is the family responsibility here? Completely gone, that’s where.

  103. lorac I understand your concern about Bill’s private……um….. bathing right up there in the header. However, I think this goes beyond that. I think Bill is sending you all a message.

  104. “Let somebody else Build It and they will come!”.

  105. The thing that shocks me about that poll is that 41% of the respondents actually gave Obama a nod on the economy. WTF? Everything he has touched has turned to shit and cost Trillions in the process. How can this man get a 41 rating. Who the heck ARE these people they are calling? Employees of the treasury?

  106. The loop hole in the work requirement is described in my story up thread. She doesn’t have to look for work or do any work they want to send her to because now she is pregnant. She went to the work they sent her to for a few weeks and then BAM! Knocked up. You can see where this makes making more babies attractive in the mind of a person who does not want to get up on schedule and go to work for 8 hours. I will never get this. A kid, if you are going to be a halfway decent parent, is a LOT of work. Why would anybody deliberately get pregnant when they can barely support themselves and the child they have? What drives this kind of mind?

  107. lorac ^^^ okay, I see what you are saying I think. I would really have to go back and try to study it, I guess. Hate to say it but I’ll probably have to go to a foreign news site to get a balanced analysis of it. Wouldh’t trust NBC or MSNBC or CNN, nor anything from the right either. Sad comment on the MSM here.

  108. I know Fredster. It’s like we have to Hunt for real news now. They are all liars from one side or the other. Just baldfaced manipulators.

  109. Uppity you said further upthread:

    Some states even have programs where people can watch other people’s kids while the parent works. It can be a friend. It can be a relative, and the state pays them for it. I mean, now much easier can you make it for someone to get off on their own and go to work?

    I think in La at one time they had it where part of your *work* could be watching the kids of other mothers who are out at work. Provided a skill for one and a benefit for the other.

  110. Fredster when you think of the tradeoff, I’m surprised the left cliff hasn’t decided to just pay them to stay home and watch their own kids.

  111. Upps, that thing about the young woman who got knocked up is pathetic. Are you going to have to evict her? A problem we had after the storm in St. Bernard, was soo many people coming in afterwards, buying storm damaged houses, fixing them up (cheaply) and then turning around afterwards and renting under Sec. 8, thereby ruining neighborhoods attempting to recover after Katrina. The parish had to step in and tried to put a stop to that but the New Orleans Fair Housing Coalition to the parish to fed court and got the ordinances thrown out. 👿

  112. Yeah, but Upps that would have stopped the working moms from trying to learn a skill and hold down a job.

  113. me above should have been “took the parish to Fed court.

  114. Okay y’all I’m not gonna make up my quota of required internet time for the day. 😦 I’m gonna grab a shower and call it a night. That storm earlier today was pretty bad, causing a good bit of street flooding as well as knocking out internet and cable.

    Later folks!

  115. I already gave her notice, Fredster.

    Sec 8 has destroyed many a home around here, unfortunately. I don’t accept it. My Apartments are not low rent, and most people on these programs simply can’t afford to stay in one of them. I do not accept section 8, and while I am sure this excludes some nice people, the vast majority of them are property destroyers who drive others away. Sorry but it’s the truth. And you can’t evict them very easily either. No way I am ever getting involved with this. The only time I have had no problem with social services is when a tenant becomes gravely ill. I feel the need to help out as much as I can. I couldn’t live with myself throwing out a sick person like that. Shit happens. I had one tenant who was deathly ill and they finally left because they felt guilty being behind in the rent. But as soon as they were able, they sent me the money they owed me. But if a person is on perpetual welfare, they usually do not attempt to rent from me because I do credit checks. You say, “Credit Check” and they head for the hills.

  116. Home Run post lorac!!! God, it made me nostalgic for the 90s, which I really loved. Oh, Sigourney was on John Stewart tonite. She was great. And then Colbert had on the mayor of Houston, 4th largest city in America, doing well right now…and…has a lesbian mayor! Too cool! What a great nites infotainment, 3 worthwhile things to see, Sigourney, lesbian mayor & lorac Wednesday!

  117. But hey, at least the eat what they screw,

    hahahahahhahahahahha. Comedy Gold.

  118. Suit yourself, dwp. Fact is: Obama needs to be defeated, but your vote for Stein won’t do it. At least, Romney loves this country; I’m a little tired of having a prez who doesn’t.

  119. Bill knows how to pull in the tuxie babes.

  120. Upps, can you seriously say a Romney presidency would be as bad as a second Obama term? If not, it’s not a choice between drowning or fire.

    Also, perhaps Hillaryites (aka, Uppityites) need to focus on one inescapable fact: Hillary can’t win in 2016 if Obama has a 2nd term. Clear?

  121. WhyNot, lolz on the John Kerry quip.

  122. I love America more than both of them so that means I should be president!

    One thing I love about America is that I get to vote, whether it is counted properly or not. So I will take what’s left of my middle class, childless, tax paying ass to the polls and NOT vote for anyone who hasn’t earned it. This includes both Romney and Obama. Those guys, imho, are the wasted votes in this cycle. Face it, no one really wants Romney, they just don’t want Obama.

    Interesting thing about human psychology from 9/11: people jumped 100 stories from a burning building even though there was no chance of survival.

    I’m not convinced that Hillary’s success in 2016 depends on who wins this one.

  123. Upps, can you seriously say a Romney presidency would be as bad as a second Obama term? If not, it’s not a choice between drowning or fire.

    I think it will be much worse for women because nobody will reign in the religious nutbags and women haters& hobblers. And frankly, women are getting sick and tired of being told for decades to put their own well being aside for the “greater Good”. So yes, it is just another means of Death By for them.

  124. Interesting thing about human psychology from 9/11: people jumped 100 stories from a burning building even though there was no chance of survival.

    Intersting analogy.

    They realized they were going to die and decided themselves on which method was preferable. I think it was an almost instinctual reaction to flee from the heat and agony of fire and choose to jump.

  125. Great post, Lorac! The daycare provision as pointed out provided a way to fulfill one of the obstacles for getting to work. The other overlooked component of Welfare to Work provided free transportation to/from work. These were both great help for those in the program.

  126. Late to the party, as usual, but….Great post lorac!

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