You didn’t make this happen….

…..Someone else did.

You Are Here.


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  1. New post.

    Hat tip to Elliesmom.

  2. I have arrived back at the hoarder’s hell known as my residence. The rain followed me back. Home for two days- then the National Pastoral Musicians Convention in Pittsburgh next week.
    Carry on

  3. Oh- and for the record- the cheapest gas was in Mississippi- where I paid $2.94 on the way down and $2.99 on the way back. (and the Mississippi roads are just as good and the rest areas far better than here in PA- where we pay- $3.57)
    Also- I saw NOT ONE bumper sticker – for either side. I did go to Beale St in Memphis on the way back- and ate BBQ at a place called (I think) “Pig with an Attitude”- it was light years better than Marlowe’s.
    Still- not one ofraudma bumper sticker, pin, decal, hat, t-shirt….. Nothing. Nada.

  4. Mom! I missed you! Don’t ever do this again!

  5. LOL Uppity- not sure how much I will be around next week either- conference in Pittsburgh.

  6. Not acceptable Mom!

  7. Hi DE!
    Uppity- I am bringing the laptop- but the word is that the convention center does not have free wi-fi. I did not book the hotel so I don’t know about that either. This was a sort of last minute thing- our director was supposed to go but she had to back out and the church had already paid for the registration. I just have to pay the hotel- a three way split- two of the other local musicians- and of course my food and incidentals.

  8. Hell Mom, just go out in the parking lot and steal somebody’s bandwidth. I’m sure there’s a knucklehead nearby with an unsecured network.

  9. ROFLMAO Uppity! You are right- there are bound to be dingbats that don’t read the basic security info. I think the hotel has wifi- but sometimes hotel “free” wifi is as slow as molasses. We shall see.

  10. PMM, welcome back!

  11. Thanks Sophie!
    LOL Jack pulled a KOZ and hid for an hour after I got home- he was mad at me lol. Now he is right here by me again. Ms Smokey is putting on some weight and her coat is looking nice now. She is still hollering though- and I thought Kozmoe was loud! SHEESH! I have to call and make sure she is on the list for next thursday.

  12. I’m sure there’s a knucklehead nearby with an unsecured network


  13. Mom you check for Available networks and find the one that has no WEP (breakable) or WPA (more secure) and just log on. Slows em down a bit but that’s what you get for being stupid.

  14. Haven’t seen Slave To The Choco Chips lately. Hope she’s okay.

  15. Ahd the Three Islanders. Where the heck are you guys?

  16. I didn’t make the new moderator kitty picture happen either.

    Actually, bad example. PMM cared for her mommy, then drove her to Karen who drove her to Pamela who drove her to me while an entire community of bitter deadenders cheered us on. I just snapped and cropped the photo.

  17. Yeah but somebody else built the roads!

    And for goodness sakes, don’t call her Moderator Kitteh. Lest you completely piss off Bill.

  18. I didn’t call her that–Aunt Karen did in response to my latest picture. Well, she implied it anyway.

  19. Well she’s in deep chit then. No food for her!

    What picture? Did I miss it?

  20. Indeed, I gather you did miss it. Go look!

  21. Dog just went wild at the back door. Sure enough a fugly possum out there. Better than that woodchuck I guess. At least possums don’t go for tomatoes. I’ll let the fat bastage live another day but can’t guarantee it won’t go the way of its two relatives last year. One got shot by my neighbor and the other one got his neck snapped by my dog. You would think possums would spread the word.

    There was a fox around a couple of weeks ago but he didn’t come around here because, no blinking I would have had to kill him.

  22. Please don’t punish Karen. But I don’t mind cooking for her if you do!

  23. Well you see, Karen believes she’s special because Lily took a big ole dump in that litter box right in front of her.

    Seriously though, don’t tell her, but you have got to love a woman who would travel three hours to pick up a cat, another three to deliver it and then another couple of hours to return home. That be one special person.

  24. Absolutely. I am forever indebted.

  25. Stupid Possum. Can’t help it. Gotta do it…

  26. Geico is out of it’s mind.

  27. I need to buy Karen lunch some day.

  28. Maybe I’ll just send her a pic of Needlenose, suitable for framing.

  29. Der Nadel, on display for a short time only.

  30. UW on a roll with the animal training. Best one is the possum. Gosh is it FUN to scare the kids!

  31. What a beautiful dog!

  32. Possums are nasty Crier. They have 50 teeth, a full set, in their mouths and you don’t want to get bit by one. They also have really tough skin so if you are going to shoot one, don’t use a .22 because the damned bullet will bounce back at you. And their fur is really scheevy looking up close. Nasty looking ratlike things. They hiss like a cat too. Just nasty creatures. Eyes glow red at night, demonic looking things.

  33. She’s muh girl.

  34. Eyes glow red at night, demonic looking things.

    Man, you’re gonna give me nightmares tonight.

  35. Eyes glow red at night, demonic looking things.

    At first glance they look like giant rats. A shovel works really well for dispatching them.

    I recommend a two-handed overhead swing.

  36. Wow! Uppity Dog is in the house!
    Also…..Uppity loves karen, she really does!! 🙂

  37. Your dog looks like Lassie!

  38. Needlenose is totally beautiful!

    About those possums….. I was born, bred, buttered, jammed, jellied and hon-eeeeed in NYC, so when I bought my first house upstate, I thought all the cute little “forest folk” were as benign and friendly as they were in Disney movies. What a kick in the b*llz it was to find out that some of them (esp. possums) are the nastiest most surly creatures you could imagine.

    Had a run-in with one who was – well, “playing possum” in the yard. The little m’fer did exactly what the one in the video did and scared the hell out of me. I whacked him with a pitcher of margaritas and he took off. Sonofabitch. I will never forget how my heart pounded.

  39. He must have wished he could have drank some of those margaritas, instead of getting the pitcher hurled at him.

  40. Does she post or comment on the blog, UW?

  41. Didn’t hurl it – I kept it in my hand and gave him a good whack. I tried licking the grass afterward, but no dice. Had to make more.

  42. Yes the first time I saw one from behind I thought it was a ratty cat till it turned its head sideways in the dark and I saw that rat nose. Shovel might work but a fast dog from behind works best. I can attest to it. Lucky he didn’t bite you Anthony.

    Yes, imust, Needlenose IS Lassie.

  43. Sorry. It is just too rich to leave behind in the other post, Anthony.

    “You Didn’t Build That “ is the greatest INSULT to any of us who worked our asses off to improve the quality of our lives; to any of us who have achieved success

    Thank you. Well said.

    It is quite obvious that he believes those who have built for everyone else, should ride the coat tails of those who have worked ad infinitum down to bare knuckles, sleepless nights, endless and uncertain times full of risks, and empty stomachs, to “make it” in this country. And the phrase, “make it,” is an understatement. An insult, indeed.

    Redistribution is his mantra.

  44. Redsitribute my work ethic.

  45. UW, yours speaks volumes too.

    When I think of how my parents started with nothing and busted their asses 24/7 to become successful, the hard work, the loans, the mortgages, the worry

    It really is an anger-provoking concept to think, “someone else” built/did it.

    The Chutzpah!!!

  46. Hard to believe she could snap the neck of a possum without batting an eyelash…..

  47. awww…..all the animals living in peace!

  48. Don’t kid yourself. lol. After she wiped out those two pitties, nothing is hard to believe.

  49. Wanna see her interesting teeth? HOld on.

  50. Why are you pissing her off like that? Have you no fear???

  51. Even when she’s pissed, she’s beautiful

  52. No I have no fear of her. I am her Alpha. She was just practicing. lol.

    You know all the stories about Collies? Please believe. They are magical.

  53. She’s not mad, she likes the water! Oooh…needlenose, what interesting teeth you have!

  54. Pretty doggie. Nice doggie…

  55. Awesome little Woofie. I want one. Maybe I should start looking for a garden apt… I could wear a gingham shirt and pretend I’m Timmy when I walk her

    towncrier yes, its infuriating and you’re welcome. Trust me, its not over. More to come on this soon.

  56. What a beauty.

  57. Hokay Timmy. Go for it!

  58. Actually imust, she sees The Hose as The Enemy. She is not a water dog. Ruins her furs.

  59. Trust me socal, she knows she’s the best looking thing in the room. She’s a regular Nora Desmond.

  60. What does she do when she hears “Timmy’s in the well!”

  61. I love this cartoon, I hope it embeds:

  62. Actually Anthony, believe it or not, they DO do well in apartments. They are great couch potatoes when they want to be. You just gotta let em run and jump sometimes. They are great jumpers. I have six foot fencing. Collies can jump big time.

  63. I live exactly 1 1/2 blocks from both Central and Riverside Park. You’re tempting me, but my ill-mannered cats would have to be consulted first.

  64. They love agility. here’s two European collies. You can see they breed them small. These dogs are way shorter than American collies. But you can see how they love agility. Makes you understand the fence thing.

  65. We knew the Weatherwaxes so I got to visit the Lassies when I was a kid. They were really males. Also, there was another small ranch in the Valley owned by another family that had some famous Hollywood animals, he had the fighting Lassie, the dog they used for the fight scenes. We were allowed to see him but not pet him or hug him, poor thing. This guy also had Lad dog, which was in a tv show and some movies in the 60s.

    Uppitys dog is truly amazing, she’s so gorgeous. I bet she’s a sweetheart also, besides being protective.

  66. Yes all the Lassies were males in drag.

  67. imust, you’re a riot! Great cartoon

  68. It’s too bad about the fight trained dog not being petted. you can train Collies to protect you very well and still have their gentle side. Very sad.

  69. Thanks Anthony! I had to put it in my media library before I could post it!

  70. Oh, Anthony, been meaning all week to thank you for the great Clapton vid you put up last weekend. My whole fam loved it. We hadn’t seen that one somehow.

  71. Anthony, cats were a major reason I picked the breed. She is marvelous not only with her own two cats but with every rescue i foster and she is fantastic with kittens. I have yet to have a cat here who is afraid of her either. She is just very protective and gentle with them. These are not an animal aggressive breed unless push comes to shove. It’s best to have the cats first, of course.

  72. When I brought her home she tried to herd my cats. lolol. They ran and then turned around really fast at her and scared the bejesus out of her. It was so funny.

  73. Yes, he kept him separated, it was sad! I believe the dog had fought bobcats or mountain lions or something. I think they filmed a lot of general stock footage of him as well as the Lassie show. They took good care of him, but only the family and trainers could go near him. It must have been sorta lonely for him. I got to hug and play with the other Lassies and their siblings.

  74. LOL imust!

    Anthony I only use “Timmy’s in the well” when I want her to come really fast. lol

  75. socal, you’re welcome. Thats one of my faves. I wonder if the Yardbirds knew early on what the future would bring to all of them.

  76. Uppity, my cats are bitches from hell. I’m very trepidatious about this… I know someone with a collie. Maybe I’ll invite them over to see what happens, but my little one (5.5 lb female) is the one to watch out for.

  77. socal the only thing I can think of is, they didn’t want the liability. I am sure the dog was trained on certain words or gestures someone could accidentally trigger. Or he may have bitten. So they kept him from others but the family probably did spend time with him. I guess when i think about it, I don’t blame them. Sometimes when I am in a public place or even the pet store and a couple of spastic kids come running toward her with a stupid parent beaming over “lassie” I tell her to tell her kids to back off. She’s a wonderful dog, but she’s still a dog, so I am leery of the wrong approach.

  78. Anthony I have a female cat who won’t let me dog up the stairs without approval. For Collies, this is no big deal. They know they are bigger and stronger and they tend to defer to smaller dogs and cats. My neighbor has a Chiuahaua, how ever the hell you spell it and that dog torturers her.

  79. Oh no – if I want a collie, I want a COLLIE! Coat and all. Go big or go home, say I. But little Safi (the crazy one who looks like she wouldn’t hurt a fly) is the one I need to consider. Besides being as nuts as the day is long, she’s very sensitive.

  80. You bring her in as a puppy and I guarantee you the cats will sort her out early on. I had no problem. Just a visit won’t do it, it takes a few days and nobody gets hurt. In this house, the cats Rule and that’s that.

  81. I worried for NOTHING. It worked out fine. I’m serious here.

    The coat isn’t all that bad. They blow their coats …twice a year for females, once for males. I just bring her in for grooming when it starts and I avoid the Gremlin Effect. Think the movie, Gremlins when they got the mogwai wet. The fur pops up in blobs and stays there. The thing is, you can SEE Collie fur and pick it up.

  82. I’ll give it a try and maybe my friend’s collie will give me an idea. But Safi is really off her rocker and relentless.

    She’s pretty good with all my friends, but there’s one she loathes. When she hears him, she quietly climbs my tree (10 ft Ming Aralia) and when he passes by she pounces on his head and beats the shit out of him. Once, she set him up real good. Sat on his lap, and just when he put his guard down, she slapped him (no claws), hissed and took off. SHe also does “drive by hissing” at him.

  83. I will warn you though. These are very intelligent dogs. You need to learn how to train them and train them early. If they don’t have a leader from the start, they will become the leader. At nine weeks, I already knew this dog was smarter than me and I also knew I didn’t want to make any mistakes. She was in training at ten weeks.

    Anthony I can show her something ONCE and she learns it.

  84. Did we drive everybody away. Sorry gang. Hope we aren’t putting you in a coma.

  85. OK. Zipping it. Later

  86. LOL Anthony no offense but she just sounds like a typical female cat.

  87. Well if they don’t come back, we will just carry on. Otherwise, you can email me. If you are serious I have other things to tell you.

  88. My breeder is on hiatus from breeding, but I know she can give me the right names in NY to set you up with the right strain. She’s connected with the McMaur line and they are chock full of champions. My dog’s mother was from there. This circle of breeders breed for temperament and breed out anomolies. They are genetic breeders.

  89. She sends you face licks, Utah.

  90. Utah knows my Needlenose, so I can’t bullshit you.

  91. Whatchu canning, Utah.

  92. Redsitribute my work ethic.

    ROFL! We wish!

  93. Nope. You didn’t drive anyone away.

  94. Well, I showed Al the “teeth” picture of the ‘possum, her first response was “cute”. Of course she is the person, after being informed that cat caught a rat, was “Is the rat OK?”

    From personal experience, both possums and raccoons are nasty animals.

  95. Yeah but raccoons will stay away and not fight unless they are cornered. Thos possums are just nasty. Hey Utah, are you still here? Remember when I first saw a possum on my land and didn’t know what the F it was?

  96. You didn’t chase me off at all, love the pet talk. My mom is flying in tomorrow–her first visit here in 5 years–and I’m spring cleaning. I’ve worked like a dog all week. Anyway, almost done, but take a breather and check the thread, then get back to work.

  97. Ended up driving Anthony away.. lol.

  98. So, Ummm, possums aren’t Disney-esque after all?

    This blog burst my bubble.

  99. We get possums and raccoons. I think the possums are worse. We’ve had some knarly fights right outside our back fence. We had a bobcat one summer, years ago, that fought with the possums. He jumped into the neighbors yard after a feral cat that would feed and sleep there, and the cat got away, then he jumped into ours. It scared the crap out of me.

  100. Ha! Sorry Crier!

  101. I got up close to a possum once and took some pix of it. I was preggers with lakerwade at the time and my mom & hubbie were both pissed that I did that!

  102. You folks have creepy nature encounters. Is this some kind of set-up for nightmares tonight? (Gritting teeth…)

  103. Peaches today. Tons of them. Made preserves, jelly, and just good old canned peaches. Got to be my favorite fruit. Tomorrow it is plums again and apricots. Yea I know you have a strong dislike of them but I loves me my apricot jam and canned apricots. If I get the time I am going to can the green beans if not then next day off I get. I am going to get hammered with tomatoes in a week or so so they too will be canned. What the bejesus was I thinking ? I put in 25 plants. Already have beets put up, well what I did not just bring in and eat lol.
    Will have tons of goodies for Winter.

  104. No sorry Crier. No Disney. They are truly disgusting things.

    Socal what were the pissed about. Did they think you were going to have a kid who looked like a possum? LOL.

  105. Creepy encounters ???? Let me say a Possum or ground hog or Marmot is fine by me but when you get a deranged Moose well then complain lol.
    I was thinking Porter house, rib eye , t bone ha ha.

  106. Oh man. I am picking up peaches at the orchard tomorrow. I can’t wait to feel them dripping down my arm. I did put some up from last year though. Not bad for a Newbie. I froze them though. Had instructions on how to do it. They were pretty good.

  107. Looks like utah could use an army of Uppityites to help harvest and can.

  108. Well, if they are as bad as those huge mega rats in the nyc tunnels, then they must send shivers.

  109. Now Utah I know you know possums are nasty. You warned me when I encountered my first one and you were right. Groundhog is just a little pest who threatens my garden, but possums……………bleck.

    Now if I saw a moose I would crap. No mooses…moosi, mooserinos around here. I don’t think. Deer.

  110. And when I think Deer, I think tenderloin in wine reduction sauce.

  111. Bambi in wine reduction sauce?

  112. Crier you mean like this?

  113. Hey one thing. I know where my food comes from and just what is in it. Ball and Kerr make a fortune off me lol. Just whacked a ton of sage and rosemary and have it in the fridge awaiting the fresh tomato sauce. I season some and leave some plain.
    Couldn’t resist and had to open a jar of the peach jelly and sample……………can you say H E A V E N ????????

  114. Ahh, gee! That is REALLY creepy! Those rats are soooooooooo gross! The gall. They try to score whatever they can get off of anything moves or does not move.

  115. Utah, you are making people salivate across the land with your kitchen ventures. Jealous here. Ha ha.

  116. No, they were afraid it would bite me or claw me or something and I’d get rabies or something.

    Oh man! Yes, I wish I could go help Utah tomorrow and score some samples. My grandma used to make wonderful apricot pie. (I know Upps hates them!). Are apricots like a cross between peaches and plums? I know they’ve grown them in Greece and Turkey for ages.

  117. Yea Possums are bad and tough. Hard to kill unless you blow them in two. I know they are here but I have not seen one yet. I did meet a nasty tempered Badger not long ago. I just got away from him. I really do not relish the idea of tangling it up with a badger either.
    Speaking of wildlife and fools and maybe a love sick goat F****r check this out.

  118. No Apricots are apricots lol. I love the things. Never had them in a pie but then I dislike pie so guess I would never have tried one.
    Now I am anxiously awaiting my Rutabagas.

  119. I live in the hills outside of L.A. crier…technically the Santa Monica Mtns. Lotsa critters here. Lots of coyotes!

    We caravanned up to the Mojave Desert a couple of months ago with a bunch of friends and their teens to watch the meteor shower in the middle of the night and there were dozens of desert rats that kept running across the roads. You couldn’t help but run over some of them. It was gross. Then we had a baby rattlesnake invade our little camp around 3:30 in the morning. Just when we were seeing the biggest meteor showers naturally. You wouldn’t believe how loud teenage girls can scream. Gosh, that night was hilarious.

  120. Omg. That subway rat looked like a small cat! Eeek!

  121. My mom used to make these cookies/pastries called Apricot Horns. They were like rugula but better. Utah, what do you do with your apricots? Jam?

  122. Hell that was a baby compared to a florida canal rat.

  123. Rattlers. THAT is scary.

  124. I despise apricots. There is no food I hate more. Furry disgusting things.

  125. no socal those are nectarines. Apricots are in a world all by their own disgusting selves.

  126. By the by Utah, as you know, my favorite herb is rosemary. So I am here to tell it it freezes perfectly right on it’s branches in a plastic bag. You take one out and it thaws almost instantly and goes back to Fresh.

  127. Yes I make Jam out of them and can them in halves for making other goodies. I made Apricot syrup with some last year to adorn my occasional waffle. YUMMMMMMMMMMY godd. Sorry Upps but on this one I have to disagree. I love the little things. But see I dislike Pineapple, apples, and the most disgusting fruit of all has to be grapes.

  128. LOVE pineapple. And crispy snappy red grapes.

  129. Oh holy Rosemary. I will be freezing a boat load tomorrow. I use the stuff like salt lol. Love it.

  130. Rattlers up in the adirondaks. Nasty things suitable for target practice.

  131. Vermin. Shivers.

  132. Rosemary. I can never grow enough of it. I just love that stuff. You want a steak treat? YOu melt some butter and a little olive oil and toss in that rosemary before you sizzle a nice steak right on top of it. I’m telling you, Steak with rosemary is all by itself, utah.

  133. Making roast pork or lamb without rosemary should be a felony.

  134. Apricots are not allowed in my home.

  135. You got bears socal? Because you ain’t lived till an Adirondak bear comes up your deck and knocks on your sliding glass door.

  136. Oh I have Rosemary on steak often. I also stick it under the skin of Turkey and in the cavity before putting it on the rotisserie. Chicken too. Rosemary is my friend. I like it on Pizza with alfredo sauce onions garlic and mushrooms. Crap it is late and I am hungry lol.

  137. Not only do the commenters scare at night, they induce severe hunger pangs.

  138. Here ya go socal, should you doubt the power of a cat.

  139. Yeah roasted chicken with a rosemary, garlic and butter rub under the skin. oh yeah.

  140. gonna go to bed before I tip the fridge forward and let all the food fall into my mouth. Nite.

  141. Love Rosemary! Its one of the few things that I can grow on this rock I live on. I’ve been sniffing it a lot the last couple of weeks cuz of my headaches.

    crier, my kid saw 3 rattlesnakes on the hill across the street from us is the last few weeks. I have forbidden him to go back there. We have a lot of King snakes on our hill, which is supposed to keep the rattler population down.

    I don’t think we have bear here anymore, but there used to be a long time ago, I am told. We used to have more deer also, I rarely see them.

  142. Needle Nose! OMG. What an astounding beauty. Seriously adorable. I think that dog should be the moderator. Lassie is smarter than the av-er-age bear, um cat. Class act. Ready for my close up Mr. DeMille.

  143. You can’t be serious, Karen. Two cats run this dog’s life. She can’t even go to the second floor without permission. My little tuxie snot cons her every single day, purrs and rubs her and then trips her. Next day, same deal. It’s borderline pathetic.

  144. NN is a beautiful and stunning d-o-g. I agree that she “ought to be in the pictures.”

  145. Ohhhhhhhhhhhhhh puleeeeeeeeeeeze gang, don’t give the dog any more ideas. She already thinks she’s a star of stage and screen. But now you understand when I say it is tough walking around with a dog who is better looking than you are.

  146. I let her out back before she ate tonight and she wasn’t coming back in. I look back there and there’s my neighbor commisserating with her and rubbing her back and things. The woman went back there just to see her. lol. That’s the neighbor she ‘visits’ for hours on end, such that they don’t want to give her back. She thinks the woman is her gramma. I say to her, you wanna go stay with gramma for awhile? and she packs her stuff. Then there’s the old guy behind me and he is forever giving her deli ham such that she actully hopped the fence one day to see him. I got a call from him telling me he was coming around the bend with my dog to bring her home. She followed him back here, no leash and just trotted along side him. The dog just loves all this attention. She did do a local commercial with my vet once and ate that up. She’s been on a calender too. The vet fawns all over her and told me flat out if ever I can’t keep her he would take her. What a diva. You would think she would bring in some money FCS.

  147. I’m jealous-that is one pretty dog. Probably smater than most of the inmates in DC, too. And, no, that was not a Freudian slip.

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