Uppity Tiger Lily Kitteh praktises making thrad and blog moderashun

If you are a visitor who hasn’t read our Live-Blog of Tiger Lily’s trip across three states through the kindness of four uppityites—to her home at SophieCT’s house, you can read it here:  500 Miles. 4 Uppityites. 2 States. 1 Little Kitty. And 1 Pie.

Here’s our Uppity Girl right now practicing for her internship under MK Bill, who incidentally, is a member in good standing of the Moderator Kitteh’s Union, and our blog Steward. We are so proud of her and fully expect her to excel as a member of Bill’s staff once Bill gets over himself.


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  1. Yes! With Uppity Tiger Lily our future is in good hands….er, paws.

    Now, MK Bill being MK Bill (and being a male), I’m sure that he still feels quite confident in his present position. But, sooner rather than later, I do hope he comes to realize that what I’ve already accepted…

    Women with power, whatever the incarnation, are our last best hope.

    And we (males) simply must learn to…

    Deal With It.

  2. I note that she has already caught a mouse which was about to attack the computer keyboard.

  3. That is an amazing photo. And I never tire of recalling how this all came together from the moment Smokey Bones found PMM’s porch.

  4. AAAWWWWW! xoxoxoxoxoxoxo! MUAH!
    Hugs and kisses to Tiger Liiiiiillllllleeeeeee from Gramma!

  5. Smokey Bones must be proud of her daughter. Me, I find it hard to get much else done these days…

  6. Now THAT is one adorable, Uppity Kitteh!

    Looks like MKBill is going to have to go through a lot of Aunts and Uncles for ‘Permission’ on this one. lol.

  7. Women with power, whatever the incarnation, are our last best hope.

    And here’s one that could use a Twitter High Five.

    Assaulted, then gagged and threaten with punishment if she names the “teens” that got a slap on the wrist for using their under-aged dicks – just like an adult rapist:

    Kentucky teen faces charge for naming teen attackers on Twitter

    A 17-year-old Kentucky girl who was upset by the plea deal reached by a pair of teenagers who sexually assaulted her is now facing a contempt charge for tweeting their names in violation of a court order.

    LOUISVILLE, Ky. — A 17-year-old Kentucky girl who was upset by the plea deal reached by a pair of teenagers who sexually assaulted her is now facing a contempt charge for tweeting their names in violation of a court order.

    Savannah Dietrich of Louisville told The Courier-Journal (http://cjky.it/NEcirr) she is frustrated by what she feels is a lenient deal for her attackers. After posting the names on Twitter, Dietrich wrote, “I’m not protecting anyone that made my life a living Hell.”

    The Associated Press does not normally report the names of sexual assault victims, but Dietrich and her parents say they do not want to shield her identity and want her case to be public.


  8. Rev Vet is Magical.

  9. Isn’t it odd how many PUMAs love cats? Or… maybe not…. hmmmm….

  10. “There you go, lock me up,” Savannah Dietrich tweeted, as she named the boys who she said sexually assaulted her. “I’m not protecting anyone that made my life a living Hell.”


  11. And isn’t it odd how so many obots don’t give a shit about anything but themselves?

  12. And here’s one that could use a Twitter High Five.


  13. Twitter: Use hashtag #SavannahDietrich and tell her you support her. Make her name trend if you have EVER known a woman who was sexually assault and the perp admitted it and still walked.

  14. Penn State says it’s taking that pervert-enabler Joe Paterno’s statue down. No doubt they will put it in a secret place where they can still worship him.

  15. Manic Morning Sunday comment:

    Going a million miles an hour to meet a deadline, but had time to take a peek at the adorable Uppity Tiger Lily. Sweet! One of the most beautiful kittehs in the world!

    Almost as horrible as the crime committed against Savannah Deitrich are some of the comments in the Courier Journal article. If you expand some of the threads, you’d be surprised at what you find:

    1) A woman who claims to be a rape victim herself declares that she isn’t sure if it really happened, and Savannah was asking for it

    2) Some cretin says that if she got drunk and played “grown up games” then she should just stfu and take her lumps. Goes on to say that if it weren’t for drunk women, he wouldn’t have any kids… Somehow, I believe him

    3) Trayvon Martin was brought up because “if he wasn’t black, he wouldn’t be dead” No comment….

    Sunday Roundup Flirting with insanity, I took a spin around the teevee to check in on what’s going on. As I suspected, everyone is talking about the Aurora shootings, and only one minute (almost) given to the POTUS’s remarks that “we don’t do jack shit without him”, and that moment used only to point out the negativity of the Romney campaign ads. Blech. The Chris Matthews Show didn’t talk about Aurora – they focused entirely on how the POTUS can destroy Romney as someone who is out of touch because he has a lot of money. Double blech.

    One last one: I HATE Joe Klein. Makes my skin crawl to the point that I want to jump in the shower and scrub my eyes.

    That’s all, folks. Back to work for me

  16. test to see if I go back into moderation again

  17. “internship under MK Bill….”
    With Bill’s reputation, I am making an immediate referral to the local kitten protection agency.

  18. Beautiful made my day. 🙂

  19. Not to worry, SHV. She is quite, shall we say, Uppity. Bill would have his hands full.

  20. Tiger Lily is a natural born Moderator Kitteh! So young and already a world champion mouser! Sophie, how do you manage to tear yourself away? Adorable does not begin to describe her… 🙂

  21. Tiger Lily is boss, and she knows it. What a cutie.

  22. If you ever need a good cat toy, Da Bird is the best. Your kittehs will fly through the air to catch it. http://youtu.be/KLd7WeqMlpE

  23. lyn5, BAZINGA!!

    My two lunatics LOVE Da Bird! Amazing toy for them – I actually have to hide it when its not in use

  24. Ani, you called that one just right…I’ve been showing up at work a little later than usual ever since I got TL–I can’t stop playing in the morning. On the other hand, when I really, really need to get something done, she’s always under foot, under hand, under nose, in my face…it’s cute, but sometimes, I’m like–just give me an hour, ok?

    lyn5, right now, TL doesn’t really need toys, although she has several. Her favorite toy is a paper towel. My family room is literally strewn with them. Her other favorite toy is a paper bag, which she charges into and back out of. And then there’s me. She thinks I’m her toy too.

    Right now she is staring at me typing this and I know she’s thinking, “Big mouth–do you have to tell them everything? At this rate, you should have named me Truman.”

  25. Anthony, I have to hide it from my three boys too. I move all the livingroom furniture for their Da Bird playtime. They go crazy.

  26. Right now she is staring at me typing this and I know she’s thinking, “Big mouth–do you have to tell them everything? At this rate, you should have named me Truman.”
    priceless, Sophie. My kitty Caruso helps me write. He curls up next to me when I have the laptop on my lap, he pushes his paw into my leg and says….”Keep going, Mommy!”

  27. Her favorite toy is a paper towel.

    Be glad it’s not the last roll of toilet paper. Heh.

    I plan to knock her up as soon as possible. She likes me. She really likes me. Just saying.

  28. OT but curious:

    Michael Jackson’s mother missing? Granddaughter Paris tweeted asking anyone who might know where she is to get back to her. Isn’t she in charge of Michael’s estate? and guardian of his children? Hmmmm…..


  29. Ani, in discussing what one needs to write, Rita Mae Brown said something like she needs a Smith Corona typewriter, Mont Blanc pen, and a cat.

    “Lastly, you need one cat, although two are better. Cats keep you from taking yourself too seriously. They are also good judges of literature. If a cat won’t sit on a freshly typed page it’s not worth much. Think of your cat as the original Muse.”

  30. My cats just torture my dog all day. Who needs toys? The dog has toys. The cats dump them in the water dish and watch them blow up to three times their size.

  31. By the way, I have had one of those bird toys for years, I just don’t know where it is any longer.

  32. Your new addition looks quite intelligent. I don’t think that anything will get by her.

    For good bird toys, and pet toys in general try Drs. Foster and Smith. Good stuff, not too over priced.

  33. That is one beautiful kitty!


  34. She sure is djmm. I am very lucky to have her. Amazing how life’s little accidents are some of the best things that happen. I still can’t get over how I came to have this little bundle of joy.

  35. And here’s a proud mama of a completely different species showing off her baby. She’s an otter.

  36. What is that thing?

  37. I just knew Tiger Lily was going to be a handful- very forward thing from the beginning- bold as brass and fearless! I could tell by the way she would strut around lol. No fear whatsoever.
    Just heard from the rescue folks- they thank everyone for the donations- she was overwhelmed by your kindness and generosity- the donations allowed them to do speuters on more stray and feral cats. I tried to explain that that is just how Uppityites roll- but there is no explaining you ladies and gents to someone who has not been here- except to classify you all in the miraculous category.
    Ms Smokey will be spayed Thursday- thanks be! Hopefully all the caterwauling will cease and desist then.
    Here comes Jack with his ball- time to play “Fetch”- I don’t think he realizes he is a cat.

  38. Mom you should have them read the live blog of TL’s trip.

  39. In a statement, President Obama commemorated the Muslim holiday of Ramadan — calling it a time to “cherish family, friends, and neighbors, and to help those in need.”

    ..except for Infidels.

    “On behalf of the American people, Michelle and I extend our warmest wishes to Muslim Americans and Muslims around the world at the start of Ramadan,” Obama said.

    How come you didn’t do this two weeks ahead of Ramadan like you did to the Jews last year. I won’t even get into your complete disregard for Christmas.

    “This year, Ramadan holds special meaning for those citizens in the Middle East and North Africa who are courageously achieving democracy and self-determination and for those who are still struggling to achieve their universal rights.

    Yeah, Democracy. Right.

    The United States continues to stand with those who seek the chance to decide their own destiny, to live free from fear and violence, and to practice their faith freely. Here in the United States, Ramadan reminds us that Islam is part of the fabric of our Nation, and that — from public service to business, from healthcare and science to the arts — Muslim Americans help strengthen our country and enrich our lives,” Obama said.

    No. You stand with Islam above all others. And your forgot to add “Decide their own destiny unless they are women”.

    Ramadan reminds us that Islam wants the rest of us dead.

  40. After Ramadan, when they celebrate the fast being over, it’s divorce season, where men will divorce their wives for wanting to visit their own mothers instead of the husband’s sister or for wanting a special outfit for the occasion.

    The part that pisses me off the most is the reasons they gave for the divorce rates in Qatar.

    more than half of divorces in Qatar are the result of women disobeying their husband: in at least 20% of divorces the women behaved badly and 36% were caused by insolent behaviour by women. Some 17% of divorces are caused by women refusing to do their household chores. In 9% of the cases the husband decides to divorce out of jealousy, but also in these cases women are to blame, because they made their husband jealous by leaving the house on their own. One in three wives in Qatar suffer physical or psychological violence from the side of their husband, but this is not one of the listed causes for divorce in the survey

  41. How can that young woman in KY be jailed if they violated the gag order effectively by posting the rape on the internet? If they wanted to fly under the radar you don’t do it with your privates out in public. And why weren’t they charged with producing and distributing child porn?

    And where is that judge’s head? In the leavings of his digestive tract…

  42. SopieCT, she is darling.

  43. Thanks WLM. I am one lucky Cat Mom. My other two are pretty darn good looking too and they are gradually warming up to the newcomer. (Amazing what counts for “warming” when it comes to newcomers!)

  44. TigerLilly & SophieCT, a most excellent pair! Thanks for sharing a special moment. Just goes to show, never to early to get the young’uns on to the computer.

  45. townecrier, I’m lucky when she lets me have a turn!

    Lily is definitely she-who-will-not-be-deterred. PMM wasn’t kidding about having to eat standing up and even then, she climbs up my legs! There is no food in the world that is not interesting to this one. I am sure it was something Aunt Karen taught her.

  46. God Bless PMM, Karen, Pam, and Sophie, for their tireless dedication.
    PMM, for raising and nurturing an emaciated, homeless momma, and her progeny.
    KarenForClinton and PamelaOfThePoconos, for devotedly caring for, coddling, feeding, and transporting a tiny kitty far away to another home.
    SophieCT, for lovingly opening up your home and heart to a little kitten rescued from could have been a bleak life.

    What a team!

  47. Karen’s tendencies certainly rubbed off on that ktten in record time!

    Hear the kitty say, “Hungry.”

  48. I just knew she would turn out to be an Uppity Kitteh.

  49. mcnorman, she was born Uppity! (Just ask PMM!)

    I am happy to report that she did NOT eat the radish. She did repeatedly sniff it, expecting it to turn into something edible, especially since I was crunching away on them. I know she was thinking, “How could something that crunches so nicely like that smell like it does?”

  50. Tiger Lily is a a cutie!

  51. Aww, g’wan Mt. Laurel!

  52. Hey, isn’t Political Animals on tonight???

  53. Hey UW more CFL good news.

    Now, a group of scientists at Stony Brook University has proven that CFLs do emit ultraviolet (UV) light rays that can harm human skin cells.

  54. As to the continuing saga of Penn State, as a PA native, I get a lot of questions about this tragedy on a regular basis. I preface remarks with a reminder that I was not raised in or near PS, so I am not privy to the inner workings of Happy Valley(is it me or does that name make one think of the Twilight Zone).

    On the subject of the statue, I definitely think of the Twilight Zone. (http://www.tvrage.com/The_Twilight_Zone/episodes/212827/recap).

    But then I am still wondering why in heavens name anyone approved a statue in the first place when the RAT (that was Joe’s well deserved nicknanme) was still living.

  55. Oh yeah DE, CFLs are GOOD. This isn’t about health or global ANYTHING. It’s about MONEY. Every thing is about MONEY. That SCOTUS ruling was about MONEY MONEY MONEY too. Obama didn’t scare Roberts. The Insurance industry did. CFLS are TERRIBLE things to force on people with migraines, people with seizure disorders, and people in GENERAL. They warn about mercury in fish and want you to put that SHIT throughout your house. Amusing part is, they throw HORRID light besides. Think of all the closed fixtures that can no longer be used! Think of the family lights that were passed down. Think of how they Cost a few pennies to make in chinese sweat shops by GE and then they COST you six bucks. And most of all, DE, think of how they ALMOST BURNED YOUR HOUSE DOWN.

  56. Um….did anyone notice that Bill made a comment on this thread?

  57. Imust, yes it is Political Animals night. I have a standing date with The Newsroom so I DVR Political Animals. I remembered after it started, so I’m recording the 1 AM viewing and now I have to wait until tomorrow to see it. No way I can stay up that late. 😦

  58. UW: I noticed Bill’s comment even though it was his sockpuppet.He’s rather Uppity himself. We’ll see if he gets anywhere with her. I think she’s Lebanese. We tend to be that way in this house.

  59. I was poking around in the basement and found this fabulous rant:


  60. Once in awhile there’s a pearl found in the basement.

  61. SophieCT, on July 22, 2012 at 1:45 PM said
    Fabulous, Sophie! My cat has akready let me know as much!

  62. My sister is in Europe and right now is in Italy. Just got a letter with a menu in it. The restaurant is “Portofino: Upscale Euro-Italian Fine Dining with the best view of the high seas!”

    Get ready to drool, you Italian meat eaters! (my sister is vegetarian, looks like maybe she could pick a FEW things off the menu lol)


    Prosciutto in insalata – an unusual combination of flavors: crisp apples, bocconcini mozzarella salad, prosciutto and red wine vinaigrette

    Minnestrone alla Genovese – traditional Genoa-style minestrone

    Ciuppin – smooth ligurian soup of fish and tomatoes

    Antipasti alla Portofino per due – mezze plate with soppressata, bresaola, prosciutto, bocconcini mozzarella, roman-style marinated artichokes, schiacciatella green olives, baresane olives, grilled zucchini and arugula

    Risotto ai gamberetti – sautéed prawns atop a creamy, saffron-scented Arborio rice and a garnish of fried onions

    Crostini per due – a sampler for two of our favorite crostinis: marinated fresh tuna and tomato bruschetta; duck and truffle mushroom pate; and marinated eggplant stew Ligurian-style

    Fritelle di patale e zucchini per due – olives ascolana-style and fried zucchini served with spicy tomato sauce

    Carpaccio di tonno

    Carpaccio di manzo

    Insalata alla cesare

    Insalata Riviera ligure per due

  63. And now for the main course choices:

    Pietanze – main

    Risotto alla polpa di granchio e gamberetti – prawn and crab risotto

    Taglierini al pesto – taglierini egg pasta with traditional pesto sauce

    Pappardelle ai funghi – ribbons of pasta and thyme-roasted mushrooms lightly tossed in mascarpone cream sauce

    Tonno ai ferri – lemon-herb oil marinated tuna steak, grilled and served with assorted vegetables and a marjoram-garlic drizzle

    Spiedino di mare – skewer of MAINE? Lobster, gamberoni, scallops, and salmon, grilled and served with ligurian potatoes, and sun-dried tomato beurre blanc

    Cosatine d’Angello arrosto – roasted lamb chops, asparagus, fried eggplant, and a pinot noir-rosemary reduction

    Bistecca alla fioentina – char-grilled T-bone steak served with fresh haricots verts

    Saltimbocca alla Romana – Thinly sliced veal wrapped with fresh sage and prosciutto, pan-fried with porchini mushroom risotta and Marsala jus

    Filetto di manzo – North American (?) beef tenderloin, grilled radicchio, broccolini, baby carrots, and red wine-thyme sauce

    Ossobuco alla piemontese – veal osso buco braised in its own jus with tomatoes and mushrooms

  64. And now for dessert!!!!!!


    Tiramisu alla Portofino

    Torta di Ricotta

    Dolcetti alla Portofino

    Tartufo al Cioccolato

  65. My apologies for any inter-language misspellings!

    Seems that she also went to go see Vincenzo Bellini NORMA, regia and scene Enrico Castiglione … Teatro antico di taormino, 8-10 Luglio 2012, h 21.30
    http://www.musicalia.tv http://www.festivaleuromediterraneo.eu

    I gave her an old movie once, Three coins in a fountain, and on the last day of her trip she will be staying at a nearby hotel to the Trevi Fountain, where the “coin” action in the movie took place. Cool!

  66. The stamp on the envelope says “posteitaliane”

  67. Hmmmppfff I can never take part in the food discussions around here, and finally I can, and everyone is asleep!

  68. Sophie – I love the lebonese kitty lol

  69. Hope your sister knows what she’s eating. lol.

    Polpo is octopus. Just saying

    Tell her to go for the ricotta pie. She won’t regret it.

    I see they have a zucchini and potato frittata, one of my favorites, as you know. And Vegetarian!

    I find soppressata to be extremely disgusting.

  70. Bill says she’s no lebanese. You guys better watch it with Bill. Don’t blame me if you can’t comment one day. He’s not giving up his union status. He is THE moderator and you can’t fire him, he has seniority. He’s also got a malicioius streak.

  71. Saltimbocca is also a very good dish, she should try it.

  72. Well now…

    Carpaccio di manzo

    Ossobuco alla piemontese – veal osso buco braised in its own jus with tomatoes and mushrooms

    Dolcetti alla Portofino

  73. Good picks, Why Not. Specially the Osso.

  74. Ok waiter. I’ve decided on the Antipasti alla Portofino, hold the soppresata and replace with Genoa salami if possible.


    torta di ricotta.

  75. It’s all Greek Italian to me! lol

  76. FYI, NES is in London.

    She’s apparently taking in the English Countryside. I envy that right now.

  77. Why Not’s got a good palate. I’ll sit with her.

  78. It’s all good food, lorac. Nice fresh seafood, good veal.

  79. Oh, so Tiger Lily is a “Lebanese.”


    MKB, hope you’re up for chasing the “athletic” type. lol.

  80. You could eat the minestrone and the frittata with zucchini and potatoes. Or the pesto. And lots of dessert. lol.

  81. Why Not, I hear tell Bill is into “Corrective Rape” for lebanese kittehs….so popular among the right wingers who believe all she needs is a good dick to convert her to the right path.

  82. Risotto is one of those things I would rather order in a restaurant than make. Just a pain in the ass to get just right and coordinate with the rest of the meal. Hardly worth all that work.

  83. I’m drooling over the mere thought of Osso – the aroma is so in my head right now!

    Saltimbocca – Veal OR Chicken is fine with me!

    You can order for me Uppity…… anytime!

  84. Tell your sister not to walk by any Pasticceria without stopping in. Suggest she eat a real Cannoli and try one of these Sfogliatelle
    Scroll down a bit

  85. Risotto – I agree.

    And, when it’s as good as it can be, I get misty-eyed.

  86. You did a good setup yourself Why Not. I would have enjoyed it.

  87. Fresh-Stuffed Cannoli – omg.

  88. So we could, like, sit together and taste each other’s picks, you know?

  89. Sfogliatelle, best Italian pastry, EVER.

  90. Why Not I make Julia’s osso recipe. It’s outrageously good. Hard to find veal shanks though, sometimes. Pisses me off.

  91. Yea if you scroll down a bit you see the Sfogliatelle

    Cannoli, stuffed with marscapone and choco bits. Good God.

  92. You Italian Why Not? Because you did a good menu run.

  93. I have this theory that the restaurants snap up all the veal, pork and lamb shanks. I hate them for that.

  94. Sfogliatelle, best Italian pastry, EVER.

    Now I’m hungry….

  95. Risotto – I agree.

    And, when it’s as good as it can be, I get misty-eyed.

    Yeah and when it’s bad, it’s REALLY bad.
    If it’s good, you have to eat it slowly and in silence.

  96. Ah Anthony knows Sfogliatelle. This does not surprise me.

  97. Hey anthony, scroll up and go make your menu picks.

  98. Jeeeze, you’re torturing me! I would love to try it, but I’ve had the best and could never come close. I do know that veal shanks are hard to find here too.

    I love veal, god I love veal… in any Italian dish, that is.

  99. I have a risotto recipe that is made with speck (smoked prosciutto), radicchio, and pine nuts. Use Jack Daniels to deglaze the pan (don’t wince – its great)

  100. Why Not, my mother used to do this thing with pork shanks, make you cry.

  101. Why Not I make mean Veal marsala an veal francaise. Stop by.

  102. Prosciutto in insalata, Cosatine d’Angello arrosto, Tiramisu alla Portofino

  103. Actually I am not wincing. I already like that risotto sight unseen.

  104. “Bad Risotto” ruins the whole meal, for me, it’s such a disappointment. Seriously.

    I’m pretty simple on the desert – Creme Brulee – finished with Frangelico with steamed milk.

  105. I see Americans do all this wierd stuff with polenta too. It was a staple when I was a kid, except it was baked in the oven with tomato sauce on top, and inside there were a few kidney beans. Don’t knock it.

  106. If you really hate all that stirring, you can brown the speck, onion, garlic, radicchio (the long ones, not the round) and pine nuts then deglaze with quarter cup each red wind and balsamic vinegar and reduce while the orrechiette is boiling. Throw it in and toss it around and garnish with more coarsely chopped radicchio. Holy shit.

  107. Yum. Why Not, let’s have Anthony sit with us too.

  108. I think it’s “AGNELLO” though, and Lorac did her spelling thang.

  109. UW, cannoli is a pastry? I didn’t know that! Wasn’t it in one of the famous godfather lines – something like – take the cannoli, leave the (something or other)….?

  110. Right about the lamb spelling. I was drooling too much to care

  111. Shhhhhhhhhh, a real dago site.

    Yeah lorac, Leave the gun, take the cannolis. Yes it is a pastry that looks like the one at the top of that link I posted.

  112. Click on that Italianfoodnet site Ant Knee.

  113. Costatine d’Agnello Arrosto <~~~ correct spelling! oops!

  114. just came back. Check out the veal spiedini recipe

  115. I love New York Italians. No match when it comes to incredible tastes.


  116. watching it now. Jesus, I want this.

  117. TY Why Not. Many of us are from immigrant stock who docked in NY and spread out in the state.

  118. Shhhhhhhhhh, a real dago site.

    Jeeeesus! Insalata di patate e tonno!!!!

    I’m dying! God, I want that NOW!

  119. HHAHAHA wait till you see all the other recipes. Like a kid in the candy store.

    You know, Italians have a potato salad that is served room temp, with fresh tomatoes and potatoes, red onion, fresh basil?

  120. Cracking me up. It’s quiet now that I gave you that site. Everybody is over there drooling. Hahahaha.

  121. WhyNot, glad you brought that up. I forgot to add capers to the ingredients in my pasta variation above. Makes a big difference.

    Yes, I’m drooling. West SIde Market is open all night, including the butcher. Going shopping.

  122. My grandfather was born there (from immigrant stock) Uppity.

    I love everything about New York – well before they commercialized the very soul of her history into everything it can never be.

  123. Good think you shot that to me before I went to the store. Its almost 3am, though. Hmmm…. that goes on my list of things to do before Wednesday

  124. lol Anthony, I knew that.

    Why not, both sets of my grandparents came here from Italy, one side from southern, one from northern.

  125. If you are making lamb, I’m coming over dammit.

  126. Good. Lots of room at the table, Upps. Bring Needlenose and pack her overnight bag.

    Believe it or not, there was a final edit. Scheduled for morning.

  127. I’m hanging on every word ingredient he’s using. lol.

    Watching him is like – having great sex! lol.

  128. Lamb…? Who said lamb?? Yum.

  129. Yeah. Food sex.

    I am embarrassed to say I just watched a pork shank recipe and drooled like my dog.

  130. Hey Why Not, did you ever see that eye candy dago making bread over in the recipe tab? wait….

  131. First True Love was a New York Italian – with similar heritage. Petrillio’s on both sides. Nuff said.

  132. Everybody knows some Petrillos! lol.

  133. I’m up for lamb with some balsamic drizzle. And it’s after 3 AM. That is sick.

  134. Yeah! Quite a large family, apparently – lol!

    No complaints, whatsoever. I was definitely in luv – with everything Italian. A lifetime of great memories… sniff, sniff.

  135. Anthony I sent you your Morning Smile.

  136. All Petrillos are good people. That is why Golden Girls gave the Mother that last name.

  137. Ani Lamb recipe up above.

  138. …well, there was that little shite about being quite the authority on EVERYTHING! lol! Other than that – I’ll never forget… the wonderful times.

  139. Uppity, that dago bread making video went “private” before I got to see it. From the still shot – he is darling.

  140. Yea the video is still on the net under italianfoodforever.com

  141. HAHAHAHAh on teh “Authority”.

  142. Oh, I forgot about the mother on golden girls being a Petrillo. You’re right. There’s so many of them, they’re in everything, it seems.

    Oh well, bedtime. I hate going to bed having not tasted one morsel of what I’ve seen tonight. I’ll be having Italian tomorrow, without a doubt.

  143. Oh, thanks. Here, let me go watch it torture myself a bit more before I go to bed. lol.

    Lorac started it – it’s all her fault! Enjoyed every second of it though..


  144. Oh, I forgot to mention that I watched Obama speak at the Colorado vigil tonight. I hate to say it, but it was the most authentic I’ve ever seen – or heard – the man be. He was without an ounce of that campaign modality. Didn’t know he had that capacity in him. Seriously.

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