There’s nothing more wonderful you can do for the environment than to buy this new Prius

The Onion and The New Prius Solution!

Now you have the chance to Lead By Example.

Instead of badgering everybody else and telling them what to do, here’s your chance to do your part by elminating your own carbon footprint and leaving everybody else the F**k alone.


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  1. Well it’s simple which is more than I can say for the health care monstrosity that makes you dig the hole yourself, use up all your savings and then requires that you kick your own ass in and cover yourself up with dirt.

    Shovel ready sure, but first make the person mad with confusion.

  2. I can’t even afford a pair of roller skates 😉

  3. I had chicken soup for lunch without the chicken. :lol;

  4. Reminds me of the shower bag that Uppity highlighted in a post long ago. Saves water and suffocates you at the same time.

  5. ….or what about this DEATH trap car:

  6. OMG — Soylent Green is people!!!! This is brilliant from the Onion, if a little vomit inducing.

    And thanks for that picture imust. Gee whiz. This thing above is priceless. Who in the hell would feel safe driving around in that contraption with the loonies texting, tweezing their eyebrows, writing their dissertations and just generally doing everything one should not be doing while operating a two ton vehicle…ahem.

    (Uppity — I also think it is time to replay your posts on the mini cars!!)

  7. Thanks Uppity! LOL! Classics!

  8. ff, get Mary Poppins out of mothballs.–oly.html

    I will be in a tent Friday night with no electricity.

  9. RROFLOL!! Once again, this post reflects one of your macabre moods/personalities. ,.Think twice before asking Uppity for advice today gang . Oh, I’ll pass on the Prius….can’t afford to pay attention.

  10. Uppity has multiple personalities? Most people can barely handle my One.

    Are you accusing us of being Schitzo?

    Roses are red,
    Violets are blue.
    I’m not schitzophrenic
    And neither am I.

  11. Yeah gotta love that stupid car holding up traffic for miles.

    Love to see him on the NYS Thruway in February.

  12. I totally suck behind the wheel. But I would take that little thing for a little drunken spin around the plaza at Lincoln Center

  13. Nahhh…., Alla youse Uppitys are Schizo? Who’d a thunk it?

  14. That is great, Uppity! I don’t consider myself to be macabre, but for years, I have thought in a similar fashion while listening to someone trying to diminish their carbon footprint or otherwise be green. Generally, their attitude is so humorless, self-righteous, and inconsistent bordering on hypocritical, I wonder why they don’t just push for self-annihilation. Any effort to have a negative footprint is fruitless. One pet peeve I have is those who clean out baggies to reuse while using a significant amount of natural gas, water, and detergent to do so without questioning which process would be the most detrimental to the environment. I don’t know the answer, but the question is never posed without a look askance.

  15. Yeah gotta love that stupid car holding up traffic for miles.

    We have a term for drivers like that in California.

    “Gun shot victim”

  16. Ozzy – love the Baptist quote on the last thread. And the above term in Calif made me laugh. Funny bird.

  17. Uppity – made the lamb dish. Totally worth it

  18. Gee, those shiny spikes certainly look sharp enough to impale. Yes, impale a whole caroad, then turn those donor humans into fertilizer. Everyone is “dying” to use said fertilizer on their petunias and crops. Ummm. Can you taste it yet?

  19. Imust, where does one purchase that death trap contraption on wheels? It might be anifty little thing to scoot around in the city, but it definitely is asking for a swift kick and smash on the open highways. Drivers with their big monster SUV’s would annihilate that little thing.

  20. Crier, I’m not sure they’re available for purchase. They’re made by Segway and I think they’re still experimental.

  21. Karen, you’re going to be in a tent on Friday? Don’t mess up my hammock!!! 🙂

  22. Uppity – made the lamb dish. Totally worth it

    But at least it’s been tested. Now I shall join in and make it.

  23. I decided to “gay it up” a little, and made a maple/balsamic reduction while it was in the oven. Its soooooooooo good…..

  24. Ah, Ant, I do a balsamic, brown suger, garlic and rosemary reduction to a drizzle for lamb. Yum.

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