Long distance communication is just so hard, isn’t it?

Caption This.


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  1. “Nyeah, nyeah, nyeah, you can’t get me!”

  2. Bend over. I have smelled this stench right along. The bush tax cuts expiring will also mean everybody else’s tax rate goes up too. One is attached to the other. Bend over.

    It apppears that the republicans want either all or nothing. Extend the cuts for everybody or go fuck yourselves. Democrats want to extend it for the lower levels only. Not gonna happen.

    And here comes the Eff You threat.


  3. “Your father was a mutt. Your mother was a hooker. You’re fugly and stupid. Whatchu gonna do about it?”

  4. “I hope you’re stuck in those blinds and your family won’t be back for three days”.

  5. Photo caption – “Forbidden Love”

  6. BTW – Taylor Swift earned $57 million last year.

  7. Interesting fellow with some outside the box ideas on home schooling, etc.

    “This is the worst category. I’ll tell you one more anecdote. Two seconds ago someone posted a horrible comment on my blog. I won’t repeat it. Racist, mean, rude to me, whatever. I deleted the post, blocked the user, blocked his IP address. And then I was going to send him an email telling him what I thought of him. I was angry. Then I stopped myself. You have to stop yourself.

    “Remember this:

    When you get in the mud with a pig, you get dirty and the pig gets happy.”


  8. If you have a blog you have to develop thick skin. I have had the worst insults anyone can sling tossed at me, just think of the worst thing you can think of, I’ve seen it here. In spam. including bald-faced death threats. One thing I learned is you encourage them by giving them public attention. So this fellow can expect it to get worse. There is an answer and that is blog moderation. Insults of the worst kind are usually lobbed by new commenters. You moderate new commenters and you not only don’t have to deal with the worst shit on earth showing up on the blog, but you don’t subject your readers to that stress. You also never approve ANY commenter who is using an anonymous proxy, no matter how nice they seem at first.

  9. When you get in the mud with a pig, you get dirty and the pig gets happy

    Seriously! I think I [re]learned that last night!

  10. I was in the army and worked in all-male environments for over 10 years. I thought I had seen rude and crude until I started moderating at TC.

    The stuff “progressives” said was sick and disgusting. Some of those people are seriously disturbed.

  11. The pic? Juliet and Romeo and their star crossed love?

  12. Here’s a cat-lover blogger veterinarian from Manhattan with a particular topic in mind.
    Cat Man Do | Dr. Arnold Plotnick: All Aboard *de Poezenboot*!
    Climb aboard Amsterdam’s famous “cat boat” and meet the folks who keep this remarkable floating cat sanctuary afloat.

    PS I’m gonna be amazed if Uppity has not already done a post on this

  13. Thanks for confirming myiq. These savages are sociopaths. The thing is, don’t give them recognition. They long for it. If it gets ReALLY scary, just ship their IP off to their ISP and the FBI. Beyond that, fuck em, theya aren’t worth your spit.

  14. Pamela, I not only never did a post on it, but I never saw it before!

  15. UW, I am floored.
    I have a cousin who takes serious vacations. She included a picture of it in the Shutterfly calendar she handed out to some lucky relatives.

  16. Well I’ll bet nobody on this blog ever heard of it either.

    It’s very impressive though.

  17. It’s so nice to have PMM back!

  18. Thanks Pamela! I missed you all.

  19. Yeah and SMokey won’t be With Litter any longer! She’s been…um….liberated!

  20. Poor Tiger Lily–so much for asking for a little sister…

  21. pamela, the Poezenboot is very cool!

  22. Oh yes indeed, Smokey has been- uhm- excommunicated shall we say- being as sterilization is the cardinal sin of artificial birth control lol.
    The quiet around here is SOOOO wonderful!

  23. Yeah I bet she’s calmed down a lot hey? LOL.

  24. If a tubal is the cardinal sin it’s a good thing I left the church decades ago, Mom. Now I won’t have to worry about burning in hell because I didn’t make a boatload of little Catholics.

  25. Does anyone have a link to live coverage of the Olympic games? One where we can pick which events to watch? NBC’s coverage, as usual, sucks. Sorry, but bicycling and basketball are not sports I care to watch lol. I really would love to see the Dressage competition- (which in my opinion- is the most beautiful and the most difficult of the equestrian events- but if we are lucky they might show the top five competitors in the jumping protion grr)
    I have no desire to watch volleyball, baseball, boxing, wrestling,- all of which can be seen in our US markets every weekend.
    Geez I am a cranky old bitch aren’t I?

  26. ROFL Uppity- the Roman Curia does not seem to get it that we were LISTENING when that part of Vatican II about conscience came out. They are trying to close the barn door- good luck- the herd is long gone and they will be in there by themselves.
    As I have been known to point out when some neanderthal quotes that go forth and multiply shit- Math, as much as I may not be an expert- is pretty immutable. 1 x 1 = 1. Or if you like- 1 x 2 = 2.
    There is no way that 1 x 1 or 1 x 2 equals 6, 8, 9, 15 or any other ridiculous number. Humans long ago subdued the Earth. Case closed.

  27. PMM: You’ve hit upon one of the biggest complaints about the Opympic coverage: we see nothing that NBC doesn’t want us to see. The BBC has a stream but if you have a US IP, you end up with NBC. Yeah, this is 2012 where we can do anything with moving images at lightening speed, unless it interferes with corporate profitability and control.

  28. Geez I am a cranky old bitch aren’t I?

    Yeah but you’re OUR cranky old bitch, dammit.

  29. Aug 2 for the Horses 🙂

  30. By the way everybody, per my computer concern last night that led me to think my laptop was going to be out of commission for awhile when my touchpad went berserk and my cursor went only where it wanted to go…by itself… I solved it by downloading a driver fix.

  31. Why would I mind! You know I am not one of those Stick To The Topic people. Have fun!

  32. Now you see why I don’t share information about me? A certain creepy crawly who trolls here daily and has an obsession, did a search today entitled “Who is uppity woman?”. This would be the last creature I would want to share who I am with. At least not without my gun near the door. The internet is ridddled with very deranged people, and you never know who they are till you know who they are. I tell you, a bloggers life is on the line. And suing someone for deliberately and maliciously endangering you isn’t ever fun but would still be worth it.

  33. What is the topic, anyway?

  34. “Who is uppity woman?”

    When I googled that I got a picture of Hillary.

  35. LOL Oswald, ain’t that the truth.

  36. What is the topic, anyway?

    Deranged penguins who were removed from a penal colony.

  37. We’ve three days of rain so I guess this must be that drought we aren’t having.

  38. Picture

    Pssst….your people were over here last night and you know that trip to the park game of Frisbee they promised, turns out they are taking you to the vet to get “fixed”. Run while there still time to save yourself.

  39. HAHAHAH Mt. Laurel. LOVE it.

  40. We have the same rain Uppity- tornado warning just expired. This has got to be THE weirdest weather year in my lifetime. Hot spring, no spring rains- which we are getting now. Hot hot hot elsewhere in the country.
    For what it is worth, my Nana always said the weather changed dramatically at the same time we were testing and dropping the early nukes. She said it was never the same after that.
    But as I have said over and over and over again- climate change happens. Ice Ages, warming trends, back to cooling. It is all a cycle-

  41. Yeah we had a nice big branch fall on the central air unit.

  42. Yes Mom, but if you are clever enough you can make big bucks on that cycle, hey?

  43. The silly part is, what would make someone think that if you google, “who is uppity woman”, it would reveal your identity? Is google a Ouija Board?

  44. Could be simple curiosity (or not) – or even about someone who reads here – tracking their habits and associations.

    I’m always suspicious – for good reason – and so envious of (greatly admire) Uppity’s instincts and immediate resolve.

    ‘STALKERS’ (they come in all forms) are Power and Control freaks who seem to thrive on ruining people’ lives (if you give them an inch.)

    (Wish I had had an ounce of Uppity’s when it all started, mine (and dozens of lives) would have been free of a sociopath – with a built-in criminal attorney relative of the same ilk.)

    Don’t get me started on twenty-five years of sheer hell. (give them an inch and they Can and Will destroy your life.)

  45. “I was trying to take a catnap! Stop that infernal barking everytime a leaf blows by! I know you’re big and stupid and bored, but try to develop a hobby – a quiet! – hobby, to occupy your time! I’m superior to you in agility, and my nails are way sharper! I can jump over there and put the Fear of Cat into you in two seconds! Remember – Big Sister is watching!!!! Now, SHUT UP!”

  46. opps – (Wish I had had an ounce of Uppity’s being true to herself and others – and guts – when it comes to dealing with “people” when it all started)

  47. Caption: “Come on big boy, you know you want me – just break the glass and jump!”

  48. well online with the right tools you can track where they came from, their IP and where they exited to and more, so at least you can zero in. Like a trail of crumbs.

    Sorry, that sounds like it was rough, why not. Shoulda lured him to your house and shot them at the point of ‘break in”. Would have made the world a better place in the process.

  49. It’s pouring here now. Really coming down!

    The midwest is having the drought. Some of these pictures are unreal.

    Maybe it’s just the GMO corn and soy that withered…

  50. “And my behavioral modification therapist doesn’t understand why being next door to a CAT in a house with blinds is no different than living next door to a known TERRORIST!?!”

  51. All right, it’s time to have a laugh at my expense. I deserve it.

    I went out to my beautiful rosemary plant to snip some off for a dish. I love fresh rosemary. I should grow ten plants. I can’t think of enough things to do with rosemary, I love it that much.

    So…….I do my snipping and sniffing. I always sniff it. Yes, I am a rosemary sniffer. I admit it. So, as I am about to walk away with my fragrant herb, I freeze. I see something in my plant. I move the branches and…and…it’s a frigging mushroom!

    So now I’m scared. How the H to I know if I’ve been eating rosemary with poison mushrooms in it? If there’s a mushroom in the plant, surely it’s been there for a long time and soon I am going to be dead if the damned thing is a poison shroom. i walk away in a fog. Then I go back and I dig the thing out of the plant. I don’t touch it. I am like afraid to touch the thing. Which is stupid, considering I was about to go in and eath the rosemary and find out later if I’m dead.

    I gingerly lay it down and then I try to look at shrooms and toadstools on the net. I had no idea there were so many!

    Next, I did the more intelligent thing. I googled something like “There’s a mushroom in my rosemary plant is it poison?

    I’m afraid to look at the answer. I skip over the yahoo link because those people are so full of shit it’s a wonder any of them make it through life. i mean i have seen the stupidist answers EVAH on Yahoo. Then I find this gardening link. Paydirt.

    So I find out the rosemary is very susceptible to fungi, which in turn yields mushrooms. Could be in the potting soil or could be a craven loose spore. But by far the biggest cause is overwatering. Bell goes off in dumb woman’s head. I had the plant enclosed and was watering it. I figured with all this rain, why not let nature do it. So my beloved rosemary is soaked to the gills.

    I ate the rosemary but not before I desecrated a buch of branches that were near that shroom.

    SHould I mysteriously disappear, here is the culprit, fresh from my rosemary plant, the little bastage!

  52. You never know, Uppity–maybe the mushroom’s not deadly, but magical.

  53. “Hey Fido! Let’s see which one of us can jump over and live. You go first”.

  54. Sophie, if it were the chives, or the basil ( I have many of these)or the parsley or the thyme or the dill I would have thrown the plant out. But my rosemary? I take a chance. Would be nice if it were magical though. How will i know?

  55. I e-mailed NBC to see how a person without cable could watch online. Here’s the response:

    NBC Olympics, Jul 28 02:30 pm (EDT):

    Short-form video content, including comprehensive highlights, interviews, athlete profiles and more, will be available to all users. Additionally, content streamed LIVE online will also be available for all users 48 hours after the event is live streamed.

    One new feature that we have available on the NBCOlympics.com and in the Live Extra app is our Temporary Pass. Any user can access content without a cable provider login for a 4 hour period. Start by simply selecting a provider and then below the login screen you will see an option to enter in your email address to view the Temporary Pass. Once you’ve done that your 4hr Temporary Pass will be granted.

    Thank you.
    NBCOlympics.com Support

  56. Would be nice if it were magical though. How will i know?

    You will see vivid colors and laugh a lot. You will also have profound insights that you will not be able to remember.

  57. Oh yeah, kind of like the old mescaline.

  58. …but if you do remember any of the profound insights, you’ll realize in sober hindsight that they made no sense at all!!! lol

  59. Leprechauns are always hanging around mushrooms and leprechauns are magical!

  60. ROTFL!

    Would be nice if it were magical though. How will i know?

    Don’t ask. It’s an experience where answers just aren’t that important. lol.

    I have Rosemary planted on each side of the steps – just for the scent – breaking a bit of a stalk just to carry around for a while.

  61. Here’s an interesting photo. Michelle Obama being lifted up by an Olympic wrestler.

  62. Oh my. The First Lady’s going to wish she hadn’t done that.

  63. Wow. What a picture. She’s probably thrilled. We know Backtrack can’t do that.

  64. Here’s another picture we should all be familiar with by now. Olympic Lying.


  65. As for the caption: “OH YESSSSSS! I ALWAYS KNEW I WAS A CAT!”

  66. I’ve left a few choice remarks on the NBC page….their Olympics coverage is horrendous. Hope they enjoy the few extra $$ they’re making, it’s about the only time I’ll watch anything on their crap network anyway.

    Being the confirmed Anglophile that I am (and soon to be resident there), I really enjoyed London’s Opening Ceremony last night. Looks as if I’m in the minority, though.

  67. Irlandese, I thought it was, ummm, interesting. Parts of it worked out well and other parts were confusing or just not that great. IMHO.

    I have to say, I was pissed that they had all of those years of British music and NOT ONE mention of Sir Elton John. Unconscionable.

  68. Sophie- I too wondered why no Elton John. Glaring omission imo. I was half hoping he would make a live appearance.
    I liked some of the opening ceremony- but some of it I just did not get. And the vignette with the boy meets girl lost phone thing? Made no sense to me whatsoever.

  69. Uppity Woman, on July 28, 2012 at 1:12 PM said:

    We’ve three days of rain so I guess this must be that drought we aren’t having
    And LOOK!!! That brown stuff out there is turning GREEN.
    😆 😆

  70. Giving them the benefit of the doubt, perhaps it was the feeds NBC chose to show us at any given time. NBC hardly has shown that they want to do this in the best manner possible.

    I would like to see a video mix from Boyle’s perspective–say he was in the control room deciding which feeds to cut to and when.

  71. Danny Boyle–the director of ‘Slumdog Millionaire’–put that whole thing together. It was veddy veddy British cinema-esque; the only reason I ‘got’ most of it was my almost complete immersion into the culture over the last 3 1/2 years. My boo moment? Hang on to your seats–it was Paul. I have adored Paul for my entire life, but bless that man’s heart, his vocal cords are FUBAR.

    Yeah, who knows about Sir Elton? He might not have given permission for his music to be used, or a host of other reasons.

    Mr. Bean and the Bond/Queen skit were priceless. I HOWLED at the ‘Queen’ parachuting out of the helicopter with her knickers showing.

  72. When are the Olympics going to have the dressage competition?

  73. Wow. What a picture. She’s probably thrilled. We know Backtrack can’t do that

    I do believe that Meechelle carried him over the the threshold.

  74. I think I mentioned that NES is in London.

  75. The woman doesn’t miss a fun thing, you gotta love that about her. She went to Portugal last year for soccer. Not bad for one of those Deadender HIllary voters.

  76. I see his pants are on fire too.

  77. I can’t find Bill, I guess he’s at the games. I hope he doesn’t have my charge card.

  78. Lucky NES- I am SOOOO J! Bill is probably with her- she is his attorney no? Business expense write off?

  79. Yeah that must be it Mom. I wonder if Lily is missing?

    Hey MOM, did you see my mushroom pic?

  80. Last email I got from her was “London Calling”.

  81. Maybe MKBill was at the Cat Olympics!

  82. imust, OMG that must be the green thing I stepped on. I squished it.

  83. Squished a Leprechaun? That can’t be good.

  84. Oh my. The First Lady’s going to wish she hadn’t done that.

    But the rest of us are thrilled.

    Ah, another rosemary sniffer, Why Not? I am not alone!

  85. Wow, I too am so J of NES.

  86. Look! Bill got a medal!

  87. LOL I too am a rosemary sniffer. Good for headaches. Seriously.
    But then I also sniff my basil. And Thyme. And oregano. and sage. and pennyroyal, mint…..
    People think I am nuts at the grocery store- I smell all the fruit. If there is no aroma I leave it there.

  88. PMM, what is sniffing basil and thyme good for?

  89. Sophie- not sure it is good for anything except making me feel better lol. I just like the way they smell.
    Hey everybody- we all know how Uppity has been warning us of the evils of the hazmat CFL bulbs right? Check this out- the Germans figured out the things cause cancer just from being in the same room with the things.

    Uppity rant in 5, 4, 3……

  90. Listen, our government knows those bulbs aren’t safe, they just don’t care They will wait till the law kicks in and then claim they can’t do anything about it. Fucking killers.

  91. You won’t see that study in MSM print though. They only print the foreign studies that tell women they don’t need mammograms, or studies to tell women what’s wrong with them.

  92. The only good thing about cfls is the amount of electricity they use.

  93. I just like the way they smell.

    hey, that’s good enough. There’s much to be said for aromatherapy. Sometimes aroma therapy is an apple pie!

  94. Did someone mention PIE?

  95. LOL!! I knew you’d come running for pie!

  96. Seriously, though, I think I’m going to attempt a peach pie tomorrow. First time ever.

  97. You’ll do fine Sophie. Peach pie is as easy as…….pie!

  98. Heee heee:

    Romney Horse

  99. On a serious note, Beth Myers (charged with Mitt Romney’s Veep search) Tweets these two tweets out of nowhere.Since she isn’t a regular tweeter, she may be telling us who’s on the short list.

  100. Sophie, #FF is a “Follow Friday”. It’s a set of tweeter names someone wants to say thank you to, or new followers, or people she rewweeted, or people who retweeted her.

  101. the two tweets together look like the entire list, so no real hints there.

  102. Yeah DE, but I am not into saving five bucks a year and going blind with migraines under putrid light.

  103. UW: I know what FF is, but she never tweets and she does an FF out of nowhere. Why them? But yes, it’s everyone that everyone’s been speculating about.

  104. I’d rather be Romney’s horse than Obama’s dog. Just sayin’

  105. Aw, c’mon. You know if it was baked into a pie, you’d be singing a different tune.

  106. You mean this song Sophie?

  107. Gawd, she looks like Bellatrix Lestrange. I may never eat a pie again.

  108. Tin foil hat time??? Rubio’s plane forced to land b/c of malfunctions. Rubio tweets that it was the second plane today he was on with malfunctions. Should he expect a horse’s head next?

  109. So you don’t think it was a coincidence?

  110. Ok:

    The First Lady’s Let’s Move! health initiative didn’t BUILD those thighs and hips on her…

    Lobsters did.


  111. Caption: Hey, your owner just put our picture on the internet and I look gooooood!

  112. A pie-inferno Fredster?!!!

  113. Yes!!! Company’s been there since 1921. After Katrina they were only making the fried pies but before they made regular pies. I could get one of the custard ones for the momster and she could eat half of it at one time! I think everyone hopes that after they rebuild that they will consider doing the baked round pies again. My favorite one of those was either their lemon meringue or chocolate meringue. Both were scrumptious!

  114. Re:Fredster’s link on google.

    I wonder what it will take for everyone to finally realize taht Google Inc is raw evil. Put all the politicians you think are evil and stick them together and they aren’t a fraction of the evil google is. I tell you that Google knows everything about you, they know everywhere you go on the internet, they know things about you that NOBODY knows. And one day, they will put it to use.

    You can take this to the bank.

    And you will have helped them do it. You help them by using gmail. You help them by using all those “cool” options they “offer” you. You help them by not blocking every single google related cookie. You help them by using their toolbar. they offer you candy candy candy and you eat it. Good luck with that.

  115. Hubig’s pies at Mardi Gras (couple dressed up)


  116. Uppity: I have a gmail account for one reason, for a listserv I belong to. On occasions, I email myself to that address and just put in stuff like “by the way, Google SUCKS!!” and similar things. Just want to see what they’d come up with for “suggested” adverts for that.

  117. Awright, how do you block only google cookies? If it’s in the pc halp I’ll check there.

  118. Do you know that Google automatically scans every single gmail you send and every response you get? Do you think that’s okay? Oh, yes, that’s right, they only do it so they can target you for advertising. I mean, it’s not like they retain data on your emails or anything. They wouldn’t do that, right?

    Every time I receive a gmail, I am SO tempted to tell the person to never email me from gmail again. It will come to that one day, because I know if I answer, Google scanned me. Fuck that. How much a fool can people be?

  119. As a matter of fact, no I don’t think it’s okay. However, the listserv owner kept tell those of us with yahoo accounts that yahoo kept blocking him because they thought he was a spammer so I got the gmail account for that one reason.

  120. Fredster, set up your firefox to notify you of every single cookie that tries to enter your machine, set it up to “ask” you to block it or just allow for session, or to let it through forever.

    After you do that, go to Google.com and watch the cookies fly.. Block every single one of them. They all belong to Google. Your screen will be busy for days, as everywhere you go, you will be hit with a cookie. You can decide what to do with them. I only have about six cookies I set up to always let in. A wordpress one. My wordpress login. Important stuff like that. The cookies to, say, your bank, if you do online business, check of “Allow for session only”. When you leave, the data will be dropped. Stop letting these bastards track your life.

    The reason I cannot comment on a blogspot blog is because google wants to be in my pants. If you can comment on a blogspot blog, you are owned by google. Consider it your tipoff.

  121. Fredster, annoying as they are, it’s not the adverts that worry me. It’s how they got the information to send you that advert and where it is stored for posterity. If you have an ulcer, they know. If you have a kink, they know. If you are sick, they know. If you are broke, they know. There is no end to what their web bugs can collect. When you surf the net you are telling google who and what you are, your thoughts, the things that interest you, it’s endless.

    When you see that you no longer have ANY adverts from Google, you are home free, because it means your machine is clean of these bastards.

  122. If you have cookie killer, it is a huge help, because those cookies that are session only show up there and you can kill them when you are done. All of those cookie tools in FF are important. Very important. Adblock, ghostery, etc.

  123. Oh bull, Fredster. I have yahoo’s web bug blocked and just about everything except the cookie to allow me to login. And I get in just fine. I also have their too necesssary (out of a zillion) cookies on “session” only and ditch them when I log off.

  124. Listserve people just don’t want to get it. ISP’s block them because they send emails out to too many people at once. THAT is why they get blocked more than anything. Gmail of course, doesn’t care, because it’s more information they get to gather. I tell you, these people are the worst thing that ever happened to the concept of privacy EVER.

  125. At least flush your cookies with CCleaner daily if you can’t do anything else. But remember, those web bugs and cookies are following you around till you do. Sure, it makes it easier to not have to login because they ‘recognize’ you. I don’t want them ‘recognizing’ me because it means they get to track me. It’s the same when you shop online. Whien they ask you to register, they keep all your credit card data. Then next thing you hear, they have been hacked and now some shitbum in Taiwan has your card number. Don’t do it! Buy things as a “guest” and enter your charge card number each and every time, so that it’s flushed when you are done. It may be inconvenient, but not as inconvenient as having your accounts stolen. People do not realize this, they have gotten lazy. THey leave all their doors and windows open on the internet.

  126. Installed the cookie killer app, first I cleaned out all the cookies through the tools option. c.k. is running now. At first all the cookies got removed so I had to log back into w.p. at their site.

    There’s really not too much on the listserv these days. I joined it after Katrina because the owner was in touch with the officials in the parish and was able to pass along a lot of info to the readers. Now it’s mainly lots of praise for lil Bobby and diaper dave vitter and I can do without that b.s.

    When I shop online I check the thing that says not to save the c.c. info. So far it’s worked because I always have to enter it each time.

  127. What’s the name for these cats with the pushed-in faces that look like they’ve been chasing parked cars?

  128. Persians.

    Parked cars. ROFL.

  129. Fredster you can exclude the sites whose cookies you want to keep. I exclude wp login and a few others. They stay in my cookie killer list. Just don’t delete them.

  130. Myiq, persians are quiet, polite cats whose owners swear by them. They are almost always major lap cats. What they lack in face they have in heart. They are very expensive cats, along with Himalayans, although himmies tend to be better looking I think. The problems with both breeds is their respiratory systems often have problems. They also snore. Loudly. They’re kinda like the Pugs of the cat world. Owners adore them even if they have faces that hit the wall.

  131. Troll freakout at JWS

  132. Yayyyyy, their going to blame the Batman shooting on a woman.

  133. Please don’t bring the thoughts of those people here. There are people on both sides of that argument I wouldn’t give a fig for. I also actually plucked some interesing truths from both sides when I put aside my personal feelings for a minute. Like many others, there are people there who drove away others, they drove me away as well, not because I am afraid of them, but because I just don’t want to know them. Leave this blog out of this. And never, I mean NEVER discuss another blog or blogger on this blog. I have deep respect for John W Smart. One might say I have great affection for him. I have news for all of you. It was John who stimulated me to start a blog at all! We were voices in the wilderness back then, both of us. I also respect his decision to let anybody post on his blog, regardless of their state of being or their motives. Like I always say, blogs are NOT democracies. They never will be. For my part, I am not sure which type of person offends me more, the type who snipes at people, threatening them, the obsessive stalker wannabees, or the type who pretends to have honest and pure motives while using you, and who will drop you like you are dog crap again when they are done with you (Think what happened after election 2008 when we all went back to being disgusting “libs” to the same people who stroked us in October). To be honest, I think it might be the third type that offends me most. Every blogger I know has had to either put up with all three types or decide to keep them away. John’s blog is what it is, and my blog is what it is. I give him great credit because it takes much effort to be so tolerant and willing. Admittedly, he is far more tolerant than I am. It’s probably so in real life, too. And that’s that. That having been said, he certainly is provocative and someone has to do that. In this case of our brawls here at UW, I woudn’t want you to bring them to someone else’s lawn, and the opposite holds true. I do this because I want to remind everybody that I committed myself to carry on this blog after November 2008 as a safe haven for people who just couldn’t stand being bashed and crapped on any longer by both obvious political bullies, woman-haters, Hillary haters, personal attackers, people who didn’t take their meds and are looking for a place to melt down, and passive-aggressives (the worst people on earth, I swear). I continue my commitment but remain in awe of the tolerance of JWS. And I think being the first among us to have a cease and desist typed right on his blog is truly jealousy-inducing.

    When I figure out what I just said, I will let you know.

  134. ROFL on the people who did not take their meds Uppity. I actually took myself off all my meds when I took my trip to Louisiana. Amazing- no bad effects at all- other than a slight increase in the back pain- but a bit more walking and stretching took the edge off that.
    Also very telling that the minute I came home I got a blinding headache and wished I was still taking the antidepressant. hmmmmmmmmm

  135. Mom you know what you have to do in order to not need them anymore forever. Besides, half the world is on antidepressants now, they don’t count. Especially since Obama became president.

    I’m talking about the stuff that keeps people from answering themselves in different voices.

  136. DE but of COURSE it’s a woman’s fault. I hope they are ready for twitter because women finally found a place where they can’t stop them from firing back, scuse the pun.

  137. By the way, DE. Bless your heart. There is nobody on earth as good as a real feminist man who REALLY gets it.

  138. Sure there is. You & Angi

  139. My IP is comcast and I get 2 Canadian stations. CFCF has olympics on nearly constantly. Great coverage, minimal commercials and best of all no ahole commentators like US stations have. Canada shows the games and Opening and Closing.

  140. Wow, lucky, twandx. I should check and see if I get any Canada channels. I don’t even know what i have, doh, lol.

    We just had a huge power outage. Everything went down. Though it was going to be one of those outages where nothing comes back till everything in the freezer is thawed. Fortunately, it all came back pretty quickly.

  141. I must, remember when that young girl set some sailing record and they said it didn’t count?

  142. Guess they never considered that her smaller frame might cause less drag in the water. Swimming isn’t just about raw power but how you move your body gracefully through the water.

  143. her smaller frame might cause less drag in the water.

    Why am I getting a vision of Ru Paul protesting this?

  144. Ru Paul couldn’t possibly be a thread killer

  145. WTF! Who the HELL does he think he is forcing women to breast feed. What exactly is this fucking asshole planning on doing for women who had their breasts removed? Well they have to get special permission from this horse’s ass? What country is New York in agaih?????

    THIS is what New YOrkers get for standing by and watching this piece of elitist shit circumvent the term limits of mayor without descending upon his ass with torches and pitchforks.

  146. I know Uppity. Talk about controlling.

  147. So, Uppity. How are you feeling?

  148. I’m fine WLM. Just like always.

  149. GRRRRRRRR! The fu*%ing so called media really piss me off. (Like you didn’t know that lol) Romney is visiting Poland- and will meet with Lech Walesa
    At the very end of the article it states Walesa refused to meet with Obama. Which I know is a god damned LIE! Obama snubbed Walesa- too political. I did a friggin post on teh once shunning yet ANOTHER Nobel winner
    Bad word bad word bad word!


  150. Bad word bad word bad word!


  151. ..Just because I feel like it, and a’cause I love youse guys.

  152. Nice song, thanks. Is that the longest song ever?

  153. No. I think that’s this:

  154. Yep that’s the long one. Would have lasted just about as long as the big ole slice of peach/blackberry pie I had for dinner.

  155. ……….wiping spit off chin.

    Damn you!

  156. I cook. You bake. = Killing in restaurant biz.

  157. Their arteries would harden right there at the table.

  158. Big Dawg, keynote speaker at Democratic Covention.

    Sorry Big Dawg, love ya but I ain’t voting for him, and frankly, I don’t think you want us to either. Wink Wink.

  159. Ani has a Hillary post on the burner for the AM.

  160. Angi made it, and it was and will be delicious tomorrow too.

  161. DE did you ever work for the CIA? Cuz you sure know how to torture!!

  162. No the NSA.

  163. Not

  164. Awww…that’s not nice! Anyways you know what Barack says…..you didn’t make that pie! Angi didn’t make that pie! Somebody else did! And Michelle says that everyone has to give up some of their pie that somebody else made….so there!

  165. Well MEchelle knows best.

  166. DE: Barack says you have to spread that pie around.

  167. Sophie we could just be like OWSers….”Whose pie? Our Pie!”

  168. uptwinkles to that, imust.

  169. What do you have in mind Sophie. Sounds dirty.

  170. These guys are spreading the pie around DE:

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