Is this how MKBill catches his conquests?

One minor problem. Those cats are not black, white or black and white. Back to the drawing board.

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  1. Now around here, when cardboard boxes show up in the driveway they usually contain unwanted chickens that some dipshit gave to their kid in an Easter basket. sigh.

  2. Well, has MKBill locked down this post so only I can see it?
    OR? Gasp!
    Has everyone been raptured?!?!?!

  3. Have you heard the terrible scandalous thing that happened at the Olympics? A woman swimmer had the unmittigated gall to beat the men’s record in one event. Damn uppity woman, how dare she – must be a hemorphrodite or on hormones or from another planet. Urine test results due today.

  4. I’m sitting in a cardboard box on the side of the road…….

  5. I survived 3 days of camping in the rain at another blues fest. I found two hot little kittehs for Bill. They both got dreamy about his picture and started to howl all night long, as blues cats do… have fun Bill.

  6. Anthony, I think I see you….

    Last night something here chewed a hole in the beetle trap bag, releasing sand plus whatever beetles had the misfortune to be in there. Assuming the attacker was a skunk, possum or raccoon.

    And now, INeedToWork.

  7. Ok then- some of us are still here lol. Just finished weeding the perennial bed. Which is perennially full of weeds and grass lol. You guys remember that bed right? The one I completely dug up the year before I fubar’ed my back? The one with over a thousand bulbs in it? Yeah- that one.
    I need to find some summer blooming perennials to go in there. 90% of what I have are spring bulbs. There are a few gladiolas left from the old man- which I hate because they are orange. yuck. And a couple of Star Gazer Lillys. What blooms late summer early fall in the perennial family? Preferably in reds whites and blues. Purple is ok too. No orange.
    I have herbs in there as well. Thyme, oregano, tarragon, sage. Rosemary is potted- which I can never seem to winter over sigh. But will freeze a bunch as per Uppity’s method.
    When Mom was living here she planted a pernicious thing that we call the Chinese Lantern plant. HATE that thing. Invasive as hell. Mom moved back home a long long time ago- and I STILL can not get rid of the bloody thing. Maybe I should plant them in pots and sell them on the side of the road lol. (Another orange plant- yuck)

  8. I saw the comments here speculating on how Big Dawg is going to drop a few stealth lines into his convention speech for the Hillaryites. He might just get up there and be himself and let the people see what a real President says and remind them of his peace and prosperity years. It could hurt obama just because when Bill speaks people listen and know they are listening to the Real Deal. Big Dawg vs fraud.

    Love it. And the best part, Hillary won’t even be there!

  9. That yahoo article on Clinton has a few horribly written parts such as “won’t have been” and it also has a glaring error that we all know very well – Bill did not call obama’s whole candidacy a fairy tale, etc.

    but it makes the good point that all Bill has to do is show up and it will hurt obama. much like the wonderful picture of the presser on the right side bar here of Bill taking over with utter competency and no script as obama runs off the stage to go play golf or something.

  10. Note to Uppity the picture of HRC at the Presidential Desk with this caption “Rare specimen of actual Democrat with Leadership skills.” seems to be missing. Now it looks like it’s attributed to Obama cringing in the rain.

  11. PMM, here are a couple suggestions for blue purple, lavender summer blooming perennials:

    Blue Cranesbill geraniums ( Johnson’s Blue is a good one.); Phlox, Balloon flowers, Penstemon, Liatris , Plumbago. They should all do well in PA. ( Maybe too cold for the plumbago?)

  12. Oh geez, Chicago is a rough place. And the mob didn’t look very smart. Cameras going and they trash the place & load up their backpacks?
    Stop just outside store and pull out and wave around their stolen property ??
    Am I missing something?

    And where are the store employees?

  13. Insanelysane- thanks for the suggestions- I will have to look those up. We have a wild geranium type thing around here- the flowers are always pink. Phlox- we have a very tall wild one- flowers usually white- the creeping phlox I have never had any luck with- and it is another spring bloomer.

  14. Bill will not help him trust me. 😉

  15. This acolyte plans on informing/reminding my post card recipients of how WJC was treated in 2008.

    Have you all heard that whatever big sport is about due to start will start on the night Bill speaks?

  16. I’m supposed to be doing spring cleaning but cannot stay away from puter today.

  17. Was reading the posts from yesterday’s thread about the latest amazing thing they have miraculously unearthed from long lost reproductions of probably never actually kept records while still unable to find things from the past few decades.

    Now are they going to look at daddy’s side as well becuase the empty suit could be the decedent of the first person on each side of that equation. Just think, centuries after the first slave was sold, decedents of both sides met and discovered their connection and lineage. They make love, not war, and presto Ferdinand was born (and born again after Selma thereby attracting the votes of the fundamentalist crowd).

    I am sure that Welsh coal miner will turn into a long lost decent of King George III – a double whammy – peerage and mad hattery.

    Why is no one ever a decent of an indentured servant?

  18. Dressage starts on the 2nd, also on the 3rd and 9th. The dressage vids Upps posted were elegant. I hope Ann Romney’s horse does well.

  19. Karen- I thought the dressage events were already over?

  20. PMM, how about an annual that returns every year? I have verbena bonariensis that perennializes as well as reseeds generously. It blooms all summer and is a butterfly magnet.

  21. cynic- I love the verbenas- but you must have some magic touch- mine never reseed. My wild columbine do though- and my old fashioned hollyhocks lol.
    I tried butterfly bush a couple of times- could not get it established. Had some Lupine for a few years- but it disappeared this year. Will have to get some more of those- they were lovely! And the hummingbirds liked them too!

  22. they have miraculously unearthed from long lost reproductions of probably never actually kept records


    Ding Ding Ding we have a winner! Give that gal a penguin!

  23. Mom I have tall purple phlox plants that keep on giving forever.Just for you I am going to run out there and snap a photo.

  24. Like you said Uppity, they’ll push every demographic MALE candidate before they ever consider a better qualified female.

  25. lol Uppity- all the wild flox around here is white. We occasionally have wild sweet peas- they smell lovely- don’t see them every year though

  26. Ok mom, what you are looking at from a distance is a three tiered peren. garden that runs itself. Unfortunately it’s very hot out and so things aren’t as upbeat as they would be in the AM or early evening. The three tiers are octogon logs, with the bottom tier the largest in circumference and the other two tiers respectively shortened. The tiers are each about a foot above each other. I run ground flox early, followed by a couple of different size daylillies, and by July, the wild black eyed susans I originally snatched from a field in Mass on the way to Tangelwood Music festival. They just keep on giving and will take over my land if I don’t give some away yearly. I have many happy friends and neighbors inundated with them. In the center are the purple tall phlox. They were at their peek a few weeks ago but still hanging in there. Behind there you see my red tomato baskets with my slicer plants. And some grapevines on the left.

    Closer view. As I said, but for weeding this garden runs itself.

  27. I like that phlox! I have black eyed susan and daisys and jacobs ladder and all kinds of other things in the fields- including milkweed- lotsa milkweed lol.
    I am going to see if I can get some of that phlox. The white we have is ok- but it blooms much earlier- it is long since done.
    I have a gigantic purple flower that grows out in the fields but it sure is not phlox lol. By giant I mean over my head tall.

  28. Mom, those phlox are a good 3 feet tall.

  29. If you have a field flower you like, dig some up! They are the most hardy of garden flowers. That is why my susans just keep on giving. Each year, I find several huge plants in places I never even planted them. I have them in front of the home too, behind another log setup. The wild ones are amazingly resiliant and giving. Susans are my favorite garden flower, I just admit.

  30. Love the garden pics. I enjoy all the updates from everyone here.This is one thing I really miss having my mom moving here from PA. I no longer have a yard/garden to tend.A major downside to condo life is that decks with flower boxes and containers just do not have the same flexibility. Especially when they face north.

  31. I like the susans- but not enough to have them in the garden or around the house. I tried picking up some of the wildflowers out in the field- but they did not transplant well. Must be something about an old goldenrod infested former hay field they like lol. I do have the damn day lillies. Another thing that just does nothing for me at all. They could at least smell pretty or something. I love the Star Gazer lillies for their beautiful scent. But then I have old fashioned daffodils- ruffly trumpets- and they have a beautiful scent too.
    Listen to me- for crying out loud. Why in hell am I even thinking of planting anything else here? Idiot.

  32. Goodness, do you think they are now going to find that Ferdinand is the lost decedent of a Mayan Prince?|main5|dl5|sec1_lnk2%26pLid%3D186481

    I mean it is so timely with the 2012 Mayan doomsday approaching and that election stuff Ferdinand thinks is dumb. I do hope it does not mean flooding becuase Noah is probably ticked over being told he did not build that ark and will likely refuse to help.

  33. Glad you like it Mt. Laurel. I have several gardens that give me a great feeling early in the morning with my coffee. Gardens just feel so right.

  34. Mom if scent is your thing, why not go for lilacs and then heirloom rose bushes?

  35. I like the scent of herb plants myself. I have a rosemary pot right near the door. You get a whiff when you walk nearby.

  36. I just noticed you can see my scarecrow in the second pic.

  37. I have lilacs and one Rosa Rugosa- which is a wonderful old rose. LOL I used to grow a lot of roses back in MA- have never been able to get any to take out here other that the Rosa Rugosa- which on Cape Cod is a weed that grows in the sand dunes. Hardy suckers they be!

  38. Ok halp. Somebody recently gifted us with some interesting spreads from Belgium. One is called organic “Brunette”with description”Belgian praline spread pate a tartiner pralinee Praline Hazelnoopasta.

    The other is organic “Speculoos” with description “Belgian speculoos spread Pate a tartiner au speculoos Speculoospasta.

    So how do we eat this stuff?

  39. At first I almost suggested you edit the first photo becuase I saw a figure in the background and then I recalled your scarecrow and had a head palm moment.

    My deck is pleasant and I am lucky to be on the top floor with a sycamore right off to one side. However, I am limited in what will grow well especially in terms of flowering plants. On the other hand, ivy, vinca vine and other trailers love the location and usually over winter well. The spring and fall are often the best since pansies like partial/indirect sun and even a little shade and yet give great color.

    Also lucky that it is a small community with a wide range of greenery. The original developer must have liked trees with interesting bark patterns since we have sycamore, crepe myrtles, Japanese cherry, paper maples and small groves of birch.

  40. You could make it into a pie!

  41. It’s carmelized biscuit spread. Put it on toast, bread, pancakes or Mr. Uppity

  42. So how do we eat this stuff?

    On a bisquit with a cup of SpotaJava Coffee while reading/watching Hecule Poirot?

    I think they are Belgian variations on Nutello? Those Euros love hazelnuts and gingerbread.

  43. Good place to make the point about the Chinese Swimmer, twandx

  44. PMM, my pink cones are nice right now, along with some of my hybrid daylilies. The hearty Hibiscus (blooming pink with deep magenta centers, and the flowers on two of the varieties of Hosta I got in a Costco mix are just starting – they smell heavenly, some are purple but the fragrant ones are white. As I look at my zinnias, which I bought from the local Womens’ Club plant sale, I’m glad I stuck them into pots in early spring. They, along with the Mandevilla move where things have stopped blooming to fill in until something comes back. Both my foxglove and delphinium are “done” but each has a couple pink blooms left on them. I’m sorry I didn’t deadhead them and try to extend their bloom. I have five colors of re-blooming iris that will start to bloom again in a few weeks. They were my best plant buy ever.

  45. PMM: you asked in the downstairs thread:

    Wonder if the Episcopalians would take a heretic like me?

    By definition they will take you!! Hey, they took me. And if you choose a high church, you get teh smells and bells and a fabulous choir, just like the RCs except The Lord’s Prayer is not a race. Oh, and no one leaves until the closing hymn is over.

  46. It’s carmelized biscuit spread. Put it on toast, bread, pancakes or Mr. Uppity

    There are a couple of realllllllly good ideas here….

    I tasted the speculoos and it is delish!

  47. Hey AntKnee. I need you to decorate my garden like your terrace.

  48. There are several interpretations for the origins of the name Speculoos. It may derive from Latin speculum, which means mirror

    It’s also American for the auto-snap-latch stainless steel thing OB GYNs take out of the freezer before using it on women.

  49. LOL Sophie! But do they do contemporary music? I can sing the old High Church stuff (though I do try to keep the rust on the Latin- ugh) but contemporary is way more my style.
    Episcopalians have women priests too? But I would have to give up the Blessed Mother. sigh

  50. PMM: Some have contemporary music, but then you’d want a low church (and thus would give up the smells and bells).

    Yes, the have women priests. My ex is one. You would not need to give up the Blessed Mother but you would not find her being worshiped in a service. Episcopalians have a saying–it was originally about confession but has come to apply to many things over time: All May, None Must, Some Should.

  51. Thanks for the info Sophie- though we RC’s do not worship Mary- many of us have a special devotion to her, and or other saints. If ratzinger keeps dragging us backwards I may have to switch over- but my Nana was Episcopalian so maybe it would be like going home lol

  52. Hey AntKnee. I need you to decorate my garden like your terrace.

    Cool. Packing the woolite and silk tee shirts right now!

    Can I dress your scarecrow while I’m at it?

  53. ROFL! Obama donates to his own campaign and says, that he “cleared it with Michelle first.”

  54. ‘t’s also American for the auto-snap-latch stainless steel thing OB GYNs take out of the freezer before using it on women.”
    You just gave away a super insider professional secret!!!!

  55. UW, I love your yard! I love all that green!!!! I might have to run over to Karen’s and get my hammock and park it in your yard for awhile!

  56. Can I dress your scarecrow while I’m at it?


  57. That donation video is creepy, imust. He is a strange man.

    Lorac, you go right ahead and put your hammock in upps sunny garden but don’t come crying to me when you get burned.

  58. Are those marijuana plants the scarecrow is guarding?

  59. Oh, Karen, that’s right – you got me the kind of hammock that needs trees! Okay, I’m staying camped in YOUR yard!

  60. Geez, Tony, those people are barbarians. Nice to know that it was apparently God’s will that those kids now be orphans.

    The article says that 300 people watched in horror – maybe they need to start overpowering the idiots who have guns, and were way smaller in number. Some of them would have been killed, but perhaps incident by incident they could start taking back their culture. These barbarians never go away on their own.

  61. lol I just thought of something. If Romney wins, I hope they shout from the rooftops how HISTORIC his win is – first Mormon president lol – and of course, O will still be historic as the first biracial president not elected to a second term….

  62. Are you kidding? That’s just a portion of my property. I have tons of trees. Do you notrecall I had to cut down several box elders? I have huge maples and pines. Here, lorac, you’ve got it all!

  63. AnthonyI will do a pic of the scarecrow so you can dress him appropriately. As it stands, he’s what you might call white trash.

    Hell no, Ossie, the mary jane is at the back of the property behind the workshop.

  64. lorac, the truth is, Barack Obama has ruined the chances of a presidency for anyone except WASPy pasty white males for decades to come. He blew it. he blew it.

  65. Gore Vidal has died.

    Early word is that God and the Devil are having a huge argument about which one of them has to take him.


    He was, seriously, one of my favorite writers. A brilliant prose stylist, whether as historical novelist, essayist, screenwriter, or playwright. I didn’t always agree with him, but he always made me pay attention.

  66. War Vet: Sad about Vidal.

    Vidal died at his home in the Hollywood Hills at about 6:45 p.m. of complications from pneumonia, his nephew Burr Steers said. Vidal had been living alone in the home and had been sick for “quite a while,” Steers said.

  67. You don’t suppose they’ll kick vidal back here do you,, Rev Vet.

    Great writer. Despicable America hater. I never liked people who purport to despise capitalism while capitalizing on it very well, like the hypcrites they are. Like Bill Ayers and Michael Moore.

    But he was a great writer and you had to appreciate that. It’s kind of like listening to Wagner while knowing what a despicable anti semite,racist and ‘christian’ obsessive he was long before another guy who worshipped him started using his music as a pleasantry for soldiers in special camps after a long week guarding the ovens and monitoring trench digging for dead bodies—making his wildest dreams come to fruition. Still, you can’t help but love his music and opera, except for parsifal, which is actually a 6 hour marathon to the point of blood clots in your legs.

    He was best known to everyone here.

  68. Washington (CNN) – A group of conservative black pastors are responding to President Barack Obama’s support of same-sex marriage with what they say will be a national campaign aimed at rallying black Americans to rethink their overwhelming support of the President, though the group’s leader is offering few specifics about the effort.

    You can cut the irony with a stick.

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