In Italy: A criminal offense to say a man has no balls, but gang rapists do not have to go to jail.

There is no end to the Greaseballery in Italian courts. I’m Italian, I can say that. In many ways,  I know some of these guys. When I was a child, I remember the family holding  extended family picnics in secret just to keep some of the Old Country guys away. If there wasn’t a drunken male pride fight, or an insult a minute to women, or some loudmouth scaring the crap out of his wife and kids, there was the need to protect some shirt-tail relative’s 16 year-old from their drunken gropes. Many of their sons didn’t grow up much better either, to be honest, but nevermind. Suffice it to say I saw enough to make it so Italian men weren’t my idea of the ideal date.

I’m sure it’s changed now, so I hear, but apparently this is not so in Italy’s courts, because it just doesn’t get more convoluted than this:

Boo Hoo! He said I got no balls!

If you want to be charged with a criminal offense in Italy, just tell a guy he has no balls. This is a criminal offense now.

It seems that two cousins had a fight and one of them told the other one he had no balls, so, since they had nothing else to do with their lives, the argument went to Italy’s highest court, where it was ruled illegal to tell a man he has no balls because……..because.

……because it hurts male pride. No kidding. You can’t make this stupid shit up.

‘It refers not only to the target’s lack of virility, but also to his weakness of character, lack of determination, competence and coherence — virtues that, rightly or wrongly, are still identified as pertaining to the male gender.’

The court also found that because the insult was uttered at the workplace with third parties present it could be seen as damaging Vittorio’s reputation.

Can you even believe this insecure macho bullshit? I’m rolling my eyes here.

That’s not all.

On the other hand, should a bunch of perverts decide to prove they do have balls by raping a woman or a minor in Italy, also known as “Gang Rape,”  the courts have now ruled that the pieces of shit who did this do not have to spend any time in jail awaiting trial. That way they can further prove they do have balls and rape a few more women and children during their trial wait. There’s the added bonus of plenty of time to terrorize their victim into changing her testimony. It’s a Win-Win!

This ruling came down with respect to two 19 year-old swine who gang raped a 16 year-old. Let me repeat that: Two 19 year-old pieces of shit raped a 16 year old — and they do not have to strain their balls in a jail cell while awaiting trial. Boy I’ll just bet their victim feels really safe now.

The Italian supreme court has caused outrage after ruling that those remanded for trial for gang rape do not have to be kept in jail.

Late on Thursday the court upheld a constitutional court decision to annul the jail sentence of two 19-year-old men found guilty of gang raping a 16-year-old near Rome. A lower court had ruled that jail was the only custody option, but the supreme court disagreed, saying judges could apply alternatives.

I ask you. Would you want your 16 year-old daughter alone in a room with a judge who made a ruling like this? Seriously, may guys like this all shoot blanks (see story above) so that they might not continually reproduce themselves.

Well, at least there is a substantial group of people in Italy who prefer living in the 21st Century, even if it took them till the 90s to recognize rape as a criminal offense. Yes, folks, that’s right, the 1990s. Before that, it was just a Bad Boy thang:

In Italy, sexual assault was changed from a moral offence to a criminal felony in the 1990s. The former interior minister Roberto Maroni, who helped push through the 2009 decree, urged the government to make the law enforceable by the courts. “This sentence is not just a bad sentence. It is worse – it is dangerous,” Maroni told the Corriere della Sera newspaper. “If we don't propose another law we are going to end up with Cain winning over Abel.”

So you see, Italian men aren’t all bad…..just the ones who are  sitting on the highest courts. They worry about if men feel bad about being accused of having no balls, but a raped 16 year-old? Not so much.

No offense, but no wonder a guy like Berlusconi got to be President. Everybody knew HE had balls. He used them enough on young girls and didn’t see a thing wrong with it.

Bleck. Pazzo!


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  1. Before Anthony takes offence, please to clarify that Italian men who are actuallly IN ITALY are discussed here. Gentle, evolved I-Guys who exchange observsations with us here on the UW – like Mr. A. are not included in this otherwise eyebrow-raising news. Being Italian myself, I can assert that I never dated Italian guys, as a policy, but they make great neighbors and fellow bocce players:)

  2. Ex was Italian. The one who tried to choke me to death. I left the same day and never went back. My Scots/Irish ancestry does not allow for such BS.
    And I took “his” dog- that saved my life by biting him.

  3. Oh shit. This wasn’t supposed to be pubhlised till the AM.

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  5. Sorry, getting taken down till am.

  6. Balls and stupidity in the North East Kingdom of Vermont. All over a pot bust.

  7. LOL SWP, duly noted, but back in my dating days, the only Italian I would date was one who was an orphan with no sisters or brothers. Just kidding,….

    Anyways, hopefully it’s clear now that we are discussing Italy here, paritcularly their courts who, incidentally, convicted a USA women of murder without a shred of evidence and on a whim, held her in prison until somebody finally blew the lid off their setup.

  8. UWites, there are earlier comments on this thread that don’t show up under ‘recent’ comments. That’s because I accidentally published it last night and retracted it. I put the comments back now.

  9. Ex was Italian. The one who tried to choke me to death.


    If I had a dollar for every time I heard something like that……

  10. LOL Anthony.

  11. Gentle, evolved I-Guys who exchange observsations with us here on the UW – like Mr. A. are not included in this otherwise eyebrow-raising news.

    Thanks, AnnA. Nice to see that in less than 24 hours, I’ve gone from “unenlightened” to evolved.

    Vindication is sweet and delicious with my coffee this morning….

  12. LOL Anthony- the best part was watching his face when my Dad and three brothers (Irish/Scots/German Jew mix) came that same night with a truck. He started mouthing off and my brothers threw him in the lake and told him to stay there until we were gone. I believe it was mid to late March. North of Boston MA.

  13. In the 80’s, I had the luxury of pissing away about 3 months of my time after finishing 2 semesters of a post grad program in Paris. I decided that a bicycle trip through the center of France would be great, and it was. Figured “Why stop now?” and continued through Italy. Big mistake.

    Northern Italy was easy enough. Milano reminded me of New York, and a lot of the more obscure villages were like those I had encountered in the Loire Valley. But once I got to Rome, all hell broke loose. Maybe its the heat, but there’s a tendency to grope and dry hump anything that moves, crawls or makes a sound. Thought I’d try to do a meditation at the Colosseum at night, when all was quiet. Big mistake. Big cruising area. It was laughable.

    Eventually had to rent a car because a lot of the guys could run as fast as I could pedal, and those bike shorts that were so popular in the 80’s? I believe in Italy, they’re called “Freak Magnets”.

    ‘Nuff said….

  14. my brothers threw him in the lake and told him to stay there until we were gone.

    I bet he did. And I bet he did so quietly. LMAO!!

  15. Hey you might be a dago but dammit you’re OUR dago! lolol.

  16. My father was first gen natural born American and honestly, he was a really great guy and pretty much ashamed of some of his relatives. My mother wouldn’t have never married him otherwise. My brother’s generation was insufferable but my brother didn’t get away with much. This was because my family was TOTALLY matriarchal. Nuff said. What Italy needs is a clean sweep of these insecure guys, replaced by the women who have been shaking their heads for centuries.

    But you’ve gotta admit that overall, they are a good looking lot.

  17. Matriarchal! Yes indeed. Wonder how much of the bs is caused by Mommy’s who wait on their widdle baby boys like they are god’s gift to the planet.
    We had our share of assholes in the family – as I am sure all do- but we had strong women on both sides. Everybody knew who really ran things lol.

    And yes indeed Anthony, he did stay in the lake, quietly. The chilly waters of recently thawed late winter New England waters probably shrunk his balls to the size of peas. My family would have ended up in jail in Italy for making him feel less manly.

  18. All the boys were studs and all the girls were virgins. Which makes for an interesting anomoly

  19. I remember when I was 17 and my cousin was 19, and my parents got a letter from the “old country”. The Cousins wanted to come to America. The Cousins were two third cousins in their early 20s, looking for wives. My mother was like, ARE YOU EFFING KIDDING ME!!!!???? We laughed till we cried for weeks.

  20. That joke had legs for YEARS. As in, “Stop that or I will bring The Cousins” over. And “Well, if you don’t like it, there’s always The Cousins” and “I wonder what The Cousins are doing”. “You coulda had a V8 and The Cousins”. It was endless.

  21. Calling rapists “swine” is an insult.

    To pigs. 😈

    Uppity’s 8:18 post reminds me again of the illogic of Ye Olde traditional patriarchal system of “values”, which fetishizes virginity in young women, yet considers a young man less than manly if he is not sexually experienced.

    Well, where are the young men supposed to pick up this sexual experience if young women are not allowed to choose to learn with them?

    From older women, who are probably married, and so it would be adultery?

    From one another, hence committing the “sin” of consensual homosexual behavior?

    From livestock? 😈

  22. All I know is that the Italian Anti-Defamation League should have put a hit out on the cast of The Jersey Shore.

  23. Let me be frank with you,Monster/ID. I read your insult about me and my blog the first time awhile back, and I overlooked it. The second time, which would be last week or so, was the final straw. I see no reason why you grace my awful blog, considering you think I’m one of the world’s worst bloggers. I am sorry I don’t follow your platform, and sorry I do not think like you want me to think. Might I suggest you go start your own blog, bust your ass over it, and think exactly the way I want you to think. Let me know when it’s up and running so I can read it and exercise bad taste by insulting you on other public blogs. In the meantime, I suggest you break this awful habit of coming here.

  24. Hell, I’ve forgotten what I said, so I apologize for whatever it was, and I’ll get out of here.

    Have a nice life, y’all.

    As for starting my own blog? Too much work, which is the foulest of all four-letter words. 😈

    Tsk, I’m getting SO nihilistic in my dotage…

  25. 10 bucks sez he’s Italian…..

  26. ACK, Jersey Shore. They are about 5 decades out of style. Great job of perpetuating what once was. Assholes.

  27. Kindred spirits we are Upps….insert Mexican anywhere you see Italian men.

  28. You would think the corrupt Italian court system might have learned its lesson with Amanda Knox. After they ignored all the evidence, or lack of it, and set her up for life in prison, four years served before they were exposed, they still did this after they reversed her murder conviction:

    The same jury, however, upheld Knox’s conviction on the charge of defamation against Patrick Lumumba, an early suspect in the case. She had accused club owner Lumumba of killing Kercher.

    Lumumba was arrested, but released after his alibi checked out. He later sued Knox, winning 40,000 euros ($54,000) in damages. Knox was sentenced Monday to three years on the defamation charge , but received credit for the years she has already spent behind bars, said her attorney, Carlo Dalla Vedova.

    So it was really okay for Italian authorities to accuse her of something she didn’t do, resulting in years in prison, but she insulted some guy by accusing him of the murder, thus offending his balls male pride, and that was baaaaaaaaaaaad.

  29. My favorite Italy story:

  30. Once each month, we went to the home of the single brothers, who lived with their mother, to “count the money” from the Sunday Mass offering. They make great accountants and probably sell their retired surveillance and security systems to the Government a generation or two after they’ve maxed out their testing value.

  31. I love that routine. Seriously, you can’t beat us when it comes to showing up at dinnertime. A habit I myself will never drop. You are all so J.

  32. As an American one of the very last things you want to do is get arrested in a foreign country. If you want to make it even worse, start yelling “I am an American! I demand my rights!”

  33. Yeah try that in Mexico and see what you get. No irony here at all. No sir.

  34. Do not click on this unless you want to be pissed off:

    Don’t say I didn’t warn you.

  35. Oh yeah Upps, that ought to get the room laughing hysterically before they “show” you your rights in Mexico.

  36. You’ll get rights.

    And lefts. And a few boots.

  37. It sure doesn’t take much to be “evolved” around here. We’re “ROFL” laughing because ProudMilitaryMom’s Italian ex-husband tried to choke her to death. Would we be “LMAO” if he succeeded? I get that she tried to make light of what must have been a traumatic event. And kudos to her dog. But come on, we shouldn’t be “ROFL” over spousal abuse. And a man that doesn’t get that isn’t “evolved”, and women shouldn’t be patting him on the back.

  38. elliesmom – if you have a personal issue with me, just spit it out straight instead of all this passive aggressive bullshit. I don’t have a problem meeting anything head on.

  39. No it’s not funny, and it wasn’t that kind of laughing. It was just a confirmation of an all too commonly true stereotype of those times. But really there is no reason to attack someone personally when disagreeing. In fact, I insist that we don’t. It’s one of my few rules and it’s a hard and fast one.

  40. Sorry UW. Point taken and noted. But I couldn’t ignore that. I won’t respond to that kind of crap anymore, but only because I am a guest in your ‘house’. As a guest, I will comply with house rules. Hope there’s no bad blood.

  41. Actually Anthony I wasn’t speaking to you. I did the same kind of “laughing” It was more of a nervous laugh like yours. A confirmation of how a stereotype was sometimes damned true back in those days. I was sure anyone could see that. Apparently not.

  42. Yes myiq and McN. And insist they speak to you in English and put up the American flag for you.

  43. I knew you weren’t speaking to me, UW, but after the drive-by yesterday being followed by this today, I wanted to nip it in the bud.

    I’m apologizing for not ignoring it completely. Truth be told, I almost deferred to cautious and respectful silence because this isn’t my blog. The fact that it continued and was slightly escalated today just made me want to put an end to it by confronting it.

    All of this because I found a drag video hilarious…..

  44. When I told the story I was laughing because the ex from hell thought his Italian man of the house bullshit was bullet proof and was reminded PDQ that he was dealing with the descendants of peoples the damn romans had never conquered- Irish and Scots (and the Germans handed them some pretty horrific defeats in the forests of Germany.)
    No it was not funny at the time- but it sure is damn funny now thinking of that supposedly macho wife beating cheater from hell standing up to his waist in a barely thawed lake. Though I suppose I should not speak ill of the dead.

  45. Ah he died, Mom. Don’t you just love when Karma works in your favor? And yes, I thought the lake scene was not only easy to envision, but hilarious.

  46. Anthony, Mom knew exactly what you meant and that’s what matters.

  47. Though I suppose I should not speak ill of the dead.

    Why not? If they were assholes when they were alive, do you think they evolved into some superior and enlightened being after they kick the bucket?

    According to “experts” like that horrifying Jon Edwards (the psychic, not the douche bag former Senator), they are made aware of their ass-holiness during their corporeal life. Supposedly, they will try to rectify their karma but will have the same flaws they did when they were the miserable people they were while walking the earth.

    I say just go for it. No apologies are needed. We reap what we sow.

  48. Two shitbag parents found guilty of Honor Killing their 17 year old daughter. Horrific evidence of years of “sustained” child abuse and ‘Honor Based” violence in addition to murder. Too bad UK doesn’t execute these swine. They could actually release these two savages in 25 years. Here’s hoping they get thrown in with the general population in prison and they get what they deserve there in a most horrific way.
    Please see this video with statements and see how lovely this young girl was, with aspirations to become a lawyer and refused to capitulate to a life of culture and religious based shackles.

    “An abundance of evidence and overwhelming case”

  49. I’m surprised team Obama didn’t think of this back in 08 when James Carville famously said that if Hillary gave Obama one of hers….he’d have 2.

  50. Perhaps they will get a slathering of lard before they are taken by Bubba?

  51. Anthony- one can hope. Though if I do say so myself I managed to raise our son to a completely different standard. Both my boys know if they ever raise their hands to a woman they will be dealing with me. I brought em into this world and I can take them out. Or as my Mom always said to my brothers when they got much taller than her
    “I will cut you off at the knees and beat you with the bloody stumps!”
    To my knowledge I was the LAST woman to whom he ever raised a hand. Apparently that one lesson was long lasting. (He never fathered any more children either- so that frigid water may have permanently impaired his “manliness”

  52. You posted a blog entry that was about how awful it was that men are given a pass for abusing women. Women often make excuses for misogyny when it comes form men they like. There are women in Italy who are no doubt saying how nice these boys who raped this 16 year old girl are. If we don’t stop misogyny when it comes out in the men we like, how are we going to stop it in the men we don’t? Yesterday’s drag queen video and today’s “ROFL” at a near-choking are not the first time that misogyny has been passed over here when it comes from a man in the circle. If “Joe Doakes” had commented that he was ROFL over ProudMilitaryMom’s being nearly choked to death, you would have been all over him. I’m not singling Anthony out. It just happens that he pulled the crap two days in a row. I read your blog because I have always thought that you are a strong woman and a strong supporter of other women. I didn’t think that you would give any man a pass. My mistake, I guess.

  53. WTF?!?!?! NOBODY is laughing at me nearly dying. Nobody is laughing at me being choked.
    People are laughing at the ex from hell standing in a freezing cold lake at the end of winter.

  54. I’m dying here PMM.

    I suspect the ex never thought you would stick up for yourself, let alone the family taking care of business. For sure the Italian courts would have taken you and your family to jail. You shrunk him. He felt bad.

    more roflmao

  55. I had a bad first husband. Husband from hell as PMM says, not exactly the same issues, and not Italian. When I was married to him and through the divorce I was not amused, to say the least. But as the years have passed and I am free of him now, I often joke about things that he did, even very hurtful things. It’s a way of coping with it or maybe healing. So I think when PMM commented she meant it in a humorous way which is how Anthony took it. I don’t think Anthony would laugh at someone’s pain, especially someone he “knows” like PMM.

  56. I’m counting to ten…..

    and only because I would rather be a respectful guest than point out some obvious issues, but I’m quickly approaching the end of my fucking rope

  57. Mcn and imust- EXACTLY!
    Most everyone who reads here regularly knows I have had bad spots in the past- hell who hasn’t? What didn’t kill me made me stronger. And I am sorry but
    IT WAS FU*%ing hilarious seeing that self proclaimed macho macho man standing in that water afraid to come out to get his ass kicked.
    Oh and for the record the family member he was most petrified of was my oldest sister. She really shrunk his pee pee.

  58. Yes and that’s what the post is really about isn’t it? The fragile male ego, in this case, the Italian man’s ego.

  59. Ha! It’s a crime in Italy to tell a man he has no balls because it damages his self esteem. LoL!! If that’s all it takes to damage a mans self esteem… He has no balls!

  60. LoL!! If that’s all it takes to damage a mans self esteem… He has no balls!

    Bingo! This is the money-quote.

  61. dwp, you have further damaged his self esteem because you have pointed out the obvious, which he fails to see. Your statement could keep you locked up for life.

  62. Another interesting tidbit from Uppity’s link:

    The conservative parliamentarian Alessandra Mussolini, granddaughter of Benito Mussolini, called the ruling “a time bomb waiting to explode”. A long-time advocate for tougher anti-rape laws, Mussolini in 1999 donned jeans to protest inside parliament over another controversial supreme court rape decision, the so-called “denim defence”. In that case, the court overturned a 34-month rape sentence in southern Italy, suggesting a woman could not be raped while wearing jeans since they were impossible to remove unless she helped.

    Would it be safe to say that Italian courts have been a little soft on rape?

  63. Ellies, I have NO problem with your complaint. What I have a problem with is your personal attack on anthony. And that is exactly what you did. I very clearly stated my distaste for drag queenery and I did it without insulting a person on this blog. You KNOW that it is a hard and fast rule here about that. If you don’t know it you know it now. Just stop doing it. By the way, Ellie, I ROFLd too. For the same reason. Now why is it you have no problem with me Now one thing I cannot STAND is when this blog goes south over these kinds of things. It ranks right up here with coming here and calling us all assholes, which is pretty much what you are nearly doing now. I am sick and tired of being nitpicked with this kind of shit driving everybody away. All anybody has to DO is READ what you wrote to know you made a personal attack and you have the audacity to accuse me of giving a pass to HIM? You’re the one who got the pass. Any stranger who came in here and did what you just did would have been gone.

  64. You know something? I have blogger friends I love. They don’t always do and say exactly what I tell them to do and say. Can you imagine that? What I should do is go there and kick their asses and call them all names. I’ll get right on that.

  65. Go have a piece of pie, Anthony.

  66. imust, in some quarters in Europe, a 16 year old girl is not considered rape. To them it’s just nice young meat. See Roman Polansky and France. He’s not there because he loves cheese.

  67. I want pie! Trying to gear myself up to do some canning- fair is fast approaching. Got enough blackberries to do a batch of jam- but put them in the freezer- I am so not canning jam when it is in the 90’s. Tomatoes should be right on time for the fair. Shit for nothing on my acorn and butternut squash this year- normally I have so many I am making pies with the things. Not producing this year at all- even the zucchini has been sparse this year. Hopefully the beans get to the third picking for fair week- they are budding again.
    I am going to try again on the mayonnaise cake. The cake is always good- but the frosting is a problem. Always weeps in the heat.

  68. True that on Europe Uppity. And if they don’t put the kaibosh on that muslim sharia law multiculturalism bull it will only get worse.

  69. Mom, I have enough tomatoes to sink the Queen Mary and they are the size of Buicks. And not one of them is red. Except for the cherry tomatoes. It’s painful to look at. Since I have a friend who is a fried green tomato freak, I have to keep her away. These babies are going to all ripen together and that pisses me off since I made sure they were strains that didn’t do that.So I thought. The blackberries are delicious this year, though. I also got no mulberries this year on that tree that planted itself. Which is good, since I hate mulberries.

  70. LoL!! If that’s all it takes to damage a mans self esteem… He has no balls


  71. ROFL on the tomatoes Uppity- the damn cherry and grape tomatoes are as usual ripening faster than I can give them away. The early girls are behaving and giving a few every other day. The brandywines are HUGE and green. Same with the San Marzanos. I planted a regular Roma and have gotten a couple. It is going to be as you said- all at once.
    I dearly love pickle half sour green tomatoes. Been seriously thinking of taking some of the damn cherry and grape tomatoes to make a couple of jars.
    Husband loves the fried green tomatoes as well. And he can just take from the early girl plants- he is NOT getting my brandywines.

  72. Mom, my Brandys are a pound apiece. Seriously. I want them red. Now.

  73. Same here Uppity- the brandywines are HUGE! I salivate just looking at them. Want. Red. NOW!

  74. They don’t always do and say exactly what I tell them to do and say. Can you imagine that? What I should do is go there and kick their asses and call them all names. I’ll get right on that.

    I think NES calls it whippin’ time? JK
    We all have different opinions. Some of us have an odd sense of humor. Our experience colors that. What a boring world we would be otherwise! This is a lovely living room.

  75. Hey PMM, my tumbleweed is 2′ high. The catnip is still only 5″ tall. I just cannot compete with ya’ll. 😀

  76. mcnorman- lol on the catnip. I just can’t imagine why that would be……..

  77. Still in the 100s and no rain in site. Of course rain here is called spit in your neck of the woods.

  78. Hahahah on the tumbleweed. Although the catnip sounds interesting.

  79. Elliesmom,
    I chuckled at the image of PMM’s macho abuser up to his dick in frigid water. I do, however, agreed with your two other generalized statements.

    In terms of the women’s movement, I’ve noticed it since the early 70’s, and long before that in day to day life.

    Whenever a male would participate in a small gathering of feminist women, most of the women would compensate by bending over backwards to make him, the poor sole male surrounded by women (oh nos) feel welcome. Somehow some women felt it necessary to elevate the male’s status just because he was acting like a normal human being. This to the point of losing site of the primary foundation and purpose of the gatherings.

    This also happens in mixed gender classes, where teachers focus on, and attend to the males in order to control their out of control behaviors. Heaping praises for even the most dull witted responses, and basic deminstrations of civility, to the detriment of the girls, of course, who are largely ignored and bored out of their minds as a result.

    PS I think you would probably enjoy “I blame the patriarchy” blog as a supplement.

  80. Well there’s a great log on the fire. Anybody got a fan?

  81. My cats don’t care for it. I don’t know why the stuff that the farmer who retired and sold his farm was so hot, but my catnip is junk. 😦

  82. McNorman, when a cat encounters catnip, one of three things happen. 1) They aren’t the least bit impressed or 2) They eat it and just walk away or 3) they get shitfaced just smelling the stuff. Quiet cats yell.

    Either that or……..your catnip is just not punchy and that is possible.

  83. It’s not punchy Upps. I think it’s the clay in the soil. I am going to try another one next season because my cats are total nippers. They walk to the driveway to sit when they know that I have a bagful in the car. We’re talking severe nip addicts, but they don’t care for the one that I planted.

  84. These are the feral sisters that sit on the driveway. The ones inside are at the window on high alert.

  85. dwp, when it comes to a personal attack on anyone on this blog, I am there. Period. And that is what this is really about, as I said. It’s not about who laughed and it’s not about who loves or hates drag queens. It’s about personal slams. And that is something that will never be tolerated here and that’s one thing you can COUNT on me bending over backwards to correct. Yes! Even if it’s done to a guy…sputter!

    Other than that, I don’t remember the last time I bent over backwards for a guy, unless he’s cooking a really great meal. then all bets are off.

    Ok Correction: There’s DE’s legs and his hands when he’s throwing a vase. But nevermind.

  86. BTW UW, have you ever heard of this fellow Stubbs?

    He sure looks like he’s in the nip.

  87. McNorman, most times ferals don’t have time for fun. You rarely see them playing. When you do, you are already closer to breaking them.

  88. YOu can grow it indoors, McNorman. It’s a weed.

  89. I have tried growing it indoors. It usually doesn’t make it past the 2″ stage. That’s why I know that I have serious habits in my house. Those girls will fight for the stump. I have a sun porch where I am going to try again. It is protected from the extreme sunlight. I am going to try a hanging basket. This way they can enjoy the smell. Hopefully, they won’t joyride the basket.

  90. I wish that I could get the sisters on camera as I drive up to the gate. They cruise to middle of the driveway, throw a few body rolls and wait to scratch my tires after I park. They are so funny.

  91. Continuity, folks, continuity. The standing-in-cold-water comment came after the ROFL-at-domestic-abuse comment.

    Maybe uppity can go back and rearrange the order of the comments so it suits y’alls rememory better.

  92. You are missing the point gxm. The point is a person was attacked. But thank you for dropping out of the sky to stir up some turds. Y’all. Nice derail though.

  93. Nevermind, no sense of bothering with that one.

    I am sick of people coming here and deliberately derailing this blog, wasting my time and everyone else’s time with their deliberate nitpicking. If you don’t like it here, use the door.

  94. McNorman use a growing light.

  95. I don’t know if some of these people understand that some of us who comment know each other off the blogosphere. Our information is not just what we type out, and the nuances might be between two commenters and not everyone else. If you have been here long enough, that is a given. Attacking one’s opinion is just not kosher, particularly when it has been explicitly said that it will not be tolerated.

  96. Somebody with a private locked up blog has the audacity to drop by and stoke some flames they don’t have to get stoked at their own private blogs. That’s rich.

  97. Good idea on the growing light Upps. They would love that. Their very own indoor stash. 🙂

  98. Yeah if they know it’s in there, it might tame them really fast. lolol.

  99. I’m going to get some real air. Ignore moderation comments, mods.

  100. Just checking in to say Hi !!! 🙂

  101. Jack and Smokey are both nip lovers. Daughter swears Jack is some reincarnation of Koz. There he is lying as close to my leg as he can get as it is too hot to actually be ON me.

  102. NOW HEAR THIS! The standing in the water comment is a well known story on this blog- I have told it on more than one occasion. For the last time- Anthony WAS NOT laughing at me getting choked.
    Cheese and Rice- take the word of people who have been here on this blog for years.

  103. Still not the point. The point is not that someone disagreed or thought it was or wasn’t funny. THE POINT IS A MEMBER HERE WAS PERSONALLY ATTACKED for it AND I WILL NOT STAND FOR IT. It was NOT the way to handle an argument and, for that matter, it looked quite deliberate.

  104. hiya back, foxy.

  105. I honestly don’t want to spend anymore time on people who have personal issues with others. i just want no part of it, it’s stupid and it’s rude. I also always marvel as to why people who don’t like what goes on here come here. It’s not like we chain them. For my part, this is a case of a person deliberately personally attacking another person –twice in two days –And then declaring herself the victim. Classic Passive Aggressive. Sorry but it’s true. No help here? Well then, take it somewhere else where you might have better luck, especially among people who haven’t seen what you said.

    And of course, there’s let’s shame the blogger.

    I read your blog because I have always thought that you are a strong woman and a strong supporter of other women. I didn’t think that you would give any man a pass. My mistake, I guess.

    No. Your mistake is imagining that if you kick the shit out of guy and he isn’t bloody enough for you, it’s a free pass.

  106. Fingers crossed- got a form letter inquiring if I was still available for a job I had tested for a few months ago. Apparently they are going to start interviewing soon.

  107. Taking this to another blog is about as tasteless as a ‘victim’ can get.

  108. You’ll get the job Mom. We decree it.

    So it’s a second interview. This is good.

  109. Taking this to another blog is about as tasteless as a ‘victim’ can get.

    Just my opinion, add rude and crass.

  110. Yippie PMM. You’ll have them eating out of your hand.

  111. PMM, best wishes for your job opportunity!
    Anthony, I really like you contributing to this blog, as well as the other contributors. I have not been offended by anything you have posted.
    Uppity, I just love this blog and I am impressed how you stand by your regular bloggers.

  112. FTR, the reason my blog is locked down is because it’s unfinished, and probably won’t be finished until I buy Muse. And it’s just graphics (from 2010), no commentary. If I get around to making a Robamney graphic, I’ll open it up just for you.

  113. TY WLM.I appreciate you too. xo.

  114. Deadenders has used his sexy kiln throwing skills to create a prototype of this mug, which will be on sale soon.

  115. For those of you who have never watched DE’s hands work:

  116. An Uppity mug!!!!! For coffee in the garden and for soup on the porch!

  117. Handmade to order. $20 $6.50 shipping.

  118. If you’ve never seen DE’s creations go here.

  119. gxm, you weren’t banned you were on moderation as are ALL new people. I want to take a moment to tell you that my argument here was that a person was PERSONALLY attacked. On two threads in a row. It wasn’t about abuse, or even the argument that pissed me off. It was the personal attacks. That is not tolerated here. Unfortunately the same person who did this is now the “victim” because that point is conveniently missing on how ever the hell many blogs she went to to whine.

  120. I think I want a purple uppity woman mug. How many ounces is that thing going to be? Will DE provide vids for every mug thrown?

  121. Uppity, you’ve had your share of what we eye-talians used to call AGITA today and lately in general. Perhaps some of these nit-pickers are obots looking to discredit you? Just sayin’, the lunatic irritator of a few weeks ago hit “our neighbors blog” and here with crap at the same time and it happened again. They are not impressed with this persons conclusions over there either.

    Get it out of your mind. It isn’t you and it isn’t a regular. It is an outside agitator looking for attention.

    I thought the drag vid was kind of funny and certainly interesting. I watched it till the end. That’s entertainment and you need a sense of humor sometimes to get through this world intact. Sometimes humor is used in a hateful manner. I saw no sign of that here. If it was used here you would have been the first person to immediately take it down.

    Carry on UW and Company. Don’t let the bastards get you down.

  122. It is that time of year again. The offspring dropped off the pet and headed for her geek fest, Pennsic War 41. The Society for Creative Anachronism. She is a Queen this year. She was Princess last year of her kingdom. If only we could all live in a fairy-tale world all the time.

    map of the huge place (10 – 15,000 people camping out)

    pictures from google images:…0.0…1ac.EXAKsoh-LxI

  123. Karen- I want purple too! Or red white and blue of course lol.

  124. Mom, my daughter has a bumper sticker that says:

    Anything PURPLE is mine, everything else can be dyed or painted.

    She got it from me.

  125. I was just looking at the Pennsic War geeky stuff (my daughter is an avowed nerd) and found this t-shirt:

    “Meddle not in the affairs of the dragon; for you are crunchy and taste good with ketchup.”

  126. OMG!!! PMM, that’s awesome! ROFLMAO! (hope I can still say that without incident)

  127. Anthony- did you catch the Dem response at the end? Somehow sending oblowma a cake translates into dissing the middle class ala Marie Antoinette?
    I hope the Twitter rolls on the cake wars.

  128. That means that the real polling indicates a decline in middle income and/or independent support. Good.

    Here’s the pic:


  129. Nah definitely not obots. They disdain Teh One just like we do. And all men. It’s just a case of bad behavior toward others and a refusal to admit it.

    Speaking of the one, that’s right. His Effing birthday is coming up again. You are all gonna get emails from michelle asking you to wish Barack a happy birthday, sign his card and give him three dollars.

  130. Karen I am SURE DE would provide you with a video of him throwing your own personal mug.

  131. You are all gonna get emails from michelle asking you to wish Barack a happy birthday, sign his card and give him three dollars.

    Absolute given, just like the sun rises.

  132. And that cake is red, blue and white! RAYCISTS! (Wonder what’s up with the yellow writing? Coward connotation?)

    I got some dumb email asking for birthday goodies for him a few days ago. Clicked delete.

  133. Well, if you rape someone, isn’t that proof positive that you have no balls? And since by there actions they admitted they have no balls, shouldn’t they be in jail for insulting themselves?

    If is hard to believe that men (using the term loosely here) are allowed out in pollite company. I wonder if they video’d it since that seems to latest trend among dirtbags?

  134. Oh joy! More fun! This is the only part of his birthday I like- the RNC cards!

  135. Excellent post. I remember telling my mom several times when I was little that I wouldn’t marry a Greek like she did. He wasn’t evil or anything, but I didn’t want the macho thing.

    I’m with Karen. Thought the drag vid was funny. Also, the thing about Moms story is that it has a “feel good ending” and yes, thinking of the guy freezing his nads off in a lake is pretty funny. I think its good to find humor where you can. Life can be tough.

  136. How can we celebrate our prez’s b-day tomorrow???

  137. How can we celebrate our prez’s b-day tomorrow???

    Ignore him like he ignored the whole country for four years?

  138. Love that mug!

    For some reason I thought of this:

    I have a couple Spode mugs that were gifts with similar shape and size and they get a lot of use. Very good for hot chocolate in winter as well as tea, coffee, and even a hot toddy.

  139. I want two purple mugs, please!

  140. I’ll get purple also. Solidarity for Uppityites!

  141. “Ignore him like he ignored the whole country for four years?”

    Yes, ignore is good, if we’re not having a laff at his expense.

  142. DE will be along to give you ordering instructions.

  143. How can we celebrate our prez’s b-day tomorrow???

    Well now I know why there were stacks of cakes and cupcakes with that ugly Pepsi logo and Ferdinand’s image sitting in the bakery when I went to get a salad for lunch.

    There was a broken down zip car out front so I assume they were going to load them for some event in the area but had to have a dead car towed again today. I guess Mom’s and Dadums are no longer giving the kids their own autos for trolling for votes. The area near the campaign office always full of those rent by the hour hunks of junk and tell your self it’s car sharing.

  144. I am thinking of getting Obama a practical gift for his birthday this year.

  145. Sophie! GREAT idea for a birthday gift! Just what he needs!

  146. I’m giving him a belated gift in November. Walking papers.

  147. 5 purple mugs so far. DE, you got a hot item on your hands.

    Well, we are a modern day coffee klotch.

  148. mcnorman – I used to grow catnip in a big planting pot on my back patio. One of the cats loved sitting in it, and almost killed it a few times from smooshing it so much. I finally had to put chicken wire around it! That way they could nibble on the plant growing out, and I could keep it alive to keep having catnip for them!

  149. I think I will try the chickenwire. They can have their nip via the air until I can harvest it. Thanks lorac.

  150. Upps, you have mail.

  151. Just read up through the thread. I see you guys had fun today.

    What I want to know is –

    – why is it always fried GREEN tomatoes? Those are not-ripe tomatoes, right? How come people fry them green, and not when they’re red?

  152. lorac, people do fry red tomatoes and they’re good too. The thing is, if they’re too ripe they will be mushy. Also, red tomatoes are good to eat as they are but green tomatoes need some help, hence frying or making into a relish or something else.

  153. Oh, and the reason people fry them green is because they usually harvest all of their remaining tomatoes, ripe or not, if a frost is coming. Generally, fried green tomatoes is a late fall thing.

  154. You gotta watch those green tomato addicts because they want your biggest beautiful tomatoes, the big ole brandywines, before they are ripe and succulent, so they can batter them, dip them in corn meal and fry those babies before they even had a chance to blush! You have to learn to say No.

  155. Speaking of tomatoes, I finally got to harvest a Purple Cherokee today. It was DEEliscious!!

  156. So it looks like Purple is the mug color of choice. A Karen influence.

  157. If we can an order totalling ten mugs, I know I can talk DE into a video of him at the kiln in shorts making an Uppity mug.

  158. Hey Mom, I know you’ll appreciate this. Tomorrow we are going to hit all the country farmer stands till we find a whole basket of zucchini flowers.

  159. Sophie did the tomato drip down your arm?

    When I was a kid, I used to go out into my grandfather’s huge garden with a little morton salt shaker. It was a replica of the morton salt box only it was really small, fit in your pocket. had the little girl with the umbrella on it too. I would sniff the tomatoes on the vines and pluck the one that smelled the sweetest and then take out my little cardboard morton box, wipe the tomato on my shirt, salt it and chomp it down.

  160. Yes, the tomato dripped down my arm! 🙂

    And while I hold Ms. Karen in high esteem, purple has been my color for decades and decades.

  161. I would sniff the tomatoes on the vines and pluck the one that smelled the sweetest

    Wow. Your own built-in Brix Refractometer!

  162. If you don’t know what a dense brandywine looks like sliced….

  163. We’re talking serious BLTs here.

  164. Sophie, that’s because purple is a very powerful color. I love wearing purple. I just don’t want it on my walls. lol.

  165. Sliced Cherokee Purple:

  166. Warning: When I am an old woman I shall wear purple
    by Jenny Joseph

    When I am an old woman, I shall wear purple

    with a red hat that doesn’t go, and doesn’t suit me.

    And I shall spend my pension on brandy and summer gloves

    and satin candles, and say we’ve no money for butter.

    I shall sit down on the pavement when I am tired

    and gobble up samples in shops and press alarm bells

    and run my stick along the public railings

    and make up for the sobriety of my youth.

    I shall go out in my slippers in the rain

    and pick the flowers in other people’s gardens

    and learn to spit.

    You can wear terrible shirts and grow more fat

    and eat three pounds of sausages at a go

    or only bread and pickles for a week

    and hoard pens and pencils and beer nuts and things in boxes.

    But now we must have clothes that keep us dry

    and pay our rent and not swear in the street

    and set a good example for the children.

    We must have friends to dinner and read the papers.

    But maybe I ought to practice a little now?

    So people who know me are not too shocked and surprised

    When suddenly I am old, and start to wear purple.

  167. McNorman is on board tomorrow to point out yet more crackpots, crazy people and parents who should never have spawned.

  168. Oh and yes Youtubes can be made available for an additional fee or pie.

  169. Ok with teh pie, but we want the Righteous Brothers in the background then.

  170. What? Not Slow Hand??

  171. yeah slow hand!

  172. I’m going to find a pic of a homegrown one. No contest.

  173. 16 – 18 oz is a great size. It keeps the trips back to the coffee pot down.

    DE can we order one of Angi’s pies as package cushioning?

  174. I’ve had the purples Soph and they are extremely tasty once you get past their looks. I grew Krims once that look like them and they were awesome too. The purples are heirlooms and you can’t get a better taste than a tomatoe untouched by Monstanto assholes. Most people shy away from strange tomatoes. That’s their loss. Some of them are awesome.

    Black Krim

  175. Got a basket of freestone peaches. We’re talking serious peach shortcake here.

    That was a homegrown shot, McN. You just can’t beat brandywines. I don’t care what anybody says. Unless you are cooking. Then it’s marzano.

  176. Any Mac owners here? I’m downloading the new OS and its taking forever…… going on 2 hours now and at a snails pace. Just wondering if anyone had the same experience?

  177. I love the Krims too. I have a farmer around her who specializes in tomatoes and every week he’d bring out yet another variety I’d never seen that was just delicious.

  178. Thanks Sophie!

  179. Thanks for the green tomato info, SophieCT – I remember the movie by that name but didn’t think much of it (the green aspect) until you guys mentioned it today

    Gonna go to DE’s link in a minute here – I don’t drink coffee but I want to be in the “in crowd” lol

    Anyway, I’ve been meaning forever to buy some stuff from him. And even I like his hands, too – but I like his knees, too – they were in one of the videos UW posted way back when

  180. oops sorry to objectify you, DE 🙂

  181. Well…I intended to stop by to see what’s going on and boy howdy, did I! interesting thread here Upps. 😯

    And btw, that cake is racist!!

    vanilla with vanilla frosting

    They could have at least made it an oreo cake. Leaving now!!!

  182. Wow tons of fascinating reading here I had to catch up on.
    Canning going full steam.
    Have tomatoes up the hind end getting canned in a rosemary, garlic, olive oil liquid.
    Blueberries all made into jelly and syrup.
    Raspberries done the same.
    String beans all done.
    Beets pickled .
    Zucchini sliced and canned with onions and tomato sauce.
    Peaches, Pears and Apricots done
    Salsa made and canned.
    Rutabagas will get pulled up tomorrow and cooked then frozen.
    Peas picked and canned.
    Pumpkin is coming along but will be awhile yet.
    Been making dill pickles and sweet pickles .
    Uppity I planted a huge yellow Heirloom tomato and darn is it ever good. Has to be one of the best tomatoes I have had on sandwiches ever !!
    I canned the yellow grape tomatoes with garlic and rosemary and can’t wait to open a jar. They need to set a month or so.
    I scored a ton of strawberries so made jelly and syrup and froze a bunch,
    Carrots canned and looking ready to gobble up. Still waiting on my corn. It is almost ready.
    Got to get some apples next month to put up. Need more apple sauce and apple butter.
    I do not know what I was thinking when I was planting the garden lol but I ended up with 31 tomato plants !! I will have tomatoes and tomato sauce for ever !! lol.
    Just found out Cantaloupe freezes well so I cut them up and made a simple syrup and in the freezer they went.
    Anyway gang I enjoyed sitting down and reading over the last weeks comments. Sorry I am not around much but work has me busier then a cat on a tin roof looking for sand and of course spare time is devoted to putting up the bounty of my garden.
    PMM best of luck on the job !! And I made a mayo cake once. Was very moist and good.

  183. Utah, after reading you I got exhausted and now have to take a nap.

  184. lorac, Fried Green Tomatoes, full movie.

  185. YouTube wont let me use the Righteous Brothers as background music in my videos but an entire Hollywood movie can be posted.

  186. wow; quite a range. a little uppitiness, a lot of friendliness and a reminder that Nature sooths the fried-by-confrontation spirit. UW, I love how, throughout the thread, you respectfully but firmly sharpened the fine point of your policy – I frequent this blog because you exemplify the Spirit of Women who responsibly tend the fire, balance the pressures and “bactine” the boo boos.

  187. Thank you AnnA. That felt good. Working on accepting compliments by order of Anita Finlay. She grades me on these things.

  188. So, I wonder what your grade is now.

  189. I have no idea WLM but I hope she grades on one of today’s curves.

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