Ding Ding Ding Dong…We Have Multiple Winners

47 year old parental unit sets up a FaceBook account for a 6 year old and is shocked that a perv would try to make contact Are you kidding me?

He claimed that she wanted to talk to her grandmother who is also on the website because the phone is too expensive and that she loved playing games like FarmVille.

Too expensive?  Try teaching your kid how to read first.  Fun fact:  it’s free.

Marcinanis, from Milton, GA, admitted that his daughter ‘obviously added people to the page we didn’t know about’.

She is a six year old for crying outloud.

He said: ‘There’s a lot of really sick people out there.

Slam that bell hard.  We got a freakin’ genius here!  Why is this kid on a site where the rules explicitly state that you must be 13 years old to participate?  Oh yeah, the rulz do not apply to this parental unit’s little darling because this parental unit knows best.  sigh

But wait there’s more.  The good board certified plastic surgeon seems to like watching his patients disrobe so he films them prior to examination (wondering what he’s thinking during the touchy feely segment of the consult….eewww).

The Harvard-educated doctor, who has appeared on “The Doctors” and was featured on an episode of ABC News’ “20/20” discussing butt augmentations for African-American women, may have more victims, police said.

The American Society of Plastic Surgeons has very high standards.  (Perhaps, they need someone to help them screen some of these applicants?)

One savvy patient saw the camera as she was disrobing, grabbed it and ran all the way to the county attorney’s office.

Dr. Lance Everett Wyatt, a Los Angeles-based plastic surgeon, was arrested Thursday after a patient allegedly noticed a hidden camera in his office while she was disrobing. The woman ran from the office with the camera and turned it over to police, said Los Angeles City Attorney Carmen A. Trutanich.

Wyatt faces four counts of surreptitious filming, one count of batter and one count for inappropriately touching a patient, according to the Los Angeles City Attorney’s office.

This dude is sketchy.  You sure they have the right people in admissions?   We all know a few other bad apples that have come out of Harvard, don’t we?

Not to be outdone, Columbia has one sick pup that bought a spy pen cam to look up the little wimminz dresses.   Dr. Adam Levinson is actually a prof in the med school.  He’s a urologist.  (Doesn’t he get enough looksees at work?  Vommit.) Don’t look for Dr. Levinson’s page at the Mt. Sinai website…he’s a 404.

In New York City, Dr. Adam Levinson, a respected urologist at Mount Sinai Hospital, was arrested Wednesday after he allegedly used a pen camera to film up the skirts of two women during rush hour on the subway.

Sheldon Birthwright, who used to be a screener for the Transportation Security Administration, said he spotted Levinson on the subway and noticed he had something that looked like a pen hidden in a rolled-up newspaper as the doctor stood up near a woman in a miniskirt.

“Pen is directly inside [the newspaper], just on the thigh, calmly just moving it around…I guess he was getting different angle shots of whatever he was getting,” Birthwright told WABC.

Once he realized what Levinson was allegedly doing, Birthwright alerted officers, who arrested Levinson.

Well, those two assclowns can now kiss their highly educated professions buh bye.

Both scored high marks in the trust category on HealthGrades.com, a site that allows patients to review their doctors.

I don’t think those reviews are going to be of any use to anyone, do you?


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  1. Camera phones have created so many new opportunities for pervs.

  2. Good for her. Would have loved to see the look on the camera operator’s face.Asshole.

  3. Where to begin? The guy letting his kid on Facebook is an idiot. First for letting the kid on that site and second for allowing her on the net without supervision. How else did she add people to her friends list other than no parent was supervising?
    As for the two pervy “doctors”- what is up with these elitist universities turning out these maniacs? Just take a look at the White House and Congress to see how useless a college education can be these days.

  4. The real racism was when Bob Costas said that Gabby Douglas was a role model for African-American girls.

    How about a role model for ALL girls?

  5. MyIq- indeed. All this bs on role models for this that and the other “community” is just that- BS. Took a few days for NBC AND the other networks to quit saying Gabby was the first AA gymnast to win a medal. That honor went to Dominique Dawes.

    Just goes to show how the supposed “news” outlets are constantly- since 08- all about “historic firsts”- and the glaring error this time is just too much.

    I saw a link last night that sent me through the roof regarding contracts for the convention in Charlotte. The Hispanic caucus having fits that not enough contracts went to the Hispanic community. Then the kicker (for me)- the DNC policy is 1/3 of contracts should be awarded to minorities- and they included, women, AA, Hispanic and GLBT in that 1/3. So 2/3- or the BULK of contracts go to the same old same old?

  6. The Charlotte convention is rapidly turning into a fiasco for the Democrats.

  7. Have to go out in a bit and will be gone til mid afternoon. Helping a friend with some charity thing- they need help in their food booth. BBL

  8. The Charlotte convention is rapidly turning into a fiasco for the Democrats

    Serves em right, the bastards.

  9. NBC is one glaring error after another, some of them deliberate and under the assumption that the entire country is too stupid to notice how stupid and dishonest they are.

    It’s getting so that tuning in to NBC to watch another apology is just a run of the mill thing now.

  10. How about a role model for ALL girls?

    Because that doesn’t keep the deliberate racial divide going.

  11. That’s right UW. Word is that the race card must be played at all costs. Sickening.

    PMM, it’s apparent that these pervs working as physicians have issues. I have heard that the ASPS is one of the most elitist boards that exists. They force their members to reapply for certification every decade. Both make mockery of Do No Harm.

    Access to one’s person is sacred imho. These acts are just appalling to me. As for the fun parental unit, he’s now smarter (atleast he has the mind to warn others about his failure). I shudder to think what could have happened to that child if “dad” hadn’t caught on.

  12. myiq…

    I had a perv teacher in 5th grade who constantly would drop his pencil. Good gawd, our skirts were almost down to the mid shin. He married a young Aisian woman (almost 35 years younger) when he was in his fifties. I cringe thinking about what he would do with a camera pen today

  13. DNC doesn’t need me (Donna said). I do hope they all have a roaring rotten time trying to save themselves propping up their plastic cheezus.

  14. Gotta make a grocery run this morning.

    I know that these creepy docs malign a profession where many are truly there to serve those in need. Just makes me really mad.

  15. I love karma. To see NBC attacked for racism is so satisfying. They created the monster and now it bit them in the ass.

    How dare they put a monkey ad on after that adorable girl’s performance. They should be fined heavily for their racism. /s

    One of the most odious legacies of 2008 was this particular lie. That is what I will most remember, that is what was historical to me. The lies.

    2012 has its share (Reid is a buffoon for going with the Tax rumor bit) but it is so far lacking the out and out horror show of sexism and racism run amok.

  16. When I was young I was afraid of authority of all kinds. I remember having a new dentist rub himself on my elbow. I thought it was accidental and yet it had that creepy factor to me. When it happened on other visits I kept my arms close to my body. Years later I realized it was not only fully intentional but I recalled that he was erect. I didn’t fully understand till I was a teenager that this pig was getting his kicks “drilling” me. And surely others. When the stories came out about groping under laughing gas years later I was not at all surprised.

  17. Remember the game obamopoly from 2009? It was on a birthday greeting site today and it made me laugh.


  18. I know I mentioned it before, but it fits here. I remember in my sophomore year, my parents took me out of school for two months and took me with them to florida. I think you go to jail for that now. Anyways, when I got back, all my teachers were great and gave me assignments to catch up…except my geometry teacher who was a nasty piece of work, declaring that my need to get a tan didn’t mean more work for her. Anyways, my parents just hired a tutor. It was a teacher in my school, and he kept trying to fondle me under the dining room table. So I jumped up and said STOP THAT! My father mysteriously appeared from the other room, lifted him out of his chair and threw him in the dirveway face down. So I had to get another tutor. lol. The man was banged up and I made sure everybody in school knew why to add to his humiliation. That’s the only way we had to handle these things in those days. We also had a neighborhood pervert who liked trying to touch teens and our parents took chances apiece kicking the shit out of him. The old days were best. You break their legs they can’t follow you as fast.

  19. Ray Gaster Lumber responds to “you didn’t build that”:


  20. Oops, Gaster not Gasper.

    ***Fixit Fairy visited you***

  21. Cockroach turns himself in – Accidentally. He thought he couldn’t be charged due to time passed. Hope Bubba uses some TLC and some grease for this Sandusky wanna-be.


  22. Hahahaha. In addition to being a disgusting pervert, he’s stupid.

    He’s 67. Say goodbye, shitbag. IF you get out before you’re dead you’ll be one feeble bastard.

  23. The lumber store owner better be careful…..the O team will no doubt dig into his past, find loans or something else government sponsored that he received not to mention have the IRS pay him a visit. Or Harry Reid will just stand on the floor of the Senate and accuse him of a crime and demand that he prove himself innocent.

  24. Karen, re the dentist. Too bad you couldn’t get your hands on one of his sharp tools.

  25. The old days were the best when it came to serving justice to these pervs.

  26. For sure, imust. They will get him one way or another, derail the whole issue and turn the focus on Nervy Him. If they can’t find anything, they will make something up.

  27. Take heed. Unlabeled FrankenCorn has hit your grocer’s shelf. Buy local corn only. Our government has NEVER tested the safety of this corn.

  28. Look another winner makes an apology…cuz he lost his job.

  29. BBL gotta run to the USP.

  30. these pervs just make me sick. 👿

  31. That video was interesting. He sounded like a typical abuser trying to justify what he had done. But it’s sad that it always has to devolve into threats to his life and family, etc. Point was made when people could see what a jerk he was harassing the drive thru worker. Why can’t they just leave it there?

  32. Where’s SophieCT? Obama’s gonna be in your area!! I was wondering if this is the big deal in CT that the article claims it is:

  33. imust: I am battening down the hatches! I heard that on the news the other day and thought oh crap. Westport indeed–gotta visit that Gold Coast.

    From your link:

    “Could you imagine if a Republican ever did such a thing? They’d be screaming from every corner,” said House Minority Leader Lawrence F. Cafero Jr

    This guy is one of the biggest jerks in the state assembly. Yes, Lawrence, we could imagine. Have your forgotten all the visits Bushie Boy made? Lawrence, you should be proud of The Big Zero, following in W’s footsteps.

  34. I hear ya. They always scream when the other guy does it, not when it’s their guy. People complain when Obama messes up traffic here, but they’ll vote for him anyway.

  35. Exactly. I don’t know who Cafero’s talking to–CT is a blue state. Although lots of the money is red. Except for the hedge fund money, which goes both ways (because they’re hedging). Cafero’s prolly pissed that his own donors donate to B0 as well.

    Still, I’d just as soon have B0 entertain Harvey at his own place.

  36. Bill Clinton Becomes Touchstone in 2012 Presidential Campaign

    Both Obama and Romney are trying to claim a piece of Bill Clinton’s legacy. Eleanor Clift on how Clintonomics became a winning issue 20 years after his election.

  37. got choom?

  38. Sophie, his coattails are big enough for both of them. Our Big Dawg deserves all the recognition that either party can dish out for him. So does his fabulous wife. We know that and the rest of the world is just starting to see it. Big time.

  39. Sicking with all that Obama said about Clinton and his dissing of Clinton’s successes. Same for the Republicans. Bill had to fight the Newt and his Nuts coalition every minute of his 8 years in office. When the Republicans talk about the Clinton era, they claim the credit! Bill, like Hillary now, succeeded in spite of them.

  40. Yes, karen but I still don’t think they really give Bill or Hillary the credit they deserve.

  41. “(almost 35 years younger) when he was in his fifties. …”
    Al would say that is about the right age difference but she is one of those MD perverts. :>)

  42. So, instead of having a miserable choice between two people that undeservedly ride Clinton’s coattails, why can’t we just have a Clinton for real?

  43. why can’t we just have a Clinton for real?

    Ain’t that the truth!

  44. At least we need not worry about any of the contenders coming anywhere near bitter clinger country. Only Hillary and Bill were interested in us.

  45. Sophie, sorry you have to ride out the storm, please hide Lily. Once a dog eater, what’s next?

  46. Hedge Fund is the magic two words here. If you recall, Obama declared that McCain was “Fighting for Joe the Hedge Fund manager”. Truth is, the Hedge Fund people Funding Barack The Bullshitter Obama. He’s there for money, Sophie. THis is lots of it in CT.

    Memory Lane:

  47. Not to worry, mcnorman, Lily will be safe. I’m not sure Barky would be safe around Lily, though!! Not only is she a fighter, but she eats anything. Even pickled salad turnips–pickled with vinegar and mustard seeds at that. I do think Aunt Karen had an overwhelming influence on her. Must have been while watching her eat that pie. She actually wanted tomatoes more than she wanted steak! (And she never even met lorac!) She likes corn too. (She must know mine is organic and not GMO.)

    She sticks her nose in everything I’m eating or drinking! The only things she has refused are coffee, wine, beer, and cayenne peppers. But that doesn’t stop her from attempting to get her face right in my plate.

  48. UW: He is definitely here for money. Harvey Weinstein is throwing him a bash at > $35K a plate. Then he’s doing some low rent thing for $500 a plate. There’s no other reason to come to CT except for the money and the real money in CT is with the bankers and brokers. Yeah, Barky’s with the 99% all the way. He’s got our back, doncha know?

  49. ROFL on Lily eating anything. Jack eats Cheerios, Smokey will try anything.

  50. Love that old post! I forgot about the “Baloney” posts!

  51. Loving our lily! you go girl!

    Eat yer veggies!

  52. If Lily is refusing wine……hmmm……what kind of wine are you trying to pass off give her?

  53. Imust: I have to correct my previous comment–there is one other reason to come to CT: the wine! CT has over 30 vineyards! Trust me, the wine is fine. (In this house, we drink outside the box.)

    What she doesn’t like about wine, she more than makes up for with her affection for catnip. Clearly, Aunt Karen and Uncle Bill got to her.

  54. Now here’s a spambot from Fuckuslovakia. Whatever he is paying his translator is too much.

    Heja. Nizeły serwis.

  55. NY wine sucks goats. It all tastes like somebody sqeezed a bunch of unripe green grapes into a glass. I have tasted a few CT wines and, I will concede CT is a beautiful place, but their wine is just not for me. I had a cabernet and a reisling, if I recall. They weren’t bad unto themselves, it’s just that these are not the types of wines I generally like. I wouldn’t run out wishing for a bottle. I’m not fond of pinot anything unless it’s Noir. I despised Merlot long before it became the fashion to say so. If I am going to drink white, I expect it to have some punch and strength. To me, when it comes to the USA, California has the best wine IMO. Micro vineyards abound in other states but California just has the grapes, the weather and the wine. When vineyards (Think Berringer, several years running) can beat out France in interneational competitions, it’s enough said. Great wine, you california nutcases.

  56. That is why I would rather prefer female doctors. Too many male predators in these type of professions.

  57. I agree Bedelia, but for a different reason. I prefer women doctors because they don’t pre-assume that everything is either pre-menstrual, menstrual, post menstrual, peri menopause, menopause or post menopause. Only time I see a male doctor is when there is no female in that field, which is pretty much never now.

  58. LOl I have never found a California wine I would order twice. German wines are great- Australia makes some nice ones, some of the ones coming out of South America are ok. The CA ones just always leave a metallic aftertaste in my mouth. Different strokes I guess.

  59. Geeze, you guys, your cats will eat anything. mine look at me like, you want me to eat THAT? I do admit Joe is a meat beggar though. Loves him his ham, steak and chcken.

  60. Then he’s doing some low rent thing for $500 a plate

    ROFL slumming it for Barack. I wouldn’t give him fifty cents.

  61. (nod) That too but there are cases were there are asshole female doctors. My cousin was diagnosed with cervical cancer and she recently had surgery. She started bleeding and she went to the hospital to find out what is wrong, the doctor she was speaking to about the problem didn’t even examine her until my cousin had to be persistent and the doctor only took a quick glance at the problem and prescribe medication that probably had nothing to do with her problem. She won’t be able to breastfeed her kid because of the meds, her kids is like several months old……

  62. Bedelia, there are inept doctors of course. One killed my own brother. Literally. But you just walk away from them and find a real doctor. It’s how it is. Fortunately, doctors’ reputations can be checked out online these days. I pick a doctor like I pick my veterinarian. I want to know how others feel about him or her and I definitely want to know they didn’t graduate from a school where American students go when they won’t take no for an answer. Fortunately, my nephew is a doctor and they know how to find out about each other. But sometimes, in an emergency, you get what you get. It can be great or awful.

    Hey bedelia, you’re in Canada, right? I know you are brutally honest, which is why you are my little twitter 2nd wave feminist in training, so let me ask you…..how is the medical care system in Canada, really? What do you like about it? Dislike?

  63. Yes, I am Canadian. I like the fact that it is free when I am below 18 but once I turn 19, I have to pay it for myself unless I have insurance (I am covered by my university while I am a student). It’s alright I guess but often times you run into really shitty doctors, I haven’t had my share of them…….yet.

  64. Yes, I am Canadian. I like the fact that it is free when I am below 18 but once I turn 18, I have to pay it for myself unless I have insurance (I am covered by my university while I am a student). It’s alright I guess but often times you run into really shitty doctors, I haven’t had my share of them…….yet.

  65. I don’t find that with CA wines, Mom, not sure what you’ve had. Agree on Australia and South America but not fond of the Reisling and Liebfraumilch type of wines. And if there’s even a hint of sweet I hate it. I guess they have their place, just not very versatile, but then I haven’t had that many German wines, I don’t know anyone who is into them to guide me away from what I will hate. And I do love French wines.

  66. Are the rumors that it’s hard to get to see a doctor or have a surgery in a timely way true, Bedelia, or is it bullcrap

  67. LOL Uppity- I got my love of German wines when sis was stationed over there- then son went. The stuff they export sucks. You have to get what they drink for themselves.

  68. I can say that the rumor is bullcrap. If you have a really serious illness, then you can be taken right away, the same with a broken bone. My uncle was under excellent care while in hospital for lung cancer, he died but he was still in capable hands while in hospital same with several of my family members with some of their health problems…….

  69. Not only is she a fighter, but she eats anything

    Whew on the fighter and I don’t think she’d like a taste of it. blech

  70. CA wines are not my favorites. When Pinot Noir was all the rage, I preferred the Oregon wines. (That being said, if I were in CA, I’d still drink the wine.)

    My favorite wines are from Italy. My very favorite wine (after Barolo which is out of my price range) is Nero D’avola, from Sicily. It’s incredibly inexpensive (so don’t buy the cheapest one in the store) and it goes with almost everything I cook.

    UW: I would like a rematch on the CT wines–there are over 30 vineyards. Each makes between 5 and 15 wines. I like about one or two from most places. As they say, the joy is in the journey.

  71. Sophie, recommend some to me. No Pinot whites and no semi sweets. I don’t like them no matter who makes them.

    Rage or not I always liked Pinot Noir. I like some Italian wines as long as they aren’t overly heavy. I like a good red Zinf, though.

  72. I can say that the rumor is bullcrap. If you have a really serious illness, then you can be taken right away, the same with a broken bone. My uncle was under excellent care while in hospital for lung cancer, he died but he was still in capable hands while in hospital same with several of my family members with some of their health problems…….

    Thank you Bedelia. I always suspected it was bullcrap. My godchild went to McGill school of dentistry years ago and she developed a precancerous condition and she said the care and treatment she got was excellent, bar none.

  73. Hahaha Mom, Germany must be like Italy. You want the good stuff? You gotta go there.

  74. Totally off topic but as it is kitten season our rescue has taken in more than usual this year including over a dozen bottle babies. One of the new kittens at today adoption event looked familiar. Cute as the dickens with enough vim and vigor to tire out the energizer bunny. Then it hit me, she looks our Moderator Kitteh In Training. Yes, little Lily may have distant kin below the Mason Dixon.

  75. Ok, this is too much: Kitty likes Tzatziki . Geez.

  76. You sure she’s a cat?

  77. Mt. Laurel, too cool–you found (maybe) Lily’s long lost cousins! PMM will need to have a serious chat with Smokey Bones and find out where she’s been!

  78. mcnorman, Idunno! None of my other cats are the least bit interested in people food (except grilled meat and even then, they’re just interested, not ON it). I don’t know what to make of this. I never give people food to cats, but every time I’m preparing something, she is doing figure eights around my feet and legs and going, Mew! Mew! Mew! Meeeeeeewwwwwww!

  79. Bahahahah Sophie. Lily is pulling your chain.

  80. It’s that last Meeeeeeewwwwwww that’s the killer. Hey, she jumped in th garbage and ran off wit a corn husk. She played with that husk like it was loaded with cosmic cat nip.

  81. Bahahahah Sophie. Lily is pulling your chain.

    Yup. Its the old “Feed me or I’ll make sure you’ll fall and break your leg” thing. Mine do it all the time

  82. Ok, this is too much: Kitty likes Tzatziki . Geez.

    That’s my girl. She likes Greek food like her Aunt Uppity.

  83. Uppity, she likes food period like her Aunt Karen! (And her forever Mommy and several people who frequent this blog.) And if she thinks I’m making her stuffed grape leaves, she can forget it.

  84. Yup. Its the old “Feed me or I’ll make sure you’ll fall and break your leg” thing. Mine do it all the time

    Bahahaha exactly.

  85. Oh Sophie, my RIP cat Roni was so in love with corn husks, I had to put them outside immeditely.

  86. So what’s the deal with the corn husks?

  87. Sweet and chewy.

  88. And if she thinks I’m making her stuffed grape leaves,

    Not so fast Sophie…there are special occasions. Bwhahahahhaha

  89. Tried an Argentine wine one time. I’m not a biggie with wine. Don’t know if it was this or not. The waiter said it was a very popular wine lately.


  90. And if she thinks I’m making her stuffed grape leaves,

    It’s the least you can do. After all, she does let you live with her.

  91. Laptop overheated. Gotta shut down and cool my baby off.

  92. there are special occasions

    If they’re that special, Aunt Uppity can make the stuffed grape leaves!

  93. Poor Upps, I understand humidity. We just have Hell baking eggs outside right now. We are to drop into the high nineties later this week, woot!

  94. I am not good at wine Fredster. I know what I like, but it’s probably something that most people wouldn’t care for. Texas has some lovely wineries.

  95. mcnorman, I’m not what anyone would call “good at wine” either. We always had wine when I was growing up (an Italian thing) but it was in a big jug and no one asked what year it was. The wineries in CT formed the CT Wine Trail and they have a contest where you go to the wineries for tastings and could win a trip to Spain. Anyway, a friend of mine and I took to the wine trail and have enjoyed the tastings. Some of the wines are not to my liking at all and others I like quite a bit. I generally like wine with food so most of the wines I like aren’t what most folks would order on a cocktail night out.

    What I find most interesting at the tastings is when me and my friend will hate a wine and hear someone down at the other end proclaiming how wonderful it is. To each his own, as they say.

  96. Okay Sophie, but a box trumps a jug any day. lol

    That was long ago thankfully.

  97. me and my friend will hate a wine and hear someone down at the other end proclaiming how wonderful it is

    I know. My sisters and I do the wine road and festivals as well. I’m sure others are snickering at my unsophisticated palate. Not so much in the heart of Texas. Those people like to educate me. I like to buy by the case now. I hardly ever have time to enjoy a glass, but they make exceptional gifts at Christmas.

  98. I understand about the tasting with a bit of food bit. It would be lovely to know what compliment to what tastes like.

  99. Laughing here. When I was a kid, there was my grandfather’s wine. It was from his spigot to the gallon jug. If you held it up to the light you couldn’t see through it, and I am fairy certain it could take rust off of a car. Nobody had a problem getting me to take a nap when he was around, because he would put me on his knee and peel a fresh peach into the wine and feed it to me. I won’t even get into the stuff he made that he stored outside in the snow in a barrel. That was a whole nuther story.

  100. he would put me on his knee and peel a fresh peach into the wine and feed it to me


    I always wanted to try that.

  101. peaches in wine are delicious.

  102. I’m sure.

  103. You know, that is a good grandpa. Refining your palate at a tender age. lol

  104. “Great wine, you california nutcases.”

    Thanks, Uppity. Right now, it is one of the only things going for my state! Except for the scenery and the lovely people in it that I am lucky enough to call friends. 🙂

  105. Mmm, wine and peaches—fabulous idea. brb.

  106. You have so many wineries Ani, some top notch.

  107. Hi McNorman. One of the loveliest and most civilized weekends my hubby and I spent was in Sonoma with a bunch of friends on a wine tasting weekend. We had never done anything like that before and got so schnockered that first day trying win at so many different wineries, along with the appetizers and dishes they served as a complement. It was just amazing.

    We had dinner that night at a place called The Girl and the Fig. A rather rustic and countrified little joint. One of the best meals ever ever ever.

  108. Hiccup — wine, not win!! 🙂

  109. Sounds absolutely lovely Ani.

    One of my favorites here is one where they also grow acres of lavender on the winery site. You can sit outside and the breeze is magnificent. It’s a piece of heaven.

  110. The wine is very good. One thing that isn’t good is that if you happen to do a little more drinking than you should, they have a one room cabin for rent. Original to the site, built in the 1800s. Only room for one schnockered person though.

  111. Ani, I accepted a compliment on the blog yesterday per your orders.What’s my grade?

  112. Just thinking about grampa and the peaches and wine. Today he would be arrested for that. I would be removed and placed in the foster care system, where I would learn that peaches and wine are bad but being molested by an un-investigated foster family is good.

  113. Yes, he would have been taken to the pokey and you would have been taken to foster care. Very sad.

  114. I admittedly and unashamedly admit that I enjoy my wine. Dinner isn’t dinner without a nice glass of wine. Cooking with wine yields some of the very finest recipes. And on a cold winter night, who can argue with a fireplace and wine? Nectar of the gods.

  115. I completely agree with you on the cooking with wine. A definite plus.

  116. Ah, Sophie, She is a fast learner. I only spent a few hours with her. She was sleeping on my lap right against my belly and my rumbling stomach must have taught her about the joy of food. Pam said TL was suddenly very hungry right after I left…

    The force is strong in that one.

  117. It does appear, Sophie, that Karen did some kind of Combination Fiestiness-Foodie transfer with that little girl. Enjoy the next 15-20 years or so!

  118. Scenery, you say, Ani. Your state has scenery. You don’t know scenery until you drive through the Adirondacks in late september.

  119. Oh come on, dirt, rattlesnakes, scorpions, dust, & tumbleweeds don’t make ya lust for the southwest? hahahahahaha

  120. Forgot those spiney cacti as well. We got gorgeous sunsets.

  121. HAHAHAHAHA McNorman, you are a stitch. Yes, it does entice me. It entices me to bring my Glock for the snakes.

  122. I think living near the desert and living without trees as far a you can see would drive me mad. Without seasons, I would go insane.

    But I do feel i have missed much of my gardening in life because I can’t grow all year around. This makes me very sad because I LOVE growing things in my garden.

  123. You know, I feel like this blog needs to do something nice again for somebody or something somewhere. The feeling we all got when Lily got transported by four of our family members was just too good to be a standalone thing. I could get addicted to that feeling, couldn’t you?

    Every time I do something good for someone, I like myself a little bit more. Seriously.

  124. LOL on the peaches in wine Uppity. We all know how you love your peaches.

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