65 year-old women makes 5 armed store-robbing thugs need a change of shorts.

Bumbling Assholes fleeing from woman with gun. It’s a good day.

I keep warning you  cockroaches not to Fuck with seniors and you just won’t get it.  People are mad as hell and they aren’t going to take your shit anymore. Keep it up and you are all gonna die. We can hope.

Unfortunately,   the 65 year-old woman who sent the clowns, left, running for their useless and meaningless lives, didn’t remove them from the planet, so as to make the world a better place. But the video is hilarious.

You will all enjoy watching these pant-pissing cowards bumping into each other’s asses trying to get away from her ala the Three Stooges.

Apparently these same five lazy non-working bastards also tried to rob another jewelry store later, and one of them got shot in the face. Boo Effing Hoo. I myself will give up my gun just as soon as all the pieces of shit like the assholes in this video are removed from the face of the earth.

Not THIS time, dirtbags!  You should have tried this with the socially conscious younger crowd. You know, the ones who think you deserve another chance even if you had killed someone else’s  loved one.

Chalk another one up for the Good Gals. The list is getting delightfully long!



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  1. Huzzah! What a brave woman!

  2. Got that right. Did you check out those clowns bumping into each other on the way out?

  3. LOL Yep. “Oh shit! Old lady with a gun! Run!” XDDDDD

  4. HAHAHA. Reminds me of that South Park episode, “Old people in cars”.

  5. XD I have yet to see a South Park episode. I’ll look for it on YouTube.

  6. Methinks they have a website with all their episodes. Fun!

  7. Been peeking at your blog. Nice work. Aunt Uppity is proud.

  8. Thank you, Aunt Uppity! 🙂

  9. You’re gonna do just fine when you’re handed your official torch and pitch fork.

  10. What are you doing for summer? You working?

  11. Yeah, working so I could have enough money to pay for my tuition then it back to school for the fall.

  12. That’s good. Beats loans!

  13. Over here, you would have to hock yourself for a year’s tuition.

  14. I’m lucky that my mom offers me work…..

  15. It’s good for you. What are you majoring in over at college?

  16. English major. Really want to get into Creative Writing.

  17. Cool! I have an English degree. Taught HS English for awhile too. And writing is a blast.

  18. Hey BB I gotta hit the sack before my face lands on my keyboard.

  19. I really love writing too. Don’t know if I can teach though. I am shy in front of people. XD

  20. Well you won’t know if you don’t try. But writing is very fulfilling, especially if you can do it in a marketable way.

  21. Gotta say g’night. Don’t be a stranger.

  22. (nod) I have spoken in front of people before and have done fine but I guess I underestimate myself a lot. I just love writing because it lets my ideas and images in my head run free. 😀

  23. NEVER underestimate yourself!

  24. I know…….it’s very difficult though……same old same old insecurities. :}

  25. You just say I can do this. Then you go do it. If you don’t get it right the first time, you do it again. Poof! That’s it!

  26. You know how you eat an elephant BB?

    One bite at a time. That’s how. Food for thought while this old gal goes to sleep. Think on it.

  27. Okie Dokie. Good Night!

  28. Uppity Woman, on August 4, 2012 at 11:31 PM said: Edit Comment

    “Ani, I accepted a compliment on the blog yesterday per your orders.What’s my grade?”
    Uppity — it’s like a tree falling in the forest that nobody heard — I am afraid you are going to have to direct me to the thread so I have definitive proof of this most unlikely event.

    But since I know you to be a person of rock solid credibility, you get a big, warm virtual hug and a prom noogie for your great progress. Grade A, of course. Keep up the good work!!!

    And this thread is a riot — I bet our store owner was so bloody furious, particularly in this rotten economy, that someone should try to steal from her, endangering peopel to boot.

    You would have thought these morons would learn a lesson, but no, they just moved on to the next — and got even worse for their trouble.

  29. Ani I sent a link to the comment yesterday. Check spam or something. Is that A a REAL A or is it by today’s Curve standards?

  30. Good old fashioned discipline these women of experience are delivering. Had the parents of the devil spawn bothered to administer proper discipline early on these nitwits would not be out robbing and maiming.
    i say she should send the parents a bill for childcare.

  31. Mom your correction idea isn’t timely enough. Their parents shouldn’t have spawned to begin with.

  32. Adam Smith, Chic Fil A employee harasser, is sorry. Sorry it didn’t work out the way he planned. Wanted to say he was sorry the minute he said it. Must be why he posted it on youtube. Typical Effing Finance liar. Enjoy the unemployment line, Adam. Good for YOU Rachael, for not speaking to this scheeve.

  33. Rachael now makes at least $7.65 an hour more than Adam Smith. 🙂

  34. Good thing that mean old racist white woman didn’t injure any of those sweet young African American men.

    She would have been charged with murder.

    Don’t look at me like that, you were thinking it too.

  35. I couldn’t tell what color they were. A shitbag is a shitbag. Too bad they are still walking.

  36. I love the Adirondacks! (In fact, I have two of their chairs–LOL!!!)

    Nature doesn’t care that people set arbitrary boundaries and the design is remarkably similar.

  37. Chairs. ROFL!

    New England is ALSO gorgeous in teh fall. That’s because it’s in the North East, and a stone’s throw from us, with our seasons. The two designs are not remarkably similar at all. They are similar because they are in basically the same region. Vermont Is GORGEOUS in fall. You don’t get those seasons in CA. Or, as McNorman reminds us, Texas. That’s da point. Some boundaries are just there and not arbitrary. For me, no seasons with trees, No deal.

  38. What Barack gets when he completely ignores polls on Israel for his jihad compadres. Israel: The only actual democracy in the middle of a crazed theocratic shithole.

  39. Republicans accidentally find out there are wimminz in America too. One or two of them have brains besides vaginas.

  40. Y’know, screw Obama for mangling a message that should have been a “gimme.” And screw the opposition for deliberately mangling the message further and being the opportunistic shits that they are. To the woman in the video: that was very nice, but on any other given day, the people who approve that message would rather have you home making babies.

    My father had his own business. He isn’t so much smarter or cleverer than anyone else nor was he a visionary, but he did have discipline and determination. He was always working, even when we were on vacation (rarely), he was working. Weekends, nights–working. He’s an old-fashioned kind of guy and speaks with phrases like “feeding your family.” When business was slow, we all sacrificed. Our home was frequently refinanced over the years for cash-flow for the business. My mother’s ingenuity was indispensable to his business and he would have failed without her. There were government and societal policies that helped my dad’s business and others that did not. Overall though, they tilted in his favor. If then were now, my father would fail because banks are hoarding their cash and not making small business loans.

    The job creators in America are small businesses. We used to have infrastructure and societal compact in place that provided an excellent environment for small businesses. One that allowed people to believe that their personal sacrifices would not be in vain. One where their families and their work force were also willing to share in these sacrifices. The people who made it had one quality far and above everyone else–they didn’t give up no matter what. They also had the appropriate humility and modesty to recognize that they weren’t doing this by themselves yet still had the requisite leadership skills to pull all pieces together and make it successful.

    I appreciate that the woman in that video kept talking about her team. I hope she heard herself.

    Obama mangled the message because he really doesn’t get how the whole thing works. He just skimmed the Cliff notes. And now we’re having this stupid sniping argument back and forth instead of the real conversation about how to get the economy back on its feet.

  41. Us old people are afraid of nothing.We have weathered many many storms of life.And are still standing. 🙂

  42. Butt we do sit a lot too 😆

  43. The one thing that amuses me most about Obama is his ability to create his own fodder against himself. Priceless. The part of these two campaigns that irritates me the most is not the fodder, but the constant accusations from both lying sides that the other side lies.

  44. And sometimes we sit and shoot. lol.

  45. The part of these two campaigns that irritates me the most is not the fodder, but the constant accusations from both lying sides that the other side lies.

    Kind brings this to mind:

  46. I forgot all about that clip. Perfect.

  47. Sophie I have a close cousin who lives in Greenwich and comes here for visits. Do you have a few wines you recommend I try so I can make her work and get them for me?

  48. Many liquor stores here carry local wines, but usually just a few different kinds. You really need to go to the vineyards to get what you want. (See the comments by others on your previous thread about how lovely vineyards are and how much fun it is to spend a day there.)

    I tend to like dry reds and Cabernet Franc is my favorite of those. There are a few vineyards with Cab Francs. My very favorite is Sharpe Hill but they are in the northeast corner and their Cab Franc is rarely available in liquor stores. From Greenwich, it would take about two hours or more to get to the winery. Hopkins (in New Preston) is the most popular winery and their Cab Franc is not bad (but not Sharpe Hill’s). Since they are so popular, you will find more of their selections in more liquor stores. Jones Winery (in Shelton) makes a Cab Franc with their own grapes and another with Hopkins’ grapes. Both of these are decent. Jones also makes a Ripton Red, which is not bad and a little lighter on the palate.

    One grape that grows really well in this region is St. Croix but it’s really hard to make a good wine with it. The best St.Croix in CT is from Sunset Meadow Vineyards in Goshen.

  49. I agree with everything you said Sophie. But the fact is that Obama DID mangle the message because he didn’t understand what he was talking about, he was off TOTUS and showed his true self. He is NOT the great orator-most-brilliant-evah-11-dimensional-chess-player…The One. The other side seized it, as the Obama side would have seized something similar (think “I don’t care about poor people”). But I AM glad that the myth of Obama the Great was exposed, even for a moment. The emperor really is naked…without his TOTUS.

  50. The other side seized it, as the Obama side would have seized something similar (think “I don’t care about poor people”)

    I think there’s a difference.

    Mitt Romney said “I don’t worry about the poor. There is already a safety net in place that will help them” and then went on to say that the middle class had no safety net, and he would work harder for them.

    The ObamaKamp seized a portion of the whole statement and hammered it home out of context until it became so imprinted on our memory that many people can’t remember it in full context.

    The “You Didn’t Build That” speech is being used IN FULL CONTEXT. I’m not sure if it was a call to socialists to unite and seize the country in the name of his second term, or if he was just lazy. Or a little of both.

    What we DO know for sure about the “You Didn’t Build That” speech is that it was initially (and very effectively) used by Elizabeth Warren when she was raging against GE for paying ZERO taxes, letting them know that without taxpayer’s roads, bridges, etc. they couldn’t really claim they were solely responsible for their success.

    After being caught plagiarizing Duval Patrick (and many others) in previous “historic and unprecedented” speeches, I wouldn’t be surprised if he said “Who’s speech can I steal from now because I’m too self absorbed to come up with an original idea?” before making a HUGE blunder that I do believe will cost his re-election.

  51. Ahh we have seasons. The tumbleweeds begin as tiny seedlings in the spring and grow into lovely bushes by the end of summer. When the fall rolls around, they begin to turn brown and by winter (2-3weeks) we have a nice brown tumbleweed to roll with the spring winds. smirk

  52. Maybe no seasons out west- but the most star filled skies I have ever had the privilege to see were out west in AZ and NM. Less light pollution. What we see here in the east is NOTHING! The night sky out west has to be seen,

  53. True PMM, star gazing is phenomenal.

  54. Good point Anthony, Obama mangled and gaffed, and Romney really was taken out of context. That’s why Mitt’s new line attacks Obama for taking him out of context when he says, “the context is worse”, he’s right.

  55. Another mass shooting. This one’s in WI at a Sikh Temple. Hostages still inside. How horrible.

  56. …….and it’s not a woman, right? Just saying.

    What’s SIKH?

  57. Okay on the wine, Sophie. Sounds like a lot of work to get what you really recommend. Also sounds like it’s just for locals or people who go to vineyard tours. If I ever see ‘sharpe hill’ I will take a bottle since you like it a lot and I’d rather have it than something that’s just decent or all right.

  58. Sikh is a religion from India. That’s all I know.

  59. Ah I see that SiKHs who refused to convert to Islam were killed way back in the 1600s. Surprise! Like I said, these people are a throwback to single digit centuries.

  60. For anyone to even imply that Romney is a bigger liar than Obama is a joke. NOBODY is a bigger liar than Obama. The man lies every time he moves his lips.

  61. List of campaign promises OBama kept.

  62. Shelby Fluffy on Barack’s promises…

  63. Imust, looks like SIKH doesn’t belong over there. They don’t kill people.

  64. I love Shelby Fluffy! I always think of Shelby when I hear the computerized voices. Computerized voices are perfect for Obots!

  65. I know Uppity. They not radicals.

    They’re saying one suspect was shot. They’re not sure if they’re other shooters.

  66. UW: Giada is doing Chicken Vesuvius on the Food Network today!!

  67. UW
    Shot a few different camera angles of throwing some Uppity mugs. Will edit together a nice video with sound track in a few days.

  68. UW: You could organize a wine relay….;-)

  69. UW: You could organize a wine relay….;-)

    omygod…. I am so in….

  70. LOL Anthony. But the wine has to make it to the finish line!

  71. Count me in! We have a local winery just up the road from us. I like my wines on the sweeter side- but they do have some drier offerings- prize winners at local and state fairs. Maybe we could do some trading lol.

  72. Relaying alcohol over multiple state lines……didn’t they used to call that “bootlegging”? 😉

  73. We’re gonna do what they say can’t be done…………

  74. omygod…. I am so in….

    I’m shocked. Shocked I tell you.

  75. HOw quick we advance! From a poor little kitteh looking for a forever home to a wine relay. Our charity knows no boundaries!

    Now hear this. DE will be making his version of “These Hands”.

    And finally, I checked out Giada’s chicken and it doesn’t resemble mine. We should do a taste test and vote. Bet I win.

  76. Ani will be guest starring on TNT’s “Perception” tomorrow.

  77. ……didn’t they used to call that “bootlegging”?

    In some states it’s not called a Felony instead. lolol.

  78. Relaying alcohol over multiple state lines……didn’t they used to call that “bootlegging”?

    For $150 in NYC, I can legally change my name to “Kennedy”. No problem.

  79. Bahahaha Anthony and if you put “Haig and Haig” on every bottle, all details will be complete!

  80. Here’s an overview of the TNT “Perception” Series in which Ani will be guest staring as Martha Baker tomorrow.

  81. Cool. Can she hook me up with Eric McCormack? All I need is an hour or two

  82. Aw shit. I was trolling for him myself.

  83. I’d take a piece of him too.

    I worried that Anita would have trouble landing roles after telling the truth about 2008. The Hollyweird types don’t like the truth. They are mostly bonkers when it comes to political opinion. Cher had a tweet not long ago that was outright scary. How do these people know when it is time to breathe in and out? They are that dumb, some of them.

    Anita is brilliant and a rare exception. Jodie Foster was a bright one too. And Meryl Streep. The smart ones are few and far between. Not that I watch TV or movies much even for that matter.

    I can’t stand most of the stuff they think is worthy of putting out on film. I am not entertained by sex and violence or bawdy low brow comedy.

    Good luck to our neighborhood movie star and author!

  84. We can both pitch him. One of us will have some fun, the other will go shopping.

  85. I’d take a piece of him too.

    Sure. Treat us like we’re nothing more than a piece of meat.

  86. Ani, how cool! I’m a regular Perception watcher!!

  87. That looks like a good program.

  88. Uppity, thanks for the heads up for Ani’s role on Perception. I will be watching.
    I just love that video with the gun carrying woman. Those guys look like the keystone cops.

  89. Amusing graphic:

  90. Sure. Treat us like we’re nothing more than a piece of meat

    Somehow, after the past few days, i think we deserve that.

  91. One of us will have some fun, the other will go shopping

    Enjoy the sale!

  92. Hate to say this and really don’t want to get into it, but I’m not so sure about Meryl these days either. Let’s just say she’s a really good actor. Off screen too.

  93. Ani,
    So happy to hear that you’ll be on one of my favs tomorrow. Will definitely be watching.

  94. Me too Piper. What a kick.

  95. Nothing against Sigourney Weaver, but it would have been cool for Ani to have played Hillary on Political Animals!

  96. Enjoy the sale!


  97. Short run on Uppity mugs, fired up. Pick ur color! On sale now, lovingly fondled at the kiln by Our Own SLow Hand DE and decorated by his very cool wife, Angi. Order here beore they are sold out.

  98. Uppity — it is a REAL A!!!

    But don’t rest on your laurels!

  99. We’re gonna live blog your ass tomorrow at 10 PM EDT.

  100. ready to go!

  101. Whaaaaaa!!!!!! I’m on PST!!!! Everyone will be in bed when I watch it!!

  102. No it will be 7pm.

  103. Thanks, all. It is only one scene but we shot a nice one so hope you enjoy!!

  104. Ok Ant Knee. AM.

  105. Imust and Sophie, in re Obama’s remarks, not only did he mangle the message, he conveyed contempt and derision — that is because the only thing he can be complimentary about is people who worship him. He is a poor actor, so when he is trying to convey any other tone, partcularly about people who disagree with him, he does miserably and can only manage contempt. Take it from an actor who watches human behavior all day.

    I watched the totality of his remarks and I was offended, too. At the end of the day, I don’t care how many mentors and bridges and roads you have (and I appreciate all of it, believe me), if you do not bleed and sweat and sacrifice for what you want, you will never build anything — no matter how much “help” you get. My best friend built a business out of nothing. No loans, no help. nothing. She did it and does it because she necer stops working and learning. His comments are an insult to her and many others.

    It is deserved that people are angry with him for his comments — and for his derision and snark. He did this to himself.

  106. And Karen for Clinton — thank you for your kind comments. I have no idea the effect of my writing on my career but sometimes you have to stand up for what is right. I am more surprised than anyone that I am doing this — sorry if I missed you today — I hope you will see this!! 🙂 xo

  107. imusthavepie, on August 5, 2012 at 10:21 PM said: Edit Comment

    Nothing against Sigourney Weaver, but it would have been cool for Ani to have played Hillary on Political Animals!
    I agree! But I do love my Sigourney! I also wanted to be Ripley in Aliens! But I might have looked a little puny holding that giant gun — she is 6 feet tall!

  108. Yowza! 6′ tall! I never realized! Just for fun I looked up Hillary Clinton, she’s 5’7″. Which proves you don’t have to be tall to stand tall!

  109. Too true! But 5’7″ is no shrimp!

  110. Yes, I happen to look up to people 5’7″…..imustbeashrimp!

  111. imust is compact.

  112. Thank you Uppity. Deftly put. I am 5’6″ — always envied Diana Rigg, aka Mrs. Peel! 5’9″ in a catsuit…perfect.

  113. Ani, are you still around?

  114. Internet went down. Fredster…still here…?

  115. Oh yeah. Do you have a twitter account?

  116. @AnitaFinlay

    The link to it is also on my website…

  117. Okay. Gonna send you a quck tweet.

  118. or two! 😉

  119. Look for jaywhy

  120. Off to bed, Fredster — I saw and responded to your tweets — thank you for your kindness!

  121. g’nite Ani.

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