Kitty Bank. Everyone should have one.

Enjoy your Saturday. And don’t forget to put some money in your Kitty Bank!


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  1. The problem with a kitty bank is trying to make a withdrawal without getting benihanaed.

  2. Charming kitteh and bank. Have to agree with Oswald though.

    Here’s one of those situations I just had to drag here from Facebook: Picture of a very courageous little dog who saved all her babies during a fire in Temuco by bringing them one by one from a burning house to the steps of the firefighters’ truck. Bravo little one! ♥!/photo.php?fbid=449617781727753&set=a.323768740979325.75732.160238007332400&type=1&theater

  3. upps, its Ryan. I only mentioned him here once, I think, and iirc you were pretty hot under the collar by the mere mention of his name.


  4. As Gilda always said – “Nevermind” the comment. I just woke up. My daughter is here and we were busy talking all night. I thought it was just announced. After writing the above I went to yesterdays thread to catch up and see there are lots of Ryan comments.

  5. I see Obama went to his yearly Ramaden dinner. Happy Holidays.

  6. I just made the kitty bank for Safi and Son after seeing the video.. They take the coins but leave the IOU’s. Truly Daddy’s kids…

  7. yeah upps, and he finally defended huma, a month after mccain did.

    i’m watching the romney speech live on the abc stream. romney just said obama cut medicare already by 700 billion and they will restore it – or some such other hollow promise.

    it is a game, the whole thing. watching the red team is just as sickening as watching the blue team. either team just rapes us.

    we are the victims.

    eddie munster is on now.

  8. Ryan and Romney screwed up already. He was announced as the next President by Romney and Ryan just said Mitt was sitting next to him… reading off the teleprompter… and Mitt was standing in the audience in front of him next to his wife.

    They just read what is placed in front of them. Whatever polls well.

    He is starting to speak about obama now and how screwed up the blue team made the country after how screwed up the red team made it.

    Can we have another team, God, please.

  9. Anthony, smart kittehs. They are going to need to save their money for the future. Things look bleak.

  10. Hi Pam. I was wondering if you were ok this week since I haven’t seen your name in a while. Hope you are well and that this political season – heating up from now to November – doesn’t make us all sick to our stomachs.

  11. Hahaha Anthony, my kinda cats.

  12. Ann looks tired, like she got off the red-eye from London and didn’t have a night in her own bed yet. I think Ryan is putting her to sleep.

    Can you imagine if it was Pawlenty or Portman – she’d be snoozing by now?

  13. Karen, you are such a brave girl watching Tee Vee like that and watching all the clowns. Truly I am grateful, as it keeps me from having to go anywhere near them.

  14. I will give Ryan this. He is a good speaker and will only get better with practice. But then again, Sarah gave a good acceptance speech too.

  15. Wait till team Obama starts yanking pieces out of Ryan’s budget and scaring the shit out of old people.

  16. Pamela!!!! :::::::::::::::waving:::::::::::::::::

  17. Upps – behind Ryan are columns. They are American – Jefferson and Washington – style colonial columns. They are making the difference between them and obama’s pepsi stage by the choice of venue.

  18. Oh and Ryan is not wearing a tie. He has his top buttons open.

    He is supposed to represent youth and change and hope…

  19. That just did it for me. I could have voted for Romney- but Ryan? Not gonna happen. Romney to me is a moderate- Ryan is a fundiegelical in disguise. No matter to me that he is a budget guy- though that is good. His voting record on women’s issues sucks. Wasn’t he into that Sanctity of Life thing? As far as I am concerned when a man actually has to carry and deliver a baby then they can have a say- til then STFU!
    Who was that third party candidate?

  20. Republicans acting like Republicans…Oh the shock!
    What did we expect, that he would pick someone to the left of Obama like Huntsman?
    Write in Hillary!

  21. DE- I would love to write in Hillary- and did in the primary- but they will just give that vote to teh fraud. 😦
    Ah well, not like my vote here in bitter clinger country matters anyway- only the Philly and Pittsburgh votes count.

  22. Lola like it’s just us PMM. Let’s get some pie.

  23. Pie? 🙂

  24. Hey Sophie you can come too.

    It is only 59 degrees here, has been raining for days (what frigging drought- next person who says drought to me is going head first into the swamp in the back field) Summer came late and is leaving early. I had to close all the damn windows and if I can loosen up enough am going to throw something in the oven- something long and slow – I hate this weather.
    And the Ryan announcement made me even more cranky. Jeebus. The O camp will be screaming war on women from now to Nov. I have never been a one issue voter- but the totality of Ryan’s record on our reproductive rights is a GIFT to the D camp. Sure the fundiegelicals will love it. Great. Wonderful.
    Are moderates going to buy it? Will Clinton Dems that were in the Romney camp fall back- or stay home?
    Not a good day.
    I like blueberry pie. Please and thank you.

  26. #NBCfail. NBC tries to honor the women of the Olympics by objectifying them…..they had to pull the video.

  27. Karen, Sophie – Hi, and not to worry. I’m here most every day. Just not much to say at this time.

  28. Yet another NBC Fail. The NBC FAIL Du Jour.

    They aren’t circling the drain or anything, right?

  29. Sophie, do you want your post up tuesday when you are here?

  30. Checked out the video you linked imust and I have to say I find the production quality much more distasteful than the content. The summer Olympics is getting pretty much as close to competing naked as you can get. Still trying to figure out how the male divers keep their stupid looking suits on.

  31. Truly priceless tweet.

    Harry Reid’s Source ‏@HarryReidSource

    Anonymous CNN Source Says Harry Reid’s Anonymous Romney Tax Source Is a Good Source.

  32. I’ll give the R’s one thing for sure. They have the balls to FIGHT Obama and the Democrats’ attempts to regulate internet freedom. Fuck that shit. Dirtballs want to shut people like us down down down.

  33. When life gets you down (and the rain and cold won’t cease)- eat chocolate.
    Brownies in the oven heating up the house- now that I have all the windows closed and am huddled under the blankets here on the sofa. 59 degrees. On August 11th. WHAT global warming??????
    (oh and I should say that it is usually ten degrees cooler in my house)

  34. Wow Mom it’s cold there. hope tomatoesare ok.

  35. I just plucked a 15 oz brandywine tomato. Got that fresh mozzarella in the fridge. We’re talking Capresi salad tonight.

  36. Uppity, I really have no preference–what ever fits best logistically for the flow.

  37. Lucky you Upps on the ripe Tomato. 🙂

  38. Funny how NBCFAIL never plays videos of men playing soccer, jumping up and having their balls hang out.

  39. Tomatoes are alive- but if this keeps up I will never get a ripe brandywine- too cold and too rainy.

  40. Bless their hearts, they’ve been reddening for me this week at a nice pace. Paced enough to enjoy them and give a few away, without them all ripening at the same damned time. But it’s 80 here right now Mom, so we’re doing okay, a little cooler in a nice way at night.

  41. It has been cold and cloudy here for days. Not ONE ripe brandywine or san marzano yet. And I planted those suckers earlier than you did I not?
    I am in such a bad mood I am ready to go rip them all out of the ground and hang them in the shed to ripen.

  42. Come on Mom. Share the brownies.

  43. Mine are still hard and green- not the faintest hint of ripening. sigh

  44. Oh yes- the brownies are ready- and I have nice cold milk for those who like the cold. I am going to have mine with hot cocoa.

  45. Did someone mention BROWNIES?

  46. Well one thing is for sure- I won’t be entering any tomatoes or tomato products in the fair next week. Maybe some of my herbs- but that is about it. My squash never took off this year. I only got enough berries for one batch of jam. I do have the pear and apple butters from last fall I can enter though. I have a million stupid cherry and grape tomatoes- blasted things. If I am still here next year and he plants those again they will be mysteriously eaten by vermin in the night.

  47. A couple of pretty strong earthquakes hit Iran.

  48. Must have been the scantily clad women in that video imust.

  49. About the Ryan pick – at least it’s a diversity ticket – they part their hair on different sides of their heads lol

  50. Better a Kitty Bank than a Kitty Driver. Can you imagine a Kitty at the wheel–scary–its all about me!

    As for Romney and Ryan, its a minority ticket. Two white guys. Aren’t white guys a minority now? Tweedledee and Tweedledum.

  51. About the Ryan pick – at least it’s a diversity ticket – they part their hair on different sides of their heads lol

    Hahahaha, good one!

    Seriously though, f*ck diversity…I’m sure America’s has had it’s fill of diversity candidates for a few years. BO spoiled it for minorities.

  52. PFFFFFTTT on Romney, Ryan, Obama and Biden. None of them represent me. Or anybody I know.
    As Uppity says
    “Death by fire or death by drowning” either way we are dead. I am not voting for either ticket. There were plenty of moderates Romney could have picked – I would have voted for anybody who does not have their noses in our vaginas. But nooooo he had to pick a vagina minder.
    Thank goodness I don’t live in a swing state so I can’t be blamed for the coming disaster either way.

  53. Unfortunately, that EQ in goatfuckistan didn’t seal up the cave where the clerics live.

  54. Part their hair on different sides?? Does Ryan even have a part?

  55. UW, if you are taking nominations for cockroach of the week, this guy gets my vote.

    Oh, and he’s a fourth grade teacher. I wonder what he does to the kids when there is no supervision?

  56. God I despise animal abusers. They are the underbelly of the world.

  57. @ NES

    Seriously though, f*ck diversity…I’m sure America’s has had it’s fill of diversity candidates for a few years. BO spoiled it for minorities.

    Not only has he taken race relations back a half century, he’s screwed the up and coming who really do need that door opening. Rat.

  58. I need a translator for this one- seems rather sinister to me and what I take away from it is the banks can use MY money to pay THEIR loans- and they don’t have to pay me back if they go belly up. (well you know what i mean- I have no money- it is the generic “I”)What say you Uppity?

  59. Oh I knew the Hitler video was coming Anthony. hahahahaha

  60. Mom, I just found out about that Reuters article. I interpret it as bad news. Very bad news.

  61. WLM that is my gut feeling as well- but Uppity knows way more about banking than I. Hopefully she will weigh in with an explanation for us.

  62. The Republicans sure do know how to use the same video ad nauseum. That hitler scene has been worn threadbare by them. This is at minumum version 12.

  63. PMM, looks sinister to me too.

    Customer funds were allegedly moved from the protected accounts to other accounts so they could be used as collateral for loans to Sentinel’s own trading operations.

    The appeals court said that “perhaps the bank should have known that Sentinel violated segregation requirements” but agreed with the district court’s earlier ruling that “such a lack of care does not rise to the level of the egregious misconduct” needed to reprioritize a claim.

    “That Sentinel failed to keep client funds properly segregated is not, on its own, sufficient to rule as a matter of law that Sentinel acted ‘with actual intent to hinder, delay, or defraud’ its customers,” U.S. Circuit Judge John D. Tinder wrote in the ruling.

  64. I am no expert on banking, for sure, but I do know a bank’s success is dependent upon reciepts of customer money. I have always thought that banks paid interest to keep your money there and in exchange they get to use your money, but only till it comes due (as in a CD, for example) and you decide you no longer want to renew or keep your money in that bank. My assumption here, is accounts such as savings and CDs, etc, are ‘secured’ accounts, in that the customer can have their money returned to them upon demand. If a bank goes belly up and loses the customer’s money, the money is insured up to the new limit of $250k by the FDIC, which is, incidentally underfunded. But there you have it.

    So it LOOKS like this failure will land on the backs of the FDIC up to the limit of 250k on secured accounts. This is not to say that there aren’t other types of accounts they may have played with. The article isn’t exactly specific. If these are investor accounts, then it isn’t really “banking” but instead brokering of investment accounts. I am not so sure this is illegal. Far as I know there is no such thing as a Sure investment. So there are some imortant details missing here. Translation: I don’t know. But it does smell of mixing investment money with savings money, bringing us one more the to the realization that banks need to be broken up and regulated as banks again. Brokers are brokers, banks are banks and should be regulated as so like they once were. Break up these godforsaken conglamerates that are no longer banks and yand consumer banking away from them and we won’t have these problemos.

  65. Woody Allen sums up my feelings about this election:

  66. Yes the terrible, the miserable and the horrible, if things are terrible be glad they aren’t horrible.

  67. I have come to the terrible realization that I want somebody to convince me to vote for Romney …and nobody is doing it. I mean, seriously, the guy is an empty vessel and it seems difficult to sell him. Now I know I could vote for Jill Stein and I actually kind of like the woman. She’s the ONLY candidate who flat out said she would fight to the death for women’s rights. ALL of their rights. Yes, you all know the truth about me and Greenness. All you need to do is a search on this blog to know what a jerkoff and con artist I think Al Gore is, and how stupid this whole global warming/climate change/whatever really is. I don’t believe word that comes out of these profiteers’ mouths. It’s the subject because the bomb shelter idea was already taken, Y2k already got sucked dry and came and went (lots of money made there with that bullshit too), and it’s way too many years for these clowns to wait to make money waiting for Y3k. So here’s Jill, a Greenie and I know instinctively she really believes, and will therefore take every dime out of my pocket to pay for bullshit like cap and trade and reduce everybody’s carbon footprint to a dull spot in a cave somewhere, drinking rainwater, broke as a bag lady because all of my money was sucked down by government under the illusion that we are all so powerful we can control nature.

    So here I am, broken hearted. I have a blog and I’ve got no candidate to pimp.

    Somebody hold me.

    did that do it for you…ROFL!

  69. I think the subtitles in the Hitler video were hilarious. So far, I’m still voting for Batman and Robin. Scoff all you want. Another term of this assclown would be far worse

  70. Maybe then the Dem’s would become normal again.

  71. They’re saying Huntsman (just recently a republican presidential candidate) will be speaking at the convention.

    The democrats’ convention.

    Politics. You can never figure it all out!

  72. UW, just curious – would you elaborate on why you think Romney is “an empty vessel”?

    And are you meaning that as synonymous to “empty suit” we use to refer to Obama?

  73. UW: You live in NY–your state is going for Barky no matter what you do. Vote for Jill Stein and be a data point that says to the two parties, “give me someone worthy of my vote.”

  74. They’re saying Huntsman… will be speaking at the convention.

    I hope not in Chinese.

  75. Well he is left of Obama.

  76. I did not see this anywhere and you know how we love to discuss how we like our fruits and veggies with that little something extra. Like listeria!

    Yes, having convinced people (and extorted companies and schools) that kids meals should have tasty chemical soaked apple slices rather than French (I mean patriot – are we still doing that I heard it the other day again) fries, the little not so yummy substitute has been recalled.

    Thanks Imelda, we know you will show your concern with yet another take out order from Five Guys.

  77. Vote for Jill Stein and be a data point that says to the two parties, “give me someone worthy of my vote.”

    In New York, third party votes and write ins are awarded to whomever wins the electoral votes. Unfortunately, that vote would go for Obama. It varies from state to state. I left a link somewhere in the comments during the past month or so

  78. Anthony, I know that’s true about write-ins, but I never heard that about third party candidates.

  79. All day I’m seeing references to Romney and Ryan as “The Comeback Team”. Wasn’t “comeback” used in some way to refer to Bill C when he won reelection – “comeback kid”, or something…?

  80. Seriously Anthony??? What kinda of BS is that? So if the 3rd party won would they get all the votes awarded to them

  81. I feel so bad for you. If it helps: Romney is a gentleman, calm rather than cool, boring so that the Exceptionalism of Americans can shine, steady and reliable. He and Ryan offer a profile of professional men trained on the real issues. You don’t have to like them, just respect that they can and will do the job. I got an email from Patrick Gaspard who wanted to make sure I saw the trash Ryan email from “Axe.” Ick. In his Wiki write-up Romney is described as non-partisan in his cabinet picks He turned a deficit to surplus which Duval Patrick promptly reversed.

  82. Lorac, yes, Mario Cuomo called Bill Clinton The Comeback Kid.

    DE, I believe Anthony is mistaken about the third part allocation. Ross Perot’s votes did not go to Bill Clinton in 92.

  83. Jesus. The hostility in this place. Personally, I don’t give a fuck but it looks really petty. In New York, a third party candidate must collect enough signatures to register and get their names on the ballot. There are different rules for different states. If she does/did not comply with that regulation in time with enough signatures, then her votes will be awarded to whomever wins.

  84. Anthony, there’s no hostility there–just an observation. Jill Stein is on the ballot in NY.

  85. Seriously Anthony??? What kinda of BS is that?

    observation. right.

    Thanks for the info about Stein, Sophie.

  86. I thought you were talking to me. And I thought DE’s comment was aimed at NY, not you.

  87. Anthony I was asking if you were serious about NY awarding 3rd party votes to another candidate and if that’s true it’s crap just like the RBC giving Hillary’s votes to barry.

  88. To me at the state of things in this country right now , social issues are of little matter to me. I mean what do I care if they are interested in banning abortions etc ? It will not happen it is just BS to get you to their side. Right now my interests are jobs and decreasing the debt. Restoring the middle class. I think Romney went with a guy that can put a sensible budget together and God willing we get a few more conservatives in the senate and dump these far left in your face haters. I hope I live long enough to see Harry Ried and Nancy plastic face out on their asses but if Obama gets it again I doubt I will because trust me no one will have enough in their stashes to buy food and hang on at the rate things are going.
    The only issues on this election I give a flying hoot about is canning Obama and Biden and trying to fix the economy. Listening to Romney and Ryan I think we will stop the crap about going green and drill and explore new energy sources. Romney has a proven record on making money and frankly I am betting on him to turn this unemployment and stupid crap of outsourcing around. I might be wrong but at least I know I will not be putting Obama and Imelda in by staying home or voting third party.
    Yes other issues are important to me but not right now. Right now it is the economy. If it goes we go !!!

  89. Can’t wait for the Ryan/ Biden debate…………..would not miss that one for all the tea in China.

  90. …I give a flying hoot about is canning Obama and Biden..

    And canning tomatoes and dilly beans.

  91. Oh Sophie I am so so tired of canning lol. I guarantee I have a couple of years worth of food stored.

    PMM those grape tomatoes are great canned with garlic and rosemary with a touch of olive oil. I have to say that after they sit a couple months I hate to waste them putting them in something I like just opening the jar and scarfing them up lol.
    They are great baked on crusty bread with fresh Mozzarella and Romano cheese. Oh crap now I am hungry and it is bed time.

  92. I’m with Sophie.

    As a New Yorker, I will vote for Dr. Jill Stein. Now some may say that it’s a wasted vote because she cannot possibly win, and, because the O’Fraud will take NY anyway. Well, it is not wasted to me. I have never cast a wasted vote.

    My vote will count.

    Dr. Jill Stein’s name will be on my ballot, and my vote for her will be noted accordingly. It will count. And I will sleep very well knowing that I did not choose death by fire or death by drowning – as Uppity with pitch perfect pith so aptly decribes it – but I rather voted for the best candidate available, as my conscience dictated.

    This election is a fait accompli. Oblahblah will win, and win rather easily. Romney’s choice of Ryan as his Veep matters not. Win or without him, Romney would have lost. Barky is too “historically important” too be allowed to serve only one term. So, he will serve two. And we will all just have to buck up and survive another four years of even worse deadlock, incompetence, and failure.

    But, we have endured far worse in our 236 years, and we have survived quite nicely, thank you. Death by fire, or death by drowning?


    In just over four years, Barry will be gone. But I will still be here. And WE will still be here.


  93. I think you guys are wrong about a Biden and Ryan debate. I think Biden will look like a human being and he will do a bang up job of showing Ryan up as a mean, miserable bastard who would just as soon kill off the old and the infirm. Don’t kid yourselves. Biden will look like the guy you want to have the beer with when it’s over. A huge mistake we made in 2008 was forgetting that the vast majority of America aren’t scouring the details like we are. Most of them don’t even bother reading blogs, or even looking for news alternatives to the 6 O’clock news. But for the children sitting home sucking their parents’ blood at 25 years old, the vast majority of America do not like the things Ryan thinks are great ideas for himself and others who are well-healed like himself. What’s important to them in a debate, if they even bother watching, is how the candidate makes them feel not how great his haircut is. Bullies frighten them, especially when they realize the bully could end up in charge of their lives and futures and give them the impression they aren’t all that important at all. Paul Ryan is going to have to go a long way to look human to them next to Joe. His ideas and plans harm far more people when they roll off his glib lips. He excercises no restraint and shows no human side. Romney will do far better against Obama than Ryan will do against Biden. You watch.

  94. What Rev Vet said. We will endure. But I totally agree. The R ticket is a mean ticket and I don’t mean that in the complimentary sense. Large swaths of entire voting blocks will reject them. I agree and still maintain Obama will prevail. The very best we can hope for is another split congress. WHen they can’t do anything, they can’t do any harm. It’s frustrating but true. But the truth is, everything this congress of extremists touches turns to shit because it IS a congress of extremists on two sides. I like them crippled, to be honest with you.

  95. Well said Upps. We do have a congress of extremists. Very depressing.

  96. Ryan’s main love.

    and a little more:

    The financial disclosure report Ryan filed with Congress last month and made public this week shows he and his wife, Janna, own stakes in four family companies that lease land in Texas and Oklahoma to the very energy companies that benefit from the tax subsidies in Ryan’s budget plan.

    Nonetheless, the properties have been a lucrative investment for Ryan and his wife, earning them as much as $117,000 last year, and $60,000 the year before, his personal financial disclosure reports show. Overall, Ryan, 41, listed assets worth between $590,000 and $2.5 million, putting him in the top third of the richest members of the House.

    Ryan’s office says the congressman wasn’t thinking about himself or the oil companies that lease his land when he drafted the budget blueprint that extended the energy tax breaks. “These are properties that Congressman Ryan married into,” spokesman Kevin Seifert said. “It’s not something he has a lot of control over.”

    Well that’s okay then.

  97. Love the “married into” thing. It’s his wife’s fault.

  98. Why of course! How dare she have family money that he married into!! Oh and there was little thing with farm subsidies too, but all of this is for Monday.

  99. Re: Third party votes. They do not go to another party. If you write in a person who is not on the ballot, it goes to the registered candidate of that party. Jill Stein’s votes will not go to anybody else so long as she is on the ballot. She achieves that in each state by getting the designated number of petitions signed. Votes for Hillary will go to Obama in many states as she is not registered as a write in candidate. If someone writes in Newt, it would go to Romney. This is unless the write in candidate is registered as a write in, like Murkowski successfully did in Alaska (This was a VERY important achievement that should never be overlooked).

    From Stein’s site.

    We are on the ballot in: Arizona, Arkansas, California, Colorado, Delaware, District of Columbia, Florida, Hawai’i, Illinois, Louisiana, Maine, Massachusetts, Michigan, Mississippi, New Jersey, New Mexico, New York, Ohio, Oregon, Pennsylvania, South Carolina, Tennessee, Texas, Utah (convention pending), West Virginia and new states Alaska, Kansas, Maryland, Washington, and Wisconsin!

  100. u just edited your comment and added that!

  101. Hey Fredster!

    God, those write in rules are annoying. It isn’t the same for Calif is it? I know I should remember, but can’t.

  102. socal: I’m not sure. were you wanting to write in hrc?

  103. Oh, I don’t know. Probably no point in it. What are you up to lately?

  104. Did you have Chinese for dinner? (See! I read Wid’s)

  105. Yeah and I was faster than you by 3 minutes.

  106. have had some medical stuff going on. doc trying to figure out what’s causing some low back pains. I think he wants to r/o any possible kidney issues. been having to fight with the ins. thing I have. They seem to think I dont’ need the 90 capsules of omeprazole the doc wrote for me so they have limited it. He submitted extra documentation, they said no. Did some checking adn I can get generic nexium from Canada. Patent is expired there. Can’t use ins. but what the hell, I can get them cheap. Doc was glad to write the script for it and said he’d keep that place in mind for some of his pts hitting donut hole in Medicare part D.

  107. upps, yes I did. some kind of chicken thing and fried rice.

  108. You all have noticed I’m sure, that writeins for Hillary are not reported in the press. They will say that there were x percent write ins but they refuse to mention her when you KNOW they are votes for her. So in addition to going to teh dirtbag in her party you were rebelling against, she gets no recognition. If Hillary were a registered writein, it would be different. When people say “Draft Hillary” they don’t really understand what that means. It means they would have to do the footwork and get the necessary petition signatures in every single state, dropping 20 pounds from all the walking in the process. This is a massive ground effort or all the “Draft Hillary” cries in the world mean nothing. She would HAVE to be registered to have votes for her count.

  109. u got the tweet I sent on chatroulette? It was hysterical!

  110. It means they would have to do the footwork and get the necessary petition signatures in every single state

    they would be told it’s pointless, she doesn’t want it, yadda, yadda.

  111. Well it doesn’t matter what they are ‘told’. If she is registered, the votes are hers. if she is not registered (and she isn’t registered in ANY state) her votes will not only go to Obama but she will receive no recognition for the number of votes she receives. It’s a tree falling in the forest that no one hears. It’s truly not even a resistance or rebellion or a “Statement”. You can’t make a statement if nobody even knows you made it but you. In fact, in many states, you help Obama by writing her in. Staying home is a bigger statement than writing in anyone who is not registered.

  112. Has she ever said anything about any attempts to add her to the ballots in states?
    Just wondering.

  113. They had the annual Red Dress Run in nola. Women and men dress in red dresses for charity groups.

  114. Not that I know of, Fredster.

  115. I think 2012 is a foregone deal. I only hope that 2016 leads to something better. I just have to believe that Bill speaking at the convention is going to jar some memories of what the Dems stood for (mostly) what we can possibly look forward to in 2016. I tell ya, this wait four year, wait four years, wait four years is getting old. Pretty soon a lifetiime has gone by.

  116. I think I’ll call it a night..or morning.

    See y’all later.

  117. Red dress races were cute. Hubs & I went out for dinner very late to a Japanese place. I had a sake margarita (love those).

  118. fredster @ 5:06 am: Well said! & pleasant dreams!

  119. Question UW.
    If you get enough signatures to be registered in any state why the hell would you not be on the ballot instead of a write in.

  120. Well Uppity. The Kitty Bank & that devilish little look which we know so well — those of us with cats. After the politics yesterday — wakes up from nightmare. 2012. Rock and a hard place vote. For Dems. Stein or the Libertarian guy. Srsly. Investigated Romney on Bain. O great. Viper. Does it ever seem like JFK & LBJ were the last good guys? Dunno. Sigh. Good morning and thanks for that cute cat!

  121. Omg. Fredster. Omg. Nothing could be creepier than your vid. She was heartless evil. On the page. A freak show, Ayn Rand.

  122. “I have come to the terrible realization that I want somebody to convince me to vote for Romney …and nobody is doing it. I mean, seriously, the guy is an empty vessel and it seems difficult to sell him. Now I know I could vote for Jill Stein and I actually kind of like the woman. She’s the ONLY candidate who flat out said she would fight to the death for women’s rights. ALL of their rights. Yes, you all know the truth about me and Greenness. ” — oh Uppity. NOW WHAT? Hugs. Omg — it has never been as bad as this has it? Nope. Not in our lifetimes. I will be green or Libertarian not that it will matter. Romney? BAIN. Rotten to the core. Not voting O, can’t. That leaves 3rd Party — oh brother.

  123. Wow I am shocked seriously. I have read the hate and disgust here for Obama and yet so many are willing to give him the job for another four years. Obama will not win this election by the vote but by lack of them.
    As for Ryan eh what is a Veep anyway. Only time he shines or needs to be worried about is if something happens to the Pres.
    As for destroying medicare I chuckle at that one. If anyone out there right now is depending on it they are in trouble.
    My husband has it and trust me it is nigh on near worthless and the $$ they take out of his social to pay for it is a waste. I have told him to dump the worthless shit. I mean he pays more a month for it and too many things are not covered or have an additional cost.
    In my opinion you can not screw it up any more then Obamacare has and Ryans plan of giving vouchers to pay for ins. seems a bit more better to me.
    Medicare was a good idea but sadly it has already been destroyed and is useless. Unless you are below the poverty line you will pay and pay good. If you are under the poverty line you will do fine. You will get your meds delivered and your scooter from the scooter store etc. If you have worked hard and been money wise and have a bit of something medicare is a big drain. Best to keep paying your health insurer.
    Well everyone has to do what makes them feel right and I guess we all just have to make the best out of the next four years.
    Ryan does not bother me in the least. Romney is at least an honorable man and that is something the white house has not seen in some time.
    I know that Romney has not slung dirt thus far but I am betting as it nears election time you will see him trash Obama . I think the gloves will come off mid Sept.
    I can see Romney losing as I said but only because folks are going to stay home or vote third party. It is their right and I accept that.

  124. Utah- good to see you! Agree on medicare being worthless- my Mom pays a ridiculous amount of money- ON TOP of what they take out of her Social Security- to pay for supplemental insurance to cover basics that Medicare does not cover. All she has is Social Security- but she does not qualify for Medicaid as she lives with my Sis. More BS- we just can not escape the stinking insurance companies.
    As for voting for a vagina minder (Ryan)- well thanks be to whomever I live in a state where it does not matter. PA will stay blue as long as electoral votes are not awarded by district.
    I could have lived with Romney as I believe him to be a moderate- though my suspicion has been all along that the R’s threw the last election and were throwing this one as well. Romney appealed to moderates concerned with turning our economy around and his record in MA indicates he minds his own business on women’s bodies. I could have voted for Romney with no guilt, no problem.
    I understand the R’s had to have a fundiegelical on the ticket to GOTV. The ? is- will it cost them the moderates and independents in the swing states?

  125. Whoa I disagree on medicare. Part A is free. They take out 100 bucks a month for part b. The supplementary policies vary (advantage plans vs supplement with presicription play separate and blah blah blah ..they make this very complex for seniors. I’ve helped more than a few and I’m confused with all the choices myself….anyways most seniors get all the coverage for $300+ a month. I would KILL to have that deal. I don’t think most people realize how expensive lesser insurance than medicare is on the open market. The cost of medicare is damned dirt cheap by comparison. Maybe this is where reform should occur because it doesn’t matter if you are dirty poor or a billionaire, it costs the same. Maybe it should be means tested. But let me tell you, there were plenty of times in the past few years when I WISHED I were 65 because I couldn’t afford the real cost of heatlh insurance on single pay.But it is ANYTH(NG but worthless. I would take it right NOW if I could get it. Saved my own parents’ lives a few times.

  126. Alas Uppity we will have to agree to disagree. My Mom has the 100 bucks a month pulled and pays well over 300 hundred a month for all the supplemental junk. So out of her measly 1200 a month SS she is paying 400 for insurances? That leaves her 800 to live on? If she did not have children she would be living behind a dumpster.
    Here in PA she got the same supplementals for 136 a month.

  127. Utah I am not willing to GIVE Obama a thing. I am simply sick and tired of compromising my values but voting for someone I do not believe in just beccause I don’t like him. I didn’t say I would vote for him, I said I don’t think I can vote for his opponent either. And so far NOBODY has given me a good reason to do so other than ABO. I need a whole lot more reason that that to vote for the next leader of the free world. I’ve lived through three REALLY SHITTY presidents and believe me, it’s tossup on shitnes. One thing they all did the same? Screw up the economy. Why would I willingly give another one I have doubts about a chance to do that. I fear we are in a successive role of bad leadership and I’m not going to help it along. I”m rooting for a split congess and nothing more. Keep them crippled so they can’t fuck anything up no matter which clown is president. And Utah I won’t be having an abortion either, but that doesn’t mean I don’t give a shit about the next generation. I didn’t stand in the rain and snow to watch women get thrown back into the kitchen making lotsa babies with some egomaniac’s last name. You know how we say smoking was the start of controlling people’s lives? That after that, rights began to fall like dominoes? Well think of abortion as the very same start of that for women. Once you can keep em pregnantm(no matter if you do it with rape either), the rest gets easier.

  128. DE, tough to get on ballot without a party endorsement. You have to hae a party name, and that requires getting enough votes in previous elections to render your party ‘valid’. It takes years to get there sometimes. Then you go through primaries, and you have to get signatures to be on the primary ballot too! It’s not all that easy to get on a ballot, DE, else the ballots would be packed with clowns from nowhere instead of clowns from parties.

  129. Hubby pays 168.00 a month out of SS and we still have the regular ins. which is costly and more so now to the crap of national health ins. Thing is many doctors are refusing to even take medicare and what it covers are things we do not need it does not cover shyt in my opinion and the cost of the supplemental ins yadda yadda as I said I have done the math and we are better off dropping it.
    Hubby has the V.A. and after 20 years of service I think he is entitled and they are cheaper but it still is costing us 3 to 4 hundred a month for his meds so why in the name of God are we kicking out 168.00 out of his SS when it does not even take so much as 10 dollars of the meds the VA is charging us for ?
    I stand by what I said Medicare is worthless.
    I have not met anyone yet that is getting the care they need on medicare without it costing them tons in extras or they were below poverty and qualified for medicade and were taken care of.

    As to the abortion thing I know upps it is important but I do not for one minute believe they will toss it out and I think they only use it as a fear thing. It was like Obummer in Colorado last week using the womens rights thing to garner votes. Christ he is the worst thing to women along with that bastage Harry Ried and now they come to the podium and try to tell women voting for Romney will set us back to the dark ages ?? God I would have loved to have been there and been able to heckle him. I mean seriously womens issues only matter in election time and I just am not buying it any longer. I am not worried one darn bit about abortion right now or any other thing other then am I going to have money enough to get to work next year and be able to afford food. At the rate we are going under Obama and the sitting congress the answer is no. I have to do what I have to do and it seems that this country is so far divided over so many things that we are circling the drain and bound to go down the sewer.
    Anyway I will check back later on. I agreed to take on someone elses shift today and looks like I might need to go find another job to help out next year. I am going down fast with all the cost increases I mean it. My retirement savings are being gobbled up. I was in the upper bracket two years ago but now I am with everyone else and still they want more. Ok I work 60 hours a week now for Christ sake just so I do not have to touch my savings but the tax man well he touches my savings no matter.
    Do I believe we will rebound after 4 more years of this crap ? NO !! I think the life we knew will no longer be but a memory.
    Ah what ever at the rate I stress and work Obama and the clan will have their wish I will just drop dead. My folks got the easy life of retirement I wont !

  130. Also as you well know Uppity I had to give up my life to go down and care for my mom. Medicare did not cover Shyt. She had Kaiser and medicare and still when we sold the house we had 60,000.00 owed on medical crap. Now there would have been nothing left had I not given up my life to go and take care of her.

  131. I hope you’re right about the abortion thing, Utah, but I don’t trust them as far as I can throw them. Either side. The democrats will give up their principles at the drop of a hat. They proved that already.

    Sounds like your mother didn’t have appropriate supplements. It’s a maize to plow through, much too hard to do for most seniors. My mother died and ran up bill after bill for two years, with surgeries, lengthy hospitalizations and skill rehabs in her struggle, and when she died, her estate owed nothing. Her supplements paid pretty much everything except for her room telephone, which I happily paid. I saw all the bills from both straight medicare and the supplement and she was very well covered. I only wished I could get that care if needed with the HMO I was on at the time. I doubt it. The thing with all these addon plans is there are so many of them you have to pick the one that covers the most of what YOU personally need. They all are different. Some cover some meds and not others etc etc. Some cover balances left in full, some at a percentage, depending on what you are willing to pay. If you pay a hundred bucks you get a hundred bucks worth. If you pay 250, you get better coverage, just like with single pay. It’s a real scavenger hunt, no kidding. Sounds like she had Kaiser as her supplement that was all inclusive, in other words doing the medicare coverage for her, Medicare allows a number of companies to do that with PPOs and HMOs etc, but she still needed the supplement.

    Also it looks like you and hubby are paying for his insurance and yours too. If he had to insure only himself he would only need a supplement, so really your cost is for insurance two. Naturally two costs more than one. The $168 is all emcompassing and he probably has part A B and C taken out of medicare. Just guessing here because 160 is definitely more than they usually take out for part B (I think it’s B). As for VA, veterans got screwed years ago. It’s a travesty what we do to the people who fought and nearly died for the USA. Some places are better than others, but they make it so they have to travel to get there which adds cost too.

  132. Mom, the thing is, $400 a month is cheap compared to the single pay open market. But not cheap for someone with little money, which is why I think if they want to reform medicare, they should make a sliding scale. I don’t see how it is that warren buffet has a problem paying four hundred a month but can see how your mother would have that problem.

  133. For SophieCT – in remembrance of Uppity’s most excellent post on Obama’s “Cat Food Commission” chairman of the bored – Alan Simpson:

    Email received this morning:

    This lady certainly has a way with words !

    Rough language but she really makes her point clear!
    I don’t think pissed really covers it!!!!!!!!!!!

    Alan Simpson, Senator from Wyoming , Co-Chair of Obama’s deficit commission, calls senior citizens the Greediest Generation, as he compared “Social Security” to a Milk Cow with 310 million teats.

    Here’s a response in a letter from PATTY MYERS in Montana . I think she is a little ticked off! She also tells it like it is!

    “Hey Alan, let’s get a few things straight!

    1. As a career politician, you have been on the public dole for FIFTY YEARS.

    2. I have been paying Social Security taxes for 48 YEARS (since I was 15 years old. I am now 63).

    3. My Social Security payments, and those of millions of other Americans, were safely tucked away in an interest bearing account for decades until you political pukes decided to raid the account and give OUR money to a bunch of zero ambition losers in return for votes, thus bankrupting the system and turning Social Security into a Ponzi scheme that would have made Bernie Madoff proud

    4. Recently, just like Lucy & Charlie Brown, you and your ilk pulled the proverbial football away from millions of American seniors nearing retirement and moved the goalposts for full retirement from age 65 to age 67. NOW, you and your shill commission is proposing to move the goalposts YET AGAIN.

    5. I, and millions of other Americans, have been paying into Medicare from Day One, and now you morons propose to change the rules of the game. Why? Because you idiots mismanaged other parts of the economy to such an extent that you need to steal money from Medicare to pay the bills. And you’ve spent more than any administration in history.

    6. I, and millions of other Americans, have been paying income taxes our entire lives, and now you propose to increase our taxes yet again. Why? Because you incompetent bastards spent our money so profligately that you just kept on spending even after you ran out of money. Now, you come to the American taxpayers and say you need more to pay off YOUR debt.

    To add insult to injury, you label us “greedy” for calling “bullshit” on your incompetence. Well, Captain Bullshit, I have a few questions for YOU.

    1. How much money have you earned from the American taxpayers during your pathetic 50-year political career?

    2. At what age did you retire from your pathetic political career, and how much are you receiving in annual retirement benefits from the American taxpayers?

    3. How much do you pay for YOUR government provided health insurance?

    4. What cuts in YOUR retirement and healthcare benefits are you proposing in your disgusting deficit reduction proposal, or, as usual, have you exempted yourself and your political cronies?

    It is you, Captain Bullshit, and your political co-conspirators called Congress who are the “greedy” ones. It is you and your fellow nutcases who have bankrupted America and stolen the American dream from millions of loyal, patriotic taxpayers. And for what? Votes! That’s right, sir. You and yours have bankrupted America for the sole purpose of advancing your pathetic political careers. You know it, we know it, and you know that we know it.

    And you can take that to the bank, you miserable son of a %&#^&^&.

  134. When a doctor refuses medicare (thanks to the 500 billion obama removed), what they are saying in essence is YOU do the paperwork. If you have a good supplement, the bills will still get paid but that doctor is not going to be jerking around with medicare any longer. It’s a way for them to save overhead and make up for the loss Obama stuck them with in payments. Even before obama some doctors demanded payment up ahead for certain elective things, ophthamologists come to mind. Many seniors have to pay for laser things up front and then deal with medicare and their supplement. All in all, I have yet to see a senior who died and left massive bills if they had a good supplement. If they didn’t, yup, lots of bills. Once again, you get what you pay for. Which again is why I was in favor of single pay for everybody on a sliding scale. And then if you wanted to add to it, or could add to it, the additional insurance would be competitive on the open market.

  135. The thing my folks did not do as many do not do is pay for and plan for long term coverage. She needed in home 24 hour care and like many of her generation she was unwilling to go to a home or give up her home and move in with me. I hope if there is life after death she now knows what she did to my life and that was from a woman that did not even fricking want me.
    Either give up your assets before you get ill or plan and pay for long term health coverage. We had to pay 2200.00 a week ! A week just to have some woman stay there and do nothing as far as I could see until I gave up my world and went to care for that woman. Doing so cost me a small fortune and I have yet to recover from it. Yes I sold that crap house she loved so much but had to split the profits with two brothers who gave nothing. So I am still recovering and they are doing fine. Anyway if you have to purchase all these darn supplements where is medicare so great ?

  136. Uppity I am uninsured and have been for three years. I can not afford the shit any more. If I get sick I die it is that simple. I will not be a burden on taxpayers because I will just forgo treatment if I am seriously ill. In a year I will get health care from my work until then I just have to hope.
    Hubby has Veterens and medicare. I have squat.

  137. which is why I think if they want to reform medicare, they should make a sliding scale. I don’t see how it is that warren buffet has a problem paying four hundred a month but can see how your mother would have that problem.

    This is what the Ryan-Wyden proposal brought to the table. It is a bi-partisan proposal where Medicare beneficiaries would be guaranteed the level of benefits offered in traditional Medicare, but the financing of the system would be improved by replacing the rigid system of administrative pricing and price controls on medical services.

    The premise is that the Warren Buffets of the world would receive less and the working poor would receive more. Basically, the less resources you have, the more will be afforded. I’m currently going over it with a fine-tooth comb, and have to say that so far it looks fair and equitable in regard to your concerns. Sorry Ryan’s name is attached because I know the taste that leaves in your mouth, but Wyden helped him craft it, so it is truly bi-partisan. We need more of that, imo.

  138. Medicare is still a good deal Utah, because if you had to pay for Part A, B and C and prescription coverage on the open market like I do, for the same type of coverage, it would cost you $1000 a month per person, not including copays and deductables.

    The problem is most people haven’t seen what this shit REALLY costs. Those who are lucky enough to have coverage with an employer will complain they have to pay in 3 or 4 hundred a month when they have no idea what they would REALLY pay if they were on their own.

  139. Anthony I have read it and have to say I do not know what everyone is up in arms about. Ryan is a good fiscal conservative and I agree with him on the medicare thing. What you have is folks twisting it and making it sound bad. Giving vouchers to purchase more ins is not a bad way to go unless they are cash and ass heads blow them elsewhere. If Buffet paid SS he is as entitled as you or I am. Granted it hurts him far less then it will us but fact is he paid too. May-hap they ought to change that too. If you have other means of retirement maybe the greedy bastages ought to keep hands off policy when it comes to paying into ss.
    SS should have been a voluntary thing period. If you did not pay in then you should not get period and it should have been an option. Thing is there are so many getting SSDI for back issues and you name it. They have their scooters and have never worked and paid into ss. I have known many who bilked one system and the other. I sometimes question myself wondering where my morals are doing me any good.

  140. Let’s take a trip down memory lane to understand teh life-changing advantage of medicare.

    In the old days, which a certain party would love to return us to, the woman stayed home, had babies, cooked, cleaned, raised the kids and the husband went to work. Trapped without any skills or money of her own, she stayed married, even if he kicked the crap out of her every Saturday or cheated on her twice a week. The husband was the ‘breadwinner’. Husband drops dead, his work insurance drops out for her and the kids, she has no job skills and is left with shit on a stick. Medicare became a live saver because at 65, everybody got coverage. Coverage was ALWAYS similar to the standard Blue Cross Blue Shield 85-15 coverage. Coverage at the workplace was also the same. This concept that nobody pays shit to anybody is recent. It was NEVER that way. Every insurance I had in my life, and some of my polcies were truly fanfreakingtastic, I always had to pay into them and I always had a balance, albeit a resonable one. So let’s not even imagine that medicare EVER covered everything under the sun. No policy did unless you went with a HMO that would decide if you lived or died if you got too expensive for them. And still, you can get an HMO with medicare if you want. Your choice.

    The implementation of medicare ensured that a widow at 65 could have coverage she could NEVER afford since her value in the workplace after working at home for free for decades wasn’t very much and she would never had earning power enough to buy insurance or get a job with benefits. So when we talk about ditching medicare while at the same time talking about “traditional values,” we are essentially dooming millions of women to poverty and death without decent medicare. Before 65, they would land on medicaid, along with their kids, which is FAR more expensive to taxpayers than medicare could EVER be. Shifting the costs to states and counties is what Obama loves to do. You pay anyways, one way or another. In property taxes. At least with medicare EVERYONE pays in, not just people who own homes. Thanks to this shifty shifting, in states like NY, 40% or the people are carrying the other 60%.

  141. Hubby has all parts of Medicare Upps. Still he uses the VA and is still left with having to pay out of pocket 300 to 400 a month on meds . Medicare does not cover it. Fact is the VA does not even bother to try to process it. So he will be dumping his medicare this year and put the 168.00 a month they take out on to the cost of his meds.
    If seniors can not figure out what they need and have to get help to get the right coverage that is idiotic. I have pulled hair trying to figure out ins coverage and frankly it is ridiculous. Cost of coverage is insane and only to find out you are not covered for this or that. I have a emergency medical savings and like I said if I get cancer I die simple as that and I am not happy about it but resigned to it. I am no Warren Buffet I am just a poor working slob that this country has left behind other then to tax the shit out of and force to buy things I can not afford or do not want and when I no longer have anything left to give I can die. I have as I say resigned myself to that fact.

  142. I agree Upps . We always have had co-pays and costs after ins paid ie 20%. I had great coverage once too but as with auto coverage it went nuts. Time you get done paying all the extra supplementary ins carriers you are going to die because there is nothing left. Maybe some can afford it but far too many can not. Fact is many seniors are not taking meds as prescribed and halfing them because they can not afford it.
    It is sad and it is not likely to change anytime soon. Going back for what medicare was is fine and as all government programs they start out good but end up shit.
    Welfare was a good idea once too.
    Medicare I feel like SS has run it’s time and has gone to crap. It is the way all good intentioned programs go. Now I am out of here and off to work . I need the money to pay the higer taxes on my overtime.

  143. utah – here, at least, the VA doesn’t hospitalize anyone unless it’s a service-related injury. If it’s not a service-related issue, they have to use their Medicare to pay at a non-VA hospital.

    However, they ARE able to have outpatient MD visits at the VA whether it’s service-related or not – so most of them don’t pay for Medicare B, because that’s what it’s for – outpatient MD visits. So your hubby could consider keeping the (free) Medicare A in case he ever has to be hospitalized, but dropping the Medicare B, since he goes to the VA anyway for those MD appts….

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