Today, you have an assignment. It’s called Reading What’s Really There.

Many of us, myself included, are in a tizzy about Paul Ryan as a VP choice. We don’t like him. We think he’s arrogant and mean. Kind of like what we have in office already, only the other nasty extreme. Sickening, isn’t it?

We’ve seen what Pravda has had to say about Ryan’s budget and the Roadmap For America, or whatever the hell they call it (Kind of like the Contract For America, remember?)

I look upon this creature named Paul Ryan with jaudiced eye. To make it worse, I hate his Effing Widow’s Peak. But the truth is, I haven’t read his stuff at all. The only thing I’ve read is what a tweeter says or some talking head says, or worse, what some celebrity says. It seems nobody who thinks he’s the cat’s ass can even get past the “He’s a hottie” routine. To hell with that shit. I recall too vividly girls swooning over what’s got his ass in the oval office now, and look how well that’s worked out for us. I’m looking for a VP who isn’t stupid or insane, and who isn’t two steps behind Iran when it comes to women and gays and lesbians. I am not looking for a boyfriend.

If I haven’t read it, I’ll bet most of you haven’t either.

It’s time we take control of our own knowledge base about this man. We might leave this assignment liking him more. Or we might hate him more than ever.

Let those chips fall.

We must all read these two documents ourelves or STFU. It’s the fair and right thing to do.

The Budget Plan

The Roadmap

I will be reublishing this post after the majority of us has declared we have read it.  I am not going to let up on this assignment. We owe it to ourselves to know what the hell we are talking about. Those who do not read it need to STFU.

Are we in agreement?

After we are all done reading, we can then move on to read Barack Obama’s plan, which will go faster. Here it is (big h/t imusprotest):


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  1. Although this will give us an idea of who Ryan the Congressman is and what he believes is a solution to a problem the Obama Administration refuses to face, it is in no way what Romney has in mind. Granted, there will be similarities between Ryan’s plan and Romney’s plan, but they will not be one and the same. Mitt Romney made that clear last night in his interview on 60 minutes.

    I do believe that reviewing these docs will give us an idea of who Ryan is and what he stands for as an individual, but please remember that Romney is not running on Ryan’s budget or medicare proposal.

    Kudos for admitting you are already prejudiced against him. Personally I see no indication of Ryan being “mean”, unless being “mean” is synonymous with being intelligent and articulate. The widow’s peak? Sure – lets disqualify him because of his looks. I guess if we can’t use his gender, we might as well go for the hairline. (Be careful, Joe Biden – your plugs have put you in the danger zone…)

  2. I wasn’t told there would be homework.

  3. Is there a CliffsNotes version somewhere?

  4. Dang! Obama’s Hope ‘n Change Blank Slate was so much easier and faster to read!

  5. MyIq- I am looking for both the Cliff Notes and the Romney budget plan. As Anthony points out- it is Romney on top of the ticket (Even though Michelle Bachmann in an interview with I think it was Greta- kept repeating “The Ryan Romney ticket ad nauseum)

  6. Well So far no luck finding Mitt’s actual budget proposal- he has his own cliff notes version of his plans on his site- a boatload of “issues” statements- but so far I can’t find anything approximating a budget. If Mitt is really running onhis own budget plan- he better make it easier to find- because all the talking heads are focusing on Ryan’s plan. For those who want to read what Mitt has under the heading of “Spending” (and probably a gazillion cookies too) here is the link

    Maybe Someone else (Anthony hint hint can you find it for me please?) can find Mitt’s actual budget proposal.

  7. Ok direct from Mitt’s spending page-

    Pass the House Republican Budget proposal, rolling back President Obama’s government expansion by capping non-security discretionary spending below 2008 levels

    So now I am confused. Mitt is saying he is running on his OWN plan- but his page says pass the Ryan plan on day one? WHICH IS IT????

  8. Maybe Romney didn’t put his budget on line yet. They may have learned from 2008 that everything Hillary put up became obama’s new plan a few days later – often with the exact wording.

    Maybe Romney has his homework copyrighted and embedded with ink packs that will explode when the BO camp steals it.

  9. I SO stole that jpg, imust.

  10. That should be a post, imust.

    We’ve read Ryan’s plan. Now let’s discuss Obama’s plan.

    Obama hasn’t passed a budge in four years.

  11. Love the comments above. The blank slate has me chuckling but the funny thing is it was the truth. Bizarre as that is.

    Reminds me of the Grateful Dead – what a long strange trip its been.

  12. I tried reading it but there’s lots of big words and hardly any pictures.

    Don’t we have to vote on it before we know what’s in it?

  13. Well it’s SOP for a leader of a company to utilize an undermanager’s plan for something. That’s what you pay them for. It’s also the right thing to Give Credit Where Credit Is Due. So I see nothing wrong with a candidate saying he wants a plan that his VP has developed.

  14. No cliff notes myiq. You read it or you STFU.

  15. Today is my only day off. I am getting my car fixed, grocery shopping, cleaning the house, doing bills and other chores. I am with myiq – can I get a pass and get the cliff notes version.

    If not then I am going to need another pot of coffee because at some point my exhausted working class ass is going to pass out in lorac’s hammock.

    My garden has mushrooms the size of real stools. I should get an experienced mushroom picker to come see if they are poison or food worthy. I look at them and think of pasta sauce.

  16. Gosh darn it! This is like writing a paper in college- the more I research- the more the research multiplies. Of course that is the old Stone Age method of learning- follow up follow up. Can I skip to the 21st century method and just read the candidate pages? /s
    So for those who are totally insane like me about wanting the information- here is another linky dinky- and there is another gazillion page one of the actual budget they passed too- this is the “Report”

  17. oops, no cliff notes.


    Good try myiq.

  18. Thank you for the links.

  19. I’m down with that, Uppity. And, I’ll try to do to the work before being further influenced by the comments of others. Right now, I’m more than a little turned off by what I’ve heard and read about him – especially that crazy, fringe fetus/person-hood thing. But, things are rarely as people with an agenda try to make them appear. So, I’ll read. I don’t expect to like him. At this point, I’m just hoping his stand on the issues does not make me angry enough to spontaneously combust.

  20. I am beginning to think I see what their plan is- inundate me with so damn many links and pages of info that I can’t read it all before November.
    True on utilizing an undermanager Uppity- but if Mitt continues to say they are running on his (Mitt’s) plan- then they need to clean up their page where it says that he wants the R budget on day one. If I could find that- the media lackeys won’t be far behind.
    Oh wait. Sometimes the media is months behind the bloggers.

  21. To add some levity here (and some salivation) I thought you might like to see what the inside of my first brandywine tomato look(ed) like. Note no green gelatinous snot, no hard white fibers you can’t wait to dig out of the tomato. No visible skin thickness. This is what a slicing tomato is supposed to look like inside unless Monsanto gets its hands on it. Excuse the glare. It’s just that it was SOOOOOOOOO juicy, it glittered.

  22. I put imust’s graphic in the post. Toooooooo funny.

  23. freespirit, I am COMPLETELY with you. I feel EXACTLY the same way.

  24. Maybe Romney didn’t put his budget on line yet. They may have learned from 2008 that everything Hillary put up became obama’s new plan a few days later – often with the exact wording.

    Romney said that (minus the Hillary reference, but it was there nonetheless) when pressed for specifics about his plan. I’m paraphrasing, but he said “I’m not going to put my specifics out right now. The Obama operatives will attack them and try to either define them or steal them the minute I put them out there”. I for one have no problem with that strategy, considering what The Dog Eater did to Hillary in 2008.

    I do have a problem with no disclosure, but will try to remain neutral enough to be cautiously optimistic right now. But I will say this: If there is not at least a slow drip of details on Romney’s plan between now and the debates (and coming out in full during the debates), I’ll rethink my support of Romney and behave accordingly.

    What I think he has going for him is his track record. Whether you like it or not, Bain Capital had an 88% (some say that, others say 82%) success ratio in reviving dying businesses and turning them around into profitable enterprises. That takes someone who knows how to take carefully calculated risks. That would include his private sector experience as well as his choice for VP. If you don’t believe that, please note that ObamaKamp has been forced into talking about the economy and Obamacare since Ryan was announced as his running mate.

    I think we will get a truthful assessment of our economy along with at least the outline of a plan to save it. Romney’s language might be too wonky for some, but Ryan can articulate it into language that the majority of us could understand.

  25. The Bain ads never bothered me because, leveraged buyouts aside, nobody sells his or her business to a Bain unless they need to unload it. The happy horse shit from employees saying everything was just fiiiiiiiine before Bain took over is classic “How the hell do you know that, because you were happy and tooting along?”. Employees very rarely know a thing about what’s going on behind the scenes of a company. They could have worked there for ten years and the owner could have lost money for five of them and they wouldn’t know, since they get their paychecks every week. Most of these companies close down abruptly. The owners get a chance to save themselves by selling to a Bain. Bain takes on the liabilities as WELL as the assets. At least with a Bain, there’s a chance to save what is worth saving What isn’t worth saving goes belly up and is liquidated. These same people would have been out of a job either way. Their owners didn’t sell because life was great for them. But they don’t get to take the blame. Bain takes that off their heads. It’s not easy to liquidate and make a profit unless you have lots of contacts and know people who want your equipment or assets. That requires a large company in the business of Knowing just that. Employees may feel their lives were ruined but the truth is, the business was ruined or was making a dangerously unhealthy profit margin. NOBODY sells a golden goose at firesale prices.

  26. PMM – is the House Republican Budget Proposal the Ryan plan? or did Boehner et al amend it? I honestly don’t know

  27. Dang Ant Knee, you put the link there and I figured you wanted me to read it. So then I figured maybe we all need to read it if it’s going to be talked about as a good (or bad) thing.

  28. Paul Ryan wants to be a heartbeat from the Presidency. I think it’s our responsibility to know how he thinks. His budget plan has been pimped left and right for a year now. Why wouldn’t we read it. It’s who he is else he wouldn’t be waving the flag about it.

    As for a Romney budget, don’t expect one. It would be dumb to do. All it becomes is fodder for the opposition. He’s right. And where’s Obama’s budget? Where’ ANY Obama budget from the last election or even the last four damned years?

  29. Of course I think we should all read it. It was only late last night (after I posted the link) when I got to see the 60 Minutes broadcast, and heard Romney say that he would be crafting his own plan but also said it would be similar.

    The pdf is a good example of where Ryan is on the budget and medicare, and a good insight into who he is. It also highlights an appreciation of bipartisanship, which as been non-existent since the Clinton Administration. Nice to see.

  30. Ryan is the chairman of the House budget committee. His plan is the house plan.

  31. Yes and the house plan should be read too. These people operate in tandem. It’s a glimpse into what to expect if the house stays R and the president is Romney. We have information here that is a deep look into these people’s heads and intent. We should know “What’s in it”.

  32. So nobody likes my first tomato?

  33. I LOVE your tomato, Upps!

  34. God have mercy on me- reading the R budget. Page 28 of 70.
    Social Security FY 2012 New Budget Authority 54,439,000,000
    Outlay 54,624,000,000
    Fy 2013 New Budget Authority 29,096,000,000
    Outlay 29,256,000,000

    Seems like one huge ass reduction to me- but maybe it’s that New Math

  35. Anthony- I am mired in links. I typed Republican Budget 2012 in the browser. First it took me to Ryan’s Chairman page. The internal links to the report and the budget. I am going crosseyed trying to figure it out. It is supposed to be the 2012 budget they passed- but it has authorizations going up to 2021.
    Uppity. NO- I HATE your tomato. I want MINE to look like that.

  36. Mom’s on a roll! You lazy readers are catching a break!

  37. I LOVE your tomato, Upps!

    and my tomato loves you.

  38. Disgusting. Romney has a spinal column with the same structural integrity as the Prez’s. He just chose Ryan to placate the crazies. The only the two sides have in common is that they want to kill all the old people —-because the old people have enough mileage on their odometers to know what a bunch of crap this all is.

  39. Keep an eye on Mom, everybody. Make sure her hair doesn’t catch fire from the flames shooting out of her eyeballs.

  40. ROFL Uppity- I just got back from taking my walk and paying our “per capita tax”- Yup- a tax for living and breathing here in PA. And don’t forget our “occupational privilege” tax that is taken out of our paychecks in Jan every year. It is up to 52 bucks per person down in Allegheny county. Yup- we pay a tax for the privilege of being employed.

    Back to reading budgets. Honestly, can they not write a budget that looks like a business or home model? Seriously. How can that thing be a budget? Looks more like a 10 yr plan to me. Hmmm, what evil old regime had those “five year plans”?

  41. Interesting- I scrolled down to page 44 and there is some interesting language- “the Chair of the Committee on the Budget may adjust allocations etc…..providing such does not increase the deficit” Giving himself some powers there?

  42. Knock knock? Anybody here or has everyone been stunned by the overload of sneaky language and numbers that make no sense as they lack a comparison (because the lazy ass Dems have not passed a budget in how long now?)
    I did see that the projected ten yr plan numbers call for increases in each year for the care of our veterans. This is good. They served, they were wounded, they deserve the best in medical care we have available.

  43. Just a jarring reminder: Medicare as we know (knew?) it is already a thing of the past. It was changed with the implementation of Obamacare.

    There have already been massive cuts, changes in quality of coverage, treatment and drugs. More to be implemented in 2013 and 2014. I have had a my own personal, first hand experience ending with a trip to the ER a couple of weeks ago because of the recent changes. I hesitate to leave my personal story here for an obvious fear of internet policing by proponents of Obamacare, so I guess you’ll have to take my word for it. Uppity knows the details and can vouch for that statement, and I trust her to keep those details to herself

    Short story: Medicare as it was designed is already gone. We’re already screwed.

  44. Anthony- hope you are ok! We need you!!!!!
    Medicare is indeed gone as we knew it- oblowtheinsurancecompanies bill took how many billions from Medicare to pay for the ins co profits? Our insurance premiums have gone up and up and up- as Uppity will attest- all the big insurers slammed us with 20% increases at least twice before that damn boondoggle that we had to pass to find otu what was in it passed. They had to get those increases in under the wire.
    I still can not find an answer to what the hell this new thing in our insurance is- we now have not only Co-Pays but a thing called “Co-Insurance” Plus the increased deductible. What it comes down to in reality for me is we can’t afford to be sick, even though we have insurance. Used to be our co-pay was x for an office visit. That has doubled. It was 100 bucks co-pay if we used the emergency room- reduced to 50 if we were admitted. And 20% co-pay for the hospital bill. Now we have all that PLUS co-insurance, which as best I can read it is another 20% on top of the 20% co-pay. I don’t get it. And bull crap bull sh*t won’t explain it either. Hell it is getting to the point we need a lawyer to interpret the policies.

  45. “Hell it is getting to the point we need a lawyer to interpret the policies.” Well, PMV, the whole point of Obamacare is to keep lawyers, bureaucrats and ins. execs. gainfully employed. To borrow a phrase from The Godfather, the patient is nothing more than the “pain in the ass innocent bystander” these days.

  46. Ryan Budget “cliff notes” on Medicare

  47. Sent in an email from McNorman:

  48. Here is another one…

  49. PMM, awhile back someone in the insurance racket had a tee vee ad saying they had Navigators to help us. I’ve forgotten all other details, but this much goes right to your point of needing lawyers.

  50. @ UPPS

    OMG those look sooooooo delicious. I bought some fugly little Romas that I’m trying my best to ripen in a brown paper bag. LOL

  51. @ AntKnee

    Just a jarring reminder: Medicare as we know (knew?) it is already a thing of the past. It was changed with the implementation of Obamacare.

    Yes, and it’s still a surprise to many.


    Try reading that stuff while answering the phone and talking to insurance companies at the same time. I’m almost permanently cross-eyed.


    I take issue with the widow’s peak. I have one. 😀 It’s a bitch to part.

  52. In viewing your first video, Kathy, it all looks great. Except for one thing not mentioned. There can be no competition so long as several fixed insurers monopolize entire regions and price fix. They can do this because….they Can. Health insurers enjoy something nobody else you know in business can get. They have an Anti-trust Law waiver. yes, that’s right. A waiver. This means they can monopolize regions anywhere in the country until the cows come home, which of course leads to price fixing. Now, when everybody was blowing smoke about health care reform, this problem was brought front and center. However, like all other smoke blowing efforts, nothing was done about it, and the waiver was NOT lifted. So you see, this is all bs so long as the health care industry gets to name a price. “competition’ will be exactly as it is today. Collusive price fixing and outrageous rates. So to tell people they will be able to choose their health care option that “fits their needs” and to leave out that it will cost them far far more than they ever imagined is to blow some more smoke up their asses. The truth is, everyone is dancing around this industry because they are a bottomless pit of contributions and lobbyists with perks. Not only at the Federal level but the state levels. What this will do is very effectively screw the middle class again. Just like today. The rich won’t get hurt paying a few bucks more. The poor will get it free and the middle class seniors will be worrying about how to get heatlh insurance when the prices are outrageously unaffordable. Without this issue resolved, this plan is a pig in the poke and a festering sore that will show its infection long after the Paul Ryan’s of this world are out of office and living the good life on free golden government insurance.

  53. Air! I need AIR! Going out to check my tomatoes. Please tell me they are not like a watched pot……

  54. Upps, let’s not forget that the insurance companies also “help” by inserting themselves in the writing of medical coding. They will ALWAYS have their fingers in the pie. They aren’t going to lose.

  55. It’s a tangled web that has been woven. That’s why no one wants to read what’s in it. (Speaking of Nancy and ObamaCare.) How many chiefs want to insert their fingers in the pie? It’s a nasty mess. Back to my cross eyed mess.

  56. I would like to add to my last remark that I have NOTHING to gain or lose by Ryan’s plan. I fall into the ‘safe’ 55+ category, at least insofar is they will probablly continue to cut medicare funding just like Obama did last year, until they kill off as many of us as possible. But for the purposes of Ryan’s plan, I have NO DOG IN THIS HUNT. So my opinion ought to be considered as at least in part objective, if you follow the rule that you never make a decision based on the input of someone who has something to gain or lose. I say this plan has some seriously HOLES Mr. Ryan is deliberately ignoring.

  57. My sense, as a feminist, is that Ryan is someone I’d like to slap the shit out of. These smug, smart-ass, condescending, patriarchal guys – like Ryan seems (at this point in my reading 🙂 ) to be remind me of why I never liked the Pubs in the first place.

    Damn! This election is like choosing between the devil and the deep blue sea – and I can’t swim.

  58. I also have no dog in this hunt…I read the “budget” and believe it is basicly, buy your own GD insurance and STFU!
    Corporations and small business will be off the hook for any insurance “benifits.” The middle class pays, the same as Congress get will be very expensive. We pay for the poor, Congress does not.
    Minds swfiter then mine my read a different or a “truer” smoke up your ass version. Looks like we are fucked all ways to Sunday!!!

  59. Choose the WOMAN! Jill Stein, plus is she is a MEDICAL DOCTOR!
    Vote for her.

  60. McNorman, they don’t just insert themselves, they are in charge of the health care laws, which always seem to favor them. None of this is honest until some HONEST Ungreased elected offical comes right out and says that……… long as people’s lives are attached to a bottom line answerable to stockholders, NOTHING will change with the cost of health care and people will ALWAYS die for the bottom line

    I’ve said it before and I will say it again: People’s lives should never be attached to a profit and health insurance should be not for profit. Period. It doesn’t have to be owned or run by any government, but to run health insurance as a gamble on how well and how fast you can kill a customer who costs too much is simply the epitomme of an inhumane country that doesn’t care who lives or dies at the feet of the Holy Stockholder. I find this disgusting.

    YOu want health care reform? Start with insurance industry reform. We aren’t selling appliances here, we are talking about sick and dying people, for Chrissakes. How disgusting.

  61. We will do to healthcare what we have been doing to eduation, treat doctors like dog shit and we will NEVER attract the best and the brightest. We are already behind countries none of us even want to visit in Education and Health Care. We are moving at a slow and steady pace to become on par with third freaking world countries. This is sick shit.

  62. I also have no dog in this hunt…I read the “budget” and believe it is basicly, buy your own GD insurance and STFU!

    I love when someobody says in one sentence what I tried to say in 500 words.

  63. Oh and I can’t stop. Please remember that Obama wasn’t the first to rip some guts out of medicare. Newt Gingrich and Jesus ***Frist of Private Hospital Chain fame ripped entire coverage chunks out of medicare. Both of these parties are hateful greedy bastards who are well taken care of by the very people they are screwing. Fuck them both with a broom. Miserable lying assholes.

    That having been said, please pray for a red tomato for Mom.

    ***The guy whose chain hospital family got fined with three quarters of a BILLION in penalties for MEDICARE FRAUD.

  64. Fuck them both with a broom. Miserable lying assholes. That having been said, please pray for a red tomato for Mom.

    “Dear Jesus – Please guide us through this campaign season in a way that helps us make the right choice. That means fuck both candidates with a broom because they’re miserable lying assholes.

    Oh – and please bring Mom a beautiful red tomato.


  65. This isn’t fair.

    As an American I am used to having information spoon-fed to me in small easy to digest bites by people in the media who edit out the stuff I don’t need to know.

  66. Yeah myiq, all this work just sucks. I think I’ll ask Chris Matthews to summarize for me.

    Incidentally I am getting hits to the blog from this article, but I can’t find where on the page they are coming from. This is Wall Street Journal folks, not a bastion of Obama love

    The latest Wall Street Journal-NBC News poll showed that President Barack Obama leads Mr. Romney 54% to 39% among women. The gap gets truly staggering when it comes to college-educated women. Here, Mr. Obama leads 63%-32%.

    And don’t forget to thank the vagina-meddling Paul Ryan.

  67. I am borderline on having a dog in the fight. I am closing in on that 55 mark so I guess I have the potential to get slapped on both sides of that line.

  68. “middle class seniors will be worrying about how to get heatlh insurance when the prices are outrageously”
    In all of the BS about “Medicare” vouchers, privatization, etc., I have never seen an estimate of what the monthly premium would be for a 75 yo with multiple pre-existings; $3k/month, $5k/month?? The over 65 yo cohort has been removed from the insurance marked since 1965, put them back into the “pool” and see what happens to “insurance” cost for all age groups.

  69. For some reason I always confuse Paul Ryan with Rand Paul. Now, thanks to the emphasis on the widow’s peak I can keep them straight.

    Paul Ryan=Eddie Munster
    Rand Paul=Eddie Haskell

    My date to the junior high spring dance had one of those widow’s peaks. I thought he was a cutie (no this des not sway me one way or the other for political candidates) although he did have to put up with A LOT of Eddie Munster teasing (this died off sometime in high school). Oddly enough he was born in Hawaii (and had a birth certificate and everything becuase you need those in Catholic school). Now the poor guy is starting to sound like one of BO’s “composite” people.

  70. And for today’s entry in Poetry Corner:

    Ode To Tomatoes by Pablo Neruda

  71. ROFLMAO!
    Anthony- WOW that was fast- My San Marzanos are blushing! And the Brandywines are going pale- the first stage before pink! Hallelujah can I get a witness!

  72. Mt Laurel! What a GREAT poem! Really, odes should be written by more poets and playwrights to that most delectable fruits of summer!

  73. Cheese and Rice on burnt toast! ANOTHER shooting- Texas A & M this time.
    God help us and a prayer for those in the line of fire.

  74. I LOVE your tomato, Upps! IT is beautiful I am so jealous. 🙂

  75. the dog ate my homework then Obama had lunch.Can I please be excused???? 🙂

  76. Never fear myiq, there is always The Onion. 😉

  77. You know- as aggravated as I get about this being disabled crap (which most of you know is making me crazy and has from the very start- not working is against my principles) it sure leaves me time to read all this crap the politicians leave lying around hoping people will not have time to read it, and if they read it, we won’t understand it.
    Gotta love the web- I can have job sites open and the budget and the proposals and the blogs and go back and forth.

  78. Mayo Clinic: Rep. Jesse Jackson Jr. under treatment for bipolar disorder.

    Shouldn’t at least half his brain need to resign his seat?

  79. DE- LOL. Please! And it should be the half that told Obama to just bypass Congress.

  80. Not shedding a single tear for Jesse. He is going to get his 8th term soon and he didn’t deserve one term. His dad has flaws but once upon a time I supported him and still have some respect for him. The son is a jerk.

  81. Oh and he is not doing well due to a weight loss surgery in 2004. Mayo believes he is not properly absorbing medications and nutrients. (a common side effect of that surgery.) I looked at pics of him 8 yrs ago and he didn’t look that large. Those surgeries are reserved for serious obesity not for vanity.

  82. Ok, I read the “Roadmap”. I have to go & can’t get back here til most of you are probably in bed, so will just say that it made me hate him more than ever. Smug, condescending, clueless, heartless bastard. (He says that until recently Americans were admired internationally! Hilarious! Has this jerk ever traveled anywhere? We’ve been loathed around the world since the 50s, but of course, he wants to act like its Obamas fault or maybe the Clintons. He also made a snide comment about how the Great Society changes were “well Intentioned” but…very snidely put. He sounds almost imperial there.)

    There was one short paragraph that I did agree with, but in the opposite way he meant it. I thought his tax plan was slippery weirdness. It said you could keep the original but got rid of the AMT? Or use his new shortened version? wtf? Don’t we already have a long from and a short form? Does he want millionaires to pay anything at all? And he claims that middle class will only pay 10%. Balderdash. So, according to him, the middle pay less and the rich pay less? Whose going to pay for Mitten’s brand spanking new Navy?

    At this point, I’ll probably vote for Stein. I’m afraid if I read the Budget Plan, it’ll make me paranoid and vote for O! Just kiddin!

    I stood up for Palin back 08, even though there were a lot of things about her I didn’t like. I’m not going there again with this creep. btw, I think the lib media will go completely bonkers on this guy. He already looks like a stooge for the ultra rich, the media will make him look worse. I heard that tmz is posting weird little tidbits about him, that he was voted Prom King when he was a junior in HS but also voted Biggest Brown-noser. Really. Hard to imagine.

    Anyway, loved the tomato and the Eddie Munster Eddie Haskell comment!

  83. Lakerwade is sailing today up in Vancouver Canada. Lucky little dog.

  84. I hate math and numbers filling my head. I am not going to go on with the budget investigation. Thanks to all here for crunching numbers related materials. HP summarizes it just fine for my liking.

    Ryan to me is not worth the time or effort to investigate. As a former left wing fanatic I was so furious with obama that voting for McCain even with his running mate was not difficult. McCain has won my admiration many times over the decades in his own right. (Recently getting up to smack Bachmann and gang over Huma accusations for example.)

    Romney is not as moderate or centered as McCain has always been.

    The more I learn about Romney’s war plans and the more I learn about Ryan’s horrific voting record, the more I realize I am not going to be able to hold my nose this time.

    It would be like pulling the lever for Bush/Cheney as far as I can see.

    We can excuse them all we want but when I checked out Obama’s past I was disgusted by the man. Same goes for Ryan. All shiney on the outside and cold and dark hearted on the inside.

    Cannot vote for someone with such a dismal human rights record.

    Lebanese and wimmens and gay men are very important at UW’s blog. This guy goes against everything we stand for. Even in the event of rape and incest, cutoff Planned Parenthood, ban some birth control methods, criminalize doctors and try them for murder for abortion, Tom Delay defense, voted against a federal hate crimes bill…

    Free Spirit – my head is exploding reading about this guy so I totally get where you’re coming from.

    Sorry for the rambling nature of this. These are the things on my mind today. I don’t care how smart this man is, Cheney was very smart too.

  85. socal – I was typing my rant as you were posting yours. I am glad you took a dump in the punch bowl too. I’ve been to some Hillary sites that are giving him a chance. I cannot. Sorry to anyone who wants to defend this guy. I can’t vote for that man being a heartbeat away from the oval office anymore than I can stand the rest of the candidates they’ve come up with for years. Biden would be a nightmare too.

    Bush/Cheney 2012. I cannot ever go there.

  86. karen, well said.

    Anthony’s prayer @ 2:19: Hahaha! We may not always see eye to eye, but I love your delightfully vicious sense of humor! Just like my family’s!

  87. ROFLMAO!
    Anthony- WOW that was fast- My San Marzanos are blushing! And the Brandywines are going pale- the first stage before pink! Hallelujah can I get a witness!

    Hey Mom – While he’s indulging me, anything else you want? A pony maybe? Let me know asp. You know how quickly He can change his mind…..

  88. Anthony! Quick! A job!

  89. We may not always see eye to eye, but I love your delightfully vicious sense of humor! Just like my family’s!

    socal, thanks. My grandmother used to say “If two people think exactly alike, one of them is completely un-necessary”

    Despite our occasional differences of opinion, I think you can see who I am.

    That said, I fully believe that Ryan was picked to bring the voters Romney was weakest with on board (as I said in my Bill Clinton post), which would be the Tea Party faction of the GOP.

    Once a candidate throws their hat in the ring, I stop listening to them. Everything from there on out is simply pandering to their base to keep them energized and committed. I look for prior record, which totally tanks Obama. He was devious as a community organizer and completely inept and impotent as POTUS.

    IMO, Romney’s record as Governor of MA with a Dem State Senate shows something far removed from Bush-like style of governing. He brought in universal healthcare, which a neocon never would, and he worked very well with the Dems at the state level, which gives me hope for bipartisanship in Washington should he win the election.

    That means that I’m still cool casting my vote for Batman and Robin at this point. Sorry if that irks you, but I have to shoot it straight.

  90. OK. Mama – here goes:

    Dear Baby Jesus;
    Thank you so much for bringing PMM beautiful tomatoes. Now, if you could also get her a great job so she doesn’t have to worry about which of these assclowns manages to get into the White House and fuck us even more than we are now, that would be great.

    I promise this will be my last request, so please grant her what she wants. And if you’re feeling it, you can give ME the pony.

    If the pony is too much trouble, I’ll settle for a Jesus Lizard. He would be a great tub toy, and probably easier to deliver than a pony.

    Thank you, Jesus


  91. Doesn’t irk me at all. I always find the opinions here interesting, not irksome. I agree that Ryan was brought in for the right-right wing. If RomCom does win, I’ll be praying for his continued health and well-being, and then for Hillary to come back. (Although I wouldn’t blame her for retiring)

  92. You know, socal, I was thinking that if Romney wins, it would be easier for Hillary to run and win in 2016 than it would after 8 years of The Dog Eater. Two terms of this moron would bring Dem fatigue that would make 2008 Bush/GOP fatigue feel like a garden party.

  93. Thanks Anthony! Will keep you posted- I have a feeler out for a job that I would really really love-
    Agree on that it would be easier for Hillary to run and win in 16 if we can get the dog eater out. If he gets another term I fear we will not see another D (not that he IS a D) in the WH for a generation. It will take that long to undo the damage.

  94. I hope He delivers, PMM. I really want that new tub toy…

  95. UW, you may not like the guy, but at least he is able to piss the O’man off! The current repug ticket is not conservative enough for me, and I don’t fully trust ethier guy, but right now, I just want the bigged eared, lying sack of crap, out of my White House!

  96. Hill Billy! Where you been?

  97. Dear Jesus,
    You always give Anthony stuff and I never get anything, even though I am good and Anthony is bad. Just sayin’.

  98. After we are all done reading, we can then move on to read Barack Obama’s plan, which will go faster.

    too funny.

  99. Okay, to summarize. Ryan is a lying POS and his plan is riddled with traps that will destroy about 200 million people’s lives in a couple of decades while he’s on a cruise, but who can stand Obama? Let’s go for it because how we feel is way more important than what the guy is gonna do to everybody and at least we won’t have to listen to Obama harp and irritate the shit out of everybody, and the cost of health care might just go down because he will stop making us all sick everytime he opens his mouth. Besides, it probably won’t affect me.

  100. A Democratic candidate is out campaigning door to door. At one house he introduces himself the the man who answers the door, hands him a brochure and asks “Can I count on your vote this November?”

    The man says “I’m sorry but I’m a Republican and I only vote for Republicans.”

    “Why are you a Republican?” the candidate asks.

    “Well,” said the man, “My parents were Republicans, all my brothers and sisters are Republicans, and all my friends and neighbors are Republicans.”

    The candidate gets annoyed and says “If your parents were idiots, all your brothers and sisters were idiots, and all your friends and neighbors were idiots what would you be then?”

    “A Democrat, I guess” the man replies.

  101. AAARRRGGHHH Uppity! You made me laugh so hard with that comment @ 7:14 my sides hurt!
    You know, think about all the bs of how that fraud made people “feel” and was reminded today about the old “guy you could have a beer with” bullshit. And it occurred to me- NO I want a President please. Not someone I can party with fcs.
    And then it occurred to me that both Bush- the guy you could have a beer with- and barry and his pay three bucks and you might get to party with me- were/are both trying to imitate that mystique that Bill Clinton just naturally had. They want to fake us into thinking they are like us- just like us. All the feel good bs is just that- bs.
    Cuz they ARE NOT and NEVER WERE and never will be- just like us.
    Bill Clinton made us feel good- because he genuinely LIKED us. And he came up the tough road. No silver spoon (and I don’t give a crap what the o camp claims- he has never had a poor day in his life nor has his wife)- just hard work and natural talent.
    Bill made me feel good- because I knew he was smart. I knew he could do. the. job. Not because he tried to make me feel like I could “have a beer” with him.

  102. Though your

    at least we won’t have to listen to Obama harp and irritate the shit out of everybody

    is the best reason for voting for R/R I have heard so far. If I never heard teleprompter jesus again it would be too soon.

  103. Dear Jesus,
    You always give Anthony stuff and I never get anything, even though I am good and Anthony is bad. Just sayin’.

    You sound just like my sister. If I don’t get my tub toy, watch out….

  104. PMM, living in PA should have taught you how to drive a car out of the ditch in the snow. We’re in a ditch. The voters will have to rock this motha out of the ditch by putting it in D, goose the gas, quickly shift to R, goose the Gas, repeat as needed until you are out of the ditch. Voting for Romney is more like putting it in R, your strongest gear, and gassing for all your worth. It works best with a standard transmission. If you’re like MOST Pennsylvanians, you’re in a truck with 4 Wheel Drive

  105. … and a ditch, as the Six of Swords interprets, is neither depression nor incapacity. It’s a grave with the ends kicked out, either way, we’re outta here or we’re 6 feet under with threats over our head.

  106. Way cool analogy, AnnA. 6S also represents complete departure from the present state of being. Voting for Romney is like the rolling the dice with the major arcana X, which would quickly bring the reward for pulling that 6S into an immediate 5S.

  107. SWPAnnA- although I learned to drive in MA- I am fully licensed in the extraction from ditch maneuver lol. I now have all wheel drive all the time.
    I remember ofraudma telling us D for Drive and the R’s put us in a ditch –
    Well mr teleprompter golfer in chief has the damn bus hanging off a friggin cliff now!
    Call the wreckers! Stabilize the bus! Get the passengers off through the roof hatch
    Then let the damn D bus go right over the cliff.
    We own GM now, we can build a better bus.

  108. Uppity, did you ever see the vintage film “The Bad Seed”? Just sayin’

  109. A bus low enough to keep O under

  110. Patty McCormick, the female version of Syd from Toy Story
    Anthony, I can still see her stepping on the little boy’s fingers as he clung to the dock

  111. I remember we would be sitting at the dinner table, my brother and I and my parents. As adults. And out of nowhere my brother would say, “Mom, I’m good and she’s bad” and we would all just crack up. It was like a running family line that would just crack us up.

  112. All for that good conduct medal. I LOVE the lightening scene, though. And not a Jesus Lizard in sight….

  113. Uppity, that must have been hilarious!

  114. Have a look at President Jarrett. Like many men, not every woman should be in office.

  115. Bullying Prevent Summit

    from an unskilled admin whose only tactic is the bully pulpit

  116. Whoa Mom, Bzzzzzzzzzzzt.

  117. “also have no dog in this hunt…I read the “budget” and believe it is basicly, buy your own GD insurance and STFU!”

    Yeah, not to sound like a communist, but I have the suspicion the Medicare voucher system will be similar to student aid loans & or the old ananlog to digital tv converter vouchers. The seller will pocket the govt voucher as a baseline & jack up the prices for profit. I don’t see how it will actually contain costs (again, similar to inflated college tuition increases)

  118. It was Anthony. The timing was always exquisite too.

  119. No Comment Necessary

  120. You want me to delete it Upps? No prob if you think it is over the line.
    What is that movie? I am just so ignorant on movies. Unless they are old Musicals lol

  121. As an almost 49 year old (B-day in 2 months) – what Ryan is proposing DOES affect me. At the same time, I am concerned that Medicare will be broke by the time I apply, and that I won’t be able to even apply for that and social security until I am 70 years old. The Obama administration has it’s head in the sand regarding either of these, the budget, the deficit. At least Ryan has put this discussion front and center. As for the voucher system for Medicare – that’s fine with me. Obamacare premium assistance (kinda like a voucher) will be based upon income and picking health care from an exchange. Medigap policies are paid for 100% by seniors (who don’t have pensions paying for it) and it is essentially pick from approved carriers in your state. Premium support/voucher system based upon income level seems similar to me. In reality, by the time any of these ideas ever become law – bet it will be different that the current proposal anyway.

    I really don’t care if Ryan is an pig, or if he is an a-hole. I only keep hearing about that “fiscal cliff” we keep swimming towards. Europe still can’t get it’s sh*t together and too many Americans are out of work and living on food stamps. Not really anxious for 4 more years of “forward”.

  122. That “Forward” thing is just too creepy- jeebus-wasn’t it the hitler youth song?

  123. Just want to delurk & say thanks for the links. I’m over 55 and don’t have a dog in the fight either, but I’ll read it with no real expectation that I’m going to like it.

    I think what’s beginning to hit me in the face with the Ryan pick is how much I’ve been desperately trying to overlook the real problems I have with the right wing agenda just because I’m almost giddy at the prospect of watching that miserable SOB, Obama being run out of town.

    I’ll never vote for the O, never, never, never, but if AZ turns completely red, I’ll vote for Stein, if it stays pink, I won’t risk it, & will vote for Romney. But I won’t like it. Like Freespirit, “I’m just hoping his stand on the issues does not make me angry enough to spontaneously combust.”

    Anyway, thanks again for the links. I’ll give it a go as soon as I can lose the headache that’s brewing under my right eyeball.

  124. The Bad Seed is my all time favorite movie. Just loved McCormick in it.

  125. Although it is not stated as such (no more protection for insurance companies), Ryan’s plan addresses purchasing plans across state lines. Good start imo.

    What no one wants to hear is that regardless of where we sit, healthcare will be rationed and it will cost more. I’m watching more and more docs ditching Medicare on a daily basis than anyone can imagine. As for Medicaid, I called the only pediatrician oncologist office today 16 times during a two hour period and finally got through. I was dialing the private line.
    I thought that they had broken for lunch. No, that is how busy these offices are now.

    Stay healthy people. Really try because this is not going to come out like Ryan or Barack says. We will all pay. I don’t care if you are poor, you will pay because your care will be rationed. It already is in use. It will become more apparent. As for those in the middle, no one is safe. The wealthy will have their care. They will linger longer, but not necessarily for the better.

  126. I’m over 55 and don’t have a dog in the fight

    Yep. I got mine, it ain’t changin’, so I don’t care.

    I’m watching the last of The Closer, Major Crimes and football.

  127. Checking in to see who’s completed their assignment….

  128. Yes I agree that crossing state lines is a good thing, except states can intercede with their rights, and they will, because the insurance industry is NOT regulated and can’t be stopped. So NOTHING will change. You want reform? Reform an industry that makes life and death decisions for their stockholders and which has full rights to give the finger to anti trust laws. It’s as simple as that.

  129. lol cj, I know the right eyeball feeling. Sorry you landed in spam, it’s because you don’t post much and spam thinks you surely must be a bad person. lolol.

  130. Hell NO I don’t want you to delete it! She deserved every word! If you ask me you were kind!

    LOL Ant Knee, now I rememeber that movie. Horrid child. Simply horrid.

  131. Ryan today:

    Ryan tears up at Wisconsin rally: ‘My veins run with cheese’

    Hope he has some statin drugs.

  132. spam thinks you surely must be a bad person. lolol.

    Like Anthony, and unlike the good Uppity. Just say it.

  133. That’s just it Upps. There is a boatload of dookie to go through, but the mere fact that he actually stated it in writing is more than we have ever gotten from Barry. Lots of reform is needed. The docs are dropping out like flies in my neck of the south.

  134. One of the best scenes evah! Poor Leroy, never really knew when it would be coming.

  135. Join in Kathy’s comment.

  136. Thrilled Fredster lives in a RED state.

  137. ” I’m looking for a VP who isn’t stupid or insane, and who isn’t two steps behind Iran when it comes to women and gays and lesbians. I am not looking for a boyfriend.”

    Sigh. If that isn’t perfect what is.

  138. @ NES

    But is Fredster happy about it?

  139. That is one fab tomato, Uppity.

  140. ROFL mcnorman.

    Just yanking dear Fredster’s chain. Sometimes he appears to be on the verge of falling into O’s arms, and I’m just glad that, if he did, it wouldn’t make any difference to the results. (Ducking and covering now!)

  141. Well hell, NES, that wouldn’t make him any more delusional than you are over Romney and Ryan.

  142. TY Valentine. I’d offer you some but……….burp.

    It weighed 15 oz

  143. Yeah, let’s just ignore the sneaky shit. All righty then.

  144. Barack Obama has made you all insane and has removed logic from your heads. Spock would laugh at the whole lot of you if he could laugh.

  145. Duck and cover is right…lol

  146. Yes, Barack Obama has made me mouth frothing googly eyed crazy.

  147. Thrilled Fredster lives in a RED state

    You needler!
    Should I dare point out to you that you live in a blue state with wayyyyyyyy more electoral college clout than his red state? Nah, i wouldn’t do that….

  148. If the state Supreme Court hadn’t screwed up, we would have the “none of the above” option on the ballot. Maybe I can still do that as a write-in.

  149. Like Anthony, and unlike the good Uppity. Just say it.

    Bahahahahaha. I think we’re going to get lots of mileage out of this because……

    I’m good and you are baaaaaaaaaaad.

  150. ‘My veins run with cheese’

    Gasp! That’s it! Ryan is ….is…


  151. But, fortunately, my delusion serves the greater good. No one will convince me that O wouldn’t crater the economy, stone cold dead, if given ano’ 4 years. (Otherwise, guilty as charged.)

    When all of you wake up on November 7, either Romney or Obama will be the prez-elect…I assure you that it won’t be Jill Stein. You can withhold your vote or vote for a loser (third party candidate) for high-minded reasons, but it won’t keep R or O from winning.

  152. Yes, Barack Obama has made me mouth frothing googly eyed crazy.

    That’s a sign of your sanity, mcnorman.

  153. hahahaha Thanks NES.

  154. They’re gonna lose, NES. Florida is lost, done, finito. Bad pick. Really bad pick. He could have picked that other nut rubio and gotten florida. But nope. He panders to a base that has nowhere else to go. He could have picked Martinez and gotten women to pay attention. But nope.

    They’re gonna lose.

  155. Spock would laugh at the whole lot of you if he could laugh.

    There are limits to his logical construct. Sometimes one must ‘cheat,’ as Kirk did:

  156. What would CHEESUS do?????

  157. No, dear Nes, your delusion serves your emotional need.

  158. Yes, true. But, I bet Fredster is thrilled I live in a BLUE state (for parallel reasons). Chit, I shoulda moved to OH!

  159. You are all attending the Mad Hatter’s tea party.

    If you have one modicum of logic left I implore you to prepare. You don’t piss off an entire block of seniors by picking a vp whom they fear and despise, and along the way, scare the crap out of women….and win. Even if you aren’t worse than the creature that’s there.

  160. Yeah I know. Cheating. I can tell you Obama has nibs on that one too. He wouldn’t have been a candidate if he weren’e excellent at it.

  161. You’re probably right on the loss, UW. It wasn’t a great pick, but it’s done.

    That said, if O wins ano’ term, I’ll have to conclude that this country has gone to the dogs. Why anyone would give a loser a 2nd chance is beyond logic.

  162. No, dear Nes, your delusion serves your emotional need.

    Yeah! That too.

  163. Gasp! That’s it! Ryan is ….is…



  164. LOL NES, I just have no idea why I adore you so much. But there you have it.

  165. Listen to me NES, ……do not say “Gone to the dogs”. Obama eats them.

  166. Upps, why did the Dems badly lose the 2010 midterms? Many analysts — left and right — believe it was because seniors swung to the Reeps by a 21-point margin mainly because they hate O’Care. They may vote MR and the Reeps to get rid of O’Care. So, while it’s likely the Ryan pick will cost MR votes, it’s not certain.

  167. There is no logic when it comes to picking presidents… least that’s the way it seems. Why did GW win 2 terms? No, logic has nothing to do with it.

  168. “Listen to me NES, ……do not say “Gone to the dogs”. Obama eats them.”

    ROFL! I stand corrected.

  169. Yes NES but 2010 was not a national election, lower turnout overall and regional.

  170. The Obama cookbook:
    “To Serve Dog”.

  171. Thrilled Fredster lives in a RED state.

    Yes but NES you have no idea of how many of the people who voted for Jindal both times have regretted it and were really hoping *he* would be the veep nominee just to get him out of the state. LOL!

  172. I know imust, GWB’s second term was a huge shock. But then look what he was running against. Hate to see it, but I think we would have been worse off with horse face.

  173. NES, the midterms weren’t just the Republicans and Pissed off Hillaryites in action. The far left worked hard to get rid of anybody with any sense in their party, known as Blue Dogs. Take a look at how many of the D’s who lost who were BLUE DOGS. That was the work of the crazy fucking far left. They were primarying them with absolute marxist assholes . Who would vote for these freaks? Any blue dog who survived didn’t get their votes. Assholes.

  174. I don’t know Uppity, would Kerry have gone to war with Iraq?

  175. NES said:

    Just yanking dear Fredster’s chain. Sometimes he appears to be on the verge of falling into O’s arms,

    Nah. I think they are both (Romney and Obama) odious.

  176. Yes I believe ObamacareLess pissed off seniors. I also believe they think they are about to get another hit by the Republicans with names like Ryan.

  177. You can withhold your vote or vote for a loser (third party candidate) for high-minded reasons, but it won’t keep R or O from winning.

    Then I guess I can remain high-minded and keep my hands and conscience clean without suffering any guilt over tampering with destiny.

  178. Probably not, imust, but he would have Effed up pretty much everything else.

  179. If you are a woman and you care about “choice” issues, you can’t be too happy about Ryan’s position on birth control and other womens’ issues.

    Less attention has been paid, though, to Ryan’s hard-right positions on social issues. Indeed, on abortion and women’s health care, there isn’t much daylight between Ryan and, say, Michele Bachmann. Any Republican vice-presidential candidate is going to be broadly anti-abortion, but Ryan goes much further. He believes ending a pregnancy should be illegal even when it results from rape or incest, or endangers a woman’s health. He was a cosponsor of the Sanctity of Human Life Act, a federal bill defining fertilized eggs as human beings, which, if passed, would criminalize some forms of birth control and in vitro fertilization. The National Right to Life Committee has scored his voting record 100 percent every year since he entered the House in 1999. “I’m as pro-life as a person gets,” he told The Weekly Standard’s John McCormack in 2010. “You’re not going to have a truce.”

  180. In nearly 14 years as a Republican congressman from Wisconsin, Mr. Ryan has not only voted for legislation that would cut off federal money for Planned Parenthood and the Title X family planning program, but also backed bills to establish criminal penalties for certain doctors who perform the procedure known as partial-birth abortion.

  181. 7.3 earthquake hits northern Japan…..wasn’t there just a large quake in Russia? And Iran? Where’s FF???!!!

  182. Yes, I’m reading – still schlepping through The Roadmap Plan and having a really hard time thinking: You arrogant dicks! You catastrophic failures! You self-righteous, self-serving, indignant gangsters! How dare you shove one more piece of worthless crap down our throats and call it the ‘next, best, greatest bi-partisan solution’ to what you self-seeking, circle-jerking assholes exploited at every turn!’ – the People’ and their Money!!!

    Does anyone really believe that the very political system, that has done nothing but treat the citizens of this country as fools, can fix the mess they have created out of their own corruption, greed and power-mongering? Not me.

    And, this whole “Ryan” thing is weird, really weird. Another “brilliant, charismatic savior” – “suddenly” appearing on the scene as something so special that we may not be smart enough to appreciate – scares the crap out of me.

    Another SHILL appears on the stage? I’m suspicious, very suspicious of the “Ryan” Plan… when an Erkine Bowles thinks he’s “the one”.

    Erskine Bowles, Democratic Co-Chair, Obama Commission on Fiscal Responsibility – September 8, 2011, University of North Carolina:

  183. Fredster, I’ve always thought Jindal’s biggest hurdle to success in nat’l politics is his, uh, radio-face. Amazing he’s gotten as far as he has with that liability.

  184. ….but I think we would have been worse off with horse face.

    Wow! Serious? (What kinda Dem are you anyway, dear Upps?)

  185. ………an honest one, NES.

  186. Ha SophieCT! You can only get away with that because you’re a dead-ringer for Hillary!

  187. I’m THIS kind of Democrat.

  188. Interesting WhyNot. Bowles is a Clintonite — was one of WJC’s chiefs of staff.

  189. The Obama cookbook:

    101 Ways to Wok Your Dog

  190. Repeating a comment from JWS:

    Somehow, despite dire predictions, legal abortion has survived several pro-life administrations.

  191. ROFL myiq.

  192. NES: One of the reasons lil Bobby got elected guv is because of the disastrous way that Blanco the Dem handled Katrina, even though she had a lot of help from the Feds in that. I think it (Katrina and the leveee failures) was soo catastrophic that no one could have handled it well. So Bobby got in and the first thing was cut, cut cut. The state actually had a surplus when he came in and that was not from all the FEMA spending but rather an item that had been passed regarding taxes. We went from surplus to deficit (sound familiar?) and because sooo many programs in La are constitutionally protected, the only areas readily available to be cut are in education and health care.

    Instead of being a wise leader and calling for a constitutional convention or an amendment in a special session, he has cut and cut and decimated education (elem./h.s. and higher ed.) and healthcare. The state is building a brand new state-of-the-art L.S.U. Medical Center in nola with the idea of it creating a “medical corridor” much akin to what the Univ. of Alabama-Birmingham has along with the associated research and research dollars that go with that. However, that will never happen due to the way they have cut healthcare dollars in the state. I’ve read the comments in the paper where people have stated “Hey I voted for him both times but now I regret it.” He was a wunderkind in the Republican party but time waits for no one and bobby’s getting a little long-in-the-tooth to be a *kind* of any sort. He has said he does not want a cabinet position in a Romney admin. The only other shot he has is run against Mary Landrieu in 2014 but then he would be going against his “promise” to stay for a full term of the governorship. And at this point I wonder if he could beat her.

  193. Repeating a comment from JWS:
    Somehow, despite dire predictions, legal abortion has survived several pro-life administrations.

    Repeating nothing from anyone else: the man’s (Ryan’s) words are on record aren’t they?

  194. You make a good point about the 2010 elections, imust.

    Some have speculated, however, that ’10 was basically an advance referendum on Obama. (Since that sounds too good to be true, it’s probably just wishful thinking.)

  195. Yes his words are very clear. I believe he said there would be “No Truce” on that subject. Fuck him.

  196. I am so pissed that I have to vote for Romney-Ryan. But, I know for a fact that Obama is Nothing, Nada, more than someone who decided at an early age to become famous. He could care less about being famous as one of the biggest mistakes this country has ever made.

    I’m voting against the Party that selected him. That’s all I’ve got.

  197. I think myiq’s point is that the threat against legalized abortion has not actually materialized. Not a whole lot a VP can do about abortion anyway.

  198. Good for you, WhyNot. Hope you’re in a battleground state.

  199. Surely you understand that the fact that a man even THINKs like that is a very bad sign of an obsessive patriarch who wants to decide what a woman can and can’t do. That kind of attitude is like a cancer that spreads in other parts of women’s lives.

  200. Yeah NES. I know. Weird, isn’t it? Clinton praises Romney, the Cat Food Commission’s co-chair touting Ryan’s plan and dissing Obama’s budget(s), politicians avoiding the dem convention like the plague?

    The whole “Obama” myth is coming home to roost and we get to choose a Romney-Ryan over Obama because a Hillary Clinton would be too risky? What a farce this whole political-election process is.

  201. Amen, Why Not. Twice.

    And I’m not even religious.

  202. Uppity, there’s no difference in how the Democratic Party sticks it to women. They just blame the Republicans for it.

  203. And then you have Bill Clinton who seems to like Ryan and made the comment that his plans (while flawed) were a good start. Oy! I just read the healthcare plan and am still struggling to finish the roadmap – will complete in the morning. Read through a lot of the SS stuff. The only comfort here is a plan vs no plan and sure disaster. As to the social issues, Romney, I think is more moderate than Ryan and he will be Pres. Cold comfort. Really, what a mess of a choice, though. But if we continue with Obama, are we sure to go caput fiscally or is that hype, too? The current trajectory with the current group looks awful.

  204. I know this sounds so dire – but, has anyone else noticed that our political system is now so entrenched in all of our lives – we are completely dominated by it, terrified of just how out of control we really are now – as Voters, Citizens, “Americans.”

    It’s like a Dictatorship masquerading as a Democracy. WTF happened?

  205. Anita Finlay (“Ani”), on August 14, 2012 at 3:21 AM said:

    The only comfort here is a plan vs no plan and sure disaster.

    And, there you have it. Crawling out from under one Party’s Bus so you can get thrown under the other’s. Joy.

  206. 1 has a plan.
    1 has no plan.

    Both are sure disaster.

  207. WTF happened?

    Contentment and Complacency happened.

  208. lol Ani, Bill would pick Dracula over Obama and that totally is all right with me. Obama deserves it. Furthermore, I can’t wait for him to do his subliminal jabs at the convention. That shithead deserves every bit of it.

  209. Helen Gurley Brown has died.

  210. Jesse Jackson The Lesser has been DX’d as Bipolar.

  211. Continue to hate Ryan all you want. He’s not running for POTUS, Romney is.

    The economy is in the crapper, and Obamacare has already begun to effect many a senior’s healthcare.

    Romney will win in 2012, and none of your fears will come home to roost.

  212. I’ve had a long day, haven’t had time to read the links – but I will! – but I do know that Romney said he will be putting the 700 billion Obama stole out of Medicare back into Medicare.

    And I read that for people under 55 (me!), you can keep Medicare as you have it if you want, or else you have a choice to take up to HALF of it, and pick from the same choices that congress critters have. HIllary said something about our being able to choose from those same plans. These guys are capitalists, they want businesses competing for our dollars, to improve the system.

    And I have read up above, stuff about Ryan and vaginas – but he’s going to be the VP. And his big job is going to be leading the senate on the economy. I think they’re serious about the economy. That’s

    going to be a huge job. Just in case they straighten out the economy in their first term, well put Hillary in next, before they can do any social mischief in the second term – but really, I think Romney is the boss, and he’s just not into that social stuff.

  213. I mentioned the other day that they’re a diversity ticket because they part their hair on different sides of their heads.

    Today I realized that Ryan and his wife both have blue eyes. I have blue eyes. We’re increasingly a minority. So it’s a minority ticket, as well!

    It’s just too hot lately to think too deeply lol

  214. Looks like they found my pet “Cuddles”.

    WEST PALM BEACH, Fla. – The biggest Burmese python ever caught in Florida — 17 feet, 7 inches long and 164½ pounds — was found in Everglades National Park, the University of Florida announced Monday.

    The snake was pregnant with 87 eggs, also said to be a record. Scientists said the python’s stats show just how pervasive the invasive snakes, which are native to Southeast Asia, have become in South Florida.

    Note on just how stupid governments can be. They want to eradicate the “non native” species of snake but the must be caught alive and not just be hunted and killed.

  215. DE- Damn Job killers the gubmint! I hear those snakes make great boots and purses!

  216. Sound like A&E needs a new South Florida version of Swamp People. Killing snakes and making boots.

  217. Ahh DE, you were gonna be a pappy. lol

  218. Killing snakes and making boots.

    Throw in a couple of belts, and I’m in!

  219. OOOH! Belts! And I think I would like a retro headband as well! Or at least a band for my cowgirl hat lol!

  220. VPs sometimes become presidents. Just saying.

  221. DE I know you are disappointed that the record python they caught wasn’t in your yard.

  222. You can withhold your vote or vote for a loser (third party candidate) for high-minded reasons, but it won’t keep R or O from winning.

    Then I guess I can remain high-minded and keep my hands and conscience clean without suffering any guilt over tampering with destiny.
    Destiny my ass! This is and has always been PRE desigined by the money and powers that run this country. The vote I cast is ALWAYS a waste, one asshole after another is PRE desiged and sold as a bottle of crap from the marketers of all things good and wonderful!
    Wish they had a return policy as good so we could send the shit we get to the nearest tioilet!!!
    Vote for Stein, send a message that we are not sheep . Vote for women we are 51% of the population and hell no!

  223. Robber Barons selling snake oil…don’t buy any of it.

  224. I’m still of HP Boston’s (and I think, Sophie’s, as original commenter) mind. I will either stay home or vote for Stein, even though I think all this green stuff is mostly money-making moose poop. I feel I must register my complete disgust with these two hijacked revolting parties who have taken chances apiece ruining my country. That’s all they do constantly now. We switch from one bunch of arrogant dictatorial assholes to another bunch of arrogant dictatorial assholes. These despots can all kiss my ass. A third party vote WILL count in another way if it’s the largest number of votes for a third party EVER. In fact, it might make my vote count for the first time in a long time as these two horrid parties see more people than ever rejecting their thieving lying asses.

    So far nobody have even come close to convincing me to do anything different. And by the way, this year’s ‘choices’ couldn’t get more patriarchal. Kiss my ass boys!

  225. Exzackly!!!

  226. this year’s ‘choices’ couldn’t get more patriarchal. Kiss my ass boys!

    Great reason for keeping Obama in for another four years by voting third party. Deep. Why didn’t I think of that? /s

  227. And I have read up above, stuff about Ryan and vaginas – but he’s going to be the VP. And his big job is going to be leading the senate on the economy. I think they’re serious about the economy. That’s

    going to be a huge job. Just in case they straighten out the economy in their first term, well put Hillary in next, before they can do any social mischief in the second term – but really, I think Romney is the boss, and he’s just not into that social stuff.


  228. Romney will win in 2012, and none of your fears will come home to roost.

    Anthony, wish I could share your optimism about Romney winning….

  229. Attention all high-minded, Hillary fantasists: Hillary cannot be Prez in 2016 if Obama gets a 2nd term. Think about that.

  230. Nice try, NES but I also don’t buy this either. If Hillary were considered attached to Obama her polls would be in the crapper. Instead she is the most popular high ranking person in DC and that’s a fact. She knows EXACTLY how to navigate around his shit stains. I’ve heard that cry too many times, about if Obama wins, Hillary can’t, to not recognize an initial subliminal cut that has infiltrated the brains of people who want Romney to win. No cigar! Where’s the valid poll that asks that question Why, it’s nowhere because it’s a typical republican idea plant. Think about where you first heard that, NES, trace it.

    Hillary could be president right now if they got the hell out of the way and she could run. And she can be president in four years too. And it doesn’t matter which of these two useless thieving clowns wins for her to do that. She can run on the I TOLD YOU SO party.

    But please do REMEMBER that this blog started for hillary and we don’t like being called High Minded Fanatics, mmmmmmkay?

  231. I think my neighbors, two lots away, heard me laughing at UW’s tweet to Issa. Brilliant.

  232. I kept an open mind about Romney until his veep choice. It is a whole other level of repugnant for me and there is no way in hell I could vote for the two of them. That Romney even chose that man expounds the flaws I tried to ignore in Romney. His sharp right turn means the people surrounding them are going to be from the right cliff. I know those people. We lived through them running the show and I cannot contribute to putting the right wing pigs in power again.

  233. @ Karen

    I disagree. I think Ryan is the offering to keep the wingers satisfied. Keep looking at Romney’s actions as a governor. Or at Bain. Lots of people with strong views (it is said that he is not a yes man). He was moderate at best. The wingers really don’t care much for him. I think the choice was purely to keep them from staying at home. Think about the 11 million? that did that with McCain because they couldn’t stand him.

  234. Silver tongued VPs tend to eventually become Presidents.

  235. Some do Upps, not all.

  236. Time will tell. 🙂

  237. He’s not Dan Quayle or Joe Biden, McNorman.

  238. (Joe Biden) He’s lost.

    “With you, we can win North Carolina again, and if we do, we win the election!”

    said in Virginia.

  239. Upps, I think Ryan is given way too much importance in the scheme of things. JMO

  240. Yes, he’s a rising star of the wingers but I prefer him in this spot rather than a cabinet spot. I honestly believe that the motivation behind choosing Ryan was to bring in the ones that would sit at home. We got tons of those in Texas.

  241. The man is a smooth talker, McNorman. That’s all it takes. Sorry but he’s got designs.

  242. Death by a thousand cuts!!!

  243. ROFL Biden, he is soooooooooooo Effing Stupid.

  244. Nothing will happen if Mittens blows it. As with all of them, time always divulges those other icky closet thingies that we didn’t really want to know about, but that their egoes made them do it.

  245. HP see that video twice. It’s mind blowing how it all ties in together. It’s both parties. They are both doing this together.

  246. I think Johnny Edwards had visions of the WH till his thingies got in the way. Yes, they have designs, but a lot can happen on the long road to the WH.

  247. LOL. I just remembered I had a dream last night that Hillary asked me to work for her. She sent me on this assignment to speak about something and then said she’d like to hire me. Must have been that cheese I ate before going to bed.

  248. OMG, that is funny. No eating cheese for me tonight. hahahahaha

  249. Uppity Woman, on August 14, 2012 at 4:04 PM said:

    HP see that video twice. It’s mind blowing how it all ties in together. It’s both parties. They are both doing this together.
    Oh GD don’t make me watch vid’s…I can not stomach one word spoken from any pol slimbag.
    Gimmie kittys and puppies.
    I know it is one big cesspool,THE party punking the voters.
    The boys, they all golf together talking about the best health care they have while scaming more money for their friends and themselves.

  250. Yes, I’m reading – still schlepping through The Roadmap Plan and having a really hard time thinking: You arrogant dicks! You catastrophic failures! You self-righteous, self-serving, indignant gangsters! How dare you shove one more piece of worthless crap down our throats and call it the ‘next, best, greatest bi-partisan solution’ to what you self-seeking, circle-jerking assholes exploited at every turn!’ – the People’ and their Money!!!
    Holy crap I love you! Why Not?

  251. HP that video is a whistle blower. See it. You will get the whole picture. Seriously.

  252. The part where she said she was reporting that trilions of dollars were literally DISAPPEARING and that’s when Stossel did his piece on how the pentagon people were using gvt charge cards and not paying them back….so people were all hepped up about the charge cards while the big shots were stealing trillions and nobody noticed, because they were all kept busy with the charge card ‘scandal’.

  253. Ron Palillo, of Welcome Back Kotter Horshack fame, died this morning of apparent heart attack. He was 63.

  254. Judge refuses to further delay that piece of shit Nidal Hasan’s trial any longer. Die you bastard, die. We regret we were forced to let you live THIS long.

  255. Nancy Hamilton, wife of former Rep. Lee Hamilton (D-Ind.), died this weekend after a car accident in which she was apparently run over by her own vehicle.

    The accident took place on Saturday in the parking lot of a veterinarian’s office in Bloomington, Ind., where Hamilton, 82, was taking her dog for an appointment. She exited her vehicle to retrieve the animal, but reportedly left the car in gear. Investigators believe that as she circled the car, the vehicle rolled backwards, hitting and running over her. Monroe County Coroner Nicole Meyer told The Bloomington Herald-Times that Hamilton suffered head and chest injuries and succumbed to the trauma within hours of being transported to a local hospital.

  256. ..and the plot gets more disgusting as the coverup is laid bare..apparently a Penn State booster molested boys with jerry the pig on a private plane.

  257. Penn State should be banned from the NCAA period and EVERYONE that knew should be in prison.

  258. It’s beginning to look as though this coverup was even bigger than it looked.

  259. The White House brews its own special beer for The Incandescent One. It’s so good to know he is in touch with the reality of the economy and his subjects. It’s also good to know he isn’t wasting money on expeensive brewing equipment.

  260. Do you know how much that equipment costs? Unfreakinbelievable.

  261. Wonder if he is growing his own weed in that office that is hot enough to grow orchids?

  262. Seriously? What kind of juvenile doofus idiots would do this? God have mercy on us for crying out loud- at least respect the office!

    The President had a different kind of beer on Monday night as he visited the Iowa State Fair in Des Moines: Budweiser. Standing in the Bud Tent, the President bought some of the locals a round, too, after they chanted ‘Four More Beers! Four More Beers!’

    But hey- brewing beer at the White House is “historical” doncha know? Never been done before! (Though given what I know of history most people brewed their own beer throughout the 17 and 1800’s So chances are that there is beer brewing in the White House history somewhere)

    Allman added that there’s also no evidence that homebrewing occurred in other early presidential administrations, when “skills possibly plied at [the presidents’] personal homes might have been plied at their temporary official home.”

    So because there is no WRITTEN record, it didn’t happen Right. Ok.

  263. The guy running the beer tent is pissed. Obama’s presence cost him big bucks 25K when they closed his tent during the busiest time of the fair for Obama’s photo op.

  264. He made them close their tent and give up their income for his ego. What an asshole.

  265. Yeah he grows the mary jane in the Choom Room.

    Personally, with all that sniffing he does, I’d say he’s snorting lines.

  266. Then the tent owner bitched about it to the news and admitted he’s a republican so you know what that means.
    Lose 25k today and get audited tomorrow.

  267. Know you’re NOT a Rudy fan but this is pretty funny.

    Former New York mayor Rudy Giuliani told CNBC’s Larry Kudlow tonight that Vice President Biden may be unfit for office. Here’s the transcript:

    KUDLOW: You know, what did he say? ‘Y’all going to be put back in chains’? That almost has racial overtones, Rudy Giuliani. What’s your take on that?

    GIULIANI: Well, I think if it came from somebody serious maybe we’d get all excited about it. But the — I think the vice president of the United States has become a laugh line on late night television. I mean, he — I’ve never seen a vice president that has made as many mistakes, said as many stupid things. I mean, there’s a real fear if, God forbid, he ever had to be entrusted with the presidency, whether he really has the mental capacity to handle it. I mean, this guy just isn’t bright. He’s never been bright. He isn’t bright. And people think, ‘Well, he just talks a little too much.’ Actually he’s not very smart.

  268. DE he IS unfit. He’s fit to be court jester.

  269. DE captured this shot of Bill CatSplainin’ that he and his friends are On The Fence in this election.

  270. 😦 sad face- tuxie kittehs. I don’t have one anymore 😦
    Love the pic, but won’t O be around to redistribute those kittehs soon?

  271. Yeah Bill says he’ll redistribute his face first.

  272. Did I ever send you a pic of my little Tuxie, Mom? I never mention her because I hardly ever see her. lol.

  273. Zzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz

  274. She’s what I would call a No Trouble cat. Never does anything significantly wrong. But as seems typical of female cats vs male cats, when you call a male cat he comes running. When you call a female cat, she takes a message and gets back to you later.

    Seriously though, she tricks the dog every single day. She rubs the dog and purrs and carries on and then winds around the dogs legs till she trips the dog. The dog forgives her every damned day for this and gives her another chance. She also drops the dog’s stuffies in the water dish and sometimes removes them in large groups in the middle of the night and hides them. She thinks I don’t know this is her doing all of this and I play along. She generally is upstairs when we’re all downstairs and when I call her she sounds like a bulldozer coming down the stairs. Overall, she only comes out when I call her because otherwise, Joe mounts her, a habit he just won’t stop. He has the scratches to prove it.

    She also has a nose like a cumquat. Injured on the street. Hair won’t grow on her bridge and it’s always dark pink there. Overall she had it rough out there and I’m glad I took her in. I suspect she would love being an Only Cat though. When company comes they never see her. Not ever. In fact, most people don’t even know I have her unless I say so. Eh. I came home one night and she was this little thang sitting in front of the door. Crawled up my jeans and ask if I were her Momma. What else could I do?

  275. lol good photo, DE!

  276. Awww….nice kitty Uppity. She treats your dog the way the cartoon cat Garfield treats Odie!

  277. Karen, I’m not addressing your vote, but maybe offer some comfort – Ryan won’t be running anything. Romney will be in charge, and he worked with a democratic congress in a democratic state. I read that even applies to some level with Ryan in Wisconsin. And he didn’t have to work with a democrat to do his budget proposal, but he chose to. I think these guys are focused on the economy. And if they can get the economy going again, get people back to work, that will lower our taxes, we won’t have to pay for 1/3 of the population on welfare.

    They both seem to treat their wives with respect, and seem to have well-brought up kids. I’m still learning about Ryan, but I just can’t let myself go to despair. I just can’t believe they’re going to blow off the economy like Obama did, and instead focus on pet projects like our vaginas, or other ways to limit the lives of women. I don’t feel it in my

    gut. But I’m going to keep reading to get more info. But again, he’s only going to be the VP.

    And I”m probably starting to sound like a broken records, but Obama does all kinds of republican things (drones, extraordinary rendition still), and when he does democratic things – like equal pay for women – he does the least he can, and lies and says he actually did it. At least with a republican in office, there will be people fighting the behaviors that dems do with no uproar from the left.

    It feels so much more dangerous to me to have Obama stay there with no one to call him out.

  278. lorac, his plan however, contains serious omissions and is a time bomb that will create poverty riddled people after he’s out of office, and nobody will be able to afford health insurance. My more detailed comments are upthread. He’s a trickster. His reform is nothing more than Death to the middle class. Sure he won’t be running anything as VP, but then we figured neither would cheney. And he has his designs on that presidency to be sure. His silver tongue in those videos upthread are the most frightening thing of all, considering his plan is full of holes that I can only consider deliberate. There is no way his plan for medicare is sincere unless you include Death to the middle class as a good thing. The Plan: Go buy your own fucking insurance that ‘meets your needs’. Translation: What you can afford, which isn’t much. Competition, my ass, the anti trust waiver guarantees that will never happen and he KNOWS it. 30 years from now, people will die thanks to Ryan’s ‘plan’. While he’s on his frigging yacht enjoying full retirement pay and golden health insurance on the taxpayer. His plan cuts the budget in half and not one of his buddys is in the cut. I have to question the morality of a man who would deliberately set up a plan of death while keeping his profit from oil company leases intact and saying it’s really his wife’s and he didn’t even think of it.

  279. Yeah imust, it’s really pathetic because she’s a small fraction of the dog’s size, smaller than my dog’s snout and yet, the dog takes it.

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