The Wisdom of Uppity!

You are all attending the Mad Hatter’s tea party.

This is a place holding open thread until somebody recovers enough from yesterday’s reading assignments to write a new post. What other cartoons remind you of the current goings on?


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  1. EEEWWWW Axelrove is on CNN right now and he is looking even greasier than usual. And he is just about bald- been ripping his hair out has he? (oh and that is pronounced in the Southron way- “Greeezzyah”)

  2. Well I am here alone so I can just continue on trashing the place. Seems we are on a bad trip here in Amerikka no? So in keeping with the Wonderland theme-

  3. ANd just how appropriate is the poem Alice begins to recite at the end?

    How doth the little crocodile
    Improve his shining tail,
    And pour the waters of the Nile
    On every golden scale!
    How cheerfully he seems to grin
    How neatly spreads his claws,
    And welcomes little fishes in,
    With gently smiling jaws!

  4. Axel reminds me of ole scramble brains.

  5. PMM-

    Great analogy!

    Re: Alice – Check your email

  6. Anthony- great piece! Thanks- maybe I was para-plagiarizing lol!

  7. Not at all, PMM

    Its more like GMTA, if you ask me

  8. Jeebus- now I am creeped out. A few months ago there were crews running new cable overhead down the road. Now there is a young man out there in a white van, no company markings, and he has a wire from the overhead cable running to a computer board in his van. I went out to ask what he is doing- and he said “fiberoptics” I asked for what. He said tying in connections to schools.
    Cheese and Rice I am getting paranoid in my old age. But let’s hope the blog lawyers can find me if it comes to that lol.
    How do I disguise my IPS again?
    Shit. Should I take a pic of the van?

  9. I don’t know if its anything to worry about, but nothing would surprise me. You could ask him for ID and see what he says if it really feels odd to you

  10. The dog is not going insane- so on a personal level the guy is not a mass murderer or anything. We are on the main drag here- and we are very rarely without power for long periods as the main lines go right by- the ones that power the PD,FD, hospital, 911 dispatch etc.
    PA is making a big push to cyber schools.
    Just seems odd to me that there are no markings on the truck. As there were none on the trucks that did the initial installation of the cable. When I asked that group what was up , they told me they were running lines for new cable service. Silly me. I thought that maybe after all these years we would be getting a competing cable provider in this burg.

  11. I don’t want this to go unmentioned, but Bill Clinton’s birthday is coming up:

  12. Power company may have subcontracted some work to this fellow, but if you are concerned, call the state police. Or you can go out there with Aladdin and ask for ID. I don’t really think if this were something sleazy someone would do it in broad daylight with their van license plate available for all to see. I think if he were doing something wrong or illegal, he might have left after you questioned him.

  13. Also if you have cable broadband, you probably have a big box on the side of your house and if they aren’t messing with anything to your house, I wouldn’t worry too much. Sounds like he’s working on a main wire that cuts across the whole block or area, and the home wires feed off of it, right? If they were trying to spy on your network they wouldn’t succeed because I know for a fact your network is protected with WPA, if it were WEP it would be less secure. WHen Google got caught tapping into people’s home networks they were all unescured or badly secured networks, in other words they were idiots.

  14. Cool beans Uppity! Thanks! This is completely new wiring they have been working on sporadically all summer.
    He knows the dog is here lol. He had to move his truck when he first got here to get it out of Aladdin’s line of sight as the dog was definitely of the opinion he was encroaching by having the van a tires length over the end of the drive.

  15. Tony- my dream is that Barky gives Bill the best b-day present ever. After all the help Bill has given him, he should show some gratitude- replace Biden with Hillary and then immediately resign.
    HEY! I am still allowed to dream!

  16. Anthony, was a coincidence with the White Rabbit video!

  17. Today’s best spam submission from a moron whose translator should be shot in the head.

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  18. replace Biden with Hillary and then immediately resign.

    Be still my heart.

  19. Hillary running as VP ( another pipe dream) would NOT be good for her. It would only help Obama and she would come away in four years with obama stains all over her. And I have to tell you, I wouldn’t vote for Obama if he plucked Jesus Christ to run with him. He could pick my own mother and I would reject his inept, sorry lying ass.

  20. No no no! I don’t want Hillary as VP to get his stink on her. YUCK.
    I want O to resign- but not making joe the drunk Pres.
    Hey, in my dream it is a perfect world ok. SO the wya it works is this. O replaces Joe and IMMEDIATELY, like in the same breath (ok in the same teleprompter line) he resigns. and says Happy Birthday Bill!

    See, it’s a dream. Which is about all we have left- sigh. So if all I have are dreams, I might as well get what I want in fantasy land at least lol!

  21. Agree with UW @ 11:02 completely. As loyally as I supported her until she stepped down in May 2008, I could never vote for her unless she was at the top of the ticket with ABO on the bottom.

  22. Operative claus: and then immediately resign.

  23. Anthony-

    with ABO on the bottom.

    Not sure I could vote that ticket either- unless by at the bottom you mean at the bottom of a chitown garbage heap?

  24. I would only vote for Hillary if ‘Barry’ was gone, gone from D.C. living in either Chi or Hawaii.
    BTW – are those reading assignments on tape?


  26. Anthony- man you got some powers! I just ate the first ripe San Marzano and there is a brandywine out there showing pink, lotsa pink!

    Tell Jesus I said THANKS! He seems to listen to you!

  27. The Tomato God is a GOOD God!

  28. If you look at or read nothing today, you MUST see this video on financial terrorism, the deliberate gutting of the middle class, the shift of their wealth to corporations and leaving them with worthless paper in return. See how we are “Feeding The Tapeworm” as their host. See why the baby boomer pensions were deliberately gutted, how the housing boom would keep people busy and make them take on debt, while they shifted our money and we thought we were doing well until it was too late, and see how the real money is being sent overseas and left in the hands of corporations while the liabilities associated with it are left to governments. Listen to the part the plan to Control the Seeds and genetically modifying them to control what people ingest and how corporations will “Own” their lifeline, while making you have no choice but to ingest that which is no longer healthy. Hear how the health care data base is the final data collection process to know everything and control everything — and how government regulations will supercede your doctor’s commitment to do what is best for your heatlh. Please do not miss this interesting woman!

    This was taken from Logistics Monster.

  29. UW…I am glad to see you visit the Monster! 🙂

  30. Wow just wow. The ultimate race card just unleashed from the deck.

    Vice President Joe Biden told supporters that Republicans would “put y’all back in chains,” during a campaign speech Tuesday in Danville, Va.
    Obama deputy campaign manager Stephanie Cutter said Monday the campaign has “no problem with those comments,” in an interview with Andrea Mitchell.

  31. DE- that is making it around the intetoobz pretty damn quick.
    Has Biden completely lost his damn mind?

  32. PMM, in a word….yes.

  33. Blows my mind as to just what assholes they are.

  34. JESUS Uppity! That video is something else. JESUS help us all!

    Ok Uppityites- Listen to Uppity- and WATCH THAT VIDEO! DO IT!

  35. Well, you know Biden is the first black V.P! When will we folks finally get to hear an adult conversation/debate about the issues in this country? Maybe that is the point when these jackwads say such moronic things……distract distract distract.

  36. Poor Joe the only time he opens his mouth is to change feet 😆

  37. Monster and I go way back, Hillbilly.

  38. I just finished the video Uppity. I wish I could say I was surprised, or stunned. but I am not. She just put together a lot of pieces. What I am is numb. I feel the anger bubbling inside somewhere though. I have to watch it a few more times- with notepad as there is so much information there.
    The hour it took to listen/view the video should be required study for every soul in this country.
    I have to go shower and get ready for Mass- Feast of The Assumption of the Blessed Virgin.
    I will be saying extra prayers for guidance on the whole situation. Though taking some seeds and the pets and high tailing it for the woods seems a good option right about now.

  39. That vid looks fascinating. I will def watch it tonite.

  40. Hi honies, I’m home.

  41. Sophie! Hi! (waving)
    Don’t miss that vid up above-the Catherine Austin Fitts one.
    (I think there is going to be a pop quiz soon)

  42. Glad you met curfew Sophie. Now go clean your room.

  43. Hey Soph! Looks like they like your archive rerun idea!!!

  44. I’m afraid that Ryan’s tome only has one word repeated over and over and over and over and over again. And that word would be bull%^$#.

  45. Uppity, how did you know my room needed cleaning?! Cutest thing–I came home and my little kitty was all over me, ran to the door to greet me, following me everywhere, telling me all of the news, and now (as usual), two inches from my keyboard. Of course, she trashed the joint. Lego pieces are everywhere.

  46. UW: I am not surprised folks like the archive idea. There’s LOTS of fabulous stuff in there. Someone should do their masters thesis with that material.

  47. Legos? Lily is architect kitteh? Or is she just on the tear down crew lol.
    And yes we enjoyed your post- so now you are going to have to give us more!

  48. Lily is on the tear down crew! She bats around the mini-figures like they’re hockey pucks.

    Yes, I saw that Catherine Austin Fitts video link and will need to find 56 minutes for it. Have folks around here read Shock Doctrine?

  49. It’s hard to believe I did all that writing and still lived. lol.

    Well, the legos is because Lily is a Capitalist kitty and is learning about building private property.

    She obviously loves her Momma! We are overdue for a video. Just saying.

  50. See, and I could swear that while Lily was ripping apart my Hogwarts Lego she was insisting I didn’t build that. I would love to do another video and when time and a theme present themselves, there will be one. I have too much other homework, like reading a budget plan, watching a 56 min video, reading 4 years worth of Uppity posts and then there is that day job thing.

  51. That video won’t be up for long. Great News…DHS Will Control The Internets

    According to privacy advocates like the EFF, EPIC, UsenetReviewz, and many others, this order gives the DHS the authority to take complete control of public, private, and non-profit facilities…giving them the ability to close off or limit any and all civilian communications. And, on the National Communications Systems official website, the order is further elaborated on, saying that the infrastructure, “includes wireline, wireless, satellite, cable, and broadcasting, and provides the transport networks that support the Internet and other key information systems.”

    We won’t need anymore distractions except what they want us to see.

  52. I was blown away by Bi-dumb’s accusation and his blithe shrug of the shoulders when questioned about it. I don’t care who you are, or what your stance is – you don’t go stumping in the South and claim anyone is going to put anyone else “back in chains.” Holy Mother, pray for us.

    Couldn’t you all hear the facepalms all across the nation on this? Jeez! What a moron!

  53. Allie, the man is certifiable now.

  54. Allie, you know what? People just shrug every time he says something stupid……as in That’s Biden For Ya. He’s a joke. You can’t even take him seriously. The people he said that to probably didn’t either. He’s just a bad clown. If you ask me, his recovery from his brain hem. left some things undone. I just don’t think he’s all there. Toss in his ego and his silly sense that he’s intelligent and there you have Joe Biden. An embarrassment. I apologize for what is left of my party. Seriously. He makes Dan Quayle look like a genius.

  55. Actually, I don’t thnk that DHS thing is new, McNorman. I remember reading about it under Bush The Lesser. I think it’s SOP now. I also think there is a possibility of them abusing that power considering the creatures we have in charge.

  56. When they put Joe’s hair plugs in they drilled the holes too deep.


  58. Mitt Romney likes papaya.

  59. Oh Oswald, I’m going to pass that one along. Fantastic!

  60. it’s SOP now. I also think there is a possibility of them abusing that power considering the creatures we have in charge.

    It is now SOP.

  61. Anita Finlay (“Ani”), on August 14, 2012 at 8:51 pm said:

    SophieCT, on August 14, 2012 at 10:55 AM said:

    replace Biden with Hillary and then immediately resign.

    Be still my heart.

    Comment of the year.

  62. re the Catherine video. I googled her and found a link to PrisonPlanet which I saw was owned by Alex Jones so I googled *him* and got this:

    His list of films was, uh, interesting to say the least.

    Jones has directed and produced a number of videos detailing his theories of a “New World Order” and his concerns that U.S. national sovereignty and constitutional rights have both been eroded as a result. They also address his views concerning the misuse of government power, corporate deception and collusion between disparate power structures.

  63. Ok what are you taking, Fredster. That’s the youtube video I posted upthread. It’s got prisonplanet on it. Where else could she go, considering her story.

  64. Unfortunately, Jones is borderline insane. I generally reject him, but could see she had no place else to go. Jones is big with the Ron Paul crackpots.

  65. Wow. That was terrifying. Some of the economics were over my head, but I got the gist of it. A lot of this I knew in my subconscious anyway, but hearing it all spelled out was really depressing. About 3/4 of the way thru, I was wondering if it would be better to live in New Zealand or someplace like that. We are seriously screwed.

  66. Allie said

    I was blown away by Bi-dumb’s accusation

    Thread WINNER!
    Bi-Dumb. HAHAHAHA

  67. @ Ani

    Palin and Guliani are both saying to dump Biden and place HRC on the ticket. Something is odd.

  68. What happened to the lorac’s post?

  69. The helicopters came. Been emailing her. They took her. lol

  70. The NWO came in helicopters?

  71. They’re circling my house now.


  72. Seriously, that video I posted yesterday came from Alex Jones. Once I realized it, I figured eh, where else is she gonna go. But I know Alex Jones is crazy. So I do some checking and either they are very good at making people look crazy or she is wearing tin foil. Who knows, but I should have known better and just taken it down. It’s all my fault. I accept my punishment and let’s move on.

  73. Yes but only if they are black helicopters imust.

  74. Thank God Lorac is a very stable person or she would be strangling me when she sees what I did.

  75. Does NWA use black helicopters?

  76. I don’t want Hillary on that ticket. It will ruin her career. And if you think Palin wants to help “radical feminist’ Hillary then I honestly don’t know what to tell you.

    Red Flag.

  77. Seriously, this is laughable shit. My guess is she’s probably afraid Obama WILL put Hillary in and that would be the end of that. I am always amazed at how the same people who chided others for falling for Barack Obama fall for Palin. Abd her fans act the SAME way as his do. She’s Obama with an R after her name. All hat, no cattle. And downright malicious. If this recent comment doesn’t prove it I honestly don’t think there is hope for her sycophants. Or maybe they like it just like Obama’s groupies like it.

  78. Obama would never put her on the ticket, he thinks he’s better than the Clintons.

  79. You of course were right about her myiq. I didn’t realize it was a Jones piece until after I put it up. The thing is, who knows if it’s the truth half the time? These people are so convincing and it’s not beyond the scope of our government to help them look crazy. Point is, I should have never posted it in comments and was too lazy to take it down. It won’t happen again. When I screw up, I admit it.

  80. imust the truth is, the Rs would SHIT if he did that. And we all know it. That’s why Palin is doing it. They are afraid it would really happen, so let Sarah make a joke of it. Seriously, gang, take a look at some of the stuff she pulls. This takes the cake.

  81. Does NWA use black helicopters?

    Only the ones with the red stripe are theirs. The ones with the gold stripe belong to the Old World Order.

  82. Obama would never put her on the ticket, he thinks he’s better than the Clintons

    If he wants to cruise to victory he would do it. And of course that’s why the Republicans are making sure it never happens. But really, they don’t need to. He’s too stupid, arrogant and egomaniacal to do it. He was in serious trouble before Ryan got picked, so the Rs are just as stupid.

  83. Obama meeting with Biden and Hillary this morning in the oval office

  84. Foxy, sorry to say but I couldn’t bring myself to vote for Obama if Hillary replaces Biden.

    As much as I worked my ass off for her in the past and will in the future (if she’s doing something for herself, not propping up an empty suit), I am morally obliged to vote for the person who will replace him. He has already done too much to damage our economy and future just with Obamacare alone, let alone give him another term to finish the job.

    If Hillary wants to run in 2016 with a moderate running mate, I’m in. But I went down that “all in” road in 2008. and have emerged a wiser man.

  85. What Anthony said!

  86. Same here. I can’t vote for this shitbum. He’d hobble her, send her to diplomatic funerals in countries small enough to carpet the whole place for 20 grand, and then he will finish pillaging of my country and the plummeting of its middle class.

  87. I’m sure this is not a unique meeting. SOS, Pres and VP probably meet all the time.

  88. Quick guys, run over to before they take down the photo of O and MO. Take a careful look at O’s crotch and tell me if you see what I do. (Hint: look at the left-side of his crotch.)

  89. Well cripes wheres the link.

  90. Effing hotair ad popups. These pigs have so many you can’t budge without seeing an big fat ad in your face first. I see a pic I can’t enlarge so I can’t comment. W

  91. (Hint: look at the left-side of his crotch.)

    I can spot a rolled up pair of socks from a mile away

  92. He’ll be graduating to an Alka Seltzer bottle as the campaign moves ahead.

  93. You don’t have to enlarge the photo to see it. I never get pop ups on hotair. Here’s the link:

    For those who haven’t seen the referenced photo yet, it’s currently the 2nd pic in the left-hand column (it’ll move down the column through the day, displaced by more current stories).

  94. Maybe I was wrong. Could be a roll of dimes.

  95. No comments on the picnic table cloth mo is wearing.

  96. YOu kidding? I got this full page big assed Mugged By Coulter, practically full page in myface popup every time I clicked on something. I need a larger photo to get a real look instead of a guess. We don’t all have the best vision on earth. It’s too small for me in three browsers and if you click on it, it goes to the article instead of enlarging like normal bloggers would allow you to do.

  97. Like I said. Alka Seltzer bottle is 8 inches and hard like glass, Barack.

  98. Displaceed by more current propaganda. lol.

  99. Looking on my phone I can really blow it up. Must be the side effects from the blue pill.

  100. Photo is only 289x 233.

  101. LOL DE! And she’s trying really hard to hide her snarl too.

  102. LOL on the roll of dimes Anthony!
    Uppity- you’ve got mail.
    Cake layers are done- off the make frosting and construct the winning entry!

  103. Did any of you click on the video of that fluffy little interview he had with that woman who was practically beaming and alternatingly spawning for him. My God. This is the press? Somebody explain to her that we aren’t interested in courtship and allowing him to dodge anything that is even remotely a serious question. Why not just give him the microphone and go get coffee, hey?

  104. Here’s the Morning Joe take on that “interview”. Mika is so transparent its nauseating… On more serious interviewers: “They weren’t available”

  105. And here is why I cannot stand that snake in the grass Sarah Palin. Her goal was to make sure it didn’t happen by making it look like it’s her idea. She is Obama without a dick and i don’t care what ANY of you say. The woman is raw, malicious evil just like her cousin Barack.

    “There weren’t enough groans and boos when he said such a disgusting comment, really, especially to a demographic there that includes 48 percent of the community being black Americans,” Palin said Tuesday night. “Greta, if that’s not the nail of the coffin. Really the strategists there in the Obama campaign have got to look at a diplomatic way of replacing Joe Biden on the ticket with Hillary.

    “And I don’t want to throw out that suggestion and have them actually accept the suggestion because then an Obama/Clinton ticket would have a darn good chance of winning. But really Joe Biden really drags down that ticket,” Palin added.

  106. If Mika were anymore obvious, she would be reading love letters from herself to Obama on the air.

  107. I’ve heard Austin-Fitts interviewed often by Dennis Bernstein in his evening program on KPFA (Pacifica). Don’t know if she’s there now due to station in-fighting and politics. I don’t listen to KPFA anymore.

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