Shhhh. You need this.


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  1. This looks safe…..[looks over shoulder]

  2. HALLELUJAH! Judge votes to KEEP PA voter ID law! WOOT!
    And this morning on the local news- from Erie- BOTH parties are running services to get people to the places they need to go to get ID- including financial assistance. Which is what I have been saying all along. If a party is afraid their people will be “disenfranchised” behind ID laws- then do something to help them get the id. Spend less money on stupid ads and send less to individual candidates- they always have taxi services available on election day- why not ahead of time to make sure that those who are legal to vote have the proper documentation and id.
    By the way, got a call from a friend of mine- the local d party is holding a “rally” Sat- beginning at noon- to protest voter id. I might or might not go see what kind of craziness they are spewing.
    Stupid idiots- it is opening day of the County Fair. 1. Traffic – including livestock trailers. 2. Not well publicized (D’ and R have booths at fair- maybe should have had signs there- to have the damn rally the week AFTER?). 3. Being held on the square in front of the County Courthouse (see opening day of FAIR- fairgrounds would have been better) 4. See OPENING DAY OF FAIR! Which is the biggest ag fair in PA. Who the hell is going to a rally against voter id- which 99% of the people in this county support? Oh, the small (.0001%) of Ron Paul voters.

  3. I will never understand why producing ID to vote was such an issue. It was always so and what happened here is somebody made it not so. You can’t do anything worth shit in this country without proof of who you are, yet suddenly this was a bad idea.

    I remember having to produce my voter registration card too. And until the workers at the polls knew who I was, I had to prove who I was and sign my name before voting, and that signature had best match up with the one on record.

  4. I don’t understand this. No one is fighting ID laws over getting into federal buildings or buying beer. And yes those two are not mutually exclusive says the redneck outside the white house. “Hold my beer and watch this…..”

  5. Hey I don’t know why PA is worrying. The guys with the billy clubs will be back at the polls anyways.

  6. The guys with the billy clubs will be back at the polls anyways.

    Yeah, but this time, we’re ready for them, so they better watch out. They were in NY too. Right outside my voting precinct on the UWS.

  7. No wonder they want to kill off baby boomers. They remember too many things.

  8. No wonder they want to kill off baby boomers. They remember too many things.

    Yup. All that pot & liquor acted as preservatives.

  9. Yeah, Uppity, and when the thugs return to frighten voters, and show support for their man, Obama, they won’t have to worry about prosecution. They can brandish those billy clubs with impunity, and threaten elderly white people all they want. Eric Holder’s got their backs. He’ll protect them – the thugs, not the old white people. After all, they pretty much deserve what they get. They are racist – at least in the opinions of Holder and his boss.

    Some of those old people fought in wars and made personal sacrifices to ensure this country’s freedom. I’m sure they don’t mind seeing those freedoms shot to hell by a thug president and his thug cronies.

  10. Yeah Anthony and some of the stuff we remember never really happened. lolol

    Seriously. We remember what real food tasted like before “Farm Raised” shit they call fish and before tomatoes were green inside and filled with bitter snot. Before chickens had a half a pound of extra fat on them. When you could get local produce at the drop of a hat and when nothing you ate had oil in it, and nothing you ate was developed in a lab. Before antibiotics in milk, before constant alerts about listeria, e coli and salmonella. Back when immigrants had to be legal and if they couldn’t speak English, they brought a friend to translate instead of expecting everything written and spoken in 20 languages. When they couldn’t WAIT to become citizens and they built America instead of tearing it down. Silly memories like that.

  11. I was set up! I’m innocent! MKBill, save me! lol

  12. You kidding? MKBill is the helicopter pilot.

  13. A lesson here.Yes there is. 🙂

    “Who will help me plant my wheat?” asked the little red hen.

    “Not I,” said the cow.

    “Not I,” said the duck.

    “Not I,” said the pig.

    “Not I,” said the goose.

    “Then I will do it by myself.” She planted her crop and the wheat grew and ripened.

    “Who will help me reap my wheat?” asked the little red hen.

    “Not I,” said the duck.

    “Out of my classification,” said the pig.

    “I’d lose my seniority,” said the cow.

    “I’d lose my unemployment compensation,” said the goose.

    “Then I will do it by myself,” said the little red hen, and so she did.

    “Who will help me bake the bread?” asked the little red hen.

    “That would be overtime for me,” said the cow.

    “I’d lose my welfare benefits,” said the duck.

    “I’m a dropout and never learned how,” said the pig.

    “If I’m to be the only helper, that’s discrimination,” said the goose.

    “Then I will do it by myself,” said the little red hen.

    She baked five loaves and held them up for all of her neighbors to see.
    They wanted some and, in fact, demanded a share but the little red hen said, “No, I shall eat all five loaves.”

    “Excess profits!” cried the cow. (Nancy Pelosi)

    “Capitalist leech!” screamed the duck. (Barbara Boxer)

    “I demand equal rights!” yelled the goose. (Jesse Jackson)

    The pig just grunted in disdain. (Harry Reid)

    And they all painted ‘Unfair!’ picket signs and marched around and
    around the little red hen, shouting obscenities.

    Then the farmer (Obama) came He said to the little red hen, “You must not be so greedy.”

    “But I earned the bread,” said the little red hen.

    “Exactly,” said Barack the farmer. “That is what makes our free
    enterprise system so wonderful. Anyone in the barnyard can earn as much as he wants.
    But under our modern government regulations, the productive workers must divide the fruits of their labor with those who are lazy and idle.”

    And they all lived happily ever after, including the little red hen, who smiled and clucked, “I am grateful, for now I truly understand.”

    But her neighbors became quite disappointed in her. She never again baked bread because she joined the ‘party’ and got her bread free. And all the Democrats smiled. ‘Fairness’ had been established.

    Individual initiative had died but nobody noticed; perhaps no one cared so long as there was free bread that ‘the rich’ were paying for.
    15 minutes ago

  14. I like that lorac. 🙂

  15. Foxy! Awesome! Somewhere in there should be the part about how Monsanto sued the Little Red Hen for stealing their GMO seed!

  16. I love kites.

  17. Yeah Anthony and some of the stuff we remember never really happened. lolol

    Dismissal acknowledged. Ciao.

  18. ProudMilitaryMom, on August 15, 2012 at 11:51 AM said:

    Foxy! Awesome! Somewhere in there should be the part about how Monsanto sued the Little Red Hen for stealing their GMO seed!
    for sure Mom.I really love this story 🙂

  19. Potus is really looking tired.needs a looooooooong vacation.:lol:

  20. What dismissal? I was talking about drug induced memories we (as in myself too) aquired along the way. I have no idea what other way that could have been taken, or how it could possibly be taken as a dismissal. So you’re kidding right? Tell me you’re kidding.

  21. Yeah Foxy. Must be too much golf.

  22. Okay not that I don’t think this woman should be eligible for medicaid anyways, but can you find what is wrong with this segment of this huffblow hit piece?

    She makes about $15,000 a year, supporting her daughter and unemployed husband. She thought she’d be able to get health insurance after the Supreme Court upheld President Barack Obama’s health care law.

    Then she heard that her own governor won’t agree to the federal plan to extend Medicaid coverage to people like her in two years. So she expects to remain uninsured, struggling to pay for her blood pressure medicine.

    The law doesn’t kick in till TWO years from now, so what does this have to do with this woman today? Was she planning on waiting for two years and then she wouldn’t complain? In other words, Barack Obama’s law didn’t help her one bit even if her governor agreed to extend medicaid two years from now.

    I am also wondering if her husband is collecting unemployment checks, which would make her ineligible in just about any state when you add the sum to her own income.

    Considering that ALL their combined income wouldn’t even pay for single pay insurance for a family, I do sympathize with her and it shows just how out of touch governments are about the cost of single pay health insurance, or even COBRA. But this is simply set up as a hit piece about something that is supposed to happen two years from now.

  23. Uppity- I read a piece somewhere yesterday on that very subject of the evil mean R governors.
    Is that the same woman who takes care of her Mom? Why can’t the unemployed husband take care of Mom?
    Agree that 15,000 in ANY state for a family of three is or should be WELL below the poverty line and qualifying for Medicaid. She is TRYING at least and should get the help she needs.

  24. So you’re kidding right? Tell me you’re kidding.

    Of course I am! I was referring to the dismissal of cognizance when you have good enough weed, and my intentions of spending the next few hours in dismissal. Guess I got caught being “dismissed” before commenting. 😆

  25. AntKnee, where art thou?

    LOOK UP ^

  26. It’s bs UW. I saw the piece a day ago. It really is a hit piece.

  27. Damn! I’ve been Owned.

  28. Yeah well we once buried three mescaline tabs in a marlboro box out back because the guys renting the summer house next to us got busted. Next morning a squirrel dug it up while we watched from the window. He chewed a tab and became a flying squirrel.

  29. Have yet to look up Ryan’s position on unions but it is pretty safe to assume he is all for busting them up. Wisconsin politico and has the backing of Walker and all that. The Tea Party has come a long way, I must give them credit, in just a few years. Too bad there are no Clinton Democrat type groups (PUMA) with the same pull to keep our agenda in the mix.

    Lorac – I am not even Lebanese and he offends me with his opinions.

    Foxy – I had a good laugh at the feet joke.

    Oswald – If you are not a professional comedy writer then you missed your calling. The plugs remark, the papaya link, etc. were hysterical.

    upps the kittehs on the fence and your tuxie are adorable.

  30. Uppity – same thing happened to me with the squirrel. Was it 1972 or 1973? And those dancing chipmunks were as entertaining as Alvin, Simon and Theodore. The pink panther climbing out of the tv set at 5 am was a bit much, tho.

  31. And why WAS the stash always in a marlboro box?

  32. Agree Mom, at least she WORKS, which is more than I can say about so many slugs who look for ways to milk the system, and there ARE plenty of them. I would wholeheartedly support helping her. Problem is, someone who makes 40k can’t afford single pay health care either. It’s as simple as that. Either make health insurance not for profit and make it reasonable or stop killing the middle class. The poor have a better chance of stayiing well on medicaid than the middle class family has without ANY insurance.

  33. And why WAS the stash always in a marlboro box?

    Because we didn’t have American Spirit back then

  34. Bahahahahaha.

  35. Hey remember when they came out with the first cigarette making machine and you could roll the tobacco out of your marlboro, mix it with grass and then push it all back into the paper?

  36. Cake layers are out of the oven. heh. They look nice and dark and moist. Cooling.
    While I am also cooling my jets waiting for the washer repair guy, The part was delivered on Monday and I had to blow a gasket to corporate to get an appt THIS week. The damn thing broke down on August 2nd! Waited til the 9th for the repair appt for which he did not have the part- then when I called Monday they tried to blow me off til the 24th.
    I got hung up on by the supervisor so called corporate- and told them if they did not have it fixed in 48 hours I was erecting a 4 x 8 sign on my front lawn telling people Sears Sucks. My front lawn being on the main drag going in and out of town.
    Hey! I compromised- she gave me an appt for today and I agreed to give them the extra day. If it isn’t fixed by five pm the sign goes up though.

  37. Shut up about that cake before I smack you.

    Give me that cake. Now.

  38. Karen, back then when you bought a pack of cigs you had the choice of Filter, non-filter, menthol or regular. There was Marlboro and Kent. And that horrid Winston. And Parliament, where your tongue got stuck in the recessed filter.

  39. I don’t like stories like this because there are many factors to consider which (for privacy reasons) may never be divulged. $11,000 is very little to live off of. That said, is hubby taking in disability? How much do they receive in help from the government? HUD, food stamps, etc.? Pharmacy discounts via the pharmaceutical companies to pay little or nothing for meds? There is a lot of stuff that I would want to know about.

  40. Don’t forget those Tarrytons (sp?) and Old Golds.
    My grandmother smoked Raleighs- and saved those little coupons that came on the packs. They worked like S&H or Plaid Stamps. She collected those too. We kids were suckers- we thought it was “fun” to “help” her lick all those stamps and stick them in the books.
    When the cake is assembled I will try to put a pic up. Gotta remember how I lowered the size thingie on the camera.

  41. Anyone need help with drugs?

    Use www. before the link


    I’ve had some uninsured folks use them…up to 76% off.

  42. My gramps loved his Camels.

  43. Yeah I hear Barack uses that number for his coke.

  44. How did you guess UW? hahahahaha

  45. Yeah Mom, save enough Raleigh coupons, get a free iron lung.

  46. My father smoked camels for years, McN. I hated it because that’s he had for me to steal from him.

  47. I remember my Dad and his Camel pack in his shirtpocket. I think I tried them once when I was about 11. I thought I was gonna die.

  48. The kites reminded me of the Anatole book series. Particularly my favorite “Anatole Over Paris”. Now I know what I am putting on my shopping list for the young ones for Christmas. And my not so young Mom, she will enjoy re-reading them herself before they are wrapped. Once a librarian, always a librarian.

  49. Hell, McN. By the time I was 11, I was blowing smoke rings.

  50. Mom was Bel-Air 100s and Dad was Kent. Talk about the two worst brands to steal.

  51. Benson and Hedges. Lucky Strikes.

  52. @ Upps

    My mom knew we’d be trying ciggys out at some point. She once caught me with one hanging out of my mouth (lipstick smeared), legs crossed, and a beer bottle in my hand when I was about 5 years old. Let’s say that this photograph is not in the family album that is always displayed. Christmas party where the adults were looking the other way.

  53. No, I never learned how to blow rings. I just couldn’t get the hang of that. Plus, back in the day they all counted their smokes.

  54. Nah my father was too laid back to count cigarettes. I stole them from him all the time. I think maybe he knew though. And he was a smoker, and in those days, nbody thought it was a big deal except they thought a woman looked like a hooker if she smoked. Thus the old Italian saying that translated into, it doesn’t matter what she does as long as she doesn’t smoke.

  55. Oh yeah Mom, make a cat and then dangle a pic at us. You taking lessons from DE?

  56. Uppity, the kite video was soooo relaxing. I love that music, especially when Anna Netrebko and Elina Garanc sing together.
    Foxie, great little red hen story.
    Mom, hurry with the cake!
    Has anyone smoked rabbit tobacco?

  57. I agree WLM. It’s almost heavenly.

  58. Upps, remember the General Mills activist post you did a few days ago? The guy died a few days later.

  59. Guess what else I saw at that site, McNorman? CFA’s head of PR and spokesman for the flap over gays …also died a few weeks ago.

    Now about the cheerios fire guy. Well now he’s had an interesting conversation with God about his nastiness and about his confusion over God’s Work vs. God’s Job. Hope he did a better job of talking himself out of trouble than he did of setting a box of cheerios on fire. If he had eaten more cheerios and fewer fast good sandwiches, he might not have been in as horrible shape as he looked. But his pastor says he was a really terrific person. All really terrific people set cheerios aflame protesting things that are none of their business while playing God. Especially if they are “real” Christians.

    I know I know. I sound cruel. Just not as cruel as he was.

  60. I give up. The cake is in the media files if you mods want to look. I lowered the camera down to its lowest size setting and it appears it is still too big.
    Anyway- I have to tweak the cake- needs more marshmallow in between the layers. I am going to get some marshmallow creme as using mini marshmallows did not produce the result I wanted. And I could not get them to brown on top of the cake without them catching fire lol.
    Husband says it tastes good though.

  61. That’s because you were planning to toture us, Mom.

  62. By the time I was 11, I was blowing smoke rings.

    Good grief!

  63. I COULD make the Strawberry Chocolate cake. Or the Raspberry one. Or…… Blackberry!
    Damn cameras. Hate the damn things.

  64. Ok here’s Mom’s S’Mores cake. Do you not hate her for this? Mom you have got to set your camera for pics that aren’t 2500×2500. But if you load it in media, you MUST hit edit and then “Scale”.

  65. Good grief!

    You weren’t “cool” if you didn’t smoke. Now you aren’t cool unless you don’t smoke,but have sex instead. I think i’d rather see them smoke at this point.

  66. Raspberries and Chocolate. OMG my favorite chocolate combo.

  67. Hey McNorman, you think your booze story is bad? I was preschool when I stuck my mouth under the spigot of my grandfather’s wine barrel. My uncle had to walk me up and down the street because my father was too embarrassed.

  68. Uppity- there is no such setting on the camera- size options are 14 mp, 8, 4, 2 or something called vga- whatever that is. I put it on 2. That’s what we got.
    HATE cameras.

  69. Nice, Mom!

    (I read your palm too…you will have a long and prosperous life!)

  70. NES- that is husbands hand. ROFL! Yeah- the ornery crotchety old fart probably will live a long life.

  71. Hypersonic jet fails again. Another trillion down the drain.
    The purpose of this crap is to get troops anywhere in the world in a few hrs. Unfortunately even if it worked they would all be dead from the g force of traveling that fast when the got there.

  72. NES- ROFL at the first comment on that article you linked.

    He’s just revealing himself through that palantir to the Dark Lord thereby laying claim to the throne of Gondor. Nothing to see here. It’s all very procedural.

  73. Ooooops! Tell him he has nice, manicured nails.

  74. That is a brilliant comment, Mom!

  75. Well, I know now that I was not the only one doing bad stuff at an early age. hahaha

  76. Not the first time a gazillion was wasted on war toys. Ever heard of the F-20 Tigershark? Of course you didn’t. they made three, two of them blew up in testing. The military didn’t didn’t like the plane, must have been the wrong color. They piss money away like it’s water anyways. Northrup ate this one:

  77. NES reads palms????

  78. NES is a woman of many talents UW.

  79. Mom, go to your camera SETTINGs and find IMAGE Size. Your images are so large that they are probably distorting your photos. Also take up tons of room on your memory card. If that doesn’t work, do you have a “function” button?

  80. First comment when I looked at the link for the Cheerios dude, who died of a heart attack:
    If only there was some heart healthy food he could have eaten in the morning…

  81. Uppity- it is just a cheap Sanyo- the only size setting is as follows 14, 8, 4, 2 or VGA whatever the hell VGA is. There is no image size option in the settings. 😦
    The pics I take with it look ok (if any of my pics can be considered ok lol) on my computer. Maybe there is a setting in the windows picture library file progrsm?
    edited for size

  82. sanyo what model PMM?

  83. Like that Uppity? I resized it in the pic file on my computer to 300 x 400 I think lol
    I have to lose the graham cracker crumbs around the edge- looks awful. Will have the improved finished one tomorrow- let’s just hope I remember how to edit the pics.

  84. What’s the model number, MOM

  85. lol mcnorman- Sanyo VPC-T1496 At least I think that is what the teeny print says.

  86. Does appear you can’t change the sizing except somewhere else. lol. A holes.

  87. LOL indeed Uppity- but at least I can change the size from my pictures program on the computer- easy.
    My video camera takes excellent stills- it is ancient. And heavy. But I know how to use it. Unfortunately, the software associated with it is also ancient and not compatible. I can upload the pics from the media stick (which I can no longer get- they don’t make that size anymore) One of these days maybe I can find an equivalent model that is as easy to use and that takes good stills.
    Until then, I will just let the rest of the family take the pics while I lead the singing and organize the food.

  88. Thanks mcnorman- would have been nice if that was included in the box with the camera. Looks like I have to adjust the “quality” to a lower setting.

  89. And don’t forget about Larks. They had charcoal in the filters. I remember after putting out the cig, rolling the filter around in my fingers until all the charcoal bits fell out.

  90. stonelioness! LOL I had forgotten about those!
    You stoked my memory- Chesterfield was another old brand.

  91. You are most welcome. Looks like a good camera. Has the ability to take good pics.

  92. My dad smoked Chesterfields and my mom smoked L&Ms. I bought a pack of L&Ms the other day. They were pretty bad. I’ll stick with Misty Blue 120s. Yes, I still smoke. I’ve tried to quit so many times but I use it as a stress reliever. My next plan is to get an electronic cigarette with no nicotine and wear a nicotine patch. I’ll gradually wean off the nicotine but still have the pleasure of actually “smoking”.

  93. Funny comments:

    He’s just revealing himself through that palantir to the Dark Lord thereby laying claim to the throne of Gondor. Nothing to see here. It’s all very procedural.

    If only there was some heart healthy food he could have eaten in the morning…

  94. Mcnorman- LOL- might be a good camera- but cameras hate me from both sides. I only take pics when I have to- we have some excellent photographers in the family. Any event, they all have cameras hanging around their necks. I just steal from them. They have been making fun of my inability to take pics for about 35 yrs now. I sling it back at them and tell them they wouldn’t have anything to take pics of if I wasn’t organizing the get togethers and the food!

  95. Got to head to bed- another cake to bake tomorrow. And fair entry forms to get filled out.
    Stonelioness- thanks for the prompts on the cig names. I still remember some of the jingles too.
    Winston tastes good, like a, cigarette should lol

  96. PMM- I’ll try to remember too.

  97. My next plan is to get an electronic cigarette with no nicotine and wear a nicotine patch. I’ll gradually wean off the nicotine but still have the pleasure of actually “smoking”.

    Try V2Cigs. Of all the electronic cigarettes, these are the best as far as architecture, battery life and cartridges. You can get cartridges with full, med, light or no nicotine and cut down gradually. Actually, nicotine is no more harmful than caffeine. Its the tar, etc in cigarettes that causes all the damage.
    I smoke V2’s indoors, and now only occasionally smoke a ‘real’ one outside.

  98. Thanks Anthony. I’ll check into that. I was looking at the Blu brand on the internet.

  99. It’s that old Oral Fixation, Stone. heh heh.

  100. The Looking Glass world again – scream “there’s no social security, social security is failing!” – then reduce everyone’s monthly contribution to defund the social security bucket by HALF.

    Now – yes, yes, we know there are no jobs, we’re doing all we can!!! Then – allow millions of illegal immigrants, some of whom are mailing the application in from MX, to apply to work here legally.

    see video in next box

  101. PMM – I’m so glad they upheld your state’s voter id laws. I feel so strongly about that.

    Are you entering any produce in the fair?

  102. Anthony- what’s your opinion of the Blu brand?

  103. I like Catherine Herridge. I bought one of her books. I think she is very bright, and I really like the way she presents herself – she’s dignified, in control of herself, very – grownup – something you don’t seem to see much of on TV these days! Plus, she’s awfully attractive lol

  104. If only there was some heart healthy food he could have eaten in the morning…

    Concurrently Sardonic and Hilarious. So hard to do.

  105. That hot Marlboro guy with the great crotch and butt.

  106. Yeah here he is.

  107. OH, that photo isn’t fair – I just sat down to eat dinner! lol

  108. lorac honey, consider it an exercise in fasting.

  109. Her eyes suggest fetal alchohol syndrome. lol. So does al gore. I mean he looks like a bass you would pull out of a creek.

  110. Stone, how do you say Barack Obama is a tool in german?

  111. You know, because of you, I have hunted for Vernors and can’t find it. That sucks.

  112. The woman sends me a coupla bottles of Vernors to tempt me and then here are am where it’s easier to strike oil than find that stuff.

  113. Lorac your logic fails to reason in that not all boojums are snarks.

  114. Hey, don’t get your shit in a knot. I’ll send you some more. I’m drinking one right now. Bahaha. I don’t know the slang word for tool in German but the closest I can come is “Idiot”. Spelled the same but pronounced differently.

  115. What’s the shipping for mailing me a case. I’ll send you the money for a case plus ship. They don’t sell it in NY period.

  116. Maybe I can buy it from their site, right?

  117. I’ll check. I know it has to go via UPS. The post office won’t ship it because it’s liquid. That doesn’t make sense to me but they were quite adamant about it. I’ll get it off to you this weekend. Diet or regular?

  118. Let me know what shipping is. It might be cheaper if I send it.

  119. No I want to pay for it. I can’t have you being my drug dealer. lol.

  120. Lol. Now you tell me.

  121. Cheaper at Amazon than that site. I’ll do a check there for shipping and see if you are better. lol.

  122. They have an “ale” too? What’s it like?

  123. It’s ginger ale. Same thing. We call it pop in Michigan, not soda.

  124. 41.24 for 24 bottles. 11.99 shipping. Plus NY tax, the bastards don’t even sell it here and they get to tax me.

  125. I love Vernors Ginger Ale. Reminds me of my childhood. My mom would give it to me when I was sick. Even though it tasted so good, I only had it when I was sick! As I remember, it was a lot more “gingery” and carbonated than Canada Dry ginger ale.

  126. It’s about the only thing Michigan has that I want. LOLOL.

  127. Imust- it’s a totally different type of ginger ale isn’t it? I think everyone gets Vernors when they’re sick. Helps settle the stomach.
    Upps- Let me check. Vernors is always on sale somewhere around here. I think I can get it cheaper.

  128. You’re on a roll tonight aren’t you Upps?

  129. Ok let me know. Use email. I’ll send you a check.

  130. imust, vernors is ginger ale with a kick. It’s got vanilla and other spices in it. I think it’s the original ginger beer or something. I know they’ve been around forever, way before the other stuff.

  131. I’ll do that.

  132. I should give you a call anyways. I’ll call you tomorrow.

  133. hmmm…..I’m guessing stonelioness knows the *real* Uppity too…..lorac will be so J!

  134. Yes imust, Stone and I are indeed old friends.

  135. Utah knows me too. Take THAT lorac.

    These were friends of mine before UW blog for sure. I know both of them wouldn’t give up my ID if you put a gun in their mouths. heheh.

  136. Gun? No. What about a nice PIE? Carmel Apple Walnut to be exact?? 🙂

  137. That pie only works on me.

  138. OMG this is hilarious. About the Cheerios burning guy: From the smoking gun link…

    In a Facebook tribute, one of Leisner’s nephews–a missionary in Costa Rica–wrote in Spanish that Leisner was as “bold as a lion of God,” though some would remember him as “a flaming Elijah.” Unfortunately, an English translation on the Facebook page mangled part of the tribute. “Please pray for the family of Mike to feel the spirit of God as dildo in this time of a loss,” the Bing translation notes.

  139. Poor Cheerios guy. I guess you could call him a “cereal killer”? Cheerie-O Cheerios guy!
    Anyway, I thought you’d like this Uppity:

  140. I don’t know the slang word for tool in German


  141. . I guess you could call him a “cereal killer”? Cheerie-O Cheerios guy!


  142. imust, that piece reminds me of that guy who did the high school commencement speech and told them You are Not Special. We could use more of this and I don’t care if it is 1959. Little brats.

  143. That’s shithead not tool.

  144. Hey there gang. Just swinging by to say hi. Just got in from work an hour ago and going to hit the sack I am beat. Love doing a bit of reading while unwinding. Uppity I am glad that you know I never give away info. I have never sold out a friend in my life and never will. Did have quite an interesting event here a day ago. I had a Raccoon in the basement. the wrecking crew were going ballistic !! Guess we know now never to leave the garage door ajar lol.

  145. Oooh, I love Vernors. The best. I drank lots of it during my pregnancies, had morning sickness all day long. I still buy ginger ale, but now I get Zevia (no sugar or carbs; sweetened with stevia). Zevia has a ginger root beer thats a mix of the two and is also good. Still, have happy memories of drinking Vernors.

    Really weird about the cereal guy dying in his car today.

  146. By the time I was 11, I was blowing smoke rings.

    Good grief!

    The Broad is a marvel, isn’t she, NES? I’m telling you, just when I think I have a pretty accurate image of her, she flips out another revelation about herself and mucks it all up! lol.

    Face it, NES… we’re dealing with another Mona Lisa. lol.

  147. Oh, dear, I have no idea what a boojum is

    UW, which comment were you even referring to? lol

  148. HeybStone, how about we get a drink?

  149. Obama ist ein Schwanz.

  150. So true, WhyNot.

  151. Loran and I will waterboard utah. I have the how-to manual authored by Rummy.

  152. Soros and Paulson – bumping up gold. Of course it goes without saying they know something we don’t. Remember what that scheevy nazi did to the British pound.–abc-news-savings-and-investment.html

  153. Oh, dear, I have no idea what a boojum is

    Go ask Alice.

    HeybStone, how about we get a drink?

    Yeah. That’ll happen.

    Loran and I will waterboard utah

    You won’t live past the front door.

    I’m telling you, just when I think I have a pretty accurate image of her, she flips out another revelation about herself and mucks it all up!


  154. Oh- and someone asked in the last thread if I was entering produce. The beans are looking good again- might enter some of the purple ones- but I really need to put them up as Dilly Beans. The tomatoes did not cooperate- there won’t be enough of the slicers ripe. Probably will have husband enter some of his stupid grape and cherry ones.
    I am sticking with entering a jar each of the apple butter and the pear butter from last fall. And the cake. Which I have to go work on now.

  155. Uppity- I saw that about waterboarding Utah and had the same thought- doubt anyone would get past the dogs and if so they surely would not get past Utah.
    Saw yesterday that the asshat Hasan got his trial delayed YET AGAIN- because he won’t shave. Saw it right around the same time Utah chimed in and thought
    “Whole lot faster and cheaper if we just send him out to her. She would make short work of him and the dogs could clean up.”

  156. Pulled the short straw and had to bring a kitteh to be spayed at the crack of dawn. That’s the white kitteh we picked up a few weeks ago. She’s got a forever home right after she heals up. Cute little snot. Very friendly and definitely lost, nobody looking for her though. was hanging out in a neighborhood and visiting the same three homes, hoping for a bed. What a dealer. So she’s off to a new life indoors and all squeaky clean. I always like myself a little bit better when I help save one like her.

    As a reward, today is my vain and shallow day. Hair cut and other vain and shallow procedures. I deserve it. Yeah that’s it. I deserve it.

  157. You save a kitteh, you certainly do deserve a reward.

  158. Snake cake. Shiver…

  159. Danke nes. Schwanz=tool. Ich habe das nicht gewusst. Slang is not my forte.

  160. Shiver, what if barry gets rid of Biden over his scripted remarks.

  161. DE, isn’t it a case of too little, too late? But with consecutive colossal gaffes, I wouldn’t be surprised if Biden bows out because of some undisclosed “illness” prior to the Dem convention.

  162. Comedy Gold from Ryan.

    Paul Ryan in Ohio just now: “As Joe Biden might say, it’s great to be here in Nevada!”

  163. Here it is- need opinions- mini marshmallows around the bottom or leave it as is?

  164. Going to even out the browning on the top. Just got a new torch and it is touchy – when he wakes up I can get him to help me with it.

  165. When are we eating the cake mom ??

    About that ass who won’t shave……. Umm do it the cowboy way. Strap his sorry ass to a fence post and pull down his pants and then bring out a very hungry calf. He will do anything in a very short time lmao.

  166. Burp…..yesterday.

  167. Wish we had some cat thieves here. There are several beautiful kittahs that are out daily laying in the road sunning themselves and dodging cars. It is sad because although they are well fed and look good someday a car is going to win

  168. Busted:

    Secret lives of cats revealed in kitty cam study

    Millions of cat owners put their pets outside in the morning and let them in at night – and we don’t know what happens to them.

    But new research shows the average kitty has a more interesting life than you may have ever imagined.

    Researchers put kitty cams on 55 pet cats, a collaboration between the University of Georgia and National Geographic. They collected more than 2,000 hours of cat reality TV – a first according to researchers.


    So what did the researchers find? “They spent a lot of time under cars, inside of cars, inside of sewers, climbing roofs, climbing fences,” Hernandez said. “I think they have intriguing lives because they do things we’d never expected them to do.”

    But if you want loyalty, get a dog. “A lot of cats were found cheating on their owners,” Hernandez said. “In that they were spending a lot of time with other families, and were fed by other families and slept on the beds of other families.”

    Fixit Fairy Visited you ****

  169. That was supposed to be in blockquotes

  170. Well then. Carney said today that it is settled- Biden is staying on the ticket.
    Thanks be to God(dess) I hope the hell Hillary laughed in his face and told him fuhgetaboudit!

  171. I have a perfect way of dealing with a goat screwing woman killing terrorist. I have my own plan for them. See just shooting them in the head is far far to gentle.
    As a seasoned deer hunter one way a good deer hunter practices shooting so the kill not wound is to put a target in a tire and roll it down the side of a hill. You do this till you never miss your shot. But have you ever seen a tire bouncing down a hill at full speed ?
    Now picture a cat or john deere mountain skidder tire if you will, you know six or seven feet tall. Strap the terrorist inside it , X style and kick it off a mountain side with a line of folk with deer rifles.
    Game on…..if he survives toss the tire and terrorist on the back of a truck for a ride back up the mountain and repeat.

  172. Utah! I just KNEW you would be the one to fix his sorry ass. Don’t forget to strap a pound of bacon to him for the ride to hell.

  173. Hate hate hate to waste good bacon mom. Can we strap some pork kidneys and a full pork bladder to him instead ? lmao

  174. LOL Utah- of course! Any pork will do! The full pork bladder seems like a good idea.

  175. Beautiful Utah, freakin’ beautiful. I’d add a lard rubbin’ just for Hasan. PMM you are in my head. As for that cake, leave the marshmallows off the bottom. Looks fine.

  176. Thanks mcnorman.

  177. Well this has been fun. Got to head to work. Pulled the late shift today. Will check in at 12:30 AM. Have fun gang

  178. Hate hate hate to waste good bacon


  179. Hey Upps, I have to go to class. Gotta learn ’em some German. lol
    I’ll call you around 8-8:30 tonight.

  180. Shameless promo: Anita Finlay is back on my radio show tonight-

  181. Kitty cams have been around, though. I got a video of a kitty wearing his cam that I never posted. It was kinda boring, other than it’s fun to see what the cat sees from his level. I know of one cat that had two homes and I in fact had one who spend his summers here and then disappeared in winter. Had no idea where he was till somebody recognized him and told me where he lived. lol .

  182. Please touch your heart and read about a cat named Room 8, who spent the school year in classroom number 8 for decades and then left in June of each year.

  183. Shamless promos always welcome, John!

  184. Mom is you want to brown a top, you need to use one of those chef torches.

  185. Anita truly does kick ass.

  186. Indeed she does, John. And you guys work really well together.

  187. Plumbing torch works much better.

  188. MSNBC goes all in with the race card. Playing 52 card pickup with a loaded deck.

  189. LOL I bought the new torch today Uppity- it is a touchy thing- can’t tilt it too far or the flame goes out- some stupid ass safety feature from hell. I have to wait for that other hand to tilt it so I can get it nice and toasty looking.

  190. Why is it that the far left can make all the racist remarks they want, up to and including the N word right in their story titles, while literally making up cases of racist remarks in things said by others that don’t even remotely resemble racism (Think scientific “black hole”)……and nobody seems to notice the hypocrasy?

  191. I saw this and thought- HOORAY! About time.

    Then I got a hold of myself. It probably won’t make it to market. Interfering with the pee pees is a big no no. Unless you are making it bigger. Or fixing a limp one with a little pill or a remote control pump job. But make it shoot blanks?
    What an unmanly idea. Can’t have that!

  192. If you are out there! I’ll be starting on John Smart’s show in a few minutes!

  193. How did MKBill allow this one to get past. He isn’t an a**hole, just blames the woman or the dog for his misdeeds.

  194. I’m listening to Ani!

  195. Hi everyone. Sorry I have been away – again. Computer was in the shop, been busy painting – and just trying to survive.

    On another note – those of you who know of my Golden Retriever, Angel – know I have a wonderful companion of almost 14 years who I love with every fiber of my soul. Angel, sadly, is crossing Rainbow Bridge tomorrow, and I just wanted to let everyone who has been so wonderful know.

    She is a fabulously Noble Dog, and I just cannot let her “hang in there” any longer. She has a myriad of issues, and is sticking around now for me. And that is not fair.

    That’s all I want to say for now. Please give prayers to my most wonderful best friend ever. May she find as much peace as she has given me these many years.

    XO to all, and thank you.


  196. {{{{{{{FF}}}}}}} 😦 love to you and your Angel. I will be thinking of you tomorrow. Of course I will send prayers up for both of you.

  197. Thanks Mom – it’s taken me about 10 days now to “get here”


    I love her more than I love myself.

  198. Well….. maybe they will give UW’s address to me and NES if the proverbial gun is placed in UW’s mouth!!!! lol j/k!!!

  199. Hi FF – I haven’t “seen” you for at least a year I think. But you’re often in my thoughts. I’m so sorry about Angel, but sometimes it’s the right thing and the right time. You two will be in my thoughts tomorrow, for sure. Make sure to do something healing for yourself afterwards. Angel would want to know you were taking care of yourself and your pain, just as well as you did for her.

  200. Hi Lorac. I love ya lots. It hasn’t really been a year, but sometimes it seems so. Thanks for your words.

    On another note, I am almost getting good enough as a painter to feel confident sooner or later in starting your gift. (maybe a year or so…LOL!)

  201. So sorry freedom fairy. I will be sending good thoughts to you and Angel.

  202. Oh, and another thing – for those of you who know my email. please drop me a line so I don’t have to go through all my old back-up files to resurrect yours. I’ll just send a simple “thanks” and it will add to address book. I hate computers.

  203. PIE~ XOXO I think of you every time I make them. And Cherry is my fave and there have been several n the last few weeks. They don’t look as Fab as Scott’s. but they don’t get dumped in the trash either.

  204. Hal- I would laugh- but Jack has decided that is a great thing to do- he is up on EVERYTHING and knocks shit off the tables, the night stands, the dressers, the counters- it is driving me crazy and I can not figure out how to make him stop. It’s not like he doesn’t have toys, attention, another cat to play with.
    It is getting really annoying. He sent a whole tray of my husbands junk flying off the nightstand to the floor last night. Change, pens, assorted little bits and pieces. Scared the bejeesus out of me.

  205. FF, she will cross over and she will wait patiently to be reunited.

  206. Hey there FF, so sorry about Angel, she’s such a sweet puppy.

  207. FF, don’t even give that another thought. That wasn’t even a part of the plan, it was something you wanted to do. Please put it out of your mind, and think about happy things.

  208. FF, I teared up when I read about dear Angel. It’s heartbreaking. You are, of course, doing the right thing out of love for her. In that there is solace. A big hug and kiss for her. Be well and know that all Uppity-ties are your Famiglia. XOXO

  209. it was something you wanted to do. Yep, and I wanted to get good enough to do it. Was thinking about it on Tuesday, if you must know! LOL

  210. I’m done for the night all. Thanks to my friends and everyone else for a peaceful transition for Angel – and me.


  211. NES {{{{{{{{Angel}}}}}}}}}}

  212. FF: so sorry about your Angel. But, she will be waiting for you on the other side of the bridge. That’s little consolation now but it will be

  213. meant that to be it will be later on.

  214. Mcnorman at 10:18: Ah poor Artur Davis. He was a dem from alabama for years and tried to run for guv as such.

    Davis served in the United States House of Representatives representing Alabama’s 7th congressional district from 2003 to 2011. He was also a candidate for governor of Alabama in the 2010 Democratic Gubernatorial Primary.

    Beginning in 2009, Davis sought to become Alabama’s first African American governor. In attempting to appeal to a broader electorate, he lost the support of black voters by opposing national health care reform and failing to meet with certain black political groups.[1] He ran in the 2010 Democratic Gubernatorial Primary, but lost by a large margin to Ron Sparks, a more liberal Democrat.[2] Shortly after, Davis announced he would be not be seeking another term in Congress, but would instead be returning to the practice of law. In May 2012, he confirmed that he was considering running for Congress as a Republican.[3] A 1990s honors graduate of Harvard University and Harvard Law School, in 2012 Davis became a visiting fellow at the Harvard Institute of Politics. He also began writing a column for the conservative National Review. Now a resident of Virginia, Davis has been slated to speak at the 2012 Republican National Convention in support of the presumptive Republican nominee for President, Mitt Romney.

    He didn’t win in the primary so he picked up his marbles and left the game. 😆

  215. FF and Angel,

  216. Uppity I thought I’d crack you up laughing tonight. On the search strings behind the blog is “uppity quiche easter” and “the uppity quiche easter” I swear quiche has been one of my biggest hits — but that was writ on Easter when we were all talking poverty recipes round here. Oh hugs you. Eff the politics for just one day. Hugs VB, aka Adrienne who just had a salad with a gigantic Brandywine.

  217. ff, prayers are on the way south. Such a heartbreaking thing to go through. You take care of yourself and be brave. *big hug*

  218. FF Hugs. I know how hard that is, having had so many dogs and cats. Hugs. ps: over here? I can laugh and cry my way through the condo. Thanks Upps & Co. Hugs.
    and on cigs? well my mom was Dorals and Larks, ahem.

  219. I meant thought the “condo” short for conversation. FF. Hugs. My Buff was like your angel. 14 years. A white golden mixed with aussie. I’m so sorry for you, from one animal lover to another.

  220. God. It won’t type “what” I mean! “convo” — short for conversation. It’s actually spell checking as I go — how weird. For poets who write like ee cummings sometimes. Geez. Must be a robot. Dumb shit.

  221. Sigh, isn’t it so true that the last things we painfully do for our loved furry ones is to send them “away” in peace and dignity, not suffer any longer? Uppity said this to me recently when we lost a beloved and rascally cat to cancer….”now that’s love.” I wasn’t feeling like it then, but thanks to her, do now.

    FF, I’m so sorry about Angel, but what you about to do is truly an act of love. Big hugs to (((((((FF & her Angel)))))))

    BTW, the a-hole cat vid the I posted reminded me of my late cat Tucker, who was fond of sitting in MY chair and taking MY spot on the bed. We’ve also had cats, like PMM’s, that would knock change onto the floor. Luvable critters.

  222. God’s Speed, Angel…

    FF… how lucky she was to have been loved so deeply…

  223. Dear Freedom Fairy,

    What you will do this morning is the final act of unselfish love for your Angel. It is a gift you give her for 14 years of gifts from her to you. I say this because you are doing it for her, not for yourself–because if it were up to us, we would keep our beloved Angels of this world forever. When you answer her message that it “Is time,” it is never for ourselves. For us, it is raw pain. For them, it is peace. And we know that there is nothing they deserve more, after all the unqualified love they have given us, than peace. I cry as I write this because I know how you feel and there is nothing more I can say to make your transition easier except to say that what you are doing for Angel this morning is Pure Love. I know i would be devastated in your shoes and I do not envy your task this morning one bit, except to say that, if Angel could speak, she would thank you for everything, and especially for your love and loyalty. Goldens don”t live to 14 but that they have had a great life and have loved every minute of it, and that is obviously what you have given that girl.

    They take a piece of us with them when they leave, but they make sure they leave a beautiful piece of themselves with us in our hearts. And that is THEIR final act of love. Fly away Angel, no more pain for you now. Be sure to leave your very best Piece in her heart. She will need it in the coming days.

  224. Uppity-ties are your Famiglia. XOXO


  225. Wow that was beautiful Uppity. And very true. FF am so sorry for your loss, you will be in our hearts and prayers. Hugs & love to you! socal & laker

  226. This is the 2nd sadness event for a dog I’ve had today. I went to my nieces today and she was housesitting another dog (she is always doing that for people, can never say no, and no one ever pays her anything). Anyway, she is watching a large dog that looked kind of Pit-ish, and I was hesitant to get close to him at first. She said he was a bulldog and deaf. So I petted him for a while, but he looked really sad. My niece went into another room and the dog looked terrified and went and crawled into one of my nieces dogs’ doggy beds, way too small for him but he curled up in it. I tried talking softy to him and he looked up at me, scrunched his face up in a miserable expression and started sobbing, moving his head up and down and making a weird wailing noise. He even had a tear come out of his eye. I went over to him and started petting him and trying to soothe him & when my niece came out he acted a little more normal, but, holy crap, I’ve never seen a dog start sobbing like that before. Totally freaked me out, and have thought about it all day.

  227. Deaf pets can often feel insecure when left alone or among strangers, although I have had deaf cats who couldn’t care less….long as they were in their secure home and safe. When you think about it, hearing is a very important sense for them, signaling impending danger. I imagine that dog didn’t particularly like being away from his safe home, and doubly so when nobody the dog knows is in the room.

  228. Sorry about emails, my box is jammed again. If you’ve written to me, please be patient.

  229. Ohhh Uppity, you’ve said before that you understand how pets think and feel. What you wrote to FF was so beautiful, I think Kermit (the frog) is stuck in my thoat. Yes, deaf pets that I’ve known can be very emotional. A friend had a sweet golden retreiver that would moan in appreciation at any act of kindness. Deaf myself, I thought she was growling when petted, but the friend explained she’s moaning her appreciation.

  230. Wrong conclusion on Artur Davis, Fredster. He grew tired of how left-cliff and insular the Dems have become. He’ll do fine in the GOP. I think Black Repubs are great — very courageous and refreshing to listen to. They’ve broken away from the orthodoxy that says they must all vote Dem and support a dependency society. Good for them! I often send money to black Republican politicians. Mia Love of UT is my latest focus.

    PS: it’s my fervent hope that, someday soon, gays will also get off of the Dem Pty plantation.


  232. NES: It’s interesting that he sought the Dem nomination for guv and not the Repub. and when he lost to Sparks, then he decides to leave the party. Let’s face it: if he had a conservative bent in him, there certainly are plenty of Blue Dog Dems in the South and in AL that could have supported him. However he was an underdog to Sparks. They have been active in the Dem party in AL for years.

    PS: it’s my fervent hope that, someday soon, gays will also get off of the Dem Pty plantation.

    Perhaps you may when the Repubs can learn to treat gays humanely and with some dignity.

  233. Beautiful, Uppity. (Can’t believe you posted Rainbow Connection – I was torn between the two videos – for obvious reasons.)

    Have thought about them both, with an aching heart, throughout the day.

    We know, FF, we know.

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