So, which candidate do you really side with?

Now I know this is going to be a particularly difficult decision on election day, what with two totally delightful tickets to choose from.

I just know you wish you could vote for both tickets because they make you feel so safe and secure. And the dish ran away with the spoon.

So, here you go. Take this test and find out which Poor Excuse For A Presidential Candidate you identify with most for sure.

Take the test and weep.

I Side With


175 Responses

  1. Crap. I’m supposed to vote for Roseanne.

  2. SEE! I KNEW there was going to be a pop quiz- but I was not expecting a mid-term lol. (Of course I took the long form- where you can “see more” questions)
    Interesting. Friggin thing knows where I live- as it gave me the results for how I match up with other PA voters and American Voters- 47 for each- so I am pretty much in the middle then.
    I matched up with Mitt, then Ron Paul, then Gary Johnson- poor old tool in the white box was way way down on my results- dead last.
    HAH! The results say I side with the selectee on no issues- (I am still trying to figure out the results- he got 34%)
    Tests, before I even have my coffee. hmph
    Oh I am about even on Democrat and Libertarian. Slightly higher for Republican NES would be so – uhm- proud lol.

  3. Jill Stein for the win .

  4. PMM, I did about the same as you. but with a 1% differential between Romney and Paul, Johnson coming in third. About even on Libertarian and Republican, 61% agreement with local and national voters.

  5. Anthony- you are 61% in agreement? I am jealous, I just never fit in. I had 3% difference between Romney and Paul – Johnson was third on my list too.
    Of course I just could not answer straight yes or no on a number of the questions- even though the thing cautioned me it would lower the accuracy of my results. Thinking outside the black/white parameters confuses them lol.

  6. Interesting that my 61% agreement was with fellow New York City residents and the rest of the country. Doesn’t sound so good for The Dog Eater in The Big Apple, does it?

  7. Looks like imustvotefor Jill Stein.

  8. Hmmm, I matched Jill Stein at 84%. That tells me I’m not wasting my vote but rather exercising it. I matched my state at 64%.

  9. PMM- Check your email

  10. No surprise for me, I long ago picked Gary Johnson as my favorite candidate and matched him 86%. Unfortunately he is too genuine a human being to be noticed by TPTB.

    Ron Paul second. Mitt Romney third. Bodiddlysquat 67%.

    I side 71% with Dems and mid 60’s with the other three parties listed. So basically – I am an independent at heart and not towing party line.

    I only sided with Jill Stein on three mundane domestic issues.

    Polls like this are good for issue stance, surely, but it does not help with the BS factor spewed by liars like BO as if we are all unable to notice. We notice your lies barky. They are stinking up the whole country.

  11. Indeed Karen. The BS factor shows Barky holding positions on issues he doesn’t actually hold. Whole lotta lyin’ goin’ on.

  12. Horrid! Arizona man busted in bestiality sting after turning to Craigslist to find dog for sex

    But wait! There’s more!

    A Maricopa County Sheriff’s Office spokesman said authorities there have arrested six people on bestiality-related charges during the past year, while three have been convicted, according to the Tucson Citizen.

    Last week, married Maricopa County couple Shane and Sarah Dae Walker were sentenced to probation after they pled guilty in June to looking for a dog for sex through Craigslist.

  13. myiq, i hope they get their balls chewed off by a german shepard.

  14. Obama’s Craigslist ad:

    Dog wanted. Medium sized, tender and well-marbled.

  15. Aye no rest for the weary. Work half the flippin night and what do I get hit with a darn test !! Sheesh. Well my results are as follows

    Mitt Romney …96 %
    Gary Johnson … 92 %
    Ron Paul………….86%

    Barry Blunderbum 12%

    92 % Republican 82 % libertarian……24% Green… 4 % Democrat.

    Well guess that explains why I have only voted for one democrat in my lifetime and that was because I was so pissed off at the Republican I did not care who got elected so long as the sitting Republican got booted. Kind of like now. I do not care who wins so long as Obama gets the boot.
    I actually agree with Mitt Romney quite a bit more then I thought I did after doing research on him.
    Add to that , Mrs Romney would make a much more classy first lady and Mitt would act the part of a president instead of shaming us as a nation everywhere they go .

  16. I wish they had Hillary on that test. I know most of us would have gotten a very high mark and the choice would have been clear.

  17. Utah, we might disagree on the R vs D thing and have very different scores but we do both match up with smaller government Johnson.

    Clinton/Johnson 2016!

  18. More prayers going out to our FF and her Angel. It is just devastating to go through that. Only comparable to the loss of a family member.

  19. Karen- indeed- it si comparable to the loss of a family member- because our pets are our family. I am not a FuzzyBear but here is a little prayer for FF and her Angel.
    Dear St Francis, who so loved all God’s creatures, our friend Freedom Fairy is sending her Angel over the Rainbow Bridge today. Please meet her on your side and keep her company while she waits for her best friend FF to join her. Bring comfort to our friend who remains here with us and bless her with the knowledge that Angel is grateful, safe and pain free in the Golden Fields of Heaven.
    In love and gratitude we pray.

  20. Gary Johnson 86% of the time (on domestic, economic, science, foreign policy and social issues)
    Mitt Romney 83% of the time (on immigration, economic and environment)
    Ron Paul 78% of the time on (immigration, economic and domestic)
    Barack Obama 61% of the time (on science and social issues)

    I agree with the American voters 53% of the time on Social issues, domestic policy and science)

    I agree with Paul most on immigration issues.
    I agree with Obama most on science issues
    I agree with barack obama on do social issues
    I agree with Gary Jonnson on domestic Policy
    I agree with stewart anderson, whomever the Eff he is, on Healthcare
    I agree with Romney on Environment.

  21. Got up. Looked in mirror. Didn’t know who I was, since I left most of my hair on the cutting room floor yesterday.

  22. LOL myiq, Roseann wasn’t even on my radar. I found out via twitter that, believe it or not, the woman doesn’t grasp satire, which tells me she has no sense of humor and isn’t that bright. Also seriously rude and knee-jerk. She must have had great script writers on Tee Vee.

  23. upps, that is about the only way I can lose weight. Cut my hair now and then and lose half a pound. lol.

  24. Jill Stein for the win .All the way. Yay!!!!!! 🙂

  25. Sending loving prayers FF

  26. There is no redemption:

  27. Freedom Fairy,
    Sending prayers and hugs your way. No matter what people say, it is always difficult saying good-bye to your furry child even when you know it is the right thing to do. Angel will always be special and live on in your heart.

  28. But Obama doesn’t agree with himself on most issues.

  29. upps, that is about the only way I can lose weight. Cut my hair now and then and lose half a pound. lol.


  30. Andrea Mitchell grilling Debbie Wasserman Schultz about the video above right now. Wants to know “Why is POTUS dodging interviews with serious journalists and giving interviews like this instead?”.

    DWS says “its important for him to reach people who will be voting for him in a way that will make it easy to relate to him”

    Hmmmm….. Ok, now that I know he prefers green chiles to red, I’m going to change my support from Romney to Obama. Right.

  31. karen:

    I wish they had Hillary on that test. I know most of us would have gotten a very high mark

    Actually, I probably wouldn’t align as well with Hillary on all of the issues, but I would still vote for her by several orders of magnitude over the others. Big Dawg addressed this last election–would you vote for the one you agree with all of the time who can’t get anything done or would you vote for the one who you agree with 50% of the time who can get things done?

    I am with Hillary more than 50% but am left of her on a number of other issues. But overall, I respect her intelligence, competence, patriotism, and dedication to ordinary people. She has been my first choice since 1992.

  32. What sophie just said. Same here.

  33. Yeah those green chiles are a tie-breaker for me too, Anthony.

  34. Ok friends- I really need some positive energy here. A parish about fifty miles from here posted for a Youth Leader position (paid! imagine that lol) The parish is run by a great priest who used to be our pastor and with whom I first became acquainted when I volunteered at Diocesan Youth events. I just sent the cover letter and resume. Positive thoughts here please- the job does not pay a huge amount of money- nor does it have great benefits- but nonetheless, it would really really mean a great deal to me mentally and spiritually to get this job. Aside from the obvious benefit of being around young people and being able to teach them.
    I know you all will come through with lotsa good energy!

    Here is a link I just LOVED! Say not to Joe!

  35. PMM: I think you’d make a fabulous Youth Leader! Good luck to you!

  36. PMM-
    Just lit a candle with your name on it.

    And, this one’s for you!

  37. well, do you pray for a job with the church? I guess God knows what is in your heart on that one, PMM. I’d say good luck but you have something better than that – good spirit and good karma.

  38. love the crumb and get it story, pmm.

  39. Anthony! ROFL on that ad- too funny! Joe, the R secret weapon!
    Ok, off to take the cake, the apple butter and the pear butter to the fair. BBL

  40. Gary Johnson 96%

  41. Sophie and Foxi, I went back to see what I agree on with Jill Stein and there were tons of differences.

    I disagree with her on the following topics: the stimulus, subsidies to farmers, the UN, Iran threat, tax cuts ending, the debt ceiling, nationalizing banks, workfare, affirmative action, canadian and euro style health care, illegal immigrants, and support of palestine.

    We are total opposites on foreign and most domestic policy and some of her decisions are insane to me. Iran is not a threat, m’okay…???

  42. DE – I need to get a GJ 2016 shirt.

  43. oh and jill stein saying that even able bodied people shouldn’t work at all on welfare and calling it SLAVE LABOR just puts my jaw on the floor.

  44. oh and jill stein saying that even able bodied people shouldn’t work at all on welfare and calling it SLAVE LABOR just puts my jaw on the floor.

    Good to know.

  45. Agree also. I follow her because she’s the only candidate who flat out said she would protect women’s rights. ALL of them. But pretty much her platform doesn’t fit me at all, especially all that touchy feely green stuff. I did like how she literally NAILED what’s going on with our political system that is designed to ignore the people…and that Romney is a wolf in wolf’s clothing and Obama is a wolf in sheep’s clothing. But honestly she’s way to left for me.

    Slaves didn’t get paid. They were owned. Welfare people get frebees which I see nothing wrong with them working for especially if it lands them a job that gets them off welfare.

  46. Mom would whip those little brats into shape. Lay off the birth control though! heh.

  47. Talk about slave wages, let’s hear it for the Catholic Church. I taught my first year in a Catholic school to get my certs and the pay was absolutely pathetic.

  48. But Obama doesn’t agree with himself on most issues.


    Perhaps we should have the candidates take the quiz.

  49. Obama did not figure prominently in my results. He was down with Jill. Rosanne did not even show up on my page.

    The first time I took the quiz I used the “other” option to put in my own responses to many questions and came out rather even between Rep/Dem/Lib (not so much Green). As to candidates,Obama ranked fourth (I was with Mom on the top three). Was only 38% with Virginia.

    The I took it on another computer using just Yes or No. Obama fell down to the bottom of the hill with Jill. Was 67% with Virginia and leaning more toward Libertarian and less toward Dem and about the same for Rep. Green went missing.

    Now I get to go home and see how I stack up versus Maryland. That should be fun.

  50. I did not see roseanne on mine either Mt Laurel. Maybe I should try taking the quiz using just the yes or no buttons.

  51. Had an email in my inbox – supposedly from Donna Brazilnut. Titled “You Deserve This”
    I left it alone for a while, wondering if it was some trick and it was going to blow up my computer when I opened it. I finally got up the nerve and of course it was another begging letter. For $3 I can be entered to WIN a trip to the convention! If I win I will get a VIP pass! And get to sit in Michelle’s box!
    Here is my reply

    I’m sorry. Is this from the same Donna Brazile who stated in 2008 that she would resign if the super delegates decided the nominee? Still waiting on that resignation.
    I am one of the voters you said you did not need anymore. You remember us? The Old Coalition?
    I would not send you a dime if I had as much money as George Soros.

  52. Uppityites!!! I’ve been wondering about this for weeks. A friend just sent me this. Click on the link and scroll down the the post that says Blind Gossip 8/16 (almost at the bottom):

    Whatcha think?

  53. The person who sent me that link is huge in the entertainment biz. I can’t say who it is becuz I gave my word I wouldn’t, but this person believes this.

  54. Upps, if you think that link shouldn’t be on here, or if it will cause a ruckus or something, feel free to remove it, I wouldn’t take offense.

  55. Yahoo headline: “Obama to Romney: Release 5 years of tax returns, and we’ll shut up.”

    He’s just a schoolyard bully, isn’t he? How about he release his college records, his dissertation papers, and all that crap?

    While not a fan of Romney, I’d be all for him telling Barky to go stuff it somewhere, especially after this tactic.

    As it is, Barky’s more concerned with the ruling in Russia over the “hooliganism” (hahahahahaha) than with this country. *facepalm*

  56. He should tell him to release all his college records and they’ll be even.

  57. See, now there would be the perfect way to put a stop to this: Romney should say, “I’ll show you mine if you show me yours.” But Romney won’t because he clearly does not want to release those records just the same as Obama doesn’t want to release his.

    One coward trying to outdo the other. You fellas go right on impressing the world with our transparent Democracy…

  58. I think they should both release their records. I don’t think that becuz bark has hidden so much stuff, that Romney should get a free pass. I think Romneys financials are very unsavory; why stash so much $ in the Caymans or Switzerland? If all of his dealings are on the up and up, why not release them?

  59. So what do you guys think about my link? Do you think its fake?

  60. You want the truth? I don’t put stock in pages that use bigger bold black letters and lots of shocking red. Reminds me of those Rapture pages all those preachers put out for money. I think it’s obviously a tabloid rehash page talking about tabliod rumors. They are snatching gossip from places like Star magazine. So “Rehash” is a good word for it, there’s nothing there about Obama or Biden that is exactly an exclusive or exactly new, it’s just a rumor just like it was a rumor in other places. I kind of wouldn’t look to these writers for any great revelations, it looks like Hit and Miss stuff. You throw enough against the wall and maybe some sticks, and then take credit if it does. We’ve heard this rumor all over the place, so no cigar for this writer. It’s probably some person in the basement in PJs who reads all the tabloids and puts a page together instead of going and looking for a job. Just kidding. Well not really. I’m kind of surprised you think they would have some inside information.

  61. who the hell is Gary Johnson? That’s who I sided with(89%) Jill Stein came in next at 86%

  62. I’m still voting Rocky though

  63. Remember the passport files incident in 2008? The one that looked staged so that Obama could pull his own passport file and purge it? The one where the two employees who breached the files of the candidates worked for Obama’s consultant John O Brennan, who is now his official security advisor. There was something there and it all flew under Pravda’s radar. Delibearately. Therea are no more Bernsteins and Woodwards anymore.
    For my money, I would have loved to see what was in Obama’s file that was important enough to perpetrate this breach scam.

  64. Well, yeah, my friend obviously wants to believe it. I don’t know what to think, and don’t know anything about the website, whether or not they are reliable, which is why i told you to feel free to take it down if you want.

  65. I would love to know the truth of that passport imbroglio. Very fishy business.

  66. Ha! Ron Paul & Gary Johnson. But since I don’t for people who aren’t running, or third parties, I’m going with my third closest: Mitt Romney at 88%.

  67. Well, so , but , anyways, I was at Target today and what do I see? Vernors 12 packs: 3 for $11.00. So I pick up 4-12 packs for a certain somebody who was bitching and moaning for 2 hours on the phone today. Now I have to lug these to the 5 floor (top floor) of my building. Then I have to carefully package them. Then I have to lug the huge box down 5 floors. Them I have to drive to UPS and ship them. I’m thinking these 12 packs just went up in price. Say $50 per 12?

  68. Anthony- thanks for the tip on the V2 cigs. I’ll order those tonight. Upps told me about your email.

  69. stonelioness- ROFL! Hey- YOU at least know Uppity in person. So what’s five floors between friends.
    Never hear of Vernor’s. And we have no Targets around here except the ones for practicing archery and shooting.

  70. PMM- I don’t know if knowing Upps is a blessing or a curse. LOL
    Vernors is a ginger ale from the late 1800s made exclusively in Michigan. I sent her some years ago and now I’m her dealer. I’ll gladly send you some too if you want to try it. It’s not like Canada Dry or Schwepps at all.

  71. Anthony- thanks for the tip on the V2 cigs.

    You’re welcome, Stonelioness. Get the assorted cartridges if you’re not sure which type you might like. I’m partial to Reds, Sahara and Vanilla, but was surprised that some others I thought I would hate were pretty good (like Cola, if you can believe that)

  72. Anthony- Cola does sound odd but I can see where it might taste good. Is Red the regular tobacco flavor? A variety pack might be the way to go, just starting out like I am.

  73. PMM- funny Target story. I do like to target shoot. And I could say some really non-politically correct things right now about the city I live in.

  74. stonelioness – Red is like Marlobro, Sahara is like American Spirit yellow, cola is strangely vanilla-ish, but he Vanilla is right on the money if you can believe that. Mint and menthol are exactly like they sound and pretty good as well. Some of the other novelty flavors had me scrubbing my tongue with brillo. I started with full strength, then ordered medium. I like having both on hand after about a year, and each cartridge is equal to about 2 packs of cigarettes, which translates to $26 in NYC

    The amazing thing is there is the same feeling as smoking a real cigarette insofar as what they describe as a “throat hit” (and I’m at a loss to articulate further), and you can blow smoke rings if you like. This might sound nuts to non-smokers, but every ritual of smoking is addressed and satisfied which makes them superior to patches (too hard to keep lit) or nicotine gum. Best part? I didn’t gain an ounce, which was a concern. Still fit into those 29 in waist Levis….

  75. LOl Stonelioness. I spent some time in Winchester KY a few years ago and there was some local thing called I think Ale-8. They told me it was “like gingerale”
    SURE it was. Ale- 8- the firewater of gingerales.
    I will have to check this Vernors stuff out- but no need for you to send any- thanks for offering.

  76. Sending good vibes to you smokers! Good luck kids!

  77. Jesus Anthony! ROFLMAO! It’s a good thing I don’t drink while reading this blog or this computer would be a goner. “Patches- too hard to keep lit” HAHAHAHAHAHA!
    As for those 29 waist Levis- I recently lost enough weight that I am back in my 29 in waist Wranglers. A few more pounds and I will be on a serious hunt for what used to be boys size 18. I don’t even know if they make those anymore lol.

  78. Pretty good Anthony, my 18 yo wears 29 levis.

  79. Some of the other novelty flavors had me scrubbing my tongue with brillo

    LOL Anthony. I know exactly what you’re talking about with the “throat hit” and the rituals. I really appreciate your advice. I’m smoking WAY too much. I’m up to a pack a day. I hate it. But I’m beginning to think what “they” say: quitting smoking is as difficult as kicking heroin. Not that I know what kicking heroin is like, but you catch my drift.

  80. Wow. Good for you PMM. I lost 26 lbs.last summer. But it wasn’t because I was trying. All my jeans are baggy and I have to wear a belt. I’m having a hard time finding jeans that fit. Any recommendations? A particular brand you like?

  81. Stonelioness- same here- I went from 145 in 2010 to 127 now., and I was not trying either. I have always worn Wrangler’s, mens. Never could find a woman’s jeans that fit. (No hips, no ass) I used to wear Levi’s too. I like the way the men’s jeans fit- easy and comfy. And far far less expensive than women’s. Give the Wranglers a shot- they have classic fit, relaxed fit, straight cut, boot cut- lots of options. And they last forever!

  82. Last word on smoking (promise) – with electronic cigs, there is no tar or any other carcinogenic substances entering your lungs. Its nicotine suspended in water vapor, which is as toxic as your morning coffee or tea. Because the nicotine habit is not interrupted, its an easy transition.

    Being nuts and obsessive by nature, I actually counted the number of puffs I smoked on a real cigarette (betw 13-15). I then counted the number of drags on an electronic device I took to feel satisfied (around 5-7). That meant that as long as the thing was lit, I would smoke more than I really wanted.

    Decreasing the nicotine percentage is easy. They even have “zero” nicotine cartridges in the event you enjoy the manual ritual and the taste. Because it addresses every single aspect of smoking a “real” cigarette, kicking the habit becomes so much easier.

    Good luck – its easier than you think

  83. Thanks Socalannie. I need all the good vibes I can get. My 27 year old son wears 33 waist and he’s 6’2″ and as skinny as a bean pole.

  84. I love your advice Anthony. I’m excited to try these now! Everything you’ve said makes perfect sense. Thanks!

    PMM- I don’t know why it didn’t occur to me to try men’s jeans. I’m 5’9″ and used to weigh 166. Now I’m 139. I have skinny legs which I inherited from my mom. And I really have no waist to speak of. I had to find a size to fit my waist and then the legs were so big they would fit around a tree trunk. The manufacturers of women’s clothing suck.

  85. PMM- I don’t know if knowing Upps is a blessing or a curse

    You know I’m a blessing. Why else would you keep me in Vernors?

  86. I’m standing by to go with someone to steal a cat. So if i disappear you know what I’m doing. If I am not back, you’ll know we got caught.. lol.

  87. I would love to know the truth of that passport imbroglio. Very fishy business.

    To say the least. But I’m sure it’s too late. I’m sure they purged that file, after all, that was mostl likely the whole purpose of the sham. Of course, in the days when we had a REAL press……..oh Nevermind.

  88. If I am not back, you’ll know we got caught.. lol.

    I have bail money. See below:

  89. PUBLIC URINATION: 300 blk Second Av. Report of 3 M’s urinating in public. 1 M has a gotee, dark clothing. 2nd M is in white denim shorts, 3rd M is in a business suit, nothing further

    This is from the police scanner. There is a massive car show going on there. People from all over the country come. I had to laugh at the descriptions. This is from facebook and every single entry has so many grammar errors and misspellings that I have to roll my eyes.

  90. Stonelioness- 5’9″! I am SO J! I am a measly 5’5″- so the 145 was really way heavier than I should ever be. I would love to get back to the 120 I weighed before child number 2.
    Part of the reason I went to men’s jeans was the fit of the leg. The women’s jeans- pffft. If they fit in the waist, the leg was too short or too tight or too loose and they never fit my butt- way too much material sagging around back there or so tight they threatened to split me in two. Men’s jeans are nice and comfy all around. With enough fit and cut options that I can always find something that fits. I have a pair I bought in 2006 that I would just now be cutting down for shorts if I had not lost so much weight. And believe me, I WEAR my jeans. My every day uniform- jeans and a t-shirt. I garden, I take care of the various animals, clean, walk, pick berries- and the Wranglers just keep on going. Eventually the knees do give out- but then I cut them down for shorts- and get another 5 yrs out of them.

  91. Silly Uppity- take Needlenose. If you get caught, give the cat to her. Who is going to argue with Needlenose or try to get the cat away from her?

  92. Hell PMM – I teach at a major university and I wear jeans damn near everyday. I totally agree with the leg length too. Mediums are too short and Longs are too long. Every jean I’ve tried though never fits me in the legs. I’m going to go try on some mens jeans tomorrow. I guess I just have a weird body. Plus I have long arms. It’s hard to find a shirt/blouse that are long enough in the arms.

  93. 2nd M is in white denim shorts

    Hmm… white denim shorts. Why do I think there’s more going on there than meets the scanner?

    I know this how? I have a pair of white denim shorts.

  94. lmao Anthony. Yes the white shorts, the goatee, and the business suit had me cracking up. Just a weird combination. Public urination my eye. lol

  95. sounds like one hell of a 3-way got interrupted.

  96. Do you think they were crossing streams?

  97. Big time. The suit gave it away.

  98. Thanks a lot Anthony. Now I have to wipe the beer off my laptop.

  99. THe guy in the suit’s wife probably will kill him in his sleep.

  100. Do you think they were crossing streams?


  101. Somebody did a Pass The Zucchini to me today Found two of them behind my door. And two cukes too. Time of a BIG frittata. And some of these:

    for those of you who have never heard of smitten kitchen, this person is one freaking good cook and has won cooking blog awards.

  102. How did the catnapping go sis?

  103. I’m supposed to go with Ron Paul, even though I can’t stand the guy.

  104. Hmm…I was with Jill Stein 90% on Johnson 84% and Obie 80%.

    I was with 56% of Alabama voters! 😯 and 59% of American voters. 90% aligned with the Dems (no surprise) 84% Green, 67% Libertarian and 41% Repubs.

    The sad thing imo, the 90% aligned with Dems is with what they *should* be, not just what they say they are.

  105. Oh they pulled it off without me, and the cat will be just fine. One of the rescue people just got so pissed off, she just went and put him in her car. lol. Said he just practically hopped in himself. lolol. He’ll be looking a lot better in a few days. He was very badly cared for, appears to have a flea allergy, was wearing a mangy collar, and is probably anemic if not close to anemic from his infestation. He’s underweight but that will be fixed too. Some people should not have pets. Tomorrow these people will wake up and not have one anymore. To hell with this shit. We stole him. Beautiful longhair, might be a Maine Coon mix, matted to all hell too. He’s with a really good foster person and we probably won’t recognize him in a week. He’ll be easy to place. You can tell he’s a beautiful cat under all that mess. He won’t be spending his life huddled under a front porch with food the flies were sharing any longer either. Sanctuary vet will check him out and hopefully he hasn’t contracted anything out there.

    And none of us is in jail. It’s a good day.

  106. I’m going to “borrow” this thing Upps and use it over at TW.

  107. Good job Upps. Thanks for the update.

  108. Go for it Fredster. You know you are always welcome to take anything I have except my body, which you don’t want anyways. xo.

  109. congrats on another successful cat nap caper. You should wear a cat-woman super hero outfit.

  110. lakerwade would love that abt the cat. He comes home tomorrow! Yay! btw, he didn’t answer mkb yet, cuz he’s been out of town. The tuxie he was talking abt belongs to one of our neighbors, who lets the cat run loose. its a little skinny and scruffy looking also. laker bought some food and feeds it, also our next door neighbor. Its been over here a couple of times looking for laker, but I fed it. My next door neighbor thinks its way too dangerous for cats to be let out here on this hill. Way too many critters, coyotes, etc.

  111. Cat rescuing and snatching works really well when you have a whole team of people. We’re spread out all over the city, and we never have to worry about where we will put a cat, since everybody fosters up to two cats at a time. The trick is to make sure you can give up the cats to homes, because if you can’t you could end up with a house full and on TV. lol. It’s also smart to have a setup where you can foster without bringing them in contact with your own pets. I have a basement room set up, it’s an old kitchen. I have blankeys and cat beds and things so they are comfy and safe, but I rarely take in the tame ones. I do some rehab work with semi ferals. I’m pretty good at it too. It gives them a chance when otherwise they would be euthanized or die on the streets.

  112. You know you are always welcome to take anything I have except my body, which you don’t want anyways. xo.


    What was interesting about that thing was when I expanded the choices it landed me more with B.O., yet when I went with the answers provided it aligned me more with Stein. Go figuah.

  113. I have an uncle that used to do pet rescues. Then he would collect the reward for “finding” them.

    He’s up for parole soon.

  114. Who the hell is Jimmy McMillan? I guess I better find out- I matched up with him 77%, then Jill Stein, then Ron Paul, then BO, then Mittens. This is scary, since I’m likely voting for Willard.

  115. Jimmy’s theme: The Rent is Too Damn High!!

  116. Nitt didn’t even come up in my list, but that doesn’t trouble me in the least, becuz I would never vote for anyone that has opposite values of my own.

  117. Well, I was hoping for a moderate option, but I’m afraid there is none. I just cannot countenance BO. Too bad Willard didn’t pick a lunatic postal worker from Brooklyn like Jimmy to balance the ticket instead of ole blue eyes, Mr “Intellectual” Ryan, who terrifies me.

  118. We notice your lies barky. They are stinking up the whole country.

    Few say it as well as Karen!

  119. Woof woof, myiq. Loved the Obama ad.

  120. Yeah, Mom for Youth Leader! Keep the purple whip with you at all times.

  121. Johnson — 99

    Romney — 82

    Obama — 34

  122. For PMM: May old acquaintances be remembered … May your wildest dreams come true….

  123. LOL myiq, you sure that wasn’t you doing that?

    A few times I have told someone they might consider turning their cat over or I might consider reporting them to animal control. You’d be surrised how they are relieved to have someone take the cat. I can’t really assess this latest thing as I wasn’t there, but when a cat is in that condition, it’s just handing around, hoping and is pretty much abandoned. For all we know, he might not even have lived at that house and just took up under the porch and someone was tossing him food that rots fast in the heat. In any event, things seemed bad enough for him for someone to say something. If animal conttrol gets involved it’s always a fiasco and the cat or dog always ends up stored away in some crate and often terrified and then euthanized. The system might sometimes go after people but the pets don’t always get any better consideration. I’m not a humane society fan, either. I’m not any kill shelter fan unless the animal is very ill or badly injured. If it’s a caseof physical abuse, then the people deserve to have the law descend upon them with a vengence. To me, if a cat is wandering the street, living under porches, etc. it’s a stray, period. I’d rather see them saved before winter comes. I’ve seen animals in brutal condition in winter and it’s very sad. But the shelters are alway crammed in summer and can’t take anymore, which puts them in danger of not having a chance. We have a great no kill sanctuary that is very helpful but they are crammed too. Much of this could be easily avoided by neutering and spaying and our community offers a practically free way to do it. I have no idea why people don’t take advantage of that, and the truth is, some are just too out of touch to even know the program exists. And some just think it’s not “right” to fix a cat, which is a sign of complete macho ignorance. They liken it to losing their own cojones. Morons.

  124. Considering how well Johnson is doing in that quiz, makes you wonder even more about how these two parties are forcing themselves on America and how resentful America reallly is to have only their horrid picks as their only ‘winning’choices. Makes me sick. Bleck.

  125. I was watching something else on youtube and this was one of the viewing options at the end. This is why bubba is the Big Dawg and why we see obama as a little puny runt of the litter. Damn fine Prez.

  126. Surprisingly, I side with Romeny. I thought I was more libetarian than that.

    I know this is off topic, but I’m white, straight, 54 years old, neurotic and depressed. Do you think your mother would consider adopting me?

  127. Uppity I was so pissed that they wouldn’t let him even into the debates. He was polling higher than some of the other candidates – Bachmann, etc. and the media had no room for him among their darlings. He is not as headline grabbing as the Pizza Man was or as sanitary and sound bite worthy as Santorum.

  128. well, backwoods, you call yourself a redneck and that makes me think you fit Red Country territory and Mittens best.

    Uppity only saves cats and dogs and occasional stray penguins.

  129. backwoods, my mother is in a better place. However, I myself only adopt beings with four legs. everybody else is just too much work.

  130. Karen, yeah, funny how they didn’t give any attention to a guy people actually can identify with….

  131. I remember the Big Dawg interview. The Vile Progs focused on his socks and claimed he “lost it.”

  132. RIP Freedom Fairy’s sweet Angel. h/t DE, bless your heart.

  133. Uppity only saves cats and dogs and occasional stray penguins.

    I guess you never heard about her little truck stop/amusement park/petting zoo enterprise. Jumping through flaming hoops 5 times a day for your dinner is no fun.

  134. Oswald, are you slave labor? Oh my, don’t make me feel sorry for you. This is a trick, right?

    Angel is an angel. What a sweet friend she was. Kindness and love in that face. So sorry for you, dear FF.

    Upps, when they let him into one of the debates, after he wasn’t in a few of them and still was polling higher than Rick the prick Sanatarium, he had the line of the year – “my next-door neighbor’s two dogs have created more shovel ready jobs than this administration.”

    I am soon headed out the door to the Philly folk fest for just one day. Too many people to make a weekend out of it. Several good bands on the main stage tonight. Weather is nice. I love summer!

    will bring back BBQ for everybody… if I don’t finish it in the car on the way home…

  135. FF, so sorry about Angel. To PMM’s prayer at 11:01 AM, I say Amen.

  136. Oswald, are you slave labor?

    Not anymore.

  137. Oswald, you’re lucky we didn’t execute you at the Penguin Penal Colony, so stop yer griping. You got a good deal with Myiq, considering he’s crazy enough to keep you. Nobody else would take you. Do you realize how thrilled I and everybody else at the colony was on the day Myiq won a penguin?

  138. will bring back BBQ for everybody… if I don’t finish it in the car on the way home

    Not hard to guess how this will turn out.

  139. Freedom Fairy, I am so sorry about your Angel. From the picture, she looks so very sweet.

  140. OMG! Myiq has a post up about a memorial marker placed at the site of where POTUS and FLOTUS had their first kiss in Chicago!!!

  141. OMG! I side with Ron Paul! 😯

    Candidates you side with…
    Ron Paul …97% on economic, healthcare, domestic policy, foreign policy, social, immigration, and environmental issues
    Gary Johnson … 95% on economic, domestic policy, healthcare, foreign policy, environmental, and social issues
    Mitt Romney … 95% on healthcare, economic, science, domestic policy, social, immigration, and environmental issues
    Barack Obama … 6% on foreign policy issues
    Pennsylvania Voters …52% on domestic policy, economic, and foreign policy issues.
    American Voters …53% on domestic policy, economic, and foreign policy issues.

  142. But Obama doesn’t agree with himself on most issues.

    That is because he is two faced. 😆 😆

  143. Votermom, most people who are to the right have Paul in there somewhere.

  144. I tell you this, I agree with any candidate on putting the brakes on illegal immigration. Without blinking an eye.

  145. I might have been able to force myself to vote for Romney if he had picked a more moderate VP. But his choice has told me he doesn’t need my vote, so he shall not get it. I don’t mind staying home on election day this time one bit.

  146. It’s amazing to me because just 4 years ago I was a single-payer, alternative-energy, common-good true believer.
    Now I’m a “keep your damned hands off my money, you crook!” voter.

  147. Well me too, but there are several other issues that are just as important to me, perhaps more important to me, and I am not going to see women and old people hobbled with my help.

  148. votermon: Problem is, there’s no one running in a major party for single-payer, alternative-energy, common-good true believers.

    And the problem with keep your damned hands off my money, you crook! is that it applies to both.

    I’m lucky I have a little kitty to help me cope. I don’t know what other people are doing.

  149. Well at home I landed in the DC group for the “I side With” quiz. Evidently that is how the site reads my ISP.

    They have results by feeder site (for the majors – nothing for our own little Uppityville) and AOL/Huffy respondents have BO in fourth place.

    I think one of the items that is putting the Libertarian/Johnson so high on my radar is the get the heck out of the UN stance.

  150. FF
    So sorry to hear about Angel. My brother’s family just lost one of their kitties yesterday and it’s been very hard on everyone. Those of us who view our companion animals as part of the household understand this is a tough loss.

  151. Sophie, and votermom, both right on the problems. It’s a bummer.

  152. Good news on the kitty front. Twice. First, we found a WONDERFUL home for the white older kitten we picked up some weeks ago. With a couple in their late sixties, always a wonderful fit with a lovable kitty like she is. She’ll be an only cat and spoiled rotten. And dammit, she deserves it. It’s the aunt and uncle of one of the rescue people, so we cheated. She deserves it. She has a remarkably endearing personality.

    On the shagnasty that was picked up last night: he’s been bathed and trimmed and it appears that he is already neutered at least. Nobody could tell when he got picked up with all those mats. He has some irritation around his neck that suggests someone cut an embedded collar off of him in the recent past. Bless the heart of whomever did that, it probably saved him some real pain and infection. So he’s on some antibiotics to make sure there’s no infection brewing. He’s been in the dirt for a long time, and they had to bath him twice. He’s been de-fleaed, de-mited and dewormed (I call it the De-lousing combo). I’m told he currently smells like a French Hooker. lol. From teeth and things, he looks to be roughly a year old. He has settled in with foster and has his vet appt for monday. He has already claimed a ten year old girl as his Own, so he’s a happy boy. And ravenously hungry. Because he’s neutered and appears to have a collar irritation, it’s possible he just got to be too much ‘trouble’ for his owners, or….he never lived where he was to begin with and has been lost for awhile and ‘grew into’ his collar, which is always a bummer. So some feelers will go out to see if anybody called local shelters looking for him in past months, if anybody can remember, which I doubt. Usually when they get a collar wound it’s because they’ve been on the street for awhile since before they were fully grown.

    Over and out.

  153. On the Hillary Veep speculation, State Department spokesman Philippe Reines says:

    “This did not happen
    “They did not have lunch
    “They did not have any meal
    “They did not meet this month
    “They did not meet last month
    “They did not meet in 2012
    “They did not meet in 2011, 2010, 2009
    “This is not happening
    “Truth is that Ed Klein is an idiot with not a shred of credibility
    “Truth is that Ed Klein’s motto is ‘If at first you don’t succeed, lie lie again.'”

  154. She does not like him here or there
    she does not like him anywhere….

  155. She will give this lunch a pass
    She will not save Obama’s ass

  156. HAHAHAH I love you guys.

  157. Klein said his sources told him that Hillary Clinton is looking for a rest from politics before getting back in the fray. “She clearly is exhausted. She needs to lose weight and get her energy back for a four-year slog.”

    Fuck you Klein, you sexist pig. Hillary’s weight isn’t a problem like your fugly face is. How are you gonna lose that, Asshole?

  158. Totally excellent votermom and imust! I love it!

  159. Where is utahwoman? I’ve been working like a dog all day in the kitchen, putting by a ton of food: fried eggplant, peppers, dried tomatoes, tomatillos, cukes, broccoli, beets, many kinds of greens, corn, you name it! The freezer is damn near full and I didn’t even get my San Marzanos yet!

  160. ……..Just about to sit down to some ribs.

  161. Where is Utah ????? Between taking a idiots shift at work on my day off I am in the kitchen too. I canned pickles, more pickled beets, green tomato pickles, Pressure canned split pea and ham soup, chicken noodle soup , and some more peaches. I am beat. Biscuits and gravy for supper tonight.
    Will be canning stew, corned beef hash, and some more of my spaghetti sauce this week. I hate all that store bought canned crap so put up my own. Made some gingered carrots too and put them up ( what I did not scarf down lol)
    Did you get that corned beef done Sophie ?
    I have cabbages as big as basketballs in the garden thinking about stinking up the garage making sauerkraut. Will make some stuffed cabbage rolls and freeze them and maybe put the rest into Kraut and then mix it with homemade applesauce and can it.
    Nothing more rewarding then to go down to your basement after work and grab a jar of homemade something or other and enjoy a meal. I know what is in it, and it is flavored the way I like it.
    Damn these companies like Best foods or Helmans depending on which side of the mountains you live on for going to plastic jars. Darn cheap suckers did they catch on I used to save them ????

  162. Utah, couldn’t agree more about Nothing more rewarding then to go down to your basement after work and grab a jar of homemade something or other and enjoy a meal. And knowing what’s in it! I don’t buy any prepared foods except bread. I eat local year round so I put away a lot of the bounty this time of year. I don’t put away many complete meals–mostly ingredients. I did make pickled jalapenos, bread & butter zucchini pickles, pickled beets with ginger, and pickled some salad turnips. I also have dill pickles and sauerkraut fermenting in crocks. Right now I have some cayennes and stuff simmering and that will be a hot sauce. The rest of the cayennes will get dried and so will a ton of garlic. My legs are so tired right now and I have miles to go.

    I did not get to the corned beef yet since the produce started coming in.

  163. My friends. The next time you have a problem, see this video again. He battled leukemia most of his life and had a relapse five years ago. He documented his journey on youtube and here is his last “confession”. See it to the end. Please. And put things in perspective.

  164. Of course I wanted to know more:

  165. Jill Stein, Then Gary Johnson. Wow. Last on the list were O & R. How about that? Hugs. ps: FF, my thoughts are with you. Taking that test — I didn’t really want to, but glad I did, and glad I got Stein.

  166. I took the test – Paul then Romney.

    Uppity, the Eric you tube does put things in perspective.

  167. Did anyone get obama as their best match?


  168. I was so good at the fest. I didn’t blow my diet to hell like I did at the last two festivals.

    You guys cooking, canning, and freezing all the summer foods are very wise to do so. The prices are going to go up and the quality is going to be down due to the drought.

  169. Bah ha Sophie you ought to see the main room ( 2nd living room) in my basement. I have 4 five foot tall dill plants hanging from a clothes line drying. Mint, sage, thyme, rosemary, garlic, basil, pineapple mint, chives, and have to say there is no air freshener better then what is going on down there lol. I have enough to stock a grocery store lol.

  170. But I love me my spices and freezing some and drying some is good. Never have enough spices. Do not understand eating bland food unless you have to due to ailments.

  171. karen, I hope you bought me another hammock since you went to another music fest! When I come, I want to see a hammock between every two trees! lol

  172. Well. At a certain level, I’m somewhat shocked at my results. On the other hand, that un-democratic party that I used to consider myself more closely aligned with can count on me replying to its emails with:

    “You want my support for the Mortician of your Dead Party Walking? Not in 2008, not in 2012. Obama makes Romney look like the real second coming. Imagine that? Still no Hillary, so I’ll have to settle for Romney.”

    I won’t post percentages – cause I’m taking the position that it’s too close to call, but in this order:

    Mitt Romney
    Ron Paul
    Gary Johnson
    My state? 45%. No surprise there.

    I understand why. Tragic.

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