Rep. Todd Akin (R-Ignoramus).

Do you see this moron?

Here is what this moron said.

Rep. Todd Akin, the Republican nominee for Senate in Missouri who is running against Sen. Claire McCaskill, justified his opposition to abortion rights even in case of rape with a claim that victims of “legitimate rape” have unnamed biological defenses that prevent pregnancy.

“First of all, from what I understand from doctors [pregnancy from rape] is really rare,” Akin told KTVI-TV in an interview posted Sunday. “If it’s a legitimate rape, the female body has ways to try to shut that whole thing down.”

………..and you expect me to take this party seriously? And trust them with my life and my rights as a human being?

You’re kidding, right? Tell me you’re kidding.

And please do not tell me this creature is the exception to the rule. He’s the rule.

Here’s the Horse’s Ass Mainsplainin’ and trying to fluff off what he said on his Facebook page while responders shove pithforks up his  sorry ass.


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  1. Your tweet: Epic!
    And already a woman is defending him. 😦

  2. Well they do have their Stepford Wives, Bedelia.

  3. 1823 medical jurisprudence textbook Todd Akin reads.

    “For (he says) a woman cannot conceive unless she doth consent”.

  4. Apparently to any dude, sticking a dick inside a woman is consent! /sarcasm

  5. He is either out of his mind and this escaped notice — or Republicans want to lose. This sounds like something a six year old would say. And not a smart one at that.

  6. It’s Loesch that’s defending him Bedelia. Same person who said women didn’t mind getting something invasive put in them that got them pregnant so why should they mind an invasive vagina ultrasound? What can you expect?

  7. Yeah……… 😦

  8. Fire or drowning.
    We. are. so. screwed.
    Though I am, thanks be, well past having to worry about pregnancy, birth control or abortions (though given the news rape is still not out of the question- provided he/it can get by the pets lol) it worries me that the young women of child bearing age AND their daughters have never known a time when an unwanted pregnancy was something they could be forced to endure.
    It is entirely possible, imho, that we can go from illegal, to legal, to illegal again all in my lifetime. These young women need to WAKE UP! We can talk until we are blue in the face about how it was when we were young- and they just don’t seem to get it. Half of them would not believe that there was NO SUCH thing as a birth control pill just a generation ago.
    Freedom is not free, you have to fight for it all the time. Complacency is the father of evil.

  9. Oh- present company excepted of course Bedelia.

  10. His ‘macaca’ moment. Idjit

  11. Akin Mainsplains on Facebook while responders shove pitchforks up his ass.

  12. macaca indeed…..he’s in deep macaca!

  13. Some great tweets splaining how a woman’s body fights off a rapists impregnating sperm:

    –Magical Vagina Death Venom

    –Magical Rape Repellent

    –Women’s bodies are able to see the tiny little ski masks worn by rapey sperm.” ~ Which triggers the ninja cells in defense!

  14. I’m not sure he’s in trouble. Anybody who would put him in office to begin with will vote for him again. it’s Missouri folks.

  15. “Keep your long snotty nose out of our lady parts”

    Wins the prize.

  16. Well, from what I understand, we women have unnamed biological defenses that prevent us from voting for misogynistic morons.

  17. Yes and now we know we have that automatic penis disintegrator too.

  18. In the end it all comes down to control issues. They can’t control their dicks so they want to control our wombs.
    I have news for deh boyz. Abortion has been around as long as women have had to deal with unwanted, ill timed or unplanned pregnancy. Period. No law is going to stop it. Not then, not now, not ever.

    And for some trivia- the “church” had no opinion on abortion, until after Christianity had become the official religion of the Roman Empire. Seems the “upper class” wealthy Romans were not breeding fast enough to suit the Emperor. HE is the one who got the church involved in declaring it a sin.

  19. Mine looks just like a Glock 19.

  20. Oh I believe it, Mom. Ditto for birth control.

    Now they use it for their own empire. Make lots and lots of little congregants.

  21. No surprise Dana Loesch is defending shit-for-brains. I’m glad he’s taking a beating in the comments, but it somehow doesn’t seem like enough.

  22. Well maybe somebody will “legitmately” rape him and he can let us know how it feels.

  23. As for Loesch, what can you expect from someone who would say this about Transvaginal ultrasounds.

    They had no problem having something similar to a trans vagina procedure when they engaged in the activity that resulted in their pregnancy.

    Asshole looking to make the bucks by throwing her own gender into the fires. I wouldn’t spit on a woman like that if she were on fire.

  24. Too bad Todd’s mother didn’t have oral sex instead.

  25. mccaskill should pay him for this gift.

  26. Wow. Just wow. This is the stupidest thing said by a politician all year… and that’s saying something.

  27. JWS, if you don’t tweet that, I will!

  28. John, hey we need these morons. Where else would we get our material?

  29. From Think Progress:

    Last year, Akin joined with GOP vice presidential candidate Rep. Paul Ryan (R-WI) as two of the original co-sponsors of the “No Taxpayer Funding for Abortion Act,” a bill which, among other things, introduced the country to the bizarre term “forcible rape.”

  30. Buddies! Cool! I just KNEW Paul Ryan is my kinda guy!

  31. His view better start “Evolving” ala Barack.
    Seen the cover on Newsweek?

  32. He doesn’t believe in evolution either. That’s because it never reached him.

  33. Let’s see the cover, Dood.

  34. Holllllllllyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyy Shitttttttttttttttt.

  35. Hope Newsweek is squared away with the IRS. Niall Ferguson sure isn’t after that title.

  36. Don’t know if you follow any Drag Racing but Erica Enders won her third race of the year.
    She and Courtney Force won at the previous track. Kicking the boys butts.

  37. I wish I could have seen Chris Matthews’ face when he saw that Newsweek cover.

  38. I love when that happens. They will probably test them for drugs because it is simply not possible they could beat men.

  39. I wouldn’t vote for Claire if I lived there either after she spent the entire year of 2008 giving barky ass kisses all day, every day. She was one of his main surrogates at some points in his campaign.

    This man is the new poster child for the Republican Wimmenz Panties Obsessed Party. This guy is as dumb as the Guam island tipping guy.

  40. AHahaha! I forgot about the tipping Island. ROFL!

  41. Newsweek! Holy Chit is right. Stunning. Can’t wait to read it.

    LMFAO and ROFL.

  42. Maybe Matthews finally had the Big One, votermom.

  43. From that Niall Ferguson article:

    On paper it looked like an economics dream team: Larry Summers, Christina Romer, and Austan Goolsbee, not to mention Peter Orszag, Tim Geithner, and Paul Volcker. The inside story, however, is that the president was wholly unable to manage the mighty brains—and egos—he had assembled to advise him.

    According to Ron Suskind’s book Confidence Men, Summers told Orszag over dinner in May 2009: “You know, Peter, we’re really home alone … I mean it. We’re home alone. There’s no adult in charge. Clinton would never have made these mistakes [of indecisiveness on key economic issues].” On issue after issue, according to Suskind, Summers overruled the president. “You can’t just march in and make that argument and then have him make a decision,” Summers told Orszag, “because he doesn’t know what he’s deciding.” (I have heard similar things said off the record by key participants in the president’s interminable “seminar” on Afghanistan policy.)

  44. Karen, that’s the sad comedy of the present. All the Republicans had to do was get someone to show up and shut up for another 80-some-odd days, but noooo–they just couldn’t stay out of you-know-where.

  45. They can’t help themselves Sophie. They are infested with that viral vagina-obsessive tick.

  46. They hate women so much they have a form of Tourettes.

  47. If only we were more obedient…

  48. You can read the Newsweek article at the Daily Beast, it seems:

  49. sorry for the typo above.

    You can read…

  50. Karen, that’s where I pulled that quote from. I guess I should have given a link….sorry….

  51. good God, the man is pathetically inept.

  52. The thing that struck me about the quote I pulled is that’s how I imagined it was with W and so we were right when we said Barky was Bush’s third term.

  53. It’s too bad – Missouri GOPers could have nominated a woman (Sarah Steelman) vs McCaskill instead of knuckle-dragging NeanderAkin.

  54. Right on Uppity! Great post & tweets! Jeeezus!

  55. I mean, Niall has been trashing him for years, but to put this on the cover of NEWSWEEK??!! Wow!! with a capital OW. First of all, this is the same magazine that put the cockeye picture of Michelle Bachmann on the cover with the caption, “The Queen of Rage.” Clearly, Tina can’t be happy either or she would never allow that cover to make it to print.

  56. votermom, Missouri put that moron in office to begin with. it seems highly unlikely that the obvious nesting place of remaining descendents of Pitheanthropus Erectus is going to put forth a broad with those Ewwwy nether parts as a candidate for anything except most prolific mother of the year.

  57. I think it’s time that we stop dancing around it and come right out and say that the Republican party has been totally hijacked by people who are just Jonesing to hobble women just short of Islamic physical torture and death, but only because it’s illegal in the USA. So far. They hate us and they want us to do what we are supposed to do, have their babies, clean their homes, raise their kids and shut the fuck up.

  58. Ani, I’m not surprised about Newsweek. Tina is nothing but a political creature with her finger in the wind. Doesn’t surprise me one bit. I lost it for the daily beast after all the horrid stuff they pulled about Hillary in 2008 and 2009, right down to the fashion column written by what looked like a 12 year old girl who thought that Hillary really ought to dress like some kinky-dressed woman she mentioned (name not remembered since she was a comparative Nobody in the world), and walk along in stilettos. I wanted to throtle the sarcastic little snot and throw her in Afghanistan for a vist in stilettos and see how well she got around on dirt roads and cobblestones, that is, if she didn’t get shot in the friggin’ head first, the little idiot. I felt like I was reading a high school newspaper.

  59. Uppity @ 10:39. Heck yeah! They’re trying to drag everyone in the opposite way of progress. Back to the Robber Baron era.

  60. I couldn’t remember who “Niall” was, had to refresh my memory. Another republican tool that wants to get rid of Soc Sec & Medicare, estate tax & a bunch of others. Hes an historian that makes up his own history. Also, does anyone read Newsweek anymore? I haven’t looked at NW or Time in years.

  61. Oh, Newsweek has ben crap for years. I am just surprised Tina would put this on the cover. But as you point out, Uppity, that puts her in the same class as Arianna, trying to keep her finger on the pulse and stay politically relevant. But that means she feels the political winds changing, doesn’t it? Otherwise she would not publish this.

  62. Thank you.

  63. Time magazine had Hillary on the cover in 2008 tied and gagged on railroad tracks. The times they are a-changin’. Glad it is on the cover even if nobody reads the article and only sees that blurb at the checkout counter. I guess Snoozeweek is now racist.

  64. “What the F—???” for the stupid quote of the week, and “Holy S***!!” for Newsweek. What is this world coming to?

  65. Isn’t this the same magazine with the Gay-lo?

  66. the funeral director – lol. love that one.

  67. Hit the road Barack! Love it! Hit the road Barack and don’t ya come back no more no more no more no more….hit the road Barack an don’t ya come back no more…..

  68. Ani on the NW cover,

    Clearly, Tina can’t be happy either or she would never allow that cover to make it to print.

    trying to keep her finger on the pulse and stay politically relevant. But that means she feels the political winds changing, doesn’t it? Otherwise she would not publish this.

    Agree. NW is probably also feeling the long term financial pain of making a ton of theri readership disappear. So now, to bring them back into the fold…

  69. imust, he can’t hit the road fast enough. Right this minute would be ideal, if he could find his way back to Chi-town. But then we’d be nailed with Joe Plugs.

  70. Hillary is on cspan

  71. There’s a popular song called The Golden Age. Laker had to play guitar for it in his band. There’s a beer commercial that uses it also. All about the glorious time when a tiny percentage of rich people lived like royalty and the other 98% of the population worked like dogs to make it happen. So yeah, there is definitely a swing backwards. I don’t deny it at all. The rethug think tanks have been working on it for decades, no doubt. But it won’t be good for any of us women or the working class. Or seniors. Or kids.

  72. I read somewhere, maybe a tweet…….that NW did a crap article on Romney last time so this is thier ‘fair and balance: As if such a thing exists in ay part of our media.

  73. From the Newsweek article by regular joe “Niall”:

    “Why does Paul Ryan scare the president so much? Because Obama has broken his promises, and it’s clear that the GOP ticket’s path to prosperity is our only hope.”

    The GOP tickets path….” Hysterical! I laughed til I vomitted. The articles getting some interesting comments btw:

    1 minute ago
    All the demonizing of Obama is silly and besides the point. The bottom line, for me, is that he simply isn’t up to the task of being President. He lacks both leadership skills and vision, and his ultralight resume clearly didn’t prepare him for this role. It was Hillary’s turn, but he just couldn’t wait. Eight more years in the Senate, developing poise, leadership, and expertise and maybe things could have turned out better. But, the bottom line is that he’s failed.”

  74. Akin. Good Lord, that guy is dumber than a bag of hair. And these are the people that are running the country. Oh, yeah, I feel better already. I wonder what the outcome of a legitmate castration would be? I wonder if men’s bodies have magical repellant qualities? Maybe it is called stupidty?

  75. ““For (he says) a woman cannot conceive unless she doth consent”.“For (he says) a woman cannot conceive unless she doth consent”.
    That is all that Akin read because down at mid-page, the author says: “That so absurd a notion that conception evidenced consent, should in modern times have obtained amongst any whose education or intellect…..(ie Akin was an idiot by 1823 standards)….also from same page:” (Rape) It’s not necessary the the quantum of violence be extreme; it is sufficient that the offense is committed without consent;…”
    (What happened to Oprah’s “Rape and Rape-Rape”….

    Akin and the Taliban both use the basic Bronze Age instruction manuals.

  76. “I wonder what the outcome of a legitimate castration would be?”

    Hahaha! Gold, AnnE, solid gold response!

  77. Awwww……a heartwarming story about Barry and his BFF Georgie Clooney!

  78. UW, “fair and balance.”
    Hah! Greed is the motivation. NW is trying real hard now to restore readership, and save face. They are about FOUR years too late though.

  79. Right you are Towncrier — when in doubt, go for the bucks. That explains why Wolfie on CNN has gotten slightly bipartisan lately.

  80. “Forcible rape” isn’t a new term…. NES could chime in here, I think there are several terms for different “types” of rape – but a different one we’ve all heard is “statuatory rape” (I think I may have spelled that wrong..) I believe they’re all legal terms signifying something different in the commission of the rape crime.

  81. It sounds redundant, doesn’t it? Forcible rape? Like there’s a consensual rape?

  82. I just can’t believe every single congress person on the right side is batshit crazy. I know there are some, but all – I can’t believe. Maybe one of these days I’ll look up who they are all and what their platforms are etc – look at it statistically.

    I feel so happy that Santorum and Gingrich are not on the ticket. And I think the two who are are not big grandstanders, I think they want to fix the economy. I could be wrong, of course. But I don’t want to get all freaked out before I know more. And I also take comfort that

    Ryan is the VP, not the P.

    Basically, it’s really hot out, I only have so much control over what happens, and I really like being happy lol

  83. socal – statuatory rape is not (physically) forcible, they’re consenting – it’s just that the older kid is too old to be having sex with someone a couple of years younger, so you could say it’s maybe emotionally forcible, but I believe “forcible” just refers to physical force

  84. When I was a rape advocate, one of the RN questions was always, “did he use a weapon?” That always blew me away. His PENIS was a weapon! (but that’s not what they were asking, but still – always jumped out at me)

  85. I kind of liked the other mormon, lorac. Romney, not so much, and liking him less as time goes on. Ryan, I don’t like anything about him. I might have tolerated Romney better if he hadn’t picked such a right-right wing stooge.

  86. interesting comments lorac.

  87. socal, I must have already forgotten – who was the other Mormon (because I know you don’t mean Harry Reid lol)

  88. Grrr I just lost my comment, I hate that!

    Well, I just said that I realize I may be projecting my wishes onto R&R. I think part of me is trying to stay detached right now, or be silly (I like his blue eyes, etc), to rest up for the coming storm!

  89. Haha! Huntsman! Harry Reid, yeah right! 🙂 btw, if you want to look at a pair of sparkly blue eyes in a male face that is friendly and trustworthy, drop me an email and I’ll send you a pic of laker.

  90. As a lifelong Democrat, but since 2008 a Democrat-In-Exile (unless and until the TRUE incarnation of my erstwhile party re-emerges) this sick and sickening article helps to remind me that…

    The enemy of my enemy is not automatically my friend. True friends are too precious to be made too conveniently.

    Fuck Obama
    Fuck Romney

    Dr. Jill Stein 2012
    Hillary Clinton 2016
    MK Tiger Lily 2020

    Vote Women: Our Last Best Hope.

  91. Here’s a story with a happy ending for Uppity:

  92. There are pro choice Republicans in congress, i would guess more than admit it and I think, typical of both these hijacked parties, they are bullied into voting against their own beliefs. There is one whose name is escaping me, I wrote a post on him and will find the post if I can, others such as Hutchinson, Collins, Snowe, Murkowski. Snowe quit for this very reason. She dumped them and got sick of the preoccupation with controlling women. PP had a list of them I just can’t find it, and yes, some of them are men. They are like unicorns in the Republican party. The Republican party has been very diligent at getting rid of any elected official who isn’t batshit. So have the far left, they got rid of blue dogs. These two parties are controlled by truly disgusting despots. Romney always was, and I believe, still is, Pro choice, he just isn’t ‘allowed’ to say so. Despots. All of them.

  93. Reading Akin’s remark horrified me. A few minutes ago, I saw a clip of him on Morning Joe making that comment. When you actually see his lips move and hear that shit coming out of his mouth, its even worse than reading about it.

    For the Romney haters – The Romney campaign issued the following statement today:

    “Governor Romney and Congressman Ryan disagree with Mr. Akin’s statement, and a Romney-Ryan administration would not oppose abortion in instances of rape.”

    I guess that means Romney/Ryan can’t be painted with the same brush as Akin, which I’m sure will disappoint some of their more virulent critics.

    Anyway, here’s Todd. Watch at your own peril:

  94. Wow, we ‘disagree’. That was strong. And so passionate. I so feel like they care. Seriously.

  95. I figured you would find fault with that

  96. By the way, I keep wanting to mention this but it never fits in. Does anyone remember when the white house announced it would spend $376 million on renovating Michelle and Barack’s palace? Do you notice the press never covered this after that? If the republicans aren’t on this waste and out of touch folly, they are dumber than I thought.

  97. Find fault? Anthony, you don’t really feel that is a suitable statement in view of the crazy assed thing he said, do you? That’s like them saying Golly I disagree that we should tatoo an A on women’s foreheads. Come on. Think about it. The guy said women’s bodies fight off nija sperm and can’t reallyhave been raped if they are pregnant.And all they can see is well, golly, we don’t think so.

  98. Okay let me put it this way. You said you are horrified and I know you are. Do you think by the R/R answer, that THEY are horrified?

  99. I want to hear Mitt Romney and Paul Ryan say THEY are horrified. Not they’Disagree’.

  100. Yeah so I guess that makes it all okay, myiq. At least by Dana Loesch’s very low standards.

  101. I want every Romney voter here to weigh in. Do you think their statement of “We disagree” was a suitable response to a man saying women aren’t legitimately raped if they get pregnant because their bodies put a stop to pregnancy while they are being raped?

  102. When Barack get off the golf course you can bet he’ll say something far more significant than I Disagree. I am convinced that ticket has discounted women voters and just don’t give a shit if women like them or not.

  103. As for Loesch, any woman who would make the remark that a woman who didn’t mind having something inserted in her that got her pregnant shouldn’t mind a trans vaginal probe would rationalize anything for a buck. Poor Ann Coulter has lost her slot.

    Myiq, if you were a woman, would this make you feel better?

  104. Ok I’ll get off it. Obviously I am just an ungrateful bitch not to be happy with that response. I should consider myself lucky they mentioned it at all.

  105. UW, its campaign season. Neither candidate is going to say anything that might erode any support from any faction of their respective bases.

    Have you heard a peep out of the POTUS (or for that matter, any Democrats) supporting gay marriage? Women’s rights? Sure, maybe a couple of weak tweets every now and then, but nothing too substantial from either side. This is politics in an election year, and that’s about as good as its going to get.

    I’m clearly in the minority here re: my decision to vote for Romney, which is OK with me. I can read all the “Fuck Romney, Fuck Ryan” comments others want to publish without batting an eyelash. I can even tolerate satire that was posted as a legitimate statement and then removed when the commenter realized their mistake in believing something so far fetched. And because election year politics is what it is, I can tolerate a clear but not vehement disagreement with a preposterous comment by a half-assed right wing nut job. It’s the best we can hope for during campaign season on either side.

  106. And nobody said you were an ungrateful bitch.

  107. I’m sure that Barack will bravely pander to his base.

  108. As for Loesch, I was just curious if she knew she was defending the Democrats’ favorite candidate.

  109. Do you think by the R/R answer, that THEY are horrified?

    Yes. They disagree with what he said and they are horrified that he said it two months before an election.

  110. Upps, you’re so cute – you keep wanting republicans to be democrats 🙂

    Of course, we just spent 4 years wishing that democrats would be democrats lol – doing something more than talking the talk

    To my non-expert eye, they’ve seemed to have ignored a lot of the crap coming from Obama’s side if it doesn’t have to do with the economy, they seem to be pretty good at not letting themselves get sidetracked. My guess is they also don’t want to get too pulled into a silly statement by a republivcan.

  111. My take is this:

    Most Republicans don’t really care all that much about the abortion issue. They nominally oppose it but they really don’t want to fight about it.

    The same goes for the Democrats but in reverse. Most people really just don’t think about abortion very much or very often.

    Both sides have a minority that cares passionately about the issue. In order to keep that minority happy, both sides pay lip service to the issue. Every election the issue gets dragged out of wherever they keep it stashed and put up for everyone to see – just like Christmas decorations. Then when the election is over it gets boxed up and put away.

  112. Personally at the point where I really don’t give a rat’s ass what any of the left or right loons say- so long as we get rid of the donkey’s ass squatting at 1600 PA Ave.
    If regular, normal, average, moderate people do not get up and GET ANGRY, we will witness the continuing decline of our country. And by moderate, I mean those of us with a variety of views on many positions. Most everyone I know falls somewhere in that gray area between left and right. Some are fiscal conservatives and socially liberal. Some are the opposite. Some hold themselves in the moderate category on both.
    My own personal version of social views is to give a hand to people who need it. NOT an unending stream of inadequate income that only increases if you have more children or the maniacs in the govt need some votes. The end goal of social programs, imvho, is to get people to where they can take care of themselves and their families and become tax paying citizens contributing to their communities and their country. With the understanding that there are indeed those poor souls who will never achieve independence- whether through severe mental illness or major physical issues- they are deserving of our care.
    I draw the line at criminals who pillage, rape and murder. I get really ticked off when we have to support those people forever- so there is where my social concern ends- get it over with and remove them from the gene pool without a lifetime of prison life that includes HBO, Health Care, special diets, education, gyms with the latest equipment etc. Prison is supposed to be a punishment. If they want to exercise- let them jog around the inside perimeter of the fence.

    America is being torn apart. Like there is a big tug of war going on- the left and right loons are on opposing teams- and pulling. They are too dumb to look behind themselves and see the cliff they are struggling to drag us all over.
    We are the ROPE in the tug of war.
    Vote the bums out. And keep doing it until they get the message that those of us in the middle hate them all. If the middle does not stand up and fight back- we are going over one or the other cliff. Fire or drowning.

  113. I am a Romney / Ryan voter and I am not at all upset that they did not say they were horrified. I am not horrified about what this dunderhead said either. There are always idiots out there saying this and that to get a group to rally behind them.
    To lump all Republicans into a group of women haters is what I find silly. They are not. Not any more then all democrats are defenders of women.
    I think too that during an election there is always a bit of bias when it comes to party. If you are a democrat you tend to hear more crap out of the opposing party then you hear or refuse to hear from your party and vice versa. I know I have been a life long Republican and for most my life I never heard anything out of a democrat that would get me to vote for them. I stopped this partisan shit back in the 90’s. I do not care which party you are affiliated with and what your beliefs are on social issues I have the right to disagree .
    The fact that Romney said he disagreed is good enough for me. I do not need fire and brimstone from someone to prove to me they do not feel this way or that way about something.
    Todd Akin is a loud mouth ignoramus just like Jessie Jackson and Sharpton and a boat load of others are who can get in a position to have an audience and stir up a few turds in a punch bowl ( idiot followers) I see priests and preachers in the same light I see politicians and actors. They all like an audience and rah rah section. Every now and then you get one that is really doing something they believe in but most often they are there for there ” look at me aint I wonderful moment”
    Fpr some reason I half ass trust Romney. So I got to go with that for now and hope it is right. But if I am honest I think the USA is history and have for some time. Which way it goes I most likely will not live to see but her Glory days are gone. She is not a republic any longer and has not been for some time. Folks started turning in their freedom in favor of banning and forcing folks to buy things.

  114. Utah he’s not just an ‘idiot’. he’s a guy who VOTES on these things.

  115. I’m not goingto be blogging any longer till December. See you all then.

  116. Yea Mom !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! You said what I feel. I am a social moderate I guess. But thing is these folks keep tossing social issues out here at election time to rile us and then nothing is done afterwards. Let’s get down to worrying about what is really going on and that is the destruction of a great nation and a way of life. If either of these looney bin escapees win we go over that cliff and it is no longer going to matter what you believe because you will no longer have an opinion other then the one they give you.
    Stop voting incumbent and voting party and toss them out. Never give majority to both houses again and force them to work together.
    I disagree strongly too about voting an all women ticket. Their are real humdinger nut jobs there too. Let’s see Bachman, Pelosi, Boxer, Schultz, come to mind for a beginner.

  117. I don’t wwant them to be democrats and I am NOT being cute. I want them to be HUMANS.

    This blog is all yours,gang. I’m done. I cannot believe that people are taking this shit so lightly. It’s downright insane. I can’t stand this any longer.. It’s ruining my day. Daily.

    This is not a punishment. I just can’t stand this an everyone’s cavalier attitude any longer. I hate barack obama too, but not enough to throw my entire gender into flames. This is all so disrespectful that people will excuse ANYTHING just like they did for Obama in 2008. It’s not different AT ALL.

    Plenty of people are mods here. Write if you want. Or don’t write. Whatever.

  118. He is an idiot Uppity. He votes on these things true enough and well, might I point out we have a bunch of loons that vote on other things to destroy us as well like Reid and Obamacare.
    That fact that Romney disagrees is good enough for me. He said it and that goes against the right wing nuts period ! It further tells me he is a moderate as I had him pegged for all along so I am not worried.
    After having abortion legal for as long as it has been now I would make a bet that if they ever banned it ( and I highly doubt it will ever happen) you would finally see the uprising of women you have wanted to see for years. I think there too would be a lot of Lorena Bobbits out there. Women are not going to just give this up easily.

  119. Paul Ryan co sponsored the nuts rape definition bill last year:

    “Last year, Akin joined with GOP vice presidential candidate Rep. Paul Ryan (R-WI) as two of the original co-sponsors of the “No Taxpayer Funding for Abortion Act,” a bill which, among other things, introduced the country to the bizarre term “forcible rape.” ”

  120. upps, come back we need you. I agree with you 100% and said my view before you did yours so I surely wasn’t brown nosing you.

    The comments from Anthony are often very catty and rude. There, I said it. lorac is just being lorac in saying you are cute. myiq is funny as hell saying they are horrified it was now, and that is the truth too. You are right, upps, it was a weak stance. It deserved some venom in it. It is clear from the myiq link to the dems backing Akin that they set this up for Claire to win and they knew he’d drop a turd ball. It is politics. It IS a blood sport. Take some time to heal your wounds and then get your beautiful ass right back here to lead this bloody rag tag group of homeless Hillary nuts.

    And the DEMOCRATS are DEAD RIGHT for a change – Ryan is a fucking caveman on women’s issues. He can go right back to 1950 abortion in back alley hell and unwanted babies born to crackhead mothers dying in the gutters but I sure as hell do not want to see those days again. Fuck RYAN and the Romney horse he rode in on.

  121. oh and also – myiq says most republicans don’t care about the abortion issue. That is correct. Unfortunately, Ryan and Bachmann and some of the others do care, a whole lot. And they are not just pandering to the right wing – they practice what they preach.

    McCain was way left of them. Palin was even left of these zealots. She upheld the rights of gays and abortion seekers as Governor and vowed to do the same as VP. She was acceptable compared to these neanderthal religious nutjobs.

    I really hope we get a miracle. Somebody has an emergency and must drop out of the race. If not it is death by drowning or death by fire and THIS LIFELONG voter will not cast a vote for either pond scum on top of the sewer of DC.

  122. I agree with everyone who thinks America needs to vote all incumbents out, and we need to keep doing it until all the corruption and crazies are gone. You can’t fix stupid, and those idiots who say crazy shit about rape or violence against women and children are just nuts. The problem is that the press feeds on their stupidity like vultures. Biden’s chains comment is gone, but Akin’s “legitimate rape” comment will dog Romney/Ryan until election day because they are Republicans and a Republican congressman said a cazy thing. How fair is that? The Republicans should force Akin to resign his House seat and get out of politics. That’s what the story should be. Is anyone in the press pursuing that? If I were Palin, I’d be tooting the Akin resignation horn right now.

  123. Here’s the dirty little secret – neither side wants to win this fight.

  124. Anthony at 853, you can tolerate Sophie and Utah, how decent of you.

    Really, get over yourself.

  125. I’m not goingto be blogging any longer till December.

    If the wrong side wins we’re going to blame you for not being here.

  126. myiq, Bob Dylan has a universally brilliant line that still rings a bell loudly and clearly almost daily with me for decades:

    Power and Greed and Corruptible Seed seems to be all that there is.

  127. The comments from Anthony are often very catty and rude.

    Karen, if you read the comments I respond to at those times you find me “catty and rude”, I think you’ll find them mild and polite in comparison. On the same token, I could say the same about many others here, but instead I understand their passion and their commitment to what they believe. Their delivery, however, is another matter.

    I’m not trying to change your opinion of me. Just pointing out that I have the same right to defend my opinions as anyone else here, and as someone who also posts on this site, I often temper my responses to what I find are rude and insensitive assessments of my thoughts.

    Thanks, though, for your candid and very telling opinion of me. It explains a lot. Like your comment to me at 10:34.

    btw – where did you see me say anything about utahwoman in that comment? Also, I didn’t even mention the person who posted the quote. You did. My point was that even though I was surprised at the assumption that poster made, I didn’t even mention it in the thread.

  128. Me personally I do not agree with taxpayer funded abortion either. I have said it before here I am personally opposed to abortion and I feel I should not be forced to support something I feel is wrong. I am not anti abortion for others if that makes sense. If you want one go have it but do NOT force me to pay for it or pat you on the back and tell you you did the right thing. It was for you but for me it was not. My precious son who has been the biggest joy of my life other then my daughter is a baby that came from rape.
    I was not forced to have him I could have aborted but life is sacred to me. It is personal choice.
    Will I vote with pro lifers ? No ! I would not vote to ban abortion but I do not support it either. I am very ambivalent about it because I believe it is a personal thing and only between that woman , her conscious and maker.
    I understand abortion. I know that sometimes there is no other options. I know women do not want to be forced to use their bodies when it was not their personal choice. I know all that. It is fine. As I said it is personal. However it too should not be stuffed down the throats and wallets of those who feel it is wrong.
    I support private charity type of funding for those who can not afford it and have been a victim of crime ( rape) I will never support tax payer funded abortions for girls who had consensual sex and found themselves in a bad problem. Then the financial woes should be visited on the couple and their respective families not ME !!!!!!!!!
    Where I break from the right is I do support taxpayer funded birth control. It just makes good sense. It is good business. We are over populated and there are bunches of babies born who were not wanted and are supported by tax dollars but they did and do have the right to live once made in my opinion. I realize it is my opinion and differs from most here but I have a right to believe as I do just as you have the right to feel what you do and I respect that.
    Making birth control readily available is smart.
    making it affordable and readily available is smarter yet. I am 100% for stopping conception.
    I am not in favor of abortion as a means of birth control.
    But again I do not feel social issues rule the day in this election . Contact me in 4 years and we will see if I feel social issues trump out financial. I feel financial issues are the main things bringing me to the polls this year. Social issues will not matter if we are all unemployed and hungry.

  129. (((utahwoman)))

  130. I also strongly believe in the right to feel and believe in what you feel is right. I do not like to see folks attacked for what they believe or for the fact they do not follow your beliefs. We are not sheep. We all walk a path we choose and feel comfortable walking. Far better is tolerance and acceptance of others beliefs and feelings.
    To me I am a true middle of the road moderate on social issues because I do not going gunning either side. They have a right to their beliefs.
    I have in the last couple of years learned to control my bad and I mean real seriously bad temper. Uppity knows I have a horrid temper and have eaten folks on message boards alive. Not so now and not in real life either. I am tolerant. Life is far too short to spend it going after someone for what they say or feel.
    I have had a lot of laughs and fun with a many of you people that is what keeps me coming in and Uppity is a dear friend. We do not always agree but I will never attack her for her beliefs either. Politically Upps and I semi agree, socially we agree on tons but disagree on a few things, Friendship well I could not put a price tag on that one. She rocks and has made me laugh so darn hard I may have cracked a rib or two .
    Politics and religion are things that can cause good friends to fall apart . Be careful .

  131. lyn5, on August 20, 2012 at 10:30 AM said:

    Well spoken or lol written. I 100% agree.

  132. Hey Upps:

    Is this better?

    In a phone interview this morning, Mitt Romney told National Review Online that Representative Todd Akin’s recent comment on rape is “inexcusable.”

    “Congressman’s Akin comments on rape are insulting, inexcusable, and, frankly, wrong,” Romney said. “Like millions of other Americans, we found them to be offensive.”

  133. It wasn’t just this thread. It has been going on a while and not just here.
    There is clearly another case of battlelines being drawn on many sites that are on the fence and moderate politically. This choice is between two extremes, what I call the wing nuts at either end of a screw.

    The middle will just keep putting one foot infront of the other and marching off to work our asses off just to hand off our efforts to the Romney rich class and obama’s expanded entitlement class.

    The middle class is not represented in this years dog and pony show.

    Carry on. See you all when Uppity comes back. Till then I will lurk and wait for her.

  134. Karen, when I’m here, I respond with the respect that UW readers have earned and deserve, which is a great respect. When I’m at JWS, where the comment section is more akin to cage fighting than political discourse, I respond in kind to those that attack me. Because I often submit posts here (and unless something changes because of all this, I hope to continue to do that) I take particular care to be respectful of the commenters. That was my initial concern when Uppity asked me to write, and that concern continues. If my responses to what I think are thoughtless and often rude remarks made about my opinions offend you, then I ask you again to review what I’ve responded to before judging me as harshly as you seem to want to. As I said and Utahwoman also said, we ALL have the right to our own opinions – even those of us who don’t fall in line with the general consensus.

  135. Newsweek! Holy moly is right. Can’t wait to read it.
    they are like the Undemocratic party they want us back, 😆

  136. Explains why he was playing golf at the time and had to be dragged back to the white house for the photo op.

  137. Jennifer, interesting story.

  138. Todd Akin will withdraw from the MO Senate race.

  139. Todd Akin will withdraw from the MO Senate race

    Sooner the better

    Tomorrow soon enough?

  140. Good idea Todd. This is one that cannot be walked back in any shape or form.

  141. OT Phyllis Diller passes away age 95.

  142. Completely and totally OT- and irrelevant as well in this here red county of bitter clinger ville- but amusing none the less.
    I think I mentioned this is Fair Week here? And that our D and R party people always have a table each at the fair under the grandstand? When I went up on Saturday- the R table was fully staffed and stocked- nice mix of the old timers and some younger people. The D table had nothing but the table skirting. Not staff either.
    Went by today- and the D table now has the obligatory campaign signs for all the D candidates stapled to the back wall. Obama’s seem lost in that display- the light blue/greyish color just fades in comparison to the bright bold colors of the others.
    Anyway. There are no bumper stickers, no literature, no buttons, stickers, no political paraphernalia at all. And STILL no staff. There was a younger (younger than her 50’s older than her 20’s) woman sort of just hanging about at the end of the table- looking like she had no clue whatseover as to what she should be doing.There were no boxes waiting to be unpacked. Nothing. And no sign at all of the women who work that table year after year. They can not possibly all have died off over the winter- some of them were not much past 65 and very active.
    I do believe that Obama killed what was left of the D party in this town. Sucks- as Hillary had more votes than all the D and R candidates in the primary combined.
    Serves them right.

  143. There are two Fairs we have gone to over the past 20 years or so, the Ventura County Fair (beautiful, right next to the beach) in Ventura, Calif, and the Whatcom County Fair in Washington State. At both of them, I noticed that the Repubs have always had a much larger presence than the Dems. Also, if the Fair goers sported any type of political regalia (most do not), it was usually Republican. Once at the Wash Fair, it was the year W ran against Kerry, I stood in line behind a woman who had Bush/Cheney bumperstickers all over her clothes, her purse (heinous offense!), and all over her little kids clothes!!! I told her I thought it was extremely tacky and divisive, and why couldn’t extremists like herself just let the politics go for a community event as special as the Fair, and just all be neighbors and citizens enjoying the Fair together? I got an applause. Really, I don’t see the need for any politics at the Fair.

    We’re going to the L.A. County Fair next month, which I haven’t been to since I was a tiny kid, so I don’t know if its different there or not. We’re going to see the concert, 38 Special & some other southern rock bands.

  144. Uppity Woman, on August 20, 2012 at 10:05 AM said:
    I’m not goingto be blogging any longer till December. See you all then.

    I’m going to hold my breath until you are back at the keyboard blogging. If I pass out and hit my head and get a concussion and go bankrupt because I can’t afford the hospital bill it’s totally your fault.

  145. Socal- out here it is expected that local and state elected officials show up at the fair and interact with their constituents. And both parties normally have voter registration right at their tables too. It is never crazy, just part of the traditions here. The pols have to use this time to get their message across- all the farmers are here all week, as well as the hundreds of thousands of fair goers. Our local county commissioners are all on the Fair Board (some weird bylaw lol) and so we see them throughout the week. Every candidate for State Office shows up at some point during the week- it is the biggest ag fair in the state. They work their party table for an hour or so and spend the rest of the time talking to voters. We got redistricted due to the census- and so the woman who has represented us in Harrisburg will no longer be our Rep beginning 2013. SIgh. Now I have to find a new one and break them in. She has been great and her staff is outstanding with constituent services.
    In a normal year- the R and D presence is the same- D’s at one end of the grandstand, R’s at the other. Nothing over the top that I have ever seen.
    The striking thing this year is the almost complete absence of a D presence.

  146. Mom, the Rs & Ds have booths at the two Fairs I described, but the Ds booths have always been casual out here on the Left Coast. They hardly try. When you walk past the Rs booth, they have a lot of people working, and they try to engage you. The Ds booth, 1 or 2 people looking bored! Must be a West Coast thing! Too laid back to get bothered with boring politics at a Fair!

  147. voter, I know what you mean. I’ve been reading Uppity almost everyday since 2008. I’ll go thru withdrawals or something.

  148. There’s some funny fallout to the Niall NW cover as well as the Akin disaster. Paul Krugman and Niall are in a little war and The Atlantic has an interesting piece up:

    “It would have been worthwhile for Ferguson to explain why Obama doesn’t deserve re-election in this real world we actually live in. Instead, we got an exercise in Ferguson’s specialty — counterfactual history.”

  149. Remember when Krugman was the Shrill One and not the Shill One? He’s the one constantly peddling counterfactual economics.

  150. I can even tolerate satire that was posted as a legitimate statement and then removed when the commenter realized their mistake in believing something so far fetched.

    Actually, I removed it because Uppity said I could which I took to mean I should. People kept thinking it was real and I kept having to answer that it was satire (because it DID have a ring of truthiness). The whole night would have been:
    No, it’s satire
    Holy Shit!
    No, it’s satire.
    No, it’s satire.

    My point was that even though I was surprised at the assumption that poster made, I didn’t even mention it in the thread.

    Actually, you did and I deleted that comment too.

    I’m clearly in the minority here re: my decision to vote for Romney, which is OK with me. I can read all the “Fuck Romney, Fuck Ryan” comments others want to publish without batting an eyelash.

    You are hardly in the minority here. I don’t recall anyone here having said Fuck Romney Fuck Ryan. Even the people who are adamantly opposed to them, like me. I post comments here that reflect my opinion and not as an assault. If you choose to read them that way, that’s yours to work on. I wish you wouldn’t jump to conclusions about what I think or what my motives might be. There’s plenty of comment space. Ask me: Did you mean to say…?

  151. Sophie, check RevolutionaryWar Vet’s comment at 3:40am. I won’t expect a retraction from you, but do check it for yourself.

    I didn’t mention you at all, nor did I have any question about your motives. Someone else brought your name into it. I was talking about the knee-jerk response of anyone who would post what was obviously satire and believe it was a fact. It is about the willingness to believe such things and then spread them around. It was clear to me that it was satire, and I recognized your mistake before you did. I’ve been direct with you and everyone else here so far, and I’ve been commenting here for years. I’m not going to start beating around the bush now, so please don’t accuse me of that. I can only speculate on what the “real” problem is with regard to some commenters feelings about me, but I don’t need to speculate. Its just not important enough to me.

  152. I see. I didn’t recall but I do stand corrected. However, I don’t understand why you took RevWarVet’s comment as an attack on you personally.

    I can’t stand the two of them. They are both nearly everything I’ve fought against my whole life. I have spent four years complaining that Obama is a moderate Republican and Bush III so there is absolutely no logic in me embracing these two to prove a point to him. I think I’ve been pretty clear that I feel this year is a lose/lose for me.

    Just so you know, when I call them out on behavior I find reprehensible, I am not calling you out. When I make fun of them (because that’s about all I can do), I am not making fun of you.

    And for the permanent record, it wasn’t obvious satire for me. I found it so believable that I fell for it!

  153. Sophie, you are not alone. This is a horrible election year. I also thought of barkalounger as a moderate republican.

  154. Anthony,

    I have never, not once, in my years on this blog attacked a poster in any personal manner.

    As anyone can plainly see, in my previous comment I wrote…

    Fuck Obama
    Fuck Romney


    I wrote it, and I stand by it.

    I have made it perfectly clear that I will vote for Dr. Jill Stein in 2012. I will not support a national candidate for EITHER major party as presently constituted. I would hope that you would respect that choice. Just as I respect YOUR choice to vote for Romney.

    If you were to ever write, “Fuck Jill Stein”, I would never take it personally, and I would in fact defend your right to utter it.

    The great hallmark of Uppity’s blog is that we can all agree to disagree, respectfully. I enjoy your posts and comments here, even though I sometimes disagree intellectually. But, I have never questioned your integrity. If you have some problem with me personally, I would hope that you would make it clear.

    I’m an easy-going guy. But I will take severe offense if you are in any way accusing me of an ad hominem attack on any fellow citizen of Uppityville, including of course, yourself.

    P.S. Uppity, I hope that by now you have had the chance to enjoy a glass of wine, and maybe take Needlenose for a long walk. So, now, get your butt back here! Don’t you dare leave us.

    We stay. You stay. We are ALL in this together.


    RevVet – for the record, I did NOT take your comment as an attack. What I said was “I can read all the “Fuck Romney, Fuck Ryan” comments others want to publish without batting an eyelash.” Someone else characterized it as my interpretation of a personal attack. I hope that clears that up for you.

    And no, I’ve never found you to question my integrity, and I think you know that I would respond directly and politely if I thought you did. Thanks for your comment.

  155. My question to everyone – what do you think obama is going to do in his second term – remember he will push thru everything by executive order as he don’t need no stinkin congress in governing?????

  156. Gone for one day and you are sniping at each other. If it doesn’t clear up, I will just shut this place down. Every rule I have about how we treat people has been broken in just one day.

    Fuck Romney. Fuck Ryan. Twice. In his ass with a broom. I don’t like them.
    Fuck Obama. Fuck Biden and his empty head. I don’t like them.

    I am not voting for these people. I am not going to be polite about my hatred for these horrible people.

    That doesn’t mean I don’t like any of you. Just so you know I hate them and don’t intend to turn this blog into a cheering squad for any one of four horrid people. It’s just never gonna happen. There are too many people who have been here a long time who can’t stand these people. Live with it.

    I would vote for Stein only because she’s not odious, but the truth is, I don’t agree with one thing on her platform. So that settles that.

    The only thing I care about is that the congress is split again. That way neither of these two HORRIBLE parties will be able to finish off my country THEIR way. I would rather have four years of nothing.

    And you know what? That’s my business.

    I’m seeing people here today who have never had an ounce of trouble with anyone on this blog doing something they have never had to do, defend themselves.

    Don’t defend yourselves, not any of you. You are all good people. It’s that Time again when people split up for what? For one of two HORRID tickets. It’s stupid. There is no reason for this and do not ever confuse this blog with others that allow this kind of infighting. This blog is not now and never was a democracy. I expect everybody to respect each other regardless of whether you don’t like what they have to say about what you think about these four HORRID people whom I wouldn’t hire to paint my house.

    I will not blog because I find this all totally aggravating. That doesn’t mean you all can’t be here and act like the people I know you are when I am here.

    So cut the crap out. And remember a few important things about this blog. First, it was meant to support Hillary and it was carried on by request after those two HORRID people got elected. The Number One reason? They wanted to be sheltered from attacks. I have made sure that happened. I didn’t give a shit who I dumped. If a person was deliberately attacking people, or if all they ever did was bitch and moan, or if they showed up and wanted to tell everybody here what to think and do, or if they came here and called everybody assholes, or if they wanted the blog to be all about them ad nauseum, they were gone. Period. I even dumped some people I liked. A lot. I could have had three times the traffic, but that wasn’t my purpose. My purpose was to help heal people who had been attacked from all sides and were tired and just wanted to relax. I expect that to continue. If they can’t relax then this blog no longer has a purpose as there are plenty of places to go in the blogisphere where a person can snipe and be sniped at personally. Second, it is a FEMINIST blog and and PRO GAY RIGHTS blog and if you can’t be senstivie to that then you are in the wrong place.

    Third, having Fun is a WHOLE LOT MORE Fun than what I am reading here. Seriously, does any of you really thing that Barack, Biden, Romney or Ryan give a shit about you? Do you really think they would come to your aid when you are down? You know the answer to that. But one thing is for sure, this family at UW would do just that for you. Be grateful for that, all of you. You won’t find that in too many places. So cherish it and don’t ruin it.

    You know the rules about how we treat each other. They are few and they are engraved in stone. And politicians are fair game. Except hillary. I protect my loyal friends. They are not my friends. They aren’t yours either. If you are lying in a ditch, I can guarantee that somebody here will pull you out before Mittens or Barack do. Just some food for thought.

    I’m not going to be writing, mainly because I just can’t say anything good about these creeps. There are plenty of people here who have the keys. Use them when you want to, and use them wisely as you always have. But if I come here and see this kind of infighting again, I WILL close this blog down till after the election. Take your personal arguments someplace else and keep the peace here. It’s the intent of this blog.

    It’s all your call, Uppityites. You can find me at twitter where I will alternately give you my wisdom and my abject stupidity….140 characters at a time.

    I sound just like my mother sounded when I was ten years old, so I’ll STFU now. And before anybody gets all ruffled, none of this is aimed at one person. It’s not about you, if you think that. It’s about Us and This Blog’s peaceful purpose designed for some very deserving souls.

  157. Pee Ess. I have a zillion emails, I promise to read them all after I have some R and R. So don’t think I am ignoring you, am mad at you or anything other than I need to be alone.

  158. Uppity Woman, on August 20, 2012 at 10:05 AM said:
    I’m not goingto be blogging any longer till December. See you all then.

    It has either got exponentially worse or I am just getting old but hibernation is looking good at this point. Ah, to be a ground hog now that convention time is near.

  159. Please excuse the poor grammar above. I have a surplus of helping kitty paws today as they are all trying to get their scent on the notebook (first time I brought it home from the office). Now I am off to tilt at bill gates’ windmills.

  160. Uppity Woman, on August 20, 2012 at 10:08 AM said:

    I don’t wwant them to be democrats and I am NOT being cute. I want them to be HUMANS.
    This blog is all yours,gang. I’m done. I cannot believe that people are taking this shit so lightly. It’s downright insane. I can’t stand this any longer.. It’s ruining my day. Daily.
    This is not a punishment. I just can’t stand this an everyone’s cavalier attitude any longer. I hate barack obama too, but not enough to throw my entire gender into flames. This is all so disrespectful that people will excuse ANYTHING just like they did for Obama in 2008. It’s not different AT ALL.


  161. Vick hit hard and had to leave the game. Excuse me while I wipe my crocodile tears and I swear my two dogs gave each other high fives.–nfl.html

  162. imust LOLOL!

  163. Hubbie & laker shouted with laughter at that.

    Laker started the big C today. One of those Disney kids is in one of his classes.

  164. Congrats to laker! College is the best time of our lives!
    oh…what Disney kid?

  165. Oh gosh, I don’t know, I never know who those kids are…we had a couple of them in our homeschool group.

    Anyway, this one is in lakers golf class! Laker knew who he was & so did the other kids in the class. You’d think an actor on a series would take private lessons, so kudos to his parents for trying to keep him “real”.

  166. UW,

    I sound just like my mother sounded when I was ten years old

    Your mother would be proud. That’s why UW is a fun place to visit and schmooze. A lot of optinions, a lot of learning, and ultimately a lot of respect.

  167. Actually, I don’t know any of the current Disney kids anymore either. When my daughters were little, Lizzie McGuire, can’t remember her real name, was big.

  168. Yeah, laker watched it when he was a pre teen.

  169. Here’s the problem, imo, that makes anyone that doesn’t denounce the term itself, when weighing in on Abortion, an absolute danger to woman and girls – RAPE VICTIMS – everywhere.


    There you have it. Women have been forced to “PROVE FORCE” from an already minimized, diminished and discounted position – with outcomes rarely favorable to them, since the beginning of time.


    97% of rapists will never spend a day in jail.

    Anything less than OUTRAGE when it comes to the use of “LEGITIMATE” in qualifying Rape, is supporting nothing less than the effort to force women (primarily) into a further minimized position when it comes to her rights over what happens to her body.

    I completely understand Uppity Woman’s reaction.

  170. Any bets on Todd Akins stepping down tomorrow? He canceled an interview with CNN, Peirs Morgan show.

  171. Legitimate rape is an oxymoron.

  172. It certainly harkens back the “she asked for it” — “what was she wearing?” interrogations in court rooms of the past further victimizing the victim.

  173. ….when weighing in on Abortion… Sexual Assault, Rape… A Woman’s Right to have 100 percent control over what happens – and doesn’t happen – to HER body.

  174. imusthavepie, on August 21, 2012 at 12:37 AM said:

    It certainly harkens back the “she asked for it” — “what was she wearing?” interrogations in court rooms of the past further victimizing the victim.

    Bingo! That’s the Real Issue isn’t it? Diminish women further in order to Legitimize the Patriarchal Position – that man’s rights include the right to do as he pleases to Women – regardless of the consequences to HER???

  175. Any bets on Todd Akins stepping down tomorrow? He canceled an interview with CNN, Peirs Morgan show.

    Left a link that says he will upstream, but somehow I wonder if he will. I’m still trying to find out why he hasn’t been beat up yet

  176. Everyone who is anyone in the GOP and then some is calling for him to drop out.

  177. Rove and his PAC pulled ad money for Akin.

  178. …Women are supposed to “Suffer.” Which only legitimizes blaming us for whatever happens – whatever a man does.

  179. Is it just me, or is Akins one nasty, creepy looking fella?

    Reminds me of a Possum. Nasty things.

  180. Ok, I’m done.

    I hate force-feeding myself Romney-Ryan as the only antidote to Obama-Biden Poison.

    12 consecutive years of Satanic, Political Hell is too much.

  181. For the Romney haters – The Romney campaign issued the following statement today:

    “Governor Romney and Congressman Ryan disagree with Mr. Akin’s statement, and a Romney-Ryan administration would not oppose abortion in instances of rape.”

    How big of them How male of them. How patronistic of them.
    Who the fuck are any dickwads to oppose women’s reproductive rights? Fuckwits, all.

  182. Since men can impregnate 24/7, and women can conceive during a relatively short period of time every month from a given age to a given age, if the anti-abortn /forced pregnancy crowd was serious they’d stop unwanted pregnancies at the source by mandating vasectomies at a specific age. Vasectomies are reversible, so between the man, his pastor, doctor, and with the permission of his partner, he could have the surgery reversed.

    This isn’t, nor was it ever about the lives of he unborn, it is, and lays has been about controlling women, whom the majority of males seem to be deathly afraid. Perhaps they fear being treated the way they have treated women, children, animals, and the entire planet, in general. If that’s the case, their fear is justified.

  183. Hubbie heard on the news tonite that Akin is a’stayin’ and I looked it up and here’s what he told Mike Huckabee:

    “”I feel just as strongly as ever that my background and ability will be a big asset in replacing [Sen.] Clare McCaskill and putting some sanity back in our government. I’m not a quitter, and my belief is we’re going to take this thing forward, and by the grace of God we’re going to win this race.”

    He later invoked 9/11 to explain his pro-life views, saying the first responders didn’t ask for identification of those they saved because all lives are important.”

    9/11. wth? What does 9/11 have to do with abortion or rape? Also, yes, he supposedly stood up Piers Morgan on cnn who called him some name…something little twerp or something like that.

  184. Piers Morgans on air diatribe:

    Staring at the empty chair, a nonplussed Morgan issued this challenge to Akin: “Congressman, you have an open invitation to join me in that chair whenever you feel up to it, because if you don’t keep your promise to be on the show, then you are what we would call in Britain a gutless little twerp.”

  185. I’m so depressed with this bloody election.

  186. It is very sad not even to have someone I want to root for.

  187. Agreed.

  188. How big of them How male of them. How patronistic of them.

    Actually, that statement was issued by a female advisor to the Romney campaign, which was surprising to me. Romney’s own statement, which was issued yesterday, is much stronger and probably more to you liking. Its all over the news (even this morning)

  189. We had “the year of the woman” but lately I’m sensing we are entering “the year of the penis”.

    The congressional Weiner, junk unfurled on sacred waters abroad as well as the predominance of packaging featured in news shots of males.

    Now we learn about the poor, vulnerable penis attacked by viscious vaginas even when on legitmate business. OH MY!

  190. Look, Akin is as dumb as they come. No party is perfect. Just think of him as a Republican Joe Biden–he inserts foot into mouth and never puts brain into gear. People like that shouldn’t hold office. Period.

  191. dwp, you’ve been corrected by the great Anthony too, I see. A female was the one who released the statement so it isn’t a male statement in his logic. but he didn’t mention your name, just pointed out your statement so it is okay to belittle you wrongly.

    And not to worry, Anthony is working on what all our real problems are in regards to him because it can’t possibly be that almost all his posts are dripping with arrogance.

    And Rev Vet, Sophie and Uppity, he doesn’t expect you to actually understand, things before he does, or react the way he expects you to.

    He never attacked me personally but his snide comments the past few weeks have been so over the top to me that I couldn’t stand it anymore.

    Back to lurking, just had to address the REAL PROBLEM.

  192. I think the real problem has just been identified

  193. “I can only speculate on what the “real” problem is with regard to some commenters feelings about me, but I don’t need to speculate. Its just not important enough to me.”

    As you said in your quote above. Point the finger at yourself.

    Go on speculating because you haven’t found the real problem yet until you look in the mirror.

    I am not dealing with this passive agressive bullshit, as uppity says all the time… Anthony, answer to the wall because I am out of here.

  194. Come back Karen for Clinton – I’ve been lurking too since uppity women became more of a oneupmen swaggerdo. Here are some of the lyrics from Peter Pan – recognize anybody?

    When I look at myself
    And I see in myself
    All the wonderful things that I see
    If I’m pleased with myself
    I have ev’ry good reason to be.

    I’ve gotta crow!
    I’m just the cleverest fellow
    ‘Twas ever my fortune to know;
    I taught a trick to my shadow
    To stick to the tip of my toe
    I’ve gotta crow!

    I’ve gotta brag!
    I think it’s sweet
    I have fingers and feet I can wiggle and wag.
    I can climb trees and play tag with the breeze
    In the meadows below
    I’ve gotta crow!

    If I were a very ordinary
    Ev’ry day thing,
    I’d never be heard cock-a-doodling
    ‘Round like a bird!

    So Naturally
    When I discover the cleverness of a remarkable me,
    How can I hide it
    When deep down inside it just tickles me so
    That I’ve gotta let go and crow!

  195. Look. Uppity said to knock it off. I am using my mod privileges to close comments on this thread.

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