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  1. I wanna see them reproduce.

  2. Jury shoves it up Islamofascist’s nose for discriminating against Jews right here in the US of A.

    This is the same type of creature who would yell “Racist” and demand Tolerance from Thee Not Me.

    “Get those jews out of my pool!”

  3. Don’t look at me like that. You were thinking the same thing.

  4. Blurry eyeglasses help Ultra-Orthodox Jewish men avoid seeing ‘immodest’ women

  5. Just got done catching up on the comments.
    Fair results- blue ribbon for the pear butter. No luck with the cake or the apple butter.
    Had lots of good conversation with fellow gardeners and canners while we were all hanging around waiting for the results (judging is usually completed by 3:30- I left a 4:30 to go sing a Mass and they were still at it- HUGE number of entries this year lol)
    Everybody I talked to had/is having a great garden year- and putting things by. Lots of talk about the coming huge spike in food prices and fuel and energy. Most everyone thinks we are going to have a hard and early winter as well. We have trees turning already. And it is getting to the point where I have to close the windows at night- it is getting below 50 overnight some nights.

  6. Hasidic Jews are insane. Like all other clinically insane wings of religion, their main focus is on wanting women more than anything in the world and therefore, we must get rid of them.

  7. Yeah he’s working on reproduction right now I’ll bet. Well at least it keeps him busy so he doesn’t harm anyone. And the PVC industry is happy.

  8. If I ever get around to blogging again, I really should do a post on the crazy wings of religions.

    Hopefully, this erection-obsessed morons will all walk across the street, miss seeing a sexy truck and remove their psycho asses from the planet.

  9. Snake handling, anyone?

  10. WTF! Freak show on parade.

  11. Okay, you’re lying on the beach, dreaming. And suddenly …….on of these things heads your way….

  12. Speaking of that, DE – try this!

  13. The Ross Perot/Ralph Nader problem is back. Gary Johnson could be a spoiler this year. That’s the problem with third party. Just enough votes to screw it up for somebody who actually has a chance to win.

    I hope he drops out and tries to run again as a R in 2016. Sorry for this being from the blaze but it has good stats:

  14. ff, my vagina suit is at the cleaners, I will have to protest as a dick.

  15. karen, I disagree with the author’s assumptions. According to wikipedia:

    …voting demographics revealed that Perot’s support drew heavily from across the political spectrum, with 20% of his votes coming from self-described liberals, 27% from self-described conservatives, and 53% coming from self-described moderates…Exit polls also showed that Ross Perot drew 38% of his vote from Bush, and 38% of his vote from Clinton, while the rest of his voters would have stayed home had he not been on the ballot.

    Nader definitely got folks that would otherwise be Gore voters (or those who would have stayed home). Likely Johnson will take Romney voters (or those who would have stayed home).

  16. Great idea, put dozens of plastic pipes and plastic bags on the beaches of the world. We don’t have enough plastic in our oceans.

  17. Sophie, is it the linked article from that article (quoted in the piece in the Blaze) that you disagree with?

    If it is a difference of numerical facts then that should be easily researched. Does your wiki link differ from Weber at Fox’s numbers?

    Either way, votes DO count and it did happen.

  18. Oh- forgot to mention. The local D and R always have a table each at the fair. Yesterday the R table was all set up, bumper stickers, info sheets, voter registration materials, info on the candidates running for local, state and fed office, and FULLY staffed.
    The D table? Nothing but the table skirting. No nothing. No signs, no stickers, no info and most importantly- NO STAFF.
    I had heard through a friend they were going to do some kind of protest against voter ID down on the green in front of the county courthouse. I drove by there on my way up to the fairgrounds around noon- and did not see any crowd.
    Will wander by their table later in the week and see if they ever get it up. Wouldn’t it be a riot if the women (and it IS mostly women) who usually do all the volunteer work just decided not to show up this year?
    Let us pray…

  19. Mom the Democrats have sucker punched women to do all their menial tasks for deccades. You would have thought women would have questioned their commitment to ‘equality,’ given the way they used them to sweep the proverbial floors for them every election season.

  20. Gee I don’t know which one I trust more in the honesty and objective categories, Wiki or Blaze.

    It’s just so hard to pick.🙂

  21. oh Sophie, I see what you are saying. You are saying that Perot didn’t change anything in that election.

    I totally disagree. Clinton only got 43% of the vote and he won!

    20% draw on a presidential race is enormous. Of course it changed things, advertising alone influenced votes across the country for countless individuals. Wiki seems to be sugar coating it and saying Perot didn’t matter. I cannot ever buy that, I worked for Bill and saw what was happening with my own eyes daily.

  22. Yeah upps. It is like Sophie’s Choice. MSNBC or Fox. The Washington Post or the Washington Times. The NY Post or the NY Times. They all report the same stories but they just see the conclusions from a different point of view.

  23. Karen, I DO think Nader changed the outcome and I DO think Johnson could change the outcome, because Nader and Johnson voters are predominantly on a specific side of the aisle. I DO NOT think Perot changed the outcome, like the author of the Blaze article does. Yes, Perot got a high percentage of votes, but the numbers show that he pulled nearly evenly from Ds and Rs and got a huge amount of folks who would have stayed home. So, when folks say Perot spoiled it for GHW Bush, I disagree. If Perot didn’t run, WJC would have won with 53% of the votes.

  24. I meant the movie with Streep. Not our Sophie!

    Just noticed that. More coffee. Too much sun at the fest yesterday.

  25. UW: The Wikipedia source has footnotes to original sources for the numbers. I chose it for speed and everything being all in one place.

  26. What if Clinton had lost. What if he drew another percent or two one way or the other. What if instead of popular votes we look at electoral college votes and districts? Many experts that specialize in these things have gone over that historic election with fine toothed comb and have the stats listed that were available. Tons of sites have all kinds of opinions and their versions of the stats.

    If there are two thorougbreds in a race and they put a bunch of sure to lose nags in the mix the racetrack gets muddier than it needs to be.

    Besides that, Perot and Nader were in it for the money and ego, imho.

  27. The perot thing is just one more republican bullcrap line. Clinton won his second term without a perot, even with them spending billions in taxpayer dollars trying to get rid of him. GHW Bush was a horrid president. A war profiteer who fucked up the economy just like his son who followed him did. He was so out of touch with humans, he was practically in a parallel universe. Lucky for him he ran against Dukakis firt time, who looked like he had something seriously wrong with him either from the neck up or the neck down, or both. GHW Bush hit it lucky with his opponent, who was stupid enough to allow himself to be trapped into answering the question, “So what would you do if your WIFE got raped?”. He was a idiot. If a candidate tried that let’s furlough rapists routine today, he’d be skewered just like he ended up skewered. The guy’s polls dropped like a boulder because of it. Bush would have never been president if he were running the first time against a strong candidate.

    Incidentally, Dukakis was the only other candidate for president besides Obama who flat out refused to release his medical records.

  28. It’s just so hard to pick.

    Coin toss.

  29. Sophie, I just gave up on wiki because it’s not a real encyclopedia and anybody can write in it, cite what they want, leave what they want out. Unfortunately, that makes the whole place suspect, which is why I said that. Your link could be 100 percent accurate but everything on wiki is buried in the noise, which is why I try to never use them unless it’s about something light. That was the only reason I made that remark. Well that, and it was fun.

  30. Where the hell is Nader when we really need him. Why he’s busy running for president and stroking his seedy ego. If he really cared about America, he would have something to say about those death trap so-called cars that are being pimped. But then, they are Green, so it doesn’t matter.

    Besides, I worry about a guy as old as he is still having his mother doing his laundry and cooking for him, and then imagining he is independent presidential material. Don’t know if she’s still alive but she spent the last half of her life waiting on her son into her 90s.

    Update: She died at age 99, another testimony to mediterranean diets.

  31. ff, my vagina suit is at the cleaners, I will have to protest as a dick.


  32. Perot attacked Big Dawg and did a great deal of harm. To me he was this annoying little gnat with a Texas cowboy attitude that was even more obnoxious than Bushs attitude. Whiny little gnat was what I called him. His thing was repeating exactly what Bill said about the economy. Bill did fine in that regard all on his own, didn’t he now. lol.

    History has a way of sorting out the wheat from the chaff. Obama will be considered pond scum someday as he so richly deserves.

  33. “I’m all ears!”.

    lolol Perot.

    What they did was squeeze johnson out when, I suspect, the people in the USA would have preferred him. So they are getting what they asked for by sticking to the “It’s my turn” philosophy that is so important to the party elders.

  34. Well poor Barack. If he doesn’t get a second term they can never romanticize him in history books or give him his rightful place on Mount Rushmore.

  35. UW on Wiki:

    which is why I try to never use them unless it’s about something light. That was the only reason I made that remark. Well that, and it was fun.

    Yes, it was fun. And it would have been even more fun if it wasn’t my link!

    To be sure, I don’t rely on it as authoritative. I use it for the convenience factor, believe it when there are linked sources, and generally don’t go near it on anything current and controversial. On most topics, it’s a good place to start.

  36. GHW Bush was a horrid president. A war profiteer who fucked up the economy…

    I still wonder about that arms for hostages financed by crack operation. Reagan claimed he knew nothing about it and strangely, I believed him, yet the folks involved in the ground game insisted the administration approved. GHWB fills that gap perfectly and was no stranger to CIA ops.

  37. Bill Clinton won because he wasn’t a flaming liberal. He didn’t get bogged down in defending every left-wing cause in the book.

    The left will never forgive him for that.

  38. Happy Birthday Big Dawg! 66 years young today.
    And looking good.
    I love the Clinton’s!!!!! 🙂

  39. History has a way of sorting out the wheat from the chaff. Obama will be considered pond scum someday as he so richly deserves.

    TRU DAT 🙂

  40. Hmmm, missed this but it’s exciting nonetheless.

    Three high school sophomore girls from Montclair, NJ changed something–a woman will serve as moderator in one of the presidential debates and the Veep debate. Okay, so the Prez moderator is Candy Crowley, but it’s a step.

  41. Candy gets the townhall debate – that means she gets to wander around the audience holding the microphone while they ask questions.

  42. Candy gets the townhall debate – that means she gets to wander around the audience holding the microphone while they ask questions.

    Well she’s a wominz isn’t she??? As long as she’s wandering around out there she might as well get everyone a sammich!! And a beer!!

  43. Bill Clinton won because he wasn’t a flaming liberal. He didn’t get bogged down in defending every left-wing cause in the book.

    This is so Right On!

    Considering the shambles the left has made of this presidency, I can’t wait till we have another Democratic president they will never forgive.

  44. Burp. Just had a Frittata and wine. And a tomato and red onion salad with lotsa shaved basil.

  45. Just got back from taking Boy to the railroad park. You know it’s been a success when 1) he kept signing “more” after each train ride and 2) has a snit when we put him back in the car.🙂 He loves trains… he’s a boy after his mother’s heart (I love trains myself).

    On a more political note, I hope Barky tells Assange to stuff it, so Assange releases a bunch of sh*t on him. Wouldn’t that be a hoot?

    Hope y’all are having a great weekend.

  46. Translation: Give us her name so we can harass her mercilessly and finish her off. This clown also wants the doctor’s name else I am a liar. Can you imagine the nerve of these bastards?

  47. *Breaking News*
    Obamas go to church. But not just *any* church….a “historic” church, natch!

    “…they were all wearing shades of blue…” Campaign colors??

  48. Yup it’s election time again. Whip out the old church story.

  49. Uppity, I think the Romney camp had a story out this am of the Romney family going to church in NH and bingo, 2 hrs later, Obamas have a photo out of them strolling to church in their campaign colors.

  50. NEW POST UP>

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