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  1. my g-dottr who just began surfing will be so inspired!

  2. I am happy to see you all having fun at my expense. I must admit it was the Merlot that brought me to this. I can put up with a lot but I cannot put up with Merlot…With the possible exception of if it is between Merlot and White Zinfandel. Still, it would be under extreme duress. Be warned. Still, it wasn’t enough to cut me, you had to cut deeper by mentioning Merlot in a Box

    I would like you all to know that I am aware of attempts to bribe one certain Ex Friend of mine. When I last put my hands around her neck spoke to her, she was considering leaving the country the offers in exchange for my ID. It is just so heartening to know that I am worth some jam and four three joints. Brings a tear to my eye, you can imagine.

    You have all proved once again that 1) Avoiding politics on this blog this year is more fun and 2) You can carry on and 3) You all think Stonelion is an easy bribe. Frankly I am surprised NES didn’t offer her a new car.

    Let bygones be bygones and carry on. Oh, and I know you are enjoying your hunt for the elusive Needlenose, but, from what I’ve read, and consdering she is MUCH bigger than a bread box, none of you should quit your day jobs unless it’s for a comedy store gig.

    Carry on, lieblings. I have to go check on Stonelion in the basement. She’s been on the rack all night. I do hope she’s still with us so the waterboard plans aren’t ruined. I hate when that happens. Thank heavens you are not attempting to bribe Utah. She has so many weapons.

    Thanks for last night, NES.

  3. So that’s what you have done with Stonelion…I knew she was no match.hahahaha

  4. @ SWPAnnA Adorable kitteh.

  5. The agency is going to add more products to the fast fish list every 1~2 months.

    Food for thought. Governments stop at nothing when they have an agenda.

  6. That’s it UW…get it all out of you. Use the other methods as well. Stonelion is a tough one.

  7. [waving at Uppity and hiding my boxed Merlot behind my back]
    I’m trying to decide if I feel guilty about Stonelion…..naw, I’m over it, somebody had to make the sacrifice…….
    So Uppity was with NES last night and not at the airport in a burka with Why Not? Hmmmm…..I wonder who Why Not was talking to? Oh noes!!! Could there be an Uppity Woman…..IMPOSTER/SPY????

  8. Mcnorman- on the fast fish- Coming soon to Wal-Mart?

  9. James Bond cat. Cool!

  10. Thanks for stopping by, UW. Firing up the joints now and unwrapping the chocolate bar

  11. Hey I threw a pretty decent bottle of scotch in for the bribe! PMM was willing to part with some of her winter meat stores she just got.

    McNorman and imust…….remind me not to count on you two…..way to throw stonelion under the bus, geez!

    UW let stonelion go, we were just having fun. She was just playing, she wasn’t serious……..maybe her user name was hijacked.

    I guess I’ll bring some boxed white zinfandel tonight, who knows maybe we’ll have a surprise visitor, LOL!

  12. UW: Nice drive-by! See all the fun you’re missing?!

    And if that weren’t enough, we have lead-tainted licorice and salmonella cantaloupe.

  13. All that Mental Travel and all it took was “Merlot in a Box”???

    Stonelion: I knew Uppity had a heart – she knows how much I love my Osso Bucco and how worried I must have been about making it to my next birthday, with both arms and legs.

    Be strong as a Navy Seal. And, do come back and tell us about the chains, whips and Auria she selected.

    NES, I need to fine-tune a few things; would you please, pretty please, give me a few pointers on how you do that mental telepathy thing?

    I can see now how it might be a little more efficient – and a far more enjoyable process – in getting better results. 😕

  14. Hey-hey Sophie! I didn’t throw stonelion under the bus!! I didn’t force stonelion to ask for bribes in exchange for top secret info!!! “user named hacked”??? Way to pull a Weiner!! Oops, that didn’t come out right….

  15. Well, one thing’s for certain,

    Next time I get a Skype, I won’t assume it’s just NES playing around. Looks like: “She’s in Lebanon with me – learning Lebanese” was the real deal. 😐

  16. imust: Notice how MOM got a complete pass?

    She not only threw in one of Uppity’s favorite PIES, she was harvesting her Garden! lol.

    I told my sister this morning -“Get your own blog name! And, this time I mean it!”

  17. Hi Uppity! 😳

  18. Have a great day, everyone.

  19. YAY!!!!!! Upps is back. How were the Rib??? . 😆

  20. Heh heh Why Not. Who woulda thunk that Uppity’s retreat was to learn Lebonese? Y’know, there are several tutors around these parts!

    I’m not blaming anyone for throwing stonelion under the bus. Fact is, just about everyone here would give anyone else up for a pie.

  21. Ukrainian art exhibit features real sleeping beauties who, if they are kissed ‘awake,’ must marry their ‘prince’

  22. lol. So true, Sophie.

    …Waiting… waiting… waiting… for… “Did someone say, PIE!”


  23. …well….maybe a couple of pies……

  24. Now why is my bulls*t alarm going off? Mexican Federales firing on US Embassy personnel- who were on their way to a “military base.” Something in this story does not add up.

  25. On a final, grim note: (so delete if you like)

    26 Years ago, on November 1st 1986, a truly insane human being (stalker of the first degree) walked into my yard sale.

    There is no way anyone could possibly believe the destruction that has been caused in my life, year after year, or how it has all unfolded – or how this person has so masterfully gotten away with committing the most insidious acts against myself – and others.

    Last night, I got another call – “restricted” that I ignored. I knew. Shortly another – via unblocked number that I also ignored but the fool left a voice mail: “I’m back in “City” and the neighborhood – I’ll be watching you, baby – have a great life.”

    I tried everything I knew to do – for years – including the police – to no avail until it all came down to living like this:

    I don’t do relationships because, for myself and those involved, it will be hell to pay.
    I do the most menial things to get by, now, so I’m no longer an “attractive” target – but nothing really works.
    I have never fully recovered from the forty minutes of living hell on a freeway, 25 years ago – It’s my understanding now, that I never will.
    I’ve been called every name in the book, accused of everything one could think of, until I actually came to believe I was worthless.

    When I finally got “angry” from living in constant fear and dread – I managed to take it out on myself and everyone around me.

    Honestly. I’m done. I don’t know exactly what that means, yet. But, “starting my life over and over and over” simply hasn’t worked out too well.

    No, I’m not the “S” word. I’m past that. I’m going to the DA, despite all the threats, imaginable, and let the cards fall where they may.

    I’m going to get off line for awhile – but – I have my “UppityWoman – Deal With It!” on. Thanks for putting up with me, in all of my many emotional “persona’s.” Apologizing for “It’s taken what it’s taken to get here.”

  26. …and thanks, again, for letting me laugh my way into a place of courage these past couple of days. Somehow, the “contrast” with the phone calls was invigorating.

    Bye all.

  27. Wow, Why Not. Unbelievable. Please don’t sign off here–stay with us for moral support (unless posting comments here somehow jeopardizes your safety, in which case, do what you need to do).

    What’s the “S” word?

  28. I agree with SophieCT, stay if you can, but use your best judgement to stay safe of course!

  29. Why Not! Thank YOU for that wonderful thread!
    YOU. BE. SAFE! That is an order!

  30. Ah, we got a grand message from our leader, and she sounds like she’s in very fine form. I will have a good (birthday) weekend now. The merlot! I wonder why I didn’t remember that last nite. Upps does hate merlot. Good work imust!

  31. Good God. Poor WhyNot. The S word…scared? I hope she can get away.

  32. Merlot, indeed!

  33. Sophie, whenever Upps has talked about hating merlot, I’ve thought of that very scene. Great minds think alike. Funny movie.

  34. socal, in fact, after that movie, Merlot sales went down and Pinot Noir sales went up.

  35. haha! Love that scene….love that movie! Imustconfess….I once went on a “Sideways” wine tasting tour. We stopped at all the wineries in the movie….even a drink at “The Windmill” bar!! Haha!!

  36. Neil Armstrong died at 82 today. The man was like a king in the aviation field. Navy War Pilot, Test Pilot, Astronaut, Aerospace Engineer, Professor. RIP.

  37. PMM: Your BS meter is on the money with that Mexican shooting link! Either the two American workers with the Mexican Navy captain were up to no good, or they were up to good and the Mexican police were not. Since both countries are co-operating in the investigation, we probably will never know the truth.

  38. We probably all remember what we were doing that day.

  39. Oh PMM, you better believe that fish is coming to Walmart soon.

  40. @ Somebody. Bring another bottle, will ya? Stonelion is in the basement aka wine cellar. All the drink she can handle. lol

  41. BS alert, the cucarachas are out in full force.

  42. btw, what kind of dog is that in the video?

  43. New thread going up- stand by

  44. Go for it Why Not. It seems like you are ready to take on this turd. 25 years is a very long time to put with that.

  45. Yes, that is very disturbing. I hope she a) has a gun and b) moves. The guy sounds like a fucking unsub.

  46. roaches imust

    As Sophie pointed out, something smells. Make no mistake, the government of Mexico is in bed with the cartels.
    Stratfor via wikileaks

  47. @ socal

    that is a fox terrier

    smart little dogs

  48. thanks mcn.

    Uppity’s comment was hilarious.

    Gotta run, making homemade ice cream today. bbl

  49. I just picked a huge basket of tomatoes. Marinating pork chops for the grill in a sage/Maple marinade. (My own fresh sage and local Maple syrup in the marinade) I have some fresh Mozz and basil to go with the Tomatoes.

    New Post Up

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