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We don’t know yet who will win in November, but there’s a chance that Ann Romney may be our next First Lady.  The speech she gave last night at the Republican convention seems to have been well received.  The full text of her speech is here, but here are some snippets I found interesting:

I am the granddaughter of a Welsh coal miner who was determined that his kids get out of the mines. My dad got his first job when he was six years old, in a little village in Wales called Nantyffyllon, cleaning bottles at the Colliers Arms.

When he was 15, dad came to America. In our country, he saw hope and an opportunity to escape from poverty. He moved to a small town in the great state of Michigan. There, he started a business — one he built himself, by the way.

He raised a family. And he became mayor of our town.

My dad would often remind my brothers and me how fortunate we were to grow up in a place like America. He wanted us to have every opportunity that came with life in this country — and so he pushed us to be our best and give our all.

I didn’t know that she is the daughter of an immigrant.  Sounds like her dad was one of the “old fashioned” immigrants who actually wanted to be American and wanted to work to achieve the American dream lol

Ann Romney goes on to describe her first years of marriage:

We were very young. Both still in college. There were many reasons to delay marriage, and you know? We just didn’t care. We got married and moved into a basement apartment. We walked to class together, shared the housekeeping, and ate a lot of pasta and tuna fish. Our desk was a door propped up on sawhorses. Our dining room table was a fold down ironing board in the kitchen. Those were very special days.

Then our first son came along. All at once I’m 22 years old, with a baby and a husband who’s going to business school and law school at the same time, and I can tell you, probably like every other girl who finds herself in a new life far from family and friends, with a new baby and a new husband, that it dawned on me that I had absolutely no idea what I was getting into.

That was 42 years ago. Now we have five sons and 18 grandchildren and I’m still in love with that boy I met at a high school dance.

I read somewhere that Mitt and I have a “storybook marriage.” Well, in the storybooks I read, there were never long, long, rainy winter afternoons in a house with five boys screaming at once. And those storybooks never seemed to have chapters called MS or Breast Cancer.

A storybook marriage? No, not at all. What Mitt Romney and I have is a real marriage.

Her story definitely seems heartwarming, and typical of many women’s lives.  What do you think?  Is she being honest and genuine?  Or is this all a very politically attuned narrative?  Or both?  She might be the next First Lady – what are your thoughts on how she might represent us to the world?  What kinds of values do you think she will advocate for if she has the private ear of a president?

If you’d like to watch her speech, it’s here:




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  1. I watched her speech- and honestly- she seems like a nice enough lady. And I can fairly safely say she probably would not be jetting off on a gazillion vacays with hundreds of friends and family at taxpayer expense. And she would never say some of the awful things Michelle has said (For the first time in m life blah blah, America is mean blah blah)
    That being said- I am just not sure how much influence she would have. I just do not know enough about them as a couple to be able to even hazard a guess. Nor have I heard any indication of what “issue” might become the one she works on.
    Nice lady who has been through some tough shit and come out smiling- which says something for her character at least.

  2. I just went back and read the transcript of Christies speech. The best line of the night in my opinion?

    We need politicians to care more about doing something and less about being something.

    Who knows how this will all play out. I for one, do not forget that the R party remains the party that really does not support women. (though the D’s don’t either) Sorry, but even though I am beyond childbearing years, and my daughter has never known a day in her life where she did not have choice should she need it- I do NOT forget that the R’s are the party that think there should be NO choice. And once we lose our bodily autonomy- well, it is an ICY slope after that. And they still pander to that crackpot wing- evidence? Why just look at the fact they let Frothy Sanitarypad have a prime time slot. (and he had been scheduled for much earlier in the evening- wonder how that got changed?)
    So the enemy of my enemy is NOT my friend. looks like I am safe here in PA- so far all indications are that the fraud will carry Philly and Pittsburgh, Scranton/Wilkes-Barre and State College and therby win our 20 electoral votes. If that remains true, I can leave the top slot blank. And vote to keep them all tied up and at each other’s throats up there in that festering swamp.

  3. I think the contrast between her and MEchelda will be stark. She is “Likeable” – unless you are Juan Williams.

    The “slug” on the video above states she was a director of “Inner-city Program for Girls” –

    Here is some more about her involvements in the past. I cannot see her changing too much. After all, they are her interests.

    “Mrs. Romney is dedicated to improving the welfare of children, locally and internationally. She’s involved with Right To Play, formerly Olympic Aid, an international nonprofit organization that uses sport and play as a developmental tool for children in the most disadvantaged areas of the world. She lends her time and leadership to equine therapy programs for physically challenged children, literacy programs for children including the annual Scholastic Reading event, as well as organizations such as Partners for Youth with Disabilities, the American Red Cross, and the Perkins School for the Blind. As First Lady, she also served as a board member of the Massachusetts Children’s Trust Fund. In recognition for her efforts, Mrs. Romney was the recipient of the 2006 Lifetime Achievement Award from Operation Kids.”

    Even more at link. She stays busy.

  4. Hooray!! It’s Lorac Wednesday!!

  5. FF- thanks for the info. And whatever Ann Romney may or may not be-I would lay odds she is not going to be the food police. Or the exercise police. We are sure to hear all about her frumpy dowdy fiftiesh ultra expensive omg fashion designer clothes any minute. I hate Michelles “style” and think Ann has much better sense of style and appropriateness- but it is maddening when women are reduced to their clothing or hairstyle choices. It’s coming though. I can feel it in the chill wind that is blowing.

  6. I don’t believe for one minute the Far Right Faction of the Republican Party will help women – but PERHAPS there are more up-and-coming women stars there now that the focus will change – EVENTUALLY.

    I also KNOW that the Left’s Progressive Demagogues HATE women while giving them lip service.

    The PROBLEM WITH ALL THESE PEOPLE is that they honestly BELIEVE IT IS THEIR RIGHT to LEGISLATE the behavior of WOMEN (to the exclusion of men – no ‘level playing field’) and that is both maddening and offensive. And should be – TO ALL WOMEN.

  7. FF: Someone on one of these neighborhood blogs, perhaps this one, once said: Republicans treat women like private property. Democrats treat women like public property. We really don’t have anywhere to go.

    As for Chris Christie’s speech, I thought it was ironic that his rugged-individualist dad went to college on the GI Bill. He built Chris Christie all by himself.

  8. Oh come on Sophie, private enterprise built Christie….McDonalds! Who do you think ate all those 1 billion burgers???
    (sorry, couldn’t resist…I can’t stand that man)

  9. Thanks again for a very interesting article, lorac.

    I rather like Ann R. She quite obviously is her own person. From the time Mitt was Gov in Mass, one gets the sense that they consider, without constantly expressing it, people have a right to their own beliefs – they never proselytized that I heard about.

    Of interest too is that women’s rights were not challenged but rather were supported during his governorship. Could be Ann’s influence.

  10. As for the GI Bill- and this is going to start an argument I am sure- any benefits our GI’s got- They F*%king EARNED! On their own, in the trenches. Way back when it was their reward for having put their lives on the line for crappy pay and crappy medical care, barracks or tent life.

  11. PMM: Not to start an argument, but the GI Bill was a New Deal extra. I served in the USN in yet another “tweener” generation. There was no GI Bill for my time frame. Since we weren’t at war (or conflict or police activity), we weren’t entitled to a college education for having served.

    For the record, I do believe service people earn the GI Bill, but the fact is, not every service person got it, so folks who did and do should recognize it for the entitlement that it was and is.

  12. upps made a great point on the last thread about Ann and single women or wimmenz who never spawned. These particular republicans are the ones that scare me the most. They aren’t just interested in your wallet, they are interested in how you live and who you live it with and what you do with your girlie parts.

    Santorum speaking at the convention was puke worthy but if you look closer at the other speakers they too elicit stomach bile wrapped in an american flag.

    Hiking and hawk migration today but will be home tonight and tomorrow night to witness the R version of hopey changey.

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  14. Thanks to those here and on other sites who watched and shared the details. I’m not proud of being a wimp about the whole thing, but I just couldn’t go there. Will be even less inclined to watch the Dem Convention — since my former party, under the Narcissist in Chief, has morphed into something unrecognizable and repulsive.

    From reading the speeches, I thought Mia Love had one of the best lines of the night “This is the America we know, because we built it.”


  15. Ann is not being elected to anything, so I’m not sure why her speech is so important? If she is given opportunity, she will represent this country with more dignity than Meechelda imo.. She is very typical of the Mormon women that I have worked with or taught. I’m fairly sure that she’s always been proud of this country.

    All that being said, I’m not the chirpy kind but glad she is.

  16. Waving to karen for Clinton!!!!!!!
    Have some PIE!

  17. {{{{karen}}}}} missed you so much!

    Sophie- point taken. though my sis, my son and his wife all received their educations courtesy the US military. Son just finished up his AS and is working on his BS now- he is active duty. SIS got hers after she got out (sometime in the late 80’s early 90’s in the big draw downs)
    Wish you had had the chance too- you deserved it- even if we were not at war. (Sis did not serve in war time either- so guess that is relatively new)
    Now it is part of the benefits each troop is eligible for when they sign up. Which is at it should be I think.
    Sorry to be so cranky- personal shit I let carry over- I will try to keep it off the blog. You guys don’t deserve to have to deal with my crap.
    Sophie, I loved your post last night-

    Given the animosity and hurt feelings we will not be doing a convention thread – it just creates too much crap.
    We all have very strong feelings this election cycle. We are all entitled to those and we own our votes- so we must make up our own minds and cast them as we see fit- each and every one of us. Or not cast them either- as that is also our privilege.
    I for one, will not vote for O- but that does not mean I think the R’s are my friends either.

  18. Sophie, it is a shame that you were not able to get the educational assistance. I hate to tell you what my very ungrateful neighbor did with his education courtesy of the GI Bill. 😦

  19. I think Ann will be a wonderful first Lady.She sure has that Lady thing down pat. 🙂

  20. I found Ann to be charming and genuine last night. I had no doubt that she has worked hard in this life and I found myself thinking that MR probably is at least a sensible person. If that was the intent of having her speak, it was effective.

    I’m thankful I live in CA and my not voting D or R will have no effect overall… if Obama loses this state, he’s lost the election anyway.

  21. Yes she is indeed what every man expects his woman to be. She So knows her place. We maverick wimminz can learn so much from her. That’s why she’s so well discussed right here on a formerly feminist blog. Brings a tear to the eye. I myself cannot wait to abandon all my achievments and aspirations and follow her lead like God intended.

  22. In critiquing a Presidential Candidate’s Life Partner, it seems only fair to name all First Ladies who have and have not served, represented or made a difference in their capacity, in their own right, the People of the United States – and the reasons why.

    As a woman, I consider them of equal value, importance and of service to that of their spouse – and both elected to serve the People from the highest office.

    So, how have they fared thus far in meeting our expectations? What impact could they have – what issues would WE like them to address – if elected?

  23. I just can’t go THERE, Uppity. Ann Romney made a choice and clearly loves, believes in and is committed, in her own right, to her husband’s qualities in marriage, professional accomplishments and public service. In many cases, that isn’t about BEING a republican or democrat, conservative or liberal – a progressive woman – as we may be tempted to define for her.

    I’ve known women “like” Ann Romney. Judging them for THEIR CHOICES in life only fuels the divide that has been perpetrated on us by Males who box us in – by definition of roles and limitation in choices – over our lives, bodies and gender value to society.

    I’ll take HER “honest” values, over a MO’s proven lack of them, any day of the week

  24. Well they seem to enjoy judging us for our choices. And making laws to go with it. Maybe other people love THEIR choices too. Nobody tries to legislate the Anne Romneys.

    Tomorrow, imust has a positively hilarious post for you all. I simply can not let it go by.

    After that, this blog will be shut down for renovations. There will be an open thread pinned as the front page. Election and candidate pushing discussions will no longer be welcome. The chasm caused on this blog is inconscionable. It has morphed into something I do not want my name on. It’s almost a mutiny with a 2008 flair, and I cannot stand to come here any longer.

    There is no need to discuss this any further.

  25. Mom, did you see about the guy running for senate in PA?

    “Enter Tom Smith, the Republican candidate who is challenging Democratic Sen. Bob Casey in Pennsylvania.
    After speaking today at the Pennsylvania press club luncheon, a group of reporters asked Smith about his abortion stance in light of the Akin controversy.
    After Smith re-iterated his “”pro-life, period” (no exceptions for rape and incest) stance on abortion, he described a daughter’s out-of-wedlock pregnancy:
    Mark Scolforo, Associated Press: How would you tell a daughter or a granddaughter who, God forbid, would be the victim of a rape, to keep the child against her own will? Do you have a way to explain that?
    Smith: I lived something similar to that with my own family. She chose life, and I commend her for that. She knew my views. But, fortunately for me, I didn’t have to.. she chose they way I thought. No don’t get me wrong, it wasn’t rape.
    Scolforo: Similar how?
    Smith: Uh, having a baby out of wedlock.
    Scolforo: That’s similar to rape?
    Smith: No, no, no, but… put yourself in a father’s situation, yes. It is similar.”
    Can you believe this neanderthat?

  26. PMM: to be clear, I am FOR the GI Bill and do not begrudge anyone receiving this benefit. I also recognize that this is a New Deal perq, not rugged individualistic self-sufficiency. I DO call it an entitlement (and I don’t think SS should be considered an entitlement), but I don’t use “entitlements” as a bad word. (I am still a Democrat ideologically speaking even though the party sucks rotten eggs.)

    I did get to go to college because I worked at a company that offered it as a benefit. While I worked my ass off for my degree (both in the classroom and on the job), I do recognize that it was a gift and not a right and that the company I worked for was special for having offered it as a benefit. I invited my CEO to my graduation party.

  27. If you think of last night as an audition (or job interview) for the position of First Lady, then I think Ann Romney passes the test. She seems like a genuine, caring person who has a lot of class. She’s perfectly capable of hosting State dinners, appearing at various functions, and performing the other First Lady-ish duties. I don’t see her getting deeply involved in policy matters like Hillary, or using her position to jet off on endless vacations like MO. Ann Romney will be a Laura Bush type of First Lady. I was never a big fan of Dubya, but I always liked Laura.

    Of course, my first choice for the job would be a First Gentleman who also happens to be a former President…

  28. Agree Jen that Ann is a classy lady. Laura Bush was a classy lady but look at what she brought into the White House with her!

  29. Ahh Sophie, we all pick up strays. JK

  30. Sophie, so true. I liked Cindy McCain, perhaps more than John.

    And we know Hillary’s spouse would have been a definite bonus. 🙂

  31. The musical choices are interesting to me. The Republicans are trying so hard to be more up to date and not dorky as they usually are. The GE Smith choice was to add some hipness to the normally country light and traditionally staid performers of past conventions.

    This guy jumping around the stage looks like Robert Plant in leather.

  32. Ah but karen, we would be quite happy to celebrate the president that First Gentleman Clinton would bring with him to the White House. It is a damn crying shame that we (America) did not get what was in our best interests.

  33. upps, just my 2 cents about the changes in the blog tone as of late. We made it through the obots and their lies and smears and hate. We made it through the dark and devastating loss of the winner of the primary and we kept right on having her back even when she went to work for her (and our) enemy. And we were proven right by her service. This too shall pass. We will need to stay together for solace no matter which side of the “crooks and liars” club wins in 2012.

  34. Amen Sophie. I remember the SNL skit that stuck up for Hillary and Bill with a joke about the horrors of two intelligent people with experience discussing issues of the day in the East Wing.

  35. Yeah karen, I noticed they’re trying to do the hard rock thing. It doesn’t really go, though.

  36. highlights (or lowlights…) tonight

    8 -McCain, Jindal, Portman,
    9 -Pawlenty, Bush 41,43 film, Huckabee
    10- Condi, Martinez, Ryan

    Don’t make me go through this crap without you guys.

  37. Haven’t commented here for a while, but the Ann Romney speech was so troubling that I needed some Uppity wisdom. As a woman with no children, I was offended by her apparent position that only mothers are noteworthy. I wonder how Condi Rice felt about that speech. No matter. Mitt’s not getting my vote, regardless of what the little woman said.

    Hillary seems to be the only recent First Lady with any sense. Can’t wait until she’s our POTUS.

  38. Karen, I am so shocked you left this Bush 41/43 video out of the highlights. I know it’s got me all choked up. 😉

  39. You know what I love most about 41 & 43?

    Kinda funny in light of the Hitchhikers series, now that I think of it…

  40. ugh, the bushie film is on now and it is so freaking dumb and sappy it almost makes me wonder if they want to throw the election.

  41. HHGTTG!!! OMG. It really WAS the answer. LMFAO

  42. Well, Romney’s got the endorsement of both Bushies so that ought to be enough to convince even the most ardent fence-sitter. /s

  43. Who is this guy singing? He looks like Brad Pitt would have looked in middle school.

  44. karen, I’m really interested in what Susana Martinez has says tonight. She has had a nightmare cleaning up after Richardson Judas.

  45. At least the Bushies put the horrible speech by Rand Paul out of my head.

  46. I won’t be able to hear her if the baby ferals come out tonight. I have three little ones that need to be caught and fixed this month.

  47. mcnorman, kitties?

  48. It’ll be on the youtubes, McN. Kittehs first.

  49. yes…three

  50. McCain’s getting a better reception from this crowd tonight than he got from them four years ago.

  51. True. I am the only one who catches the kittehs in the neighborhood and has them fixed. Unfortunately, we kill over 12,000 cats and 13,000 dogs per year here. My neighbors are clueless. This batch is Jaspers. His human family left to Guam. They left the cat with grandma who doesn’t care what Jasper does.

  52. Anyway, I came home a little early to set the trap. I really need to catch this batch. I think they are all females. sigh I can’t stand the thought of them getting run over or worse.

  53. You’re a kind soul.

  54. Is it John McCain’s birthday? How old is he now?

  55. Born August 29, 1936. He’s 76

  56. He is the right person to discuss the subjects he is touching on.

    McCain is older than PIE, imust.

  57. Thanks Sophie. I knew his age was a big deal in 08 but wasn’t sure how old he actually was/is.

  58. Oh Gawd, by the time he’s done, I’m going to be 76.

  59. Older than PIE? No way. I think there are pies buried in King Tut’s tomb!

  60. Thank you Sophie, but you (and I think many of the Uppities) would do the same if you saw them.

  61. Pie is older than McCain.

    The pie has been around since the ancient Egyptians from 2000 B.C. At some point between 1400 B.C. (Greek settlements) and 600 B.C. (the decline of Egypt) the pie is believed to have passed on to the Greeks by the Egyptians.

    That’s from Yahoo answers.

  62. Wow, McCain sure is making a great case for a President Hillary Clinton.

  63. President Hillary Clinton….now that’s music to my ears.

  64. There are pies in Tut’s tomb? hmmmmmmmm, I’ve never been to Egypt…

  65. karen! Step away from the mummy pie!

  66. Hmmmm…..mummy pie….

    Mummy Pie

  67. haha! Gotta try those for Halloween!

  68. Brought up from last thread:

    Senneth, on August 29, 2012 at 5:15 AM said:
    Just stopped by and laughed a lot at the comments. I agree with you, UW, I really can’t understand how those who support women’s rights are now working for and fawning over Romney. This isn’t revenge, it’s suicide. Sigh.

  69. Senneth, I couldn’t agree more.

  70. Haven’t commented here for a while, but the Ann Romney speech was so troubling that I needed some Uppity wisdom. As a woman with no children, I was offended by her apparent position that only mothers are noteworthy. I wonder how Condi Rice felt about that speech. No matter. Mitt’s not getting my vote, regardless of what the little woman said.

    Hillary seems to be the only recent First Lady with any sense. Can’t wait until she’s our POTUS.

    Hugo, sorry I just fished you out of spam. I mentioned at one point last night about the sense that mothers are what count. You know, the “Family. That is, One Man One Woman and Babies. Lots of Babies.

    I can see why you saw it as troubling but everybody here seems to have some cognitive dissonance about that particular obvious tone of that speech, like, well, you know, we’ve seen cognitive dissonance before have’t we? Anyways, I have no idea how Condi felt about that speech, but then again I think she holds the whole lot of them in contempt anyways, since she has more brains than they do collectively.

    Recognizing that you are a woman with no children and are offended about that, I can relate and only say, it looks like childless women are just persona non gratis. Perhaps they could all go out and conceive and be a good citizen. After all, there are several ways of conception as Paul Ryan has pointed out, including Rape. Once you get going on that, I’m sure your existence will matter at least insofar as Anne’s speech is concerned. Otherwise I would say you are Shit Out Of Luck just like me. That makes two of us staying home. A pretty piss poor tally for a Hillary blog that has been in the throws of mutiny, but not for long. Then of course, you will give birth to the psycho’s spawn because a zygote that was created last week should never be killed, it should grow to be out in the world and die from unaffordable health care just like God intended. As for how you feel about it, well nevermind, you’re almost-human but not quite. That’s why it’s so important that men regulate your actions because there are so many wayward women like yourself who just didn’t work hard enough to be a good woman in the eyes of God.

    Incidentally, I was wondering where you were and am glad you are well even if you are a bad American without children and not worth spit because you are only a woman anyways. But take heart, Hugo, dear. Nobody will notice this comment or yours tonight, because they are too entranced with the people who will arrange their future misery. Hard to believe I know, considering the last nearly five years. Could be viral. Who knows.

  71. I can say with certitude that it’s 3.

  72. You know what I love most about 41 & 43?


  73. I wonder what kinds of comments people would have about the Republican Convention speakers if the Democratic nominee was Hillary instead of Barky.

  74. Brought up from last thread:

    Senneth, on August 29, 2012 at 5:15 AM said:
    Just stopped by and laughed a lot at the comments. I agree with you, UW, I really can’t understand how those who support women’s rights are now working for and fawning over Romney. This isn’t revenge, it’s suicide. Sigh.

    FWIW Senneth, I saw it. But don’t waste your time otherwise. Think Fingers In Ears, Humming Loudly.

  75. oh my. that interview was live and unscripted, at least. lol.

  76. Well, what pieces I saw of it were revolting. Especially that sociopath Rick Satanorum. These extremists are so full of hate. This party has become more extreme in its views every year.

  77. Jill Stein is my “none of the above” vote.
    If you want more women to run, you have to vote for them.

  78. Condi was just interviewed on CNN and seems to have missed that part of Ann’s speech. She sees no issue with Repubs and women. HHMMM.

    Uppity, I knew you would do it justice. Those are my sentiments exactly. And, I really felt marginalized when the MSM pundits gave her accolades. I thought I was the only one who heard what I heard.

  79. I wonder what kinds of comments people would have about the Republican Convention speakers if the Democratic nominee was Hillary instead of Barky.

    Hard tell any longer, Sophie. My neck hurts from shaking my head, though. i can’t even believe these are the same people I have practically lived with since 2008. Just goes to show you, you Never Know. When a person like Hugo comes here and gets completely ignored, I gotta wonder.

  80. Rainy Day Women sounding song. EVERYBODY MUST GET STONED. Not your father’s oldsmobile!

  81. Jill Stein is my “none of the above” vote.

    Looks like 4.

  82. Somebody check to see if Dylan is breathing or if this put him in his grave. They are so going to get sued. LOL. And there’s a guy playing tambourine who looks like Jackson Browne. I’d fall off my chair if it was him.

  83. Seems to me they’re having a hard time with timing backstage tonight…lots of this fill-in-the-gap music.

  84. Portman and Pawlenty put the backstage crew to sleep with their speech rehearsals no doubt, Sophie.

  85. I hear ya Hugo. Just wanted you to know that you aren’t COMPLETELY ignored with a shrug.

  86. If Hillary were the Dem nominee, I would not waste time watching the Repub Convention. I’d be working to get her re-elected. Best First Lady/US Senator/SOS ever. Also best campaigner and debater. I’m so happy that she’s staying on the job with her nose to the SOS grindstone during this campaign. And, I’ll be writing her in on my ballot.

  87. SophieCT, on August 29, 2012 at 8:56 PM said:
    Jill Stein is my “none of the above” vote.
    Looks like 4.

    Oh!! I thought the 3 of you were going to abstain from voting altogether. I was most surprised by you, Sophie, because it appeared to me that you were going to vote for Stein.

  88. Hugo, have you checked your state’s rules for write in candidates? I’d hate to see your vote counted toward an unintended candidate.

  89. Thanks, Uppity!

  90. DWP: Sorry for the confusion. I wasn’t taking “stay at home” literally. I was taking it to mean any implementation of neither Romney nor Obama.

  91. Well, I got chewed at the neighbors for hearing dog whistles that weren’t there. So glad to know I am not the only one that got the none so subtle shift even further to the right that happened last night at the convention.
    Sanitarypad was all over “traditional” MOM and DAD families.
    Nope- the tiger has not changed it stripes- at all.
    Still not voting for Obama- but I knew it was all downhill when Romney chose a vagina minder as a running mate. I could have held my nose and voted for mittens- even given what I know about that horrible prototype romenycare.
    He threw a vagina minder in our faces. And last night the R’s made damn sure we all remember that they ARE vagina minders.
    Screw that, I might as well just kill my daughter now as vote for a party that not only wants her to be a baby machine but double dog hates her for being teh gay.
    It was one thing to be against obama and that has not changed. It is another altogether to believe for one second that the R’s are going to make it all better. NOT.
    Keep em divided. If either party wants my vote- they must earn ot. And they need to start by distancing themselves strongly and decisively from the extremists.
    And yes, I see you both Senneth and Hugo! Glad you weighed in.

  92. Sophie, got it! Thanks.

  93. Just need to say I am not child-less. I am child-free.

  94. “Childless” makes it sound like aninadequacy rather than a conscious choice.

  95. If you close your eyes and listen, this guy sounds like a young Ed Sullivan.

  96. DWP- there were times when the kids were small I WISHED I was child free lol. And now that they are all gone and it is only me and him- some days that same feeling returns with a vengeance.
    Where is that slow boat to China my mom was always talking about????

  97. Well that’s true dwp, but it’s a nice shameful word for bad women, regardless of the reason. I do wonder how women who couldn’t have children felt, but I guess that’s of no concern here either.

  98. Yes Mom, being Teh Gay is very bad too, worthy of regulating too! And that seems to be of no concern here.

  99. dwp, thanks. I had forgotten about that and will check it out. I hate to not vote for someone, but can’t vote for mitt or obama. Sigh…

    PMM, you’re correct that the Repubs will not make it all better. It’s sad that they are blowing such an opportunity to thump obama because they just cannot resist jumping on that extremist bandwagon.

  100. ” I do wonder how women who couldn’t have children felt, but I guess that’s of no concern here.”

    Point noted.

  101. LOL, dwp. Child-free. Love it. I happen to be child-free, but I have no shortage of dependents. That should count for something with Ann and the Repubs.

  102. Hugo, me thinks there isn’t any jumping going on. They live on that wagon.

  103. PMM: I have a question, totally off topic (not that we’re really on topic)…Is Smokey Bones a feral cat or just a stray?

  104. Hugo- I think it is part of the problem- that people seem to be, imo, looking for someone to “fix it”- whatever the “it” is. Obama is a disaster- and we all knew that long long ago. Now we need clean up on aisle 6, but we just need some janitors fcs- not a friggin savior.
    If the damn R had just minded their own bodies and kept the crazies in the closet they would have had a chance.
    For as much as it is worth- give me a common sense janitor, an accountant who works in the every day world, and a couple of English, History and Math teachers- send THEM to DC.

  105. I think you are correct, dwp. Sometimes I get confused because they pretend they don’t live on that bandwagon and protest loudly when confronted about it.

  106. mom, what you wrote about the janitor reminds me of Hillary’s great line about needing a Clinton to clean up after a Bush.

    mom, I hope things work out for you in your life, especially your health.

    Sophie, we’re going through strange times, I was just surfing around the neighbors sites and saw you were accused of being an obot. If that doesn’t take the cake, um, pie. Somebody had your back.

    obama’s retirement party! yeah.

  107. Sophie- lol cat questions are never OT here! We really do not know- my daughter had no trouble catching her. She was very very thin- other than her preggers belly- but had some manners. She is not lovey at all- she will condescend to be petted and likes to sleep on the bed with me- but won’t sit on my lap to be petted. She has issues if she thinks the food dish is running low- and I mean issues. She will get up and down and up and down and meow and try to trip me if I get up if the food dispenser hopper gets lower than she thinks it should be.
    I still think she is less than a year old herself as she has lots of kittenish behaviors as far as playing goes. And she is so small.
    Jack on the other hand is getting huge because I leave food down for her. Jack’s latest thing is to knock things off counters and tables. It is getting most annoying- he has broken a couple of small things by knocking them off the kitchen table and counter. I got a spray bottle as they both seem to think it is ok to claw my furniture- and now am using it when they get up on the counter.
    He is a love though- he would be in my lap 24/7 if he could. And he sleeps curled right up on the pillow beside me- with that rumble going for hours. Gonna be handy come winter. Smokey sleeps on my feet and he warms the back!

  108. Yes the Obot thing is the way of whipping people into shape. Surely you recognize the pattern. It’s called bullying. It happens on twitter too. I ought to know.

  109. They put Pawlenty in the role of standup comedian. Ouch.

  110. I agree, PMM. Fixing it is not really on the agenda of either party. I like your idea. We need a time out from politics, so some real people can use some common sense and take necessary steps without the theatrics we get from the politicians. No talk, all action. Get it done.

  111. Yup karen. I am very grateful to the somebody who had my back. Un-fricken-real. So now if you still have Democratic principles, you’re an Obot. (As if Obama has any Democratic principles.)

    I think “Obot” is this year’s “raycist”

  112. They put Pawlenty in the role of standup comedian.

    He needs better writers.

  113. Yeah upps things are hot and people are jumping at every word and opinion. None of us truly have a horse in this race so it is even more strange. Obama is devisive, we know that and round one was so evil and rubbed us so raw constantly and left us so furious all the time. This time it is sneaking up on us. The surface is hiding the depth.

  114. They should have played Akin Breakin’ Heart for Huckabee

  115. Mom, pimping for a constitutional amendment against gay marriage is no dog whistle. It’s despicable.
    Telling people you demand they have a psycho’s baby and live with it and having men regulate your life and talk about you like you aren’t there and aren’t ‘qualified’ to discuss You, is no dog whistle It’s despicable.

    To ignore it is to do so at your own peril.

  116. Another comedy attempt. yuck. Huckabee lets his shield down now and then and shows what an extreme right winger he is at heart. He comes across as a nice guy till you realize he is a zealot caveman.

  117. HaHaHa, Akin Breakin’ – very witty, Sophie.

  118. This election year, the devil has proven he can be in two places at one time.

  119. Huckabee oh please. he needs to preach to his own family. his son hung a stray dog by it’s neck. Then he slit its throat Then he stoned it to death while it was bleeding out. And I have to listen to this guy judge me like I’m bad. Shows you how fucked up these relgious nuts make thier kids.

  120. This election year, the devil has proven he can be in two places at one time.

    OMG, that’s the slogan of the year.

  121. Sophie, where was that? There’s been an instigator around that I have thought for some time is a flat out republican operative, working as a concern troll to fan the flames, pushing the most outlandish bs agenda and slamming anyone who has not accepted R2. Its why I am never next door anymore.

  122. socal, it is Uppity’s policy not to discuss other blogs and commenters here but if you drive around the neighborhood, you can find it.

    I think there is more than one Republican operative in PUMA land and I feel really foolish for insisting, arguing, and otherwise screaming four years ago that the PUMAs were not right-wingers.

  123. No one could have predicted that Condi would be next.

  124. LOL Uppity! I keep getting the whole “That’s NOT what Ann Said” Seriously- ME? Hearing dog whistles? Uhm no. I did not just get in this game. If what Ann said about family last night had nothing to do with “traditional” non gay, non single parent, one man, one woman, lotsa babies family- then why did they move ricky frothy mix no exceptions ever santorum from a pre prime time slot to prime time- and WHY let him speak on the same night as Ann?
    Conventions are very very scripted. And yes, they did cancel one night and so had to do some cramming. But they knew exactly the message they were trying to convey. Here they have lots of female and minority speakers trying to lull us into a false sense of security. And WHAM! There is Santorum reminding every one what they are really about.

  125. and I thought it was just me.

  126. Huckabee gives a good speech, but I can’t get past the fact that he has hidden much of the documentation about what occurred in the Arkansas State House when he was Gov. He’s a sneak, as well as someone who should butt out of women’s business.

    Shocking info about his son, Uppity. Sonny should be hung.

  127. socal is not sleeping.

  128. Hi Everyone,

    Checking in to see how everyone is feeling. Wow. This sure is not like 2008. Then we were all so sure about everything. Now it seems like its a “what am I going to do?” election. Can’t stomach 4 more years of Obama. Not sure we can stomach 4 years of Republicans. What to do?????

    There’s a quiz you can take:

    I took it and came out smack in the middle “Independent.” There are different ways you can look at the results. my bottom line says on economic issue I lean Romney. On social issues I lean Obama.

    So I am right back where I started. Can’t make up my mind. I have this strong feeling I will not bother voting. I cannot in good conscious vote for either candidate.

    I have been watching the convention. If they stuck to economics I’d be sold. But every time someone starts blabbing about marriage, abortion, religion etc, its embarrasssing. I am embarrassed for them.

    Wow! No one to vote for. And, no lesser of two evils!!!!

    3rd party? ha! may as well stay home and save the gas!

  129. Condi was just talking about how she found out about 9/11. Why do I think she was out shoe shopping on 5th avenue or something when that was all going down. If I remember correctly she should not have brought up that time since it was a sensitive time. After the news she went shopping for thousands of dollars of shoes is how I remember it.

    She is not attacking Hillary, so far. If she does she will be raked over in the media in the morning.

  130. Ok, Sophie, saw the passage. Good comeback.

    Hugo & dwp, Jay Floyd has an article up on John Smarts site about the Repub Conv hysterical emphasis on “Family”. He points out how offensive it is, and how half the people in this country are single, non-parents, or in a non traditional home. Anyway, don’t be discouraged, you don’t need those assholes approval anyway and there are a lot of us parents who do not have that shitty attitude and appreciate others for being different.

  131. I never heard that story about his son. Is he in jail or is he in a mental health facility? WTF!

  132. So weird…two of my comments never got posted…

  133. Just fished you out sophie. Got no idea.

  134. I post a link to jay’s post yesterday but everybody was too busy blowing Romney to notice. His post hit home with me even if it was for a different reason. I feel the same way as he feels because I ama woman.

  135. Agree on the more than one operative Sophie. You’d almost have to be stupid not to see it. But some peole are stupid. Look how stupid they all were all gah gah over hillbuzz when I showed them links from 2008 where they were the fire under the ass of the “Whitey” tape rumor everybody swallowed. It truly is disheartening how easily people are conned, and for long periods of time. People want to hear what they want to hear and there is a con man/woman always ready to oblige.

  136. Karen I know he got arrested but have no idea if he served any time. He looks like a real psycho too. He probably got a slap his hand. After all, rank has its privileges. Perhaps one day a really mean dog will rip his face off. That would be nice. Like to have the fucker try that with my dog while i make a video.

  137. Last stat I read, maybe 2 yrs ago, said only 10% of US nuclear families consisted of one marriage only partners.

  138. Yes dwp, jay had some stats on that too. Something like only 45% of american households are the kind of units the Republicans call “family”. They’re losing but that doesn’t stop them from legislating to win.

  139. Thanks, for the info, socalannie. I will have a look at that article. Amazing that the Repubs are not too concerned about those potential voters. Guess they think they will just fall in line.

  140. My modest proposal is women should give birth to more females, make the ratio 60-40 and run these bastards over with a bulldozer, take over congress and the white house and do what they do best. Clean up their mess. This is what scares them more than anything. They are afraid women will take over and remember all the SHIT they slung at them.

  141. “Anyway, don’t be discouraged, you don’t need those assholes approval anyway and there are a lot of us parents who do not have that shitty attitude and appreciate others for being different.”

    Thanks, socalannie. Not to worry though, I only occasionally require approval, and at those infrequent times, only by the people I unreservedly respect.

  142. Wait till SONY releases that blockbuster movie in October where Obama kills Osama with his bare hands and a tweezer, and all those horrid single women will start looking really good to the Republicans.

  143. Is McNorman listening to Martinez or out catching kittens?

    oh Sophie, I too defended some of the sites that ended up going all Red State on me. The rest of them forgave obama and the party and went back to their abusers as if nothing bad had happened. A few of us remain up on that damn picket fence getting splinters in our asses!

  144. Upps, between the Seals blabbing about what a jerk Biden was and how the “offical” story of how it happened is a great big fairy tale, the “I killed Bin Laden” story won’t give him any traction. He pissed off the Seals. You don’t screw with them, they are NUTS and dead serious.

    (I went scuba diving with one one time and in a little safe NY bay he strapped 10 knives on his wet suit.

  145. Ryan is nervous. He is swallowing hard and stilted and garbled a few words right off the bat. But he should lighten up soon. He is a good speaker normally. His ideas just suck.

  146. Karen, the thing for me is that I am quite comfortable not having a “side” or a “team.” Many people are not and I don’t begrudge them that. But I do get pretty snarky if they get all bully-like and in my face like i HAVE to choose. No I don’t. I called None Of The Above months ago and I’m sticking with it.

  147. Ryan needs to mature a bit. Perhaps if he’d left his home town for a bit in life, he’d have some perspective.

  148. I think there is more than one Republican operative in PUMA land and I feel really foolish for insisting, arguing, and otherwise screaming four years ago that the PUMAs were not right-wingers.

    The original (read “true”) PUMAs were not right-wingers and still aren’t.

    I know I alienated a good number of people with my political positions (and big mouth) but you know what? I’m still close friends with many of the original (read “true”) PUMAs.

  149. Shoot I missed it karen. The three little ones are here. One of the uncles keeps going into the trap. ugh

  150. I don’t understand why women find this guy attractive.

  151. Ryan should be nervous, the evil bastard. You can bet if one of his daughers got raped that little private clinic he attends would take care of it. Then they would call it a D&C and charge it to his golden health insurance policy paid for by the taxpayers. i don’t want this man anywhere near my government. And don’t tell me he’s just the VP person. That argument went out with Dick Cheney.

  152. Mayans 2012 – change you can finally believe in.

  153. karen: That’s my leading fantasy: if the Mayans are right, whoever wins in November will never get to take the oath or the office in January!

  154. NASA debunked the Mayan bullcrap. Only people falling for it will be the same old crackpots who fall for it every year. Morons.

  155. Uppity, your modest 60-40 proposal sounds good to me. I know where to get a bulldozer. It is appalling that once again, we have no female candidates for the WH. Oh, but wait. Ryan just said his Mom is his role model. Guess that counts.

  156. NASA on The Next Rapture bullshit.

    The clinically insane people who buy this shit every year are controlling the Republican party. But don’t let THAT bother you either.

  157. Upps, agree wholeheartedly about the VP sitch. Also, with Sophie…do not find him remotely handsome, or otherwise attractive.

  158. Uppity, we talked about this. I know you have all kinds of data, but can’t you leave me with just one delusional fantasy. I am afraid to do illegal drugs so it’s all I have. I beg you, please indulge me on this one.

  159. Yeah Hugo, God knows the shit his role model mother probably took from his father to turn him into the thing he is.

  160. He just bashed Bush. Best and most honest part of his speech. He said something like: “Quite frankly and the years before that.” talking about when obama began and tossed money away like water.

    Also a good line, “staring up at fading obama posters and wondering when they can get going in life” talking about his young supporters.

  161. Got up the intestinal fortitude to check out the Pub convention , but quickly had to change the channel. Huckabee was speaking. I never cared for the man, but became particularly sickened by him last week when I accidentally tuned into a radio broadcast where Aiken’s comment was being discussed. I wasn’t sure what the station was, and didn’t recognize Huckabee’s voice, at first – not until he started waxing sympathetic for Aiken, stating that he just couldn’t get over the fact that many Republicans were treating him worse than the Dems. After all, opined Mike, “Haven’t we all said something stupid, occasionally/” In Mike’s view, Aiken should be readily forgiven, and his apology accepted. He has said he was sorry, so what was the big deal.

    You know, there’s never a hack saw around when you need one, and I simply was unable to pull my radio out of my dashboard and toss it into the path of an 18 wheeler, so I had to settle for screaming vile obscenities to the top of my lungs, and turning the radio off.

    As Sophie said, neither party gives a shit about women or women’s rights. And while I may be forced to cast my vote for Romney, who is at least tolerable. But, that Ryan is just more than I can take. I’m sure he’s an economic genius, and if they’re elected, will help get us back the economy back on track. But, the man is just way too conservative for me, and honestly, I would rather try to shove my television set up my nose than to watch him tonight.

    We women have got to find a way to demand and to take the rights and respect to which we are entitled. Neither of the existing parties care.

    And, BTW, has anyone else noticed how quick some male Hillary supporters who now support Romney, have been to act as if women’s rights should not be a concern at all – this election season. There are simply more important things to worry about. I understand that there are some very serious problems that need to be addressed – before the country goes down the tubes. But what about using a little leverage? I understand that the Rom camp is reaching out to moderate Dems. Why is it a problem to even mention in a comment that women’s rights don’t need to be totally forgotten? I mean, damn, we don’t have many. Why is it not appropriate to advocate for women’s rights – even while stating one’s plan to vote for Rom? I’ll tell you why – the men basically don’t give one damn about it. And, if we women, even those who plan to vote for Mitt, refuse to keep the issue alive and at least, declare our continued, unwavering support for gender equality and reproductive rights, we will, through our silence, be guilty of diminishing the importance of this issue.

    Thanks for letting me get that said, and, I do hope I did not offend anyone too much. Actually, I don’t usually mind offending when taking a stand for something I believe so strongly about, but I like and respect everyone here a lot, and would not want to do so.

    Uppity, for what it’s worth, I’m glad you have taken the whole election thing out of the mix.

  162. Soon, freespirit. Soon.


  163. Sounds as if she didn’t become a role model until after the father became dearly departed.

    Ryan is a liar. He rails against government, yet has never worked outside of government, lives in a government office and on the taxpayers’ dime. And you can bet we the taxpayers are paying to his weekly commute back to Wisconsin.

  164. Sophie, honey, friends don’t let friends hallucinate.

  165. Cute joke about Romney’s taste in music that plays in elevators.

    I was joking about the Mayans but I do want their address so I can send them a contribution for their 2012 campaign. (joke)

    Here we go with the holier than thou bullshit. This is the deal breaker.

    No amount of arm twisting could make me vote for this guy as a heartbeat away from picking Supreme Court members.

  166. Man, you have some harsh friends.

  167. Upps why are you tweeting with Pee Wee Herman?

  168. If you pray to God to keep the people in hurricane Isaac’s path safe, aren’t you insulting God for making the hurricane in the first place and picking a bad path in the second?

  169. My tweet on that was something like Thou shalt not torture and abuse women lest I send a hurricane come to wreak havoc upon your party.

  170. freespirit – righteous rant. Especially like that you point out how the male Hillary supporters aren’t concerned about wimmenz rights this time around. The democrats for obama didn’t care and now many of the democrats for Hillary don’t care about wimmenz this time round.

    We ain’t getting out from under the obama bus to be tossed under a red bus.

    Rise wimmenz rise.

  171. You guys are all delusional. Wait till Sony releases their blockbuster movie in October on how Obama killed Osama with his bare hands and a tweezer. This is Sony, not some pissant Citizens United. SONY. This will be in theaters all over the country, not just in some bumfuck theaters scattered hither and yon.And he’s already racheting up the flu and west nile disease scare. You haven’t seen anything yet. Obama is going to save lives right from the golf course.
    And if you think people won’t fall for it, remember they fell for him in 2008, they fell for the Rulez committees lying bullshit. When Axelrod is finished, Obama will hit a hole in one and get to destroy America his way instead of Romney’s way. Because all these two parties have EVER done is trade places and take turns routing money to the same sponsors and ruining America Thier Way.

  172. Rise wimmenz rise.

  173. “I’ll tell you why – the men basically don’t give one damn about it. And, if we women, even those who plan to vote for Mitt, refuse to keep the issue alive and at least, declare our continued, unwavering support for gender equality and reproductive rights, we will, through our silence, be guilty of diminishing the importance of this issue.”


  174. freespirit – righteous rant. Especially like that you point out how the male Hillary supporters aren’t concerned about wimmenz rights this time around. The democrats for obama didn’t care and now many of the democrats for Hillary don’t care about wimmenz this time round.

    We fell for their bullshit too. Wheat, meet Chaff. Separate. Get it yet?

  175. That wasn’t peewee herman, Karen. That was Reebus Preebus.

  176. Hugo, you might want to mention that Ryan’s plan didn’t remove supplements for big oil to pay for land leases that just happen to belong to Ryan’s wife. His answer? Well, it’s hers, not mine, I can’t do a thing about that. Fuckwad.

  177. “I’ll tell you why – the men basically don’t give one damn about it. And, if we women, even those who plan to vote for Mitt, refuse to keep the issue alive and at least, declare our continued, unwavering support for gender equality and reproductive rights, we will, through our silence, be guilty of diminishing the importance of this issue.”

    You diminish the issue to ashes by showing up and voting for Romney RYAN. I can’t think of a better way to finish women off than by KNOWING the plans of the beasts you are willing to vote for, and going ahead and voting for them.

  178. Fredster sent a message

    Cat 1 hurricane

  179. Well, reeses pieces entered the stage giggling and all goofy after Ryan and he is just about standing there making eyes and saying “I know you are but what am I” as he rubbed his hands together twittering.

  180. Karen, Obama’s young supporters do not want to “Get going in life”. They want a nice paycheck and Free Everything for inhaling and exhaling.

  181. Interesting, Uppity. I know someone who was convicted of a crime for not dumping stocks that the wife owned in a company he regulated. Seems kind of similar when wifey owns property that qualifies for money handed out by Congress. But, you know how these Repubs are–do as I say, not as I do.

  182. Fredster – prayers going out to him and the entire region. I often think of moving south to ease the pain in my hands and bones but then I remember I hate natural disasters and excessive heat almost as much as shoveling snow. Can’t win. Tornadoes, hurricaines, earth quakes, drought, flooding – hell on earth sometimes.

    Tomorrow is another day. Hang in there Fred.

  183. Hugo if you tried that, you’d be in Rahway for life. Not these guys. That’s why they all got away with stealing 2.6 trillion from social security and are able to decide not to pay it back and instead punish their victims. You try that on someone’s savings account and see how well it works out for you. They all belong in the clink. The whole lot of them.

  184. Voting D or R is a vote in support of our abusers.
    Stockholm Syndrome anyone?

  185. Wow. Poor dear Fredster. I hope he’s doing okay. Sweet man. Actually a real feminist too. So rare Like unicorns.

  186. What dwp said.

  187. cats, on August 29, 2012 at 10:02 PM said:

    After seeing what I have seen these past few days and weeks, I am right there with you. What a mess.

    Been gone all day working. Well, still working, but here.

    Sorry to all that this is such a painful pass, courtesy of “the Great Divider.”

  188. New Orleans can never catch a break, really.

  189. Newtie, Callista and Jeb Bush – oh boy, can’t wait for tomorrow night. Anybody have a Tums handy?

  190. I was told that feminism was a luxury in this election, what with more important issues like the economy (as if there were absolutely no connection between the two). [Note: not in those words, but that was largely the underlying sentiment.]

  191. *fist bumps*

    good night all.

  192. Why not, Sophie. Dems made it a luxury in the last election and won by kicking women in the teeth.

  193. 3rd party? ha! may as well stay home and save the gas!

    If you stay home, it will be written off as apathy.
    If you vote 3rd party, it will register as none of the above; contribute to the eventual viability / legitimacy of 3rd parties and therefore end the 2 party deadlock ( death grip) the Rs and Ds have on this country. The only time a vote is wasted is when it is not exercised.

  194. What dwp just said plus you have to go anyway to vote down ticket.

  195. oh, I intend to vote.

  196. “I was told that feminism was a luxury in this election….”

    That’s the “polite” / sneaky slimy speak for “women”.

  197. I’ve been listening to “There are more important issues” than your right to be treated like a human being just like people who have dicks, for at least 40 years. WHen are you all going to get it? You’re being Had. And they keep doing it to you every time, hand you that plate of Guilt SHit and you eat it. To them, there will ALWAYS be More Important Issues because you are NOT important and never will be until you TAKE your rights instead of Begging for the rights you earned simply by being born here.

  198. Latest news on Kathryn Bigelow’s OBL movie — release dates has been pushed back to December 19th. Whether that matters or not, I don’t know.
    The odds still favor the incumbent, who the other day said, in his second term, he would do a lot more reaching across the aisle to work with Republicans.

    I am exhausted and depressed from all of this.

  199. I do wonder how women who couldn’t have children felt, but I guess that’s of no concern here either.

    This is me. We are not even on the radar. Of any party.

    I only get the occasional twinge of sorrow and have no problem interacting with children. However, the emphasis on children/mothering is very distressing for many. I have one cousin who has not attended a family function in years unless she knows ahead of time there will be no young children. Especially babies.

    It is a little better now that I am older (and no one is constantly pointing out that my clock is ticking down). The emergency hysterectomy gave me a great way to shut down nosy inquiries.

  200. Well not to worry, Mt Laurel, Anne forgot all about you because you aren’t all that important anyways. Carry on.

  201. Uppity, I agree. But how to we convince enough people to stand up and TAKE those rights? I wrote a book on the subject and you have no idea (well, obviously you DO have an idea) how many people just don’t give a sh*t about the way women get treated. I don’t know that anybody is being had. I think it is a matter of so being between a rock and a hard place and knowing one of these two is going to get elected and which is the lesser of two evils.

  202. Hell he used women as bargaining chips with Republicans in his FIRST term.That doesn’t mean I’m going to vote for them anyways. Like I said, all I care is that one party gets the house and the other gets the senate and they all spin their wheels for four damned years. It’s better than what either of these two parties have in mind.

  203. There is no lesser evil this time around. See my quote above about the devil being in two places at once.

  204. “…he would do a lot more reaching across the aisle to work with Republicans.”

    To what end? How many times has this guy caved to Rs? I will never understand how so many still believe a guy who has lied for at least the past 5 years.

    8 years of Bush, 4 and possibly 8 years of Professor Whackadoodle That’s 16 years of pyschological depression!

    I’ll survive, we all will. We just won’t be makin’ a joyful sound.

  205. Edit: Psychological

  206. DWP — that is my point — his supporters on the left scream that he has been doing nothing but caving for four years — well, they used a much more colorful expression, but I will refrain since I am a dainty thing. So what would more caving look like, I wonder?

    I’m telling you, both sides just have a giggle behind closed doors. What is it going to take for Americans to have a pitchfork moment?

  207. Ani nobody cares because you don’t instill the fear of god into people by going to DC and shaking your ass in a flash dance to “She works hard for the money’. How do you think the second wave pulled off TAKING their rights that are being snatched away? They did it with torches and pitchforks until they all “saw the light” You don’t get what’s yours by asking men for it, you TELL them you demand it and you show them you aren’t kidding. Women have tons of power, look how they shut down rush’s sponsorship just by tweeting his sponsors to death. Also, See Komen. Komen is a great example of We ARen’t Taking This Bullshit. They just don’t know how to use their power for the REAL stuff. As I keep saying, this is nothing 50000 women with torches and pitchforks standing on the capitol steps and in front of the WH can’t fix. I guess it has to get worse before the Get It.

  208. I agree with you. Maybe it does have to get worse before they get it. They sure didn’t get it in 2008 when wimminz had the opportunity to elect Hillary — but I will tell you what — it was Dem women who sh*t on her by arbitrarily choosing him. I knew lots of Repub women (and some Repub men, too) who were chafing at the bit to cross the aisle in Nov. and vote for her.

  209. Shoot! (figuratively speaking). We all recall when the obots layed down the gauntlet and told Obama what he must do to appease them. They prefaced their demand with their promises to vote for him tho.
    So where was the leverage? There wasn’t any. Freakin’ “morans”.

  210. The morons at NOW showed up at Alan Simpson, the 50 year Entitlement guy, with a box full of teats in ‘protest’ of his remark about the government being 50 million teats, his being the biggest one of all. This is how you fight these pigs? He ate them for LUNCH and they DESERVED it. What they SHOULD have been doing is showing up with 5000 people, seniors would have gladlly joined in, crammed the corridors to that old blood-sucking, full retirement on the taxpayer bastard’s office, so nobody could get in and he couldnt’ get out. And they should have screamed bloody murder till he dropped over from a coronary or resigned, whichever came first. They should have researched how much money HE takes from the government and plugged 500 big signs with the total for the press to see. Instead they showed up giggling like girly morons with a box of bottle nippes and he got to laugh his miserable cadaverous ass off. These people are nothing but photo oppers who don’t want to break a fingernail. Let me tell you, in the 60s and 70s, Alan Simpson wouldn’t have even TRIED this crap, much less last as an Obama appointee. This is the guy who plotted the Anita Hill setup. He’s a vile man just like his daddy was.

  211. Ani, the Democrats learned all they needed to know about how to abuse Hillary from 15 years of republican disgusting behavior. They even used the Republicans’ graphics. You think these people are really our friends now that another election is underway? They only want to know us for votes. Take a look at the Team Hillary site if you don’t believe me. All love and mush till election was over and then we were perverts and baby killers again. Fuck them.

  212. Same old operatives doing the same old shit, pretending they are our friends. Some of them just changed their screen names for Chrissakes.

  213. I stopped supporting NOW in 1978. It should have been earlier but I was hoping against hope.
    By 2008/09 I thought NOW had grown into a huge organization but the reality was staggering… Less than a million members (that number is to the best of my recollection).

  214. Like I said I don’t care which set of clowns wins in November. I want a deadlocked congress. Nothing could be worse than allowing one of these two faction of idiots and abusers pass laws to their whim and fancy. Nothing. Let’s get the Depression over with.

  215. Shoot! (figuratively speaking). We all recall when the obots layed down the gauntlet and told Obama what he must do to appease them. They prefaced their demand with their promises to vote for him tho.
    So where was the leverage? There wasn’t any. Freakin’ “morans”.

    That’s because they were children with no real knowledge and experience and dumb as bricks. Never send a child to do adult work.

  216. “Ani, the Democrats learned all they needed to know about how to abuse Hillary from 15 years of republican disgusting behavior.”

    Uppity, I’ve told you before, you get no argument from me.

  217. Truthfully, ( not that I’m not truthful otherwise, but) I can hardly wait for the ban on electioneering on this blog to begin. Other blogs and people I never would have expected are absolutely gleeful over the GOP Convention candidates and speeches! To hell with women, once again.
    Fuck ’em.
    Goodnight, Uppity.

  218. Goodnight, Ani. (didn’t realize you were still here). 🙂

  219. Right on! rise wimmenz rise!

  220. Uppity, I’ve told you before, you get no argument from me

    Yeah but that’s because I’m pushy 🙂

  221. I know. And for the record, if I think somebody did a good job or did what they were supposed to do with a speech they were giving, that does not necessarily constitute an endorsement.

  222. Nite dwp!!! Nice to see you!

  223. Uppity — you’ve got kitty mail!! Help!

  224. Could I just ask, where the hell did they get a box of teats? lol

    Also, just wanted to say i feel less like a citizen of the Twilight Zone after reading all the comments here tonight. I am so sick and tired of getting the same old angry, simplistic response to any comment remotely criticizing Romney or Ryan: “Would you rather have Obama?”
    After you’ve said you would never vote for Obama – not if hell froze over, you would think they could find a more appropriate response.

    So, thanks, Uppities, for the sanity.

    Views of Hillary supporters have hanged so quickly on some issues, that old theme song to Mr. Rogers show keeps coming to mind: “Who are the people in your neighborhood…/”

  225. Thanks for your site, Upps. I know too many women (former Hillary supporters) who are delighted with the R/R ticket. Depressing.

    There are several neighboring sites I will no longer visit. I agree we need divided government. It’s the only way to keep either side in check somewhat.

    So we worked hard in the 60s and 70s to be doormats again? Unbelievable.

  226. Freespirit and Senneth: Isn’t it amazing?

    There are several neighboring sites I will no longer visit.

    Yep, know what you mean.

    I’ve been absent for the past few days, watching what Mr. Issac was going to do to my home area in nola. It has been ugly so I’ve been constantly watching a tv station online that has been streaming coverage.

  227. Let’s see:

    1. Because I won’t bash Ann Romney, and am strongly of the opinion that, if people are going to bring children into this world, don’t expect the government to support them, I’m probably a covert, right-wing extremist who thinks child-free women are freaks of nature? ok.

    2. Because I know and respect gays and lesbians who are life-long community activists, who have long been registered Republicans, pushing for human rights policies from within the republican party, I’m probably a republican operative? Ok.

    3. Because I voice an opinion, as one who knows all too well that the Democratic Convention’s liberal, pro-women, gay rights and Middle Americans, change Washington, protect medicare, regulate wall street and big banks and create 10 million jobs PLATFORM was noting more than a vote-getting ruse – I’m deaf, dumb and blind to the worse “enemy.” of the two parties? ok.

    4. Because I voice an opinion, as a woman, that respects the choices of women, whose lifestyles differ from mine, speaking my opinion represents the antithesis of feminism? ok.

    To be clear, to vote for Romney-Ryan and the GOP professed “PLATFORM” means nothing in today’s political structure as is true with the Democratic “PLATFORM.”

    …given that “activism” against the political corruption – that has made the American Voter of We The People equally benign – has been successfully corralled within the walls of the internet – where we can sit on our asses and blog about what’s happening to our country, rights and undifferentiated political parties, in a unified voice.

    It’s why I will always consider Darragh Murphy on the same level of Alice Paul – simply because she took action in 2008 – against all odds – in criticisms, sabotage and threats – and for “allowing” neophytes a place to find their voice in action.

  228. I’m sure Alice Paul would be really excited about Anne’s speech. And I know Darraugh will be just chomping at the bit about how lovely Anne is because she’s the wife of a presidential candidate who endorses an anti-abortion platform and anti gay marriage platform with leglislative and constitutional amendment ideas to seal their deal. I think they would both be especially excited to know that the VP candidate thinks rape is just another form of godly conception. It’s all so endearing to know that a 12 year old girl has Uncle Skip’s baby to look forward to!

    Nobody here has ever tried to legislate Anne Romney’s choices. In fact, the party of Anne Romney has worked feverishly to legislate the choices that are not Anne Romneys’. And THAT’s the difference between your screed and the opposite screeds in this thread. So golly, excusssssssssse me if I don’t care how sweet and lovely Anne Romney is while I eagarly await the further legal and clincally insane hobbling of women who aren’t Anne Romney.

    Update, you might also like to ask Georgia, Arizona and Oklahoma if the Republican platform on the regulating of women means “Nothing”. And then there’s Virginia and Texas.

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