Pictures of Lily

As many of you know, I got a new kitty in June.

Lily continues to be a delightful little kitty. She’s very bright, even though she can’t tell the difference between a house plant and a litter box. (Putting landscaping stones in the planters solved this one.)

Several of you have asked for more pictures and videos. She still moves fast and does not pose for pictures. When I aim the camera, she forgets what she was doing and comes to play with the wrist strap. Every now and then, I get lucky and get a shot. So bear in mind, these are not all of her best moments—just her best moments caught in pixels.

In great awe of the foresightedness of The Who, I give you Pictures of Lily.


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  1. Lily, you ROCK!!

  2. She is just like her Mama!

  3. She is a handful and a ton of fun. She must know that video is posted because she’s running around like a banshee.

  4. LOL Sophie. Must be the cooler weather- Smokey and Jack are full of piss and vinegar this morning as well.

  5. That Lily, she is sooooo loved. Here’s an untamed one. Trust issues? None.

  6. That Koala just knocks me out.

    YOu guys shouldn’t miss Rev Vet’s response to Bic For Her late late last night, when he demanded that BIC make “Menz Penz”. Hilarious.

    And finally, Lily is a prize just like her Momma.

  7. Hey Mom, your thread at your place last night on the convention worked out well but you probably need a cleaning service over there. Thanks for giving them a safe place where they wouldn’t get ripped. And for helping to heal this place. It’s the reason I held off on the pinup post and will continue to do so to see how things go. I know plenty of poeple are grateful for the calming affect here because I heard from them. But you’re out of booze now. sorry.

  8. LOL Uppity- trolls haven’t found my place yet- and hopefully won’t.
    Not out of booze yet. They only drank the good stuff. And I still have all these friggin cherry tomatoes. Gotta run out for a while.
    Healing. Hmm. Not sure that is one of my powers. Sanctuary I do.

  9. Cute video Sophie! She’s growing!

  10. What were the tweets about?

  11. They only drank the good stuff

    Just because I checked in does not mean this was me!

  12. from previous post, Women who have “little ears” around tend to pull their punches out of respect for the toddling tattletales, but I loved your exhortation:

    run these bastards over with a bulldozer

    It has to be done while “appearing” to be their subordinates…like any good politician. Rank has its obligations. When you tweet as the “Uppity Woman” with a familiar as icon, you MUST speak for those of us who would arouse suspicions if WE made those responses. We secretly cheer your uppitiness while honing our own “go-along-to-get-along disguises.

  13. Still waiting for an anwer. ::Snort::

  14. Love the new side bar pieces.

  15. Oooh, perfect comeback Upps.

  16. I was hoping she would respond with her favorite stock answer number 1: Stop the hate. Damn.

  17. SWP, your comment reminded me of the time back in 1982 when there was no lemon law to help people who got really bad new cars. People had nowhere to go and dealers knew it. The best they would do is offer you a ‘trade in’ where you lost. I got one such bad car. For 14 months I collected documentation on this dealer. I had a car they gave to me with the sunroof open and I never got it closed again.. My car interior was adorned with hefty trash bags. During that 14 months, I went thru four batteries, the electronic suspension sunk, the struts went and the transmission blew. Motor mounts were recalled. And the heated windshield cracked like a spider on the first cold day. The heated seat began to smoke while I was sitting on it. In traffic. This really …um..burned me ass.

    I never let up. I visited the lot on saturdays in summer to show people what they would get, until i was removed. I had an ace. I parked across the street on a popular property that my father owned, with a sign that said, “I can’t get (dealer’s name) to fix this broken car they sold me”. They tried to have me arrested but then found out they couldn’t remove me from my own property. I got phone calls, because of course I included my phone number. Tons of phone calls. Then I began placing small pieces of tape on parts they were suppposed to be replacing. I would get my car back with the tape still there. I took photos before and after. I reported them the DMV. I reported them to the NY atty general and I waited till I had all the data I needed and went and arbitrated at a wonderful program sponsored by the BBB at the time. There were three judges. The manufactuerer sent someone to the hearing. I spoke for 2 hours and handed out copies to each judge of every supporting document. When I left, before I even got home, there was a message on my answering machine from the BBB. The message was, you didn’t even get out the door and the three judges said, She can’t keep that car. I got every dime back for my car and then had the audacity to take the dealer to small claims court over the service contract. They sent their lawyer. I won. Two weeks later, the BBB asked me to be a judge in the aribitration program. In less than six months the dealer was closed down. I won’t delude myself that I made that happen. What I will imagine is that I wasn’t the only one fed up and complaining. Somewhere out there, there were more Uppity Women.

    Now let me back track as to why your comment reminds me of this. It reminds me because, as you can imagine this was very stressful and a LOT of work. I was pushing a rope and I knew it. And just about everywhere I went, people discouraged me. They would say, “You’re gonna lose”. “It’s not done”. “You can’t beat them”. “Who do you think you’re kidding”. My answer to all of them was

    “It’s people like you who make it difficult for people like me to make it easier for people like you”.

    Going along gets you nothing but the hope that some uppity son of a bitch will take the hits and make it better. It doesn’t always happen. At least not until all the disguises are dropped. People had best start realizing this. To ignore it is to do so at their own peril. We need more Uppity (place type of person here) to realize that. Lots more.

    All of this is nothing 50000 women with torches and pitchforks standing on the capital steps and in front of the white house can’t fix. Or 50000 gays and lesbians. Or 50000 of anyone else whose rights as human beings are being legislated away.

  18. I’m coming out of extreme lurking mode to thank UW and the members here for their kind words on the death of “real” Bill on Tuesday. He was special, he even went all Kung-Fu on people he suspected didn’t have my best interests at heart. I will miss him greatly.

  19. Lily is beautiful

  20. Indy, we are so so very sorry for your loss and your Bill will live on with us. Small consolation I know. But he is here in spirit, complete with his Kung Fu persona!

  21. I’m so sorry Indy. 😦

  22. Your credentials are legitimately earned and your love for animals and the restraint you practice in managing this blog demonstrate a long road travelled wondering why those who would ultimately benefit didn’t join the effort. In one ear they process the threat. In the other ear, they weigh the risk: benefit ratio. I’ve nurtured my 2008 sour grapes into Champaign for a conditioned palate and stand threatened by my County and State Chairs for speaking my mind. I have come to understand that the results of the 2009 and 2010 elections trend badly for Dems because elected activists like myself refuse to volunteer and contribute to these hacks. Other Women, who endured the abuse of Hillary went silent, speaking only at the polls. Instead of SEEING and hearing their support, I have learned to embrace their silence as agreement that the guys have got to go. We can’t post positive comments about women we admire lest we arouse controversy. I took the test you linked and “liked” it that “no surprise,” I aligned with Ron Paul, who’s presence in the campaign articulates the Constitutional Principles from which we have strayed. But life has taught me that his approach is a call to arms. The Constitution we ended up with was the product of some serious battles waged by competing interests who burnished their brays and ultimately meshed gears. I value the voices of those here who support, strongly, positions on issues I don’t share. I’ve won “impossible” fights, but squabbles were dues paid to represent myself respectfully. I’m no Republican, but I have matured as a Citizen, no longer mystified by the organized crime I witness. I know some will cash in on my work but, as I did in sales, I accept that they see only the money on the table and are chasing it. My sensibilities alert me to the silent voters who let me learn by doing when heritage bequeathed me only the School of Hard Knocks. I grew up wanting to be the 1st Woman President unless another woman achieved it first. I only prayed that, as I advanced in wisdom, age and grace, I would be surrounded by silent supporters who secretly saw to my security. I would feel their eyes on me and conduct myself with courteous consideration of the risks they were taking. The Woman who ultimately achieves that election will be “jelly-rolled” into the center of a fiercely respectful collective of Americans who simply want their business taken care of. When people are convoluted, the business doesn’t go down. I’m a person who finds excitement in being productive and keeping a lid on the insanity that teems beneath the surface. I know it’s there, and faeries form the “invisible” shield between their faithful servant and the troll who would eliminate his competition. I’ve learned that closers focus on the essence of what is being presented. Obama has demonstrated aversion to competition, contempt for rivals and other points of view; I lost my job while he was giving his inaugural address. It reminded ME of the scene in the Godfather while Michael was Baptizing his niece. The greatest challenge we Dems on the bubble face is balancing and processing pressure – like performing cogs in a System we sustain in the interest of survival. As we turn the wheels we make note of those who don’t add up. We bide our time at a level of existence we didn’t choose until our “secret” alliance can safely be unveiled. In the interim, I remain sincerely respectful of anybody who faces down the threats.

  23. Wow on the Godfather analogy. I can see it. Very powerful!

    What I see here is the slow boiling of the frog. Consider the middle east. Pick a place. Afghanistan, Iran, whatever. Their savage theocracy didn’t get that way overnight. It all started with the tossing of the frog in cold water over a low flame. First came some laws restricting things. Then came bolder laws restricting certain types of behaviors. Next came laws restricting certain types of people. SLowly, over a slow pot, they relegated women, homosexuals, people of other religions to several steps below a goat. And now the frog is boiled and can’t jump out. This is what I see here in the dangerous obsession with legislating human beings as if they aren’t really there. Somebody at one of the blogs last night said something that really smacked me in the head. I think it was at john’s place. He said to ignore social issues because they are ‘luxuries’ and we need to get that economy fixed and that’s the priortiy…….that thought process smacked of 1932 Germany. I saw the connect instantly, and although the person was only interested in the gay issie, I saw it as a gay issue and a woman issue, because when you only care about one, you sacrifice half your support base, and because BOTH are Simply Wrong. I also realized that the old Hitler canaard has been beaten to death, possibly on purpose, so anybody who eludes to it is accused of calling someone Hitler or or nazi or some such crap. So in an effort to divert from that, I give you the Middle East as the shining example on the Hill or where the beginning of legislating ANY category of humans will ultimately get you. They kill the people they started out benignly legislating. And they do it legally, because they finally go to the ultimate Legislative Goal.

    SWP i respect and understand your take on the Silent, and my only fear is that most people don’t understand that they cant fight back with their vote if their choices are both detrimental to them. That is why I believe the only way to break this two party that is really one party trap is to reject them everywhere else besides the voting both. Otherwise all you do is change one set of problems for another, which is what has been happening for a long time on Election Day USA. We keep swapping horrible problems and calling it “change”. It’s not “change” to keep swapping death by fire for death by drowning, particularly when those being swapped out have the same sponsors to begin with.

  24. I saw that social issues are a luxury comment too. Put me in mind of the poem – the last line of which is

    Then they came for me and there was no one left to speak out for me.

    Now I have to go look up the Godfather reference. Another movie I am proud to say I have never watched. sigh.

  25. And here is the source of my unrelenting unwillingness to be bullied or listen to reverse double talk.

    For all the double talk, I would like someone to name me one bill that has submitted for a vote, committee consideration in either house of Congress, or considerered for voter referendum that says all women must have abortions, can’t stay home or have kids, can’t get married, can’t be heterosexual. Or name me a bill submitted for vote or Committee consideration or voter referendum that says heterosexual marriage should be banned. Where is the talk of a Constitutional Amendment on a marrage being between two women or two men? Nowhere, that’s where. That would infringe on human rights of, you know, real humans. And just for the halibut, where is a referndum on whether or not Viagra should not be covered by insurance? Where are the bills for consideration that say men should bring a note to their employers spelling out why they need viagra and if the need is legitimate or not. The answer is: Nowhere! That would be an infringement on privacy of, you know, real human beings. Dear Employer: My patient has a limp dick. Please let him have Viagra. Thanks! Yet there are those who would demand that a woman explain her endometriosis or ovarian cyst in order to get birth control as a legitimate medical prescription for a legitimate medical issue. But that doesn’t infringe on, you know, Real humans. I legitimately got the pill many years ago for a cyst and it was covered and I didn’t have to explain it to ANYBODY. It was my DOCTOR’s decision and nobody’s goddamned business. In fact, it’s too bad I have to even mention it now because it’s STILL nobody’s goddamned business. But then, Religious zealots and Pope’s weren’t in charge of half of congress back then. And since the VAST majority of catholics use birth control, I’d say the pope has a problem, which is why he can’t “Trust” them.

    In fact, the only human rights infringing laws being attempted here are from one distinct side, targeting people or personal and private life choices they don’t approve of. In fact some of them even think they have a “cure” for people who aren’t perfect like they are in their own eyes. Crazy opinions are not Laws. Legislation is distinctly different from an opinion. And so, as much as I despise Barack Obama,( and I challenge anyone to dare accuse me of being an Obot given nearly 4000 posts on this blog dating back to 2008), I cannot subscribe to people who think legislating other people is an okay thing to do. Unless one has designs on the middle east and its frog theory. This is a huge affront to our Republic, no less huge than some of the Obama affronts we have witnessed.

    And so I will not vote. I refuse to continue participating in a swap of one horrible intent for another. And in the end, both of these parties have many of the same sponsors. Only a child or someone handing out free passes to either side could miss seeing that.

    Finally, if Hillary were president all this bullshit would have been nuked long ago. Serves you right, girly Obots.

  26. The two parties are like the Dodgers vs the Red Sox. Fans fill up the corporate owned stadiums paying hundreds of dollars for tickets, merchandise and over priced food and drink to cheer on their “home” team. Meanwhile the steroid filled, overpaid players on their “home” team have no actual connection to their city or town beyond their lucrative contracts and endorsements.

  27. imust, you forgot to add, and they are laughing their asses all the way to the bank mumbling, “Suckers!”.

  28. From yesterday’s post:

    Yes Mt. Laurel. Keyword: SHE. My mother’s cat used to sing and bring her the mail. But this cat is a male. So what’s his malfunction?

    Perhaps, instead of bringing you mice and trying to teach you hunt, your find young man has figured out food at Uppity’s comes into the house hidden in those plastic bags and wants to enlist the dogs help on replenishing rations.

  29. Mom, look no further. Here’s the baptism scene.

  30. Ah Mt. Laurel, I see now! Problem is, the dog sniffs the bag, notes there’s nothing to eat in it, looks at the cat and says WTF and walks away.

  31. Opps block quote did not take. And find should be fine. My bad.

    And then, when more dollars are waived in front of the owners of said “home” teams, they pick up and move to a new town without so much as a bye your leave.

  32. Yes and sadly, what if a group of real baseball fans decided to fund their own league? They filled their rosters with players who grew up in their home towns and wanted to play baseball for the love of the game! If too many people began coming to the new leagues’ games leaving the corporate stadiums empty, the corporate owners wouldn’t just sit back and let that happen….they would buy up the new league teams, either absorbing them into their fold or unceremoniously throwing them to the curb.

  33. Thanks Uppity. I think I get the reference. But movies and me are just not friends. Books. Books are my friends.

  34. Imust, your What If answer is simple. They would be blocked one way or another, using mountains of money. In fact, whatever it takes.

  35. On the dues paying point: if you hadn’t gone through these fires for yourself, you would never in a million years believe your eyes as you witnessed what Democrats did to EACH OTHER. My silent colleagues now refuse to attend meetings as warm bodies to fulfill quorum requirements and in retaliation, the ones who think they have the power because they commandeer the agency are degenerating into even more unattractive assholes. Success Motivation Institute showed me that balance in all areas of your life: Fitness, Spiritual, Education, Family, Work and Fun, is a goal, not usually a reality. We gravitate to the things that grab us. Women on the lowere tiers of mastering still misstep with respect to mentors they trust, but here at UW, we can watch a discussion unfold, relate to “Incoming” but still remain in control of our respective ‘vote’ which I didn’t even learn until Will Bower asserted that he owned his. Until that moment, I was a troll voting D who was mugged for my suffrage. Only then did I stand up on my hind legs and defend myself. It took that to show me that, either way, they were copping a choice for which I was paying the tab. After 20 years of watching my Pirates lose, I am throwing up the “Zoltan” when that bum, Pedro, goes deep. I now see the Pennant Race as a Race for the Runners. I’m learning how rough the Reds and the Cards and the Dodgers have ALWAYS played and having to dig deep to process enough pressure to rise up and back my team, not because they’re Pirates, but because they’re giving their all. Whenever, in my life, I’ve given what I knew was all I had, expecting to fall by the wayside, something “else” takes my effort and carries it forward. Not every victor is a “winner,” and not every also-ran is a “loser.”

  36. In reference to comments a several previous posts, a link to this came in an email from Medline:

    Gynecologists Alarmed by Plastic Surgery Trend

  37. SWPAannA, are you saying that you have decided to back the Democrats, not because of the people on the ticket or the DNC talking heads on TV, but for and because of the real people in the trenches, and the party members? Please understand, I mean no disrespect. I am not criticizing or judging, I’m just trying to understand your comment.

  38. I was a troll voting D who was mugged for my suffrage

    Your pearls are priceless. I love this. ‘splains what the D party has done to women for decades.

    You know, Democrats didn’t do these things to each other. I never regarded the hijackers of my party as Democrats. I regarded them as crackpot fringes who crawled in from Failed fringe parties and screamed and bullied their way into control. i predict they will be forever branded for the failure of the Democratic Party and either left to die on the vine with the existing “New party” or be booted out on their asses either by their own Nose-Thumbing candidate should he snatch a second term, after which he will no longer hang on the slightest ceremony when he laughs in their Useful Idiot face — or, should their candidate, for whom that make at least one excuse per day, lose his second term, they will be booted by those of us who are observing and watching and enjoying their well-deserved demise.

  39. No, imust, I am convinced of Romney’s decency and exective understanding of processing everything that is part of the day’s work, in the interest of the People who have consented to be governed. I do not believe that Karl Rove will have a role in his administration and I have seen that he does not waste his breath trying to communicate with trappers only after his pelt and not interested in good government. That he had to fend off so many challengers showed me he will not be a partisan, building the Republican Party on the taxpayer’s dime. I don’t want to influence others’ votes because I consider the statistics of an election like the colagen of afterbirth to be processed for all that went into the final results. Obama – unlike the Clintons – was too ignorant of the many reactions his words triggered, and cocooned himself in his supporters’ protective swaddle. Romney’s a performance-seasoned, diplomatic grown-up who won’t over-react and who will keep the production System running with a Test System parallel where his trial-and-error programs won’t bomb the Economy. Give me a decent Job and a winning ball club – whatever the season, and I can function as a citizen, not just an icon populated by the programmed puppet who took the campaign contributions and played the game. Like Ross Perot, Romney understands what the deficit does to our credit, and living without either credit OR a Job has made that my priority. Just as Bill Clinton “co-opted” the deficit as his issue having recognized Perot’s wisdom, I fully expect him to get onboard with the Romney-Ryan administration because he genuinely enjoys governing in the company of truly professional colleagues. His input will temper the extremes of the Republican interest forces and we will have a voice through him. Hillary’s work as Secretary of State will show true fruit in the transition and she will continue to have relationships with those international leaders with whom she met, and like Bill, will be free to speak her mind.

  40. @ Mt Laurel

    Not as uncommon as you think. It’s cash pay. The ob gyns are trying to make a go at the cosmetic bs which has been fed to our younger sisters. It’s never enough that we blow out watermelons and look like a truck ran over us after having kids, now we must be image conscious about them private parts or we’ll scare the husks off the corn.

  41. Thanks SWPAnnA for your explanation. I agree about Hillary’s work. Do you think she will transition to the Bill Clinton Foundation?

  42. It’s never enough that we blow out watermelons and look like a truck ran over us after having kids, now we must be image conscious about them private parts or we’ll scare the husks off the corn.

    OMG. I’m dying here.

  43. I really honestly don’t care which one of these guys wins, all I care about is that congress isn’t owned in total by one of their HORRIFIC parties.

  44. Sorry Upps. I know it is a scary visual. 😀

  45. Lotsa hits in the past few hours, even discounting the usual obsessive stalkers and those who are checking to see if they should show up yet and try to start a fight.

    must be Tiger Lily. Can’t be the discussion where nobody has been attacked yet.

  46. No McNorman, it’s a hilarious visual.

  47. I really honestly don’t care which one of these guys wins, all I care about is that congress isn’t owned in total by one of their HORRIFIC parties.

    And THAT sums it up. I will keep a close eye and ear to the winds and base my down ticket votes on exactly this strategy.

  48. Way to go Mom. Bunch of obsessive compulsive guys jerking around with people’s lives need not be in full charge, regardless of their shitty party.

    It’s fun to watch them yell Stop Touching Me! like the infants they are.

  49. UW, you’re not wrong about those fringe party hijackers, but I’ve also been shown that they hold their “beloved” democratic party roots sacred. Just as I went through the agony of breaking off my relationship with the current leadership yet hold out hope that the true Democratic Party will be re-invigorated, I feel for those Dems who are currently struggling with “letting O Go.” It helped that I spent 3 weeks on a sequestered jury with some Republicans who were chosen half by the District Attorney and half by the Defense, but we all wanted justice for the victim and her kids. We couldn’t reach a verdict, but the next jury did, off the lessons the DA learned from our feedback. Vote 3rd Party if you must, at least that’s a vote the Trolls don’t get.

  50. I’m shocked, shocked, shocked to see there’s still election talk going on here! What up?

  51. socal — From the last thread….

    I was kidding. It was I who kinda picked on you (but really the Z guy) at the neighbor’s. That’s why I let UW and the gang use Mom’s whip on me (SophieCT was a conscientous objector to the violence).

  52. No can vote 3rd party since all you gotta do is a search on this blog to know what i think of the 90% fakeness of Greenie and it’s similariities to the bomb shelter boom.

    Which is too bad because I like Jill Stein. I think she’s right about these two parties and people’s addiction to their abusers. And she’ right on with women and gay rights. But when I read she’s going to correct nature and make a boatload of green jobs, which invariable will be paid for by taxpayers, and from gas tax hikes that will make it only possible to walk to work, I kind of get the heebie jeebies.

  53. SWP you’re a better person than I am because i don’t feel sorry for the morons who fell for Obama one bit.

  54. I’m loving me my Clint Eastwood today. (That’s all I’ll say in this [allegedly] no-election-talk zone.)

  55. imust, I don’t. My guess is she will go to India to work with a population that is ready to get it together with industrious Women and flex her fundraising prowess in Nancy Pelosi’s face.

  56. talk about dog whistles, the Eastwood words that weren’t spoken to the “Empty Chair” were: “Do you feel lucky, PUNK? Well, DO ya?”

  57. I think Pres. Romney will offer Hillary a prominent worldwide role — eg, head of the World Bank (a positon the USA doesn’t openly appoint a person to, but that it fixes behind the scenes). Payback, if you like, for all the thousands of Hillary supporters who I’m convinced are going to vote for him. (Not you guys, I know, but I sense many others will secretly pull that lever.)

    Ducking and running for cover………….

  58. Why do you say “dog whistles,” SWP? Punk isn’t rayyyyycist, is it? Genuine question.

  59. Raise your hands IF you DOUBT BigDawg is going to vote for Romney.

  60. NES- LOL I have no doubt in my mind Big Dawg is not voting for Obama. He might go third party and vote the woman though- he is in NY so his vote won’t count either.

    Uppity- I am liking all the new side bar pics. Cool.

  61. No, it’s the thought that swirled through my mind as I recallrd those spaghetti westerns. I loved that the old guy who once played a Secret Service Agent “In The Line Of Fire,” agrees with my assessment of the O that he’s a punk. I gotta believe that everybody who shares that view heard the word “PUNK” even though Clint “doesn’t say that anymore.”

  62. nes, can you see James Carville and Mary Matalin working out the particulars at home acting as respective agents cutting the deal to cut Obama out? The way Bill endorsed Hillary’s faithful dems in 2011 suggests he’s still got some sabers to unsheath.

  63. He IS a punk and a snotty mental infant besides

  64. Oh Lord not the World Bank.

  65. Yeah that empty chair thing. I didn’t see a rerun because I find watching a cadaver very painful. But some Obot tweeted how talking to an empty chair was rayyyyyyyycist and talking down to the boy or some such whatever. I think somebody said the chair was black?

    Color is the LEAST of this punk’s worries.

  66. Well NES, yes it does seem peaceful. At least until you came here with your cute little monkey wrench. Did you bring the trolls with you or are you flying solo?

  67. Gotta get a graphic that says DIVIDED CONGRESS 2012. I know FF is busy. Maybe if I offer candy DE will do it.

  68. Uppity not candy….a PIE!

  69. I think somebody said the chair was black?

    …and according to O’s tweet, the “seat was taken.” cute but to us “Big Brother” viewers, it sounds like he’s getting set up for a blindside.

  70. btw, Chris Matthews “covered” last night’s convention- not with three “reporters” but with three comedians determined to riducule everything. No laughs to be had.

  71. SWPAnna speaking of “This chair is taken”–

  72. Uppity, I never meant to disrespect you or your blog.

    Even in “Where’s Uppity” – it was done with the utmost of affection and respect for the many issues you’ve covered so passionately, so well, and often so damned humorously. I hoped that somewhere, you were laughing your ass off at how impressionable you are and how much your presence on this blog is missed.

    I didn’t grow up in the trenches of fighting for women’ rights – even though my father was a lifelong Dem. I was too wounded myself for so many years.

    I’m a novice, still, at best. But I read and try and learn. I will never “get over” 2008 nor the consequences of the past fours years, as a result.

    If I’ve learned anything at all, it’s that without a woman’s “right to vote” being fought for, women had no avenue for demanding rights at all.

    What you said @ Uppity Woman, on August 31, 2012 at 1:48 PM and what SWPAnnA, said on August 31, 2012 at 2:56 PM are equally as profound and insightful as to the importance of what’s at stake.

    I’m choosing to vote because I can – and completely agree that neither party, as they stand now, should ever be trusted with total legislative control of both houses. The only question that I am seriously in doubt about, does that even matter anymore?

    No fight here and no public promotion or endorsement. I’ll vote the way I will because I simply believe it would be unconscionable to hope for the best with everything that has happened.

  73. Your Lilly looks al ot like my Tipsy. I told you awhile back some idiot dumped a nice little, pregnant kitty in our yard. The result? Two new kittens a few months back One named Tink, the other Tipsy. Tink his like his dad; stares at his poop like it is a Picaso, plays with his privates, and loves the nip(His version of beer) Tipsiy is a bit timid,but like to “Pearl Habor” her brother, and my toes. It won’t be long until my little pup,Bill Willie, is ready to join in. The more I see of people, the better I like my fur family.:)

  74. Hell I don’t feel dissed by you at all Why Not. You’ve always been a wonderful member and I would hardly call one disagreement consisting of two comments a food fight.

  75. OMG that Effing Goldman Sachs Proxy Thief Ben Bernanke says “We’ll do more for the economy”. I was laughing so hard, I left the link before I captured it.

  76. Yeah Ben, we know you’ll do even more.

  77. Ooops methinks I scared NES off. lol.

    Damn, now I’m not covered Pro Bono today. I better fix this.

  78. John you are so kind to animals and I do wish you would do the kindest thing for them and speuter them when they show up. Kittens grow up and make more, you know? Please consider it. Don’t make me come over there!

  79. Why Not, I DID laugh my ass off reading that thread. First laugh I had in days.

  80. Rush Limbaugh is to the Republican party what Bill Maher is to the Democratic party. A monkey on their backs.

    He called Claire McCaskill a “Senatorette”. Think about that. I’ll wait.

  81. I will do it. But you can come on over any ways! Us hillbillies luv you northern gals:)

  82. Whew! I thought you all thought that I might be a “Republican Troll” since I did kind of “trash up the blog” (with separation anxiety) for a few days there. lol! Ok.

    Ben Bernanke says “We’ll do more for the economy

    Translation: Stock up on some of those non-perishable meal packets and plenty of powdered milk for the kiddos… and bury plenty of nuts.

  83. …”now we must be image conscious about them private parts or we’ll scare the husks off the corn”

    Well mcnorman, that did indeed make my day.

  84. Uppity, I worked really, really hard at getting you to blow some Zinfandel out of your nose – knowing all along that you would never tell an amateur. lol.

  85. No Why Not. It was coffee. And it burned. Now I know if I achieved that I would be proud 🙂

  86. Hillbilly will you get me a nice box of wine too?

  87. You were just what they needed Why Not. I didn’t know you did standup.

  88. Think the Republican Party let Ron Paul out of the basement yet?

  89. Awwwwwwwwwwww Geezus! My cat puked and the dog ate it!

  90. …To think that I was upstaged completely with one word: “Merlot.”

    Honestly, I’m grateful that you put an end to live-blogging the conventions before the Dem Convention starts, Uppity. Us all going all homicidal on here at once wouldn’t be pretty.

    Mom has “a way” of whipping us back into sanity. lol

  91. Ahhh Uppity…

    Gloating over you having that coffee “experience” is such an interestingly, fine feeling. Geeeeeee, so sorry that happened to YOU… heh.

  92. UW, Your cat represents the Dem/GOP parties, and the candidates we get to vote for, and your dog is us, the voter, having to eat(vote) for the puke.:)
    Merlot? Ain’t he the magic dude in King Arty? As for boxed wine, I was thinking I would just poor some into a zip lock bag and you can stuff it in your purse and take it where ever you go.

  93. Why Not was very funny! And agree that Hillbilly has a big heart.

    imust, love your baseball idea, and Upps idea of the Divided Congress 2012. Gold!

  94. omg. Wine in a ziploc!!!

  95. Yes Why Not I understand. I never gloat when I make things come out of people’s noses either. Heh.

    Yes, Merlot did me in, I’m afraid. I get the shakes just typing it.

    and it is true that the live blogging did conjure thoughts of postal shootings.

  96. …Gloating interrupted:

    “Awwwwwwwwwwww Geezus! My cat puked and the dog ate it!

    (Uh, Needlenose… you might want to hold off on the kisses and that Treat-Toy-Play-Drooling thingy for a day or two, Kiddo.)

  97. mcn, very funny abt the private parts/corn husks. Apparently those procedures are very popular now, especially where I live here in lala/me-me land.

  98. Hillbilly, doesn’t matter what it represented because the puke was still warm for Chrissakes. My eyes were tearing!

    I suppose you could rig something up for me where I could carry the box of wine like a large handag with a long strap and just extend the spigot so I can easily place it in my mouth? I mean, if it’s not too much trouble. I don’t want to be too upscale or anything.

  99. I think our Hills will be resting up and planning for ’16. (fingers crossed)

  100. Upps, they already have those, the goat herders carry em. I forget what they’re called…boda bags?

  101. Wine in a ziploc!!!

    OMG! I’m rollin’ here! We could have used that one, Hillbilly!

  102. You dropped the ball Why Not! Ziploc coulda been a commandment.

  103. Yeah socal, wineskins. The goatfuckers use them to get the goats drunk or something.

  104. I think our Hills will be resting up and planning for ’16. (fingers crossed)

    I don’t think she’ll be resting up. I think she’ll be gearing up. Besides, that woman could never rest for four years. She took like, what, one vacation in the last four? Remember how she kept exhausting The Twit and he had to keep going on vacations? By the end of that primary he looked like ten miles of bad road.

  105. You gotta admire imust, Why Not. She undsrstands the use of cruel and inhumane punishment. She plucked “Merlot” right out of the Torturer’s Guide To Pain.

  106. I have been known to gag over a lot less, Uppity. I can’t think about cat puke-dog eats one more second. The “warm” part gave me an involuntary moment – which means I’m close to the edge. lol.

  107. Ziplock never crossed my mind!

    Yeah, imust, had the guts to go straight for the juggler. I was holding back – cause I didn’t want to offend you, Uppity.

    I’m nice like that, you know.

  108. You gotta admire imust, Why Not. She undsrstands the use of cruel and inhumane punishment.

    Why do you think I became a teacher?…….bwahhhhaaaaaaaa!!!!

  109. @ Mt Laurel

    Sorry. As PMM so sweetly reminded me earlier of the soft underarm aging staring back at me in the mirror, I had to let her know that I am quite proud of my “batwings.” I have earned them as well. I don’t really care much about what the young marketers are trying to sell in the way of age rejuvenation aka cut and revise.

    Really, a young 20+ year old came in with his grandmother and labeled her as in dire need of batwing tightening. Horror, absolute horror I told him. I thought he was an awful and ungrateful grandchild to have said this in a room filled with people. Manners, where have they gone? His grandmother shrugged and announced to the room that the batwinged granny could still kick his ass anytime any day. LOL

  110. Oh socal, there is nothing comparable to mother nature’s own work, but we will be sold on fixing whatever has moved south (“ravaged” by time). Photoshop makes that an easy thing to do these days. sigh

  111. 7. Thou Shalt put the phrase: “Things aren’t like they used to be!” in Ziploc Bag to eat as leftovers when the day comes that you have no Rights left.

  112. I want me a Tiger Lily….

    Definitely a Lebanese Kitteh you have there SophieCT. She’ll be playing with a Softball before you know it. 😉

  113. “I don’t think she’ll be resting up. I think she’ll be gearing up.” From Uppity’s lips to God’s ears. I think Hillary is all we have left in our bag of tricks. No other worthy person has stepped forward to take the helm and steer us out of this mess.

    Cannot wait to see Bill speak at the Dimwit Convention.

  114. Took the whole day off and I forgot to do something I wanted to do before nighttime. Later.

  115. SophieCT!! Loved the video of Tiger Lily!! You did a great job and of course the song selection was purrr-fect!

  116. Obie can’t stand all the attention Mitt got yesterday, so he’s using the military as props again….natch!

  117. The “warm” part gave me an involuntary moment – which means I’m close to the edge.

    I’m so pleased.

  118. Oh yeah he’s going to help soldiers, especially the Marine Corpse.

  119. Atta Boy Barack. Salute the Corpseman.

  120. Hugo, also want to see Bubba speak. Does anyone know what day? I wonder if Mom will want us over there, trashing her place.

  121. So happy for you, Sophie, that you and lovely Lliy have made a good home together. She is adorable.

  122. Glad to see Lily’s getting a few comments in this election-free zone! /s

  123. Live blogging Big Dawg?
    I can be bribed.

  124. Ok. I’ll bribe. I’ll replace all the booze Karen and Imust drank after I left!

  125. STFU sophie before I give you pain. Lots of pain.

  126. I’ll consider making a blog exception but only for the big dawg. Nothing before or after him beause we all know it’s going to be a friggin carnival.

  127. How big is Lily now. How much does the little world traveler weigh?

  128. Just been checking the speaking schedule and Bill scheduled for Sept. 5.

  129. Best I can tell, she weighs about 3 lbs. She doesn’t gain weight as you can see, but she is easily twice as tall as she was and really long! I think she’s going to be a big kitty. Not round and big like my middle child, but lean and tall.

  130. I was just going to say that. She looks REALLY long. Like my RIP soulcat. I used to call him Longfellow. She looks really really long and tall. Very cool. Also, her belly looks spotted ala bengal.

  131. Ok for 5th hugo but will need the time. We will have to post lots of guards. lol.

  132. LOL Poor Smokey Bones is little. If Lily is long and tall she got it from her Daddy.

  133. Someone had the convention schedule some where. Maybe Sophie had it?

  134. Watching Discovery about people living in alaska boonies. Cripes those people live in another world. No wonder so many wierd people and people running from the law, child support, etc, go there. Yeesh. What a spartan life of survival.

  135. They don’t have a schedule posted yet. Here are the speakers:

    Big Dawg is Weds.

  136. Oh geez- I just saw a commercial for imusts pens

  137. Interestingly, Lego has a Lego Friends line, building bricks with colors that girls like. their profits rose 35% in the first 6 months of 2012.

  138. OMG the Pens! Did you guys see Rev Vet’s comment late last night about the BiC pens?

    Now, if I may, I have to get something off my chest…

    BIC Cristal pens? Pens for Her?

    Okay, that is IT. I have had enough. Do you Women need to take over everything?! I mean, where is the equal opportunity for Men? You have it ALL already, and now you want your own damn pens too? Disgusting. Unfair. And don’t give me any of that crap about the old BIC pens being for Men, because everybody knows that the old BIC pens were, at best, Unisex pens. No bias there, at all. Okay, so, right now I am officially calling for a new BIC pen to be produced. I will NOT rest until BIC starts producing…


    That’s right, you heard me. I DEMAND that BIC give us Men what we deserve – A true masculine pen that any true man will be glad to own! Some features might include:

    MENZ PENS: To be sold in camouflage-colored casings only, so as to remind us of our primal hunting urges. To be very long and very thick to grasp, so as to help those of us (myself, of course, not included) to overcompensate for any inadequacies we may have, um, in other areas. To be sold with ink that smells of whiskey, or, barbeque sauce. To be sold with an auto-correcting handwriting feature which helps to transform any notion of clear cursive style to a nearly illegible chicken-scratch scrawl. To be sold to Men only, with gender verification examinations required before purchase.

    I’m sure there can be many more MANLY features, but I’ll leave that to the R&D guys. That’s it. No more of this sexist shit. I want MENZ PENS. And I want them now!

  139. Thanks for making the exception for Bill, Uppity. He’s bigger than this election anyway.

    I did see the Menz Pens comment in the thread below and thought it was a hoot. I’m jealous of Mens Pens. Would like a pink camo fat pen that smells like peonies.

  140. Typo–should read “exception for Bill:

    ::Fixit Fairy visited your comment::

  141. Hell Hugo, based on Rev Vet’s Menz Penz specifications, I’ve seriously been thinking of ditching Mr. U and getting one of those penz myself.

  142. Speaking of Rev Vet’s writing prowess and MK Bill, I just sent this post to Indy because I thought she would find it endearing. It was written last year but you might note some accidental predictions in it that apply to today.

  143. Does anyone know where Pamela’s been? I thought for sure the video of Lily would bring her out.

  144. Haven’t seen pamela either. Miss her. Love RevVets Menz Pens! Fabulous!

  145. Wonderful post on MK Bill and his ancestory. I did not know him but he seems much loved and very impressive. Who knew he was a descendant of one of the Founding Kittehs! Condolences to all of his People.

  146. Penz synonym for peniz, yes?

  147. Beats me dwp but it sounds good.

  148. Just wanting to check in. I have been watching streaming teevee from nola the past few days watching the issac mess. Some of you have gotten tweets from me showing some of the damage from *just* a Cat 1 hurricane. The problems arise when said storm only creeps along at 8, 5 or 3 mph and then stalls twice.

    Sophie Lily is sooo cute!! Who is going to rule the roost? 😆

  149. Uppity: I have a SERIOUS dog(s) abuse, reporting issue that I need some serious advice on – because of the implications.

    Whichever way I go, it won’t be good, except for the animals, who’s conditions are haunting me now.

    I know you hate gmail, but that’s where I do wordpress. If you or anyone would be willing to walk me through options, please contact Uppity for my email.

  150. P.S. I’ll refrain from disclosing the details of the animals’ conditions to spare you what I’m now going through. It’s the “relationship” and having been allowed to enter the house (heretofore forbidden) to assist in removing one of the animal’s that died. Now, there is no way that the person will not know it’s me reporting what’s happening in that home, yet, the remaining animals NEED to be removed, ASAP.

  151. Oh screw it. I’ll try the first option of “intervention” of “Let me help you, this isn’t fair or humane to your animals and I don’t think you can “see” how much they are suffering.” and go from there. (She’s using them as caged guard dogs, because she’s afraid, I think, but can’t afford to feed or vet them – and her vision is almost blind.)

  152. Just talked to a friend who’s going with me in the AM.

  153. Arnold just can’t seem to leave his movie roles behind. Guess he doesn’t know that he’s pumped himself into a macho-man freak?

  154. Did someone say Dem Convention?

  155. Did someone say Dem Convention?

    Did someone say smack NES upside the head?

  156. Why Not, I wouldn’t dream of walking you through anything under these circumstances. There is only ONE answer. If these are used as guard dogs and they are crated and she’s not feeding them well, this is a dangerous situation. You should not take this on yourelf and there is only one answer, call the police unless there is a local No Kill sanctuary you can call that will rescue them. Do not try to handle these dogs yourself under ANY circumstances. If they are sick or malnourished, they need sanctuary help. If they are at the point where they are getting such bad care, they might attack or bite. I can’t see them and even if I could, You Never Know. I would never consider taking this on without the help of exerienced dog rescuers, one of which I am not. I do cats. I am amused that the woman imagines these dogs can protect her crated or that she even thinks they want to protect her, considering how she is treating them, they might more likely want to rip her ass apart. Personally, I think the owner is one sick puppy and should be shot in the head for what she has done, but that’s just me. Being nearly blind does not excuse you for being an animal abuser. If she doesn’t have the sense to know she is killing dogs, then she needs to be run over by a rescue group immediately. If she can’t afford to feed them she is deliberately killing them. Poor is NO excuse for cruelty. She must surrender these animals. Once again, I would NOT recommend going over there and trying to resolve this issue yourself.

    If you are worrying about her knowing you turned her in, your next option is to do nothing, which, as you know, is cruel to those animals. If I knew this person I wouldn’t give a rat’s ass if she knew I reported her and I wouldn’t want to know her anyways. She is keeping starving dogs as prisoners till they die. But that’s just me.

    That’s pretty much all I can tell you and probably all anyone here would tell you.

  157. WhyNot- What Uppity said. Please listen to Uppity. Caged, starving dogs can be damn dangerous. Please call in the authorities right away.

  158. This week’s winning search term that landed on this blog:

    “Vegetables for hard penis”

  159. ROFL!
    I am canning tomatoes today. Again. Yes. Water is on. Tomatoes are washed.
    Anybody have any idea what to do with the stupid yellow tomatoes he planted? They are nasty. No flavor. Just sucking up space. Can’t can them as is due to the low acid. I ripped out the one grape tomato sized one he planted about a month ago. He doesn’t eat them either. Maybe just throw them all on the compost pile?

  160. I dehydrate grape and cherry tomatoes and they’re just like sun dried tomatoes. I’ve used yellow tomatoes in salads but they weren’t tasteless.

  161. Yellow tomatoes blow goats. Only suggestion I have is leave them on the ground for nutrients.

  162. Soph my cherry tomatoes never survive long enough to dry. We throw them in salads soon as we pick them. I did make Rachael’s cherry tomato and clam sauce recipe though.

    I have work to do as well. Have to blanch, peel. deseed and cook down the sauce tomatoes, which I promptly freeze in containers. They will be my base on cold winter days when I’ve reached the point where I know I will never see another tomato that tastes like a tomato again till next summer.

    I’ve eaten so many tomatoes in the past few weeks it’s a wonder I haven’t overdosed on Vitamin A. The lycopene is great for my prostate, but that I don’t have one.

  163. My San Marzanos haven’t come yet. I usually do about 100 lbs, which isn’t much once you cook it down to a Sunday Gravy. I roast then freeze the tomatoes in vacuum-sealed packs because I’m too lazy to can (and I don’t have to add citrus).

  164. Not off topic, since this is a Lily post…but I’ve noticed that the number of cat toys around here has doubled. No, people aren’t bring toys to celebrate my new arrival. The new arrival herself has been small enough to fit in and under everything and has discovered tons of old and lost toys! Just thought I’d share that since we were just playing with some of those old toys…

  165. I don’t can. I don’t even know how and I don’t want to learn. I do enough to ensure good food on the table and I’m not going to slave over it. I cook them down and that’s that. I figure if nobody ever complains, I must be doing it right. I planted some spanish onions this year too but won’t pull them up till later.

    I’m pulling in all the herbs this weekend though. It gets too cold in the evenings. I’ll bring my heirloom basil plants in and grow them inside for the winter, then I’ll dry the Greek and regular basils together and they make an interesting mix. Rosemary, my favorite spice of all time, is also the easiest. Freeze em right on their branches. When you take on out it gets fresh all over again. LOVE rosemary and most people don’t know how delicious it really is because they buy those dry bottles of little stiff needles that they call rosemary. Rosemary should sue spice makers for this. lol. Thyme, i freeze some and dry some. I don’t use that much thyme but it’s there when I need it. Parsley I will leave out longer as it can take anything. Already chopped down the dill and am drying it. I can’t believe how freaking expensive dry dill is, what a joke. It grows like a weed FCS.

    So tomatoes and herbs are the extent of my winter Provisions activity.

  166. Uppity: Right. Right and Right.

    Wouldn’t think of trying to “handle” or “transport” these dogs myself.
    “Let me help you” means: “Please, let me call a rescue so you can have them “voluntarily” removed to avoid worse problems.”

    (She didn’t come to the door.)

    They “guard” her by barking from their various, caged locations throughout her home. One’s condition is deplorable, like the one that expired – which no doubt suffered. She wouldn’t let me actually see two others – but I didn’t have to. Apparently, from another who knows her – this has been going on for years – as they “used to buy food for the animals, themselves, but stopped last year.”

    So pissed and distressed over this, I hate life with people like this in it, today.

  167. Nice to know Lily is earning her keep by cleaning up after old lost toys. Maybe if you take her outside she could make a living as a metal detector too.

  168. Gardener Confession: I carry a salt shaker to the garden and plead Guilty to picking tomatoes and eating them. I know this is no excuse and won’t lessen my sentence, but it’s a childhood habit

  169. Sophie went off-topic from the off-topic, to on-topic, which is off-topic even though it’s the topic.

  170. Will spare everyone any further reports on this. IT WILL BE HANDLED.

  171. Ok we’re gonna pass on the details Why Not, as they make some of us sick and ruin our day. Call for help. Now. The dogs aren’t barking to guard her they are barking for help. Do something Now. Please. We’ll end this here unless you give us happy news that the animals have been removed from this asshole’s home. Okay?

  172. In fact, Uppity, please delete my comments on this – it’s too fricking depressing – especially on a weekend.

    Thanks and, again. IT WILL BE HANDLED.

  173. No we won’t delete it. We want to remember there are animal abusers out there who deserve to be dispositioned. Glad you will take care of it.

  174. Think on this to wash the thoughts out of your minds – I See Good People, Angels to Animals, Everywhere.

    Last night my friend said: “Pray.”

    Well, I did, and the answer was:

    “That was nice, but I had already called your name for this a couple of days ago, along with a few others’.”


  175. if you take her outside she could make a living as a metal detector too

    Ahh, she is very interested in going outside, but none of my cats are allowed. I live in the woods (in suburbia, but in the woods) and there are birds of prey that would snatch her up for breakfast.

  176. …that sounded so egoistic. Trust me, I bleed buckets over these things, so I do not consider myself exactly “called” for these things, but the others who are coming most definitely are “Angels” imo.

  177. See you all later.

  178. LOL I too carry the salt shaker to the garden. (I have one stashed in the shed)
    I hate the damn cherry tomatoes. And the grape tomatoes. One of each plant and the friggin things are everywhere. There is no way we could consume them all. I make him take them to work to give away.
    The San Marzanos are SOOOO much better than the generic “Roma” tomatoes! Coming in good now. Looks like I will be canning every other day. No pressure canning for me lol- hot water bath.
    I cut back the oregano already- it is hanging to dry. I never have any luck growing dill. 😦 Which sucks because it is super expensive- got lucky though- found some local and traded for it.
    I leave my thyme and oregano out all winter- I just brush the snow off and snip as needed. I have to cut the tarragon soon- waiting to see flower buds. Oh- the sage stays out all winter as well- though I do dry a huge amount of that as well. The Rosemary is in a pot. Mine never survives the winter- but I keep trying. I bring it in and it does fine til around Thanksgiving- then it croaks.

  179. Mine don’t leave either, SOphie. In fact, if you open all the doors and windows, they still don’t go out. I wouldn’t either if I were one of my cats. When I die, I do hope I come back as a cat owned by somebody like me. To put a finer point on it, my big Chooch literally moans and wails on the way to the vet. He hyperventilates, does number One, number Two AND Number Three. By the time he gets there, he’s a physical mess and requires a paper bag just to breathe and it’s not any better on the way home. He may look like a mountain lion but he’s a real wimp. You could drive cross country with my other cat and she couldn’t care less so long as you keep telling her how cute she is.

  180. I’ve been by several times to see Lily’s current post – thanks Sophie! But feeling quite tongue-tied, I took my sibling’s long-offered advice: think twice; say nothing. 🙂 However, I can state as follows: the day we transported Lily shall remain as one of my all-time favorite memories.

    Another notable one might turn out to be this: early this morning as I traveled west, for several minutes, a view of the blue moon ahead was complemented with a rising sun ablaze, so nicely framed by the left side mirror…and Jupiter aligned with Mars….

    Hope you all have a great weekend.

  181. Mom next time put the dill in a huge pot in indirect sun, like on a deck or porch and keep harvesting it. If you don’t it gets weak and the the dill gets brown. Just keep cutting it down. That’s what I do. Otherwise it grows really tall and it seems the taller it gets the less actual dill you get from the stalks. I don’t use seeds, although some people do in pickling and things. I just use the dill part and dry it as I harvest it. Get to use fresh along the way too. I use a lot of dill with fish. I put it in egg salad, tuna salad too. But I love a nice piece of pan grilled fish with lemon and dill and a hit of white wine toward the end. Dill is a great herb. I don’t grow oregano because my cousin is an oregano obsessive and she grows so damned much of it I end up with a huge bottle of it dried. I am not a fan of fresh oregano so it works out for me. I do like fresh sage too. Some people in cold weather also swear you can leave sage out in the cold and parsley too. I’ve done it with parsley with mixed results. I might try it with sage this year but not before I harvest and dry a lot of it as I use a lot of sage too. That “Poultry seasoning” in supermarkets is horrifically expensive when I have all the herbs to begin with. To hell with that crap.

  182. Pamela! We mentioned we were wondering if you were okay! You haven’t been around. Don’t ever do that again!


    Uncle Sal Monella has visited Pacific Coast Fruit Company …Fruit salads, because it’s just sooooo damned much work to cut up actual fresh fruit…

    Mangos, yum yum

    More mangos


  184. [waving to Pamela!]

    If you built it…..they will come…..
    Anyone interested in a preview of the DNC arena?? No Greek Columns this time.

  185. Before I fish myself out of spam…….are greek columns, or DNC no-no words???

  186. Stopping by to say Hi.. And that Beautiful Blue Moon.
    Have a great Labor Day Weekend!And stay safe 🙂

  187. Can’t make fun of the Democrats if you didn’t make fun of the Republicans. It’s unfair. It’s also easy considering their agenda looks like a carnival.

  188. LOL Uppity- I can’t even get dill to start growing- never mind it dying. The damn seeds don’t even germinate. Not a weed around here. Rosemary just hates me. I buy a new one every year. And it dies. And I buy a new one. And it dies. They do fine in the pot outside, but die before Christmas when I bring it in.
    I have so much dried oregano it isn’t even funny. Now THAT grows like a weed! I like it fresh and dried- and I give it to my sisters too.

  189. WTF were you doing in spam imust. Yeesh.

    Fettucini alfredo with shrimp tonight. Any bids? Also, the fettucini is home made.

  190. I swear, with that agenda the jokes are just writing themselves. But nope. No more Live blogging conventions. Big Dawg only. And that’s that.

  191. Upps, you shouldn’t have too much to clean up during Big Dawg’s speech because I have to work that night and won’t see it till it is on youtubes. I might be able to sneak to a TV at work but I won’t be able to post from there at all since it is against the rulz.

    I might be home the nights of the 3rd and 4th and would be grateful to mom if she lets us trash her place again. The wounds from the whips are starting to scab over already. Damn, that woman knows how to protect a liquor cabinet. Didn’t expect the barbed wire and tasers.

  192. karen, I showed you the secret lever that peels back the barbed wire…but you were so sloshed by then…

  193. {{{{{{{{{{{{{{{{{{{{{{Pamela!!}}}}}}}}}}}}}}}}}}}}

  194. I am so happy that all of Lily’s Aunties and Godmothers made an appearance in these comments.

  195. Not to worry Sophie and karen….if the secret lever doesn’t work….shhhhh……I’m bringing my trusty, rusty, all purpose:

  196. Me casa, su casa.
    I could use some fresh Mozzarella though. My supply seems to have been depleted. And somebody invite DE please- I need a pie.
    HEY! Now I know what to do with all those stupid cherry, grape and yellow tomatoes. I can sell them for people to throw during the other convention…..

  197. And don’t worry about those lasers either….

    Just sayin’

  198. Uppity- you have the key to the “other” liquor cabinet right? (You know- the one with the Glen Livet)

  199. Got it covered……

  200. I got a notice from DE that my mug shipped. Now at least i will be getting sloshed in style for the party to celebrate the horrors of my old party. The last time those guys got together they screwed the whole nation. Can’t let them think we forgive and forget. Must rub their noses in it.

  201. let upps drink the top shelf stuff with Sophie. imust and I can rummage though the rot gut stuff and find a beverage.

  202. Cool, I got the same notification about the mug.

  203. No Greek columns this time but they will have this….

  204. EEEEEEWWWWW imustwashmyeyeswithbleach!

  205. Yeah Mom I got the glenlivet covered. Got a trained skunk in there in case somebody is foolish enough to try and break in.

  206. Hellllllllllllllllllllllpppppppppppppppppp! I’m Blinnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnndddddddddddddddddd!!!!!

    I simply canNOT believe that arrogant narcissist would commission a statue of himself while his Subjects are going broke. What a fucking asshole. Reminds me of all the statues and posters of Stalin!

  207. DE is doing well I think, bless him. He’s working a lot.

  208. I simply canNOT believe that arrogant narcissist would commission a statue of himself while his Subjects are going broke. What a fucking asshole. Reminds me of all the statues and posters of Stalin!

    It’s not a statue…’s a Sand Sculpture!

  209. imustbeready….

    …for the skunks!

  210. God forgive me for this gross thought but when I look at that statue with his gaping hole of a mouth I think of valerie sitting on his face.

  211. imust – that sculpture’s gonna be ripe for comments about foundations built of sand

    Sophie – thanks for all the brackets!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  212. Yes pamela and theremustbe a “you didn’t build that” joke in there somewhere!

  213. hole of a mouth I think of valerie

    that is a massive “eeewwwwwww!

  214. That sand sculpture is just. just.
    Gawd- everything. EVERYTHING. is all about HIM! HIM! All the time.
    Can anybody tell me if any nominee has ever had sculptures and statues? Bobbleheads they all get. Posters, bumper stickers etc. But a friggin bigger than life gd sculpture?
    And Pamela- you are correct I hope on the foundations built of sand- hope that goes viral.

    26 ….. a foolish man who built his house on sand. 27 The rain came down, the streams rose, and the winds blew and beat against that house, and it fell with a great crash.”

  215. theremustbe a “you didn’t build that” joke in there somewhere!
    yes – it does beg for that

  216. PMM – yes. using sand kind of goes against his professed Christian training … you would think….

  217. PMM….here’s the weather forecast for Charlotte….40% chance of T-storms!
    Sep 3
    Scattered T-Storms

    S at 10 mph
    Sep 4
    Scattered T-Storms

    SSW at 7 mph
    Sep 5
    Scattered T-Storms

    SW at 6 mph
    Sep 6
    Scattered T-Storms

    W at 3 mph

  218. If you are interested in the story of Uppity and her vacation and meeting the bear go to my blog. Sorry Uppity but I just have to torture you a bit. It has been far far too long.

  219. What? Utah has a blog? WHERE?

  220. Well at least it ain’t the real story. lol.

  221. No kidding on the foundation of sand. That’s Barack.
    Makes me think of the poem Ozymandias

    But a sand sculpture is perfect. It won’t be there long.

  222. No kidding on the foundation of sand. That’s Barack.
    Makes me think of the poem Ozymandias

    But a sand sculpture is perfect. It won’t be there long.

  223. If anybody needs me to translate, let me know. For this is what happens to Important people who think they are invincible and immortal, with statues and monuments built to themselves.

    I met a traveller from an antique land
    Who said: “Two vast and trunkless legs of stone
    Stand in the desert. Near them on the sand,
    Half sunk, a shattered visage lies, whose frown
    And wrinkled lip and sneer of cold command
    Tell that its sculptor well those passions read
    Which yet survive, stamped on these lifeless things,
    The hand that mocked them and the heart that fed.
    And on the pedestal these words appear:
    `My name is Ozymandias, King of Kings:
    Look on my works, ye mighty, and despair!’
    Nothing beside remains. Round the de cay
    Of that colossal wreck, boundless and bare,
    The lone and level sands stretch far away”.

  224. Okay Utah now you force me to tell the real bear story and that’s not fair.

  225. That poem is so appropriate to all things Obama

  226. Yeah Pamela, and since he’s a “Christian” perhaps he needs a lesson in graven images of himself.

  227. Barack Obama, 50 years from now, you will be a small paragraph in history books. You will be a name on a list of Presidents that some kid has to memorize in sequence. You will go down in history as a president who diddled around so much that he only got one thing done and it was a shambles to be reversed.

  228. Too bad so many fans of Planet of the Apes do not even know of the existence of Ozymandias.

  229. Wow Uppity! You have Louis Vuitton luggage???

  230. Uppity so far I am true to my word about not releasing info. However stay tuned part two is following. You are not out of the woods yet ………………pardon the pun

  231. imust, in a word, No.

  232. At least take a banjo next time Uppity.

  233. LOL imust, Utah had me in a scene from Deliverance and you ask about luggage?

  234. B….bu..bu…but Utah said?!…..

  235. What model Mercedes?

  236. Wait till my friend sees what you did with her chalet, Utah. It ain’t West Viginia. LOLOL

  237. Yes Uppity I had to break from telling the story for canning. Also watching the wildest most intense thunder storm I have seen this year. I am wild about them and have to be out catching the lightening on film. That is priority. I will continue this tale soon.

  238. Whoa Mom. Powerful. I forgot that. That’s what certain goatfuckers would love to do to our lady.

  239. Speaking of friends, you surely all notice that you haven’t seen Stonelion since she tried to get bribes. Heh.

  240. Thunderstorms. Love em.

  241. No Mercedes either imust. But I once did have one. When I was dumb enough to think spending all that money on a car was a good idea.

  242. I would’ve taken a banjo but you know who I was afraid to run into, imust. Everybody knows the scene.

  243. I always wanted a 450SL coupe.

  244. ROFFFFFF so she says Imust so she says. Yea mayhap it is a good thing I am out here in Utah. I know Uppity will not come out here to the wilds of Idaho, Montana, Wyoming and the Dakotas so I am safe. Stonelion I tried to warn ya lol

  245. Might be a whole new thread- though I just saw that part of the sandman got washed away in a storm already. BWAHAHAHA!

  246. Yea Imust so she says. She never said and you all have never caught on that Needlenose is a tell all for the right price. You seriously try to bribe the wrong ones.

    PMM I always thought the end of that movie was powerful and folks ought to take the message to heart. Soilent Green was another movie Heston did and it is a thought provoker as well.
    I think this blow ass goat screwer in Iran would be more then happy to do this to the world. Sadly I think this batshit liar in the white house would help him.

  247. OMG! That’s hilarious PMM!!!!! Karma, Karma! I love thee!!
    Maybe we should call Obama, Mr. Sandman!

  248. Ok Imust- lol! The awful sculpture before and after- with the Ozymadias poem and your song. Throw in Planet of the Apes if it fits.
    What say you Uppity? Is it post worthy?

  249. The sand sculpture was protected from above, and Mr. Obama’s face didn’t see too much damage. But the storm was so strong that its heavy winds blew the rain sideways, pelting the president’s right side and leaving the sand pockmarked and completely erasing his right elbow.

    Read more: Rains wash away Mount Obama in Charlotte, N.C. – Washington Times
    Follow us: @washtimes on Twitter

  250. Mount Obama!!! BAHAHAHAHAHAHAAAA!!!

  251. Did someone say Mercedes? Worst car I ever made the mistake of buying. Only reason I still have it is because my neighbor is a retired mercedes tech and fixing mine is his hobby. Mine spent so much time on a roll-back that I considered buying a roll-back instead. Aside from producing junk and not providing adequate service, Mercedes is another sneaky corporation who sticks it to consumers. That’s why DOJ and EPA fined them $6 million (meager sum, in my opinion) and enjoined them to fix the leaky catalytic converters on MBs, Chryslers, and Dodges. Despite the injunction, MB corporate still tried to stick it to consumers by lying about the crack converters.

    Fabulous designs and I really want a 500SL, but I’d have myself committed if I ever bought another MB.

  252. Hugo I had a 280 SE 4.5 and it was a great car. Had cherry in it. Smelled like gloves all the time. Only car I ever owned that I sold for more than I paid for it. I owned one when they were expensive but a whole lot more affordable. I loved that car, it sucked gas from a straw. lol. But repairs on it were REALLY expensive. As in AYFKM?????? I think the new ones are not impressive at all.

  253. Heston made some damned good movies for a fall down drunk.

  254. imust they are way overpriced now.

  255. 280 SE….nice! Here’s my other favorite car, a BMW 2002 (2002 not the year it’s the model) I almost bought a used one in the late 70s, always regretted not buying it.

  256. I can’t remember when but I posted a video of a chordette today and her story was testimony to how women were forced to give up fame and money to get married and have babies back then. They broke up because of marriages. I mean you gotta stay home, girl!

  257. Yes, I remember that post.

  258. Whenever I hear Mr. Sandman, I think of a time when I was in my late 20s long after Mr. Sandman was recorded, but still everybody knew the song. I was visiting my parents at Christmas in Florida and there was a huge blackout, due to everybody lighting CHristmas trees and a cold spell when people cranked on the heat. It was cold and now it was pitch black. They lived on the waterway and sound carried there. I was sitting on dock and stairing at the water. I wasn’t cold at all, since where i come from, it was actually pretty comfortable. lol. Anyways, we’re sitting there and thinking when the F will we have power again, when I decided to start singing Mr. Sandman because I know you can sing it in rounds. So I sing the first set and next thing I know the people across the water are singing too, and then there were more singing Mr. Sandman in rounds.

  259. Uppity, you’re correct. Mine was a new model at the time a bought it they didn’t have all the kinks iron out. The older ones were better. I don’t mind the high repair bills as long as they don’t have the Daewoo repairman in there trying to fix my MB and letting me breakdown repeatedly, then lie to me. I have been fortunate enough to find real former MB techs for maintenance. It’s 13 years old now and paid for, so I use it for a truck.

  260. imust the 4.5 gave way to the 450. There weren’t many SE 4.5’s made.

  261. Daewoo. ROFL Hugo!!!!!

    Fortunately I had the best German MB and Volks repair guy going, but the parts were outrageous!

  262. Well, Uppity, it just goes to show that experience and qualifications count, not only in the White House, but in the MB service department as well.

  263. Found a WaPo op/ed piece on the GOP motherhood issue. ” And a 2010 Pew Research Center study showed that the rate of American women who did not have children almost doubled since 1976. That’s nearly one in five women today.” I hope I’m posting the link here:

    ***Fixit Fairy visited this comment.

    Clap if you believe in Fixit Fairies***

  264. Rains damaged #Obama sand sculpture, left his face alone but eroded his base. There’s an allegory there. #tcot #p2 #ocra #Obama2012

  265. Hugo, experience and qualifications count EVERYWHERE. Something the Gen Yers don’t get. Yet.

  266. Poor Utah landed in spam. Cough Cough. Seriously, I just saw you, Utah.

  267. Yeah Utah, who the H wants to go to Utah. Stone was just a Stone’s throw away. Now she’s in the basement.

  268. God forgive me for this gross thought but when I look at that statue with his gaping hole of a mouth I think of valerie sitting on his face.

    Is this payback funny for the watermelon remark, because you win! ROFLMAO

  269. Standing ovation for the Fix-it Fairy.

  270. Here she is, I mentioned there was a video of one of the Cordettes (Mr. Sandman, etc) years later. Wonder which one she was. Hard to tell now.

  271. Hahaha McNorman, I never get even! I get ahead!

    Hugo you better clap. Fixit Fairy giveth and Fixit Fairy Taketh Away.

  272. K I’m betting She’s the second chordette. Agree? (Video works now)

  273. Who stuck that No Talent Andy Williams in there Jaysus.

  274. Love this tweet.

    If President Obama is re-elected.. he’s going to inherit a mess! LOL

  275. Andy Williams, just like bawack! No talent and got a lot of sponsors and his own show!

  276. Hey! I like Andy Williams!!! He was one of my mom’s favorites! I loved his show and Christmas specials and he was a friend to Robert Kennedy, my favorite Kennedy!!!
    Moooon River…….

  277. Yep PMM…they beat us to it!

  278. Spammed me did ya ?????? The story is going to get worse trust me. Who would intentionally go to Utah ? ME !!!!!!! I could have moved anywhere and trust me so long as it is not a blue state I am good. My first choice was WY. but could not find a house to my liking in the areas I wanted to live in. Still look. Never too late. I like Montana too but damn it gets cold there. Twin to Alaska. The perfect way to live for me is no neighbor closer then 5 acres.

  279. Yeah Andy was great. Shitty voice. Fugly face. Lousy humor timing. He had it all.

  280. So do you think the old girl was the second Chordette or not???????????????????

  281. Obazymandias


  282. mcnorman, I would have to say your reference to the those poor nakid corn cobs losing their husks after witnessing scary women’s parts still had me chuckling all day.

    Since that sand statue’s odd face (especially that mouth) looked like Jimmy Carter (or perhaps it is more like the cartoons of Jimmy Carter), Uppity’s reference to Valerie went in a whole other direction. Poor Rosalynn. (note no sympathies to Jimmy, Barry, Valerie or Michellie).

  283. Breaking News!!!

    UPPITY, IMUST and PMM are doing the DNC Convention’s program opener:

    “What The Third Wave Should Be Saying To The New Democratic Party For Reaching Across The Isle – In Bi-Partisanship – To The GOP Controlled Congress On Women Rights”

  284. Damn I can’t get anybody to pick out the Chordette. Damned election taking over the blog again.

  285. Utah ROFL! I have NO idea why you are landing in spam! I swear!

  286. …Now, which one’s are which??????????

  287. I think she’s the FIRST ONE, ON THE LEFT, Uppity.

  288. Ouch! I just performed a “DNC Convention” on myself.

    I hope that’s the end of it, Uppity, really I do.

  289. ….Utah: As hilarious that read was, I’m not buying that it’s “The Bear Story.”

    …I want the real “Bear Story.”

  290. I will be getting there. Trust me Uppity I have missed having a good time at your expense lmao.
    Cripes you mean everyone has abandoned for the DNC ? Hell I would rather eat a Possum Pie then watch that shit. Seriously I have had enough in the last 4 years of a rah rah section for El Dumbo

  291. Here is a link to a picture of the Chordettes that shows the names (first) :

  292. Well, I was going out for a full moon’s worth of the best Mango Margaritas in the world, in a few, to forget this day, but dying wasn’t in the plan.

    Guess not. Hope the Limes aren’t packing.

  293. I thought the first one was a possibility but I somehow imagined she was the shortest one. Go figure. She’s the tallest one. lol

    I didn’t figure on shrinkage…

  294. WTF?? Who”s goofing on Utah?

  295. Why Not?, on September 1, 2012 at 11:01 PM said:

    I think she’s the FIRST ONE, ON THE LEFT, Uppity.

  296. Why Not! LOL!

  297. Why Not wants to test our mangos for us. Cool.

  298. Why Not! That’s a perfect video. We should ALL send it to the RNC! And RYAN!

  299. If there’s a prize for correctly guessing the Chordette, first, I would like for my good Ole, Pal, Ole’ Gal, UTAH to have it…. in exchange for the REAL “Bear Story.”

  300. ( from the goofy movie)
    Now gather ’round my possum pals, join the jamboree
    Come hoot and howl and holler from the heart
    Every chicken, pig, and goat will help by yelpin’ out a yodel here at Lester’s Possum Park

    Visit Beula’s Farmm of Fiddles, pet our varmints, taste our vittles
    Lulu’s lizard gizzard pie’s a work of art
    Then do a doe-see-doe and dance like there’s a possum
    In your pants down at Lesters Possum Park

    Well, don’t ya wanna be a-hangin’ from a tree?
    We’re mighty glad to see ya and the parking’s always free
    Here at Lesters Po-po-possum park!

  301. Mt Laurel I’m happy that you’re still giggling. I’d like to round up these advert people in twenty years so that I can point to those scary parts on their bodies that they so readily depict as nightmarish.

  302. Nobody tells my bear story like me. Nobody. You just have to know me to appreciate my reaction to black birds the size of chickens caw cawing constantly and looking out the sliding glass and seeing….

  303. Gravity is not anyone’s friend after 50.

  304. Yes, Carol is the tallest Chordette! LOL I do not know why this still surprised me since my mother used to be several inches taller than me; now she comes up to my shoulder. Perhaps I will be so short by the time I am her age that I will be missed by the elder haters radar.

  305. mcnorman
    Now the question is are those parts terrifying enough to scare the husks of Monsanto corn?

  306. Mt Laurel, tall in the 50s was relative. lol. Women were significantly shorter than they are today.

  307. You can delay the effects of gravity by half by standing on your head 12 hours a day.

  308. Shut up about the possum, Utah. I can’t help it if I never saw one before that one that was sitting on my Effing deck!

  309. …Uppity, if:

    “And so, that’s what Uppity Woman looks like when I’ve shit my spandex – all the way down into my $600 pair of hand stitched boots, made in Italy…”

    is the problem – just leave that part of the story out.

  310. Damn! I did NOT panic! This is because I had a gun!

  311. If you live or recreate in these areas of New York you may expect at some time to see, or in some other manner encounter, a black bear.

    NOW you tell me!

  312. …Utah, hurry!

    …Before SHE gets through with the story, she’ll have us believing she went through the whole ordeal like Meryl Streep in Out of Africa.

  313. Ok all right. One night Needlenose was barking like Jack The Ripper was out there. So I followed her and she led me to the back door. So I peek out there and I crack the door a little and I hit the back of a large scragglly grey cat. Except when big kitty turned his head sideways in the moonlight, his freaking eyes were red and he had the snout of a rat. Needless to say I slammed the door and the damned thing waddled off the deck and he had this disgusting long rat tail, and he looked like he just ate an entire roast beef or something. I locked all the doors (as if he was going to knock or let himself in or something) and freaked out. I had a rat the size of a trash can out there! I had never seen a rat that big. I was like, Jaysus, does that rat have a family? And are they ALL here with him? I mean the thing was bigger than my lardbutt cat. So…………

  314. Hahahah why not.

  315. Yes but Why Not who’s version will you believe ? That of a citified woman who could not ID a possum when she saw one or a seasoned veteran of the hills ? LMAO

  316. I’m trying Uppity, really I am Dear.

    But, I’m having difficulty super-imposing a 400lb Black Bear onto that of a…. 20lb Possum?!

  317. ………..So I went to the only person I know who hangs out in the kind of boonies I wouldn’t even drive by. The only person I know who chews nails and spits rust, who camps out near mountain lions and shit and doesn’t even care if her cell phone has a signal. Utah.

    So I get all panicky and explain this huge rat I saw, and the rat got bigger by the minute, and she is listening carefully while I describe the godforsaken thing and she is stifling a laugh and I’m thinking she’s laughing at me, the hick!

    So she says let me send you a picture and tell me if it looks like what you saw. So I get the pic and goddamn it was my rat! I mean it could have actually been MY rat!

    So I said, Yeah! Jesus, that’s him!

    And she says, you need to get out more where there’s no room service, you idiot. It’s a possum.

  318. Utah… ROTL!

    Let’s see… you call that a choice, Utah?

  319. On a good day I manage a smidgen over 5 foot nothing so everyone tends to look tall to me.

    Did you notice the heels on Carol and the other Chordettes? Those would add more than a couple inches.

  320. The answer is simple Why Not. You believe the person who owns the ban button, silly!

  321. OMG!!!!!!! ROTHFLLLLLLLLLLLLLL!!!!!!!!!!


  322. Now Utah you have to admit, that is an accurate Possum account.

  323. Yes but if memory serves me I believe I warned you not to us a frog gig on it either. They keep right on running and you just lost a prized frog gig.

  324. No as I recall you told me not to shoot it with anything smaller than a .357 because bullets bounce right off their skin.

  325. Ban button is a damn party foul !!!!!!!!!!!

  326. Yup there was that too lmao. They are harder then hell to kill.

  327. True story, why not. True story.

  328. Agree that is a true story. I do believe the neighbor ventilated it quite well

  329. That sucking up sound is sooooooooo hard to type. lol!


  330. Yes the neighbor did indeed turn him into a strawberry barrel.

  331. Next, when I’m not tired, I’ll tell you about his wife or brother or something and how my dog killed it in front of me. It was then that i realized that my gag reflex is truly alive and well.

  332. I left him there as an example for the other possums, let me tell you.

  333. I actually think they are kind of cute …………..until they smile. Talk about a fricking land shark !!!!!!!!!!!

  334. Uppity is not alone in thinking that ugly thing needs to go
    Pest control for Opossums

    And yet they even have their own fan club:

  335. 50 freaking teeth!!! 50!


    I HATE Possums!!! One trapped me in my friend’s driveway just two week ago! Wouldn’t let me get out of the car – and I had nothing, but a cell phone and the horn…… humped over, hissing, wicked little shit!

  337. ROFL the blogger in that first link sounds like me!

  338. Damn Uppity you need to stop killing the poor little things. They are there to eat your slugs lmao

  339. …and what’s the deal with them changing directions – back and forth, back and forth – like they’re blind as a bat, but love to act like they’re coming after you so they can scare the crap out of you!!!

    Takes them FOREVER to move on!


  340. I was wondering what they eat what they’re looking for around people’ homes. There’s just something about them that truly makes me want to puke when I see one – and I’m generally fascinated by all wildlife.

  341. Back and forth……..back and forth Why Not ? Think about it. These things are land sharks encrusted with an outer skin like a Sherman tank. Ever watched the metal ducks in a carnival shooting gallery ? They are giving you a chance to hone your skills before they turn on you and shred you.

  342. Yeah well after the dog killed that other one, I think they all had a meeting and deciding they couldn’t stay here any longer. Never saw another one. Ditto for that woodchuck I had early this summer. Dog scared the crap out of it.

  343. ROFL metal ducks. HAHAHAHAHA

  344. However, they do carry diseases such as leptospirosis, tuberculosis, relapsing fever, tularemia, spotted fever, toxoplasmosis, coccidiosis, trichomoniasis, and Chagas disease. They may also be infested with fleas, ticks, mites, and lice.

    Good Grief! A walking Dead creature.

  345. I have personally never killed a possum! Although I would have shot at him if Utah didn’t scare me like maybe the bullet was going to bounce off him and hit me. I wasn’t going to die like that and have everybody stifling laughs at my funeral. My neighbor took that one out with a shotgun. There wasn’t much left. And I can’t be responsible for what my dog did!

  346. “Metal Ducks” – HA!

    That’s it! That’s just how they walk. Then, they just…. disappear… into the dark…. weird, creepy, nasty things, just N.A.S.T.Y.!

  347. See when he was laying there he was cute. Ferrets come at you and hiss like that too. Also equipped with a good set of dentures. I love the little suckers and at one time owned 9. But there too do not piss off a ferret.
    Uppity it is true they are hard to kill but not much is a match for the trusty shotgun. I love my 12 Gauges and rather then mess with my 357 s when I am tired and someone thinks they need to be inside my house uninvited remember this I have a 12 gauge beside the bed loaded and ready. Problem is finding a good crew willing to clean up the mess afterwards.

  348. I would have shot at him if Utah didn’t scare me like maybe the bullet was going to bounce off him and hit me. I wasn’t going to die like that and have everybody stifling laughs at my funeral.

    ROTFL! I do know that people are known to eat them – and skinning them is really hard. Now I know why. GAAAWD! Can NOT imagine.

    Would have to kill myself if that was some kind of “food” I had to eat.

  349. Yeah well the good thing about the 12 gauge is you can kill a POS and make a new doorway all at the same time.

  350. Now I do think raccoons are cute. I leave them alone. Thing is, they avoid you and avoid trouble. They don’t fight unless they are cornered. Otherwise they just go off and hide.

  351. One of the saddest things I saw that still sticks in my mind is when I was driving and the car in front of me hit a raccoon. It flew to the side and he screetched to a stop. I stopped behind him figuring he might be stroking out or something. He got out of the car and opened the trunk and got a hefty bag out and was picking it up. he was horrifed that he kiled the thing. It didn’t have a mark on it so it must have gotten killed pretty fast internally. The sad part came when I saw something on a mound in the field right near by. It was another racoon and to little ones. Watching. It was like they were mourning. The guy was practically crying by then.

  352. “Shotguns” – now, those are GUNS, Utah. I’m with you, I’d want to knock it – or them – 10′ and leave little to mess with. The kick is a much dreaded moment, for me, though. Takes getting used to and handling them right – practice.

  353. Now yes Raccoons are darling except for that bastage that came down my chimney. No I am not talking about Santa. The wrecking crew thought he was a new wind up toy and all hell broke loose until he went back outside. They are fearless.

  354. Kick you get used to. I like to skeet shoot . Want a real kick ? Shoot a 338 bolt. Damn swore my shoulder was relocated to make a new breast on my back !!!!!!!!!!

  355. I raised one when I was a kid, Uppity. “Berlie.” I can’t remember how our neighbor (Berle) found her, but she barely had her eyes open.

    She slept with me or in my room in her cage, until she was almost a year old. When she came into the “call of the wild” she wasn’t quite as cuddly – and the Zoo agreed to take her and find her a good husband. lol.

    I visited her for quite some time and she would always come running to the fence, when I called her name.

  356. I used to shoot Skeet. Loved it! Could have done it for hours on end!

    Quail hunting was also great – and I love Quail with Mexican Rice and Queso! YUM!

    Seriously. I own quite a few pairs of boots, lots of hats and belts – fringe leather jackets, HA!. It sort of got into my blood as a child – living on a farm with an aunt and uncle – fell in love with the early morning smell of pastures, sunrises and sounds of livestock waking up. Spent my best mornings walking or riding – bareback – through those pastures and down dirt roads. – like I owned the world.

  357. Good night.

  358. Although I would have shot at him if Utah didn’t scare me like maybe the bullet was going to bounce off him and hit me.

    Perhaps utah was thinking of this critter and not the opossum .

  359. I was thinking of posting that ad but had to go and get Mom her treat for the night. She noticed I had placed a PIE in the fridge. Lemon Meringue.

    I have had to explain “playing possum” to a number of young ones (20 somethings and younger).

  360. Did someone mention PIE?

    Oh, so……where was the bear in the story?

  361. It’s coming. I don’t think I have much choice. But it’s a bit after 3 AM.

  362. Ok, so there is a bear! I guess I can wait ’til tomorrow. Lions and tigers and bears….oh my!

  363. but did you read the possum story?

  364. Hate possums.

  365. I just re-read the entirety of the Great Tiger Lily Relay post and comments. It was really a great day for this blog and most certainly for me and Lily. I want to thank everyone here who participated in the day, cheered us on, and wished us well.

  366. As I recall, DE, you sent me a photo of a momma possum and her little rats nesting in the bottom of your trash can. Lid slammed on. Dumping ensued.

  367. Yes Sophie, Lily is a source of joy who is badly needed as we enter 2008 redux.

  368. No possums were harmed during filming.

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