Don’t mess with MKB!

There will be punishments.


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  1. LOL DE. A worthy message.

  2. 😆 tru dat 😆

  3. Nice. 🙂

  4. No lion can get the best of Bill, he figures it out one way or another.

  5. Ah Uppity my dear not only do you need help in Identifying a possum but that bear a Tiger not a lion roflmao.

  6. Oops BE A TIGER NOT A LION. lol Think I have bear firmly ingrained in my mind.

  7. Well yeah there’s that too.

  8. Bill is the eye of the tiger. he has the button.

  9. Prolly not to good time for bear stories right now. Let’s just say I’m loaded for bear today.

  10. Ok so what’s the lineup for Wednesday’s carnival? Do they at least let people know the speaking order, so I don’t have to watch more convention bullshit before seeing Bill? Big Dawg Bill, not Bill Bill.

  11. If anybody wants to do a labor day post for tomorrow, go for it. I myself don’t see the point since hardly anybody is working.

  12. Yea well installment two is up lol. Me I am going to go mess around in the yard a bit then have to go to work. Some might have the day off but I don’t. The money is too good to pass up on holiday weekends.

  13. You know honestly I am surprised that Big Dawg Bill will speak. I mean the way the DNC and it’s head hancho El Dumbo dissed the Clintons I am betting he is none too happy having to be there for this idiot. He has to be doing it for one reason and one alone and that is for Hilary or Chelsea’s future in the political arena. I am betting when Bill and Hilary go to the voting booth they vote for Romney. That is all for me on politics. I am seriously sick of it. Now you know I am not big on Christmas but I rather looking forward to all the happy ho ho stuff and be rid of this election.

  14. Utah! ROFLMAO! Who knew you were a traveling story teller!
    Just in case anyone neglected to bookmark!

  15. Oh the hell with a post for Labor Day. People have no idea anymore anyway. We could just put up patriotic marches! Sousa! Lotsa Sousa!
    Or this one

  16. Patriotic marches for Labor Day?!! Shudder the thought!

    Obligatory disclaimer: I like patriotic marches/Sousa marches. I was in my HS marching band, FCS. But you don’t sing He is Risen at the Christmas Eve midnight mass!

    Bread and Roses was a great pick as is this:

  17. I am all for marching bands. We all need an Uppity lift

  18. LOL I do have to maintain my usual dark side and throw off the masses lol

  19. Cut Cut Cut!
    Oh I am gonna be in trouble now! Talk of unions is bound to bring up things like SEIU which will segue into talk of he who shall not be named!
    Ok, scratch that whole idea.
    Let’s do end of summer memories instead. Picnics, new shoes, pencils and pens. Going back to school. Pumpkins, leaves turning color.
    No politics. Or we will all be punished!

  20. Possum Story carried over from last last night’s thread: This is actually a TRUE STORY.
    Ok all right. One night Needlenose was barking like Jack The Ripper was out there. So I followed her and she led me to the back door. So I peek out there and I crack the door a little and I hit the back of a large scragglly grey cat. Except when big kitty turned his head sideways in the moonlight, his freaking eyes were red and he had the snout of a rat. Needless to say I slammed the door and the damned thing waddled off the deck and he had this disgusting long rat tail, and he looked like he just ate an entire roast beef or something. I locked all the doors (as if he was going to knock or let himself in or something) and freaked out. I had a rat the size of a trash can out there! I had never seen a rat that big. I was like, Jaysus, does that rat have a family? And are they ALL here with him? I mean the thing was bigger than my lardbutt cat. So…………

    ………..So I went to the only person I know who hangs out in the kind of boonies I wouldn’t even drive by. The only person I know who chews nails and spits rust, who camps out near mountain lions and shit and doesn’t even care if her cell phone has a signal. Utah.

    So I get all panicky and explain this huge rat I saw, and the rat got bigger by the minute, and she is listening carefully while I describe the godforsaken thing and she is stifling a laugh and I’m thinking she’s laughing at me, the hick!

    So she says let me send you a picture and tell me if it looks like what you saw. So I get the pic and goddamn it was my rat! I mean it could have actually been MY rat!

    So I said, Yeah! Jesus, that’s him!

    And she says, you need to get out more where there’s no room service, you idiot. It’s a possum.

  21. Wow, PMM…I didn’t mean to imply all that. I was just going with the “true meaning of the holiday” theme. Much as I love patriotic marches (and I do), we played them for Memorial Day and 4th of July, when they were appropriate.

    Labor Day is a day to honor the workers of America and unions were instrumental in workers rights (back before they became corporate powerhouses of their own). Not to celebrate that is akin to refusing to celebrate Christmas because WalMart shoppers made a commercial mess out of it.

    So, is this blog going entirely “No Politics?” I thought it was merely an Election Free Zone. While we all do have other interests besides politics, I suspect that most here are political junkies and just about any topic would end up being political.

  22. Uppity, Utah was a little harsh. Nobody can blame you for not recognizing the possum. You’re from the City. City-fied creatures look a little different.

    Typical NYC possum out for a night at the theater.

  23. Sophie

    I suspect that most here are political junkies and just about any topic would end up being political.

    ROFL! Oh yes, we do manage to go there don’t we? About the only things we don’t end up being political about are the kittehs!
    It is up to the Blog Mistress of course. I just posted the Bread and Roses one because a) I LOVE their voices. b) It is a song about the power of women and c) Because I LOVE their voices lol.

  24. Oh PMM…we even get political with the kittehs!!! The good thing about kitteh politics (and other pet politics) is that they defy the traditional two-party lines! As it happens, neither candidate has a good record with our canine friends. 😉

  25. Elder Laurel spotted Big Dawg the ad for “he who shall not be named or seen” and did a double take. Then that 89 year old quipped, well I guess Bill has to afterall he the leader of the Ds. She then said Hillary was smart enough to take a position that puts tons of credibility on her resume and she gets out of having to campaign for anybody. End of anything remotely political but it does include a reference to Hill and Bill.

    Now to the Sousa and Summer

  26. OMG I am dying laughing. A damn citified Possum what next ? A tie dyed Cougar ???

  27. I agree with you Sophie. Hard working laborers did build this country and labor unions, among other things, made working conditions safer. As you say, that was the original intent of Labor Day, to honor the laborers.

  28. Yeah, that’s my kinda possum, imust!

    Feh Sophie. Labor Day was created because there wasn’t a Monday Off between 4th of July and Veteran’s Day. Actually Columbus Day came before Veterans day too, but you know that one is considered Iffy now.

    Definitely ducking and running……..

  29. Little does Uppity know that I was laughing so darn hard at her possum I could not see through the tears to find a pic to send her. My kid was on the phone and well you just had to be there.

  30. No it’s an Election 2012 free zone, not a day off or holiday free zone. You can write on up if you want. My take on it was pretty snarky in the past few years, I admit. Links coming up.

  31. An Uppity Labor Day post.

    And because I love when you beat me up,

    Labor Day. Because there was just too much time between 4th of July and Veteran’s Day and who the heck wants to go that long working without a Monday off with pay? Although if you are a Federal Employee, you do get Columbus Day off, in celebration of Christopher Columbus discovering a land that already had other people living there, but nevermind. But heck, Columbus Day is in October, which would leave September butt nekkid in terms of that Monday off if it weren’t for Labor Day.

  32. Hey! We could just do a trip down the Uppity Memory Lane! I like that Labor Day post- and I think there was another one as well?

  33. King Cotton March! It’s what the Peabody Hotel in Orlando plays every morning and every 5PM when the Royal Duckmaster walks the royal ducks up from the Duck Palace, to and from the fountain. I loved assignments with trips to Orlando because I would stay at the Peabody for only one reason: I love the Peabody ducks!

    Yeah I know, I’m a simpleton that way.

  34. I freaking hate Obama, Biden, Romney and Ryan and all their crackot sycophants and zealots for screwing up our blog fun. I’m voting green just for spite.

  35. Are you sure they didn’t invent Labor Day just so we would know exactly when to stop wearing white pants and shoes?

  36. Oh yeah! The white shoes and pants! Thank GOD for Labor Day so those g’damned white shoes come to an end! Ahahahahaha. Love it. Wish I had thought of that.

    Sophie have you read your mail lately?

  37. Ah so many Uppity Posts, so little time. There is this one
    Because we are all now honorary UAW members what with our ownership of government motors.

  38. White shoes. White hand bags. White slacks and skirts and sun damn dresses.
    Buh Bye.
    Though I have to say I own ONE pair of white slacks- well, they are not slacks. They are jeans. I have had the same pair for oh probably 15 yrs- which tells you how often I wear the things.
    Funny, I thought once menopause was over I would lose that fear of wearing white pants.
    I do have a couple of pairs of white pumps though.

  39. Ok got to ask………What the heck is up with Bloomberg ? Or need I ask since womens bodies are top priority to everyone but the woman who used to own the darn thing. Now you have to check out formula in the hospital to feed the kid ? They want you to breast feed ?
    I personally never saw a need to do that when there were bottles and nipples and that powdered crap readily available.
    This to me just screams of another good reason for birth control.

  40. Speaking of Labor Day. The WH just released their menu for the Labor Day Picnic.

    There will be PIE for dessert too!

  41. You are kidding me right ? You all mean I have to go out and buy a pair of black tennis shoes for winter ? Damn I thought my Wranglers, tee shirts and cowboy boots were year round apparel. Son the things I learn when I get out.

  42. Yes Utah there are fashion rules for post Labor Day.

  43. Proper Opossum Gourmet Cooking

    It’s not what you think.

    This Opossum does not plan on ending up on the WH menu with the dog.

  44. This will cheer everyone up! From Still4Hill. Hillary in the Cook Islands!

  45. Ah so many Uppity Posts, so little time.

    No shit!!! I was doing that vault thing and got totally overwhelmed!! There is a ton of material down there.

  46. Yes.

  47. Ok now I think I want a pet possum. I have been trying to get a Yellow Bellied Marmot. Hear tell they make good pets.

  48. Jeebus! Just read the founder of the Moonies died. I thought he was raptured a long time ago lol.

  49. Adds new meaning to Blue Moon month.

  50. He died? Shit. There will never be flowers at airports again.

  51. Just came to stop by from a neighbors cookout. Holy shit. I am read for a nap. fantatical food. Burp. Needlenose got a hot dog and a hamberger. She’s in heaven since she rarely gets people food.

  52. Hal David just died. Burt Bacharach’s lyricist. He wrote over 2,000 songs. Tons of hits. He was in his 90’s. How lucky to have a successful career like that.

  53. I’m glad for the adorable Needlenose! She deserves treats!

  54. Thanks for that imust! I hope Hillary gets to really enjoy it.

  55. Bill is riveting…and I get it now, the MK is short for Mook. http://www.mook-life.com/pittsburgh-oldschool/

  56. What is Bloomberg doing? Trying to discourage bottle feeding?

    When he was doing his large soft drink thing, Jon Stewart did a really funny piece criticizing him for it. Stewart said that no one was bothered by “second-hand carbonation”!

  57. Nice to see Hill in the Pacific Islands. I love how she also makes sure to be photographed with one or more girls. It telegraphs something very important. Thanks for the link, imust.

  58. Loving the graphics, imust.

  59. Socal- the way things work, Bloomberg will get exactly the opposite of what he is trying to impose.
    (Someone please clue Bloomberg in to the fact that there are Moms who absolutely should not breastfeed. Junkies come to mind.)

  60. NES did you notice that Hillary is going to Jakarta tomorrow? Isn’t that where Obama got all of his foreign policy experience as a 6 year old boy??

  61. ATTENTION BITTER-CLINGERS: I’m policing this blog for any violation of the No-Election Zone. All violaters will be towed and tied down on the Big Orange Satan blog for 72 hours. (Some here have already been issued warning citations (you know who you are…).)

  62. I’m watching you in particular, utah.

    Signed, Blog Police

  63. Upps, you’re on probation. Convention talk is not allowed.

    Signed, Blog Police

  64. “second-hand carbonation”


    Seriously though, when Bloomberg has functioning mammaries, then he can make that call, and even then…

  65. Someone should stick a t*t in Bloomberg’s mouth and shut him up!

  66. Isn’t that where Obama got all of his foreign policy experience as a 6 year old boy??

    Indeed. Hahahahahaha

  67. I just heard Needlenose’s burp.

  68. The ruling on SophieCT’s posting of the union vid and Mom’s objection: Mom makes a good objection — references to unions may lead to references to SEIU, which may, in turn, lead to references to He-Who-Must-Not-Be-Named. But, the objection is overruled. References to unions in general are not in violaton of the No-Election Zone.

    (Watching you though, SophieCT. Signed, Blog Police.)

  69. Cuuuute pic of MKB. Upps, that’s a tiger, for sure. (h/t utahwoman)

    FF: I absolutely LOVE the banner. Brilliantissimo.

  70. Hmmm…..seems NES has gone from attorney to judge…..Judge NES, could be a new TV show! I’d watch! 😉

    If I could photo shop I’d replace the “Judy” with “NES” and the photo would have NES’s gravatar photo.

  71. Just came to stop by from a neighbors cookout. Holy shit. I am read for a nap. fantatical food. Burp. Needlenose got a hot dog and a hamberger. She’s in heaven since she rarely gets people food.

    Typos and spelling errors are a huge testimony to Mojitos.

  72. ROFL, imust. Can you photoshop the whole head?

  73. Investigators (or at least conspiracy theorists) needed to answer this question: Why is the New Yorker running a story (4 days before WJC is to speak) that recounts a negative/racially-charged comment WJC allegedly made to TedK about the-one-who-must-not-be-named? Is it a warning to WJC not to go off the O-love script? If not, what? I mean, we’re talking about a left-leaning mag here (so the Reeps don’t have any fingerprints on it).

    Inquiring minds want to know….

  74. NES is part of the Election Free blog police?? Talk about puttin’ yer foxes in charge of the hen house…

  75. NES, unfortunately I cannot photoshop 😦

  76. NES is part of the Election Free blog police?? Talk about puttin’ yer foxes in charge of the hen house…

    Sophie, NES is just taking a page from the Obama administration. She was appointed Czar of the EFBP (Election Free Blog Police), and when your country calls……youmustanswerthecall!

  77. Exactly imust! Besides, in the place of my birth, the police are above the law. (They are open to bribes, though.)

    BigDawg is under some kind of attack, no doubt from the vehemently anti-Clinton wing of the Obama party. Here’s the article: http://www.newyorker.com/reporting/2012/09/10/120910fa_fact_lizza?currentPage=1

    Someone wanted this out there before BigDawg spoke on Wed. Why? Note the date of the article — it’s not scheduled for general release until later (the byline date is Sept. 10, 2012).

    The comment attributed to BigDawg is an ugly one — so ugly that I doubt he made it. Of course, the ‘testimonial’ is coming from two dead men (supposedly Lizza was told by Russert (deceased), who was told by TedK (deceased)). The other reason the so-called quote is probably false is that I’ve heard a different version of it — during the primaries it was floated that WJC apparently told TedK that it wasn’t too long ago that O would’ve been serving them coffee. Same ugly charge, but different words.

  78. and when your country calls……youmustanswerthecall!

    But was she actually called or did she just step in, taking advantage of Madam UW’s Mojito-impairment?


    Completely different topic:
    NES: I can PhotoShop. What do you want?

  79. SophieCT: Needlenose called me to duty (since MKB had too much of that Mex. Blue stuff).

    No photoshop required; it was just a joking response to imust’s Judge Judy posting. xo

  80. Some really really funny photoshops in here. http://emptychairoftheus.blogspot.com/

    Ruling: Humor at any politician’s expense doesn’t violate the No-Election Zone.

  81. “The Obama Campaign has insisted on seeing the speech before Clinton delivers it, and Clinton has just as insistently refused to show it to them. As a result, no one – not even the president – knows what Clinton intends to say.”


  82. ECOTUS!!!! ROFL!!!!!! Empty Chair of the United States!!!!

    BTW NES, he’s not any politician…..he’s the One…..

  83. Ruling: Humor at any politician’s expense doesn’t violate the No-Election Zone.

    Seriously? Because I got humor at everyone’s expense!!

  84. I sadly think that they are just hyping Big Dawg’s speech so they’ll get a good ratings boost and they can brag they had more viewers than the other guys.

  85. The president, First Lady Michelle Obama and their senior political adviser, Valerie Jarrett, all argued strenuously against offering Clinton a plum assignment at the convention. They wanted to relegate him to a minor, non-prime-time speaking role. However, Clinton, who is viewed as an iconic figure by the party faithful, refused to accept anything less than the all-important nominating speech and threatened to boycott the convention unless his demands were met.

    Do you think that’s true? Boycott?

  86. It’s Ed Klein – and, yes, Bill would just as soon demur from being around those toxic, irresponsible people, but it’s their only shot at filling the arena for O’s “Thank You; It’s My Honor To Serve.” And Bubba is SO ready for his close-up. The way he endorsed Hillary’s supporters for their primaries was a sting, and the Super Delegates who lost because of it knew they had it coming and respected him more for not giving them a pass. They ALL said, “Thank you, Sir. May I have another?”

  87. boycott? Strange word. Maybe it’s the short version of “This is what I’m doing–take it or leave it.” Because Bill can!

  88. Yes He Can!

  89. Wow SWP, that’s effin’ HUGE! Go BigDawg, sink that ‘lil effer.

  90. No imust, he’s THE ONE!

  91. Seriously? Because I got humor at everyone’s expense!!

    Excellent, SophieCT, launch away!! I’m firmly of Clint Eastwood’s view: politicians are our servants. If they fail to perform, we should fire them at the earliest possible opportunity. But, regardless, we should MOCK them at all times. (The usual exception applies to Hillary.)

  92. I doubt he threatened to boycott, imust. But, he probably declined to take any speaking role; that would’ve spoken volumes (of disapproval of O).

  93. Believe in the BigDawg.

    I know he can do it — come to praise Ceasar, but end up ‘burying’ him (call it a reverse-Mark-Anthony manoeuvre). All with plausible deniability, of course. (Altho’ Tingles will see it right away, and start sending his spittle flying everywhere.)

    I do hope BigDawg is not under any illusion that he needs to collect chits from the Party for Hillary 2016. That didn’t work in ’08 and it won’t work now. Fuck the chits; bring on the full-blown revolt instead. In prep for 2016, the Clintons have to rally the former Clinton-Democrats (including, but not limited to, the DLC types), takeover the party, and purge the Obamamans. Then, and only then, will they fall in line behind Hillary. And, maybe they should also work on a long-term plan to supplant the AfAms as the most powerful voting bloc in Dem primaries, eg, get more Latinos, chuck the caucuses in favor of all primaries, and change those Jesse-Jackson (unfair/discriminatory) rules that favor urban minorities (through unequal weighting) in the allocation of delegates. (It was ridiculous how the AfAm voting bloc hijacked the primary process in favor of O over H; but for their threat of leaving the party or not voting in the general, the superdelegates would’ve thrown the nomination to Hillary.)

  94. Some Blog Police you are, NES…

    …the place is a political back alley today – I could hear snorts and “yeah, baby…” from around the corner. WTF?!

    Oh, we get a pass on all Big Dawg’s Convention Speech talk?

    Well now. Wonder how many ways we can slip “Big Dawg’s Speech” into our “Election-Free Zone” discussions? 😀

  95. I do hope BigDawg is not under any illusion that he needs to collect chits from the Party for Hillary 2016. That didn’t work in ’08 and it won’t work now. Fuck the chits; bring on the full-blown revolt instead.


  96. I believe in the Big Dawg!!
    But I’m just not as optimistic as you guys. I hope you are all right!!!
    Tingles and the rest of the msm have a way of spinning things so people don’t believe their lying eyes and ears! One thing for sure, Big Dawg will outshine the One. That’s probably why he won’t be speaking on the same night as his majesty.

  97. Can’t imagine the Big Dawg doing him prime time, either, imust.

    But, I do know this: Live Blogging it on here is going to be blast! lol!

  98. ROTFL! (Top, left Side Bar pic to video link)

    Click here. When GOP Understands this, they’ll get my vote. Otherwise, forget it!

  99. …the place is a political back alley today – I could hear snorts and “yeah, baby…” from around the corner. WTF?!

    ROFLMAO!!! Ya think? I am certain there will be punishments when Uppity gets back. And quite frankly, I think NES likes the punishments!

  100. Obama’s Girl’s Choir, 2012:

  101. President Obama’s response:

  102. Of course, the Obots must weigh in on everything – they’re pretty pissed, but have to sugar coat it when it comes to standing up to Daddy…

  103. After January 2013

  104. Oh no Holy crap I come home for Lunch break and now not only have I been threatened to get tossed off a building or drug out into the woods and left for dead now I have the blog police hunting me. Sheesh I been a very bad girl. Guess when I am done with Uppity’s crazy tale I will have to go after another blogger who thinks she is a Cagney or Lacy lmao.

  105. Did someone say Cagney & Lacey??!! I LOVED them!

  106. SophieCT: Of course you liked that duo. Is there a Lebanese who doesn’t?!

  107. utah: Not Cagney or Lacey…think Dirty Harry instead.

    How ya doing, utah? Gotta cook up some crow for Nov. 7 (Upps is gonna have to eat it).

  108. OT
    11 year old Down’s Syndrome girl was set up by the goatf*cker imam.
    Imam has been arrested. Ass tore the Koran pages and placed the book inside her bag.

  109. NeS, no matter who wins in Nov, the whole Effing country will be eating crow. But methinks you have been hanging out with too many malicious people. Just saying.

  110. Ok. I think this is one of the most Courageous Songs I’ve ever heard. Got to admire her for it – what a powerful message to send to others – “Speak Your Truth”

    Beth Hart – “I leave the Light On.”

  111. Must be that “Agenda” I have. It’s so clever it’s going to be called out! Because obviously I love love love Barack Obama. Nevermind the couple of thousand posts I wrote. That was just a smokescreen! Obviously I am an operative! Snort. Gotta lotta nerve not wanting an entire party sticking it’s nose in every woman I know’s crotch too.

  112. I asked you all to not turn this place into an Effing election shithole and still you want to defy me.

  113. (Incest and the struggle to overcome it.)

  114. Yeah on the Bloomberg thing. He’s just being true to the Platform. Telling women what to do or not do with their breasts. The new No Choice. As if no bottle fed babies ever grew up to make their way in life.

    This is especially important for boy babies. We should breast feed them till their 15. Then they can take it from there.

  115. Uppity it’s your blog, obviously, but as far as I can tell we’ve only been talking about Big Dawg. Seems like everyone is behaving and having fun. I know I’m gonna have a hard time not mentioning Big Dawg, or Obama’s latest exploits.

  116. I agree politicians are supposed to be servants of the people. Unless the people are women and gays. In this case, they are supposed to be regulators.

    The media will never allow Hillary to be president. This would be an admission they could never abide.

  117. And now you’ve all done gone and really pissed me off. I have stuggled to make this place a place of peace in a time that is going 2008 rabid again and the shit is still being dragged in here.

  118. I am cancelling the open thread. Take it somewhere else. i am not going to allow this blog to turn into an anti woman party blow job. What part of this do you not get. Stinks like 2008 in here. Somebody open the window. Can’t leave you people for a day.

  119. We should breast feed them till their 15

    Uhhh Uppity, that breast obsession seems to be a lifelong thing. second only to Penis Sports.

  120. Hey why not you get what you vote for. Breast feeding till he’s 15 will keep you in your place.

    Next thing I know they’ll all be coming over here making believe they like you again.

  121. Except for Hillbilly, they only like me during voting season. After that I’m a godless baby killing sexual pervert.

    Far as I’m concerned we are fucked no matter who wins. Same sponsors, folks! I pray for a split congress and i’m not even religious.

  122. I know imust, but I am seriously annoyed at the jabs and typical malicious shit I have seen in the past. It’s just the other side doing it is all. and I can read what’s going on out there and I am not giving the same kind of maliciousness with a different letter after its name a forum. I feel defiled like i need a shower. I don’t like hating to come to my own blog because even people I have known and loved have morphed into very mean and not very concerned people beyond replacing one asshole with another asshole. And the excuses and apologists and overlooks of what is really there are just simply a rerun beyond believe. It’s groundhog day.

  123. I’m sorry you hate coming to your own blog. I think this is a pretty neat blog. I’m seriously not seeing what you are seeing though so I’m sorry about that……I hope things work out the way you want them on the blog. I think most who come here want the same.

  124. Now the girls won’t be breast fed till their 15 because by 15 they should be breast feeding.

  125. I’m sure, Uppity. What’s that you say about “Boolean” ? It’s all like that for me now.

  126. imust, I just have a hard time watching people not see what’s really there. I watched Obots polish a turd and now i am watching the New Romney Bots polishing a turd and am amazed at how the same people who watched in disbelief in 2008 are doing exactly what they once reviled in 2012. I can’t play this game. It’s just not in my nature. If this blog weren’t mine and this is what was here, I wouldn’t come here. That is all.

  127. Yes why not, it is definitely down the rabbit hole.

  128. (Incest and the struggle to overcome it.)

    Not legitimate rape. Just another form of conception, don’t you know? The VP you are supporting says so, so it must be so. I find it difficult to overlook this, but apparently you guys don’t.

  129. Well, here is one thing that keeps us all coming back here, Upps, that I know for sure. INTEGRITY: “TO THINE OWN SELF STAY TRUE.”

    I think we all hear you and know that you are Eyes Wide Open.

    Personally, I think most of us don’t know what the fuck to do. I just know i can’t overlook and pretend there is a good option.

  130. I will not vote Obama-Biden – and Romney-Ryan SCARE THE SHIT OUT OF ME and that’s the truth.

    (A friend of mine just came by and said: “I saw a dead Possum on the way over, by the way.” and started laughing – she’s been reading!)


  131. Well why not, if I knew what the fuck to do, I’d mention it. I don’t.

  132. Well that’s the difference here. I can’t vote for Obama Biden and I can’t vote for Romney Ryah. It’s not a matter of I can’t vote for one but the other scares me. It’s a matter of I can’t vote for these creatures. Period. I can’t vote for someone who scares the hell out of me, what kind of an enabler would I be.

    I did not kill that possum. although I would have if I could have.

  133. Then there’s Jill Stein and we all know how green I am. lol.

    But you know what? I’d rather have mercury in my light bulbs than vote for these party picks. I find them that dangerous to the USA. And maybe if enough people vote third party, there will be a huge message that America does not want two horrible parties owning her with their crazy ideas and intrusive behaviors.And their thievery! I would hope that enough people vote third party so that the number of votes adds up to what the loser would have needed to win. That would be better than sex.

  134. Ryan was a major game changer to me gang. And it’s prominant on my mind and it’s not going to go away. That is all. In case you don’t notice, there are people who do not come here any longer for the same reason, I am sure. This blog has turned into a party line and I will do whatever it takes to stop it. I’d rather go down as a blog than down a ridiculous pretend rabbit hole.

  135. FixitFairy is such an excellent editor. 😉

    I did not kill that possum. although I would have if I could have.


  136. About the Bill thiing in the Post. Ed Klein? Ed Klein??? Seriously????

    You mean *this* Ed Klein?


  137. Ed Klein is a publicity seeking horse’s ass who makes it up as he goes along. I didn’t see him mentioned in the post though. If there’s a comment on him i missed that too, but then I don’t read this blog with any heart any longer anyways because it’s become a campaign stop for deluded people who want to get rid of one huge problem and replace it with another huge problem. Can’t have any fun because it’s a guarantee. I hate it here.

  138. Upps said:

    I’d rather have mercury in my light bulbs than vote for these party picks

    I think you meant pricks didn’t ya?

  139. I’ll have you know, my friend is singing “You don’t own me.”


    So, that does it for me. I get it, I really do get it… to NOT Vote IS a Vote – to refuse to support what’s being shoved down my throat, regardless of the fact that it’s at my own peril.

    Got it, and I can now see why you don’t want to give one more second to pretenses about potential outcomes – when, in reality, no matter who gets elected, “We’re screwed.”

  140. I didn’t see him mentioned in the post though

    He was the author of the piece in the NY Post which I why I checked him out and found the mediamatters piece. Hell, if *they* don’t like him he’s really gotta be a p.o.s.

  141. Why not: You got it. As Uppity says (I think): Death by water or death by fire.

  142. Oh the Post-Post lol. Yeah he’s a gossip column basically. Only he makes up his own gossip and has no sources. Kind of like that other con job Ulsterman. I honestly worry about people who fall for these clowns. Is it because they say what their followers want to hear?

  143. mediamatters isn’t my first stop either. lol.

  144. Is it because they say what their followers want to hear?

    Exactly. Ulsterman cracks me up; he sounds so much like a Dashiell Hammett detective novel except not as good. 😆

  145. Yep Uppity, Ryan sent a major shockwave through my ABO, Romney vote. I’ve tried to pretend that it just doesn’t matter, given the alternative – but, in the long run, it does matter to me what ideologies I am ultimately “supporting” with my vote.

    So. I’m done talking about it myself.

  146. No Why Not, truly. I want you to do what you want to do. I want you to vote for whomever you want to vote for. I just don’t want to hear you or anybody else justify it by trying to make a silk purse out of a sow’s ear is all.

  147. Death by drowning or death by fire, Fredster Good to see you. You’ve also been notably absent. I noticed.

  148. Hey Fredster!!!

    Was glad to hear that you are okay!

  149. I want you to do what you want to do. I want you to vote for whomever you want to vote for. I just don’t want to hear you or anybody else justify it by trying to make a silk purse out of a sow’s ear is all.

    Amen to that! I had to block several Tweeters for that very reason. I was getting headaches due to my continuous eye-rolling.

  150. Yes and you know why lately; due to; Mr. Isaac. Was following streaming news from nola on it. Have property and friends down there. One set of friends still w/out power. I saw a parade of equipment trucks going down I-65 to the area, but as my post will say for Tuesday, you got to find a better way to run powerlines in the 21st century other than this:


  151. Why not: I’m still in ‘bama, but have property in nola plus, like I said, friends there. One set of friends live across Lake Ponchartrain and I called them on cell. They were without power and as Don said “sweating our balls and tits off”. The irony there was he had a brand new 20kw home generator sitting outside but the friend of a friend of a friend who was going to do the hookups backed out and this was before Isaac. I would not want to be the friend or the friend of…etc.

  152. …Death by drowning or death by fire.

    I don’t have to jump in, voluntarily. Seriously Uppity, I was appalled by the Ryan choice from the very beginning.

    Honestly, I’ve intuitively known, when it came down to it, I couldn’t do it with him on the ticket. He’s a loose canon on his extreme positions and I’m not so sure that Romney didn’t choose him for that very reason – to get the dirty work done.

  153. Why not: My thoughts were that Romney chose him to placate the tea party troops, the Santorums, Bachmanns, etc.

  154. dwp I am unloading ALL election tweeters. I will keep women’s rights and Anti GMO people. And pets, of course. I am cleaning my house of all this dirt.

  155. Uppity: gettin’ to ya huh? Me too.

  156. Well all I see on twitter is a bunch of delusionals fighting over which delusion is more delusional.

  157. dwp you win. I’m giving my vote to Stein. And I am as Ungreen as they come. It’s the message.

  158. Bwahahahaaaa!

    What goes up, must come down…due to security?

    “A temporary sand sculpture was slated to be the “ultimate welcome mat” for visitors during the Democratic National Convention has been scrapped for security reasons.

    The sculpture was in the process of being built in front of the Ritz-Carlton and was slated to be unveiled to the public on Friday.

    The sculpture was slated to be a one-of-a-kind 12-ton “Welcome to Charlotte” sand sculpture in the hotel’s front drive area.

    But now the sculpture is being taken down.

    “The sand sculpture initially planned for the front of the hotel will not be created in order to ensure optimal security at that location,” the hotel said in a news release on Wednesday.

    The massive sculpture has been under construction for several weeks.”


  159. Stein will be my choice.

  160. It’s a mute point, now. I feel a big relief over going back to my original position with: “I just cannot do it!”

    I have better things to do with my time, than to ride this roller coaster for the next three months and beyond.

    I’ll get re-engaged if Hillary announces: “I’m back, boyz!”

  161. dwp: What? Were there going to be Romney ninja kitteh’s in the sand scuplture? 😆

  162. Uppity
    I think we’re on the same page, or at least in he same book with regard to Jill Stein. It’s the message, agreed.

  163. I would vote for Stein, Fredster, but can’t.

  164. if Hillary announces: “I’m back, boyz!”

    If only. Sigh.

  165. Why Not: Well my state is definitely going to be red so I can say what the hell.

  166. Back to the joys of summer. The last picnic. he last open air concert. The last day trip. The last carousel ride until spring.

    This is the first carousel I ever rode:

    This is the second:

  167. Well I’ll be damned, just checked, and she IS on the ballot now!

    I’m voting for Jill Stein!!! THAT’S WHO WILL GET MY VOTE FOR PRESIDENT.

  168. Same here Fredster. I am not going to take any responsibility for the election of a horrid ticket. My state is blue too, however I think this should be the year when third party gets the most votes ever. Enough votes to make the loser crap his pants and the winner take notice.

  169. Mt.Laurel:


  170. Fredster,
    More likely they’re canceling Mt Obama (should be Molehill Obama) because of insecurity reasons.
    They’ve been working on it for six weeks, that’s a lot of planning, labor, time, and expense. Are they trying to tell us that they just realized the security ramifications of his monument??
    Hell, the whole place is going to be surrounded by tanks!

  171. Why not: Yea!!!

    Uppity: If I was told I had to vote for either of the mainstream candidates I’d have to do it with a vomit bag in hand.

  172. One other thing hard learned along the way. Revenge will eat you alive. And I’m always careful of what I ask for.

  173. dwp: That’s a shame really about the cost and effort in the scuplture but the article says DNC (whatever). Surely they had to know about security issues and I’m just chuckling if they didn’t.

  174. They must be reading the mt Obama feedback. LoL
    And they’re probably terrified that the entire monstrosity will crumble while he’s spewing whatever his TelePrompTer is dictating.

  175. There goes Mount Rushmore.

  176. I don’t understand what a sand sculpture of one more idiot running for president has to do with security.

  177. dwp: LOL!

    Oh hell, I’ve got to shut down for awhile. We’ve had some rain come through and tunder and lighting which did kinda diie off but I hear it rumbling again and my laptop battery is down to like 30%.

    I’ll see y’all later!

  178. shit! Thunder, duh!

    I don’t understand what a sand sculpture of one more idiot running for president has to do with security.

    I told you: Romney ninja kittehs!

  179. The only ‘security’ problem I see is the whole 50 tons of sand crumbling and turning the Ritz into a beach location. They probably didn’t even ask the hotel if they could do this

  180. Uppity, I think they’re just trying to head off a huge disaster due to the weather and their inability to shield the thing from the elements.

  181. “disaster” as in humiliation and bruising obama’s ego.

  182. With you guys. Stein.

  183. is that like Ninja rapist’s sperm killers?

  184. You’re probably right dwp, it wouldn’t look too good if the candidate’s sculpture came down in the middle of a speech about him. howlingly funny, though.

  185. Very funny. The very thought makes me chuckle in delight.

  186. I do know that when my dog sees sand, she wants to pee on it. I won’t even get into cats…

  187. He is odious, isn’t he? Too bad there’s nobody decent to replace him.

  188. 10 past the witching hour. Off to bed. ‘night.

  189. Wounded sea turtle “flown to US” for emergency treatment. From the Virgin Islands. Who is going to explain to these media clowns the the Virgin Islands is a US territory and not a foreign country?

    Also, it’s nice to know that sea turtles can get better care here than most people.

  190. A shit-load of politics being discussed in this thread.
    The beatings will continue until moral improves.

  191. Sea turtles have single payer and maybe it was in the British Virgin Islands.

  192. being flown to the state from the U.S. Virgin Islands

  193. I prefer to call them floggings, DE. Floggings.

  194. Never understood why Virgin Islands aren’t a state. They did it for Hawaii.

  195. Only two choices, DE my heart-throb…
    Shut down or let the place become one more election cesspool.
    I mean, I perused tons of blogs and I’m wincing here. It’s downright surreal and nasty. It’s like, I keep thinking, if that happens to my blog, please shoot me in the head.

    It’s like looking at reverse Daily Kos. On steroids.

  196. LOL! Poor imust trashed all her comments.

  197. “Never understood why Virgin Islands aren’t a state. They did it for Hawaii.”
    No one smart enough in Washington with numbers to figure out how to redesign the stars on the flag.

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