Summer’s End

Mt Laurel posted some carousel vids in the last thread and it got me to thinking. My Dad worked for a company that sold and serviced pin ball machines, juke boxes and pool tables. They had the arcades for pretty much every amusement park from Old Orchard Beach Maine down to Palisades Park in NJ. Dad would take us with him in the summer; allowing us each to bring a friend (yeah he was damn popular lol), and we would get our hands stamped and ride the rides all day while he serviced the machines in the arcade.

Here is the first carousel we rode- from the old Paragon Park at Nantasket Beach in Hull, MA.

The park is long gone- but the carousel was saved and relocated down the street.

Ah those were the days. Amusement parks before Six Flags! Small, local fun! And Paragon had the beach right across the way! Smart parents did the beach and lunch AFTER the rides lol!

Did you have a favorite local amusement park? Carousel? How about the rickety old wooden roller coasters?


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  1. Awesome post & Dad, PMM. Not to mention Paragon carousel.
    While Palisades was a bit of a stretch for my parents, I did make that scene several times. Like all who knew her, announcement of her demise, as well as the ultimate deed, was hard to bear. Fortunately it is well-remembered in song:

  2. LOL I am outside laboring. Burning deadfall. Yes, I am just one big carbon footprint.
    BEHAVE! I will be checking in!

  3. OMG!! WE used to go to Palisades when I was a kid!! This was the commercial jingo:

    And pinball!! When I was in high school, I worked at Nathan’s because they had a game room.

  4. My Dad had an Aunt and Uncle on Oak Bluffs. We would take the ferry over and eat lobster like it was candy, my great Uncle was a lobster fisherman. They have a wonderful carousel there with the grab the brass ring deal and everything. It’s still there. I wonder if all the rings have to be brass now so they don’t hurt anyone’s feelings.

  5. DE- Been to Oak Bluffs many many times- one of my old childhood friends lives on The Vineyard.
    ROFL Pam and Sophie on the old Palisades Park jingo!
    How about this?

  6. Gary and the playboys. Come on over… good stuff!

  7. (blushing) Umm.. I kind of was a favorite amusement park when I was younger…..

  8. ROFL Anthony.

  9. Ok- enough burning for this morning- it is getting too hot outside. Can’t have the sun beating down on me for too long- I made it through the whole summer with no sunburn, and want to keep it that way.
    Damn- today I really miss the ocean! A nice refreshing dip would be just the thing right now!
    Will burn some more later this afternoon when the sun is not right overhead. Maybe throw a grate over the coals later and see what’s good for grilling. We have some local sweet corn- if I start it soaking now it will be really good on those coals later!

  10. Leslie sent me a direct message on twitter asking how to get a password for this blog. we’re not a private blog so I’m not sure what that means. Does anybody know? Far as i know, anybody can get to this blog. does she maybe mean when they ask you to login to comment like WP does on so many blogs now?

  11. Ok nevermind. She tried to read those threads I locked up, the ones with the food fights in them.

  12. DE – when I was told ‘Your body is a temple!’ I would insist that it was more like a funhouse

  13. Palisades Amusement Park!! I remember when it opened and you could cut coupons out of the newspaper for free rides! lol We seemed to have thousands of coupons but only went there a couple of times.

    Mostly we went to Coney Island and Rockaway. Occasionally Jones Beach.

  14. Paragon Park. Old Orchard Beach. Lincoln Park. Riverside. Canobie Lake Park. Hampton Beach.

  15. Lincoln Park!!!
    Scary ass wooden roller coaster.

  16. thanks, Upps. I tried to access DE to order some of his beautiful pottery and needed a password there, too. So I tried to send a message through wordpress and never heard anything.

    Anyways, I just wanted to say Happy Labor Day to uppityites everywhere. And the roller coaster I remember was at Riverview in Chicago. Nothing remains of that park – except the site of a shopp;ing mall. 😦

  17. DE is shut down

  18. DE- LOl! All the parks in those days had scary wooden rollercoasters! Which we all waited to be tall enough to ride. And promptly spent all day long riding the things- ride, run off get back in line, wash, rinse, repeat.

  19. DE shut down before the rush. lol.

    You can order from DE, Leslie, using the link to his graphic on the right sidebar of this blog.

  20. There was one of these at Paragon too. We learned from observation not to eat before boarding!

  21. my computer “crashed” right after I posted the comment. It is an omen or what? I’m back up and I’ve accessed DE. Joy, joy.
    I can buy gifts now.

    I’ll be back, but I’m goine for the rest of the day. Happy Labor Day (Empty Chair Day, too)

  22. Hopefully that’s not an ominous omen. lol.

    Have fun!

  23. Let’s hear it for the New and Modern Egypt! New law allows husbands to have sex with their dead wives! Yayyyy! Progress!

    And sexual harassment of woman by a country full of perverts is now at “epidemic” proportions. WOmen are afraid to go out in public! Yayyyyyyyyy! Progress!!!!!

  24. Yep “The Round Up” was like puke in a washing machine. Everyone got covered.

  25. Rode that roller coaster every summer once I was THIS TALL TO RIDE THIS RIDE. My Grandparents lived in New Bedford and my Pepére who just turned 102 would take us all there when we visited every summer.

  26. Chalk another one up to Uppity’s formidable powers of prediction. You tried to warn them Uppity. Mubarak sucked, but they jumped out of the frying pan into the fire.

    DE- yay on your grandfather! 102! The stories he could tell I bet!

  27. They just had a party for him and all 7 of his children were there along with grand children, great grand children and one great great grand child.

  28. How many at that party DE? Did you stuff yourself with good New England Seafood?

  29. I wasn’t there PMM. There were 75 attending.

  30. My Mom gave me the run down on the food. Yum.

  31. I seem to remember you going to visit in New England a bit ago and some weather event? I can’t recall the details.
    I miss New England seafood. Lobster, Clam Chowdah. Fried Clams. Stuffed Quahogs. Blueberries, wild, free for the picking if you know the spots (and if you grew up anywhere near the coast, you know the spots lol) Herring- for which I understand you can no longer get a permit in the spring as the herring do not run anymore. Lobster rolls. And the fixins Potato salad- without damn eggs- if it has eggs in it – it is egg salad damn it. Ice Cream. New England has the best ice cream.

  32. It was January 2011. My sisters took a trip together and flew me up there to be with my Mom. Snowed like crazy, loved it.

  33. Thanks for the memories, Proud Military Mom, and everyone. We were happy to go to the local fire department carnivals and rides at the county fair. I recall amusement parks at the shore, too – waterslides were so cool.

    I just got back from a bayside camp experience with families, and left early after storms to get home, beat the traffic and catch up.

    Uppity – you are a prophet, and can hardly believe what’s going on in Egypt. So sorry to hear what’s happening to women. Why doesn’t our mainstream media cover this? As you say, with things so incredible – you can’t make this stuff up.

    Observation: Has anyone seen the front of Panther Stadium, where the DHC National Convention is being hel, or the big rally with 75, 000 is to be held?

  34. Make that “DNC” and “held” – I couldn’t see my typing because the address info was blocking my text, and then the line migrated up to the top of the paragraph – what’s up with that?

    Anyway, my main point was that there are two huge Panthers in front of the entrance with jaws open, teeth showing. Here’s my logic and question: a) Panthers are a type of Puma; and b) they two at the front of the stadium do not look happy, rather, ferocious; ergo, c) can we say they are emblematic of us PUMAs – kept outside the stadium, outside of the party, and ready to roar?

  35. DE – yay for your grand father, too!

  36. Scallops! how did I forget scallops! Broiled, fried, scallop pie, wrapped with bacon. sigh

  37. Cod, haddock, halibut. Broiled, baked, fried, en pappilotte, (sp?) Grilled. Poached.
    My sis used to have a huge Labor Day event- with lotsa good food.

  38. O.K. – here’s a thought for Freedom Fairy: Take the image of Panther Stadium in Charlotte, with the cool panthers roaring outside of the entrance, and modify or caption them to represent PUMAs some time before Obama’s coronation speech. Is that a good concept to run with? The say no Greek columns this time – perhaps they could be in rubble outside of the stadium…

    Q. Do you think they’ll have to bus people in or pay them to fill the stadium, to avoid empty seats? Of course, empty seats have become emblematic of late, thanks to Clint.

    Let me know what you all think (blocked text again)

  39. Ah Mom, your memories of days tagging along with you dad are sweet. Those smaller local parks were so much nicer than the BIGGER FASTER IMPERSONAL parks of today. And they let you bring you own food (and had pavilions with picnic benches and tree lined walkways).

    My Dad use to like surprise us with impromptu trips to Idlewild Park on off days. He would just pop home early on a random weekday and round us up along with friends and off we would go for a couple hours of fun in the evening. Dad would usually sit off to the side talking with the park staff at the various rides. As a mechanical engineer, complete with pocket protector, he was fascinated with the nuts and bolts of the park rides. Some nights the discussion would turn to baseball. He often carried his transistor and the adults would listen to the game while we played. By the time I was going on these trips Dad was known by just about everyone at the park.

    The first big kid ride was a little junior roller coaster that is still my favorite (it is the only one we ever got our Mom to ride). It’s quaint and simple but one of the prettiest rides around. A classic old style wood coaster. I have had the joy of taking nieces and nephews for their first ride. It never gets old.

  40. Thank you PMM and everyone for sharing.:)

  41. Woot for Grandfather at 102. There won’t be many more like that now that health care has been “reformed”.

    I was in and out of a cookout yesterday that would have put henry VIII to shame. No kidding. It went on till pretty late at night too. They borrowed every picnic table and outdoor chair they could get their hands on. It was a lot like the old days when I was a kid and there were “block parties” and people came in and out. As it turned out, my neighbor got a really good contract and wanted to share his good luck with everyone around him, which was cool. I mean there was so much food there, I was sure it would all be wasted, but it went over the course of the day let me tell you. It wasn’t just the hot dog and burger and potato salad and baked beans thing either. They even had polish golobkis and perogis. Baked ziti. Tons of hot sausage and peppers. Tons of detail foods too. Deviled eggs, for chrissakes. It was just an endless smorgasboard served in courses. I followed instructions when I left and went back later. Good thing because they had even more stuff Hahahaha. They had pulled pork and roast beef they slow-roasted in some wierd thing. I was glad there wasn’t a pig roast because I hate looking at those little guys whole before I devour them. I have no idea how many chickens they went through on the grills (they borrowed those too!) and they didn’t screw around with pieces, they gave out half a chicken. It was gut-busting but they were smart enough to run it in segments. Mr. U was chowing down and whispers to me that this is a bummer because where’s the steak, and I just cracked up. They positively REFUSED to allow anyone to “bring” anything, and it’s a good thing because they had it all. I was thinking, my God, I’m gonna die of a coronary here. But being Italian, I was taught you still gotta bring something. So we quietly gave them a couple of bottles of wine for themselves and we brought a tray of Italian pastries and guessed right that they didn’t have those. They flew off the tray like one of those sets of time lapse photos, where you see the stuff disappear in rapid frame. Early this morning there was a ruckous out there and Needlenoss was breaking glass with her bark. It was the neighbor and his kids putting our stuff back in the yard. So we peeked out there and they said to wait a bit because they wanted to bring us some food. lolol. Nice people, really. They obviously understand the concept of, if you’re gonna have a party, have a party. Even Needlenose was welcome (everybody around here knows her) and got herself a hot dog and a burger patty and some chicken, which is her idea of nirvana since she hardly ever gets people food. She was of course, a perfect lady and a great diversion for some kids. Needless to say, I am not hungry today.

  42. Uppity – you are a prophet, and can hardly believe what’s going on in Egypt. So sorry to hear what’s happening to women.

    It’s not always fun to be right about your gut feeling.

    Why doesn’t our mainstream media cover this?

    Because they don’t give a shit. It’s just women. And because they are on this endless course of bullshit about the peacefulness of Middle East and Islam. For Chrissakes they come here and behead their wives, kill their daughters, and the the media calls it “Domestic Violence”. You can’t say the words “Honor Killing” even though that’s exactly what is going on here. They show up at military bases and mow people down while Yelling Alkahu Akbar and the press pretends it’s just a poor soldier who snapped. Then we put them in special prison areas with goatfuckers just like themselves an pander to their bullshit and special needs when we should be executing them.

  43. Liberty Belle it’s the Bank of America Stadium.

  44. Thanks, Uppity – you’ve explained it well. My sense: the Media has invested so much in that peaceful Arab Spring narrative, and, it’s “inconvenient” to point out how things are not working when Obama is in the middle of his campaign, or this week, his convention/coronation.

    What you say reminds me of the White House characterization of Capt. Nidal who opened fire on his fellow soldiers on base in Texas – he was just disturbed or “workplace violence”, and it was politically incorrect to say he was an Islamic Terrorist. I.e., it was not a terrorist act. If not, why did the U.S. military eventually target/kill the Iman who was his inspiration (before the coward fled the U.S.)? (I don’t know if he was on Obama’s “kill list” that they bragged about, or leaked about…)

  45. All right check this out, for I wish to enter the tomato weight contest. This Brandywine tomato is not completely ripe on top because I had to pluck it before it fell off the stalk and hit the ground. It toggles in weight between 21.85 and 21.80 ounces.

  46. DE, I stand corrected. Bank of America closed credit card offices in our town, and lots of folks lost jobs. Honestly, those stadium names change in some places so much, depending upon which corporation bought them out, I can’t up with them.

  47. Liberty Nidal is exactly the goatfucker I was referring to.

    Arab Spring, our ass. For men, Arab Spring. For women, Arab Winter.

  48. Correct: “keep up with them”.

  49. Thank you, Uppity. I wasn’t sure because I was thinking of the more recent, and too frequent “Blue on Green” killings in Afghanistan, where newly minted Afghan soldiers, connected with Taliban or Al Queda, turn around and kill U.S. soldiers on base.

  50. I just made daughter come and harvest tomatoes! They were dying over the size of the Brandywines. I swear they are as big as a politicians head!
    I harvested a ten pound basket yesterday. It is way too hot to make sauce or can today. And our priest’s Dad died this week of a heart attack, so will be going to the funeral tomorrow. They should hold in the fridge til tomorrow night when hopefully it will be cooler.

    Oh- and flounder- I forgot flounder! Baked, broiled (not fried- too thin) stuffed, poached!

  51. They are luscious monsters, aren’t they Mom? Best tomato EVER, barring NONE. One slab and you got a sandwich.

  52. That is an awesome tomato! Looks like one for the record books – enjoy!

  53. Oh yes Uppity- I am eating one every day- with cottage cheese, tuna, plain, with basil and mozz. Just like apples- only better! Hell, I somehow put back 5 pounds in a month- but it is going to go away on the tomato diet lol!

  54. Corporations are people too. (so sayethe the SCOTUS and a ***Presidential candidate and his party). This is why we name stadiums after their highest bid heroic contributions to the USA, instead of what we used to do, which was name them after silly ordinary peole like silly presidents and philanthropists and things.

    How’s it feel, Romney lovers? So rare here. So rare.

  55. Wow! That’s some tomato!

  56. Sophie, I bartered a bunch of brandywines in increments, so he could get a steady supply, to my plumber, who will be bringing me venison and fish. That’s how good these tomatoes are. If you have never grown brandywines or brandy boys, please do not miss this treat.

  57. Okay I’ve been ripped a new one by NES, and she feels it’s a rare day when you can’t discuss a clinton on a clinton blog, so the clinton speech live blog is back on. I’ll venture to say it will be a whole lot more objective with respect to that dipwad Barack Obama and his lying thieving party than it was toward that dipwad Mitt ROmney and his lying thieving party. I rest my case, at least in part.

    However, I made a promise and I should consistently keep it.

  58. What are Brandyboys? Smaller versions? A hybrid that is not as big as a dinner plate?

  59. No, mom, they’re a bit redder. You can see your brandwine pink next to the other one and see a kind of off-red instead of pink. I think the one I posted is a BBoy.

  60. Brandy boys are the fellas that work at the resorts that bring UW her drinks.

  61. A hybrid that is not as big as a dinner plate?


  62. Oh good info thanks. I laughed when I read the height and spread though. 75 inches? Jeebus! I stopped planting KY Wonder beans because they grow so high. Spread 65 inches? ROFL! I would need a 6 ft wide area per plant?
    Can’t rely on the info on those pages- they say the brandywine fruit weight averages 14 oz. HAH! I doubt that! All of mine are in the HUGE range like yours. More in the 20 to 24 oz range. And my brandywines tend to be shaped just like yours- not the nice little perfectly round globes they show in all the catalogs. Good thing I know what they really look like or I would be worried they were all deformed or something.

  63. could be brandy boys mom. They come out like conjoined triplets and things.My BBs are way bigger than the wines, although they both taste basically the same.

    They like to show pics of tomatoes that are perfect, we both know that the tomato they are showing is rare. lol. Both of these types do not come out all that perfect looking but who cares. I have gotten some round ones though. Have one now, but it’s smaller than the one I’m showing. Maybe 14 oz.

  64. The spread is bull MOm, although maybe it’s because i don’t put them that far apart. They are pretty healthy plants. I have five foot baskets/cages and they are above them. But then so are my other tomatoes. I just plant them the same distance as the others.

  65. Speaking of Looks Like Hell But Tastes Great, I’ve planted tomande’s and they are awesome tasting. Embarrassing to look at though

  66. Brandy boys are the fellas that work at the resorts that bring UW her drinks.

    Well yeah, there’s that too….

  67. LOL my brandywines look like conjoined twins! Huge!
    Love me though- no other tomato tastes quite so…. tomatoey! Ugly but delicious!

  68. Speaking of tomatoes- need the instructions for seed saving please. I want to save the seeds from the Brandwines and the San Marzanos. I don’t think I will ever plant a Roma again- the San Marzanos are much meatier and far fewer seeds.

  69. Okay I’ve been ripped a new one by NES, and she feels it’s a rare day when you can’t discuss a clinton on a clinton blog, so the clinton speech live blog is back on.

    Ha! As if anyone could do that rip thing to UW!

    Thanks for relenting, Upps. You are as fair as you are wise and witty.

    P.S.: I pledge not to mention Romney on this blog. (Except after the election when I will be happy to pile on him and the GOP.)

  70. Total miss on the meaning of Labor Day:

    Note: It’s on topic with Labor Day and although political, it’s not Election Crap. Still, if it offends, strike it.

  71. Total miss on the meaning of Labor Day:

    Yeah, no kidding. What an eeejit Cantor is.

  72. PMM: Saving tomato seeds:

    I did it this way one year and it worked out.

  73. I am making corn on the grill tonight, thanks to PMM’s suggestion.


  74. Mom, so long as you are sure the tomatoes are heirloom and not monsanto knockoffs (many of which won’t grow a second time because they are deliberately sterile because they want you to buy the seeds again). If a farmer tries to reuse any of their live seeds, they sue and win:

    Here are step by step instructions.

  75. P.S.: I pledge not to mention Romney on this blog. (Except after the election when I will be happy to pile on him and the GOP.)

    Thanks for the tip so I can ban you the next day if he wins.

  76. Good GOD, Cantor actually SAID that? ROFL!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  77. Ok i couldn’t resist tweeting him with

    @GOPLeader Please read the history and purpose of Labor Day so you look smarter next year. Thanks!

  78. Thanks for the tip so I can ban you the next day if he wins.

    Ha! I meant “pile on him” in a critcism-sense if he wins. I thought you’d approve of that, Upps.

  79. Picture of Hillary wearing a familiar orange pants suit in New Zealand. Uppity has that suit on her right side bar with the “most admired 16 consecutive years” beneath it. She gave the PUMA speech that day.

    Is it a dog whistle? I don’t care if it is or not. I will consider it one! I need something to cling to besides this gun and bible and my bitter pills.

  80. ack, the linky dink would help…

    Hillary, my heartfelt thanks for giving the world real hope and change.

  81. karen, I hope she wears it on Wednesday during Big Dawg’s speech.

  82. Does not that Roseann Barr crack you up? She reminds me of Michael Moore and Bill Ayers. They all made their mucho bucks off of capitalism but they want to kick the ladder out from under their success and call for socialism for you.

  83. Yes Yes NES we love kicking shit out of thieving and lying politicians. Which means, pretty much all of them.

  84. Hahah sophie we gave Mom the same link

  85. Thanks for the seed saving instructions. I have the perfect Brandywine to save the seeds- and plenty of the San Marzano. I am sure on both- grew them from seeds I bought – organic. Hence not wanting to pay for them again lol.

  86. I looked at details of the pants suits such as buttons on front and sleeves and also the shirt underneath. It is THE suit from the DNC. Tell me that is a coinky-dink that she is wearing it now.

    Consider this post from me to be about Big Dawg’s speech since I will be at work that night. Tomorrow night I guess we will bombard Mom’s place again, if she’ll have us. I only have two days off then back to the grindstone.

  87. Did someone say Hillary Clinton? On CNN today, Carville said he hope she runs in 2016 and Wolfblitzer lamented the fact that she cannot be a speaker at the you-know-what, you-know-where because he-who-must-not-be-named really could use her help. Wolfblitzer then pointed out that she is the most popular Woman on earth or in the universe. Reminds me of the One saying she’s likeable enough.

  88. Hahaha Wolf “lamenting” that Hillary can’t speak, the sexist asshole and veteran Hillary skewer.

    The irony of his remark is very amusing to say the least. Personally, I lament that Wold Blitzer is still on the air.

  89. Hey is that cadevarous gasbag Cafferty still there? Another prize winner.

  90. Karen, the orange suit probably confirms that it takes four years for her to rotate her wardrobe. But then it is fun to imagine she’s shoving that inept, ineffective, lying loser with a hot poker.

  91. I don’t know about Cafferty. I stopped watching CNN in 2008 but am breaking my own rules today while I work on updating my resume. I’m really watching to see if they cover CarolinaFest which is related to the bigger Dem event, but has music, including Jeff Bridges and my Gov playing guitar. So far, just limited video of that. But I always like to see Carville. I remember he wore PUMAs to the 2008 Despicable Naional Convention. Love that guy!

  92. Roseanne Barr crack you up? She reminds me of Michael Moore

    I like them both for their work but I think neither of them makes the distinction between financial capitalism and industrial capitalism in their remarks. It’s an important distinction. They both played by industrial capitalism rules, but they are speaking out about financial capitalism. By not making that distinction, people think they’re commies, and miss the message that “Something Ain’t Right.” I wish Michael would do more and better research and let the findings direct his films, but he doesn’t. His films are only half good. Still, I think they’re worth it for the half. Rosanne is a hero of TV. She is an uppity woman and they don’t like that.

  93. Thanks for the Hillary link Karen. She does look great in that pantsuit. Not many people can pull off that color.

  94. Upps, love your tweet and agree about Wofl. Idiots.

  95. Sophie, Roseann barr skewered me when I sent her a satirical tweet, which she took literally. This told me she’s not smart enough to understand satire. This tells me she’s not too bright.

    Also tells me that, aside from good delivery of written comedic lines, she has no sense of humor of her own.

  96. karen, I think it’s the same suit too:

  97. Yup, definitely the same suit. I don’t think I have anything orange. I look horrific in orange, and there SHE is looking great in orange. Dayum.

  98. Okay, I’ll bite Soph. Could you explain to me the difference between Financial and Industrial capitalism and how one free market is more capitalist than the other? Do you mean to say Crony Capitalism? Because when Crony capitalism takes over, you no longer have capitalism. You have a kind socialism masquerading as capitalism. Which is the roblem we have today. For the financial sector, it’s capitalism when they are doing well and socialism when they aren’t doing well and want a handout.

  99. Hugo, I completely stopped watching CNN during the Haiti earthquake, when, too important to work on weekends, they had an endless loop of the same earlier segments for two full days–you thought they were live until you started getting that Parliament/Big Ben feeling watching Sanjay with that same baby over and over and over and over again. And, was it anderson? Same segments. This is the point at which I realized that CNN is nothing but a bad joke riddled with lazy asses who purport to be journalists. I remember when Anderson Cooper had the balls to wade in Katrina’s waters watching dead bodies float by. And, having gotten too big for his britches, being dubbed All Anderson All The Time, made him too damned self-important to do any real journalism any longer. To think they dumped the magnificent Aaron Brown for this dipshit because all the boys and girls thought he was so hot. Bloggers dig deeper than CNN does.

    I also remember when Wolf Blitzer and Bernard Shaw were hiding under an old desk while firebombs went off around them in Desert Storm. Now, fat and lazy, he stands among the least of them.

  100. Checking in… I hate WP!! I’ve been lurking. Glad about the no election 2012 edict. (((Indy))). Computer is down so I’m having to rely on the phone. Luv to Uppity and all the Uppityites. Oh, and a good rub behind the ear to MK Bill. =D

  101. Me loves Hillary Rodham Clinton.

  102. Goofs!!!!

  103. Hey you all.. I’m happy to see everyone.

  104. I noticed your absense of course. Glad you are okay.

  105. Hitting the sack. Nite everyone who’s left standing.

  106. Is the difference between financial & industrial capitalism is that industrial is making products and services that everyone needs, and requiring lots of jobs, while financial is moving money around, only benefits a tiny percentage of the population, and doesn’t require many jobs? Both make rich people at the top, but one benefits a larger swath of the population and the country in general.

  107. Also, one built the middle class, and the other is destroying it.

  108. Good Morning all. Love me that Hillary in the pant suit. Ok in any suit. Or just jeans and a t-shirt. And with or without scrunchies.
    LOL We will be at imusts pie blog for the live blogging tonight- I think. I have lotsa cherry tomatoes for throwing.

  109. UW: In a nutshell, industrial capitalism is when you make stuff and sell it and financial capitalism is when you make (fabricate) money and rent it. Crony capitalism is the collusion between government and business. Ok, there’s more to it than that but I have to go get ready for work soon.

  110. I love the economy of words you practiced in that answer Sophie.

    Aren’t the first two a product of capitalism in general? I mean, both have always been with us without much of a problem. Till the past decade. And isn’t the third type a product of a generally corrupt and bribed government?

  111. socal, are you sure that’s what’s destroying the middle class or is Crony Capitalism, that isn’t really capitalism at all, destroying it? Who do you think is actually responsible for it? What do you think needs to be repaired in order to fix it?

  112. Would you all please do me a favor and read JW Smart’s post today and then move down to my comment. This will make you all understand, for better or for worse, how I feel and what has made me be Who I am This Minute.

    Thank you.

  113. Look at the breakdown of the survey it seems to lean heavy R.

    Technically it reads 33%-D, 35%-R, 32%-I. I’m not sure what the electorate makeup of Missouri actually is. Also, look at self identified somewhat conservative and very conservative, they make up 48% and 49% of respondents voted for McCain in 2008…….didn’t Missouri go for Obama in 2008?

    I’m no so sure I would put much stock in this poll is my point. It’s kind of an odd poll actually because most of the national polls out there seem to be oversampling to the D side based on turnout from 2008 and this one is not.

  114. Loves me some Hillary Big Dawg ain’t bad either 🙂

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