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  1. test

  2. ok. i was just coming here to post these absolutely fabulous pictures (17 of them) of our girl in Asia, etc. if this is still a working site for the moment then here is the link. if not just delete this message.

  3. Love the pics, Karen!

  4. I got my UW mug, ironically, moments after coming here to find the site is closed, yet somehow open. There is a madness in the universe that permeates. A sure sign of God. Only a higher power could plan things this way. And humor does exist from a higher power. How else can you explain the joke that we’ve been living with for 4 years?

  5. Glad to hear you received it.

  6. Hang in there Upps. ♥ ♥ ♥

  7. Can you atleast put up a pic of a Fall harvest din din?

  8. 😦 I went to a funeral- and looks like I should have been here- 😦

  9. This is like when I drop my beer in the truck while driving: I am in the truck, but ya just can’t see me!

  10. lol hillbilly,

    *smacks head and looks up*

    come over to pie’s place to piss on the dems!

  11. Yeah, thought it was closed.

    I also got my Uppity Woman cup today. Its beautiful! laker is going to get one also. Great job DE & Angi!

  12. People, do we have some weird desperate need to post here? I think poor Upps needs a vacation.

  13. karen, great pix & well said!

  14. If we’re closed til after election, just want to say I love you guys, & will see you around pumaville. We’ll always be Uppityites!

  15. I will always have a weird desperate need to post here.

    XOXOXO Uppity

  16. Miss you, Uppity! Thanks for the pics, Karen!

  17. Hey–everyone got their Uppity Mugs except me. 😦

  18. Karen. I enjoyed the pics of Hillary. Thanks

  19. Just got back to my laptop after being gone all day – couldn’t believe so many posts. lol Uppitites are nothing if not stalwart posters – and funny as hell. I love it.

    Sounds like some here are brave enough to watch Obama’s circus. If there’s anything worth knowing, I would so appreciate someone posting the sordid details if they get a chance. I can’t watch it – not even Big Dawg. I’m working on anger management skills, but they’re no match for the Obama BS. lol

  20. (((Uppity)))

    I read your comment at John’s and agree. I’m in CA so can vote for Stein. Until we have equal rights, are free women, respected women and a vital part of the debate I will not give them my vote.

    I don’t want to hear about the Dem’s convention or the Rep’s convention, or what they are doing or saying. It’s all lies anyway. Blech!!.

    I’m here lurking Uppity and understand where you are at. How anyone can support either blows me away. Why do we have to vote for a party we hate because we hate the other guy more? Well, guess what we don’t!

  21. Whoa! Closed for renovations! If Uppity’s place is closed, do we continue to exist?

  22. Love you Uppity Woman. Keep telling it like you see it — there are so many readers out here depending on you to do just that. It sucks being a leader sometimes, but there you are. You didnt ask for it, but you got it.

    I’m also voting for Jill Stein (in MA).


  23. I am listening to Michelle right now and realized there is something we all need to do. We all need to give uppity a hug and a thank you for all she has done for us all these years. I am proud of my Uppity Mug!

    We LOVE you and thank you, dear woman. Hurry back, we need you!

  24. Whaaa? Why? How long?

    {{{HUGS}}} Be good to yourself! XOXO

  25. goofsmom2 – I read John after seeing your comment. WTG Uppity.

    I commented on another blog recently, that after leaning toward Romney for a while – anyone but Obama – I had decided to vote for Stein. This was a Hillary site, now supporting Romney, and I received several responses saying that a vote for Stein was a vote for Obama. I questioned the logic of that, but didn’t receive a satisfactory explanation. Thinking that possibly I was missing something, I researched the issue of whether Obama or Romney would be hurt worse by Jill Stein votes, which, of course, let to the logical conclusion that Obama would be. That, of course, makes sense, and I never really figured why Romney supporters would have a problem with someone voting for Stein – other than the obvious, that they wouldn’t be voting for Rom.

    Regardless, I know we’re not supposed to get too political, but I have struggled with this for several weeks now, and am glad to have made a decision I can live with. My one vote wont mean anything in the grand scheme – but it means a lot to me. I can feel better about voting for Stein than Romney. Just though I’d share that, and Uppity, if you’re reading, just in case my post was too heinous a violation of the No Politics Rule, I’m putting myself in time out.

  26. Oh, and Uppity, I echo what Karen said. You rock, and we really miss that wit of yours. I haven’t been as regular as some posters here, though I’ve read you from day one, and love your unvarnished honesty. I especially like the fact that you crack me up everyday. So, thanks a million. I hope you’re raising a little hell during this renovation. I find it’s good for the soul.

  27. Uppity, wishing you the best in renovation, your uppity wisdom has been a lifeline to me!

  28. Hmmmm. Will this place be recognizeable once all the revamping gets done?

    Looking forward to the final result! 🙂

  29. No politics.

  30. Happy Reno , HUGS HUGS !!

  31. Thought a little mention of Hillary – who inspired such loyalty in her supporters – might be appropriate. Here we all are, four years later still inspired, still loyal, still ready.

    From Hillary”s World – It seems the secret service code name for Hill is “Evergreen”. I think we could have thought of a more fitting code name, but that’ll do.

    Code name I would have chosen for her: Warrior Princess.

    Anyone else?

  32. code name for Hill: Work Horse

  33. Good one, Karen. It fits her.

  34. Uppity will be back, maybe, she is occupied trying to get off the mountain. Her misadventure will continue tomorrow.

  35. I can’t wait to see those renovations meanwhile We’ll always be Uppityites! 🙂

  36. Uppity, many thanks for all these years providing us Hillary followers a place to go.

  37. Her misadventure will continue tomorrow.

    ROFL utah. You have a way with words.

    Is Needlenose on the mountain with her?

  38. Let’s not be having the memorial service quite yet, WLM.

  39. code name for Hill: The Phoenix

  40. oooh, I like that one NES. She always rises.

  41. Question: What is the glue that binds us all to this blog? Is it the love of Hillary or the dislike of Obama? The two notions often seem inextricably linked, especially in an election season, but they’re oceans apart, really. For me — no slouch in the disliking BO department, as you all know — the answer is clearly the former, ie, it’s the love of Hillary that’s the glue. (Certain former commenters forgot the separation between the two notions, allowing their hatred of BO to take over and turn them, out of frustration, against Hillary after she joined his hated administration; of course they ceased commenting here.)

    I raise this question (suspecting that everyone’s going to have the same answer as I) as a way of exploring why things have fallen apart in the Great Room. I’ll take the first shot at it: because Hillary is the primary shared factor between every one of us (all of somewhat different stripes, with varied backstories), an election that doesn’t have her in the running leaves us in disparate, fractured camps. Is that it? Put differently, a pro-Hillary blog does NOT translate into a pro-R candidate or a pro-D candidate or a pro-3d-Party candidate blog, so that disagreements and misunderstandings predominate and are artificially magnified in the white-heat of a general election campaign.

    If that’s the case, it would begin to explain why UW is no longer ‘home.’

    Thoughts anyone?

    P.S.: I lost the intensity of many relationships in 2008 over the Hillary-Obama wars. I regret that. Elections and candidates pass; relationships should endure. Let’s keep our worlds in focus through Nov. 6.

  42. Thxxxx karen. She always does. Also, as any Harry Potter fan knows, Phoenixes have magical healing powers and are extraordinarily strong.

  43. I was thinking of Hermione as a code name for Hillary, but I like the others posted here, too. (I always thought Hermione would end up as Minister of Magic, sooner or later…)



  44. I like the code name, Phoenix. After decades of being investigated and vilified, she survives and she rises above the fray to continue her important work. I admire her because she WORKS and she is a thinker. I am and always will be a Clinton fan because I just don’t see too many other people in public life with their brain power. I’m waiting by my TV for Big Dawg now. And CNN is again unable to resist talking about Hillary today. They beat her up in 2008, but can’t live without her.

    I agree with NES that Hillary is likely the glue that brings commentors to this blog. That’s why I first began reading UW in 2008 as well as some other pro-Hillary blogs. I’m not too happy with the direction some have taken in 2012, but I recall a lot of arguments in 2008 among PUMAs about how to proceed once Hillary suspended her campaign. So it goes again. How to vote when the best person is not running is a tough choice, but hopefully, as NES writes, relationships will endure despite differences. And I especially hope that Uppity Woman blog endures because that’s what Uppity Women do. Like Hillary, they endure.

  45. Thanks for chipping in, Hugo. Very thoughtful comment.

    Phoenix ’tis!!

  46. NES, I agree that Hillary is the glue. I also agree that it’s hard to separate the intense dislike of Obama from the support of Hillary. One issue is, of course, the fact that the injustices perpetrated against Hillary in 2008 and beyond, by some of the Democratic Party leaders, by Obama, and by MSM created a deep and abiding antipathy toward all of those perpetrators. For me, and I believe for others, that extreme antipathy only increases. Another issue, imo, is the fact that during the course of the 2008 primary, we found out a lot of information about Obama, and his lack of character, his lack of loyalty to this country, and other damning info. For me, this made the desire to see him defeated even greater. Had Hillary not been a factor, just knowing what we knew about him was motivation enough to work for his defeat.

    In addition to those two factors, the loyalty to Hillary and the dislike of Obama, a critical issue for me (not speaking for others) is the advancement of women’s rights, including reproductive rights. This is not a moral issue to me, nor is it a religious issue. It’s a freedom issue, and it’s nonnegotiable, for me. Since, as we know neither the Dems (based on 2008,alone) nor the Republicans view women as equal. Both would bargain away women’s rights, including abortion rights, in a heartbeat, and they would be surprised that we weren’t ok with that. I especially hate the Dems for trashing Hillary and her supporters as they did, and for refusing to stand against sexism and misogyny. That spoke volumes.

    So, women – at least true feminists (not those who supported O against Hillary – that’s the opposite of feminism) are between a rock and a hard place.

    I think for any person or group a set of core beliefs is a good starting place. Once established, it then is just a matter of functioning within that framework, and of working against, or at least, not working for, those who would support laws or actions that would be counter to the core beliefs.

    Obviously, UW has invested a huge amount of time, energy, emotional energy, etc. into this blog, and I think everyone would want her to do as she sees fit, and to act in her own best interest. I do hope she returns and reopens – if that is even in question -, and I would like to see some activism for the core beliefs of the blog, as determined by Uppity, especially women’s rights. If one of the core beliefs established by UW was not something that a participant could live with, that person would simply have to make the most of it, and decide whether her continued participation would be in her best interest.

    I think what ever happens, it goes without saying that we would respect Uppity’s decisions and plans.

    I love the code names – all are fantastic.

  47. My notes to another blogger today.

    It’s all MY OPINION. I have NO inside scoop:

    “I’m not really sure what to say about Uppity. Having not been on her blog (or anyone’s) much lately, I only saw things in bits and pieces.

    My assessment is that she is HORRIFIED at those of us who supported Hillary – and especially those of us who are women – showing such full-throated support for Romney – especially since the addition of Ryan. In fact, I think it’s the Ryan part that really made her throw in the towel.

    We ALL KNOW Obama must be defeated, but as she says, these two horrid parties are death by fire or death by drowning.

    Hers is not the only “PUMA” blog that has made this “turn” in the zeal to rid our country of this horrible man, and I think she thinks we all forget how horrible the Republicans are and can be at times.

    The only thing I can suggest is to abide by her wishes and not do the political thing in her Living Room. She feels very strongly about this and I respect her choice.

    I also think she has spent four years defending OUR PARTY (Not O’s Corrupted Version) and to suddenly have the Republicans the choice of so many must make her feel like none of it was worth it. She’s tired.

    There are plenty of other places to go O-bashing and in support of Romney, and I think that is what needs to be done.

    Uppity won’t vanish, but I don’t believe she will engage in the hand-to-hand combat of Politics at their core for some time.

    Look to see her supporting women still, and bashing Goat Fuckers – at home and abroad.

    Just my opinion. I have no knowledge otherwise.

    As for that Convention last night, it was horrible to watch for me. I didn’t recognize the Democratic Party and it made me go to bed feeling very annoyed and angry.

    I don’t think I was alone.

    UW – You KNOW I love you

    Let me know when you need a new header.



  48. Ding ding we have a winner.

  49. Well said, freespirit. Thanks for sharing — what you said really resonates with me, and probably with everyone else as well.

  50. I think you’ve put your finger on it, FF. It all sounds spot-on,…like you’re channeling UW. I’m sure she’s smiling down on you from her mountain-top (h/t utah).

  51. Agreed, DE.

  52. Sent you an email on the subject earlier NES.

  53. I agree NES, FF’s post was spot on, as was yours. As FF noted, the willingness to so quickly join the Romney parade and to give him “full-throated support” was probably very difficult for Uppity to take. It has been for a lot of us. To see the men express such strong support for Romney, and to act as if women’s rights were less than nothing to worry about has pissed me off to the max. But, seeing women doing it evokes a response of intense and simultaneous anger and sadness.

    I think FF is right about Ryan making things even harder to accept. The man’s as conservative as they come. I don’t give a shit how good he looks in gym shorts.

  54. Geez, UW, I hope you are not renovating the kitchen and bathrooms. Those things can be an Obama. There is not a dime’s worth of difference between either party; they both loathe women. Romney will bend with the wind, and Obama thinks that he invented feminism, sweetie. This November we should tell both parties to go kiss something. Parties that don’t believe that the 14th amendment covers us or parties that think we need their protection because they are “protecting” our rights can kiss our somethings. Nobody needs the approval or the permission of idiots.

    Women should march on the mall and give them all an October suprise. Nothing will change as long as our government is in the hands of special interests that mistakenly believe they benefit financially from oppressing the majority. Couple of hundred thousand pissed off women, a couple of hundred thousand coat-hangers, no insipid simpering-yeah, that should strike fear into the hearts of the political aristocracy.

  55. I think FF is spot on. Thank you.

  56. Ok. So a few of us lost our minds, momentarily, over the remote possibility of the Dem Party eating Crow for the next four years? I certainly did, without seriously contemplating what Uppity was saying:

    “Death by Fire or Death by Drowning.”

    In a nutshell:

    “The political IS personal”

    …Because the people we elect are given the ultimate power to both define and alter the quality of our lives by assuming a position of excessive authority – through policy making – over who and what WE SHALL BE as human beings called “Citizens.”

    For US, it has always been a perilous journey, through the dense and often dark and dangerous forest of strict and inhibiting cultural and religious mores. To evolve by permission isn’t freedom; it’s inchworming our way out of bondage, hoping to prove our value at each milestone, to make the punishments for escaping bondage less severe.

    We are continually being forced into that proverbial rabbit hole of accepting the policing – “representation” – of our rights. It is a pattern with a clear message: A Woman’s right to “progress” is conditional – upon what is palatable to, and determined by, the male-dominated, political power wheel of authority over the lives of Women.

    The Political IS Personal.

  57. A feminist is recaptured. whynot.

  58. You were RIGHT Uppity.

    There’s a saying in Alcoholics Anonymous about what is necessary when it comes to helping the Alcoholic-Addict recognize the “cycle of the spree” which is defined as follows:

    1. Restless, irritable and discontent
    2. Take a drink which sets off the obsession to drink more
    3. Go on a binge, drink until you can’t drink another drop – until it runs its course (of destruction to self and others)
    4. Sober up, swear off – to never take another drink
    5. Don’t do much of anything differently – half measures
    1. Restless, irritable, discontent…

    The “saying” that addresses how one of the founders of AA believed the chapters of the Book of AA needed to be written in order to get through the denial of the Alcoholic-Addicts

    1. Tell them what you are going to tell them;
    2. Tell them what you want to tell them;
    3. Tell them what you told them.

    Got it.

  59. PRAISE BE! why not, you have preached it, slapped it, and put it to bed, honey. That was awesome. Thank you for the stirring, crystal clear, and spot on post. It said exactly what needed to be said.

    I spent a few days trying to convince myself that I could suck it up and get on the Romney/Ryan train. But, if felt like such a hypocrite – like I had betrayed everything I had ever stood for and preached to my twenty-seven year old daughter from the day she was born.

    I tried. But, after a particularly spiteful response on one of the Hillary/Romney blogs, to my comment expressing concern about the extreme enthusiasm for Romney – not even about plans to vote for him, hell, I was considering a vote for him myself, at that time. My concern was about how this ultra-conservative ticket – especially that jackass Ryan – had been embraced so fully, without even a concern about their stand on women’s rights, by people who had worked and supported Hillary, when we all were working our hearts out for her – because of what she stood for.

    The responses i received angrily expressed that this was no time to be worried about something like that. There were serious issues at stake, and that women’s rights were not that important in these current troubled times. In fairness, I’ll have to say, I was not subdued in my comments. I was pissed – more at the attitude, and the disregard than anything. But, these responses made it pretty clear that there had been a shift, at least on the parts of some, and I knew I just couldn’t accept the new attitude.

    Thankfully, blogs and sites such as this one, were speaking truth – standing firm, and not giving in. Clarity was present.

    Everyone has experienced this whole thing in a very personal context, influenced by unique and individual beliefs, experiences, and interpretations. Additionally, there are strong voices, from respected fellow Hillary supporters, encouraging people to put aside their beliefs and concerns, and embrace the conservative candidates. With so many influences, it’s not hard to understand why finding one’s own truth may take a little time. The important thing, imo, is that we find the path that is truly representative of our individual truths.

  60. I get it. It’s 1988 all over again and I’m staying home because I’m not voting for either one. I threw out all the politicking as well. I’m baking a lot of Hershey’s Cocoa recipes. Why stress myself out any further? I’ll Mama Bear-up in my cave and wait it all out. I’ll be lurking from the UK soon.

    Uppity–you rock, woman. Thank you for everything. And all the rest of the Uppity-ites here. XOXO

  61. Well Upps, you must be proud of this place. I’ve been reading things at some of the neighbor boards and although they were good at times in the past, they no longer are even close to a place where I’d want to hang my hat for any length of time. Nice places to visit but I wouldn’t want to hang there.

    Then I come here to this “closed” blog and read more wisdom and common sense and words from way down deep good hearted people. This place is special. Not a single doubt about it got this way.

    Wish there was an answer. We are doomed to wander in the wilderness till a leader takes us to the promised land again.

  62. Whether this little ole blog is open or closed for renovations, whether torn down and then completely rebuilt, for as long as there remains this wonderful community of people clicking here, then I will click, too.


    The true lessons of 2008 cannot ever be forgotten, or forgiven. The enemy of my enemy cannot automatically be my friend. I will never stoop to conquer. I will remain steadfast in my loyalty to the spirit of 2008, the PUMA movement, and the unyielding spirit of…

    Hillary Rodham Clinton.

    P.S. Take your time, Upps. We will still be here. 🙂

  63. The responses i received angrily expressed that this was no time to be worried about something like that. There were serious issues at stake

    I got told it was a “luxury” too. Like people can’t hold two thoughts at the same time. Unless they’re anti-woman, then it’s not a luxury to inrtoduce woman-regressive legislation intead of jobs legislation. I get it.

    Then I come here to this “closed” blog and read more wisdom and common sense and words from way down deep good hearted people.

    Yes, indeed!

    for as long as there remains this wonderful community of people clicking here, then I will click, too.

    Yes, indeed!

  64. Thought this oldie but goodie might warm our feminist hearts.

  65. Just one more if no one minds. Does anyone else feeling a little stressed and rattled?

  66. I just deleted THREE “neighbor” sites from my favorites bar. I used to go to those sites daily, heck, sometimes hourly. They are gone for good because they have become nothing more than wimmen bashing republican toads who sound a whole lot like the obots did in 2008.

    When Upps sees this crap going down on those sites she must be fuming as much as the rest of us.

    We heard in 2008 that one of those sites was Republican in disquise. That is now clearly true although it may not have been at the time. I cannot stand obama and I left my party because of him but I still am a Clinton Democrat in my heart and my soul. Jerusalem matters to me although I am not Jewish. God matters to me although I am not a religious fanatic. Human rights and taking care of the disabled matters to me and I have made both key points of my life. I am not going to throw my beliefs under a bus for either rotten political shell game.

    Romney and Obama are flip sides of the same coin. The news is filled with Obama bashing now. We are finally able to say I told you so. And we will unfortunately be able to say that again… no matter which devisive side wins. Red or blue – eff them both.

    Uppity, we are political. We are also old school and we all paid our dues and learned the hard way under Nixon and company. We marched, we literally put our blood sweat and tears into our political beliefs for decades. Eff those snotty little piggies on the neighbors blogs who come along with their little snappy attacks.

    This blog is what a feminist looks like.

    Fix the blog and take the garbage out. Then come back and kick ass!

  67. Uppity:

    I know you’re not watching the political tides coming in and out, so I wanted to be sure you got this…


    They found the cure for Clinton Derangement Syndrome!

    They extracted the serums of experience from life-long accomplishments and unparalleled popularity ratings from Bill and Hillary Clinton.and injected them into Obama Derangement Syndrome and for the last 24 hours there are no signs or symptoms of CDS to be found ANYWHERE!

    Uppity, it’s the G’damn Miracle we’ve all been waiting for – since May 31st, 2008!

  68. Uppity, so sorry you’ve closed down, but I can understand why. I do hope you’ll be back after the election so I can lurk again.

  69. Now, I know what you’re thinking – ‘Why Not, it was only a matter of time… come back when you can tell me Breaking News of the cure for “Vagina Derangement Syndrome”

    FCS, Uppity! That’s been around since 2008:

  70. Karen, your post is spot on.

  71. 😦 I always come here first when news breaks on anything. 😦
    Drew Peterson- guilty.
    I am just going to go lie down and not get up again until the renovations are complete. 😦 I feel like my home burned down or something.

  72. Hey DE, how’s things? Have you created my mug yet?

  73. PMMom, I’m sure Uppity will return after the election – at least I think I’m sure. Do not despair, she is unique, and she will never stand back. It’s the election that has created this disconnect – so many people pushing a man and his partner that want to send the country back to the ’50’s. Like the Terminator, I have to believe that Uppity will be back.

  74. PMM is taking to the bed.

  75. Miss you all! Uppity where in the hell did you get the picture of MKBill spraypainting. Unreal!!! 🙂

  76. Hello HT. Good to see you back.

  77. Hi Ani,
    I posted it. I came across it on the book of faces.

  78. co sign Karen.

  79. “Then I come here to this “closed” blog and read more wisdom and common sense and words from way down deep good hearted people. This place is special. Not a single doubt about (sic) it got this way.”

    Thanks. And I am still waiting fir a new Header Order.


  80. Hi HT- we are all lurking now!

  81. Good night, Upps.

  82. I saw that kitteh story, Fred, and of course thought of Lily who rode inside of 4 cars and didn’t suffer a broken hair let alone paw. She was lavished with adoration. My friend just got an all black kitten and named it Jinx. So I always say Hi Jinxs… hijinks – groan.

  83. K4C: When I saw that that it somehow just screamed Upppity on one of her daring cat-rescue things or something. I come over to see what’s going on and pretty soon I guess I’ll take the site out of my links folder. I don’t look for this blog to come back anytime soon; she’s just got a placeholder here now.

  84. Ouch! I came here because it’s Friday and I try always to end my week and start my weekend here where I’ve spent so many hours. Only to find the “closed” sign. As usual, it has taken me a long time to read everything. And I hardly ever comment anymore because I’m always so late to the party. But I wanted to say the comments are simply wonderful (as usual) and Karen, your comment @11:56 stayed with me.
    Upps ~ hope you are well and you are back sooner rather than later.

  85. I’m not going anywhere and I’m not unlinking this site. After all this is the only sane place not loving the reps and still supporting women’s rights. So I’ll still be checking in every day and lurking.

  86. UW, hope you are well and that we don’t see you on the side of a milk carton.

  87. goofsmom2: I’m still subscribed tothe blog so if/when a new post goes up I will know.

  88. What goofsmom said…

  89. Just checking in. Sad Uppity isn’t back, but glad to see uppities still holding vigil. I’m with you goofsmom and sophie.

  90. My Uppity mugs are on their way!!!

  91. Lily

  92. She’s Beautiful!

  93. Tiger Lily!!!!!! 🙂

  94. Those big ears and super alert pose – TL hasn’t changed much at all. She’s such a firecracker.

    Pam and those of you in the path of the storms – be safe. It is going to pass to the north of me and we’ll just get the fringe of it.

    freespirit, vigil is the perfect word.

    goofs, amen.

  95. Tiger Lily is a pretty girl!

  96. Wow, she’s getting to be a big girl! Seems like yesterday she was so tiny. Thanks for sharing Sophie!

  97. Shall we do our own movement, call it Occupy Uppity? 😉

  98. Whose blog? OUR BLOG!!!

  99. uppity twinkles!

  100. Bringing in reinforcements

    Occupying Pennguins

  101. By the way, we are having a tornado watch in the Northeast until 9 PM. Sheesh, the wind is really blowing out there. Aunty Em…???

  102. A few new pics in the sidebars. Right on, wimmen. You tell it sister.

  103. “Occupy Uppity” lol – not bad at all.

    Sophie, I can sympathize on the tornado watch. We recently had a night of watches and warnings in my area too. Unsettling, to say the least. Stay safe.

  104. freespirit, it looks like it’s behind us. We had a lot of rain all at once and some high winds. Gratefully, I kept power the whole time. Where’s your area?

  105. Deep South – It’s tornado alley, so I usually don’t worry too much, but April 27, 2011, made a believer of me. Tornadoes killed several people throughout the South and in other regions. I tend to be less dismissive now when I hear “tornado watch”.

    Glad you’re ok.

  106. ((UW)) I’ve been in Isaac recovery and just read what I could of the some threads, etc. Believe me, I feel you …

  107. Hmmmmm. I see changes in the sidebars.
    We are not alone?

  108. Did anyone besides me see the Big Dog make a low bow to Obama after BD made his speech. Reminded me of the low bow given to Saudi prince by O awhile back.

  109. twandx, I think that’s what it was supposed to remind us of. I’ve read mixed opinions about BC’s speech, with a number of folks of the belief that Big Dawg was shaking Obama’s hand and smiling, while at the same time, kicking his ass. There were a number of opportunities to interpret remarks and/or body language as slams at O, but, then, again, it could just be wishful interpreting.

    Considering that Bill would only support the 2010 candidates who supported Hillary, I don’t think he has forgiven and forgotten the Obama campaign’s assault on her and her supporters – not by a long shot.

  110. Every time Bill stumps for bo. He just reminds us the big difference between them.
    Barack Obama is no Bill Clinton. 🙂

  111. twandx, I’ve had a few thoughts on this…some posted around the “neighborhood.” Today’s thought is that he took a bow, like a performer does, in front of his audience.

  112. Love the new additions to the sidebar. I smell revolution in the air. I’ll bet when uppity returns, she’ll be in full warrior mode, ready to ratchet up the fight for women’s rights. woo hoo!!!

    If we will be needing camo and a bullet proof truck, I know a guy who knows a woman who….. Just kidding. I’m just ready to flex a little militant feminist muscle. lol

    Message to both parties: It’s women’s rights, stupid.

  113. Uppity, are you leaving us?

  114. This is what used to be. Today, I don’t know but I hope we go back to where we used to be.

  115. Uppity, hope you’re enjoying yourself…..Excuse us if we need proof that it is really you upon return…..Good ID test for me will be you scoffing and saying “Aw shut up, before I came over there and slap you!” Yes, yes, yes….pistol whipping…pleeease!

  116. Wow! Holly Near?! As, Ivy Far as she came to be called in some circles.

  117. edit: As should have been Or

  118. Sophie, lovely song. DWP do you have a problem with the song, or are you trying to make a point? Just asking, but your comment is rather ambiguous and could be taken multiple ways.

  119. HT, dwp’s making a play on her name! In my circles, some called her a Hasbian since she switched back at some point!

  120. Sophie,
    That’s when some starting referring to Holly as “Ivy Far”. It never really worked for me though. I do like “hasbian” though. lol

  121. PS My “wow” comment was one of surprise. Havent seen her name in a very long time. Brought back a flood of Bay Area memories.

  122. Sophie, caught it. Thanks.

  123. I was at the 1992 March for Women’s Lives in DC but the only video I could find was an hour long, poor audio, and Holly singing acapella.

  124. If you hear the dogs, keep going. If you see the torches in the woods, keep going. If there’s shouting after you, keep going. Don’t ever stop. Keep going. If you want a taste of freedom, keep going.

  125. Beautiful!
    (kills me)

  126. I had sent a tweet to Uppity and she responded. I’ll see if I can paste it in here although I tend to screw this up.

  127. Thanks Fredster. It’s good to know she’s still active and perhaps may come back, in which case I go back to lurking.
    Come back Uppity so I can retreat!

  128. Lovely vid, imust. It certainly exemplifies the spirit and passion that Upps and all Uppityites brought, and will continue to bring, to the cause of Hillary, the woman who should’ve been the 44th POTUS.
    And, I see that FF (in the DemocracyDame guise) uploaded it to YouTube — most fitting.

  129. A cri de coeur, Mom. Very touching. I feel you.

  130. Thanks NES- yes. Exactly.
    I hate this election. I hate the DNC, the bastards. Roolz committee. Caucuses. Fraud Chicago style.
    Right now we should all have been pasting on our Re-Elect Hillary bumper stickers, covering our yards with signs, phone banking, donation, door knocking.
    I feel like 08 all over again. Another death in the family.
    (slinking away to get a fresh box of tissues)

  131. Thanks to the proprietor for the UW Training Grounds where we, the “Inevitables” were delayed by one cycle, from becoming the leaders WE were waiting for. At this site, I have logged on and become conditioned by the steadfastly and progressively developed certainty of convictions I might have abandoned. All of you who exchanged input and transcended Obotomy to feel complete faith and calm acceptance of what IS have done great groundbreaking work to contribute to the demystification of ways in which “uppityness” is not a flaw, but hard-earned stability in the face of b.s. Thanks, also to Mr, K. Bill, Moderator, for his patient and knowing leadership. I believe he is ok enough with the upside-down-i-nuts to diplomatically share common ground with them come October 9. ttp://

  132. I noticed the following article at Tennessee Guerilla Women. From the NY Times, by Frank Bruni:

    “Haunted by Hillary”


    “The Democrats lacked not only Hillary but also, in the beginning, God. To some party stalwarts that’s probably a statement of the utmost redundancy. Hillary is God, or at least a holy ghost.
    Will she run in 2016? I can’t tell you how many times I heard that question and how largely it loomed in Charlotte. There’s a strong belief that she’s seriously considering one last bid, and a fervent wish that the Hillary saga not yet be over, because it’s as riveting as any in the last quarter-century of American politics.
    The video that was shown just before Bill Clinton delivered his speech on Wednesday night reminded delegates and the rest of us of the Clintons’ epoch in the White House, years of serial scandals and provisional hairstyles. It reminded us, too, that for Hillary, a setback is merely a prelude to redemption, a warm-up for the last laugh. She’s the comeback kid.”


    I would so love to believe she will run, as I’m sure everyone here would. Uppity, we may get the opportunity to fight for Hillary, once again. Come back soon, please.

  133. freespirit, I saw that column too and he called her a poltergeist in a pantsuit. I disagree with him, she isn’t going to be viable in 2016 they are just stringing wimmenz along – reid, pelosi, brazilenut and the rest suddenly brought up Hillary in 16 a few weeks ago all at once. It was a planned ploy to get the Clintonistas on board the obama train wreck.

    If Romney wins now he might win again in 2016 and get another 4 years.

    If obama wins now he might finish ruining the dem name and in 2016 the whole country is going to swing for R like they did for D in 2008.

    If Hillary runs in 2016 against other dems in a primary she might win but then again they might toss the OLD HAG line at her again and pull up a Castro or other unworthy that can pull in the enormous Hispanic vote against her. Of course the “hispanic male” will be historic and the woman (Hillary) would be just a corporate whore and career politico.

    They aren’t going to let a wimmenz in. Not until we tell them they cannot have our votes any longer. Not until we tell them with pitchforks and torches that we are truly mad as hell and not going to take it.

    Hillary will bloom where she is planted, nevertheless.

  134. I have yahoo mail and when I opened the main yahoo page the side bar had all kinds of tips you wimmenz can use and they were all adorned with beautiful models that you all look just like. Things we worry about all the time like: How to get the shiniest hair ever. How to make laundry day easier. Makeovers for already stunning women. Home tips like not painting your house cotton candy pink. Eating mistakes women make. Or you can just click on the dozens of pictures of Michelle or Barack offering to fly you somewhere and have lunch with them…

    This is our nightmare world. We were making progress, or we seemed to be, until 2008 woke us up to the fact that we have not come a long way baby.

  135. Mom, pass me those kleenex, then we’re going to blow our noses and we are going to start marching again. For the girls. We wuz robbed.

  136. I know Karen, that’s what’s so frustrating about the whole political scene – it’s a bunch of lies and double talk, all with a motive and agenda. If she decides to run, which, like you, I tend to doubt, I do believe that she will fully test out the waters, and consider all the angles, first. I think she’ll know whether it’s the right thing for her, or not. She is an exceptional person, and although I don’t hold a lot of hope that she will run, there is a tiny spark of it that I refuse to allow to die, not just yet.

    Re: Yahoo, doesn’t it get tiresome with all that fluff?! No concern for what’s on the inside of a woman’s head – only what kind of hair product will make her look like some 15 year old wannabe sex queen. Sickening.

  137. I broke the broken blog, oops.

    I stand behind what I said even if it is so depressing. Instead of the kleenex just hand me a razor blade or harikeri knife – seppuku sounds like the easy way out instead of 4 more years of BO.

    Upps, we’re trashing Pie’s place while we await your triumphant return.

  138. freespirit, i actually recently had this guy i work with make a pass at me and ask me out in front of other co-workers rather abruptly. He gave me a once over and declared “this may work, we can do something with your hair” and you can just imagine my answer. I was the only one standing when he slunked away. I am growing out my old color and going for a light color that blends with gray, btw. I told him how i can change my hair today if i wanted to. I also told him he could not do the same with his measly IQ. I also asked him with dripping sarcasm that it is all about what a person looks like and not about what is in their minds, hearts or soul, right? He stuttered and wiped that “he man” grin off his woman bashing face. I wouldn’t go out with him if he was the last man standing. What an asshole – and he is typical of what i run across these days.

    God, in my next life, if I am a woman, make me Lebanese. 🙂

  139. Karen, watch what you wish for! 😉

  140. If obama wins now he might finish ruining the dem name and in 2016 the whole country is going to swing for R like they did for D in 2008.

    Except that Hillary will not be part of, nor associated with, Obama’s possible second term. She will have had several years worth of distance from Oflim-flam Man, (N)Inc(ompoop).

  141. Karen, thats a dismal prospect! If she runs in 16, and I tend to think she will, we will all have waited 8 long years. A long damn time. I can’t think it will be for nothing.

  142. Screech!

  143. Uppity. It makes it all easier to swallow when I can read you? I know you are gone but please don’t be. I promise to have pix of pie & recipes. Urrrrrrrrrr. Hugs wherever you are. Miss you.

  144. Uppity, grab that rest, recuperation and restoration and may you be back with fire in your heart and scorn for enemies of women, kittehs, children, and good home-made desserts.

  145. Uppity. Come back.

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