Sunday morning cuppa

It’s Sunday morning and I won’t watch the news shows without Uppity Woman and my morning cuppa.

I’m not the only one in this house who feels that way.

Yeah, that’s some good stuff.

Thank you DE.


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  1. An uppity kitty drinking from an uppity cup. Perfect. I wonder how long before she breaks it. She works for DE, you know. He makes em, she breaks em.

  2. Very clever business strategy!

  3. Yes indeed. She and DE are doing well together. In fact she is developing a training program to teach all other kittys to break their owner’s UW mugs ASAP. I’m not afraid to warn anyone about this because only a fool can outsmart a kitty anyways. Being prepared means nothing. Nothing I tell you.

  4. OT but snatched from Riverdaughter and bears watching completely. Too bad Hillary has to put words together and say what the shitbag she works for should be saying instead. Mr. Constutional lawyer.

  5. I think everybody should post a pic of their mug with their kitty. If they don’t have a kitty, then they should get a kitty.

  6. Looks like someone is in need of an Uppity Kitty bowl.

  7. Glad you and the traveling kitteth like the mug!

  8. Make that three Uppity Kitty bowls.

  9. Perchance a little photo of kitty bowl, please? I will cover my dog’s eyes.

  10. She’s gotten bigger, your little Longfellow. She’s not going to be a big cat, but long and lanky, yup.

  11. Gotta find a pic of my soulcat. He was amazingly long and tall and lanky. But not an ounce of fat on him. And bat ears too.

  12. Ize gots me one of dem der muggies. No kitteh round heya tho.

    I got a call about an hour ago from the Obama for America local office. Before we hung up the woman had total doubt in him and was wondering whether or not she should work for him. I told her about 2008 and the RBC and We Shall Not Be Silenced, about Bush, Nixon, Gore, Halliburton, Carter and mostly about the wonderful Hillary and Bill and what was done to her and compared the fraud and the wreck of the country and our awful world situtation to the Bill years of peace and prosperity. We talked about wimmenz power and how Pelosi took everything off the table when they had a majority so that they could hold wimmenz parts over our heads every 4 years.

    She agreed with everything I said and kept sighing, well what can you do type remarks. I wouldn’t vote Romney and wouldn’t vote Fraud – fire or drown blue or red disaster or disaster. Trillions of our dollars given to corporate interests for nothing in return and record millions in entitlements. I will vote for Stein or Johnson for the first time ever third party in my politically active blue life.

    Mad as hell and ain’t gonna take it anymore. The hell with 2012.

    Do not support them. Do not drink the Red or Blue poison.

    I know she heard me and totally understood me and even was agreeing with me. She was a bit worried about Romney winning if she voted third party – I said it doesn’t matter which one of the fools get in we are screwed for 4 more either way. Romney might improve the economy and totally destroy the environment and commit us to more military spending and war. Barack may destroy the economy even more and make us vulnerable with his incompetence and indecison and lack of planning and knowledge combined with his bravado and ego.

    We hung up laughing at the horrors of the world today and she said we will be just like Greece in 4 years if this keeps up. I said – now you’re getting it! And we laughed in our misery. I don’t think she’ll make too many more calls before she puts down the kool aid and walks away.

  13. And Karen wins the Make a Difference Today award!

  14. Sophie, I am glad I’m on their list. Call me, anytime. lol.

  15. Way to go Karen. I ripped them a whole new one at one point. Alas, they never call, they never write. lolol.

    Poor Bawack, he can’t even get gung ho callers any longer. The younguns are in Mom’s basement plotting their next “Occupy” which they will make sure occurs and ends in time for Dinner Mom is Making.

    Boo Hoo. Perhaps he can solicit that Gaza Strip call center he used in 2008.

  16. Haven’t given a penny to the democratic party and since I would eat a broom before I give a penny to the Party of The Hobbling Of Women, I have more disposible income.

  17. I’m so glad I’m middle class becuase now I know I make $200-$250 k now! I am so thrilled that we have competition for The Incandescent One who is just as in touch as he is!

  18. STEIN!


  19. Note to mod on the contributor list. If you don’t plan to write or mod for this blog any longer, please let me know if you mind having your editor status changed. The list is long and no sense of keeping it posted that way if the list is actually short. No hard feelings! If you do plan to write or mod, using the current rules, just let me know personally. Via email. WIthout a copy list. I wouldn’t want someone to be affiliated with this place if they don’t want to be. If I don’t hear from you, I will assume you no longer hang out here anyways and didn’t see this.

  20. So UW, I take it you’re not going to be at the OWS First Anniversary celebration tomorrow? I think the three-day celebration began yesterday. I coulda sworn I saw you feeding some of the protesters, likely because you felt sorry for them being so far from Mom’s home cooking.

  21. Still waiting for that kitty bowl photo. Get off the kiln, dammit.

  22. Damn, Sophie! I’m gonna miss that one! What’s that, the first anniversary of nobody noticing every since they turned the NY private park into a cesspool and raped a bunch of women and told them to not report it?

    I’m sure it wouldn’t have slowed down if only people continued to give them free LL Bean tents and catered meals.

    They love them their parties though. Next thing you know, somebody’s ipod gets broken and the whole thing is off.

  23. Ize gots me one of dem der muggies. No kitteh round heya tho

    Your punishment is being deferred due to your participation of the Great Lily Relay. However, your time is running out. You must get a kitty.

  24. Cute kitty, SophieCT!

  25. So you’ll be getting one soon, right, NES?

    ……tapping foot..

  26. Why thank you, NES, but Smokey Bones gets all the credit.

  27. Well not exactly. Smokie would have probably died from starvation and her kits with her, if she had lived to even give birth in her condition. Horrible death for cats. If Mom didn’t pick her up, you would have never seen Smokie, much less Lily.

  28. Agreed. I was replying to merely the looks aspect, in which I obviously played no genetic role. (It is obvious, isn’t it?)

  29. Whoa. Wait till you see the pic I put up.

  30. Compliments of Lyn5. Here is “Lil Guy” and his mug.

  31. Hey Upps, I got me a pussy.

  32. ROFL Sophie!

  33. Yes Sophie, she does look just like her Mom.

  34. ……….sputter….

  35. Lyn, gorgeous kitty!

  36. Thanks, Sophie. He’s one of three brothers I adopted in 2008. He was the runt but ended up being the largest one.

  37. Cute pix Sophie! We would love to get a kitteh, but they give hubs asthma. Laker plays with and gives treats to the neighbors kittehs.

    Good work Karen!

  38. Lyn, my middle child looks strikingly similar to your kitty. She’s 5 years old and weighs 17 lbs. (Lily weighs 4.)

  39. Sophie, Lil Guy weighs 16 lbs; he turns 4 on Sept. 22nd. Lily weighs only 4 lbs?! It’s no wonder she can fly.

  40. Hillary looks so presidential in all her comments this past week. What a shame we have to wait another 4 years for her. That would be something if we’re all still together then, wouldn’t it?

  41. Lyn, she’s still a baby! Lots more growing to do, but I don’t think she’ll get to 17 lbs. That is the biggest cat I’ve ever had.

  42. socal, if we make it through the next two months, I firmly believe we will all be together forever.

  43. We’ll make it. Upps was very wise to add her parameters. She saved the blog and saved our friendships. There are so many things we all have in common and enjoy talking about. Yay Uppity!

  44. LOL, Sophie; I just can’t remember when my boys weighed 4 lbs.

  45. I’m not going anywhere. Hillary 2016!!!!

  46. Lyn, adorable pic.

  47. Whoo Hooo, Jen. They don’t call us bitter clinging dead-enders for nothing!

  48. Jack will have you know that HE is the one who started Miss Lily on getting into things and clearing tables and counters.

  49. Thanks, Jack.

  50. No really, Jack. Thanks.

  51. Awww…cute kittheh pictures. 🙂

  52. A link, courtesy of Fuzzybear over at TW.

    From said article:

    When her husband was president, I made a career out of trashing Hillary Clinton’s hairdos, pantsuits, her attempted health care coup, her right-wing conspiracy theories, her staying with that slippery serial philanderer. Four years ago in the presidential primary I rooted for Obama over her.

    Witch. And I’m being nice. 👿

  53. Yeah but jack ain’t her daddy! So you are saying it’s environmental rather than genetic?

  54. Yeah I can always count on Jen to catch the undertone of my tweet.

  55. Sophie, Lil Guy (a misnomer) looks amazingly like my Joe.

  56. Hey socal, do what I would do, throw the hubby out.

    ……….ducking and running from Mr. Socal.

  57. we will all be together forever

    Jayyyyyyyyyyyysus, you think I’m going to do this blog FOREVER? Or will you be Occupying forever? At least it would be a successful OCCUPY unlike Wall street. Heh heh heh.

  58. At least it would be a successful OCCUPY

    Because it is being run by a 2nd waver!

  59. Yeah. Second wavers don’t Occupy anything they don’t mean to own!

  60. I wouldn’t go that far.

  61. Yeah I saw that boston piece Fredster. What a crock. Too little. Too late. Furthermore, she’s a very stupid dumb shit if it took her this long to Go Figure.

  62. Re: Lil Guy, the Misnomer. When I named him, everyone at the vet’s office warned me that he probably wouldn’t be a little guy. I didn’t listen.

  63. God, there’s a fly in here. I have to go get breakable things out of the way now.

  64. Joe is 18 pounds, Sophie. I thought he was going to be a small cat and now I have a Buick. And he’s a lap cat besides. Pain. Pain I tell you.

  65. Surrised Lily doesn’t weigh more at this time. She been vetted yet?

  66. @ Fredster’s link from the Boston Herald. That was the worst, non-apology I have ever read. A new Hillary emerged??????? WTF!!!! Obama was visibly moved????? WHEN??? I’m so angry I wish I lived in MA so I could personally go to her office bldg. with my own torch and pitchfork!!!!

  67. Bahahahahaha. Don’t waste a good torch, imust. She’s obviously dumber than a brick if it took her this long to get even a little match flicker in her little head.

  68. I wonder if Joe, Lil Guy, and Sofie (my middle child) are related! All gray, all big.

    No, the child has not been vetted yet. She has not yet gone into heat. I am surprised she doesn’t weigh more either because she eats constantly–more than the big cats. On the other hand, she is more active than all of us combined.

  69. Wow, she sounds just like the journalist on the Political Animals series…

  70. Well she’s too young for heat but I would get her fixed before that. They do them much younger now. I was thinking maybe get the thyroid test, especially if she’s eating a lot.

  71. Fixed before heat? Hmmm.

  72. Yes in fact, it is not recommended that you wait till heat. Secondly, it is dangerous to fix a cat IN heat. Deadly dangerous because of the blood engorgement. It’s not a particularly good idea to allow a cat heat, it’s stress on the body that isn’t really necessary. I always fix a cat before heat except in cases where I have no choice. Then I have to wait it out and it’s not such a fun wait, let me tell you. You got a cat with her sexual organs engorged, howling like a banshee with her ass in the air and never shutting up, not even at 3 AM. it’s stress on her body too. I would consider vetting her now and making the appointment, and might as well do some blodwork and check out that thyroid too.

  73. Maybe Val will stop by and give a vet’s advice on that, Sophie. And tell me I’m all wet. lol. But I don’t think so.

  74. Also you want to get her her shots and checkup before spaying, not all at same time, less stress, you know? American Veterinary Association feels spay before heat reduces chances of certain cancers too. I can pull a link up for you if you want me to.

  75. @Sophie, yes the Susan Berg character on Political Animals.

  76. LOL UW. I am well acquainted with a cat’s heat. I have had numerous female cats over the years. God, I remember Smokey from the early 90s…I thought she was going to get a splinter from the wooden floors. I begged her to show some dignity. I explained that I empathized (being single and of childbearing years myself at the time), but that she didn’t see me rubbing my stuff all over the place. Not fun. I didn’t know you could do it earlier.

  77. No conclusive controlled studies have ever been done to determine the best age to neuter dogs and cats. On the other hand, current research does show that spaying before the first heat prevents the development of mammary gland tumors. Since females can go into heat as young as four months of age, they should be spayed before then to receive that protection. Early-age, or pediatric, neutering is currently performed on animals who are six to eight weeks of age and who weigh at least two pounds.

  78. LOL sophie, the last cat i took in who was in heat drove me crazy and I kept saying to her, “Listen I know how you feel. Trust me, it will go away”. lolol.

    Seriously though, get her spayed before heat.

  79. My two neutered male cats were like, WTF?????????

  80. Ok. I’m convinced. I’m calling the vet in the morning.

  81. Good. Might as well check her out and your vet will decide when to do it. If she’s around 4 months, she’s fine with it.

  82. The litter was born on 5/1, so she’s 4-1/2 months old.

  83. Imust and Uppity, about the ahem, apology, yeah she not running on all cylinders if it’s taken this long and socal, I thought about the reporter from P.A. too. Wonder if it gave her any discomfort if she watched that show. Heh.

  84. oopsie! I meant Sophie instead of socal. I can’t watch football and type at the same time. 😳

  85. She’ll do fine.

  86. Lyn5, what a sweet picture. DE could use if for advertisement. Then the kitty would become famous!
    That Boston Herald reporter should be ashamed of herselft.

  87. This one needs lots of UW mugs.
    cat lady

  88. OMG dat’s a Lotta catz!

  89. Infuriating piece there, Fredster. That author should be shipped to Libya.

  90. Bellizima Libby.

  91. Oh I woulnd’t got that far NES!

  92. er, wouldn’t go that far.

    Do not type after having eaten Popeye’s chicken even when you have washed your hands!! 😆

  93. Wow, I hate I was too late for this party. It’s been a DIY bathroom remodeling day, with no time for fun stuff, so I just now saw this cool thread. Love the Uppity mugs and kitties.

    Love the comments. Love that Hillary. Karen, way to go, girl. Lots of smart, strong, determined women at Uppity’s.

  94. Awesome kitteh, awesome mug. Perfect Sunday morning fare! Thanks to the many, without whom, this post would not be possible. 🙂

  95. Hillary Trashers On Parade:
    “Libyan President “Indicates” US knew date and time of embassy attack in advance”. Because he never lies to infidels, especially not Special infidels like this one. Besides, what would a tragedy be without a crackpot conspiracy. Hillary “Supporters” should’all be sure to join this website. Gotta get those popularity numbers down!

  96. Question.
    So why didn’t the Libyan government stop it if they knew it was going to happen?

  97. DE, that’s the question the media should be asking.

  98. Because it’s all bullshit trash reported by bullshit trash?

    Like I keep saying, it’s all the same coin. Last week’s Democratic conspiracy smear bullshit gives way to this week’s republican conspiracy smear bullshit. People fighting over which of America’s creme de la crappe is better crappe.

  99. lyn the Republican and Democratic owned media will ask whatever questions they are told to ask. Thank media ownership Deregulation for that. The whole bundle is owned by a couple of guys who control the message. Yay Deregulation! Yay Conflict of Interest! Yay News!

  100. We’ll be at war by Jan 1, regardless of anything else. The Industrial Military complex fix is in. War is an instant answer to Unemployment and Depression. It provides special job opportunities known as the Draft for little Obamazoids squatting in basements waiting for a CEO to tap their special selves for a high level job. It instantly reduces unemployment. The war manufacturing system ratchets up, must be produced at home for security, jobs abound. There will not be enough people for the jobs. Illegal aliens will become heroes. Lots of profit profit profit for Lockheed, GE engines, etc etc. Social security will shore up from the mass employment. Lots of people walking to work, no gas! Try hitching a ride from the limos driving by, though.

    Those are the advantages of war. What are the disadvantages? Lots of people die. Lots and lots of people. Some of them right here on the ground thanks to our lax borders. Nidal Hasans’ in place too. But not in the DC bunkers. DC bunkers are safe. Families welcome! Rs and Ds play poker together and charades. Just like in real life!

    So, which do you think matters to our corrupt government? Instant profit and economy bounce, or dead people otherwise known to them as “collateral damage”.Take your time. I’ll wait.

  101. Posted this at Bob Barker’s place earlier.
    “Everyone is on the same team anyway in DC. There aren’t Democrats and Republican only haves and have nots. Painfully obvious ever since Pelosi took impeachment off the table when she would have had a direct shot at being POTUS if she had she done what she and the Dem majority was elected for. It’s all a bad circus of distraction to keep us occupied so we don’t notice that they work just fine together on things like FISA and NDAA.’

  102. Exactly. And everyone cheers for a “side”. Seriously. Just one more reason I don’t want to hear it. It’s head-shaking.

  103. Gotta run. Handle squirrels, DE.

  104. I feed birds, DE. I am not a squirrel fan. Either kind.

    I have my parrot largo coming to stay for a few weeks here from my daughter’s place and will get a pic of him drinking out of my mug. He is an African Grey and looks a lot like TL drinking my tea, seriously!

    The media is in full spin mode. It reminds me of a kids top. You spin it and it just whirls around and around for a very long time till it finally runs out of energy and stops. Then you spin it all over again. They are spinning like dervishes. Both sides. Dizzy making non-sense.

    If Hillary knew she would have done something to protect them. When the FBI report is all done and tied with a bow and we are given some tidbits of the conclusions there’s no doubt in my mind that things moved swiftly from demonstration to disaster and they did not have time to flee or protect themselves properly. Why would Stevens even go there if he thought he was in danger of being killed? They would have told the Ambassador of threats, surely!

    I am not saying obama’s policy was right. I disagree wholeheartedly with his namby pamby kumbaya treatment and bowing. It is a sign of weakness and is dangerous, not just with that region but to any potential enemy around the entire planet. The debates in 08 showed clearly that Hillary and obama disagreed on this and she found him to be entirely wimpy and warned he’d be a floor mat of a leader.

    Let us not forget who had the balls to say what needed to be said then and in her own “head diplomat” position way since then. I would be very shocked if it came out that Hillary dropped this particular ball.

  105. Hillary “Supporters” should’all be sure to join this website. Gotta get those popularity numbers down!

    What does this mean? And, who is it directed to?

  106. No to you. Only to fair weather Hillary supporters, wherever they may be. It means some places are known horrific HCDS people and now they want to be your friend. You’re way too smart for that.

  107. Okay Karen, I guess we can say that a bird in cup is worth a cat in a bush.

  108. I tell you if anything almost made me come out and post again, it was this.

    Ultimatum to US: “Criminalize “Blasphemy” or lose Consulate” Oh yeah, we wanna be just like you.

    Maybe we can adopt some other laws too, like the one where a husband can have sex with his dead wife. These guys have to be joking. It’s not blasphemy if I am not under your theoacrasy and it’s not blasphemy if I don’t belong to your belief system, voluntarily or involuntarily. And I don’t volunteer.

  109. Criminalize blasphemy??!! Bwahhahhaa. Cuff me, baby!

    As luck would have it, it is not OT for the new thread.

  110. He said, “If the US claims to be a civilised nation, why does it stoop to insult other religions and civilisations?”

    We wouldn’t if they were civilized. Or even living somewhere near the last two centuries.

  111. Nothing says civilized like I love you and one day I hope to have sex with your dead body.

  112. The US is not a religion, so it does not insult “other” religions.

    The US does not insult civilizations. Free citizens of the US are free to insult anyone they want. With that awesome freedom is the equally awesome burden of learning how to take an insult and respond appropriately.

  113. I should be in jail just for all the shit I have said about the Pope.

  114. Why the hell do we need any consulates or embassies in east fuckistan!?
    Didn’t we learn Anything from Carter.

    Tell the women to get out and cover the whole region in bacon grease.

  115. ……..what’s that knock at the door…?

  116. Nothing says “civilized” like, Hey what are you doing this afternoon? Want to help set a girls’ school on fire with them in it? There’s a stoning of a woman who was raped right nearby and we can catch that too.

  117. Ummm, Screech!

  118. Go to new thread DE.

  119. Beayoooootiful kitteh.

  120. Yes Luna, and she’s a world traveler too!

  121. Well, I thought we were talking about the Constitution, etc. on the next thread? Didn’t know so many comments had preceded what I was commenting on. It wasn’t the ‘argument’ going on, per se.

    Is this a course in “Interpersonal Skills in mental telepathy, self-censorship and etiquette in lurking”?

  122. Nah Why Not. It was just going to get worse in the personal fight department so I just chucked it, because at that point just about everything was going to be taken wrong by somebody or another. So let’s drop it. It’s the part of blogging I hate the most. You can go throw a pie over at must’s place though.

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