Human guilt is a wonderful thing.

And I thought I spoiled my cat. To a cat, human guilt is a wonderful thing…


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  1. Missed you, Uppity. Thanks for this. I needed a good laugh today. And what a beautiful kitty cat. She deserves her own spectacular tower!

  2. Um. Oops, I guess Rufus is a boy…looked like a girl kitty to me.

  3. Where were you looking Ani. Keep your eyes on the boxes!

  4. Not for anything, but if I ever get as bad as that guy has got it, somebody please shoot me.

  5. I just meant his face! And no, we cannot — we need you around!

  6. That guy has a little too much time on his hands. Even Rufus thinks so…
    Right Rufus?? Rufus????

  7. I had a cat named Rufus. But I never carved 40 boxes for him. Now I feel guilty.

  8. You mean because his head wasn’t large, right? But he sat like a male. Females have this thing when they sit, they curl their tail around themselves. Males never do that. Ever notice that?

  9. But I never carved 40 boxes for him. Now I feel guilty.

    Now it’s your turn to go to the corner! Wait for my whistle!
    [ducking and running….fast b/c I know Uppity is fast!}

  10. And I thought people always called me fast because…….

  11. …… were a runner….??

  12. Yeah. Yeah that’s it…

  13. Joe woulda never let me set up those boxes. It would be dark and i wouldn’t be done, he’d be jumping on them, knocking them over, etc. I can’t even make a bed without him lodging himself under a sheet or keeping me from moving the bedding. Rufus must be on drugs. 40 boxes and the cat watches.

  14. Please remind me to get a pic of the fur i pulled off my molting dog before I throw the bag out. That dog’s fur reproduces itself when she’s blowing her coat. Multiplies right before my eyes.

  15. Goof is not getting a tower and I don’t feel guilty! The whole house is his playground/jungle gym… Naughty kitty. 😀

  16. Goof is gonna getchu for that.

  17. Uppity, you are overthinking this male/female thing! I just thought Rufus had a feminine expression. Perhaps I met a girl kitty recently who looked similar and just made a bad assumption! lol

  18. Upps, that is a very good point about the cat just watching. Surely he was sequestered in another room, scratching and frantically reaching his paws under the door.

  19. Nah you can tell males by their heads. most of the time.

  20. I gotta hit the sack.

  21. Hey is this early or late?

  22. Think to yourself.
    What would you be saying about mittens if he was running against Hillary.
    Bet your ass you wouldn’t be supporting him.

    Now we return to our scheduled broadcast.

  23. G’ morning, DE, you provocative little devil with good hands, you!

  24. HHHMMM!! I just moved and have about 100 of these empty boxes and no kitties.

    I love the Viagra Review Board photo on the sidebar. How can I apply to become a member of the board? I have some ideas on how the viagra program should be administered.

    And one other thing. Is anyone here really getting disturbed about the crap about Kate Middleton and the treatment she’s getting because she’s a woman with breasts. I know there are women in the world in far more dire straights than her, but this whole controvery just makes my head spin. I see it as another form of assault on women. It’s demeaning to all of us. You’re either in a burqa or your body parts are tabloid fodder. Another reason why I would like to be a member of the viarga board.

  25. Bet your ass you wouldn’t be supporting him.

    True that.

  26. Hugo, Viagra Review Board is kind of like SCOTUS. You gotta wait till somebody dies.

    And I agree that the photog who took those shots should be shot in the head for that. What a disgusting person. like a little giggling child peeking in windows looking for some women’s body parts.

  27. I’m sorry but ROFL!

    Pakistani protester dies after inhaling fumes from burning U.S. flag…

    Souldn’t be buying those cheap flags from china.

  28. Yeah he probably inhaled some melamine or arsenic. If it’s good enough for American baby formula, it’s good enough for him.

  29. Hugo you cannot let those boxes go to waste. Get a kitty IMMEDIATELY.

  30. taking votes from those who want to see that video of scott’s hands at the kilm.

  31. Oh, darn. Maybe I can clerk for one of the VRB members.

    Not only is the photog a varmit, but I hear a report yesterday that Berlusconi, who owns some of the rags involved in publishing the photos, used Italian privacy laws to prevent publication of photos of his own partying with little girls, yet declares that this woman deserves no privacy. The old double standard courtesy of a scoundrel who no doubt has erectile dysfunction. My rant for the day!

  32. Hey DE, we will probaby be accused of selling poisonous flags to the middle east. New weapon.

    The irony is hilarious.

  33. Can’t get a kitty right now because my dogs might consider that a transgression and I would then have to negotiate a two state solution. But, that video does inspire me to find some kitty people who can use them for that purpose. It’s a really cute idea.

  34. Is that flag fume story true? I hope so. Too funny. Don’t like our flag? Choke on it!!

  35. Vote aye for vid of DE making an Upps mug. I am so lonely!

    Where, btw, is ms. lorac? She better be lurking and working on a post for the morning or there will be a hammock sale at my house.

  36. This family loves their little guy as much as the above guy loves Rufus:

    still pics of Zeus the GREAT Dane:…0.0…1ac.1.9aGhkfPV7H8

    My grandmother had a Dane. She was a little old lady and her dog came up to her waist. We always worried she would get knocked on her ass and break an arm or hip but the dog was so careful around her.
    Great house security for an old woman too since she lived in a rough neighborhood. The dog commanded respect and the hoodlums steered clear of her chain link fence since the dog was able to leap over it if need be.

  37. Yes Hugo he did die. I saw the article.

  38. Feh Hugo I bring rescue cats in and out and my dog has no problem with it. You’d be surprised.

  39. If you truly want to buy American flags made in America, there are a number of places that have them, this is one. This is the one I think I used when ordering a 3×5 to go on the flagpole in front of our house and also got the small decorative ones for the graves of my Dad and grandfather.

  40. Re: Berlusconi. The guy is what we call a greaseball. He reminds me of the reason we often had extended family picnics in secret. So the Berlosconis wouldn’t be there groping everybody and their daughters, and otherwise acting like macho assholes. Assholes like him are the reason people hate Italians. They should not be allowed to spawn so that their strain can be removed from the gene pool.

  41. I have an American flag. It was given to my grandmother after it was draped on my dead uncle’s casket. That’s when you didn’t have to worry if a sweatshop in china churned them out. A time when Made in China was a joke and not an option. That’s when people appreciated the people who died so that they could make films about crackpot religions decades later and call it exactly what it was: free speech. That’s when people pledged the allegiance to the United States of America and nobody even DREAMED of sitting it out or protesting. A time when you didn’t have to worry that you weren’t pledging to another country so their feelings wouldn’t be hurt even though they came here illegally. A time when people came here because we were the USA and free to have our own lives without government telling us what to do every time we turned around. A time when the Constitution came before anything and anybody. A time when “Prayer” in public places meant a “moment of silence” when somebody worthy died. That time came to an end far too recently and far too revoltingly.

  42. Fredster, our own government has flags and campaign paraphenalia made in China. Despicable people.

  43. Karen I have the most delightful vision of your grandmother with a great dane. Tickles me to death. I bet nobody Effed with grandma. I love the way my dog is the Great Neutralizer when need be. Love it. I love when the Fed Ex guy, who looks like something from tobacco road, shits a brick and leaves packages not too close to the door. I love how the frigging Jehovah’s finally leave me the hell along ever since the day she almost ate one of them. I love knowing I can hang out with the front door open for some air and nobody in its right mind is coming through the storm door uninvited without knowing he is about to sacrifice some blood first. I think every woman should have a dog and a gun and, much of America is starting to agree with me.

  44. Well Karen, you know, DE promised us a mug video where we could see his hands but alas he did not come through, but we DO have a dinner plate experience here”

  45. Don’t laugh, I made a double pile of boxes so that my cats could have fund on top of the armoire.

  46. Alas Lorac has left us, and I can’t say I don’t miss her a lot.

  47. ……..And of course, there is the dinner plate Climax, known as code word: Glazing.

  48. I think i need a cigarette now.

  49. Okay Okay! I admit I had a cat condo made in the replica of an antique car! Worse, I had it shipped from Florida! Yes that’s right, I did this. they can sit atop or in the driver’s seat and look out the windsheld. The wheels work. I am so ashamed.

  50. And as a reward for my sickness, they shredded the wheels, hurled hairballs everywhere and it now sits in the garage awaiting………..gulp……..awaiting re-upholstery.

  51. Uppity said:

    Fredster, our own government has flags and campaign paraphenalia made in China. Despicable people.

    I know, it’s disgusting. Even before this became a recent rallying cry I had seen that some were made overseas as they say. So when I wanted the ones for the markers and for the pole at the house I made sure I was getting American made ones. The service organizations like Am. Legion and VFW used to put them out but one year when they didn’t, I inquired about it and was told they only had a certain number and had to rotate the markers that got them. That’s when I ordered two dozen of them. I ordered them a size bigger than then ones VFW/AL used, but mine still got swiped.

  52. When you were possibly closing up shop I stopped editing the UW mug video shot with multiple camera angles and a slow hand sound track. If you are still interested in me finishing the project let me know.

  53. YES! FINISH IT. And then POST IT in it’s own post. mmmmmmmkay?

  54. New Idle Prattle post up to give Occupy UW let by Hippie Sophie a break.

  55. Shameless Pottery Pornography. The sexploitation of DE.

  56. Ha! You should be “ashamed,” Upps. How will ya evah live this down?

  57. …….sputter….

  58. Brings hugs smile first then tears. I missed you! And you know what? Now is the time for victory gardens Uppity. I am FB’ing that. Thinking of you & Clara. Hugs you. All our combined knowledge will be coming in HANDY as this collapse happens. Friends forever.

  59. ps: I have that same Brent wheel. I do. Making pottery is one of the funnest things in the world.

  60. Thanks Valentine! It’s a Brent b we bought used, a 1982 model. They last forever.

  61. Valentine, you should take a look at DE’s pottery site. he has some amazing stuff. Very talented guy.

  62. DE you make me want to try it, I swear. I envision Lard Butt jumping right on whatever I’m trying to make….

  63. I envision Lard Butt jumping right on whatever I’m trying to make….

    Uppity that’s not nice to say about Mr. Uppity!

  64. Scorch!….Pow!

  65. You should try it! First thing to throw is a pie plate! Really. xxoo!I did check out DE’s site when I saw you put it up in the side bar. ps: Loves this header, it has Greek columns all over it. Omg, you guys. Dunno. Well I guess we are going to sit back and watch now. Uppity, when I saw Nix I caught your drift. How sad is it? SAD. Have been reflecting on that year I chose Carter so long ago now — in college. How I stuck with being a Dem until Nader 2000, only because who was Gore, exactly? And now it is now. Never in our lifetimes. What a nightmare. Very hard to watch the Clintons.

  66. Anybody care to guess who this is for?

  67. My guess: the whistle is for…imust!

  68. Another free pass: Obama gets a stay from the NDAA unconstitutional ruling. If Bush did that, there would have been torches and pitchforks. And now from the far left, we hear..

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