Lessons in Being Happy no matter what…

h/t Fredster

Click Mr. Happy to see what Happy looks like.


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  1. Aww, labs are always happy. Great dogs. My Maine Coon snores like one of The Three Stooges. He has also been know to hiss and burp similtaneously, sorta of blowing the fearsome predator act.

  2. AnnE, my dog honks and groans when she’s dreaming. Of course, she honks and groans when she’s awake too. and she clacks. Anybody who has ever seen it knows what I mean. They honk and clack clack clack.

    Laughing at your Maine Coon. Just great cats all around.

  3. Typical and I’m not kidding.

  4. UW,
    Collies are too funny. They look like wise old souls that are always evaluating people, I mean lower forms of life. And terriers, I mean terrorists….I am not sure if I could handle a dog that is smarter and more neurotic than I am.

  5. HAHAHAH AnnE. Not sure she’s more neurotic than I am but she sure is more vigilant. And more graceful. And smarter. And more benevolent. And louder. Much louder…..

    And better looking. It’s rough when you walk your dog and nobody looks at you because they’re busy looking at her.

  6. What else could Mr. Happy want? He’s got a bed, food (we’ll assume) and is dreamin’ of chasing wabbits perhaps?

  7. Mr. Happy is beautiful.
    Speaking of happy, I thought you would enjoy this:

    Yes, I am against violence, but if every woman in Iran could defend herself, they could wear whatever they want.


  8. Ooooooooooooo. Reading that made my day djmm. May they all beat the shit out of these animals.

  9. Fredster, I am not sure what he’s dreaming about but I want some.

    Soupster!!! Goshdarnnit girl, I got you to say something!

  10. That’s too funny about the cleric. He got pushed down onto the floor and he’s in the hosptial for 3 days? Gimme a break!

  11. Too bad she didn’t remove him from the gene pool. They’ll probably kill her for this.

  12. She was probably covered enough that he will never be able to identify her. As for him being in the hospital, I think she accidentally kicked him when he was down. I hope he recovers, but that he never admonishes another woman in his life.


  13. Tiger Lily had her first veterinary office visit today.

    She got some vaccines and a worm pill, had a blood sample taken, and got violated to have her temperature taken. They said she would be tired and sore for about 24 hrs. She will never go in that cat carrier again seeings how this was a completely different experience than her first adventure. She spent the rest of the day like this:

    Lily, tired and sore

  14. What a sweetie, Miss Tiger Lily.

  15. @sophieCT: Awww…poor baby.

  16. She was probably covered enough that he will never be able to identify her.

    I love when shit like this works against those animals. Heh.

  17. but that he never admonishes another woman in his life.

    I’ll go one further. I hope he does and it’s her again.

  18. Awwwwwwwwwwww Widdle Lily got violated!!!! How humiliating!!! How did the physical part of her checkup go?

  19. By “physical” do you mean the part where she escaped from the tech and the Dr. and “physically” inspected the examining room?

    Or do you mean the part where they said she was physically purrrfect?

  20. Also, the doc said she looked like she had some Siamese in her. That would explain her meow.

  21. AHAHAH she escaped. My kinda girl.

  22. Sophie, might also explain her longness. Like i said, I had a cat like that and he had a siam mouth and snout with a siam no-bridge too.

  23. It took two of them 10 minutes to get a picture of her! Now I don’t feel so bad. I mean, they didn’t even have to worry about getting hands in the shot or composing the background or anything. I tole’ you she was fast when the camera is out!

  24. Also, the Dr. gave me a stern lecture about dry food. He’s adamantly against it–even the good stuff. He gave me some literature. I don’t know if my gag reflexes can take a daily diet of wet food forever. Still, the literature makes a compelling case.

  25. Yeah they used to push dry food and people found it convenient, but cats aren’t drinkers so they need to get more water from food. However, I still give my cats dry and wet. I think it’s not bad to have them crunch a bit, especially for their teeth.

  26. Not all wet foods smell bad Sophie. Stay away from fish, which I do anyways as it contains more ash. And buy better foods. Some brands are really disgusting.

    On the other hand the cat I had who lived the longest wouldn’t even look at wet food. Taht supermarket food is really vile smelling. There ar ea couple that don’t smell bad, we can email on it. But I like the premium foods better myself.

  27. I like Nature’s Variety canned food. Well, my cats like it!

  28. Well there ya go, lyn recommends some food for the UW kitteh familia.

  29. LOL, Lyn! I only choose food “flavors” that I would like!

    When he asked if I give them wet food, I said they get turkey on Thanksgiving, seafood platter on Christmas Eve, and lamb on Easter. The rest of the time, they get dry.

    UW: If it’s wet, it’s Fancy Feast and dry is Iams. Do you know of anything wrong with either of those brands?

  30. Just to let you know, Nature’s Variety were in that pet food/melamine recall awhile back. Getting harder and harder to find pet foods that haven’t been recalled in the past few years. premium foods, too. disgusting. My dog loved Natural Balance and I had to yank it from her. Pisses me off.

  31. Fancy feast is kind of like McDonald’s for cats. lol. They love it but I’m not fond of its ingredients.

    It makes Joe barf though.

  32. I don’t feed supermarket food but if you want one that smells better, try the Whiskas canned. Stay away from 9 lives if you have a weak stomach. Vile stuff. And I guess FF doesn’t smell all that bad.

  33. Here’s what the UN Secretary General just said: “When some people use freedom of expression to provoke or humiliate some others’ values & beliefs, then this cannot be protected.”

    A case in point of why we cannot be a party to any UN resolutions regarding ‘respect for religion,’ and the like.

  34. If his next sentence wasn’t, “And when some people use their religion to restrict the freedom that other people have with with respect to religion, speech, and any other rights–that cannot be protected either” then we don’t sign on to the resolution.

  35. Too many negatives for me in that sentence, SophieCT. Could you please rephrase in the affirmatve? Thx.

  36. Are you kidding? You’re a lawyer FCS!!

  37. Sigh….
    His next sentence should have been…otherwise no deal.

  38. Buncha bullshit. We are not under islamic rule and we aren’t going to be no matter what dream they have.

  39. Hell I can write the responding sentence easily:


  40. I think the UN’s time, original intent and purpose left the building long ago.

  41. So apparently, killing someone for not having your belief isn’t humliating then. That’s no problem at all.

  42. Poor Jesse Jr has his house for sale for $2.5 mill to pay for health care. Boo Hoo.
    dwp tweeted: What happened to Obamacare, Jess?

    By the way, who spends two weeks at Mayo hospitalized for bipolar. People get dx bipolar every day and don’t spend 2 weeks in the hospital. Methinks there is something much bigger going on in little Jesse’s head.

    I guess his health care plan doesn’t cover Dodging Ethics Hearings.

  43. I think the response to the UN Secretary General should be…with regard to the way the so-called Religion of Peace responds with violence and threats to any perceived insult or criticism….“This is not culture. This is not custom. This is criminal.” Got it?

  44. If we left the UN they would all have to pack up and go back to milking goats. We could use the money for far better things like protecting our own constitution from throwbacks to pithecanthropus rex. Pull the plug on this joke.

  45. His next sentence should have been…otherwise no deal.

    I thought so. See that doesn’t do it. Free speech is not subject to people’s hurt feelings. It doesn’t matter what’s being offered on the other side. The 1st Amdmt is non-negotiable.

  46. I think the UN’s time, original intent and purpose left the building long ago.


  47. If they want to change the 1st amendment they will have to put it on a referendum for ratification in all the states — and you could just see Americans voting for THAT horse shit. They won’t even be able to get their own mothers to vote yes. So I Do wish they would stop jerking everybody around with this bullcrap. Ain’t gonna happen. Period.

  48. Most def, imust!

  49. If we left the UN they would all have to pack up and go back to milking goats.


  50. On big problem we have is the forcing of that Islamofascist Harold Koh, hovering over the State Department. Ship that dickhead over the middle east where he wants to be and let him play with his International Law fantasies there.

  51. I think the response to the UN Secretary General should be

    ……should be, Kiss My Ass.

  52. I think the response to the UN Secretary General should be

    ……should be, Kiss My Ass.

    Or, “Kiss my goat’s arse!”

  53. If they want to change the 1st amendment they will have to put it on a referendum for ratification in all the states — and you could just see Americans voting for THAT horse shit. They won’t even be able to get their own mothers to vote yes. So I Do wish they would stop jerking everybody around with this bullcrap. Ain’t gonna happen. Period.

    I wish it were that simple, Upps. Problem is a radical-left SCOTUS could ‘interpret’ the First Amdmt. to be consistent with this b.s. You’ll note that the Amdmt. itself doesn’t have any exceptions, including the “crying fire in a crowded theater” one. That’s a product of case law, developed through appeals all the way to SCOTUS. We can never stop being vigilant, is what I’m saying.

  54. They would love to kiss your goats ass.

  55. Yeah NES, but Yelling FIRE in a theater is very specific. There is no way this bullcrap could be distilled to that level. If truth be known, this is about Islam and nothing else. What are we going to do, say the first amendment has an exception for people in other countries of other religions? Our constitution has nothing to do with other countries and everything to do with our country. Our constitution is not subject the UN’s approval either. It was there long before the UN was there too. It’s just not their business.

    See if we tried to force them to make a law that says you can’t kill women for being raped after you rape them and see how far that would go.

  56. I hate myself for starting to feel hawkish.. I would love to see our military just turn some of these shitholes into craters.

  57. The best was when Dinnerjacket ran to the UN to whine about Hillary saying she would turn Iran into a parking lot.

  58. Yeah, my husband is from that part of the world and has maintained that carpet bombing some ME countries back to the middle ages would be an advancement. Some of those dumb %&$% really offend his delicate sensibilities, not that he is going to riot or admonish strange women to cover up, etc or demand that they adopt his values under pain of death.

  59. Stay away from 9 lives if you have a weak stomach.

    My grandma said it was very tasty.

  60. Free speech is not subject to people’s hurt feelings.

    NES, Not feelings, but propensity to incite riots. There was a passage from Wikipedia I’d hoped you’d translate the other day because it was not clear but it looked like there were exceptions.

    We have more to fear on this issue from a fundamentalist SCOTUS than a liberal SCOTUS.

  61. You mean like when, I forget his name, the guy tweeted that zimmerman guy’s address and implied a contract out on him? And then it was the wrong address and he endangered a whole family’s life? How come he wasn’t arrested. How about when al sharpton inciting murderous thoughts and riots a zillion times here in the USA. SHould he go to jail or is this free speech? LIke when the woman who had the draw mohammed contest and now she’s on witness protection so she won’t wake up dead? Should we apply this broadly or just as the Middle East sees fit? Because if we are going to do this, there are a lot of pissants on youtube who need to be picked up and hauled into jail for inciting Jew hatred. I have a whole folder of protestors with Jew signs that look pretty dicey to me.

  62. Isn’t the very use of “Jihad” an example of inciting people to kill others? Will it be applied to this?

  63. I am not saying we should sign on to that agreement. I am saying that we should point out their hypocrisy.

    And I am asking, earnestly, what about the ways we have actually applied our laws here in the US.

  64. Or how about all those bloggers who declared there would be blood in the streets if Obama wasn’t elected? Would they be rounded up too? How about the people who hung Palin in effigy?

    You can see where this is going. This is for Islam and NOBODY ELSE and the USA doesn’t roll that way.

    We have more to fear on this issue from a fundamentalist SCOTUS than a liberal SCOTUS.

    To be honest I don’t see a difference. They both would apply it as it SUITS them.

  65. A perfect example of Goose but not Gander problems in this country between the far right and the far left is NDAA. If Bush had dared to get a stay on the recent ruling, there would have been pitchforks from the left. But since it’s Obama, there are crickets. This shit has been going on for years and it’s despicable. Nothing with the right and left is EVER applied concistently, it’s on an AS I WANT IT basis. Will we be arresting right wing gasbags who hate homosexuals and incite gay bashing? How about the people who have actually tried to implement laws that make killing women and their abortion doctors “Justifiable Homicide”. Are these people not inciters?

    America doesn’t operate on touchy feely. Iran operates on touchy feeling. People get rounded up and killed on whims and fancies and “Offensive” things.

  66. Sophie it’s not a matter of whether we should or shouldn’t sign on to this, it’s a matter of we are soverign and nobody has the right to tell the USA that their constitution’s most critical amendment must be modified for them.

    We don’t apply our laws here in the USA evenly any longer, that’s obvious, you won’t get an argument from me. We pick and choose who gets threatened, who gets prosecuted, who Pays for the same crime. Wall Street execs are a great example. No prosecutions for In Our Face dishonesty. We see government employees and pentagon people not move an inch after getting caught doing things you and I would be fired for. Like child pornography. How about those panthers with billy clubs in front of polling places? If that were you or me we would NEVER get out of jail.

  67. Obama flag

    Why is that Obama logo snorting coke.

    Obama’s selling his new vision of America in his online kiosk.

  68. I’ve got an idea. Tell the Middle East to outlaw Jihad or they won’t get another penny from the USA. They threatened us with losing our consulate. Fine. Forget that billion we just promised you and let us know how that works out for you. The problem with the USA in the UN and ME is we have a bunch of wimps and simpaticos in place negotiating with stupidity.There’s an old corporate saying, Hit em in their wallets and their hearts and minds will follow. They want our money by the barrel loads constantly and then they want to tell us what to do besides. It’s all bullshit. They hold their oil over our heads as if they can afford not to sell it to us. Same deal with China. They need us just as much as we need them. Maybe more. If they can’t export to us, exactly what are they going to do with with all that cheap shit and copyright knockoffs they make?

    And the UN has become an abusive spouse that needs to be divorced.

  69. LOL DE. He makes his own beer so why not his own drugs.

    Sophie, how’s Lily this morning? She okay?

  70. Lily is back to being herself! She’s been running around like a banshee!

  71. Okay I have my coffee now. I’m no longer vile. Well, okay, I’m less vile.

  72. Oh good! She bounced back faster than I thought. Tough girl!

  73. My dog’s grooming got preempted by some show dogs or something. I will have to inhale fur for another day or two.

  74. You wount read about this in our news.

    AFP – France’s government on Wednesday asked a health watchdog to carry out a probe, possibly leading to EU suspension of a genetically-modified corn, after a study in rats linked the grain to cancer.

  75. EU is really cracking down on GMOs. And some countries we regard as practically third world are rejecting them too. But here in the USA, with our congress heavily invested in their blind trusts, it’s all systems go. Did you know that the FDA has never conducted a SINGLE study on GMOs? Not ONE study. I follow some very informative places on twitter. The truth about what is going on is not only disgusting, but people are going to die from Monsanto-ization of America and their effort to literally control food sales. Millions of people have signed petitions to label GMOs. Barack Obama PROMISED to label GMOs. And they are blocking it from happening left and right. They are infiltrating the grocery shelves at an alarming rate and this is a VERY serious issue not only for health, but with respect to the Ownership of Food all over the World by one company who sprays roundup all over everything and sues organic farms if their seed blows onto their land. They are putting small farmers out of business, strongarming other farmers to use their seed and sign frightening contracts and destroying what nature gave us without their help for thousands of years. Two states tried to implement labeling on food and Monsanto threatened them into submission.

  76. I had a post started on this. They are killing the monarch butterly’s milkweed and they are killing off the bees with their chemicals. The food we are eating that is GMO is riddled with Roundup such that some of the crops are becoming impervious to Roundup. So I’m sure they will move onto something even worse. What has happened here in the USA? I remember when they yanked thermometers off the shelves because of Mercury and now they are forcing CFLS upon us. I remember when they banned all kinds of pesticides and now they not only are allowing them in most of our food but refusing to label the food that is genectically modified. Monsanto has now put out a workbook for kids in school, telling them how wonderful “Biotech” is. Another group put out a workbook modeled for theirs telling kids what crap they are being fed. But it’s like nobody is allowing people to decide for themselves if they wan to eat this shit because it’s cheaper for big agra to keeps us dumb.

    Here are some GMO companies and brands.

    ***Vegetarians, please note that Morningstar Farms is on this list.

  77. We have a proposition on the ballot here in California on that Prop 37:

    Requires labeling of food sold to consumers made from plants or animals with genetic material changed in specified ways. Prohibits marketing such food, or other processed food, as “natural.” Provides exemptions. Fiscal Impact: Increased annual state costs from a few hundred thousand dollars to over $1 million to regulate the labeling of genetically engineered foods. Additional, but likely not significant, governmental costs to address violations under the measure.

    I’m voting YES.

  78. That distortion of the American flag being peddled on tees by Obama’s campaign is truly disgusting. Nauseating cultiness.

  79. DE hope you see this. I answered your email and it was returned as undeliverable to your address.

    imust I am surprised that prop made it. Monsanto was threatening the hell out of california. Good for them.

  80. Not the first time they have misused the flag in graphics, NES. The little pissants hate our flag. I’d like to find out from this which country they think is so much better than the USA for them. And then buy them one way tickets.

  81. They sued and won the right to display those ads, which the **vast majority of Americans support completely. So let’s see what our illustrious Defenders and Upholders of the Constitution do with this. As usual, the intolerant demanders of tolerance will shoot themselves in the foot repeatedly within the next few weeks.

    And since when is Jihad something we should all think is a wonderful and loving thing?????


  82. upps, the list of GMO seed companies is scary. I don’t eat fast foods or frozen foods. As I get older I am sticking to a very plain diet of base foods: meat, poultry, fruit, veggies and a few low fat dairy items. Mainly in my freezer I keep meat and veggies. Mainly in the fridge I keep yogurt, cottage cheese and low fat milk and salad items and a very select few condiments. I do need to stop making popcorn nearly every day as a crunchy snack. That isn’t likely good for me even though I get the no fat – low calorie kind.

    I gave up wheat a few weeks ago so stopped using Quaker, etc. products. I was a big fan of PB & J on whole wheat breads and that is now verbotten.

    No wonder I crave food all the time! I eat like a prisoner!

    Pass the pies and pizza and red velvet cake and ice cream dammit!

  83. That obama symbol flag is horrible. And it is even more horrible because he will likely be re-elected and will have 4 more years to rip things down the obamacrat party way. Oh joy.

    Fire or drowning? Looks like we are going to drown for 4 more years.

    Amazing this guy is fooling the same fools all over again. Idiots, all.

  84. Karen I’ve been reading a lot lately that low fat and no fat foods are horrible for you. They replace fat with chemicals.

  85. Someone who has been looking for a job got a job! Part time, but a job no less.

  86. Poor Karen, if we keep it up, she’ll be down to tree nuts and certain barks.

    DE. No, dear. But then, see your symmetrical emails.

  87. I think we need to run a DE pottery special this weekend. Those are sum niiiiiiiiice plates.

  88. Speaking of Dive Right In to your food,” apparently Jack (Mom’s cat) cracked open the lid and …um….dove right in.

  89. I have been up above the Mason-Dixon line getting Mom to all her various appointments and arranging visits with old friends while we were in town. With the truth of that wonderful health scam being unveiled a little more each day, I noticed that even in PA they now get why I made sure to keep Mom’s primary care doc. He had some fun comments himself. It is fun when you have known someone all you life and the unspoken word accompanied by certain expressions is far more divulging.

    As for that old lady they would like to just die:blood work excellent, blood pressure perfect, and just a modest and expected decrease in memory function (still very good for 89 1/2). We are now the proud owners of our first cane and one of those spiffy rollators thingies (note the use of the hospital “we” – as I will be the one putting the darn thing together). Mom is excited because now she will be able to walk around the lake without having to lean on someone (well they call them lakes I would call them ponds).

    I was plum tuckered out after driving through that crappy weather on Tuesday. But then, get back to the hotel and what do I find but an email from DE (and Angie too!) saying my Uppity mug is on it’s way. made my day. So the kitty patrol is on duty (I told them they could have the box – it will distract them just long enough to get the mug).

  90. We know this, but here it is again.

    The World According to Monsanto

    There’s nothing they are leaving untouched: the mustard, the okra, the bringe oil, the rice, the cauliflower. Once they have established the norm: that seed can be owned as their property, royalties can be collected. We will depend on them for every seed we grow of every crop we grow. If they control seed, they control food, they know it — it’s strategic. It’s more powerful than bombs. It’s more powerful than guns. This is the best way to control the populations of the world. The story starts in the White House, where Monsanto often got its way by exerting disproportionate influence over policymakers via the “revolving door”. One example is Michael Taylor, who worked for Monsanto as an attorney before being appointed as deputy commissioner of the US Food and Drug Administration (FDA) in 1991. While at the FDA, the authority that deals with all US food approvals, Taylor made crucial decisions that led to the approval of GE foods and crops. Then he returned to Monsanto, becoming the company’s vice president for public policy.

  91. That POS who shouldn’t even die first before he is sucked down into hell, Donald Rumsfeld, was the one who strongarmed the approval of aspartame, knowing monsanto buried evidence of the dead animals left in its testing wake. Then they smeared sweet n low cyclamates so people were reviled and ran right for that aspartame.

  92. Catching up so some of this refers back to older comments:


    vet care
    With Uppity 125% on get kitten vetted (shots and such first which I now see you have started) and then spayed asap. There are also immediate benefits to doing spay/neuter early. Less trauma to kitty, heal/recover faster, fewer complications.

    Kitty food
    I am with Uppity on this as well. Canned with some dry kibble seems to satisfy most cats better than using one or the other exclusively. Most cats seem to like to have a little something to crunch – they would be crunching on bones in the wild.

  93. Since huge multinationals bought many of the major organic brands, Prop 37 is pitting child companies against parent companies.

    Good luck CA! VT and CT ran for the hills when Monsanto threatened to sue, though it’s not clear to me on what grounds. I guess when you own the lawmaking machinery you don’t need actual grounds.

  94. I highly recommend watching that movie. There’s nothing else on TeeVee tonight anyway!

  95. I am watching that frightening movie right now.

  96. SophieCT:

    Shocking, enraging and devastating to even imagine the horror of such a Corporation Monster having control over ALL of our world”s food supply, isn’t it?

    Yet, the documentary, “The World According to Monsanto” so credibly reveals that ‘horror’ IS the reality that we are already up against.

    @ 1:12:40 – 1:14:08

    “They want to control the seed. They want to own life! I mean, this is the building blocks of food we’re talking about! They, they are in the process of owning food – all food.

    Monsanto: Defiling Our World’s Natural Food Chain – by Human and Animal Experimentation – one Farm, one Country at a time.

  97. They tell you to wash your fruits and vegetables. This would be a complete joke if it weren’t so pathetic. These basbards’ crops PRODUCE their OWN pesticide WITHIN the plant. How the hell to you wash THAT off? We are eating pesticides and we can’t even find out what foods have this poison in them. How can this continue? This is CRIMINAL.

  98. I can’t understand a THING the people from India are saying in this movie. Reminds me of when I used Verizon and had to call their customer service in India. It gives me a headache straining to understand them. Sorry but this has got to be the most ear-incompatible accent ever.

  99. What’s a little pus in your milk? If the antibiotics don’t “fix” it, the pasteurization surely will.

  100. You’re darn right can’t wash it out! There are plants that are genetically modified to make their own pesticides as you said and there are those that are modified so that the plant can drink round-up like a lush.

    Nothing like using the human population as test subjects without anyone agreeing to it.

  101. Upps: I’ve shared this documentary with others three times this week.

    Each time, I have had to excuse myself so I can go and quietly weep over what has happened here.

    It’s unimaginable what they are not only doing, but what they have been allowed to get away – to the point of now being too powerful to stop, it would seem.


  102. The farmers from India are a strain to interpret – I just dubbed in the other farmers’ stories from around the world and called it “close enough.”

  103. Oops I was wrong.

    Anyways, the “Biotech” industry is what Monsanto calls itself in a workbook for kids in school. RIddled with happy horse shit to infiltrate kids’s minds. A site called
    Gemeration Green write a counter workbook that is both funny as hell and truthful as hell. It mimics the Monsanto workbook by page and shows kids what frankenfood horseshit they are being fed.


  104. The farmers from Mexico – now, that really got to me also. When deformed corn stalks are growing out of what you believe to be your ancestor’s natural seeds – that you hold so sacred?

    They get it – while so many here don’t even care about the poisons their consuming.

  105. WhyNot, I f’in hate Monsanto. We’re looking forward to voting for Calif Prop 37:


    Of course the Repubs are against it. The dems are for it, in a rare instance of them acting like they have some balls.

  106. Uppity: They engineer the seeds so they won’t be “killed” by the roundup sprayed to kill the weeds and contaminate the soil that the seeds are planted in. 😯

    It’s all a bunch of malarkey because when it doesn’t work according to Hoyle, there’s no going back because they are confiscating all of the natural seeds and destroying our soils with their Roundup.

  107. socal, the democrats are doing with this what they do with women’s rights and everything else they pretend to be ‘helping” with. They are just as guilty for this decades-long takeover of food by Monsanto as anybody else. They could have stopped it, they could have sought labeling long ago. They are just full of crap once again. They count votes and then they make a statement and that’s the extent of their commitment.

  108. I’ve probably told this before, but my stepdad lived in India in the 60s, running a plant. He was a very kind and generous man and built schools and a hospital for the village he lived near, and treated his employees better than they had ever been treated. The people there loved him and cried when he moved back home. He got letters from many of his employees there til he died 3 years ago. A bunch of bldgs there are named after him now–the (his name) Memorial Hospital, eg. Just mentioned it to show that industry can be run in a moral way and still be profitable.

  109. Yes why not, even Africa is fighting Monsanto and Europe has banned them, but here in the USA…….CHA CHING!

  110. Upps, yes, agree. Thats why I said “rare instance of them acting like they have balls”. Yes, they have screwed us in so many ways. There are a lot of things I like about the Greens, actually.

  111. Upps, do you think Italy uses GM wheat for their pasta? I like DeCecco, that’s made there, isn’t it?

  112. I’m sure you’ve caught the part about how they are “genetically engineering” them – by injecting them with what amounts to other toxins – sort of like that Corexit Dispersant fix?

  113. Sophie, your kitteh is gorgeous. Love all those markings. Laker tried to take some pix of the neighborhood cat that he feeds drinking out of our Uppity Cup, but it looked away every time! Poor kid, it was really funny!

  114. Wow, Sophie:

    Reading from your link on Calif Prop 37, now. Hadn’t heard about it, until today from you.

  115. socalannie: What a beautiful story about your stepdad. There is hope – with people like him in the world.

  116. I’m not advocating dr mercola, but this is an interesting article. Note how he mentions that Obama promised to immediately require the labeling of gmo foods back in 07!


  117. Socal what Laker tried to do is so cute!

  118. Barilla is Italy’s pasta and they are non-GMO

  119. socal on mercola’s blog – He’s definitely worth reading. He’s put a lot of good information on that site, such as a watch list on foods and brands claiming to be “natural” but containing GMO’s.

    Yeah, just another Obomanation on that broken promise to stand up to those giants on required labeling. Yeah right.

  120. Have to go. It’s been a long day.

  121. Oh, good night all.

  122. Today I saved a 3 year old cat. I went to Petsmart yesterday and I hate going there because I can’t stop myself from looking at the cats up for adoption. There I saw an adult tuxie and walked up to his glass and put my hand on it. He put his paw on my hand thru the glass. I moved closer and he tried to rub against me thru the glass. His history: He was surrendered by a family that lost their home and had to move into an apartment that allowed no pets. The rescue person told me they had to surrender him and another cat and their dog. She said the whole family brought him in and it wasn’t a happy event. I went in back and played with him a bit and he was a complete lover. He had been in rescue since May! I left there determined to place that cat. So I called a tenant I have who asked if they could get a second cat as a companion to their cat and I had said yes. They knew I had the knack of finding special cats as their existing cat was one I had rescued and they adored her. I also knew they wanted an older kitten or young adult, so i told them about the cat and also told them to go see him and if they liked him I would pay the adoption fee. Well he’s home now. I actually have some pics of him I yanked off of petfinder, so I will post them later. He’s a big boy, big feet, strong looking cat with a beauitful face and heart. I am so glad he has a home now because I think this was his last chance. I feel so good when things like this work out.

  123. Here he is. His name is Dude.

  124. Barilla is VERY good pasta.

    Socal Europe told Monsanto to take a hike. They can’t get anything in there without going thru a process the FDA should be doing here.

  125. Yes Obama PROMISED labeling, but like all his other promises, it was bullshit. His palms got greased. He appointed a monsanto guy to the USDA too. What a dirtball.

  126. I have a link somewhere to all the Obama appointees affiliated with GMOs and it’s not a small list.

  127. That Dude looks a lot like MKBill!

  128. Yeah he does, doesn’t he? Bill is very pleased.

  129. Nuther Dude shot.

  130. Uppity that is truly wonderful… i rescued two kittens in July…They have been with me since… I had made plans to take them to the Helen WoodWard Animal Center in Rancho Santa Fe CA tomorrow… Well, bad news today with three of my older cats (who love the kittens) one is in kidney failure the other immune disorder and the last one has congestive heart failure… So, this must be a calling that these kittens need to stay here… 🙂 The 3 are around the age of 16 -18 years old… Life has a funny way to keep you on your feet… 😆 😆 😆 😆 😆 So, glad you saved that little tuxedo…. Just wanted to share that with you… Oh, the Kittens one, 20 weeks, (already spayed, tested vac) 🙂 and the smaller one Alex 11 weeks the same except he will be neutered at 4 months when he will have his rabies too…. I have my feral i take care of… and, i might add they are some happy campers…. 😆 😆 😆 😆 But, these little ones are just soooo loving and friendly… which is unbelievable from where they were retrieved from… drain pipes in a field… 😯 Thank You for helping the Cats…. 🙂 🙂 😉

  131. Ah I’m sorry to hear of your elderly cats’ afflictions, Casper. I know what it’s like to have several elderly cats that get sick at the same time. It’s a heart breaker. Thus, karma has bestowed you with kittens to help ease your pain and theirs.

    As you already know, rescuing and finding homes gets into your blood. You are always thinking and always finding a way for them. Can’t save them all but you can sure make a decent dent if you have the calling! I intend to make my dent as big as possible before leaving this earth. Made a nice ding with Dude!

  132. Bill Clinton is going to be the guest on Jon Stewart tonight!

  133. Sophie, Lily is a cutie! =D
    Uppity, great job on dude !

  134. Upps, what a bee-u-ti-ful story! Lucky Dude! You made my night!
    Casper, so sorry about your older cats, but glad you have the new ones. Sophie, I will def be watching…laker also.

  135. That Dude is adorable. He does look so much like MKB.

  136. Dude – what a happy ending. Love it!

    What happened with Big Dawg on Stewart? Do I want to know? I think we’ll be sorry to find out what he said.

    Monsanto vid is scary as hell. Frankenfood is getting worse.

  137. (((Casper))) (((Uppity))) Cat people are the best. Dude is a cutie.

  138. Wow what a great thread.Thanks all…

  139. Why do doctors make you feel sick? Yeesh.

    I swung by to check on The Dude and I gotta tell you this is a fit. I got to hold him in my lap and he was happier than…well than a kitty who just spent four months in a kennel and is now free. He had a lot to say, too. What a talker! The existing cat, which was also one of my rescues, had no problem at all seeing this cat the size of a buick show up, except she has claimed Mom and Dad’s bed so he “Understands”. Beyond that, it’s a big Go Dude! His life just changed after all this time. And it definitely changed for the better. I told his new catmom that if he didn’t seem to be working out to let me know and I would take him and she let me know in no uncertain terms he ain’t goin’ noplace!

    This cat was inches from the needle and now he’s holding vigil on a windowsill. It doesn’t get any better than that. You can’t save em all, all by yourself. But can sure make a dent!

  140. The Dude story is just fantastic Upps. I can hear him purring and see him watching the birds in the sunshine all the way over here.

    I watched most of the Monsanto vid. It is too upsetting to watch all in one sitting. I also sent the link on to family and friends. I will watch a little more of it each day. I’m up to the funeral in India. Just horrific. Made me think of Ghandi and his “home spun” campaign. My oh my how this world has changed for the worse in my lifetime.

    I also watched about half of Bill Clinton on Stewart show. There was a great and very, very telling line about Hillary. Bill joked that he has this wife who travels for a living and he’s home alone a lot and keeps busy with his wonkish pursuits. Then Stewart jokes back with a light hearted oh, really? What line of work is your wife in? type of remark. Bill answers IT DEPENDS ON WHICH DAY IT IS. In otherwords Hillary wears many hats besides SoS. That is not a surprise to any of us.

    She is in reality likely just like the Tumblr “Hillary in shades” meme.

  141. UW: What an excellent story with a happy ending for Dude! You rock.

  142. Dude has got it made now! Looks like a great cat. Smart too, since he knows Existing Cat has dibs on bed.

  143. Sometimes the Rush Limbaugh jokes just write themselves.

  144. Not terribly off topic.
    How does drunken Jo Jo get away with this shit.

    Biden on cheerleaders: ‘The stuff they do on hard wood, it blows my mind’

  145. The wood chips in Joe Biden’s head blow my mind.

  146. Maybe we could smoke something on those wood chips. Assuming Joe isn’t already smoking something.

  147. Haha! Great tweet!

  148. And Biden had more viewers than all other speakers at either convention on teevee. Big Dawg had 5 million on line viewers. Obama only had 2 million online. Three million more for a real president in the “high information” internet society of political junkies.

    Romney and Obama wish they were half the material of either Clinton.

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