Autumn equinox

Performed at St. Mark’s Place in Venice. Enjoy!


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  1. “Fall for 2012 begins in the Northern Hemisphere on September 22, 10:49 A.M. EDT. ”

    I better hurry up and get in the shower so I’ll be ready when it comes.

  2. No worries Sophie the end is neigh. According to the Mayan Colander. There may be holes in their theory.

  3. Mayan Colander, ROFL!!

  4. Four of the top ten wealthiest Americans are Waltons. This suggests to me that they aren’t really passing that sweat-shop-foreign-labor and most-associates-are part-time-with-no-benefits savings on to the consumer. Imagine how much cheaper all of that crap could be!

  5. I was a huge West Wing fan back in the day. The cast reunited to do this combo public service announcement and ad for Bridget Mary McCormack for Michigan Supreme Court.

  6. Wanted to share the below quote that blew me away. I am absolutely certain now that “anger” should only be embraced as an indicator that change is necessary (from within or without.)

    …and, the “stage” this woman speaks of, is where we leave the shackles of anger behind and say “Never again…” = REAL CHANGE.

    My point – in life as well as the political quagmire we find ourselves in – (or even a Monsanto) if they keep us insulted, offended, discounted and diminished – and boxed in with the limited choices ‘they offer’ – they keep us angry – focused on the “problem” rather than finding solutions.

    Once you let go of all the anger, everything becomes simple, she said. “I no longer let people live rent-free in my body.”

    — Sorry, but her story is on huffblow56-year-old contemporary jazz artist, Serenity Stewart – near death experience.

    Here’s her own website:

  7. Beautiful post SophieCT.

    Here’s a sampling of Serenity Stewart’s rise from the grip of death – ‘no longer letting people live rent-free in her body.’

  8. Why Not, Serenity Stewart’s story is very inspiring!

  9. Nice song, imust, but I was hoping you’d bring pie. Autumn is really pie season. Sure, you can make blueberry and peach pies in the summer, but who the heck wants to turn the oven on? Autumn is Pie Time!

  10. Okey-Dokey Sophie!


  12. I could eat the screen.

    well, at least lick it a little.

  13. Ahhh! Piazza San Marco…I can never get enough of it. Napoleon rightly dubbed it “The Grandest Living Room in Europe.”

  14. Quiet day…I guess everyone was quiet eating that gorgeous pie (or licking their screens, as the case may be).

    Indeed, Piazza San Marco! Speak more Italian to me!

  15. Beautiful, just beautiful.

  16. Sophie degli occhi verdi.

  17. Was licking peanut butter and red raspberry preserves off my fingers so I wouldn’t make a mess on my keyboard.

    Happy Sunday Morning Uppities!
    I get to babysit my beautiful not quite 2 year old granddaughter in 15 minutes. So I’m off! but I’ll take my Nook so that I can stop at a cafe and catch up before the day is over.

    xox’s to you all!

  18. No one is addressing our issues.

    NewYorker cartoon

  19. I just stopped by to say Happy Sunday everyone!! 🙂

  20. Sophie, the last time I found TeeVee to be a needed item in my house was when West Wing was on. Was that a decade ago already?

    Also, we do want to know the stand on cats. What about cats? It says much about both parties that they do not mention cats. What would socks say about that, eh?

  21. So what are you trying to say, karen? That you’re not watching the Emmy’s tonight? 😉

  22. “degli occhi verdi”

    what are the ingredients? Sounds delish.

    oh, I have that color peepers too. Are you flirting with Sophie? If lorac was here she’d be so J.

  23. I am toiling in the fields during the obama years. I must work my little fingers to the bone during the reign of Imelda and Ferdinand. Not that it would be any better under the Fancy empty suit guy, I am sure our corporate overlords at Walmart would continue to give us cheap Chinese crap and buy more mansions and more jets on more private islands. I should be grateful they let us buy gummy worm contaminated beef and drink polluted water.

  24. Does anybody here live in San Diego? Doesn’t lorac live there? The desalination plant is still off line so one of the drinking water sources is TREATED TOILET WATER. I would leave california like my hair was on fire and run for the hills!

  25. Happy Sunday!
    Hands covered with clay now so is the phone.

  26. Hey there DE. My cat loves your mug.

    Karen's Cat in her Uppity Mug

  27. Is that a bird or a monkey?

  28. I was wondering too DE! That doesn’t look like a cat!

  29. I’ve had this cat since 1992. It is a bad picture of him and the mug because my only camera is the one that came with my crappy cheap phone. Here is a google image search of my species of cat:…0.0…1ac.1.050Cf8oH0O8

  30. Have you taught it to meow Karen?

  31. He looks just like Tiger Lily. They could be siblings.

    Off to the coal mines. Brother can you spare a dime?

  32. Of course he meows, he is a cat, silly.

  33. He’s a cat in a parrot suit.

  34. I don’t think he looks like Tiger Lily. Must be the angle.

  35. Is that like a wolf in sheep’s clothing?

  36. LOL. Karen likes to play cat games with us.

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