Open Speakeasy and the Emmy’s

The 64th Primetime Emmy Awards are on tonight and even though a number of Uppity readers have little interest in the boob tube, it seemed like a nice chance to open the Speakeasy and have some fun.

As you can see, we have a well-stocked bar. We’ve have every single malt imaginable—Speyside, Highlands, Islands, and Lowlands. We even have (cough, cough) blends. Of course, we have plenty of other options for non Scotchies. You guys can sit in the back room.

For our DDs, Friends of Bill, and folks on meds, we have a fabulous juice and smoothie bar. DDs drink free.

Our bartender is watching the Emmy’s so it’s help yourself (until things get out of hand).

ABC is having their Red Carpet thingie at 6:30 PM (Eastern) and the actual awards program begins at 8 PM.


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  1. I’m not really interested in the red carpet part. Sorry if I fit the negative stereotype, but if they aren’t wearing LL Bean or Lands End, I really don’t care what they’re wearing.

    Apparently, it’s really hot there (like 110 degrees) so there’s lots of chatter about what they’re wearing with respect to the weather. It’s 56 degrees here right now and I’m thinking about getting a fire going in the fireplace.

  2. Awww…now we at TW almost always provide a bartender of both genders…you can’t pry yours away from the tube?

  3. Just teasing about the bartender; I’ll be watching SNF.

  4. Does yours want some temp work here? Mine is a TeeVee addict.

  5. Nice to see Michael J Fox and his wife Tracy there.

  6. Would you guys like some drinks? I could pour for awhile until the real action starts!

  7. What would be a good Emmy drink?
    Here’s something: THE EMMY COCKTAIL

    This recipe was created by Grey Goose Vodka for the Emmy Awards. “La Poire” is a pear flavored vodka from Grey Goose. “Licor 43” is a Spanish liquor with a sweet citrus-vanilla flavor.
    Prep Time: 2 minutes

    Total Time: 2 minutes


    1-1/4 part GREY GOOSE® La Poire
    3/4 part Licor® 43
    1 part red grape juice
    1/2 part lemon juice
    Orange twist for garnish

    In a cocktail shaker filled with ice add all ingredients. Shake vigorously until the outside of the shaker is frosted and beaded with sweat. Strain into martini glass and garnish with an orange twist.

  8. A single malt! The blog owner prefers Glenlivet. My favorite is Cardhu”

    Both are Speyside.

  9. Ok, you can drink that. Feel free to hop behind the bar and whip it up!

    The nice thing about people drinking Scotch is that you don’t have to know anything about mixology. You just pour it in a glass.

  10. It’s too early for scotch on the west coast.

  11. Sophie, I think it’s just you and me anyway, pass the bottle.

  12. LOL!! Maybe PMM will come with the hors d’oeuvres. It’s not good to drink on an empty stomach.

  13. Yes, I’m sure PMM has some great vegetable hors d’oeuvre recipes! Socalannie too! Where is everybody???

  14. Lots of folks are on the left coast. Also, this was kind of an impromptu party, so it’s casual.

    If DE comes, I hope he brings one of Angi’s pies. You should lobby him to make a “Your Royal Pie-ness” set of pie plates.

  15. Yes, I’ve thought of that too….a DE special pie plate!
    Here have some quiche.

  16. Yummmy!

  17. I’m hoping Dr. Sheldon Cooper wins for a third year!

  18. I wouldn’t mind a smoothie, if you please.
    The Emmys aren’t shown here until 7 or so. 😦

  19. Sophie, Sheldon, YES!!!!

  20. I think Amy Farrah Fowler is a nominee as well.

    Here’s your smoothie!

  21. dwp, where is here? Isn’t it live for everyone? We have 5 more minutes here on the east coast. I’m so over the red carpet stuff.

  22. I don’t know any of these people. I just looked at the extensive list of nominees…..didn’t reconize any!

  23. Thank you ma’am. Amy Farrah Fowler overdoes her character tho, I think she’ll be better once she relaxes into it.

  24. Sophie, the left coast.

  25. I’m on the left coast. They have some kind of pre-show on with skits and such.

  26. It’s on!

  27. Jimmy Kimmel isn’t on stage right now where you are?

  28. Yeah, Jimmy is on now.

  29. Imust,
    Oh, okay. I’m at the beach. I was just assuming because they a often delay broadcasts so their advertisers get their money’s worth.
    Where in CA are you? ( don’t worry, I never drop in on people).

  30. dwp, you’re at the beach?!! I’m seriously considering lighting a fire here!

  31. Sophie, my sympathies. I grew up in Manhattan, went to school in Albany (SUNY). Lived in ny for 28 years. I hate winter.

  32. But I like it here! I have fresh apples–the best in the world!

  33. I love the northeast, save those damned winters.

  34. I guess I’m gonna have to start watching Modern Family.

  35. dwp, I like winter as long as I don’t have to drive in the snow.

  36. I was watching the SNF stuff even tho the game has started so I missed the comments. Sure, we can send one over. You want the boy bartender or the girl..actually I think we have two girl bartenders.

  37. I’m in the LA area dwp, I wish I was at the beach!

  38. Jimmy Kimmel…??? Sorry. Not my favorite.
    Working, so not watching. I wanted to send {{{{{{{{{{{{hugs}}}}}}}}}} to you all…

  39. Imust, it’s okay, ignore my last question. Not even sure why I asked.

  40. Sophie, yep, driving in snow, black ice, scary stuff.

  41. Thanks for the hugs, Ani. You can still have a drink even if you’re not watching. Although, isn’t it part of your job to watch these people?

  42. dwp,I didn’t ignore it see @ 8:14 pm.

  43. Don’t know if this will work or not but then Sophie you can then embed the link if you wish.

  44. Imust, oh! Thought I was being intrusive.

  45. I agree Ani on Jimmy Kimmel. I notice Bill Maher is up for an emmy I wish I knew ahead of time, I would have gone down there and protested.

  46. it didn’t. 😦

  47. Oh it did! did you fix that Sophie?

  48. Yes I did. But I cannot fix the fact that her, ummm, aren’t real.

  49. Everyone post real fast please? Not into staring at breasts.

  50. Re-fixed. Even with a speakeasy, this is a family blog.

  51. Not intrusive at all dwp. No worries.

  52. Thanks. Looking at fake breasts, and especially breasts of anyone I’m not in a relationship with, is not my thing.

  53. Imust, thanks.

  54. I just need them to be real. However, it’s not my blog–I’m just occupying it.

  55. Whose blog?
    Sophie’s blog!

  56. You’re doing a good job occupying it Sophie, or I should say, “twinkles up!”

  57. Too bad I don’t have any student loans I could ask you all to pay off.

  58. imust, it’s Uppity Twinkles here!

  59. Oy, that’s a mess.

  60. Dick Van Dyke?

  61. Dick Van Dyke?

  62. Sigh…not Dr. Cooper.

  63. Jon Cryer got it for 2-1/2 Men.

  64. He has a wife??!!

  65. Jon Crier I like…..Charlie Sheen, not so much.

  66. Colbert!!

  67. Charlie Sheen is whack! I don’t think he’s a very good actor either. I’m always aware “oh, this is charlie pretending to be…”. Sorta the same way I felt about Jack Lemmon.

  68. Wasn’t c sheen getting something like $1 mil per episode, or some such obscenity?

  69. No, Sophie. Not part of my job description. I do not watch award shows if I can help it. But I’ll be happy to TiVo the day I am on one! 🙂

    I would watch if a pal was nominated, but ever since 2008, the self congratulatory nature and continued O politicking where it doesn;t belong is really a turn off.

  70. Ani, I’m only watching in case you show up on the stage. 😉

  71. Sorry, won’t happen again.

  72. I wonder why no one from Iron Chef America or Chopped got nominated. Those should count as reality shows.

  73. We’re cool Fredster–at least now we know your taste in women. 😉

  74. So, apparently, a food show is a reality show, but not if it’s on the Food Network?

  75. Not my taste in women; I have none. My tastes go toward the swinging d*ck variety of folks.

  76. Damn–I wanted Betty to get it.

  77. Not sure but I think cable has its own awards show. Emmy is for network tv only.

  78. I think cable is included in this. The Curb Your Enthusiasm guy is a nominee. And Betty has this network show now called Off Their Rockers.

  79. Whoo Hoo! Maggie Smith (wish she could have been here to accept).

  80. The Zuccotti Park of blogs.

  81. Ummm…errrr…hey, I think there’s a little Scotch left…

  82. dwp, I screamed “what???” at your comment! I love Jack Lemmon’s work. Also, he was a regular at the famous golf course I used to work at and he was probably the nicest actor there. Always pleasant and down to earth. Would golf with anyone. Charlie S. is certainly a mess, but he’s not heartless. My late stepson was close to his oldest daughter Cassie & he did a lot of nice things for the kids. Once when laker was little, and had a bad fall (he has musc. dyst. & used to fall a lot) at the grocery store, Charlie stopped to help us out, so laker has always liked him since.

  83. imust, those little quiches look yummy. Laker bought some frozen mini peirogis & took them to a party Fri nite. He said the kids scarfed them down.

  84. Whats Zucotti Park?

  85. You better have not touched my glenlivet. I had the bottle marked.

  86. Socalannie, good to know about sheen.
    I enjoyed jack lemmon’s films, was just always too aware it jack lemmon.

  87. Your Glenlivet is fine–I’ve been pouring Cardhu, much smoother.

  88. socal, Zuccotti Park was the site of Occupy Wall Street.

  89. Ahhh! Thats why it sounded familiar. Gosh, it already seems so long ago!

  90. So are we blog occupiers? Ha!

  91. Yes indeed, socal!! Occu-Pie the blog! Whose blog? Our Blog!

  92. Re: my comment abt Charlie S., should have said “not completely heartless”. He’s pretty heartless, as well as nuts.

  93. OccuPie! Sounds great!

  94. So long as you don’t all start throwing paper airplanes at me. I mean, that’s scarey

  95. Uppity’s here, hide the Merlot!!!

  96. You brought Merlot?! Ewwww. But nice Pie! (You didn’t make that in PMMs “machine” did you?)

  97. LOL! No the machine has been retired! No pies for you machine!

  98. Now that OccuPie looks pumpkin to me. Yum

  99. imust, did you make that?

  100. She didn’t build that. Somebody else did.

  101. LOL

  102. Oh dang. Modern Family.

  103. Isn’t “modern” a dated term left over from the 50s/early 60s?

  104. Everything was Mod in the 60s.

  105. Oh boy… The enemy’s are starting all over again! LoL

  106. Emmys

  107. I occupied that pie…or as barack would say….intercepted it.

  108. Hahhhaaa — Intercept! If ever that was the word for how that guy gets what he wants, that’s it.

    I wish it was earlier and I felt like baking a pie.

  109. Poor Titli. It’s a good thing she can cook.

  110. More Merlot…..ducking and running…..

  111. Is the show over yet? You all didn’t talk much about the Emmy Awards now did you? It always comes back to food, pies, booze and cats around here. Sounds like the awards were dull as hell but you all had yourselves a fine time here anyhoo.

    At work they have a sign that says occupied. It is never flipped over even when the loo is vacant. Sort of like the almost defunct occupy group it is there just for show and serves no purpose what-so-ever.

  112. Karen, I noted in the last thread your photo of your African Grey…um….cat and am reminded of my story told her long ago about CawCaw

    When I was a kid, my grandfather inherited a grey parrot from a cousin who passed on. In those days, you took in people’s kids and pets when they moved on to the other plane. Anyways, the parrot’s name was Cawcaw, the two ‘caws’ said rapidly, with an Italian accent mark on the second caw. lol. Anyways, this parrot knew every horrid Italian swear word that was ever invented, and he used them liberally as well, having no qualms about calling women putanas and other even more offensive things. I remember we would be having dinner and Cawcaw would say, “Niente per Cawcaw?” Nothing for Cawcaw? Anyways, I remember vividly the day Cawcaw said something dirty to my mother and she looked him in the eye and said, “You had better pray the Old Man outlives you, you little bastard”.

    Throughout my entire life with my family, whenever one of us was eating something that looked delicious, one of us would invariably say, “Niente per Cawcaw”?

  113. Jackson Pawllock. LOL.

  114. Whew! I figured I could get away with mentioning Merlot by making you laugh with the Jackson Pollock joke! [ducking and running again…just in case!) 😉

  115. Love the Cawcaw story. My brother taught my mothers bird some obscenities.

  116. So true about us and food & booze. Award shows are so boring.

  117. imust re: Merlot. I supposed I should be grateful you didn’t mention white zinfandel.

  118. Yum white zinfandel…..on a hot socal evening……

  119. My husband drank that swill in the late 80s. So embarrassing.

  120. That lemon meringue looks lovely. I love it when the top is really browned. My mom never baked hers long enough and they were kinda “wet”. Ick.

  121. Karen, the Emmies were rather boring and as Jon Stewart called it, predictable. Lucky we had the food, pies, booze and cats to keep our morale up.

  122. I remember your CawCaw story. I also remember you frequently calling birds “flying shithouses” and “crowsa nostra” with utter disdain. You even told me I could be in charge of all the birds when we all move in the post barack world to our refuge on Uppity Island.


    We do make the best of the cockroach political world we live in. If we don’t keep laughing the world would drown in tears.

  123. Award shows are so boring.they always put me to sleep in my soup.


  124. and “crowsa nostra”

    That’s LA Crowza Nostra, Missy!

  125. I missed pie and the single malt???

    There is a good article on Hillary in the Telegraph, but I did not know if we are still allowed to link Hillary articles here. (?)

    Jack Lemmon in Some Like It Hot — fantastic performance in my view.


  126. djmm, Hillary is always a good topic here unless it is from a rat bastard republican site that wants to skewer her falsely now that it is in their interest to do so with just a short time to go before election day and all.

    She had some interesting things to say (as always) about taxing the wealthy at her speech at the CGI. She would have pushed for that

  127. Too cute. Dogs are really sweethearts.

    A 4-year-old Pekingese dog named Mittens shocked her owners after she adopted a kitten and began producing milk to nurse it.

  128. more cute animal vids:

    what goes in –

    must come back out –

  129. OMG my dog would be in her herding glory!

  130. The shagnasty has been groomed. No more Gremlins shooting off her. No more tumbling tumbleweeds.

  131. Sure would hate to have to clean up after that stampede through that store.

    Pies look pretty good tonight. Lemon meringue….ummmm. With a cup of coffee…ummmm

  132. Did someone mention PIE?

  133. I just dropped by still4hill and I have to wonder how our gal keeps going like she does. The finish line for this race is near and there is no sign of her slowing down one iota. Jaysus, the energizer bunny she is.

  134. Still4Hill is and has always been a real Hillary supporter. Not fair weather. Real. She understands that people, family, friends, politicians, can do a hundred good things we approve of and as soon as they do one that doesn’t meet our expectations, you don’t roll over the person with a bus. Especially not if you don’t know the details behind it in terms of Long Range. She believes Hillary is right for the country and doesn’t easily forget it when the going gets rough. She does what she thinks is right not what’s right This Minute Only. She also understands that Hillary works for Obama and not for the electorate. She isn’t easily distracted by a brass band or a bright shiney object. She sees Hillary as Human, which incidentally, she is. I respect Still4Hill. I respect people who do what they feel is right even when it’s not the easy thing to do in the face of junk yard dogs straining at their chains to trash you. She stays focused. It’s why I have a sidebar link to her as the one source for what hillary is up to today.

  135. Just dropping in to say my little old Uppity mug from DE arrived. It is the most lovely shade of green with just a hint of a blue undertone. It looks so nice in my office that I just may have to consider another after the next payday for home and kitties.

  136. And Hill’s husband is no slouch either. What a guy, simply the best.

    The way he works across the aisle is an example that should be followed by all but is only followed by very few. He is all about getting the job done and reaching out to everyone to do so.

    And he is a card carrying enigma about it too:–election.html

  137. UW @ 11 AM

    Yes, yes, yes!

  138. Yes, Still4Hill is well worth a looksee everyday.

  139. Every one of the regulars here is still for Hill. Really. I categorically reject any suggestion or notion that one can’t be so if one: (i) criticizes Bill for pimping Obama in this campaign; and/or (ii) criticizes the Middle-East-related foreign policy of the Obama administration.

  140. So this explains what happened to all those millions of Hillary signs in 2008 every single damn night? Um, well, maybe not 4 legged animals that time.

    These deer are both R words:

  141. Lorac, are you ever coming back? Miss you. And not just on Weds.

  142. I’m still for Hill and Bill. I look at their extensive records over decades and conclude that they are people who are in public service for all the right reasons. I don’t question their motives and believe they do what they do with the best of intentions. They have given so much to this country. They have made some mistakes, they are human, but I never doubt their integrity and commitment to helping others, especially those less fortunate or in need.

  143. Russia suspends import and use of American GM corn after study revealed cancer risk.


  144. DE, and what makes it even worse is that this country by and large eats food with corn in just about everything that goes on the table.

    imust, don’t eat any corn pie, okay?!

  145. Wow! Just had some deee-licious corn pie! Wait {frantically reading karen’s post above}…….AAAAAGGGHHH!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! It……was……nice…………knowing…………..y……………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………….

  146. Yes, I miss lorac also! Been wondering about her.

  147. I think she’s found a new home.

  148. lorac is just taking a break from blogging.
    I don’t think she’s found a “new home,” Fredster. This will always be her home.

  149. Where the hell is the Coor’s tap? And I don’t see no boxed wine either. Where are the spitoons?

  150. Okay, I was just going by something Upps had said earlier. But you probably know more about it than I.

  151. Don’t count on it.

  152. (sigh) Which is why DE, I had sworn I wasn’t going to reply to things I wasn’t absolutely certain of. My bad: like an alcoholic or drug addict, I had a slip. Better get to rehab quick. 😉

  153. Did someone mention PIE again?

  154. Pie , Pie, Pie!

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