Sure fire cure for the hiccups

Pfc. Patrick Edward Myers (27) tried to help his friend get over the hiccups.

A soldier trying to scare another soldier out of hiccups shot his comrade in the face, killing him, authorities said Tuesday.

“The victim had the hiccups. The suspect pulled out a gun to scare him in order to stop the hiccups,” said spokesman Carroll Smith of the Killeen, Texas, Police Department.

Pfc. Isaac Lawrence Young (22) no longer has the hiccups. Sad and stupid.


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  1. Wow. Not smart for sure. I never had any luck with the scare technique anyway to cure hiccups, holding my breath always worked better.

  2. Hey, cheer up…I hear there’s pie coming!

  3. Yes, imust–I do the hold-your-breath thing too and that usually works.

  4. Eating pie while drinking merlot has been known to work too.

  5. You know Obama would say that this was just another hiccup in the road.

  6. imustconfess, I have never had merlot with pie. Ever.

  7. Don’t know until you try!

  8. Nope. Not even a peach pie. And peaches and wine love each other. 🙂

  9. Merlot: scary enough to cure the hiccups.

  10. Now here’s something that’s sure to appeal to the discerning wine aficionado: boxed wine shaped like a handbag!


  11. Ooooo…nice wine purse! But if a lady needs a little stronger drink, how about this feminine flask?!!

  12. There’s just no end to the ingenuity.

  13. Do they match your pens?

  14. You mean my Bic pens for ladies??? Oo-la-la..yes!

  15. And for women only……pink pie pan!

  16. Now all we need is a cat.

    I can haz pie

  17. Hi everybody. Coupla things I thought you might want to see. Here’s a video made by kids who are fed up with Michele’s “healthy lunch” school rules, entitled “We are hungry”.

  18. Box wine handbag: Hilarious. For the well dressed wino.

  19. Do you know where that ‘musky’ taste of Vanilla ice cream Raspberry flavoring comes from? It’s an ingredient called Castoreum and the FDA allows it to be included in anything that has “Natural Ingredients”.

    Castoreum comes from the Castor sacs AKA anal scent glands of beavers. Yum.

  20. Yuck! At least it’s not in pie!

  21. It’s prolly in berry pie though.

  22. Media up to its old sexist shit with female candidates in debates. Like them or not, this is some sexist shit.

  23. In Germany, Catholic Church takes tithing to a whole new level. Either you pay the “Church tax” or you can’t receive any sacraments, including last rites or burial ceremony.|legacy|dl4|sec3_lnk3%26pLid%3D210190

  24. Wild about the German church. It seems to me that if they’re demanding payment for services, that makes them a business, and they should lose their tax free status everywhere.

  25. Pay to Pray – hey, they have something similar in Chicago! lol.

    Those lunches aren’t good for growing kids. I remember being hungry walking home from school and always going straight to the kitchen for an after school snack, sometimes for a meal to last until we had a real meal when my dad got home. Oy, I haven’t changed at all in decades!

  26. Uppity, that name it change it link is infuriating. Hillary and P**** both got bashed. Claire and Elizabeth are following. What crap. It is hard to believe we’re in 2012 since it seems like 1950 to me when it comes to the treatment of women.

  27. Oh the school lunch thing is utterly ridiculous. Not just because of the low calorie thing but more importantly it is about someone else minding your business. I am glad I raised head strong kids and that they pack their children’s lunches and yes there is some junk food like chips and ding dongs in them. I stand by what I said long back when that blimp of a first lady started mouthing off ( in between mouths full of her lobster) about fat kids and reducing calories. It is none of her flipping business. She needs to raise her kids and leave others alone. Is there obesity ? YES ! But maybe if they had not been over zealous about kids playing and taken all the playground activities away and phys ed we would not have this issue and further parents need to limit cell phone use, TV time and video games and tell them to get their rear ends outside and play !

  28. Looked at the IT link. It was almost funny, but…I’m so sick of these assholes.

  29. Utah, I’ve read several articles lately that propose that the obesity levels are due to the GMO corn & wheat. Wouldn’t surprise me.

  30. Upps, check email when you can.

  31. Beaver Anal Glands: This bitter, very smelly, orange-brown substance is also known as castoreum. In nature it’s combined with the beaver’s urine and used to mark its territory. In the processed food world it’s commonly used in both food and beverages, typically as vanilla or raspberry flavoring. Watch out though, you won’t find it on the ingredient list since processed food manufacturers can legally call it “natural flavoring.”

  32. Nobody goes to church anymore in Europe, even in Spain. Most of the churches there are nothing more than tourist spots.

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