Ayaan Hirsi Ali explains the philosophy of Islam and its massive incompatibility with Western Civilization

This is a very informative and compelling video discussing the “Philosphy of Death” vs. “The Philosphy of Life”. You won’t be able to stop listening to this brave woman, who explains what she was taught and how it is in perpetual conflict with Western Civilization —

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  1. Watched Netanyahu for a half hour on NES’s suggestion.

    Watched Pat Caddell Accuracy In Media for a half hour on imust’s.

    Watching the above vid for the next hour per Uppity’s suggestion.

    Thanks for two hours of quality video suggestions for my day off to the three of you! It sure as hell beats anything on TeeVee Fox for Romney or MSNBC for bo. It is amazing how divided this country has become. It is either GOP or Dem TeeVee and there is no middle ground.

    I wouldn’t waste 5 minutes or 50 dollars on cable for their campaign propaganda stations. Sickening Red vs Blue team spin.

    Back to Upps enlightening video.

  2. Wow! This woman blows all of Obama’s theories out the window! Obama said this at the UN:

    “There are no words that excuse the killing of innocents. There is no video that justifies an attack on an embassy. There is no slander that provides an excuse for people to burn a restaurant in Lebanon or destroy a school in Tunis or cause death and destruction in Pakistan,” Obama said.

    According to her, they feel perfectly justified! They must condemn and convert those who stray from the strict rules of Islam. There seems to be no “peaceful co-existence”. And any kind of ‘rational discussion’ or dialogue is pointless.

  3. How does Obama justify all the innocents he’s killed with drones?

  4. He doesn’t justify, he denies. For a narcissist, denial is it’s own reality.

  5. Wow is right. I should have taken notes. There were a few things she said that brought up thoughts of how wrong obama is about the issues of that part of the world. I get those “obama is wrong” thoughts all the time so don’t make a point of remembering them!

    After the first million “obama is wrong” thoughts that crossed my mind I now just let them all slide down to the garbage heap of my mind. 🙂

  6. I was going to say much the same, imust. DE he just doesn’t care and it doesn’t matter to him. Collateral damage and all that. He is only concerned about the reflection of his glorious image as a great ruler and commander of armed forces. They are pawns in his game.

  7. October 12. SONY. Not “citizens for Whatever,” SONY. SONY will release their movie. The movie barack gave SONY classified information for. This won’t be some movie in some selected theaters like the pissant PAC movies that go nowhere. This will be a full throttle movie where you will get to see how Barack killed Osama with his bare hands and a tweezer.

    DE the drones are just practice. He thinks he’s playing a video game because he’s an infant. He’s also going to be a two term infant. For this I blame the Republicans because the best they could come up with isn’t good enough to defray the Obama machine. All that money and just a lot of wheel spinning. Obama has controlled the message for two months. Don’t know why everybody is getting all worked up about all of this. Friendships have broken up over all of this and I think the whole thing is already in the stars.

    No skin off my nose since both tickets blow goats anyways.

  8. http://www.variety.com/article/VR1118044774
    Incidentally I know there is this, regarding ‘postponing’ the release date of that movie. Any bets on this?

    The White House, along with Bigelow and Boal, denied that the project was getting favored treatment, calling the operation “an American triumph, both heroic and non-partisan … (with) no basis to suggest that our film will represent this enormous victory otherwise.”

  9. Well, that’s why Obama has to deny that the attack in Libya and killing of the ambassador was a terrorist attack. He’s got this whole movie coming out in a couple of weeks that will show that he personally won the war on terror with his gutsy calls.

  10. But Uppity….Obama says the film is not politically motivated! Obama said it so it must be true!!

  11. imust, he placates the ME while droning them. he’s the perfect set up for war. War is good for the economy, great for employment, you know. Dead people just aren’t a problem for our government and the UniParty so long as their kids aren’t one of them.

  12. Well the Republicans complained and I would think they were brain dead if they didn’t.

  13. I just thought slow Joe’s “bin Laden is dead & GM is alive” was just a stupid campaign slogan vs Obama’s entire foreign & domestic policy strategies. I didn’t realize that Obama thought the War on Islamic Supremacist Terrorists was over once bin Laden was killed. Their patently false lies over the Ambassador’s murder makes me livid. Obama’s desire to throw our 1st Amendment under the bus to appease these loons makes my blood boil & the MSM who go along with all of this malarkey is perfectly infuriating. I can’t wait til the election is over & hopefully we can deal with baseline basic political annoyances from Romney rather than this daily lethal assaults on our Constitution.

  14. Yes “finally”, after they were outed by the ambassador’s own diary and the Libyan government.

  15. Thanks for that video clip. We spent less time on Islam in school than other religions (e.g., Hindu, Shinto, Buddhism and even those rascally Protestant denominations) but this brought back much of what we were taught and added a more personal perspective. Most people just do not get that this mind set is just so different.

    I recall the nuns being very different in their approach on this topic. They were far less comfortable and seemed to find the fact that one had to “submit” and “convert” because other beliefs were simply not tolerated. I mean the whole concept of nuns would be unacceptable.

    Judaism was seen as the “parent” of Christianity and got the most face time even in regular (non comparative) religion courses since we spent a lot of time with the old testament (and we had a synagogue right next to our church property). The rabbi was a guest almost as much as the bishop who often popped in as the diocesan offices were near our school).

  16. She is very brave. Is she not worried about her safety?

  17. Uppity: Thank you for this video, makes your site the tops.
    Yes, she is brave; but is very refreshing to see an educated, articulate and sophisticated young Somalian woman.
    She is talking of the current state of the human conflict between philosophies and religions that lead to violence and wars among societies. An eternal paradigm.
    Looking through history, Christianity has its share of violence, war and imposition of the faith and let us not forget the inquisition; a matter of life and death.
    As per Judaism, the “father’ of all patriarchal religions and philosophies, has also its history going back to 5000 years of draconian laws, where women were considered “property” and to name their unseen and unknown god was forbidden and punishable. Just to name one illogical logic.
    Furthermore, Islam and Christianity are schism of Judaism.
    All these three major religions have common roots on Nomads tribes that wondered through “barren lands”. Their survival fell in the hands of men to do the hunting/providers and rulers.

    Different of other religions/philosophies where fertile lands allowed agriculture and the worship of “mother earth”; and a more balance energy between male-female, yin-yan, seed-soil, etc.
    Why these 3 religions have taken over the world’s philosophies?

  18. imust there is a fatwa on her death and she is heavily guarded. Her appearances are an exercise in a scavenger hunt with all kinds of detours to get her to her podium safely. She says she has learned to live with her life of danger. This is a very brave woman.

    Bellecat, you might be interested in seeing this debate on the question “Islam is a religion of peace”. It’s lengthy but well worth it when considering the question of Islam vs Christians, Jews, Buddists etc. Pay particular attention to the part after the initial opening speeches and even more attention to the gentleman who is Ayaan Hersi Ali’s partner.

  19. Upps, I watched about a half hour of the debate video. So far the first woman spoke about her life, anecdotal at best. The second man on that side made the point that he was violent and Amnesty Int. saved him. What that debater did is reinforce the opposite sides point. He was violent and if it wasn’t for that Cairo prison AI expereience he could have ended up as a successful terrorist in the name of Islam!

    The other side, Ayaan was excellent again. Her partner is on now and is talking about Israel. Islam is complex and he is discussing the violence of the “bad” koran and the “bad” mohammed. He has a fatwa too, surely! And sharia law nobody would want to submit to. Exactly.

  20. OMG! What a nail biter! I watched until the end because I wanted to see how the vote went and I was afraid that they would cut that part off on the video. Luckily they did not cut it off and they did announce the results in the last couple of seconds! Can I say that the young woman on the left side got on my nerves. She reminded me of the typical Obamabot. Also, the moderator….yikes….just like all msm he couldn’t hide his bias and even argued for the side on the left at times!! Hello! You’re supposed to be neutral!!! I won’t say how it ended but I was very impressed with Ayaan Ali and her partner.

  21. Agree, imust. It just ended and they obviously knew they lost before the vote. During the opening remarks the Amnesty guy instructed the audience to vote for what they want to be in the future – he wanted them to vote for hopey-changey for terrorists. He said in the closing remarks again they should vote affirmative if they want it to be that way.

    And the dish ran away with the terrorist spoon, Forest. Vote based on what you want them to become and clap for Tinkerbell so fairies get their wings.

  22. Well karen, isn’t that how Obama won his Nobel prize? On the hope that he would make peace??? The Obamabots hoped he would fix the economy and fix Washington??? It’s the same thing. Ayaan and her partner, (was it Douglas?) emphasized the opposite, they argued the FACTS. They said, when the other side, and the terrorists ADMIT that the religion and the koran promote violence and are NOT peaceful, we will have made progress.

  23. Very much like bodiddlysquat.

    I never saw these pictures of Hillary at a funeral in Ghana for Mills. I think I have a new favorite pic of her as SoS. The hat is a bold choice.


  24. When I was watching the debate and they were discussing wimmenz lack of any rights under that hell hole belief system, I thought of Uppity’s side bar picture of the burka woman in a heap and the rifle to her head. I wished I could show that picture and ask the opposition what they thought of “honor” killings and whether or not it is peace inducing to commit gendercide. I loved howAyaan’s partner came back at the Amnesty guy about his silly attack on the wimmenz in charge of the household bullshit remark. Did he think that wimmenz would chuckle at that and not be offended?

  25. Yes, the Amnesty guy was very “Obama-like” in that way sweetie!

  26. Uppity, this is very interesting. Am about a third way through. Listening to it. And thanks you for shedding some light. Ironically in first part? Wouldn’t we say in Catholicism that there is the same “book” of good and bad deeds? You know. Basic Ten Commandments and so forth. What is really interesting though is the concept of “death” vs “life” here on earth. Geez. On questions part now.

  27. The real moral of the story here is that governments that are a theocracy are simply very evil, particularly to women and children. It is why we must be vigilant against allowing religions to shape Laws. It starts out with a law here, and then another law, and then bigger laws and finally, you are living under a savage theocracy of judgment.

  28. Well, she is talking about the Clash of Civilizations now. The ideology here will never mix because it won’t. Also. Patriarchy. Geez. Okay, it’s done. Whew. Well, she is brave. Hugs Upps & Co. My mother always had this statement that one makes one’s life Heaven or Hell here on earth? Yeah. I believe that. I also believe that one’s good or bad deeds are recorded — not as severely as this, but, general “Morality” as Americans know that to be. As for the patriarchs? Sure, they would love the concept of multiple submissive wives across the board. But that isn’t all men. I read in the wiki about that concept of the Clash some time ago — his theory was that post the Cold War? Here is that info. http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/The_Clash_of_Civilizations

  29. Uppity! I’m glad you are on here. Omg. I have spent the last few days LOOKING at poverty in this country from Detroit on down to the South. God. Uppity. I mean I saw things in these videos? Nobody could believe. All these years I have been a Dem thinking the dems were working to take care of this stuff. But No. And yes, you are right — we have our laws. Well — the choice is stay home, go Stein or go Rom. Dunno. In my whole life politics never seemed this bad. No ever.

  30. Our freedom of speech is being attacked.

  31. Nobody can restrict free speech in this country and make it past the SCOTUS no matter WHICH party dominates the SCOTUS. They are pissing up a rope if they think Americans will put up with this.

    Furthermore, there is no such thing as “blasphemy” in the US of A. Ridiculous bullshit.

  32. ps: Uppity I have really, really , really missed you. Espec on all the GMO. But, I just did like crazy. Because of the refuge your sense of humor has, but the SOLIDITY and gravitas of what you talk about. Hugs. I’m going to get a drink. Srsly. I’ll be back in a mo. Oh Uppity. Watch the vids on Dearborn and you will get an eyeopener. Really. You know something? I have to find the vids on poverty. it’s just unreal. LBJ. I thought the Dems? No they weren’t. They have gone overseas and yukked it up while people in the south? You have never seen the likes of what I have been looking at. My god. I’m coming back with some wine and I am going to get the vids. That this is OUR COUNTRY? Omg. Hugs, Love, and I wish we were having brandied pie or something. One can imagine. Back in a mo.

  33. Thanks Valentine. I needed that.

  34. I’m back. Okay. Wait til you see this. Now, I know that all of you aren’t out here in the West. I know Utah represented a wild west mindset, and for me the Dem mindset since, oh, Carter? In college. yep. Til Hillary. Anyway, my belief was that the Dems have always stood for fairness ala LBJ Great Society? In fact, one of the first books I ever had as a teen was the Mountain Artisans Quilting book? About a kind of feminist cooperative that went down to the rural Appalachia to help the very poorest. I have been watching vids of LBJ and of the 60’s which is deep childhood to me? So anyway, wait til you see this. And Uppity I really mean what I say to you. Without you I would not have understood from the feminist perspective the above vid and so forth. It was you ages ago who introduced me to the concept of that law. At Larry’s. Okay wait til you see this, because what I can say about this from a therapist’s perspective is that extreme poverty leads to many, many things. In terms of belief systems. I’ll be right back. With a vid or 2.

  35. For one thing — this led to one I watched about no plumbing? Since the 70’s. This is a documentary series. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=9NWFt7dwZVw You can see the houses. Instead of focusing on the damn “global” well? Look homewards to our own country.

  36. This is in the desert here, behind Los Angeles — these were the houses built during the post WW2 boom. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=82AX4xJG4A0 — why can’t the politicians focus on HERE in terms of the US. FDR WPA. That is needed.

  37. I watched this, which I felt was pretty incredible. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=vnJBW49afzg Especially with the ferris wheel as a backdrop.

  38. I will be for whichever politician can address all this and mean it? Because all of this is a red flag. Outsourcing has caused the poverty — and this is State by State as the industries moved overseas. It has to be addressed. It really does.

  39. This one: A trip down memory lane to the early 60’s. For me childhood. Look back: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=wTzhLjog86Y — Everything in the stores was made here. Really.

  40. Most favored nation status & our former bank. I guess now that they’ve figured out they aren’t getting paid back.

    Hackers linked to China’s government broke into one of the U.S. government’s most sensitive computer networks, breaching a system used by the White House Military Office for nuclear commands, according to defense and intelligence officials familiar with the incident.

  41. Perhaps those hackers could send Barkey a reminder for his next security briefing. He seems to miss a lot of them.

    I feel so comfortable knowing that multiple forging countries are more indeed with the activities at the White House than t the president and his staff.

  42. There are really good reasons behind the need for separation of church and state.

    So the young obotty like people on the “Islam is the Religion of Peace” side are viewed highly by the Washington Post. How predictable.

    I am trying to put a name to the “moderator”. He looks really familiar but I am drawing a blank. I did not hear/see a name but my playback was not the greatest yesterday.

  43. Awesome Upps Thanks. 🙂

  44. Mt. Laurel, first and foremost best reason for separation of church and state is choice. There is no state religion nor is there supposed to be. Forcing a religion’s doctrines on all of the people of the USA is a mimic of Sharia. It just hasn’t advanced as far in its rules, but, trust me, history has shown time and again, given too much power, relgions are moral and physical dictators. Given the opportunity, the reglious right would evolve into something no less awful than Islam in the middle east.

  45. Valentine asks why politicians can’t focuse on HERE instead of everywhere else. The answer is it’s not profitable for their portfolios.

    Also, the problem with poverty right now is too many expect people who are just hanging on themselves to become poor helping the poor.

    The Detroit video is horrendous, but to be honest, the place has been Sharia’ized and I say let them have the place, preferably with a fence around it right after they do. Which is why “Al Jazeera” is so interested in making news videos about it. I say let em have that ghetto the place has turned into. I am not into propping up a Middle Eastern state in the USA. Detroit is a victim of horrificly corrupted government. There are videos on the internet of the maniacs and dishonest city ‘leaders’. one of them is in jail right now, a wife of a congressman, incidentally.

    Here she is in a typical council meeting and here is what ‘led’ detroit into a shithole.

  46. DE our government computers are hacked all the time by the Chinese. Frankly, I think there are morons in charge of data security at all levels and especially in our areas of security and confidential information. I wouldn’t be surprised if one day they get into our social security data base and Eff up everybody’s life. There are people with home PCs who are more secure than our government computer network seems to be. And these are the same people who want to be in charge of a “health care” data base. Think of the ramifications of that one. “Favored” employers will be able to rejected applicants after secretly taking a look at their health history, for starters.

  47. Inner-City Detroit has been Shariah-ized? I thought that was Dearborn, MI.
    Those photos of boarded up houses and empty, unkempt streets and neighborhoods is really disturbing. Detroit needs a white mayor…sorry, but it’s true.

  48. Well hey it could be dearborn. Maybe it’s dearborn and detroit. I’ll check with stonelion since she’s a Michiganer. Detroit may have suffered because of the pull out of the auto industry but twas their crappy politicians that finished the place off. It’s America’s largest ghetto now. They’ve had plenty of years to make SOME kind of comeback, even if it wasn’t like the old days. But nope. Drove everybody away. Made deals. Turned the place into a shithole. The voters elected these yahoos so I have a hard time thinking this city deserves my sympathy.

    They’re selling houses that were worth good money for $1 now, since the minute a house is empty, the looters gut it, they take windows, countertops, copper, fixtures, doors and ANYTHING they can sell. So exactly why would anyone expect Detroit to make a comeback?

  49. Also do you not think it’s at least somewhat odd that AJ is covering detroit?

  50. Here’s Monica Conyers getting done in by an 8th grader. You’ll have to put up with a moron doing an intro and a replay of the last video. Move to 1:15, where a group of 8th graders question her behaviors. The second kid shames her while she tries to debate her.

  51. Saudi Arabia erases women from their IKEA catalogs. But they don’t hate women or anything like that…

  52. The Saudis are truly disgusting. And of our last two presidents, one Republican and one Democrat, the first was seen strolling holding hands and kissing the King and the second stuck his ass in the air to bow to him. Women in the USA should really be a bit more vigilant of what is going on in the White House, regardless of party. To let anyone tell you that everything is more important than your rights is to be duped each and every election year.

  53. Six of One

    Half A Dozen of Another

  54. @8:03: Now that’s funny!

  55. I do think that’s odd (about Al Jaz.).

  56. On a lighter note, a Chinese restaurant (isn’t it always a Chinese restaurant?) was caught hauling a roadkill deer into their kitchen. By patrons.

    Last week, customers dining at Red Flower Chinese Restaurant in Williamsburg, Ken., reportedly spotted a dead deer stuffed inside a trash can that was dragged into the establishment’s kitchen.

    “It was really disturbing. There was actually a blood trail that they were mopping up behind the garbage can,” one customer told WTVR.com. “There was like a tail, and like a foot and leg sticking out of the garbage can and they wheeled it straight back into the kitchen.”

    Yum Yum. Beef and broccoli.

    Officials say the restaurant owner’s son admitted to bringing the deer — which had allegedly been roadkill found along Interstate 75 — “into the kitchen of the restaurant in order to clean and dress it,” Lex18.com reports.

    The restaurant was immediately shut down and the owner’s son was cited for having a “white-tailed deer without a tag.”

    “They said they didn’t know that they weren’t allowed to,” Lawson said

    They “didn’t know” they couldn’t do that, which brings us to the question? What other roadkill did this restaurant use before they got caught? Just asking. And so was the health inspector…

    he was concerned this may not have been the first time that the restaurant has brought roadkill onto its premises.


  57. Here’s something else Teh O said at the UN

    The future must not belong to those who slander the prophet of Islam.

    Does that sound even remotely like anything an actual American would say?

  58. Oh it was in Kentucky. Well they cited the owner’s son and got him for the most important part (when it’s deer hunting season) “white-tailed deer without a tag”

    And see, they probably thought it was legal:

    In the United States, it is legal in some states to harvest roadkill for personal use — whether that be for the dead animals’ pelt or for food

  59. Upps: This was on the same page as the deer chop suey story, but didn’t this bother you? 😉


  60. For kicks I checked on Halliburton’s profit and loss over the past 5 years.
    Nice and steady. New boss same as the old boss.

  61. @de: Those cost-plus govt contracts are oh-so-nice.

  62. In working with the regional governments in Metro DC on multiple occasions over the years, I have had to deal with A LOT of people just like Monica Conyers. They never take responsibility for their actions and always try and turn the blame back on anyone who questions them. They are rude, immature pot stirrers who never actually do any real work and seem to epitomize “can’t fix stupid”. Good for those kids to point out that adults are expected to act at a more mature level and serve as examples to young students learning the niceties of personal interaction and true debate/discussion.

  63. Yes, Uppity. Choice is the major reason the church and state should never be one and the same. Freedom of religion is a very interesting concept in that it encompasses not just following the religion of your choice but the option to follow no particular belief system at all. Something that Sharia inherently goes against. Oddly enough, many of the people I hear championing the goat lovers beliefs consider themselves atheists. Boggles the mind.

    It took centuries for many of our ancestors to crawl out from under the burden of theocracies and now those who view themselves as so forward thinking and progressive are ready to step right back into the dark ages.

  64. I agree with what Ayaan Hirsi Ali says, 100%. A very smart, thoughtful, and supremely brave woman.

    Also, turns out she’s married to my favorite contemporaneous historian, Niall Ferguson. Good for them — a brain trust Allah would fear.

  65. “Does that sound even remotely like anything an actual American would say?”

    Good question, Andy. Although your question is rhetorical, I’ll answer it: NO, that does not sound like anything an actual American would say. Notwithstanding that O was born in Hawaii, he was marinated in strange juices in his formative years. He feels and exudes a strange and singular alienation from Americans — I think that, more than anything else, is what sets off the alarms for the poor Birthers. Put differently, the Birthers are incorrect in their belief…but they have a point.

  66. Upps, the Osama killing movie — Zero Dark Thirty — will not be released until way after the election (Dec. 19).


  67. Mt. Laurel@1:53 said:

    I am trying to put a name to the “moderator”. He looks really familiar but I am drawing a blank.

    Here ya go:


    THE MOTION: 6th October 2010, “Islam is a religion of peace” Chair: John Donvan, Correspondent for ABC News

    Info on him:

    John Donvan is a correspondent for ABC News’ “Nightline” based in Washington, D.C., and was an occasional substitute anchor for former anchor Ted Koppel. In a career that spans more than two decades for ABC News, Donvan has served as Chief White House Correspondent, Chief Moscow Correspondent, Amman Bureau Chief, Jerusalem Correspondent and Correspondent for the ABC News Magazine “Turning Point.”

  68. Here’s another article about Zero Dark Thirty: http://insidemovies.ew.com/2012/08/06/zero-dark-thirty-first-look/

  69. Separation of church and state is a major must to keep a country free. We have seen the far right push their religious beliefs hard at us to form laws the majority do not want to follow. If you think that Islam is not here and not pushing their shit on us and we are not succumbing to it I beg you to read this story and watch the video. I believe Michigan is shot. I would not move there if it were the last place on earth.
    After watching this you need to be afraid I mean very afraid.
    I do not advocate what these Christians did btw because it was an Arab festival and I think they knew it would lead to problems but this is America and I think we still have the first amendment however butchered it might be and it is horribly shocking how these Muslims can basically stone the Christians and it is the Christians that are being told to leave or get fined. Watch to the end it will really scare you.

  70. NES, that UK article is dated August 7. The means a trailer has been out since August, I’m surprised we all missed it. If they have changed it to December I guesss Axerod will just have to go with his Plan B for October. I’m sure he’s got one, but not sure they even need it. I’m surprised that trailer isn’t viral in the USA, particularly at the Kossacks. The EW piece says Obama isn’t even IN the movie. That must really fry his narcissistic ice.

    Incidentally everyone, Ali was assaulted in the worst way by the savages she was born near. They forced a clitorectomy upon her. I was going to say that the moderator was ABC, which means just another network Dhimmi.

  71. Utah’s movie, the beginning of the clash of the two barbarian religions. It’s a-coming. And just one more reason why gun sales are up in the USA. They certainly did have enough rocks and pieces of concrete handy at the ready. Kind of looks like Palestine. At least they got a feeling of what it’s like to be assaulted by a religion, womanly pun intended.

    Mt. Laurel, the far left would ignore any savage religion that garners them votes. They can’t have the batshit Christian Right so now they have the batshit Islmamists. Did you really think their separation of church and state was sincere? It was only sincere because the votes weren’t theirs. Now they have their own crackpot religion to pretend isn’t a threat to our constitution. When left to their own honor, these two parties have no honor.

  72. I was just cruising the polls. Rasmussen is a Republican pollster, PPP is a democratic polster and Gallup is being harassed by the Administration. So now where do we go to see objective polls?

  73. And speaking of crackpots being brought under control, it seems Governor Moonbeam rightfully signed a bill protecting youth from obsessive religious zealots –who continue working hard to make people mental basket cases like themselves — by making it illegal for them to force their crazy assed “cure” on young homosexuals.

    The lesbian and ‘tomboy’ “problem” is already covered for them now with those little prenatal injections that will make nice docile christian girls who don’t have silly male aspirations outside their place in teh home eagarly making babies for men.

  74. They’re probably holding off on the movie because of the controversy over the O administration giving classified info to Hollywood for the glorification of his own special self. Now the film could be a liability so it’s canned until Prez O is safely in office and has more flexibility. Also, with all the blaming of a movie “causing” the spontaneous attack, now terrorist attack on 9/11/12, maybe team OFAWTF is concerned that the movie could cause more hurt feelings.

  75. Poor Bambi. He gets to stay at a swanky golf resort in Las Vegas but mom and dad won’t let him play! They’re making him do his homework! Grownups are so unfair!

    President Barack Obama, holed up at a swank Las Vegas-area resort to get ready for his first debate with Mitt Romney, jokingly told a volunteer on Monday that debate prep can be “a drag.”


    “We had a great prep, and it was a lot of fun,” he told Stinger. “It’s very nice. Although basically they’re keeping me indoors all the time. It’s a drag. They’re making me do my homework.

    Can’t they just let him eat his waffles!!!! What an infant we have in the WH.

  76. Aw Jeez, what a fricken loser. Even if it is a big Effin’ drag, he should at least pretend he’s into it. Seriously, someone should ask him what he’d rather be doing and invite him to go do that with the rest of his life so that someone who gives a damn could run as the Democrat.

  77. By the way, Lily is at the vet getting spayed. They called to let me know that the surgery went well and she is in post-op recovery doing well. I can go pick her up in a few hours.

  78. Almost 23% want me to go first.

    Yay Lilly, she’s going to be safe from all those raping Tom Cats. Which never happens in catdom. A tom gets nothing till she says so. In fact, ten of them will stand around and stop grooming, follow her around like ducks, go nowhere near the food dish till she says they can and otherwise make Tom Cat asses of themselves, till she picks one. Or two. heh. And after she lets him do his thing, he doesn’t leave the…um….area till she says so, since a female cat is the quintessential Kegel excerciser. May have even invented Kegel. When you hear a howl in the middle of the night, it’s a Tom cat. In pain. Lots of pain. But no matter. Now that Lilly is tutored, if a Tom does manage to overtake her, her body will shut that whole thing down just like Akin promised.

    Sophie, you probably know the drill. She’s going to be goofy when you pick her up. Don’t let her jump on anything unless you want to watch her claws slide down the thing she’s trying hop onto.

  79. NoEmptySuits at 12:43 AM said:

    Good question, Andy. Although your question is rhetorical, I’ll answer it: NO,

    Actually it was meant literally as well as rhetorically. And my answer is the same as yours.

    It’s somewhat frigtening. What if George W. Bush had said this at some public event?

    The future must not belong to those who slander our Lord and Savior, Jesus Christ..

    Would there not be a tidal wave of controversy? And yet we hear nothing about this passing strange utterance.

  80. Now TL won’t need the democrats to buy her birth control pills. Oh, wait, she just acts like she is human…

  81. I have never seen anything like the vids above. Not out here, but Uppity, when I saw Detroit? Omg. I have never seen anything of the US except Cali, Northwest, Southwest. To see that? Detroit? Omg. It was unreal. Also? The Dearborn was too? To me. I see something brewing. Shockingly so. I have been looking at the you tubes from all over the country to try and get a sense? Worst is this. I have grown up under the system thinking that the Dems cared and were doing something. LBJ? I mean that, Uppity & Co. But no!

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