I think I’ll scratch this one off my Bucket List when I’m 80

80 year old’s skydive gone wrong

Here’s an interview with this warrior. She certainly isn’t the worst for wear after the incident. I myself would still be twitching.


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  1. my only comment is this: the voice-over, — how does a professional journalist, supposedly credentialed to “Perform” the audio, get away with pronouncing d-i-d-n-‘-t “dinn’t”? petty correction, but things fall through the cracks in this business….explains how the “One” can be out there passing himself off as a folksy, Mr. Likeable who just gets “picked” over any “Know-It-All” achiever. Just being joblessly “bitter” I confess.

  2. I shall never skydive at any age….also: 10 things you won’t hear at the debate wednesday:


  3. I got the answer right. 😆

  4. Fredster
    Thanks for that info Donovan. Now I can place the little gecko. The former chair of our regional efforts in the late 90’s and through much of the 00’s was an ex reporter/editor for the Washington Post. At the time he was a mayor in Virginia but he still had his press pass. We often met for lunch at the National Press Club (also known, at least in my mind, as the Washington Boys Club). At the time my offices were within walking distance and I would see most of the DC contingent on a regular basis (the White House is also nearby). It was like visiting a mannequin factory.

  5. Now I can place the little gecko.


  6. Eh no biggie I have already done it. Would I do it at 80 and with bad knees ? No. I enjoyed the hell out of the rush but I was young and stupid and had no clue I was not invincible as most 20 something year olds do. Now, I see no reason to jump out of a perfectly good airplane lol or for that matter to even get on board a plane. I did go Para sailing at 50 and loved it. Would do it again and even at 80. I have been a dare devil sort of woman since day one and kind of hard to change now. Only thing that will stop me is age otherwise limbs and mind willing I am into adventure. Guess Uppity, that might be why I do so well with my ACDs. They crave adventure and the dare devil lifestyle too. Speaking of dogs that crazy bat shit thing I rescued is right up there too. I had no idea about a Cairn Terrier and am learning fast lol. I have already fallen head over heels in love with the little shit who thinks she is a big shit lol. I think she thinks she is a full fledged member of the ” Wrecking Crew ” lol. Thing is she is awful short. Feisty but short lmao. Now if one is not active like I am do not and I repeat DO NOT take on an untrained Cairn Terrier. Little bastage found a spot in the fence to escape and hauled ass for parts unknown with me on her heels. Running through brambles, sage brush , berry thickets you name it and the little scamp beat me back home and seemed to be quite pleased with herself. Darn why do folks get animals and not tend them grooming wise, health wise and training ? WHY ???? Here I now have an 8 year old completely untrained dog who by all I read needs stern training much like the ACD prior to becoming 2 years old. They are head strong like the acd. This poor dog was a puppy mill rescue gone bad and by that I mean did not get a good home after being taken out of the mill. She was untrained then and the woman that got her never trained her so she crapped in the house and was banished to the back yard for 6 years.
    I could not take going through yet another Winter knowing this dog slept in a cat carrier out there and talked the owner into giving her to me.
    So far we have made great progress with her house breaking. Have had 4 incidents where she messed up but for two weeks here and no prior training I think it is great. Now to get her to stop when called and leash trained . These are smart dogs by what I read so even though she is 8 I think she will get with the program. She loves a warm bed and attention so those things will make her come around I am sure.
    I am racking up the vet bills on her too. She has a skin irritation caused by filth as well as ear infections and bad coat.
    Well Uppity lmao remember me telling you awhile back I wanted to just once in my lifetime go buy a puppy and have one that I personally took the time to pick out and baby from the beginning ? Guess that is never going to happen in my lifetime because I just seem to gravitate to ones in need. I know I could find her a good home as I have so many ACDs but darn I just feel she has had a shit life and do not want to take the chance and maybe send her to yet another home that could go wrong. Beside all that lol she is kind of cute, in a ratty way lmao.

  7. Sure, why not? Bucket lists should be fun. I’m sure they will have padded suits by the time I get to that number. lol

  8. Lily is back! She is highly energetic. She does not seem out of it at all. The first visit (the one with the shots and the blood sample) wore her out more than this one. She does not appear to be in pain. She is back in charge of the other two. They gave me pain meds for her.

  9. Lily is back! She is highly energetic
    Incredible. Mine after surgery were always rag dolls, easily hurt trying to get around.
    Guess the only concern with this powerhouse will be does she pull out stitches. Of course older two have much different concerns like damn she’s back.

    For the record, I have nothing left on my bucket list. And jumping from a plane was never on it lol

  10. LOL Utah, I know how you feel because it’s like that with me and cats. I always end up with the ones that nobody wants or the ones that are nearly dead and cost a bundle to cure. The purbreeds are so easy to adopt out that I keep my spots for the aforementioned messes. All and all, I end up with the best, most lovable cats. I do admit that I indulged myself with the canine of choice and I don’t regret it one bit. However, if I were to get another one I would go through breed rescue and find on whose owner left this earth, and then lavish that person’s dog with love for the rest of his/her life.

  11. Sophie good for Lily, she’s a tough broad, that world traveler! I never used pain meds for spayed cats and bet she won’t even need it. Atta girl, Lily, all of your UW aunts are proud of you.

  12. Lily is definitely tough. She is the alpha, which surprised me because Rosie is tough too. I’ve never been given pain meds for a spaying either. She is definitely the boss here and I blame the two aunts that had the middle legs of the journey and let her out of the crate for the ride. She arrived accustomed to having her own way!

    Anyway, now she’ll never give me the gift of little kitties. If I ever want another kitty, I’ll need to keep reading this blog.

  13. Yes well Carrie the Cairn Terrier is a pure bred and the woman gave me her papers too so I guess I could easily place her but yea you know me lol. Little scraggly hair ball stole my heart a year ago and I have anguished over her living conditions so I guess it was meant to be that I requested her presence in my home right ?

  14. Utah! I just today ventured into the crock of pickles I set up back at the beginning of the summer. I pickled them through fermentation, not with vinegar, because I wanted to see how that worked out. They are awesome. Not particularly crispy, but the flavor is awesome! I probably should have pulled them sooner for crispness.

  15. I don’t want to go sky diving anymore than I want to listen to Todd Akin expound on his social theories, legitmate rape, why women should be paid less, http://www.huffingtonpost.com/2012/10/01/todd-akin-women-pay_n_1928534.html?utm_hp_ref=mostpopular

    This old white ugy is dumber than a bag of hair; an Afghan hound is smarter than this man.

  16. Yea Sophie !!!!! Maybe you should have added a bit of pickle crisp to it. No flavor but it does help. We are getting our first freeze tonight so I ventured out and picked everything I could. Used the small Zucchinis for pickles and picked all the green tomatoes. Made some salsa verde and green tomato pickles. Had plenty of peppers to can up too. Covered my Cauliflower because it is not quite ready. I will have to put a picture up on my blog of all the goodies. There was loads more until my son came over and went shopping lmao. He took 4 jars of my pineapple syrup , several bottles of salsa, some pickles and jellies and my cinnamon apples.

  17. Yea for Lilly. She is a tough cookie and she will be so so much better off.

  18. I have a Cairn Terrier, good dogs.

  19. I’d rather be spayed than jump out of a plane.

    Glad the banana flipper landed on her feet and didn’t skip a beat. We aunties let her know she is special. We had no choice, we fell in love with the little rug rat.

  20. Sky dive? Yes! Sounds fun. Umm, hold on. Let me up my disability insurance first.

  21. Utah has a way with dogs. By the time she’s done with that little thing, it will be a model citizen and will have forgotten all about its previous shitty life(s). I love a story like that. But the woman who had that dog should be shot in the head, as if standing on wire in a cage at a puppy mill, never petted or hugged, used as a perpetual breeder and fed scraps from dead puppy mill dogs wasn’t enough undeserved punishment in its life. Cripes. It’s a wonder the dog survived to begin with, only to find itself ‘rescued’ from a mill and then finding its ‘second chance’ was no chance at all.

  22. AnnE that’s the kind of stuff Akin learned in remedial “Divinity School”.

    He’ll probably win in that state, though. If i lost to that green plant, I would jump off a high building.

  23. TY Uppity. I hope I can get her to mind lol. I do not like having to chase a dog. Not one darn bit. We will be having training sessions to be sure. She does show great promise. Imust I am glad to hear you think they are great little dogs. Having no experience with this breed what so ever I am reading all I can and they seem to be a dog that I like such as smart for starters. The digging I could live without lol.

    New subject. Since religion seems to be controlling this nation at this time or trying to I have a question. First what drives women to follow something that quite obviously treats them like the damned ? I mean I figured that out at a very young age and vowed that once I got out of my folks home I was done with it. That is not to say I do not believe in a God I just do not follow ” Mans way of believing ie following a book that was written by men to serve MEN ! I do not follow a religion created by Men for MEN.
    I have heard some say they are spiritual . I have not a clue what that means seriously. Uppity you yourself said you are spiritual would you care to explain what that means to me ?
    I myself believe in a supreme being but one that created us and gave us the power of logic and reasoning to do with as we will. Is he disgusted ? I am sure he is or she is. Do I think I need to be in church once a week to serve him or her NO. Do I think I am less then MEN in his eyes ? Again NO. If he created us to be servants to men why would I or any woman want to honor him ? I go with this. The bible was written by MEN in the ME as was the Koren so is their a difference ? Not in this persons mind they both treat women like dirt. I have to be my mans slave to be accepted ? Not in this lifetime.
    God would create gays and Lesbians then condemn them ? Yea ok then but he will accept a goat humper ? OK tell me some more. He will accept these revered priests that attack innocent kids ? Yea ok now you have my attention ( NOT). Let’s take Catholicism which I know a bit about since I was forced to be one. Women can be nuns and teach kids and go out in hellish places to work but they can not be priests because of what ? Oh yea we are not up to that task because we are unholy or unclean because of Eve. Oh ok whatever. I was going to church and had to cover my head why ? Shades of Islam to me all the same thing. I know women do not have to cover their heads now in the catholic church but only because they stood up to it.
    It is all to me a bunch of baloney I mean the Rev. Jessie Jackson preaching about Jesus and love while being one of the biggest haters in the world, Jimmy Swaggart condemning others for sin while out screwing everything he could get his wanker into, Oral Roberts going to die unless he raised a million $$ and folks believe this ?? Yea there will be a war again because of religions and my biggest hope is they kill each other so those of us who do live good lives and do right are free to live in peace. All of these annoy the hell out of me and I would just as soon turn my wrecking crew lose on anyone that comes to preach the good book to me.

  24. Oh and when the ” People” put a piece of crap in like Akin we are surely done. I mean this guy is just unbelievable and people follow that shit and think he is good ? I fear not for much other then we are losing our freedom faster then a mosquito can suck blood and women are going to be in chains again weather the Islamic culture takes us or the right wing zealots do. Good lord where the heck are all the sane folks . I do not need laws governing my health or the health of others, safety, etc and I damn sure would shoot myself in the head before I bowed to a religion or men making me dress a certain way or have sex against my will etc. That is I would shoot myself in the head only after I shot the bastage that thought he could make me live like that first.

  25. Carrie the Cairn Terrier report…………..She comes back when called from being outside. Two days ago you had to go get her back in. Now she comes flying back into the house. Progress made. Next step is stop when told to. House breaking seems to be 100%. Who said you can not teach an old dog ? I think she is going to be a good little hair ball after all lol. She actually got to playing with Whiskey last night. Kahlua is still not all that enthused over her but I am betting she comes around. She can cause havoc because she scoots under a coffee table and Whiskey can not it is so funny.

  26. Eek. Maybe my cat should run for Todd Akin’s old congressional seat. My cat is smart, treats others with respect, and minds his own business. Hey, my cat is a better Christian than Todd Akin.The only thing my cat is intolerant of is BS, and he gives a great stink eye.

  27. I would have no issue sky diving, except that I worry I would spill my beer!

  28. If I go skydiving, I hope it’s not ass first. Very unbecoming. One should try to look dignified while plummeting to earth.

    But, she gets my vote for going for the gusto. Years ago, I encountered an 85 year old female attorney who was still working on behalf of women in Central America who had been harmed by a defective medical device. 85 and fighting for justice for poor women. I still think of her often and hope to being doing important work if I live so long. Women like her and the skydiver are an inspiration.

  29. Yes Cairns are smart, and very loyal. They are “bolters” as in bolt out of yards with open gates or doors left open. But ours outgrew that after a few years. Ours was a rescue too, but had been found wondering the streets, but well taken care of….must have bolted and got lost. We named her Toto.

  30. roffffffffff Toto. mine looks just like Toto. I just felt the poor thing needed to know what having a family and being treated right was like once in her life.

  31. Yea well about the bolting lol we will be working on that rather quickly. It is so so dangerous for a dog to not know boundaries and have 100% recall. I am so so adamant that all dog owners need to know how to train a dog or work with a trainer to learn how to handle them. If folks took the time to learn or get help there would be far far less dogs in shelters. They say cats can not be trained but I know they too can be trained like dogs can be. I had one that walked on leash and would go out the dog door to potty and then come in to find her sunbeam and nap all day lol. Never had a cat that left my back yard or stayed out longer then to go potty. I am no fan of litter boxes believe me.

  32. Utah, very cool that you went skydiving! I wanted to when I was young, but never got around to it. I don’t think I would do it as an old lady, but who knows? Never say never.

    That Akin is insane. He’s the head of the science and technology committee?!? Wow!

    Sophie am glad Lily is ok. The little cutie!

  33. Thanks utah, for your big, generous heart. That little dog has alas found a genuine mensch.

  34. Socal I went sky diving down below you in Paris Ca. Went several times. Now I do not think I have what it takes but lol my son has been trying to talk me into it again. I think he is fighting a losing battle though. I am however going to be going down a couple of zip lines. Now that really looks like a blast. I was going to try the one on Catalina except I would have been there all day waiting so we have a few here. One up in Olympic park. They turn the down hill ski run into a zip line when the snow is gone. I am really excited about doing that one. When I croak they can say I did about all there is to do lol. Life is meant to live not huddle up and be safe and miss it.

    TY crier. I have rescued so many many dogs and cats it is unreal. I train the dogs before I place them or did but I had to get out of it. After so many years and so many heart breaking cases I burned out. Maybe I will get back to rescuing ACDs again one day. That does not mean if a poodle needs my help or another breed I will not step up.

  35. Uppity, how are your lady parts? obama wants to protect them.

    You can’t make this shit up. They really are clueless. Holy Mother Of God they are unreal.


  36. Here is a better picture of the ecard. It looks like me in the early 70s giving the peace sign before I got into my custom van and smoked a doobie. Somebody tell the obama team that the times have changed.


    lady parts are going viral. Too bad it is a bad joke and the jokes on us.

  37. Check out the guy who created the ecard. He’s a “feminist” who likes to post porn.

    And he has “no idea why” his ecard went viral. That’s what’s scary about creeps like this.

  38. Been reading around the interwebs. Even the Kossacks can’t spin this one. I mean, even Maher was nearly speechless and you know how unknown that condition has been up to this point. At one point, Maher tweeted that Obama should lift up his shirt and show Romney the gun. Seriously. To be honest, I was laughing by the end of the debate, it was that ludicrous. The equivalent of a bulldozer running over a prius.

  39. Complaints that Leher didn’t ‘corrale’ the candidates. I say it’s about time moderators aren’t the debate, controlling everyone. Truth is, in the REAL world, there are no moderators. How a person responds under pressure is a huge barometer of the ability of someone to think on his (or her, oh yeah, sure) feet. We have always known Obama can’t think on his feet, that his mouth and brain are not intertwined, they he is disengaged. That is exactly how he came across. Romney ran over him just like the goatfuckers run him over, just like the insurance companies ran him over. Just like just about everybody ran him over. He cannot argue a point without somebody writing it down for him. In a room of powerful people, he must be pathetic. he probably has troublesome people removed and screams I’m The President. Later, he has the IRS audit them.

  40. @8:02 am ..Amen Uppity.

  41. DKOS front page:

    Daily Kos Radio is LIVE at 9am ET!by David Waldman .

    Yeah, there was a debate yesterday. So that’s nice. Hey, check this out!

    Check this out link is

  42. Hilarious DKOS topic links today

  43. Denial is the first phase.

  44. Axelrod will fix this. Believe it.

  45. I am listening to cspan with callins and my God, Obama supporters need to help him out by not calling in. It’s awful. Simply awful.

  46. Running off to get some lab tests. Could use some good vibes.

  47. Good vibes your way Uppity!

  48. Hope you ace the tests and get 100% on each one.

  49. Good vibes headed your way, Upps! Get well soon.

  50. Lolz on your tweet, UW!

  51. Damn! I knew there was an explanation! Al Gore blames the thin air in Denver for Obama’s debate bomb.

  52. Good vibes being sent to NY.

  53. The silence in the office building is deafening. Not one word from anyone about the debate. It is as if it did not happen. The little workers at the campaign office at the other end of the complex have become invisible. Made it to the bank and back and not one of them out and about pestering people with literature and petitions.

    This also means I have no one bothering me about voting based on my lady parts. I am still amazed that people are surprised when I say there are multiple issues to consider. They really think I should be a good girl and not use my brain.

    Brain? Brain? What is Brain?

  54. Last night’s debate was like watching my black pug Yolanda bite into her Hello Kitty doll and shake it around vigorously when I try to pry it from her jaws. It just warms the heart to see Obama crushed like that in front of millions of viewers.

  55. Good vibes coming your way. Okay. Tweet said it all. I was waiting to see what you would say. I hope you feel better soon. It was just a bit too much to watch it, but I did. I took notes too. You know, I remember 2008. He savaged her and we won’t forget. Was it ever different last night.

  56. So true, Mt. Laurel, the silence in the office is deafening. I’m quietly smiling, working away at my computer.

  57. Memo to Gore: Barack was suffering the after-effects of a Rocky Mtn. High.

  58. Ms. Pie says it all with the fluffy pillow on her site.

    Some on SNL stood up for Hillary, albeit with their brand of humor using the “bitch is the new black” remark. And they also started that “fluff the pillow for obama” funny line. Even if it was the truth and absolutely not humorous at the time. It was just awful how they gave him pass after pass and never held him accountable. The one time George Suffleupagus did ask him a few tough questions it was deemed brutality against The One and the obots attacked the network for daring to ask a candidate about Rezko and tough policy questions.

    Gore has lack of oxygen going to his brain. He DID inhale.

  59. Hey Prima Dona Brazilenut, can you hear us now? Do you need us?

    Too bad. We’re Independent and you now have to earn our votes.


  60. I did a humble post about how Obama us like a child who was raised by over protective parents. Once he has to hold his own in the real world, he gets tuned up!

  61. Really, Hillbilly? I thought he was raised by wolves.

  62. No, that was his 1/2 brothers and sisters. The B was raised a a Portagee water dog!

  63. Ugh! I typed too fast “was raised by a”!

  64. Nat Geo and Harvey Weinstein are just coincidentally supporting obama and airing this on Nov. 4. It will not be propaganda. Watch it and drink your kool aid, like good little obots.


  65. […] Also, would you skydive? Uppity wants to know. […]

  66. Uppity:
    you’re gonna run some lab tests? Are you OK?
    Now that the “Real” Blahback Boobama showed up at the debate, I would like to get hold of the debate video between Hillary and Obama in the 2008 primaries. That debate took place in Austin and it was sponsor by the University of Texas.
    I watched the debate and it was clear that the “BO” didn’t have anything to offer since he just kept repeating and affirming whatever Hillary said.
    Since you are so savvy on getting videos, do you know how we can get a video of that debate?
    It’ll show not only that Hillary was-is a more competent and qualified person, but that the 2012 Obama is not any different than the 2008.

  67. belle, yep. He said “what Hill said” for every answer at every debate just about. He also copied nearly word for word all her hard work on plans and platforms and solutions to big issues. She put years into her ideas and he xeroxed them and copied her homework.

    Just saw this photo and had a good long laugh that I am going to vote for this guy:


    This year is one for the record books. Holy moly. I disagree with Stein on too many issues. I nearly totally side with the peacenik hippie gov.

    God Help Us. Please. Fast.

  68. Facebook link below, of course, and I know how incompatible it is here lol. I’m not the genius who can convert it to Twitter.

    Its just that it is another in the Hillary series – she in her dark spy glasses and spy coat sitting beside Big Bird AND….

  69. Uppity sending nothing but great vibes and wishes. The wrecking crew does too. Love ya.

  70. Pam, love the bird Hilz tumblr.

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