Dear “New” Democrat A@@holes: You coulda had a V8.

As you shamelessly exloit her today to help drag your empty, detached and bored Papier-mâché messiah over the line AGAIN, you’ll get no help from us. You could have had a real president. Should he win again this year, expect to get even less (or worse) from him than you got in the past four years, if that’s even possible. Or you can have Romney, that should thrill you too.

What you gave up for what you’ve got–a testimony to your silly lack of discernment. And to your missing brains.


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  1. Belle, I had youtube links to the entire ten-part texas debate. “Intererting” that both those links lead to youtube users whose “accounts have been terminated”.

  2. Wow! She really is a leader and focused on people. He and the media thought it was all about him and his historic speechifying.

    I’d love to see her debate the liar, Romney. She’d probably give some rebuttals with substance. But she’s not so I’ll be bitterly clinging to my vote next month. Can’t choose between Liar 1 or Liar 2.

  3. Hugo I had to admit that Romney lied much more effectively last Weds than Obama lied, although Obama did get some good lies in. But you would have thought Obama could have at least tied with him on the lying, given the last 5 years. But having spent enough years in Corporate America, I already know Mittens has wayyyyyyyyyy more experience at it.

  4. Hillary. SIGH. Damn, she was all that and a piece of pie.

    I can’t even stand looking at his arrogant, smug, pouty mug in this vid, even now, four years later. He still makes my flesh crawl with his egotistical demeanor. It is all about him. With her it was rightly, as a public servant, all about the country and its people.

    She moved that audience and she moved 18 million to vote for substance despite the on-slaught of constant lies told against her by the right and left wing nutjobs. She held the middle solid and strong and proved we were anything but the ones who were “low information” voters. We knew, despite a press corp collusion against her on both sides. We knew, despite thier attempts to bury her daily. She rose for us. She rose as a calling to a higher purpose. She still does. Daily.

  5. Pinocchio one and two. And their two side kicks. Both sides will help you (at election time) with your lady parts. They’ll promise to stay out of it or they will promise to help it but they will both actually be stomping on your lady parts in their back room meetings.

    Thank God for this place. We don’t listen to what they say, we watch what they do and what they have done. When they tell you right out what they think of lady parts and then you vote for them anyway you are just supporting your sworn enemy. How did they vote on wimmenz rights? What did they do when they could have done something real?


  6. OT: In Cali gas is almost $5 a gallon. And yet that state will vote for the disaster in chief, surely. If gas was that high here people I work with would not be able to get to their jobs and eat. They can barely make it to payday now and skip food to put a few dollars into the tank and budget out every dollar.

    Prices normally come down in October in advance of Election day. Although they say it is not manipulated, it always drops for TPTB when need be. Is this a sign that TPTB want obama to lose?

  7. Today they have the price in Cali as mostly $4.37 – still way high.

  8. karen, gas is always higher here in CA. They’re expecting it to hit $6 a gallon, but they’re blaming it on a *refinery fire.
    *My bad…it was a power outage not a fire.

  9. Hold on to links for that debate when some of those idiots in amber, O-heads, tell you how smart and perfect he is. He’s well on the road to taking away Jimmy’s “worst prez ever” award.

  10. “Should he win again this year, expect to get even less (or worse) from him than you got in the past four years, if that’s even possible”

    I do think its possible. The Obama admin seems completely unhinged from the Constitution & the MSM just looks like his cheerleaders. If Romney’s elected, they can go back to investigative reporting & we won’t have to wait for Univision & the foreign press to ask probing questions.

  11. If Obama loses, Matthews should be placed on suicide watch.
    PS I’m not volunteering.

  12. I gave up presidential politics 4 years ago. Your blog is about the only blog left from that period that understands how Hillary was shafted and the country was denied an epic opportunity at a great president. I didn’t vote for Obama. And I’m African American. You have no idea how it galls me that so many in my community and the Democratic Party have been fooled by this man. After what he did at the debate Tuesday, which I did not watch, btw, the conspiracy part of my nature actually believes he made a deal with the Republicans to keep Hillary out of the WH and hold it for the Republicans for 4 years. He can’t be seriously trying to get re-elected. Whatever, none of the questions about who this man is have ever been answered or addressed by the msm. He has been an ineffective president and Democrat. I will probably not vote this time. I can’t see myself voting for Romney/Ryan. And Obama just makes me ill. We are in deep doo-doo. And that’s no joke.

  13. If Obama loses, Matthews should be placed on suicide watch.
    PS I’m not volunteering.

  14. Uppity:
    THANK YOU for the video.You ROCK and Hillary “is” the best.
    How can I save this video?
    Well, and why I’m not surprise of the misogynist vandalism of debates between Blahrack and Hillary?
    Because she simply IS THE BEST.
    As I watched it I got goose bumps just like in 2008 when she delivered it; she made me believe in our America and a woman as our president.

  15. Thank you for speaking up, Mimi, I love when lurkers show up and meow for us! It rules! Sorry I didn’t fish you out of that damned spam very fast, I wasn’t at the computer when you commented.

  16. Ditto for you in spam, adagio. I didn’t see you there. But I don’t believe presidents EVER investigate former presidents. They let it go, knowing one day it will be their tune. History bears this out.

  17. mimi, I have an African-American friend who has told me the same thing about his community. He and I have been talking since 2008 because he said he has no one in his community that he dares speak to about the Fraud. It’s unfortunate because he really has done nothing for the people who thought he held so much promise. But Romney sure does not offer much alternative for anyone disappointed by him.

    Uppity, I agree that Romney is far more experienced that the Community Organizer. But so was Bush2 experienced in the business world. And Romney is just spouting the same old crap–no taxes, cripple government, deregulat thereby screwing the public and workers, and divert more ioscetionary spending to defense contractor cronies. Nothing new. Like a dog chasing it’s tail.

  18. Check out the cover of The New Yorker. An empty chair at the debates.

  19. Believe it or not, CNN just showed that New Yorker cover. LOL!!

  20. Mimi:
    I happen to agree with you, that BO made concessions with republicans and many on the power lane;. I’m still appalled how un-veted this man got into the WH. And mostly, that the republicans conveniently let it sly. They did not want Hillary to turn every stone and investigate all the corruption that went on with Bush-Cheney looting administration..

  21. Oh cripes even dwp landed in spam. WTF. dwp, I don’t think anybody should watch him. Just let him go.

  22. Never forget NEVER!!!! 👿

  23. Here in California, you can bet your ass that the Dems in the Assembly and the governor’s office will call for even more regulation and taxes that will further raise the price of gas until electric vehicles are the only type of transportation that makes any sense on the freeway, which many middle class SoCal families won’t be able to afford anyway since unemployment is so bad here. Only the likes of George Clooney will be able to survive out here financially. We are so screwed.

  24. Here, gas has hovered just short of $5 for quite awhile. A few times it went over 5. Edit I forgot to add it’s down to about 4.60 now.

  25. Something else Barack can add to his presidential library acheivements. Highest gas prices in history while not including gas, heat and electric, and food in the cost of living calculations. Shameless.

  26. Thank you sooooo much for the video! She is awesome!

  27. “Highest gas prices in history while not including gas, heat and electric, and food in the cost of living calculations”

    Obama promised in 2008 that “electricity rates would necessarily skyrocket” w/ his plan

  28. Waving to Still4hill. The one stop place to know what Hillary is doing at all times.

  29. Well there ya go Adagio. Who said he didn’t keep any promises?

  30. Yeah, but folks, according to some of the camp followers that are polling, BO is still more likeable than Romney. Sorta like the Shrub being sucha regular guy and more people wanting have a beer with him rather than the oh so woodent Al Gore. Because popularity will solve unemployment, national debt, decaying infrastructure, and sky high energy cost. Oh, and raise edcuational standards. I wanna touch the hem of his robe.

  31. I saw a video of Tingley Leg having the audacity of talking about Hillary and saying that everytime he meets with her he “Falls in love with her”. What an Effing opportunistic piece of shit he is.

  32. KarenforClinton. I live in Reagan country, I think CA is going to be a fairly big surprise. And oh. Guess who I won’t be voting for. My vote sent them there. No more. I was a solid Dem all the way to Hillary. But these two did nothing to help her. For 30 years I supported the party. No more. Period. Do you know what the rich in CA will vote for? No taxes. I’m not that rich, but I’m not voting O. CA understands the poverty. We see it daily. Many went McC in 2008. That was a first. On the debt? That’s a prob. On the jobs? That’s a prob. Following the stories at Real Clear Politics, you’d be amazed. Hugs Uppity. Geez. Today? I’m reading a story about coyotes and bears in the city at the LAT and the ad banner says “If you believe BiG Oil should help schools click here.” That bad. And to think we were the environmentalists even 30 years ago. The middle class in CA? They will vote R. I bet so. After the first debate.

  33. ps: on Tingly? hahahahaahahahahahahaha! He had a meltdown over the debate! LOLOLOLOL!!!!!!!!!!!!

  34. Yeah I caught Tweety that nite, first time I visited MSNBO in years. It was hilarious. His greasy scheevy hair was blowing around above his forehead under some fan they had blowing on him so he wouldn’t have a stroke.

    And Nancy didn’t just not help Hillary. She kicked her to the curb, afraid some other woman might surpase her. Ladder kicker, that one is. Bleck.

  35. Valentine, that’s not what really happened to Tingly! Here’s the “real” video! 😉 (h/t swanspirit @ TCH)

  36. These are strange times. In the meantime, I bought strawberries and rhubarb for a pie, but forgot the butter, Wish I was making it for my friends here. Also Uppity? I saw something incredible cool for you in the you tubes — garden thing. Amazing. Look at this!

  37. imusthavepie. <3! too funny.

  38. mimi:
    My conspiracy theory has long been that Obama is Rove’s revenge.

  39. Tweety was positively apoplectic the other night. Imagine telling the Prez he needs to watch MSNBC to know how to argue the issues and what the issues are…what an insulting thing to say to the man who gives him leg tingles!

  40. for sure Ani.It was grand 😆

  41. Amazing, I have never seen that clip. After that and the standing ovation he got MORE delegates from TX? The ballot stuffing was shameful. I don’t know how this man holds his head up knowing a better person was cheated out of her rightful shot at the white house.

  42. Uppity said:

    I saw a video of Tingley Leg having the audacity of talking about Hillary and saying that everytime he meets with her he “Falls in love with her”. What an Effing opportunistic piece of shit he is.

    I saw that and wanted to hurl at the tv screen. Of course I’d then have to clean it up..

  43. teresainpa, he got more delegates because they cheated in Texas, widely, and probably with multiple methods. I was a volunteer for Hillary in Calif, and one day while doing get-out-the-delegate-vote calling, encountered a Hill delegate there who grilled me about who I was, where I was calling from, how long I’d workded on the campaign, and how I got my calling assignments. After answering all that, she finally believed I was legit. Then, she filled me in on how the 0 campaign was pretending to be Hillary workers and were misinforming delegates about where and when they should go to cast their votes. That was just one of the ways they cheated in the caucus states.

    I won’t ever forget the lice and deceit of 0, and though many of my friends vote for him, I won’t ever.

  44. oops, wordpress is acting funny. I can’t see what I’m typing, so have typos like workded, and lice (instead of lies).

  45. Upps, that SNL piece is funny and yet so sadly true. They captured Sharpton, Maddow and Tweety’s full blown disgusting ignorance.

  46. Yes, the SNL skit was so funny because it was sooooo true. The guy really captured tweety. Esp. the part where he said how to win a debate….just talk over the other person loudly.

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