Dear “New” Democrat Suckers: You coulda had a V8, Part II: The Warning.

You were warned. But you are too stupid to heed warnings, aren’t you, you “Creative Geniuses” –also known as Suckers. I was wondering how it must feel now that you are shown to be the Dumb, Manipulated Fucks you really are.


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  1. Hugs. I wish she had won. Uppity I love the cat and the tiger and the new things along the sidebar. You’re quiet. I hope all is well. Well I have been looking at Carolina, Uppity. Dunno. I like it. The way it seems.

  2. Val, what about Carolina? N or S Carolina?

  3. I ventured to a few old Hillary haunts that now rip her apart falsely so that they can take down obama and replace him with Sir Romney and Ryan the womb minder.

    I was shaking my head knowing that those people should know better than that. Then I came across this little reminder of REALITY that puts it all into place:

    What was that rule we heard over and over in 2008? Oh yeah, “NEVER underestimate a Clinton”.

  4. USA with a water shortage alert will be shipping FIFTY BILLION GALLONS of water to China to help them fuck us some more.

  5. Old news UW. Nobody seems to care. China is the enemy and everyone ignores it.

  6. That’s been true for a long time, DE. I have always felt it. China has been our biggest danger. And they made sure we can’t stop them by owning our debt paper.

  7. I knew obama would not be a friend to Israel. 👿

  8. Uppity:
    Thanks.for the vid. I LOOVE it and Hillary “is” the best.
    You are out doing yourself.
    You make my everyday.MEOW!

  9. I treasure your site…

  10. — snippits of truth from the net —

    “If” Romney keeps this up…Obama is going to vote for him!” — Michael Moore

    “This wasn’t a debate. It was more like a Romney cross country road trip with Obama tied to the roof.”

    “Quick, someone give Obama a Nobel Prize in Debating.”

    “What this shows is that after four years of being President, Obama is less prepared to be President than Romney.” – o

    “I think we can finally lay to rest who Barack Obama’s daddy is. It’s now Mitt Romney.” –

    “Give Obama this: It’s possible he succeeded in lowering expectations for Biden next week.” –

    “Obama better hope a Kicked Ass is covered under Obamacare.” – Dennis Miller

    “I can’t believe I’m saying this, but Obama looks like he DOES need a teleprompter.” – Bill Maher

    “Obama is getting owned, refinanced, and owned again!”

  11. I still cry when I watch this video. Hillary is the best and every day it boggles my mind that more people did not heed her message. Nice to see you, Upps.

  12. By the way, John Smart and I are launching a new blog talk 1/2 hour Tuesday night, 10/9, 7PM pacific/10PM eastern. Tomorrow, well be discussing the nature of fear, the urge to speak out and cost/benefits of both…Hope you’ll join us as I plunge into new waters! 🙂

  13. twandx, the cold comfort in all of this is watching the odious Bill Maher’s head explode as he complained via twitter that 1) it looked like Prez Obama took Maher’s million dollar donation and spent it on weed, and 2) that Obama looked like he needed a teleprompter. No kidding.

  14. Not to wave my flag…well, okay to wave my flag, I thought my own comment was a winner.

    It was like watching a bulldozer run over a Prius.

  15. It was like … in the 1st 2 seconds of eye contact, Obama recognized the Alpha Male in the room, knew he had “Nuthin'” and began handing the country over wave by wave… so overcome with emotion was he to finally come face to face with the kind of Father he could only Dream of.

  16. That sums it up very nicely 🙂

  17. Hillary kicked his a$$ in the debates too but they didn’t notice. They were too busy trying to find just the right fluffy pillow for him to sit on.

  18. You know…there is one way for the Democrats to pull off this Presidential election yet.


  19. Wave your flag, Upps. That was a fabulous comment.

  20. see if this works…

  21. Potential Darwin Award winner: Man dies after winning live roach-eating contest. You can’t make this shit up. Grand prize was……a python.

    Obama campaign says it hopes he did early voting.

  22. Saw this at The Hill.
    “Michelle Obama says she rarely ventures into the West Wing to dispense policy advice to her husband”

    Could that be because he’s never there except for photo ops with celebrities? I truly think that is the real Historic item of this presidency. The least amount of time spend in the oval office by any president.

  23. I’m telling you this Paul Ryan is a dangerously nasty piece of work. My visceral reaction to him is just short of major hives. This is not the response of an adult who is in control of his temper.

  24. “Michelle Obama says she rarely ventures into the West Wing to dispense policy advice to her husband”

    She does it on the golf course, on vacations and when he is getting ready to have his nappy.

  25. Jo Jo is really going to mop the floor with him.

  26. Ryan was an idiot pick.

  27. Are you linking Huffn’ Puff UW???

  28. Yeah I could have looked for a more reliable link, but it is all over the net, DE. Reminds me of when Bush The Larger walked out on an interview on national Tee Vee. The question? Contras and his part in it. He screamed “We agreed you wouldn’t ask that” and yanked his mic off and stormed off. I remember. I remember.

    DE don’t sell Joe short in debate. He’s going to have one task: To look my human and in touch than Ryan. And that’s not going to be hard.

  29. imust, that must have been the “Moderate” Taliban, barack talks about. They didn’t kill her, just critically wounded her.

  30. Oh yes moderate!!!! 🙄

  31. i cannot stand Paul Ryan. The guy creeps me out. Everyone has her own subjective impression of others, and, for me, Romney just doesnt bug me. Maybe because I “know” him from his MA gov days or maybe bc in real life I tend to like guys who seem similar to him, or maybe I;m just a sucker (or all of the above, lol), but on a personal, visceral level I actually kind of like the guy. Not voting for him. Not endorsing him or his views. . . BUT on the other hand

    Paul Ryan seems like a royal DICK.

    I think those of us who want obama out of the white house shouldnt be too confident that biden will lose big on Thursday. Biden is not, in fact, stupid (gaffe-prone yes, but that’s almost always in off the cuff, unprepped situations), and he’s been doing this a LONG time. He actually does bring a fair amount in the charm dept. Ryan is just ugh — cocky, smarmy, arrogant, impatient, holier than thou, ugh.

  32. Uppity:
    I thought also that Mit made a terrible choice with Ryan, but I read that it was the smartest move. As VP Ryan will have not power and will be ineffective in congress and he’ll be distracted with other things VPs do. I wonder myself, after all what has Biden done in the past 4 years.

  33. bellcat
    I had not read that but it was my thought as it initially made no sense. But then I realized Ryan would be a thorn in everyone’s side and I do not think he is very good at working the bipartisan angle.

    The VP slot keeps one a very short lead. The reason I never thought Hillary would really want that job (or take such an offer). She would be well aware of the level of restraint.

  34. Mt. Laurel and Belle, the restraint associated with the VP slot (a job not worth a bucket of spit) went out the window upon the arrival of Dick Cheney. Since then, no one can possibly see the VP slot as benign. I would be cheering for Romney right now (he proved himself a non-meddling moderate as Gov) if he didn’t tell me to go fuck myself by picking Ryan. This creature belongs nowhere near the white house. I truly believe He has neither the temperament, the ideas, nor the ability to separate church from state to be any closer than a drive by. I cannot shake the danger I see in this man.

  35. Hugs Darraugh! And you are right, my money IS on Biden at that debate.

  36. I can see from the upthread video (well I’ve already seen it but the video solidifies is) that Ryan is of ill hair-trigger temperament. Biden will exploit that. You watch.

  37. Uppity
    I see your point. Cheney – one forgets he was supposed to be the VP because he simple never played within the lines.

    I do think BO would never have permitted Hillary even a fraction of that kind latitude (or perhaps I should say VJ and MOO MOO who seem to loathe her very existence). I think their hand was forced for SOS. SOS may have made BO her boss, but she did not have to fight him, on the record and in public, in the Senate each and every day.

    I guess I was thinking that moving Ryan (in terms of political moves) out of his current seat as a way to ensure he is not dogging at Romney in public and thereby tarnishing his own persona. I think they intend to run Ryan for higher posts in the future and this would help keep his profile visible, yet more positive. On the other hand,it could backfire and potentially, stall his political career.

  38. ROFL!
    “Sesame Workshop is a nonpartisan, nonprofit organization and we do not endorse candidates or participate in political campaigns. We have approved no campaign ads, and as is our general practice, have requested that the ad be taken down.”

    SS sends a cut the shit letter to Obama.

    Why does PBS need federal funding? Seems to me their new Tickle Me Tweety doll should sell like hotcakes this Christmas.

  39. Oh I don’t think they want to stall Ryan’s career at all. Republicans have a history of falling in love with heroes. From Guiliani to Jindal. Scottie Brown for President! As soon as they get bored, they move on to the next “up and comer”. The history is large, the list is long, as they strive to find their next St. Ronnie who will release the mentally ill out on the streets again and artbitrally dump everone from disablility to see who dies before the appeal (I know someone who DID die) and save us some money. Anyways, Ryan is the far right cracpots’ boy wonder this year. I wouldnt worry about his attacking Romney from the senate, the R party walks in tandem like ducks and they blindly follow Reagan’s 11th commandment, even if the person is a complete shitbag and they know it.

    Besides, VPs get to break ties in senate votes. Cheney did it. And with the D’s penchant for caving in, I can see this happening with respect to women.

  40. LOL DE

    Tickle Me Tweety

    Is that not the third cease and desist from worshipers in a matter of days:

    Sesame Street

  41. Yeah and when you pull his string he calls you racist.

  42. Not to go into political shit but for me I have never in my voting lifetime seen Democrats as champions to women nor have I seen Republicans in that manner. They toss bait out to us because they must after they allowed us to vote.
    The only way we ever will see our human rights no longer tramped on is to fill both houses with middle of the road women. I highly doubt I will live long enough to see that.
    As for who will win the election I am betting Romney gets it. I think Barry toasted himself this round. Either way you as a female will be the fodder they feed on. What will happen I do not know but you had better be prepped for a full fight. I am hoping Ryan learns it is a fight he will lose because I can not see women allowing abortion to go back into dark alleys. If they focus on what the heck they need to do like Drill and screw the green stuff for now we might see the economy come back. I am sorry but I see no reason to buy it elsewhere and watch them screw up the earth while we suffer or for that matter keep funding shit things to keep us in debt to China. OIL !!! NATURAL GAS !!! COAL !!!! and get the heck out of debt. What good is saving the planet when we are killing ourselves to do it. What are we saving it for ????

  43. Upps, This is Hills finest moment! She summed up The One as nothing more than a big hunk of number 2!

  44. Happened to catch the end of the ABC evening news with Diane Sawyer. Said the whole Libya story was a complete fabrication. THERE WAS NO PROTEST. First sign of trouble was an explosion and lots of armed soldiers coming through the gate.

  45. LOL you gotta figure you’re a real POS when you get a cease and desist from Big Bird.

  46. Whoa! What happened to the ban on politics here?!

    I’m betting Ryan will tie Biden in the VP debate. If he ties him, he wins — the MSM has already set the meme that Joe will hammer Ryan. I also predict that Joe will make at least one big gaffe in the course of the debate that’ll hurt O.

  47. Lara Logan slammed Bammy’s M-East foreign policy in a well-covered forum. How long before O’s henchmen attack her? 10, 9, 8, 7….

  48. I endorse what wise utahwoman said!

  49. The ban isn’t on day to day real life. The ban is on blowing worthless candidates and pretending shit is ice cream.

  50. Upps had the hands-downer winner comment about the first Obama-Romney debate.

  51. I see Sandusky got 30 to 60 years, which means he will rot and die in prison, or, preferably, be porked to death by a bunch of Bubbas really soon until his butt is ripped to shreds. Seems more fair. May he scream for help and find that nobody shows up. Kind of like a captive child.

  52. Utah at this point, I would settle for “middle of the road” people of EITHER sex. I am just so sick of this country being destroyed by extremist fringe assholes meddling into everybody’s life.

  53. Sandusky got what he deserved that be true but when you average it out … years per person he violated it comes to three years for each person. Put into that context it is not enough. They should have drug his sorry ass out into the middle of the town square and whacked off a protruding part of his anatomy and let the bastage bleed to death !!!!!

  54. I predict that, unless Ryan borrows a heart and soul from somebody for a couple of hours, that Biden is going to show him up for the thoughtless, obsessive, nasty, judgmental robotic POS he is. He will also exploit his foul temperament. You watch.

  55. I predict that, unless Ryan borrows a heart and soul from somebody for a couple of hours, that Biden is going to show him up for the thoughtless, obsessive, nasty, judgmental robotic POS he is. You watch.

  56. Upps, do you think Biden still has it? I mean, he’s been sounding like a bit of a fool in the last few months, hasn’t he? I don’t underestimate him, but I question whether his aww-shucks and base-firing-up style is what undecideds watching the debates are looking for. And then there’re the manifold gaffes–his latest (re one trillion in new taxes in a 2nd Obama term) likely galvanized many to vote against Obama. I personally know one who switched to Romney over that gem; he can’t be alone.

  57. NES, tis true he is a bumbling moron, and sometimes I think his bumbles are timed. But if you go look at his past debate behaviors he is far from a bumbler. He will not bumble in the debate, you can bet on that. The thing that leads me to think he is going to show up Ryan is his ‘regular guy’ tone. You watch and you will see a guy who seems to be in touch with regular people, making Ryan look like a cold calculated big shot who wants to turn the poor into an alternative fuel source, while good ole Joe “gets it”. My money is on Biden on this one. Be objective when you watch. This seems to be a problem this year, objectivity. Both sides keep polishing turds and it drives me crazy. My perch is so delightful when I watch these clowns. I hate both sides for the shit they really are. Thus it was easy for me to see that ROmney ate Obama’s lunch, yet I watched his sycophants try to put gold spray paint on rust. I see much of the same coming from the RR side as well.

    Don’t imagine for a minute that Joe didn’t take note of Ryan’s hair trigger in that abc interview. He’s going to poke him to the edge if he can.

  58. I saw a link about Obama thinking that Romney was so awful in the debate he didn’t want to bother “dignifying” him with answers. Shows you how stupid Barack Obama really is. The man is NOT smart. Anybody who says that is simply out of touch with reality. His brain is not connected to his mouth and, to make matters worse, his judgment in situations is horrible. And to top it off, he’s a freaking snob about it all. Like everybody else is too dumb to see how smart he is. It’s laughable.

  59. I agree that Drunk Joe will do fine in the debate. Team WTFOFA build up his performance as the make or break debate that will repair the damage done from the fraud’s weak performance. No one will question this and thus if Joe does okay they will scream “Joe has saved the presidency!!!” from the rooftops and Obama will get a bump in the polls. Obama has his “mo JOE” back! Hooray!!! That’s how crazy things have become.

  60. You’ll be open at Pie for business during that debate, will you, imust. It seems like a good place for UWites to go where they won’t be bullied, name-called and sniped for disagreeing with the piranhas I see trolling some spots.

  61. Yep the man is freaking brilliant. The smartest man to ever be president. A wonderful orator.

  62. Yes, pies for everyone on debate night!

  63. Her Pieness is performing a valuable service.

  64. I think I can be there. Better start baking right now, you’re going to need a whole lotta pie.

    Where’s Sophie and PMM these days? I am still waiting on Lorac.

  65. State Department tosses hand grenade back to the White House:

  66. I hope Hillary tosses Obama under the bus! Karma.

  67. DE, even they have to admit he’s not all that they thought he was. Oh boooo hoooooo for them. They deserve to have egg on their faces.

  68. Uppity , while I agree with you on a mix of male and female middle of the road politicians in the houses history has proven to me there are not many men if any that are true middle of the road in the political arena. I also think it would be quite fitting to have men have to deal for 200 + years with women running things and maybe just maybe they will see us as more then something to stick a part of their body in and to clean their houses and cook for them . Oh yea and also tend those pesky little critters they insist on spawning.
    And my answer to the Ryans of the world and any other congress critter that thinks it is his sworn obligation to control women’s bodies and make them poop out little critters every year is that if we are to be so self righteous as to tell women to close their legs until married then let’s draft a new bill that will put the abortion issue and birth control issue to bed.

    Proposed House Bill : all males will be fed Salt peter until gainfully employed , married and financially capable of supporting their spawn. Further if said male is qualified to be off the drug he will remain faithful or if caught dinking around will be placed on it for the rest of their lives. Hmm wounder how well they would like to be told what to do with their tally wackers.

  69. If SS does a Tweety doll like DE says, I vote for a slight name change:

    Tingle Me Tweety!

  70. Imust, if I attend can I have a beef and veggie pot pie ?? Not into sugar really. I do like a good peach pie once in a blue moon but beef veggie sounds better.

  71. Sure you can have a pot pie! We have all kinds of pie!

  72. If SS does a Tweety doll like DE says, I vote for a slight name change:

    Tingle Me Tweety!

    With greasy combover hair, bad teeth, and every time you press the button his leg vibrates and thrashes. And he says “You’re a racist!”.

  73. Utah I hear you, except we can’t even hold 17% of congress and 5% of corporate leadership positions at this point, because they have us split deliberately, keep our salaries lower deliberately to avoid more independent women, constantly challenge ownership of our body parts, and encourage each other to run sexist campaigns, so that we can’t throw their fat asses out of their chairs. They are very clever demons, these two fake opposing patriarchies that each lunch with each other every day. And so long as religion keeps degrading our constitution and fascist-family pigs like Scalia continue to remind us as a gender we are not protected by the constitution, which makes us property, not people, it can only get worse. As for the Democrats, any party that pretends to represent women and ignores the filth going on in the middle east, while worrying instead about a movie that offends the pigs who do these things, while worshipping them in Dhimmitude, deserves to be erased and completely restructured as a party just like their religious-zealot theocratic throwback counterparts.

  74. UW that was perfect. Both parties must go.

  75. I will be driving a lot over the next few weeks and should make plans to drop into campaign offices and demand a piece of pie. When I volunteered for Hillary and then McCain they fed me, and that is no small task. Will OFA give me MY pie? Does Romney have any other pies besides apple? Did MEchelle eat it all? Was all the pie already re-distributed and spread around to others?

    *Obsessing about pie while on a diet*

  76. So to sum things uip: Big Bird is telling Big Turd to pipe down?:)

  77. I know Uppity and that is why I said ” not in my lifetime” It is all but a pipe dream. It fries my bacon each and every time I hear racism screamed for something or other it really does ! Cry me a frickin river that some one hurt your feelings. I wish I had but a mere nickle for every time mine were hurt just for being born female. I wish I had a penny for every time I was turned down from going somewhere or doing something because I was female. If I did I would be a very wealthy woman and men would be working for me.
    I have long heard the democrats are the party pf women and it really makes me wonder what it is I am not seeing. If they were would not have things like the pay check fairness act have been passed oh so many years ago ? If they were there for the female why the heck did I have to fight so hard in my life to be able to earn an income to support myself and the two kids that a dead beat man would not ? Child support ? I laugh at that. Back in my day if you had the nerve to push for it you were most likely told ” you should have stayed married.”
    I know that as late as 1991 when my daughter was damn near killed by the beast she married, a cop that responded to the call asked ” what she did to piss him off that bad”. I mean I knew when I was getting the crap kicked out of me in the 70’s you need not bother to call a cop because it was ok for a husband to ” discipline his wife” and she ought to learn. I also knew if I had shot the bastard I would get life or the death penalty and if he killed me he would get 2 years. Not much has changed there. Now I would not hesitate to plug a guy that hit me right between the eyes. Prison would not scare me because I was living in one when I got married or for that matter when I was in my fathers home. What the heck could a penal system do that my own so called loved ones have not ? It took me almost my entire adult life to figure out I am not good marriage material because in fact I do truly despise men.

    Party of women lmao there is no party of women . Heck women do not support other women when a man is involved. Heck I think a large number of women vote for a guy just because he is ” cute”.
    I have heard so many times from women how proud they are to be female and it mystifies me.I have never been proud of my gender and I have never embraced it. It was the one thing I never had a choice on and would forever be something to keep me from achieving what I wanted to do or be.

  78. I hope Hillary tosses Obama under the bus! Karma.

    Yessssssss. So far, so good.

  79. Truth is, Utah, the Ds did a whole lot more for women than the Rs. In fact, the Rs not only did nothing, but fought every stitch of progress that was ever made in 50 years. They want women barefoot and making babies and nothing more. Anything else is simply anecdotal. And they don’t hide it. The problem is women got complacent with their rights and progress, but the Ds definitely fought for women in ways the Rs would rather have pins in their eyes than do. Then they slacked off because women let them slack off. Witness NOW, what it was and what it is. It’s now a blowjob extension of the D Party, nothing more, more controlled than actvist, if you ask me. Like AARP with seniors. They have the name but they no longer do the job with meaning and effectiveness. This is as much women’s fault as the D party, they keep giving them free passes so they continually not only drop the ball, but use the ball at election time. I blame the fake women’s movement today, which was stupid enough to think vigilance wasn’t necessary while others were pecking at them. They are far too busy filing their nails to notice and living with the “Where else can we go?” attidude, sticking up for pigs and even pretending they are male ‘feminists’. But let us never mistake which of these two parties wouldn’t spit on women’s rights if women were on fire. Libaugh IS who they are when it comes to women.

  80. Karen, Romney would do well to offer lemon meringue.

  81. As for Hillary, she probably smelled Let’s Blame Hillary in the air and is being proactive. The Republicans have been skewering her over libya, and skewering Hillary is something they are experts at. They only ‘admire’ her when it means they can skewer obama by pointing out how much smarter, more diligent and more competent she is than he. I have watched them pretend to respect her for four years, but they lie in wait to burn her again at any stake they can find. She is now and has always been their worst threat. So I’m sure she got sick of the whole thing and tossed it all where it belongs. I’m sure her budget got axed for security and I’m sure both houses of congress helped make that happen too. So they can mess with her but they had best know she is not their fool. Obama has best not even try to blame her either.

  82. And about Big Bird. I watched Tweety et al talk about how Oh Yeah THAT’s gonna fix the debt. Well the truth is, we have a lot of funding just like that, which, when added up, means big bucks. Poking fun at one thing at a time without looking at the whole picture is what the Ds do. Truth is, I am SURE NPR could survive without taxpayer money. So could a lot of other things, and the money adds up. If nobody dies but cuts, then the cuts should be fair game. This seems like a good barometer to me. I’d rather cut NPR than a health program.

    But BEWARE when someone says, let’s give it to the states. Your state and local and property taxes will go up and you will end up paying more if the Federal government starts cutting things and dropping them into state laps. You are going to suffer worse for this kind of plan. Beware.

  83. I hope Hillary tosses Obama under the bus! Karma.
    Actually I think she just did.
    She will not be his scape goat. :shock;

  84. Uppity Woman, on October 9, 2012 at 10:56 PM said:

    You’ll be open at Pie for business during that debate, will you, imust. It seems like a good place for UWites to go where they won’t be bullied, name-called and sniped for disagreeing with the piranhas I see trolling some spots.

    Is that Pie 2012?? 😉

  85. With greasy combover hair, bad teeth, and every time you press the button his leg vibrates and thrashes. And he says “You’re a racist!”.

    I was thinking it might be fun,in addition to the twitching leg, if Tickle Me Tweety keeps repeating Obama can’t lose and and his rug falls of the top of his head while his eyes just keep rolling round and round and round.

    Or maybe the head just explodes.

  86. It is a total mess Uppity. If states get dumped on them what the fed mandates they are screwed. It is a catch 22. The fed needed to back off long ago. I know for a fact that getting state health care here in Utah is a darn near impossibility. I mean you will die first. Think about Ca. I mean that state is a total mess. It can not handle anymore forced give aways. Fact is I do not know any state that can. Dead beats have taken and taken reducing any and all surplus for years and we all know that if the crack heads in DC see anything they can rob they do.Doing away with federal funding in tons of programs will help and it should have never been done ( preaching to the deaf here) so cutting funds to NPR and PBS is the right thing to do and I do agree 100% in cutting funding to all non essential things like that. Stop funding all this crazy Green stuff for now and stop all the studies until we fix the top things needing fixed. We need to make medical benefits affordable which we all know Obama care has not done. They need to figure out gasoline in this country is a must ! It needs to be affordable to the poor guy that has one or two minimum wage jobs so he is not working to fill his tank only. I do not know how in the world one can afford a place to live , food, and heat when it takes a full paycheck to put gas in his car to get to work. Add to that the ever increasing cost of forced auto insurance and I just do not know how folks are doing it. My personal opinion is this country is headed for a major fall financially and there is not much in the way of stopping it. In that respect I think having Obama at the helm is better because he will get the full blame. I do not think putting Romney in will stop what seems to be inevitable. I think it will only place all the blame on him and the Republicans. Oh yes I want to believe that we can swing back from the grave so to speak but I highly doubt we can and in truth I would rather see Obama take the full heat and the Democrats that have been doing this to us. That is just my take. DO NOT think I am supporting Obama because that would be a cold day in Hell.
    I want desperately to see this country start using it’s natural resources and get people working and prices for fuel affordable. Health coverage is not going to be necessary when folks are found in their homes or under bridges dead from the cold or frozen in their cars because they ran out of gas. Cripes all this save the this and that and recycle everything a person can not even find a paste board box in this country to build a shelter out of !!! I ask again what are we saving it for ? People are dying from cold, hunger, poisoning because we no longer grow our own food to save a damn fish that is worthless and get non inspected crap from everywhere but here. How easy would it be to wipe Americans off the face of the earth ? Not to hard I suspect by way of Listeria or something else and China can just claim what they already own. Would I vote for any member of a green party ? Yes just as soon as it starts raining buckets full of hundred dollar bills. I think this year I am just not real interested in anything anyone is offering. I am most concerned right now with taking care of me. I live where I can still grow my food and shoot what I need. My house is paid off and the taxes are something I can easily handle. God help us all no matter who wins in November. We truly are a country divided.

  87. UW I keep hearing them say “Well it’s less that 1% of the budget.” I’ve heard that hundreds of times…even .5% adds up when you multiply it by 100.

  88. Utah I differ with you about forced car insurance though. If some loser dipshit driving a POS he doesn’t care about rams my car when he’s drunk one night I want HIM to pay for it. And since he himself won’t be worth a bucket of spit financially, I want him to have insurance or go to effing jail for years if he doesn’t. And when he gets out, THEN I want him to pay for it. Don’t know about Utah but I don’t pay a lot for car insurance. This is because I don’t tend to smash into things or get arrested for drunk driving. Here, s strong credit rating also reduce the premium. Kids behind the wheel also increases the cost of insurance. And of course, people do not want to lower their deductable and pay foolishly much more money as well.

    I do think mandatory insurance is a STATE mandate

  89. I do have to laugh about public radio though. The initial idea for their news was for them to be unemcumbered and objective and blah blah blah. Well they’re not. They are an arm of the D party and the D party is what keeps them funded from congress. So the whole objective thing isn’t happening. As for the cultural part, it is nice to bring some culture to this borderline shitkicking country over the airwaves, but I am sure that these things can be underwritten by private entities. They usually are anyways.

  90. Mt.Laurel, if that’s a toupee, he needs his money back.


    Perfect prolife candidate! You are right UW, women should inc. wombs–since the crazies revere anything that is incorporated, and keep their hands off of it. And, then since wombs would be incorporated, unlike their hosteses, they would be covered under the 14th amendment just like fetuses and other incorporated entities!

  92. AnnE:
    On incorporating uteri, with Declaration Of Incorporation certificate.

  93. Golly I haven’t seen sophie in forever. I guess she’s not Occupying UW blog. Hope she’s okay.

  94. I am occupying the job.

    Did someone mention pie?

  95. The pie always brings them out. That and Goslings rum.

  96. 😆

  97. How’s my widdle Tiger Lily? Methinks we are due for more pics or a vid.

  98. Hey just to let you know gang. Carrie the Cairn Terrier is fully house broken leash trained and comes back when called also dances for me. Damn that doggie is a doll. She went in for another grooming this week and I had them cut her short because her hair is a mess and dead from neglect and I need to be able to get some lotion on her skin to bring her back to her glory. She so wants to please. I have to say in all the years I have spent helping death bound dogs or abused ones they never cease to amaze me at how willing they are to give humans chance after chance.

  99. Carrie the Cairn Terrier
    Thanks for the uplifting reports, Utah.

    Nothing so dramatic here, but Rosie the 10 year old cat and I are celebrating one month together. She was adopted via a Senior for a Senior program. Adoption fee a near giveaway at $10. It just happened that the lady from the rescue called last night to check in and check up. She was very excited because she had just released another 10 year old cat to a forever home.

    Also, in recognition of Lily’s triumphant Tiger video featuring the gal herself with Aunt Karen’s banana, I brought a Cosmic Banana home for Rosie. So far she’s not too impressed.

    Auntie Pam signing off with a shout out to Uppity! How many days until this damned election is over?

  100. Pamela, by my observation, ten isn’t very old for a cat, so you will have many good years and so will your kitteh. It was a wonderful thing you have done, giving a home to a ten year old cat who probably had no chance but for you. Karma will richly reward you for that. And rightfully so. As to the cosmic banana, be aware that some cats do not react to catnip at all, these are what you might call Prohibition cats. lol. Might I suggest a slab of poached salmon instead?

    We’re coming to the stretch, Pamela. Slowly, very slowly. Time does not fly when you are not enjoying yourself.

  101. Oh, Pam, you have to get the cosmic catnip banana from Bill not from a store. He personally stuffs them with his own stash for Uppity Cats.

    I am making coffee so I don’t get put to sleep by Ryan and Biden tonight too early. It is my night off work and normally I catch up and rest but this should prove to be a whole lot of fun over at Pie’s place. The commentary is always spot on and cuts to the core when there are Uppityites chiming in. And the booze and food is top shelf, too.

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