My dog is right. They are everywhere.

Have a good Sunday and watch out.


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  1. Smart Dog. 🙂

  2. Hang in there everybody. I have a crap load of work to do and will be mostly on the run in the near future so won’t be here very often. I’ll try to catch up when I can.

    Thanks for all you do to get the truth out Upps and gang.

  3. That ktty was all nice and cozy in his safe place. And along comes a hungry, unsuspecting dog. Both probably got a good spook.

  4. Here’s a good one on a kitteh.

    Didn’t Karen sound mysterious? Wonder if she’s off to get one of those Savannah cats….

  5. Specter. he’s lucky Anita Hill has too much class to piss on his grave. This was a very rude man to women. Hope he was sucked downward. If for nothing else, but that ludicrous way he closed the Kennedy assassination, claiming one bullet hit JFK twice and connally besides.

  6. Karen, best wishes to you. I’m working now also & have less time to blog. Hope you get lots of yummy meals while you’re slaving away. Stay in touch!

  7. I hadn’t heard about Specter.

    Did you guys hear about the guy that rode the balloon up 24 miles or something like that, up into the stratosphere, and then jumped out and parachuted to earth? He made it. What a loon.

  8. Here’s a cute dog & cat vid, at first I thought it was fake, but the cat wakes up in the end. What a sweet doggie:

  9. Thank you, Uppity. I was reading some other ‘feminist’ comments about Arlen Specter earlier, and all I could think was, “Anita Hill”. Biden, Specter, that whole gang back then. Bah. I had to refrain from putting my snotty 2 cents in. I tell you, some folks have short memories. Me, I’m a Virgo. I can hold a grudge longer than anyone I know, because I never forget anything.

  10. Here ya go Irland

  11. Uppity:
    LUV all the kitten’s blog-sphere…you Meow!

  12. I noticed mcnormans link on Malala was to the BBC. That was the only place I saw that story this morning. But then I check in with the BBC or another out of area source almost every morning to see if there is anything of note.The local/network/cable channels seem to not bother with a lot of those pesky details formerly known as the news.

    My mother, who spent the first 88 years of life in PA, said the only good thing about Barky is that her her former senator bought in to that empty chair’s line of bull and old Specter willing changed back to the Dems at the worst possible time this enabling PA to dump him. Says he is one of the reasons she believes in term limits. Get a chance to move them out one way or another.

  13. I noticed mcnormans link on Malala was to the BBC. That was the only place I saw that story this morning

    That’s because our Dhimmi news outlets don’t want to remind us that the middle east is riddled with zombie savages who torture and kill women for sport.

    This is also why I have UK news feeds on the main page here, because our own ‘news’ outlets are liars, cover-up artists, derailers, manipulators, and blowjobs for political parties.

  14. Hillary just fell on her sword one day before the debate. I am sick, beyond sick.

  15. Found this comment over at The Big Pink:

    “I can’t believe some of you think Hillary is taking the fall. She’s denying him his ‘hero’ moment at the debate tomorrow night. His plan was to make his ‘buck stops here’ speech then have all his weasels leak that it was really all Hillary’s fault. Faux Chivalry fits Obama like a glove.”

  16. Tony, I wish I could believe that….but Obama is a narcissist, he will NEVER take the blame….even faux blame.

  17. Sad but true Upps. We don’t have a media that gives a rat’s rear about a child being hunted down. Late today, ABC finally put the story up.

  18. I am beside myself.

  19. There is far more to this story.They are playing with their word fogs for a reason. The CNN piece reads more like hearsay than anything else. It is the story the WH wants out. I can see Hillary taking responsibility for the State Department for which she is responsible. If the decision were actually made by going around her – then she needs to present the documentation for the investigators. She has no authority to to speak for the CIA, the WH or anyone else involved in this mess and she is NOT responsible for their action/inaction. This gets no one else off the hook.

    BO is the one ultimately responsible because he is the president, even if it is in name only. The president sets the policy. If the policy is let’s pretend Lybia is just like Candyland – and everything is lollipops and ice cream – and they need no security then he is responsible for when that approach blows up. Claiming ignorance or that he was out of town is no more that a child claiming the dog ate the homework.

    The whole stance at the UN, BO’s missing his briefings, going to sleep and then to Vegas as if nothing was going down. There is a reason for their buffoonery and it appears the attack on 9/11/12, as it actually happened, did not fall within their plans. What their plans were is anyone’s guess but I am sure they were hoping for a chance for BO to do one more dance across the goal line just in time for the election. They do not want people asking questions hence the inconsistent stories and time-lines and stupid excuses to attempt a cover up, getting to the parents of the victims to try and kill the story that way and are hoping Hillary’s statements will be enough to get them across the finish line.

  20. The buck stops on the desk in the WH with the empty suit sitting behind it. This will backfire on obama and has already started. Check out the Dow,s link over at Pie’s blog. McCain and Graham, etc have spoken out.

  21. Typo: check out dpw’s link on Pie’s blog.

  22. BTW, I think Hillary is trying to protect her employees and to respect those who lost their lived by preventing this from continuing to be politiized. It takes a woman to handle this respectfully.

  23. I think what Hillary did is the smartest thing.
    To take full responsibility, takes brains, balls, integrity, heart and leadership.
    This chess queen move, exposes the Narcissist in chief as the little boy-man he is, lacking any of the traits she just gallantly displayed.

    Besides, by doing this in Peru South America -where she’s adored and respected; she let the national snake pit media, regurgitate on their own venom.
    This is not going to hurt her politically.

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