Dog escapes being forced to watch debate between two of USA’s Creme de la Crappe

Behind high fences with a TV alternately loudly tuned to FOX and MSNBC, dog panics, knowing he Must Escape this punishment and run for his life.


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  1. UW, dogs and cats rule! I bet this pup would make a better prez than the Bamster:) I posted two pics of my adoptable puppies. They are dangerously cute.

  2. Great problem-solving skills. Wonder if he knows arithmetic too.

  3. The One must have flown nearby on his way from his swanky accommodations in Williamsburg to the debate (becuase the WH and Camp David are not good enough). Office is In the no fly zone near the Pentagon so all that racket from those military birds stands out.

    Or maybe it was the TOTUS that was being escorted?

    At any rate, one smart dog.

    Hillabilly has this puppy up for adoption.

  5. Did you see the picture of the other one? It looks like it is smiling.

    I so wanted to adopt a dog this weekend. The collie (my preference) and cavalier charles (good fit for condo living) breed rescues were showing and they both had some sweeties. But alas, I have a long commute with lots of night meetings, a condo full of kitties and one little old lady. Not the ideal home for a pup.

  6. What cute puppies! Relay anyone?

  7. Puppies are located in Caleefornia, just FYI, relayers. Also if someone decides to relieves Hillbilly of these puppies, you must insist he has his dog neutered and female spayed. In fact, we should set up a special Hillbilly paypal acct for Hillbilly – who thinks male dogs are humans and their lives revolve around their balls.

    Note: Do not donate to MY paypal acct for this. I cannot get the money to Hillbilly due to security setup.

  8. Wow. A Beverly Hill Billy?!

  9. Uppity, did you feel the earthquake a little while ago? Epicenter was New England but a friend of mine said she felt it in Montauk.

  10. Where in California? I might be able to join a relay.

  11. Nope, didn’t feel anything, dwp, but the weather has been truly foul and cold, damp, dreary. But no rattling.

  12. Wow. A Beverly Hill Billy?!


  13. Male vets seem to try to talk folks out of neutering too. Over-identification, me thinks.

  14. I can not for the life of me understand how one enjoys a male dog hiking his leg all over the place seriously. My Whiskey lost his set before he got out of the squat age. If there is anyone who doubts it changed his maleness other then to not want to screw all the time and roam or hike his leg is welcome to try to get into my yard.
    Please please Hillbilly I beg you to fix your animals. The world does not need any more puppies no matter how cute they are. If you have seen and gone through what I have rescuing these puppies after they grew out of the cute puppy stage you would be denutting every dog you came into contact with.
    A spayed or neutered dog is a far better pet too trust me here. Nuts do not a dog make. I have known many a male who is all to willing to spay a female but will fight to the end to save his males balls and I have yet to figure out why.
    Also I have never found a male vet that will try to talk you out of neutering a male. Does not mean they do not exist I just have never encountered one. Any vet I have used says take them off and make a far better dog and more apt to live longer because he is less likely to want to roam in search of females and get smacked by a car or beaten up by said females owner.
    Hillbilly please reconsider adding puppies that will make more puppies to eventually end in a bad way please. I feel if I reach just one that is hundreds of abused unwanted puppies saved. Like I said if you have seen and done what I have you would have been to the vet long ago. End of lecture.

  15. Excellent lecture Utah. I was unable, as I have dogged Hillbilly about it and he doesn’t listen to me. He thinks his dog’s balls are his. Moreover, either Hillbilly owns a black mouthed cur or he bonked a black mouthed cur.

    My Whiskey lost his set before he got out of the squat age. If there is anyone who doubts it changed his maleness other then to not want to screw all the time and roam or hike his leg is welcome to try to get into my yard.

    Bahahaha. Listen, gang, I know this dog. Go ahead, try and get into Utah’s yard. I dare ya. Come on, I dare ya. Betcha a hundred bucks right now that you will spend a couple of thousand on doctoring. If you live. And he’ll do it all with that signature ACD smile.
    Just be glad, while you count your stitches, that Utah feeds him well.

  16. dwp, I have a male vet and, let me tell you, if you even consider one of these two things
    1) not fixing your dog or cat asap
    2)declawing a cat

    he will rip you a new one.

  17. And Utah, how about the unneutered male cats spraying the walls with a stink that is second only to a really pissed off skunk. Then listen to them say how mean he is. Unfixed male cats generallly go outside and spend most of their time out there, beccause the owners are sick of ripping the carpets out, and because their entire lives are dedicated to burying the salami. They generally live an average of 4 years if all goes well.

  18. Mt Laurel, if you have a house full of cats, the Collie IS the dog. And take heart. Your collie will keep himself busy with a house full of catss, if just trying to locate where they all are at all times. Trust me on this. And believe it or not, Collies are great condo dogs, as they are NOT hyper at all indoors. In fact, if you aren’t careful and get lazy, they will become couch potatoes.

  19. I watched the debate this morning and saw it as a tie, although Obama did that yelling-whine/blame thing a lot–which many of us die-hard Original Democrats find annoying, but apparently most of the electorate doesn’t mind at all. Bush blamed Clinton constantly and the Far Right Republicans didn’t mind. Now they mind. The Obots are so delusional, the guy could be caught chasing a little boy down the street and they would rationalize it as a good thing and/or blame the kid. Both of these are fringes. Most of America couldn’t care less.

    Generally I would say nobody sealed a deal with Independents. The one thing about that debate that disturbed me immensely was Candy Creepy Crawl. The thing is, the VP debate showed America without a doubt that women make better debate moderators, especially in the face of lack of moderator control in the first Presidential debate. When I heard Crowley was going to moderate, I thought, don’t you dare blow it, you son of a bitch. Don’t you dare screw things up for women finally breaking into a man-controlled world by fucking up and blowing Obama right there on stage. And that’s exactly what she did, the bastard. She not only OBVIOUSLY did it, she got it wrong besides. A moderator who interrupts a debate to do an unfactual fact check isn’t worth spit. She should be removed from the gender club for this She held a future for woman in one more arena men shove them out of and she fucked it up. Crowley is a disgrace to womenkind. Period.

  20. Oh and Hillbilly and other delusional men who think dogs need balls, might be interested in NEUTICLES. Designed to placate men’s delusions about their balls being their manhood. I actually knew this guy in another time and place and he does a great business with testicular replacements and, more helpful, glass eyes for pets. So, take heart, guys. Your dog can still lick his balls in front of company with Neuticles.

    With Neuticles, it’s like nothing ever changed.

  21. Tom cats ( males with nuts) are the worst ! I mean that smell they leave after spraying in almost impossible to get rid of and to add they do not make a good pet because they get so darn mean. Yet in my experience a neutered male cat will make a wonderful pet if the neutering is done early. Better pet quality then a female cat spayed I personally think. Toms are in general screwed up health wise by one year old. By that I mean they have ripped ears, scarring from being clawed, bites on them you name it all leading to further issues later on. Most Toms will have bad ear infections that can lead to deafness among other issues. A Tom will walk in front of a car when there is a rolling howling in season female in range. That is what they live to do , fight and screw. It is horrible to have a un nutered male cat in the neighborhood. Folks injure them too just to stop the incessant howling and the spraying of their property. I ask you how great is it to die a horrible death all because some ignorant owner believes they have a right to keep their ” manhood ” ?
    Hillbilly I see you advertising these puppies on your blog. Are you going to thoroughly check the homes they are going to ? Will you go pick up the puppy if the home is not a good place for it ?
    Will they live a life like my Whiskey hoping someone will save him because he was at 4 months old beaten and roaming the streets only to end up half starved and laying with a broken leg and cracked hip and lucky someone found him and was willing to spend over $ 5ooo.oo to fix him ? Will he live a life like Carrie being bred in a cage only to get rescued and stuffed out in a back yard to freeze and become infested with bugs and dirt ? Will he end up in a pound only to watch folks walk by and not pick him and get taken behind the steel doors and a needle stuck in him ? Will he be lucky enough to land in a great home or just be another one that makes it a few years in Hell before death becomes a desire.
    I am sorry to keep going on but people who will allow pets to pump out babies and will just hand them off to anyone is something that I absolutely despise and it shows two things.
    1) you are not a loving pet owner
    2) you are not educated as to all the facts.
    There truly in this day and age , is no excuse not to have your animals fixed.
    Now those that know me know I hate government interference in anything but in this case as in cars and houses which are property and subject to all kinds of laws, since animals are considered property under the law it ought to be a law they are fixed or the owner is fined up the wassu and if the owner has pets pumping out babies he ought to be fined and jailed for each offense. I think this is going to be the only way to get men to denut anything.

    As for Collies making wonderful apartment dogs that is a big 10/4 and dogs who will do well with the kittahs another big 10/4. I had my Collie and roughly 12 cats at the time. She checked on them all and herded them around. I ended up with 12 cats much like Uppity has due to the fact they were nothing special looking and all feral kittens I trapped and fixed and kept. I have the scars to this day from taming these wild things. I mean I was bitten and clawed for weeks until we bonded and it was a bond for life. They ended up loving my Collie and harassed her to no end and she loved it. They slept with her or on her. I have to say I have never owned another dog that was so ” cat user friendly” ACDs can be and will be friendly to cats as will any dog if raised with one but time to time they tend to get a bit rough with them. Whiskey would kill a cat because he was never around them and when he did see one and tried to ” investigate” the cat laid into him and ACDs do not forget.

  22. WHOA! Thanks for posting the pup pic UW. I am getting the mom spayed at the end of the month. Wo ever adopts these two little billy-dogs, will do so with the understanding that they must be spayed. I don’t have the cash to do it myself, but I have a friend who is a vet and will do the surgery. And UW, pay pal? I ain’t no kept man 🙂 Both these pups are female. I figure if somebody adopts outta state, I can send them UPS….United Puppy Service. And about nads….I have no problem getting a dog neutered, but have a huge issue with local government telling me I have to do it. If I ever come back in another life, I want to be a beer drinking male dog. I can slam the suds, and lick the sack, til I pass out on the back lawn, and nobody will judge me!

  23. UW, one thing I noticed about the debate, the part I watched, is Mitt never talked about reducing the size of the government, or protecting, and restoring individual rights. And Barry trying to defend his words and actions right after Mr. Stevens, and the three other Americans were murdered by the in-human goat fornicators pissed me off. It is not making it political to question lies or cover ups. I am really pissed because Mr. Stevens bought the Obama lies: That the muslim throw backs would treat non-muslims with dignity and respect, and that the Arab Spring would some how bring peace to the Middle East. What a load of crap. What they did to Mr. Stevens was vile. I find it interesting that the fact the he was gay has been down played. I hope all four of the men’s families sue the chit out of the feds and speak out.

  24. Hillbilly glad to hear all this. I too am a firm believer in government staying out of our lives but on this issue I think I have to go with the city, state or fed running interference. As I said if you have seen and endured what I have by rescuing the unwanted you most likely would be the first to change your mind about it. People are heartless bastages about animals and I mean what I say.
    As you know I hunt. Some might say that is cruel too but I target practice weekly and take great steps to recreated a deer on high speed run to ensure I will not miss and injure. I never take a shot if there is a chance I will miss and injure it and let it run off to die. I never have. Again some see it as cruel but it is a very quick thing and it does not suffer. Cattle going to slaughter suffer far more.
    Pet animals in this persons mind should never ever suffer EVER !!! Even with the education and facts out there folks are still allowing tons of unwanted babies to be born and the shelters and streets a full of them. Puppies being fed to pitties for fun and training. It is sickening.

  25. On the debate well if I were an undecided voter I most likely would still be. I have made up my mind already.
    I might point out to Hilary lovers here that he words of 2008 have come to pass in the Begashi thing. ” will he be prepared for that 3 AM phone call ? ” Obviously he was not.
    I just hope the pubs hammer home that he openly lied about the whole thing last night and has since the story broke. Is that man still in jail for making that video ? I hope he sues the crap out of Obummer personally.
    Last nights debate left me flat. I dislike a town hall setting for these important things and do not like the sparring thing. It leaves me pissed and what I got out of it last night was not much but wishing I had chosen to watch a movie instead.
    I still believe Romney will win. Obama will be a one term mistake.
    Hillbilly I think the days of government minding it’s business and not ours is all but gone never to resurface. Once we gave them that power these power hungry animals we put into office will never relinquish it. It is however up to us to stop any further intrusions and I think that too is a lost cause.
    I now see the push to get an E cigarette banned from buildings etc. Folks will not stop. I mean do the research it is harmless and allows a smoker to still have his vice while not hurting a non smoker. They are vapor. If you think they too will hurt you then stay in your glass bubble because there is water mist everywhere and fog.

  26. Uppity:
    How brave to watch the Blah rack. I can not stand him…he gives me stomach cramps, ouch!

  27. Hillbilly I wasn’t aware a local government can force someone to neuter a pet. I know dog licenses are less expensive if the pet is neutered though. At least here. I think it’s ten bucks more if you don’t do it.

  28. I don’t know of a place that forces spay or neuter but again I can not see where this would be a bad thing. Again I am for government out of our lives but until pet become more then property it can be done I think and I think I would have to support it. The bill would in fact save tax payers money by not having to have so many shelters in use and it would free up AC officers to go out after abusers and maybe stop that too. It would end the millions of senseless deaths yearly of unwanted cats and dogs who did nothing wrong but to grow up and no longer be a cute puppy or kitten.
    Remember years back when they sold chicks and bunnies dyed various colors for Easter ? How many died a horrific death ? I am glad they banned that. I hate bans and laws as much as anyone but we do have to have some just to insure we do not kill ourselves with our own arrogance or stupidity. Laws are good so long as the law is good for all and not based on arrogance or stupidity.

  29. Agree there, I wouldn’t object, Utah. But let’s face it, irresponsible people still won’t do it, they don’t get dog licenses either. Same old shit. The law only works on people who do it anyways. Same deal with guns. Outlaw guns and shitheads will get them anyways. Then the rest of us can’t even defend ourselves against psychos.

  30. I’ve been watching CSPAN2, since I no longer trust the news outlets for anything except obituaries….and it’s clear that filthy pigs are everywhere in government, and not just the USA. Australia’s house speaker Mr. Slippery Slipper, has been charged with sexual harassment and fraud and was up for reappointment by the house. In addition to charges by staff members, tex messages were uncovered in which the freak made repeated filthy references to women and showed a clear hatred of women both in and out of the House, including the Prime Minister Gillard, who is held in high esteem on the world stage, much, I am sure, to the Chagrin of some penis-bearers. Tired of being referred to a “Bitch” and a “Witch,” she skewered the House. The Prime minister spoke about this piggism and sexual discrimination, and declared that the Speaker will be resigning, and she proceeds to not defend him as the opposition expected and declared, but she skewered the fake outrage from the “other side” and proceeded to read conversations made by the very men who faked outrage. She registered total disgust and resentment at the treatment of women in the House and discussed the old theme similar to how the Rs and Ds show outrage over Maher and Limbaugh respectively, while giving their own personal pig a free pass perpetually. The votes were cast and Slipper won 70-69. He then resigned shortly afterwards. The men in that house discussion, by party line, or whatever, (just like here) were obviously just fine with a pig and woman hater for Speaker. In any event, deputy speaker, Anna Burke is now the Speaker and Slipper gave a choked up speech about his resignation.

  31. I just realized that there are two UW’s here! This is like finding Beertopia! Any hoot, yes, living in Cali-whacko-fornia, our county animal control 15-25 dollars per fixed animals for an annual license, and over 150 snaps for ones that still have their animal junk. This goes for folks who are licensed animal breeders. The animal officer use deciet to catch folks: Boy Scouts pretending to be selling stuff, and kicking fences to make dogs bark. I caught one guy a few years back standing on the hood of his truck, whisltlng into my back yard. In typical Hillbilly form, I chewed on him a bit until he left. I received a notice to license my dogs a few days later. Thing is, my dogs never made a peep, and were inside my house. He was guessing. I never replied. I did run into the guy a few months later, and informed him I knew that his department was under funded and did not have the resources to take anyone to court over this issue! I did have one of my pups licensed and after she died, animal control billed me, I told them that my pet had passed and had my vet send them a fax. The guy called me on the phone and said I was lying. When I asked for his sup, he said “no”. I filed a complaint and received an apology. I am sure there are really great animal control officers every where, but our country have a few piles of poop. 🙂

  32. Hillbilly, as a rule, animal control officers are assholes who should be replaced every year before their hardened burnout. They treat victims like criminals besides. This is a job that should be temporary before the person becomes crazy and unfeeling, and hardened to gassing animals. Here, they don’t chase around after people to license their dogs, but if the dog runs loose one day and gets picked up and claimed with or without a license, there IS a fine for a loose dog. I imagine there is also a fine for no license. I have no idea what the fine is, though, as, in six years, my dog has NEVER been loose except on her own property, properly fenced. Unlicensed dogs who get loose just one time run the risk of being euthanized before the owner can evern claim them. The charge for licensing an unfixed dog seems rather high in your case, but I guess we could consider it an incentive to not contibute to the over-population resulting the euthanization of thousands of dogs who did nothing but get born because their owners has no consideration for them. If you have ever worked with kill shelters, you would be neutering and spaying as early as humanly possible just so as not to contribute to the travesty. It’s my guess that your city, town, county is trying to avoid the cost and pain associated with unfixed animals who, once they get loose JUST ONCE, produce a bundle of dogs nobody wants. To me, not fixing a dog or cat is simply cruel to the subsequent litters that often end up dead or on the street starving, hit by cars and catching diseases. Or….the land in Kill humane societies, given far too little time to be adopted before they meet the needle.

  33. Too cute. Animal Planet’s kitten cam.

  34. Hillbilly are you in Oroville Ca. lmao I know their Animal control are real inhumane bastages for a fact !!I mean they would rather kill then try to save and find homes. That place is a real shit hole.
    I lived in that shit hole for years until I made my escape back to a more civilized part of Cali. lmao.

  35. A full 65% say that Obama is better suited than Romney to handle an alien invasion

  36. Utah, I am in Modesto….or better known as Meh-tdesto!

  37. A full 65% say that Obama is better suited than Romney to handle an alien invasion

    Well that makes me feel so much better. It’s not koolaid the bots have been drinking. They were all abducted by aliens and replaced with pod people.

  38. Uppity/Utah

    Thanks for the opinions that a collie would do well in a condo/apartment. I have been debating that issue (with myself). They are a long time favorite and Mom’s last dog was a collie and I still miss her. I know they LOVE kitties. I was also thinking that a collie would be a good choice even if Mom is still with me as they are very calm and not bouncing about at a level that would trip her up while walking. We have more than enough places to walk dogs (sidewalks, paths around the lakes) for getting a little extra exercise and the area is very pet friendly.

  39. Oh lol Modesto is almost as bad lol. But Oroville has first prize for shit hole of Cali. Well I know a lot of shit holes in Cali in which you can live and have no rights lol. Pretty much the entire state now. It is really sad too because regardless what other folks say about their state and what it has to offer beauty wise they could not top California in my opinion. California had it all. Still does but you can not afford to live there or to visit any more. No where in this country do you have desert/valley/mountain/ocean all a few hours drive nor do you have the redwoods or sequoias and no where in this country can you plant anything and it thrive as you could in California. It was truly the Golden state now it is a sad dust bowl and concrete jungle. I would love to see California rebound back to it’s glory days but I highly doubt it ever will. I remember Anaheim when it was full of orange groves now there isn’t one. Fountain valley was farmland now it is concrete and houses. It is truly sad.

  40. Question: Do you think if two men were running for senate or one man and one woman, that the moderator of a debate would ask, “Have you read Fifty Shades of Grey? Well that’s what Kirsten Gillibrand and Wendy Long were asked in THEIR debate.

  41. Video of the Fort Hood victims telling the story of what our assholes keep calling “Workplace violence” instead of what it was. Look what this fucker that is still being allowed to live did.

  42. Re: the Gillibrand/Long debate question, that is truly disgusting. I hope they refused to answer it.

  43. Also disgusted by the Ft Hood terror attack. I read the letter on the link. “Workplace violence”?!? fgs.

  44. Utah, I have a bunch of relatives buried in Lindsay. A poisonous, toxic hell-hole. Lots of cancer, and breathing problems from all of the pesticides. The water table is poisoned from the brine vats, and the air poisoned from the crop dusters.

    I love where I live, in the mountains, an easy drive to the beach. Its beautiful, lots of space, not crowded, ranches, great weather, great shopping, lots of fun things to do. and the least amount of smog for socal. It is very expensive though.

  45. Utah, re: the discussion several threads ago: I am dying to do a zip line also. Laker did a small one at muscular dystrophy summer camp. The one on Catalina looks like fun, but expensive.

  46. socal, maybe you’ll run into Zippy.

  47. Haha! Wade & I love that commercial!

    Regarding Ryan & his lame stunts, yes, I thought R would lose from the day he announced Ryan and I still think he will lose.

  48. OMG Uppity! Remember the Bic Pen for Women Post?? Here’s a hysterical video from one of my favs…Ellen…about the Bic Pen for Women!!

  49. ROFL! Imust, you should go to that post and put this in it for posterity. The Pen Talk, I’m cracking up here! Better yet, Occupy the blog for a minute and do a post with link to the original one and post this.

  50. Yeah funny, socal, a few weeks before the election and these two clowns running for leader of the free world just figured out women vote and there are a lot of them.

    Kind of reminds me of then Harry brought up the Fair Pay Act again in 2010, just before his re-election. It’s all bullshit, they want our votes and they want us under their thumbs after we do it. I’m not buying these two bullshitters. I’m out. One had a chance for two controlling years and did shit. The other doesn’t even pretend he’s gonna do shit.

    Their both crapping their girly jeans in the face of Ohio women polls that put women’s rights as their number one issue. Fuck em both with a broom. ::Snort::

    And fuck all those fake fair-weather women “supporting” guys who stuck it up our asses too, when all that “support” wasn’t convenient, even to the point of downright maliciousness. Karma will be a bitch one day. When the snow melts, you always see all the turds.

  51. Yes, it looks like a mad scramble for Ohio. Big Dawg and the Boss (complete with guitar) are working the state also. There’s something really wrong with our system that only a few small states matter.

  52. socal it’s not that they ‘matter’ more, it’s that they are traditionally in play. Texas is never in play. California and NY are never in play. You know the odds are they will go R or D. No sense of a Democrat considering Texas in play or an R considering California in play. So candidates focus on certain states that can carry them over the electoral count line because they are in play.

  53. Check out the Tax Exempt Cardinal rubbing beanies with our government.

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