Ellen DeGeneres Reviews Bic Pens for Wimminz

We had a lot of fun here at Uppity Woman’s Place poking fun at Bic’s Pens made just for us wimminz!  In case you were too busy bringing home the bacon and frying it up in a pan, here’s the original post.

You’ve Come a Long Way Baby!

Well, super funny (and Uppity) woman Ellen DeGeneres has weighed in with her hilarious take on the pens….for women only!

I especially loved the joke at the end about a woman president 😉

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  1. God bless Ellen DeGeneres! This is fabulous! Thanks, imust for sharing this. It is almost frightening how deep that humor cuts. Too accurate for words.

  2. Thanks for that imust!

    Ani, I was finally able to figure out how to change my name on amazon and left you a 5 star over the summer.

  3. This is the stupidest f*cking thing I’ve seen since that akin moron:


    As a woman who has walked into an ER with blood rushing down both legs and leaving bloody footprints my entire trail, from a pregnancy gone horribly wrong, I take huge, huuuuge exception to this creep’s philosphy. What a lying asshole. I have to go take half a xanax now so I can settle down.

    Pregnancy stills kills thousands of women per year in this country. My younger sis was taken by helicopter 80 miles to Seattle…on a stormy night…becuz she was hemorraging. Luckily for us, her baby, 5 months old, survived and so did she. I really hate that these cockroaches try to tell us what to do.

  4. Laker & I loved the Ellen commercial. Laker says he wants one of the lady pens!

  5. Yet there will be a big market for these pens – look at how so many women get sucked in to buy a laptop with a pink cover.

  6. It is being hammered that America is far behind in math and science and this is what these companies teach girls…that they are weak and pink and shouldn’t worry their little minds about these things. No sense of telling these little recepticles that women have surpassed men in IQs as of 2012. It might furtherruin the acquisition of free domestic help for the guys in the future. Look at what Fischer Price is pimping. These companies are working double time to make sure girls grow up looking for a kitchen and a husband and a princess crown. Since women have surpassed men in the IQ department as of 2012, they have to step it up.

  7. In case the last pic’s message in the other thread wasn’t clear enough…Here is the theocracy helping to make sure girls get and stay pregnant ASAP to ensure they don’t interfere in important manly matters with their brains.

  8. Today’s Foreign Spam Moron Award goes to this dull normal in Indonesia, whose English translator should be shot in the head for conning him into thinking these mem’rized cliches learned on the first day in English class are a translation. Then, the spammer should commit suicide for the idiot he has made of himself.

    It is no matter whether you get there early or late.Her tooth ached all night.May I use your pen? I do not care whether it rains or not.I just made it!Now she looks pale as if she were ill.Now she looks pale as if she were ill.He always talks big.I can’t follow you.Even a child can answer this question.
    So su

    Incidentally, the website is called SoSu dot Me.

  9. I am so glad, and I know you are too, that they are studying important things. Like how bra sizes have risen.

    This goes so well with the clown who studied the corpse of an 83 year old woman to find the G Spot. There’s a visual for you. I mean how did he know once he porked an elderly dead woman and did he enjoy it? Abd is this what qualifies a dull normal as a “scientist” these days?

  10. I can remember car shopping in my late twenties, apparently the car salesman must have recently taken a course on winning over women consumers. He totally ignored my husband and focused on me to the point that when I flippy told him I wanted a car with an interior matching my hair color, he tried showing me every car with a beige interior. Being a smarta## is not all it is cracked up to be, particularly when dealing with someone that is not so smart.

    I can’t wait for Ellen’s Binders full of women commerical!

  11. Hahah I’m the car buyer in the family. I embarrass Mr U by lowballing the crap out of them, making my own final offer and then starting to walk out, after which they try to squeeze fifty more bucks out of me. I generally buy next years’ cars the day after Christmas when you can shoot a cannon in the showroom. It’s always worth a couple of thousand more because they are desperate to move inventory, it’s freezing out and nobody has any money.

  12. imust:
    Thanks a bunch for this very funny Ellen’s moment of brilliance. Though is disheartening to see how far apart the two genders our species are.
    By the by, Ani has a new radio talk show, how can one tune in? Can you share the link?

  13. Thanks for that clip on those amazing new Bic pens. Mom has been having a had time getting those man pens to work properly. I can purchase some of the special womens’ pens and know Mom will be able to finish her daily crosswords and move on to the word search puzzles with ease.Who knows she might even try and tackle suduko. The possibilities are endless now that she will be able to use a pen designed just for her. If I am not careful, next she will be trying to balance her checkbook!

  14. On a less sarcastic note, I thought the young girl in the “commercial” did a good job working with Ellen and finding the right tone – just serious enough with a hint of snark.

  15. Well from what I understand, those BICs for girlz are very helpful. I understand that they have normalized irregular periods for some women. And they go so well with every woman’s bedroom, because everyone wants a pink bedroom with posters of hunky guys using Man Pens.

  16. The Bic pen thing is funny to be sure, but did no one notice my comment about abortion up top? An Illinois tea party congressman says abortion is never necessary to save a womans life due to “modern technology”! How did so many of these jerks get into office these past few years?

  17. From UK Guardian:


    “With modern technology and science, you can’t find one instance,” Walsh said. He went on: “There is no such exception as ‘life of the mother’, and as far as ‘health of the mother’: same thing.””

    “Walsh, competing with Duckworth for the eighth congressional district in Illinois, is a Tea Party favourite who was elected in the 2010 mid-term elections. His “pro-life without exception” stance is shared by Mitt Romney’s running mate Paul Ryan.”

  18. http://www.digitaljournal.com/article/288998

    “Every day two to three women die in the United States from pregnancy-related complications. According to the report , Deadly Delivery: The Maternal Health Care Crisis in the USA from Amnesty International about half of those deaths are believed to be preventable.

    The report also revealed that the “near misses” from severe pregnancy-related complications that nearly cause death has been rising in the States increasing by 25 percent since 1988.”

  19. Regarding the girly pen, there are two guitar manufacturers that make guitars for girls (Daisy Rock) and women (Luna). When I told my husband last winter that I wanted a new guitar for my present, he asked a musician friend what he thought of the two choices we were considering. He said “Oh, I have a ladies guitar you can buy from me cheap.” and then went on to say that when he had been on a radio show a few weeks ago, the Daisy Rock people were there and gave everyone there a couple of guitars. They are mostly a plastic type composite in girly colors, like the pens, and come with big rubber stick on flowers to decorate however you want. (The Lunas also focus on pretty looks over sound and playability, and while they are pretty, also sound ridiculous) Needless to say, they sound like shit. My husband informed him that there was no way I would be caught dead with one of those things, and that we wanted a “real” guitar, but thank anyway. Laker thought it was the funniest damn thing he ever heard and ribbed me for weeks over getting a Daisy Rock. We won’t even waste time visiting their exhibits at the NAMM show. Can you imagine Carly Simon or Joni Mitchell playing a guitar made for girls?

  20. Wow Walsh is a really sick bastard, isn’t he? No surprise though. Standard republican fare now.

  21. Malala is a deserving nobel peace prize candidate, unlike the knucklehead in chief.

  22. Hubbie is still fuming over the Joe Walsh thing, since if Joe Walsh had had his way back in the 90s, laker & I wouldn’t be here. Hubbie says that the rock star Joe Walsh (one of the Eagles) hates having the same name as this guy, cuz whenever he shoots off his mouth, he gets some people assuming it was him (rock star Joe) that said it. There was a good interview with Tammy Duckworth, who is running against him. She said he has been a total misogynist pig throughout their campaign.

    Agree that Malala should be a peace prize candidate. The world has had enough of neanderthal men.

  23. Duckworth is a war double-amputee and I remember walsh trying to forbid her talking about it and saying that real heroes don’t talk about it. What an asshole. Apparently he’s annoyed that people notice and mention that she has two limbs missing and she’s supposed to say they fell off or something. Strike one: A woman. Strike two: A minority. Strike three: War hero with limbs missing. Yer out!

    Remember, I think it was 2008? War vet with two legs gone was way ahead and they skewered him for losing his two legs when they started the rumor that he was drunk and coming home from drinking and stepped on a roadsike bomb or something? Of course, his opponent didn’t serve either. Amazing how horrible someone can be just to win the wallet prize that keeps on giving.

    He’s such an asshole that she’s got a 14 point lead over him. His mouth got her every single one of those points.

  24. That Ellen Degeneres video is a classic!

    Wouldn’t it be cool if Joe Walsh the musician would do a benefit concert for Tammy Duckworth and call it The Joe Walsh Supports Tammy Duckworth Tour and plaster that on billboards all over the region!

  25. Yay Ellen! I hadn’t heard of the girly pen. I’ve been so out of it….hopefully that will change after next week. Great post, Imust, and great pic of Jill Stein, Uppity. In a sane world, everyone would be voting for her!

  26. madamab I just saw a vid of her calling the two party campaigns Bullshit. It’s her national ad. lolol.

  27. I did indeed miss muh blog wife.

  28. They gave the Nobel Piece Prize to EU. Because it takes all of them together to be as crappy as The One.

  29. Is there a ban on Bill Mahar videos here? If so, I apologize and I’ll remove the offending media object.

    If not, this is a good clip where Bill Maher talks about GMOs & Prop 37 with Gary Hirshberg (of Stonyfield Yogurt and the Just Label It campaign):

  30. Sophie, thanks for posting that. I know Maher is a total douche, but that was very informative. I am soooo hoping 37 passes. You should see the shitty commercials we get all day about it. Ridiculous. And they never mention GMO, like the guy says. Lying scammers.

  31. Joe Walsh shot off his mouth again, this time against gay marriage. He says its a socioeconomic issue becuz gay parents are more likely to raise dumb, criminal-ish kids. How do dicks like this ever get elected?

  32. Just look at Maher in the still image. Smarmy comes to mind.

  33. Yeah he looks like a porn producer. Just missing the mustache. Very greasy looking guy. I always think he’s got a really kinky secret. Like maybe he wears women’s underwear or peeks in windows.

    Incidentally, about the Label law in CA, Monsanto has spent millions to fight that law. I hope they get it stuck up their asses. California does come in handy sometimes. They have the balls to fight this kind of shit.

  34. Monsanto CEO

    In case anyone doesn’t know, organic certification forbids GMOs.

  35. Organic. Now why doesn’t that surprise me?

  36. socal I think California will come through on this. They have passed laws about far less dangerous things, in fact, sometimes to the point of absurd. So they will set the pace for this. Once California does it, NY will not be far behind and I will be glad. As you all know, I am not exactly Ms Environmentalist. But GMO is one issue that REALLY worries me. Anybody who can be conned into believing that eating foods that already contain ROUNDUP right inside them is a hopeless person who has no regard for his own health and life….must less the life of those he loves. For the most part, people do NOT WANT this frankenfood and they are demanding more and more to know where it is so they can avoid it.

  37. The tweet I repeat over and over again:

    Frankenfood. So safe they don’t want you to know you are eating it.

  38. Uppity Woman, on October 19, 2012 at 6:37 PM said:

    Malala is a deserving nobel peace prize candidate, unlike the knucklehead in chief.

    Yes indeed 🙂

  39. Sophie:
    Thank you for this video which I believe is of vital importance. We are what we eat.
    Just watch some 90’s TV shows and compare them with today’s shows and the size of the people has increased in a rather scary proportions.
    Then, if you really want to get shocked, go back to the 40’s and realized we are living in a completely different civilization.

    P.S. Talking about the 40’s can be a full blown essay.

  40. Yes I see McGovern died. Lost what respect I had left for him when he was a strong hillary supporter and suddenly did that familiar 180.

    I was a McGovern lover in my youth, back when food was handed to me by my parents, and I didn’t pay any taxes or bills. Then I grew up and realized that he was that era’s version of Barack Obama, only he had more brains and ability. He was an elitist just like Obama too, the academics adored him and so did Bill Ayers. (They called them “eggheads” back then. I remember die-hard democrats refusing to vote for him because the tone and intent was the same as Movey Oney today. Far left borderline socialist, redistributionist bullshit.

    Twas George who changed the DNC delegation to include those unchosen Superdelegates that get to vote for the candidate even though no actual Americans other than other biased politicians picked them. You know, the ‘delegates’ who dragged Obama’s ass over the line–since he didn’t have the popular vote and they had to fudge it. He didn’t have the delegates both in the DNC and among the primaries so they just reached out and killed Democracy. Some were threatened into it, some were bribed into it, some were told they would be primaried if they were elected officials. Those who stayed with Hillary got punished. Some of them lost their re-elections thanks to no help from the party of assholes. It’s rough sticking to your principals, but at least you get to know you are not a coward or fickle, or easily bought. So it went. Such a type of delegate did not exist before George mcgovern. He arranged it so he could stick 19 year old pissants in as delegates. Sound familiar? Truth is he lost because his ‘followers’ scared the electorate more than the war or Nixon did. No kidding.

  41. Monsanto has spent $34 million against prop 37 and it’s working. 40% of Californians are now opposed to prop 37. Californians need to spread the word. Rundown of who spent what on Prop 37

    Here’s the “No on Prop 37 “Fact Sheet”

  42. Upps, thanks for the info on McG (I was a kid then & never bothered to learn much abt him) and the Prop 37 links. Yep, hoping we’ll be the first and kick off a nationwide change.

    So the head of Monsanto eats organic? Doesn’t want to touch the poisonous shit his company makes, huh? There’s a very popular book out now by some Dr (from Chicago?) called Wheat Belly and he says one of the main causes of the Type II diabetes and obesity is the fake wheat. And he also thinks thats its not gluten that is bothering so many people, it that the wheat is so fundamentally changed. He says it used to be tall and would wave in the wind, now he says its harvested when its only 2′ tall and its stiff. I have done a massive cut of wheat from our diet since the beginning of summer. We make exceptions if we’re in one of our favorite Itlalian restaurants. But we’ve done fine with the gluten free bread and pasta (in small amounts–they still have a lot of carbs) for most things and we’re all thinner.

  43. I looked at the funding sheet. At the bottom it shows the amounts of donations for the Yes on 37 & No on 37 by companies and by states. Geesh, the No’s have raked in millions to tell their lies. 8 million came from DC for godsake. Millions from Minnesota? Why don’t they mind their own gd business? This is why we need campaign finance reform. Why should all these other states be allowed to funnel millions of their filthy lobbying money here to spread lies. Sick. Well, people are already voting here, maybe that will help. Californians love to vote by mail.

  44. I was expecting someone to notice that most of the No bucks are coming from out of state, where the profiteers are, up to and especially DC.

  45. Socal even Obama’s campaign logos mimicked McGovern’s. Unfortunately, my photos is the following post got lost in the transfer from that shitty Blogspot to WP. But the words explain it. If you saw the logos you would be shocked at the similarity.

    And here’s a great explanation of where McGovern went wrong as I remember it as a kid….and how similar it was to obama 2008. I still laugh when I read this post.

  46. Yes, the pix were gone from the 1st article. Pity that. Great articles though. When I read the 2nd one, I couldn’t help but wonder…what if RR do get in that way…that no one wants them, but won’t vote for bark? If they do get in, hope the ratty dems can take back the house & senate. It will be a long 4 years either way.

  47. I was thinking about the Minnesota bux to combat Prop 37. One of those companies must be headquartered there. Thats why Al Frankenfood voted no on that amendment to the farm bill.

  48. Well everybody knows where I stand about that. I think the choices are crap and not good for our country. So I don’t give a shit which one of these sets of clowns wins, we will be in self-preservation mode. So I am hoping for a split congress. Four years of getting nothing done is a huge improvement over what I think these two ‘teams’ have planned otherwise. And don’t anyone dare tell me Romney’s choice of Ryan isn’t serious because it is. Otherwise I might be pulling for him. But nothing and I mean NOTHING is more important than human rights and that includes humans without dicks. Rights to one’s own life choices are NEVER negotiable. I can’t support either of these tickets. Shit is not ice cream. This is why this blog is practically at a screetching halt because I can’t sit here and hear that it is.

  49. That was a goodie from the vault!

  50. Yeah that vault just keeps on giving.

  51. It’s fun to read the comments on those old posts too.

  52. Here in Maryland we are playing the lying casino game. You know the one where all thousands of jobs and billions of dollars are going to magically appear.And then all the school children will gather to sing the praises of slot machines, black jack and roulette.

    Speaking of gambling, it’s nice to know the mad man behind Monsanto does not gamble with his life by eating their products.

    Love the links to days of old. That was before just abouth the time I ventured into the commenting arenaafter lurking a good long while.

    I was in junior high for the Nixon/McGovern match. I had the fun of having to protray Nixon at the debates with Kennedy the year before(in Catholic school no less) so of couse they turned to me to “volunteer” to do an encore performace of Tricky Dicky.

  53. I was in Jr High at that time as well. I wonder…would the greasy, hippie, revolutionary, anarchists that were his followers have mellowed out if he won? I mean, there’s nothing to protest once you get what you want and feel all is good and right with the world. They might have bought suits and become traders after that.

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