“Workplace Violence” my ass.

That’s what they are calling what that piece of shit, Nidal Hasan did at Fort Hood.

This man got a free MD education in America (Psychiatry of all things!), and plenty of perks and promotions, even in the face of the warnings that he was a dangerous POS.

Here’s the story of the surviving victims of this goatfucker. I can’t wait till they force shave him for trial. A trial that incidentally has taken far too long to come to fruition.

When this POS yelled Allahu Akbar, the option that this was “Workplace Violence” automatically became ridiculous.


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  1. A couple of things:

    This was in no way “workplace violence”.

    However, I’m confused as to what the previously (?) active duty military personnel want for “just compensation” as it says in the video. Usually they put the injured military unable to perform their duties on TDRL, temporary disability retired list. Sometimes, they are able to go back to active duty and then sometimes they go to the PDRL list and are “mustered out” for lack of a better phrase.


    If I recall, and this has been a looong time for me, they are then able to apply for service-connected VA benefits.

    I guess the sticky part would be the female civilian security officer. I guess in her case it *would* be a case of workplace violence. What else could you call it for her situation? If she was a federal employee, at that point she would be placed on worker’s comp, through the Federal government.

    I would like to see the 2nd part of this to see what has transpired and what it is the injured military personnel want exactly.

  2. The Ft. Hood incident was terrorism. period. The fact that Obama and his admin. have altered the term changes nothing. How stupid and weak does it make us appear to be so afraid of offending a bunch of bastards who hate us and who have said they want to kill us all, that we re-label their attacks as something less serious sounding?!

    This is as absurd as Obama’s attempts to convince us that Benghazi was in response to a video – which is tantamount to saying that it was our own fault? Obama’s responses to the Muslim world make it clear that he not only lacks the backbone to stand up to our enemies. But even worse, he identifies more with our enemies than with Americans.

  3. Slightly off topic but you all will be relieved to know the election is over and a winner announced….At least in AZ and OH.

  4. Fredster, I think the issue here is Workplace Violence vs. Terrorism which equals an act of war. Since this POS is clearly a jihad terrorist, his actions were an act of war, leaving the POS’s victims as combat-injured. Therefore all military personnel who were injured or killed should be entitled to the same help soliders in Goatfuckistan are entitled to. And rather than watching our sicko Dhimmi military, by order of our sicko Dhimmi government, splitting hairs, it’s the LEAST they could do for their NEGLIGENCE at allowing this freak of nature to continue walking around free in America in general and at Fort Hood in particular, knowing fully well he was trolling toward jihad and communicating with that other POS “leader” we finally evaporated. If anybody else but a zealot Muslim had the history he had, they would have picked them up and sent them to camp xray, rightfully so.

    There are widows left with nothing because of this. There are SERIOUSLY injured soldiers. Meanwhile, this bag of shit is approaching three years growing his beard against regulations, getting his special diet and life-continuing treatment. He right now has more benefits than his victims and their families do!

    I knew our military command had lost its mind when I first saw women in combat with head scarves on instead of extra magazines with which to dispatch anybody who didn’t like the missing piece of humiliation cloth. We are supposed to be there at war with maniacs, not on a Love and Convert-Us Mission.

  5. The whole thing is sick and still the crowd goes for the leader that is leading us to slaughter. These folks are coming here in droves and wearing their robes and burkas and no one seems concerned. They get their food stamps and free money and we feel good. I can not understand why they flee a country and come here and still cover up. Boggles my mind. How are we to know they are not coming here to join forces to help kill us?
    This was a terrorist act and so was the attack on the embassy. And crickets sing from DC. Where is the outrage ?? This alone should boot Obama out. But the kool aid flows. I just do not get what folks are thinking.

  6. The Administration’s inability to call Ft. Hood a terrorist attack is sickening. One can’t effectively fight an enemy one can’t even name. I’m so sick of the small man in the WH.

    The debacle that’s Benghazi symbolizes and crystallizes everything that’s wrong with his handling of threats to this nation.

  7. His name should be Noballs Obama.

  8. NES. Fort Hood victim appeared on Fox today saying Libya brought it all back for him. http://www.foxnews.com/on-air/fox-friends/index.html#/v/1916763455001/fort-hood-heroes-want-attack-reclassified-as-terrorism/?playlist_id=86912

  9. Well if this does not speak loudly as to what our current administration is about nothing will. We are sitting ducks to these pigs. Obama and the two houses are showing these cave people we are cowards to them and they are winning. Anyone who thinks this is work place violence is insane. I guess 911 one and two were just silly acts of rebellion as well right ? God I never thought I would be wishing this was back under the Bush era. At least he had a set and would go after them. If bummer gets in again I fear we need not worry about social issues any more because abortion will not be needed. If you are raped they will just cut off your head or shot you. What in the hell is going on here ? Where are the voices of the sane ? These cave dwellers are going to kill us and that is perfectly clear. All these countries that are not standing up to them for fear of being called racists or for being known as profilers are going to sit back and let these bastages win. I am sending email out demanding this and the Bengashi incident be labeled what it was “”Terrorism. Gob bless Israel because they seem to be the only country left willing to go after them.

  10. Hasan should meet the same fate as one of our other famous perpetrator of “workplace violence,” Timothy McVeigh. At least, McVeigh admitted to and took responsibility for his actions and exited expeditiously instead of becoming a festering wound. Hasan should follow his lead.

  11. Upps. I agreed it was an act of terrorism, but I still don’t understand exactly what they want. It must have something to do with the benefits they are eligible for or something.

    There are widows left with nothing because of this

    As I said, that’s why I want to see the 2nd part of this. Anyone killed on active duty has certain benefits their survivors are entitled to by law. A change of terminology from workplace violence to terrorism is not going to change that. Same thing goes for injuries that occurred on active duty.

  12. Hugo: You do know McVeigh went through a trial also before we executed him don’t you?

  13. DE: Well if it came from Daily Caller you know it has be true, you know….fair and balanced and all that. 😉

  14. Yes, I do remember the trial. And then he went on his merry way to hell without going through decades of appeals. Meanwhile Hasan is quibbling over facial hair. That just makes him more of a cowardly dirtbag.

  15. Fredster, I think a lot of it has to do with the fact that we are at war and we have an administration that pretends we aren’t and won’t admit that these acts are acts of WAR. A guy gets laid off and goes to the place of work and starts shooting. That’s workplace violence. A guy who is part of a war against infidels, which we are fighting in the middle east, who PLANS these deaths usi–ng the same methods used by Jihadists, who sells all his shit, knowing he’s going to WAR, and who does it our soil is not committing workplace violence when he screams out Allahu Akbar and starts killing people artibtrarily. He is committing an act of war on our soil. When they show up someone in Goatfuckistan and kill like that it’s an act of war. When they do it here we call it something else, as if war cannot reach our own land, infiltrated by shitbags just like him. This is an insult to our country and the victims of war he created. Do you remember when Sebelius was going around calling 911 and every other attempt to blow Americans up “Man made disasters”? or some such shit? It’s like they don’t want to hurt the feelings of MASS KILLERS. It’s bullshit. Raw Dhimmi bullshit. This case is DOUBLE Dhimmi bullshit because it involves our OWN military! These are people who DIE for our country and this is what we do to them to placate the enemy that wants to kill them?

  16. So it’s how the event was categorized that’s the issue, riight? I see your point. I still want to watch part two of their vid if/when they release it.

  17. Ohhhhkay…I did a little searching and found some more info.

    Combat Medic Staff Sergeant Alonzo Lunsford was hit with five rounds, including one that blinded his left eye. He remembers seeing the laser cross his face before feeling the bullet hit. Lunsford’s undergone three years of surgeries and rehabilitation. For him the distinction between workplace violence and terrorism is about “doing what’s right.”

    An act of terrorism label would mean the shootings happened in a combat zone, making those killed or injured eligible for a Purple Heart medal, and medical benefits similar to what soldiers injured overseas would receive.

    “None of us have been awarded the Purple Heart,” Lunsford said. “When we raise our right hand, we swear to defend everything foreign and domestic. This was domestic. This man was in our uniform, and he was performing his jihad.”

    Civilian Police Officer Kimberly Munley is also featured in the video. She would not be eligible for additional benefits, but said she’s standing up for other survivors and victims. She points out what the distinction means for soldiers who are now out of the Army due to medical reasons, saying “They’re severance pay is half of what it could be.”


  18. And here’s some more:

    Survivors of the Fort Hood massacre released a new video this week calling on the government to classify the November 2009 shooting as a terrorist attack rather than “workplace violence,” a change that would make them eligible for specific combat-related benefits.


    The Coalition of Fort Hood Heroes, the organization that released the video, said in a statement that unless the government labels the attack terrorism, victims and their families will be “denied the recognition and benefits they are rightfully due,” in particular eligibility for the Purple Heart Medal, along with which comes veterans’ medical benefits and higher priority for veterans’ disability compensation.


    But Army spokesman George Wright told ABC News that “the victims who were allegedly killed at Fort Hood in November 2009 did not meet the criteria of the award of the Purple Heart as outlined in the Department of Defense Manual of Military Decorations and Awards.”

    The manual states that the Purple Heart is awarded to service members who are killed or wounded “in action against an enemy of the United States; as the result of an act of any hostile foreign force; or as the result of an international terrorist attack against the United States, provided the Secretary of the military department concerned recognizes the attack as an international terrorist attack.”

    As defined by U.S. law, a terrorist act must be “premeditated, politically motivated violence perpetrated against noncombatant targets by sub-national groups or clandestine agents,” and for it to be an international terrorist act, it must involve “citizens or the territory of more than one country.” All of those killed and a majority of those wounded in the attack were either active duty or reserve military personnel.

  19. I do really think the “Workplace Violence” thing insulted and hurt the victims and the survivors at a very deep level. Put yourself in one of their places and ask if you wouldn’t be horrified and infuriated.

  20. ……..and wondering why you bother risking your life for this Commander in Chief who covers for terrorists.

  21. There is the key point to me Uppity. Why would anyone volunteer to risk their life or live a live crippled supporting a chief who has shown he supports the very ones he sends you out to fight. Kind of like sending mice into a room of cats or a poodle into a pit bull fight isn’t it ?
    Now to me not branding this as an act of terror or act of war is not only insulting but also a slap in the face to anyone in uniform or the family of a person in uniform. It is an insult to us and this nation. I am sick of all this P.C. shit and am going back to calling a spade a spade and damn if I hurt feelings. I did it yesterday in a grocery store. I told a woman” to shut her kid the hell up ! The rest of the world should not have to suffer with little Johnny rottens temper and further she ought to be forced into court for disturbing the peace”‘ I am sick of this stuff and I am the anti PC. Screw it.

  22. http://www.washingtonpost.com/blogs/the-fix/wp/2012/10/23/mourdock-god-intended-for-babies-to-result-from-rape/?wprss=rss_the-fix

    Indiana Republican Senate candidate Richard Mourdock said Tuesday that pregnancy that results from rape can be “something that God intended to happen.”

  23. I agree that it is a slap in the face to anyone who serves in the military. Obama’s entire administration has been a dagger in the backs of all the men and women who have served. My dad was a WW II veteran, who passed away before Obama was installed. I’m honestly glad he was not around to witness the sorry Obama/Jarrett spectacle. Jarrett is so pro-radical Islam, I wish we could deport her ass to the Middle East. Obama’s efforts to weaken this country, and his arrogant, condescending contempt of the American constitution does a huge disservice to veterans and current military personnel, and diminishes their sacrifices.

  24. Not to be outdone by the ball point pen industry dwarfs, a car manufacturer has created a gender specific car. Damn! Where were they when I was carpooling the kids to school – on foot? lol Check out the new car for women


  25. Get thee shaven for the trial and onward to the guilty finding! Allahu ASAP!

    The very notion that this is workplace violence is a very mean joke. Barry and PC minions need to eliminate the foot draggin’ and move on the court martial thing PRONTO. Facts speak for themselves.

  26. UW at 231,

    the “Workplace Violence” thing insulted and hurt the victims and the survivors at a very deep level.


  27. Indiana Republican Senate candidate Richard Mourdock said Tuesday that pregnancy that results from rape can be “something that God intended to happen.”

    Unless it’s his wife or daughter. That’s different.

    So this freak has a god who plans rapes. Cool. There’s a religion I want to join and I Know yo udo too.

  28. I am obviously missing the woman gene. I think the Honda Fit is the fucking ugliest crossever hatchback I have ever seen. When I first saw it I was shocked that Honda made such a visually horrid car considering the nice looking ones of that size its competition make. Have you ever seen a side view of that POS? The front has the oddest slope and is ALL windshield. it’s just plain HORRID. I’ve seen tires on riding lawn mowers bigger than their tires. They would have done far better to go back to making a civic hatchback. As you all might know, I am a Honda lover. So if I say it’s ugly, it’s UGLY. It’s also been around for a couple of years. Apparently everybody knows it’s ugly so now they branded it for the girlz and I’m sure they will believe it’s just for them. The third wave is just dumb enough that way.

  29. Look at this POS, the first honda that completely repulsed me. look at the front. It screams, YOU ARE EFFING DEAD!. And it’s even FUGLIER in person.

  30. I agree, it’s ugly…but chicks dig it

    Jesus H Kirrrrrrrrrrist!

    Search for “Honda Fit is Ugly”. Because it IS. Just one more missfire toward women. Designer has to be a Far right consevative, I swear. Scrap that. Probably a “Progressive” earth baby.

  31. I heard the Honda Fit comes equipped with all of women’s must-have options. What used to be a cigarette lighter is now a tube of lipstick. The heat settings are low, warm, hot, and blow dry.

  32. I swear folks have no taste these days anyway. These cars they pump out all look the same to me. I am no Honda, Toyota or any little car lover. They flat out scare me to death. I know with the cost of gas you all have me there driving these things but I will stick to my big trucks. I want a fair chance of living when smacked by a red light runner or semi. I have seen so darn many of these cars literally imploded upon impact. Out here where there is tons of road between towns and a break down in winter can cost your life I pass. My truck has enough space to have things I need to survive in back and I do not have to cram myself in like a sardine. Until they outlaw Trucks I will drive them and the bigger the better. Just can not see having a sardine can for getting around.
    Speed limits of 80 mph out here and when I see one of these rolling down the road at 85 or more I wonder if any thought has been given by the drive as to what that will look like when it leaves the road or is smacked ? They have to have seen what I have. Darn rare that I see a truck in that shape after a good hard smack.

  33. I did not know that the Honda Fit was for women. Does it come in pink or purple? I want it to match those nifty Bic pens.

    Actually, to me, It looks like some took the old Honda hatchbacks (before they were renamed crossovers) and sent it through a compactor. I had the Accord hatchback in a nice cranberry red. Back when the interiors matched the exterior. Still miss that car.

  34. Jesus H Kirrrrrrrrrrist!

    Yeah, no kidding. Fugly beyond belief. Any woman who buys that car needs to have her ‘woman card’ confiscated.

  35. My cable, internet and phone were down ALL day. Nearly had another birthday on hold with Time Warner when it came back around five and made the mistake of using my TW digital phone, and the whole shabang went down again, disconnecting me from thier hold pattern. Everything came back at 8 PM and I was on hold for nearly an hour when I logged on to their website, clicked on chat and ripped Time Warner a whole new one resulting in a month’s credit, Which I will use up — and then I will dump Time Warner. I have no idea with happened to them but their customer service is in the crapper now and their connectivity is completely unreliable. So it will be back to verizon for me and then I will dump them after a year and get another deal, since I am convinced the only way to have these services at a reasonable price is alternate between companies once their ‘special’ runs out.

  36. Mt laurel, the old hatchbacks were better looking. I still see some of them on the road besides. As for these being for women it’s bullcrap. The Horrid Fit has been around for at least five years and suddenly it’s a woman’s car. Any woman who likes this POS is an idiot with no sense and most definitely a third waver sucker.

  37. LOL Sophie. Don’t get the third wave all excited about a lipstick holder in the car. They might stampede the dealerships to buy a car with lawn mower tires on it. Good thing they are all on their parents health insurance till they are 27, since plenty of them are going to die in that car.

  38. When the Fort Hood attack when down I got the impression Obama was not really bothered by it at all. In fact, when he spoke in person he seemed downright bored, almost devoid of real feeling. That confirmed my overall sense of him that he doesn’t love this country, doesn’t protect and defend her/us.

  39. rofffffffff Uppity. I used to do that all the time when we still had long distance carriers now all this bundle stuff. Cripes you lose one it all goes so I play the switch game too but I really hate bundling.

  40. Yeah Erica he got way more excited when he stuck his nose in local issues, like when he ended up doing a beer summit. He stuck his nose in the Trayvon Martin killing. These things got him all excited. A goatfucking terrorist commits mass murder on a military base, a matter of national security, an act of war, and he has no problem with it. We’ve always concluded that the man has something missing inside of him, he’s detached and dissociated.

  41. No kidding Utah. I just looked up the internet deal prices and, even unbundled, I would be doing better than I am now. Time Warner is going to get a surprise. Incidentally, shortly after I commented about it, everything went down again and just came back up now.

  42. Ack, I just took a look at that Fit pic again and am shaking my very head that anyone would buy that thing. I’ve seen very few of them around here, i guess people here have more sense.

  43. Did you see that new Subaru Crosstrek? Now that’s a cool car if someone goes little and less expensive but not tiny and made like a cheap crate.

  44. When I was stuck in So. Cal it was time warner and they suck big time in my opinion.

    I just got done watching a video that horrified me. I mean truly horrified me. Uppity I am sending a link to you via email. I realize this is taking place in Africa ( what else is new) but it speaks so so very loudly about the horrific treatment women get. I guess I just never thought about this issue as so common. I sent a link to Todd Akin and asked him if this is what he wants for women here since rape is no big deal and our bodies can defend against a rapists sperm. I had a few things to say to him too. In closing to him I wished him well and said I hope you never have to endure a fraction of the suffering women world wide have had to endure due to the ignorance of the male and his so called superiority.

  45. Gee, another “journalist” with no scruples. What a surprise.

    Just noting this piece dates to August, so he’s back to work, no doubt. Which makes me wonder why this link would be up front for ‘news clicking’ today, but then, it figures. They show us what they want to show us when they want to show it to us.

    SInce Time and CNN are owned by Time Warner, I’m sure integrity isn’t a big deal to them. Money, however, is.

  46. More “Important news”. Brazilian woman auctions off her virginity for $780,000. Includes a photo that one might almost have to refer to a men’s bathroom magazine to see, but here it is right up front at that bastion of integrity and ‘news’, Huffblow. Her Male counterpart only got $3,000 for his 15 seconds. So obviously we can deduce where women’s real earning power lies and encourage it accordingly….

    Both she and the ‘winner’ will be filmed for interview before and after the event. However, his identity will be anonymous. Considering her photos, I hardly think anonymous is on her mind. Bright little horizontal future for this lady.

    I also saw on twitster that another woman got 1.5 mil for her virginity, paid for by some Japanese guy. I think it’s so grand to see women becoming so enterprising and using their….um…skills, and I know you do too.

  47. OK so who in the heck said I wanted to wake up to shoveling snow ??? Damn here it starts.

  48. I suppose that Honda is a little more “fit” for travel than those “smart” cars I see roaming about the area. I cringe when people drive them on the beltway. The look like little toy cars from the old Turnpike ride at the Kennywood Amusement Park.

  49. I could not believe that virginity auction story even on Huffing and Puffing (well I did not read the story just saw the gottcha heading when I retrieved my mail and that was more than enough to make me close that tab in a hurry). But then I have never understood the love for that movie Pretty Woman.

  50. BO is a very small person and relates to things that are trite and trivial.

  51. Yes ML, that piece on selling virginity is right up Huffpo/AOL’s alley. A match made in heaven. This is their norm when it comes to ‘advancing women”.

  52. The only thing that separates Fit from Smart/Dumb cars is it has a heater and is enclosed. Close your eyes and imagine a headon crash with that POS and be glad you aren’t sitting in one.

  53. I really like this guy. Lives in Alaska wilderness. With cats, of course. Has a blog where he posts really interesting pics of Alaska.

  54. So, if I get this correctly, hormones cause us to vote incorrectly? Who is espousing this dumb ass philosophy–the burqua brigade? You don’t suppose these idiots are secretly in alliance with the man who thinks that God wants pregancy from rape–just not abortions do you? It would be dumb and twisted enough. I guess I’ll just get back to the kitchen now and smile adoringly at my man! Pardon me while I projectile vomit!

  55. No, apparently, hormones make us vote Democrat when we are ovulating because we feel “sexy” then. Yup.

  56. I’ll lay 50-1 that all the ‘studiers’ in this Texas study were guys.

  57. I suppose this is not as dumb as that nincompoop ‘scientist’ who found the G spot using a cadaver of an 82 year old woman.

  58. freespirit, on October 24, 2012 at 1:11 AM said:
    Not to be outdone by the ball point pen industry dwarfs, a car manufacturer has created a gender specific car. Damn! Where were they when I was carpooling the kids to school – on foot? lol Check out the new car for women


    The only thing missing is the Mary Kay Cosmetics logo on the door…:)

  59. Happy Birthday, Hillary Clinton!!!

  60. How about an occupy post for Hillary.

  61. The only thing missing is the Mary Kay Cosmetics logo on the door…:)

    And special lighting with little cosmetic pouches on the visor for those days when you need to drive and apply your makeup concurrently.

  62. I almost had a head on with a brain dead 3rd waver who was fixing her lipstick while having a hands-free conversation. Too bad for the little moron that a cop saw the whole thing. Bet mom and dad paid for that ticket too.

    I remember when I used to avoid old people on the road. Now I avoid young people.

  63. NY Times turns murder of two children into a discussion on working mothers. Reminds me of when they blamed that little girl who got raped by 19 boys, some of them on the sports team –and everybody was more concerned that the boys couldn’t play on the team than they were about a gang rape. I covered that here.

    Nanny kills 2 children

  64. OMG!!! That is so Sad about those babies. 😦

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