Happy Birthday Hillary, from all of us who knew better.

Rare Specimen of actual Democrat with leadership skills.


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  1. CBS This Morning aired a birthday tribute to HRC. WIth fingers crossed I type in the video link & post.

  2. Yep – that link works.

  3. It froze my computer for about 30 seconds then found the link – weird.

  4. “I think that despite my begging,” Obama said, “I suspect that it’s time for her to spend a little more time with her family.”

    You, too A$$h0

  5. Yeah well dem girlz needz to be home cookin’ and cleanin and things.

  6. http://www.examiner.com/article/clinton-asked-for-more-security-benghazi-obama-said-no

    Last night, it was revealed that Secretary of State Hillary Clinton had ordered more security at the U.S. mission in Benghazi before it was attacked where four Americans, including U.S. Ambassador Christopher Stevens were murdered by Al-Qaeda but President Obama denied the request.

    Which is what a Dhimmi president who blows goatfuckers would do.

  7. Happy Birthday Hillary! and many more…
    good link Pamela, thanks.

  8. Uppity:
    It’s not longer by the minute, but by the second or nanosecond I despise more and more the Blahrack Omama. yak!

  9. Happy Birthday Hillary,We got your back gurl. 🙂

  10. I hope she celebrates her 69th as the frontrunner in the 2016 POTUS campaign. She has 4 years to put her feet up, relax, write a book about her SOS experiences, and get re-energized. Meanwhile, Happy Birthday to the woman who made 18 million cracks, who has stood up for far more woman and children around the globe, and who more spine than either of the current leader-wannabes.

  11. Well this election season will be over soon, thank heavens. And we will install either another illusion or the current illusion again. No matter. It’s all the same. An illusion and a joke upon all of us. The same sponsors will cheer either way. You are not invited.

  12. Happy Birthday, Hill!

    Please start leaking how you requested security and a rescue mission, but were turned down by the Dhimmi POTUS. #Benghazi

  13. I do hope the rumors that Hill may stay on at State if O wins a 2nd term are unfounded. She needs to get away from that disastrous fellow before he sullies her reputation. Already Benghazi has cast a shadow over her time at State, altho’ I trust it’s not serious enough to compromise her 2016 chances (should she choose to run).

  14. A third-waver, Lena Dunham, has cut the political equivalent of a sex tape for O. I believe it’s called “My First Time.” Anyone seen it? I did, and it made my skin crawl. Creepy. Unpresidential.

  15. I tweeted about it this morning several times. Reminds me of another video they made in 2008, degrading and sexual

  16. She won’t stay as SOS if he wins. I am pretty sick of Breitbart rumors though. I went on a hunt for the story of that father who wanted to know who ordered that Stephens and staff NOT be rescued and found it covered only by freeper sites, tracing back again to Breitbart. I am betting it’s a crock of shit. The father might be angry and should be, because there was not enough security at that embassy, but where is the actual proof of ANY kind that this “order” occurred? An email? A memo? Or just pulled out of somebody’s ass? This is the kind of Swift Boat shit that just never ends. Obama is an asshole, so why do they have to make up stories instead of going with the Real Thing. I’ll tell you why. Because there is so much filth and dishonesty among his detractors that he has them hostage. That’s why Fast and Furious has no legs. That’s why a lot of shit has no legs. Goose, meet gander.

  17. Somebody posted that video here last night in moderation, I didn’t pass it because the person never posted here before and the remark that went with it was an invitation for more horse shit. I’m in no mood for horse shit.

  18. Re: the tasteless video: One tweeter was hilarious. They tweeted “Now point to the doll and show me where Obama touched you”.

  19. PSA

  20. Thanks UW!

    Thanks, Hillary!!! Happy Birthday!

  21. The list of docs who have received payments from BigPharma is interesting, but one cannot conclude wrong doing has occurred in all or any of these cases. Big Pharma needs docs to conduct research and for drug development. But, disclosure of such relationships is a good thing, given that a handful of dirtbags do take money in exchange for hanky panky such as phoney clinical trial results and promoting drugs and medical devices for unapproved uses. Just my 2 cents.

  22. This is true. Still, such a relationship does create a conflict of interest when it comes to prescribing. You choose between their drug and someone who isn’t cutting you checks and, well….human nature kicks in.

  23. Thank you, Hillary! (And thank you Uppity!)


  24. Too little too late from HuffPo.

  25. Happy Birthday to my president, Hillary Clinton!

  26. They’re just stroking Hillary supporters for their beloved Obama.

  27. Harry Reid sustains minor injuries from his motorcade accident
    Why does Harry Reid have a motorcade????? WTF???? And these freaks want to cut dollars from people’s lives? No wonder we are broke. Why the hell should harry reid have a motorcade? Anybody????????????

  28. Good tweet to Huffpo, Upps. Eff them!

  29. You read my mind. I wanted to say Fuck You to them but figured I could land in twitter jail.

  30. Cry me a river about Harry Reid. Too bad he wasn’t in Yucca Mountain. Remember that Harry ? Remember how you duped Nevadans into voting for you ? Yea you sure stopped that didn’t you ? What the hell does he get a motorcade for and what about saving energy ? Oh yea that is only for us peons not the likes of the sainted ones.

  31. Lucky for him he has GREAT health care we all pay for. Not the same Plan as the one we got tossed.

  32. I can’t even believe the Happy Birthday hypocritical puke I read over at dkos. It adds a whole new meaning to the words, You’ve Got A Lot of Nerve. I won’t post a link to that cesspool. Just search DKOS HILLARY BIRTHDAY. Don’t eat first. May they continue to become irrelevant just like Moveon already is.

  33. PSA For East Coasters:

    You can get ongoing information from NOAA on Hurricane Sandy anticipated impact in your area here. Type in your city,state abbreviation in the box upper left that says “Weather.gov forecast”. Check back now and then for updates.

    Batten down your hatches. Take in any furniture or trash cans etc, they can become weapons. I will be biting my fingers over trees, as usual. If you have a sump pump for your basement, get it ready. If there’s a power outage, it will be worthless after that. Don’t plan on leaving home and lay in supplies that you need. We’re getting some dry ice in case the power goes out for too long and we need it for the standalone freezer. Halloween Trick or Treating with kids might not be a smart option. If it gets bad, stay away from windows. The wind is anticipated to be fierce. Check your flashlights and battery lanterns now and have them handy. By the by, I have a couple of really nice C battery lanterns with flourescent bulbs that give off really good light. A purchase I have never regretted. The only CFL item worth shit as far as I can tell.

    Doesn’t look great for NY or PA, CT, NJ, etc, once it hits inland, but “down” to “Tropical Storm”. If I still have power and internet and am not freaking out in a corner of the basement, I might Live Blog it. Thank heavens I have gas stovetop. At least I can still cook something if the power dies. It won’t be too cold so if the electric trigger to the gas furnace goes, we’ll be untoasty but not really cold. Blankets abound. And don’t forget your pets and their shelter and safety. I suspect needlenose will be yelling the whole time if the wind gets bad.

    Be safe.

    Weather Underground gives us this snapshot of how things look now.

  34. Back to the subject of MD’s, Uppity; I just saw and have to get a picture of the surgeon who did my unnecessary very serious operation. And was about to do the other side when I switched doctors. Phunny. New doctor has me in watch-and-holding mode. That previous MD is pictured alone on a big-assed billboard in one of the most serious shopping meccas around here. He’s advertising his skill with varicose veins. When I get the picture I’ll put it on twitter.

    So very many adverts of health now that O’Care approaches full implementation. Huge hospital conglomerates with strange names and all with ratings in the top 10% of “prestigious” polls.

    Hope all in storm are OK. I’ll be weathering storm with kitteh Rosie who continues to amaze. So much going on in those little minds. Rosie sleeps in a bed beside my pillow. Yesterday for the first time she was facing my direction. This morning was the same but with the addition of a gentle paw placed on my shoulder and left there. No kneading. It was a “Time to feed me” gesture. I figure her former owner, now deceased and unknown to me, must have shared a lot of love with her.

  35. Pamela, how loving of you to give that kitty shelter in her time of loss, and to give her a chance to continue on and know yet more love. I am certain that people who do what you have done are visited by karma in a good way for it. If we are to be judged at all, I firmly believe it is done based on how we treat those who have no voice or choice.

  36. Hope everyone stays safe in that storm. I hear it is expected to be pretty bad. We got hammered with snow for two days. Trees had not yet shed their leaves so they were down everywhere. Power knocked out here from that. No problem for me because I heat with wood for the most part.Hate paying for heating.
    Anyway Upps and folks on the east coast stay safe.

  37. {{{{{{{{{Pamela}}}}}}}}}} You rock with your kitty!

    And I got nuthin’ for those sites suddenly loving Hillary. Screw ’em.

    Back to preparing for The Big One. It’s like last year all over again.

  38. My dog is absolutely ecstatic out in the leaves right now. She has herded thousands of them and they just won’t stay put!

    I’m hoping they downgrade that storm, there’s still time for us to enjoy that luck. It’s happened before.

  39. Thanks UW and Sophie. It WAS hard not taking one of Smokey Bones’ own, but for postponing until I could do what I knew was right, the reward is incredibly sweet.

    UW: I’m with Needle Nose. Who cares about the storm? Lookit all the leaves….

  40. Leaves ? Bah they are all frozen to the ground lmao. Makes it mighty hard to rake when they are covered in white stuff lol.

  41. Indeed, a Happy Birthday to HRC, someone who is hard-working on behalf of all of America!

  42. The first thought I had when I heard poor old Harry was in an accident was that he has top of the line health coverage for life.

    The second thought was does everyone in OOOOO’s administration run around with their own armada.

  43. Another item that comes in handy for power outages are flameless candles. I used them all the time for nights lights and have extra for power outages. They can be set about to provide some light without having to worry about getting knocked over.

    I started using them with my first litter of foster kittens (I could leave on in their room 24/7) and they are really handy with Mom and her cane. The augment flashlights and do not have to be carried.

    I too have gas stovetop which comes in handy.

    Mom rarely lost power in our old neighborhood with houses with wiring dating back to when they switched from gas to electric for lamps. She finds the common outages in such “new” areas rather odd.

  44. Utah it’s 65 here so leaves are fun. When the storm comes I am hoping it blows all of mine over to someone else’s place. Trust me, I’ve got a lot of them. Far too many for one herding dog.

  45. Yea Uppity I was hoping for mine to fly into someone else’s place as well but no luck. Oh yes the herders do love a good frolic in a bunch of leaves and chasing them all over don’t they ? I mean nothing as fun as diving into a freshly raked pile and scattering it all over to be re-raked again lmao.
    From what the weather guys are saying you all might be lucky if it is just leaves flying into the neighbors place. Sounds like two storms are going to collide.

    Pamela kudos to you for taking in that little soul. I am huge on rescue and I think folks who will aid the unwanted will be rewarded other then the great reward you get from the rescued one. All my rescues have turned out to be more deeply bonded to me then one I went and bought.

  46. Well in past these storms have been known to lessen their punch inland, save for selected “eye” spots. Today, I got anything that wasn’t nailed down off the property so nothing can become a weapon. By tomorrow I will start worrying about about all my trees and hope I don’t get a downed one, and if I do, that it doesn’t harm anyone. I really worry because I have a lot of very old and very powerful trees.

    Fortunately I have a good drainage trap if the rain gets out of hand. I might get some wetness but I shouldn’t get basement accumulation. Hopefully.

  47. Wishing ALL of you that are in the path of Hurricane Sandy the very best… 🙂 And, that you ALL remain safe and your homes too…. 🙂 Here in So CA it was 93 degrees with a slight wind… I will be sending positive and good vibes to all of you…. BE SAFE…. 😉

  48. 😳 almost forgot…. LOVE, LOVE, LOVE the Header…. 😆 😆 😆 🙂 🙂 I love Halloween…. 😉 BOO! 😳 😆 😆 😆 😆

  49. Yea I am lucky too in that respect Uppity. I bought on a hill so until water runs up hill my basement is safe. Can’t say the same for the folks below me though lol. I do have a huge Maple tree that I was worried about in the horrific winds we had early this year but it survived fine. I had my son trim the heck out of my trees this year taking the weight back and ” balancing” them. They were side heavy and that is always a recipe for trouble.

  50. Wishing all you Easterners safe passage! Stay away from windows.

  51. Yeah well that’s another mystery. How do you stay away from windows when every room has them? I suppose I could camp out on the stairwell.

  52. And if a 100 year old maple falls on your house, windows will be the least of your worries.

  53. Hope Hillary had a wonderful day today and everyday for that matter.

    I drove down the east coast for hawk migration and birdwatching by the shore. Bad timing – camping in pre-hurricane winds and water. Oh fun.

  54. Love the graphic on the upper right hand side.

    And going along with the others, yes be careful all the folks up in the Northeast. Wished the same for our folks on TW. Y’all be careful out there.

  55. FYI, I have preloaded a Halloween post in the event Toto and I are removed from Kansas by Himacane Sandy.

  56. Wow, you wouldn’t believe the quiet lull outside. You can just feel something coming. If that isn’t enough, my two cats are doing their signature odd behavior thing, always the great predicters of weather. My sinuses are also on a psycho path. This one is really a bit scary. Mapping indicates two eyes whose circles intersect and guess who is in both circles. Well actually most of the state is in both circles. I guess the only consolation is both “eyes” are coded as Tropical Storm, downgraded from hurricane through sll of tuesday and half of wednesday, which means the gusts will “only” be up to 50 mph. I suspect tomorrow is going to be one hell of a windy day before the “downgrade”. I’m not really worried about me so much as what my trees could do to life, limb and property around me in an uproot. Winds will be shifting directions too, to ensure assaults to trees from every direction, including directions most upstate trees are not accustomed to. Overall, with all the above ground electrical wires that still exist in many spots, I am betting on a protracted power outage. Man, I have so much food stored in the freezer, but like I said, we’ve ordered some dry ice from a local purveyer and will pick it up tomorrow. I figured having my name on that chunk will ensure there is some dry ice left when i get there. That will go into the standalone freezer. I already hooked up the sump pump in the basement just in case the trap can’t handle the rain. We pretty much have everything we need, food, provisions for pets, lanterns, blankeys and scrabble game. And if it gets too hairy, there’s always the basement. I know this is a horrid way of thinking, but I’m glad I have a second floor and not a one-floor home. Why, you ask? Well if a tree comes down, hopefully the attic and second floor would slow it down. I will not be spending time on the second floor, let me tell you. One exception is that old and very tall pine outside the kitchen, which is essentially right next to the overhang roof covering the pantry and part of the kitchen. I think about that because I have a friend whose tree went right through his kitchen a few years ago in a wind. Shiver…..

    I remember when I was a kid we had a humongous blizzard and the power crapped out for so long, the side of beef my parents had in the humongous upright freezer thawed. They dispatched my brother to plow through the snow and give away meat. They also invited anyone who would make to to trudge to our home for food. All in all, it was kind of fun in a convoluted kind of way. As I look at it in retrospect, my parents were of very good cheer, considering the cost of the loss of all that meat. They were like that. Which is another reason I miss them so much. It’s from them I learned to always remember that, if nobody died, whatever happened can’t have been all that bad.

  57. All NYC public transportation shutting down at 7 PM today. 1100 National Guard troops deployed throughout NY.

  58. You have every right to be mad about what happen in 2008…As a AA
    i took a lot BullSi*T for my stand will President Clinton & Ms. Clinton.
    Not to Vote for President Obama is JUST ASinine and Secretary Of
    State Hillary Clinton would tell “U” so….White men that don`t vote are
    putting down there beers and coming out of the woodwork. We need
    your votes now . Being mad is one thing. Being STUPID IS JUST

  59. The winds are starting to pick up outside DC.

    Verizon sent an email and left a phone message to say – sorry you are on your own. So much for landlines in emergencies. They failed with the derecho earlier this year as well ( including a couple of the 911 call centers).

    I guess Verizon wanted us to know they might not be able to get messages from the power and water utilities through.

  60. Re: staying away from windows. One could place a heavy buffer between themselves and it – close drapes, blinds, shades, cover with heavy blanket, etc. I’d suggest doing something like this especially in a bedroom.

  61. Yeah but Verizon phones have a whole better chance than cable digital phones. Hell, my digital landline went down for four hours last Sunday and the ENTIRE DAY AND NIGHT Wednesday and there wasn’t a hurricane. If cable goes down and you bundle, you lose phone, internet and Tee Vee. Excellent argument for NOT bundling.

    dwp, we’ve decided if the winds start up we are camping downstairs and NOT sleeping upstairs. Being Higher doesn’t help and then there is my fear for trees which I hope is simply paranoia. But as you all know, I lost three trees in the past four years. Well, two came down and one I had cut this summer BEFORE it came down. These are not little trees. I’ve decided Upstairs is to be used as little as possible during this threat. And that goes for the pets too I’ll just close the room doors and the cats won’t have anywhere to sleep up there. That should herd them downstairs. The dog will stay wherever I am so no problem with her. We have some actual double plate glass on two large windows downstairs, so that’s a good thing. We’ll be okay I think against the storm itself. Things are tight.

  62. Stay safe East Coast! We just had a moderate earthquake this morning!

  63. Power outages are the reason I did not bundle my telephone services through the cable company. I still have an old phone with a cord that’s directly connected because the cordless phones don’t work in a power outage either.

  64. Sending good vibes to you NEer Uppityites. Let us know, if you can, how you’re making out. Been thinking about you guys all weekend.

  65. Upps, what you said about the quiet lull made me think of the “quiet before a storm”.

  66. The Reformation Prayer Network has online instructions for how to Pray Away the storm (taking valuable prayer time away from praying away the gay). I won’t dignify them with a link.

  67. LOL Sophie, at least gay people will get a reprieve from them for a couple of days.

    socal, two of my neighbors I chatted with during Rake Time said the same thing. Lull before the storm.

  68. Considering the wind and rain predictions, walking Needlenose is going to require planning. I am just going to let her out back between heavy rains, that is, hoping there are some lulls. Don’t know about wind. I don’t think she’ll go far. In spite of her Herdiness, she is also kind of vain and shallow about her furs. Such is what happens to a herder who has no sheep. I suspect I’ll be blowdrying her a lot on the enclosed porch. Thank heavens she knows enough to stay still till her feet are dried, I’d be washing floors forever.

  69. Praying that all in storm are OK. 🙂

  70. I’m horrified because I am one of those people who laugh at people who put clothing on their dogs. Now I am at the realization that my dog needs a raincoat. lol.

  71. Dear Radd, I am sorry I just saw you in moderation and have let you out of WordPress Prison. I am sorry for and can only imagine the pain you incurred in 2008.

  72. “I’m horrified because I am one of those people who laugh at people who put clothing on their dogs. Now I am at the realization that my dog needs a raincoat. lol.”

    You mean like this? 😀

  73. Sorry UW, that link didn’t work, and I don’t know how to post a picture of my pug dressed in a raincoat here.

  74. I know. I know. Bundling is not all it is cracked up to be by the providers. Although we have lost the phone in recent storms, the DSL works once the power is back up so I do not have to depend on cells for everything. My cable is just basic cable with no frills.

    I have had a lot of problems with the wires and the repair people (multiple repair people – I lose service every six months or so even without storms) have said that Verizon is just not maintaining the landlines in many areas. They have to use old wire and are often splitting it to do repairs for copper wires. Therefore the wires are more sensitive to changes in weather. Especially high humidity. Thus, I lose voice but not data (dsl) because it only needs a single connection and deals better with interference.

    Living in a condo, all of our wires/cable connections are in a utility closet which also leaves them more vulnerable to external problems such as bad weather.

  75. I have had to use sweaters and coats for both dogs and cats as they aged. I tell myself there is a vast difference between dressing them up as a fashion statement and using outerwear for their comfort/health.

  76. FYI, I have preloaded a Halloween post in the event Toto and I are removed from Kansas by Himacane Sandy.

    I know Pat J did the same and not sure about MB though. Make sure you have bat’tries, gas in the car and $$s. Besides drinking water, we always filled up the bathtub too in case it was needed for flushing purposes. 😆

  77. Why can’t I seem to believe Radd?

  78. Water in the bathtub is a good idea. Hadn’t thought of it before. I’ve been filling buckets for flushing. TY for the helpful hint, Fredster.

  79. Seriously, Fredster! Water in the bathtub is SOP for storms..all it takes for me to start filling is a “feeling.” Nothing plummets me to the bottom of Maslow’s hierarchy faster than not being able to flush.

  80. Under the topic of a@@hole politicians, we are under a state of emergency, schools closed, water and wind are commencing and will be worse throughout tomorrow, but my indicted county exec just announced that we will have trash pick-up tomorrow. Republican Idiot. No regard for the poor guys who will blow of the back of the trash trucks.

  81. Oh Jeez–listening to Bloomberg give his warnings in Spanish is hideous. I don’t even speak Spanish and I can tell it’s atrocious. They have a woman signing in ASL–why can’t they get someone to do his Spanish for him? (Or should we just be grateful he’s not attempting to sign?)

  82. Hugo–they have handles to hold on to–stop coddling them or they will become dependent on the state.

  83. LOL, Sophie! I’m sure that’s what the indicted county exec is thinking too.

  84. Hugo, what state are you in?

  85. I’m in the low-lying area of Maryland

  86. LOL dwp, it crossed my mind, and I have found that you do have an interesting third eye.

  87. Hugo, low ground is a good thing right now.

  88. Soph, chart says CT is in basically the same deep shit as NY, only NY seems to be in two circles, two eyes. I should probably put up an ongoing thread whereby people can report in, starting tomorrow.

    All East Coast people who are vulnerable here, should please let us know
    1)What’s going on and
    2)That you are all right.

    That is, if we have power. Charts say nothing is going to act up till tomorrow early afternoon Here, the eerie calm continues. Not a leaf stirring.

  89. UW, Yup! Nature really doesn’t know where NY ends and CT begins. The shore is going to get hit hardest-Fairfield, Bridgeport, etc.My office is down there and they already closed it for tomorrow and told us to work from home.

  90. This is true, Sophie. We are attached at the hip.


  91. Uppity, low ground is ok until high tide. Local news is now reporting flood warnings to the east and blizzard warnings in the hills to the west. And early voting has been cancelled for tomorrow. Not that I was going to the polls.

  92. Hi,UW DID not know that i had been in Word Press lock down(prison).
    Thanks for finding the key.dwp come back to the party you can have my piece of pie and no need to be so cruel…

  93. radd I suspect dwp was insulted at being called stupid. Many people here are not Obama fans and are not Romney/Ryan fans either. This is why we are not doing campaign ads here, just so long as you know.

  94. i did not call anyone STUPID!,” stupid is stupid” is A . oh why bother
    big love to all of you.not looking for POTUS fans .looking (wishing)for
    a better country….And now for something new.my girls (my dog has two cat friends) will go to the
    beach, water and all, BUT will not go out into the rain.

  95. Radd, my dog is ruled by two cats too. Sad, isn’t it? I hear you about the rain. My dog finds rain to be an assault to her furs. She is vain and shallow.

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