East Coast Himmicane Sandy has me freaking out thread

East Coast Uppityites, please report in when you can and let us know

1) What’s going on and

2) How you are.

Here’s the


So far I continue to see the most eerie calm ever. It’s been that way all day today (Sunday). Areas about to be affected seem to have grown since yesterday. My cats are restless. Joe is caterwauling and bringing me odd gifts from upstairs. A plastic bag, a chewed paper towel roll, a slipper. I suppose this is his way of “Helping Out”. Cats are, in case you don’t know, attuned to the earth’s magnetic field, so pay attention to what they are telling you. Do you remember that one EQ in California where the cat freaked in the car, forcing the owner to pull over before crossing a bridge that collapsed in front of him? Just so you know.

Keep your pets indoors.

If you haven’t already done so, remove anything from your land that can become a weapon in 50 mph winds. All furniture, trash cans, anything not securely nailed down. Lay in some water in case the water goes south. If you have a freezer full of goodies, get some dry ice if you can. I hope you’ve all done your provisions shopping, if not, be sure to do it early in the AM (Monday).  Tomorrow I will make some food that will carry us so that I won’t have to cook in the dark. This is probably even more important for people who do not have gas cooktops.  I’ll be making a meatloaf the size of Brooklyn so at least we can eat some sandwiches containing comfort food.

Stay away from windows and don’t go out there for anything less than a trip to the emergency room. Seriously. This is no time to be cavorting in the rain. The gusts are unpredictable and the direction of the wind will be ever-changing. Power lines will go down. Trees will block roads. So will floods. Stay put and learn to like Scrabble by the light of a lantern.  If there is to be any upside, it’s that events such as these bring family members closer. I remember reading a story about that about how a family was living without heat and light in a huge winter storm, and they spent a week getting to know each other, playing games and “camping” out in sleeping bags on the floor. When it was over, the kids wanted it to go on longer. I wish I had a link to that story.

Indoor activities for the family.

Chances are, the lights will go out. I have several very cool lanterns that I have never regretted purchasing. They look like this and, despite its smarmy CEO, GE’s lanterns have never let me down. I also have one of those combo lanterns with  AM radio, alarm and a kind of flood light, contraptions that are so popular with Tin Foil Hat people. It’s the one I talk about in my You Are Under Arrest For Mollusk Abuse thread. If you don’t own any of these things, you might want to consider purchasing them in the very near future. You can never tell when you will need them and it’s very comforting to have them handy even if you gratefully never have to employ them. They do take like a thousand D batteries, though.

I am interested in the preparations the rest of you are making. Our areas and living arrangements are all different, so it’s always interesting to know what you do in preparation for things like Himmicanes.

Here’s how the NOAA chart rolls out as of 6 PM Sunday (today).  You can check your state and area, updated regularly, via NOAA  here. Type in your city and state in upper right box.


I will update this chart if I have power as the next few days roll out. Like I said, my main concerns are my huge trees. As you know I have already had 2 downed trees since I started this blog, and I had a third Box Elder proactively taken down this summer. There are trees and there are trees. And I have trees, including those very tall pines that sometimes can wave in the wind.

Let’s look out for each other if we can!


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  1. Western NC (current at 6:42) winds up to 30 mph, cold rain ;winter storm warning, 8-10″ of snow expected.

  2. A year ago today it was a Saturday and it snowed. I was in the Bronx and it snowed there too. There were a lot more leaves on the trees and they were bent into the street from the weight of the snow on the leaves. I live in the woods and that snow storm wiped out the trees in my front yard–nine of them! One went through my roof. I was out of power for 6 days with that storm and I have a well with an electric pump.

    The news keeps comparing Sandy to and contrasting it with Irene. That was another storm where I was without power for 6 days. Here’s the Uppity episode from the vault:

    I have a generator now, but it’s not wired to the house, so still no water if the power goes out. Just a lot of extension cords for my coffee pot, freezer and fridge, TV, Internet, and some lights. I still have to cook on the grill. I really hope it’s not raining or I’ll be cooking in the fireplace like last year.

  3. Watching ABC News now. They had a computer (?) geek on there who was plugging in all sorts of info and he’s predicitng up to 10 million folks will be w/out power.

    Also, utility workers will not be out climbing poles to hook up and repair wires until the winds die down. After Isaac in nola, Entergy would not get guys up on the poles until the winds died down.

    “To ensure the safety of our people, bucket trucks are deployed when winds fall below 30 miles per hour at the location where the damage is sustained,”


  4. Sophie, in all likelihood Sandy will be worse than Irene last year. The damned thing is 800 miles across.

  5. So, if the winds don’t die down until Wednesday at the earliest, and we’re at least 6 days without power, we may not have Election Day here in the great state of CT!

  6. Sophie: I know you know this, but while the power is still on, fill up your bathtub so you will have water for toilet flushing and also to use for any clean ups you might do. You don’t want to use your bottled water to wipe down a counter top or to rinse dises or stuff like that.

  7. Fredster, I already have the tub filled. Well, actually, I have two huge Rubbermaid bins filled since the tub drain doesn’t really hold over time. Believe me–all I need is to have a “feeling” the power is going to fill a bin. Any time there’s lightning, I fill them!

  8. In case anyone else is in CT, here’s a clearinghouse of links:

  9. Sophie at 7:06: You so smart gurl!!

  10. We’ve been talking about this over at TW and DYB was so proud that he had gone out and got stuff to fill up the fridge. Bless his heart.

  11. Fredster-the first time I was in a CT power outage, I learned. When I was in NY, I had more. I had city water and city sewers. I had a gas stove, dryer, and heat. When the lights went out, it was an inconvenience, not another century.

  12. Sophie, I had checked with Pat Johnson and asked if she had a gas stove and she said yes and that she had already cooked up batches of chili and spaghetti sauce. She also has a fireplace. But, she said if power was out for more than a few days she was going to her son’s house because he had a generator. 🙂

  13. Fredster, we’re hearty folk up in the Northeast. But if I miss NCIS, I’m going to lose it!

    As for DYB, I have several cases of wine in the basement…screw the batteries!

  14. Fredster, we’re hearty folk up in the Northeast. But if I miss NCIS, I’m going to lose it!


  15. Actually, if I had to hunker down with anyone, I pick Utahwoman! She has enough food put by for a life time, and much of it is from her own garden!

  16. Well poor D…I don’t guess he realized if he loses power all that stuff in the fridge will go bad. And I seem to recall he said he lived on the 6th floor of his bldg so I hope he’s filled up a bathtub too. I don’t know at what height they have to use pumps to push the water up in a bldg. but he may definitely need the water.

  17. Sophie,, the joke used to be that if the sh!t really hits the fan, you would want to live near some Mormons since they have that year’s worth of food stockpiled. Just sayin’ 😉

  18. Oh and you are right about Utahwoman. She probably does have enough canned stuff put up to supply an army!

  19. (sigh) I didn’t sleep so well last night, I re-aggravated by arm, and I’m getting a little drowsy now so I’m off for a snooze. I’ll check back in later. Hang tough folks!!

  20. Fredster-the first time I was in a CT power outage, I learned. When I was in NY, I had more. I had city water and city sewers. I had a gas stove, dryer, and heat. When the lights went out, it was an inconvenience, not another century.


    Besides being a lifesaver in a power outage, a gas stove is the only way to cook, even when there’s no power outage. Our heat is also gas but the igniters on the new gas stoves etc are electric, so just have matches handy and Poof! You got a flame. Fireplace I will use only if necessary at this time, because it’s not very cold out at all. Winter outages are another story.

  21. Got plenty of bottled water and also filled up jugs for pet bowls, with filtered water.

    Don’t be trying to bunk with Utah. She’s a kind of survivalist and I’m sure she’d be lock and loaded.

  22. I’ve got one of those aluminum stove coffee pots, I ain’t going without coffee EVAH!

  23. churl, be safe, I suspect you’re already in for a rough ride long before the rest of us. xxoo.

  24. Don’t be trying to bunk with Utah. She’s a kind of survivalist and I’m sure she’d be lock and loaded.


    Better to find a nearby Mormon family and steal the food.

  25. Better to find a nearby Mormon family and steal the food

    Yeah. And if you’re an evangelical you can loot the crap out of them, leave them for dead and just ask God to forgive you and you’re still saved. What a racket.

  26. So Upps, how much red gravy do you have stored in the freezer? 😉

  27. Yeah I got a boatload of marinara stored, fredster. Major reason for the dry ice.

  28. Yeah I got a boatload of marinara stored, fredster

    Then you’ll survive. LOL!

    Okay, nap time for me…for just an hour. zzzzzz

  29. Nitey, Fredster. I’m reading my “Live blog from the basement” link Sophie posted. LOLOL

    Friends, I know you will be pleased to know that Mittens and Barack will have all of their accommodations and needs seen to during this time. You can bet they will never suffer in an outage or a storm. They’re just like you. Right?

  30. One last thing before the nap.

    I’m determined to get one of these when the house in SBP is redone. Even if I don’t get the unit right then, what better time to have the wiring put in, while the walls are open. I figure I can get by nicely with a 14kw.


  31. you would want to live near some Mormons since they have that year’s worth of food stockpiled

    I wonder if I like Mormon food….

    I know utahwoman is a survivalist. I am also a lifelong Girl Scout. I am sure I have skills that would come in handy. (I’m not looking for a date–I’m looking to live well against the odds.)

    And UW, I am so J of anyone who has a gas stove. It has been hell trying to adapt my cooking style and recipes to a gas stove. OHHHH, and back then, I could also use the stove as a cigarette lighter!

  32. Yeah an electric stove is a deal breaker for me, Sophie.

    I imagine there could be some obot suicides and breakdowns when their Blackberrys go out. What will they do without those ipads? It’s going to be hell for them.

  33. And Fredster, don’t think your use of the phrase “red gravy” has gone unnoticed. If it were up to me, that would earn you a Pengy.

  34. UW, the only way to get a gas stove in these parts is to have your own propane tank installed. It’s on my list of things to do once the economy looks more promising. I have adapted to my electric stove/oven, but not happily (one might say, “kicking and screaming all the way”). My biscotti always come out a little flat in the electric oven and they were perfect (really) in the gas oven.

  35. Sophie, i actually like electric ovens. Stovetop must be gas. I have a combo fuel stove so I won’t be using the oven if the electricity goes. But I grew up with electric wall ovens even before they were in style, so I’m accustomed to them.

    Fortunately, my end of the world has plenty of natural gas piped in. Most of the furnaces are gas.

  36. Sophie, Fredster, in my family the word “Gravy” is an unknown unless you are referring to brown stuff on roast beef or tan stuff on turkey.

  37. UW, seriously on the gravy? In my family, gravy is red. Just say gravy and they assume red with braciole. sausage, and meatballs. You have to say brown gravy if you mean the other stuff.

  38. Oh–and marinara is sauce. I think gravy refers to having a meat essence. Marinara (a meatless sauce) is what we had on Friday nights, back in the day.

  39. If I throw some sausage in my marinara, then it turns into gravy?

  40. Hi, Uppity. I’m in the middle of the state of CT. We faired well last year in the hurricand and then the October Surprise snow storm. We learned our lesson, though, and have plenty of batteries, water, canned food and flashlights just in case.

    My sister told me that if she isn’t notified to stay home before tomorrow morning, she HAS to go to work. I think it’s ridiculous for any company to expect an employee to drive in 50 mph winds to get to work.

  41. Yes seriously, Sophie, sauce was never gravy to my immigrant grandparents on both sides. It’s just not a word we use to refer to pasta sauce, with our without meat. I actuallly think the word is a regional thing in America.

  42. Lib, the winds aren’t planned to start up to afternoon tomorrow, so your sister’s company is riddled with some real fucks. SHe’ll have no problem getting to work, just getting home will be hairy.

  43. Glad to hear that you guys are taking this thing seriously. I think you are all in for a beating here really. As for me I live in the snow belt so having power down for days is nothing new. I have two generators, wood stove and fire place as well as camp stoves in case I have to leave. Lanterns, both battery and propane, 50 gallon sealed water barrels (5). Canned foods to last well over a year, a trick I learned from the Mormons. I mean maybe their religion is a bit off but they truly are smart prepared folks. Sealed containers for doggy foods and worse case the poor dears will get some venison, Moose,or Elk meat. Matter of fact I made a huge pot of beef noodle soup today and am canning a ton of it. Have roughly 7 cords of firewood stacked out back so will never be cold. I have tents with Kerosene heaters to go in them if the need arises. Fishing gear up the ying yang and rifles with tons of shells . The only thing I can not predict is mother nature and where she might decide to drop a tree. I will not have trees right up against a house. Several on my place are stacked out back in the firewood pile.
    I am kind of worried about you guys back there. The more news I watch this thing is not weakening it is going strong. I am how ever happy to see mayors and governors taking all steps to protect. Maybe as sad as it is Katrina taught some valuable lessons. I darn sure had a good taste of bad winds this last Spring when we got those 120 MPH ones. I was less then amused. I hate wind anyway but that was insane. Watching the siding and roofs ripping off homes around you is scary stuff. Glad I bought a brick house.

  44. Utah except for that one lonely long pine, my trees are away from the house. Problem is, some of them are high enough to still hit the house. I’ve had two just miss the garage, which is set back further on the land.

  45. On sauce and gravy. If you look at all the bottled sauce, even those made from Italian companies, eg Cora, Bertolli, Barilla, the name is never “Gravy”. There is “meatless sauce” and “sauce with meat” in my world. Bolognese sauce has meat but it’s not called gravy.

  46. lol Utah you are right about siding. Siding is a disaster in foul weather. No way I would own a home with siding on it.

  47. Yea that is why mine got a re-sizing and balancing this year. Trust me Uppity I had no nails left from biting them to stubs in that horrific wind we had last Spring. If I never see winds 70 to 120 MPH again it will be fine by me. In fact if I never saw a wind period I am good.
    Oh agree. Sauce is Sauce………gravy is gravy.

  48. I saw peoples awnings going down the street, whole sides of houses flying and turning into kindling, roofs being ripped of and flying, trees going into houses it really sucked. My garage is in the basement to and I like that.
    I just hope you all are being careful and take this storm seriously. It really looks like one I would rather not be facing. They are saying it will snow too. I hope everyone has alternatives for heat.

  49. Hey Utah, remember when siding was aluminum? There would be a storm and the damn siding on houses would become weapons.

    Just think of all those nutjobs with the new “environmentally” friendly metal roofs, listening to that torrential rain hitting the tops of their homes. Cool. lol.

  50. Thinking of you. I scheduled a trip out there to the east but canceled til next Sun. Hope everything is okay there for you, omg. Hugs. If anyone is prepared it will be you!

  51. Oh yes nothing quite as exhilarating as having your neighbors aluminum siding coming through your living room window at Mach 1.

  52. Like I said, my main concerns are my huge trees.

    Please be careful. Those light and small branches can become deadly projectiles. I’m sure all of you are well stocked and ready for the likes of which hasn’t been seen in a long time. I hope that all of your animals are safe as well. It’s the aftermath that has me worried.

  53. The storm will be hitting my family and friends who currently live on western Long Island near Queens. One is on a canal near a bay on the south shore and she is now surrounded by sand bags. Her cars are at her daughter’s place inland.

    Here in NEPA we have overhead wires on rural heavily forested roads. My whole area is dirt roads so that is always fun when we get flooding. I have a bag of ice in the fridge, shelf foods that do not spoil, water jugs filled and tub and buckets for washing and flushing. I did laundry and vacuumed and put lighters and candles on metal trays. I also set up the fireplace so it is ready to light should I need to do so.

    I was away so needed to rake leaves and drag them into the woods on a tarp and dump them in giant piles. This way when the flooding starts it will not be a great big soggy leafy mess. The mossy dirt is bad enough without lots of wet rotting leaves all over. And the gutters are all cleaned to handle the deluge. I took the ornamental stuff off the deck and except for bird feeders it is pretty bare out there now.

    I am ready – and the best part is I am off work till Thursday so I can kick back and sip coffee and tea and relax now that the prep is all done.

    Prayers to all in the path of this monster.

  54. Uppity Woman, on October 28, 2012 at 8:37 PM said:
    If I throw some sausage in my marinara, then it turns into gravy?

    That’s jus wrong.

  55. Yes all animals are totally secured and safe here. Woodchucks and possums notwithstanding. Eff them.

    It’s not the branches I’m worried about with my trees. It’s a whole tree coming down that worries me. If an east wind hits the one HUMUNGOUS maple I have out back, with the rain soaked roots prepping for liftoff, my house is gone. If a North wind hits it, another house is gone. If a South wind lifts it, the cars are gone. Why not put them in the garage, you ask? Because the Box elders have taken aim at that garage twice. One just missed it and only took out the rear gutter. That’s how close it came.

    Utah, so you met up with a member of the Ninja Aluminum siding troop! Ever met a metal roof segment? Now when those “Sensible” roofs start flying, we’re talking decapitation here.

  56. You can also see how well those solar cells will be working around here too, considering there won’t be any sun for four days, not to mention the cool winds.

  57. Wow. Scary stuff, I can’t imagine. Glad you’re all well prepared!

  58. OT but did you know that piece of goatfucking shit Nidal Hasan is being paid $6000 a month for siting on his goatfucking ass in jail, awaiting trial? While his victims are continually denied combat status benefits for being shot during AN ACT OF WAR at Fort Hood?

  59. Well UW, I hope this thing is just wind and not tons of water. Rain soaked roots is not a good combo for wind.

  60. imust, truth is, “Prepared” is 25 percent actions and 75% shivering fear.

  61. Tons of rain AND wind expected McN. That’s what scares me. Step one, uproot. Step two, a nice wind. Step three, downed tree.

    That’s scary. That maple is so large that nothing can grow around it 30 feet in any direction. The roots are at the surface at that distance, that’s how heavy its rooting system is, so I’m counting on that meaning it’s gonna be pretty hard to take it down…………or the uprooting would include a large swath of land with it.

    accidentally edited your comment instead of my own first. Doh.

  62. Sounds really awful. My sis had a monster tree fall into her second story bedroom. That was nothing like what they are forecasting for all of you in the NE.

  63. I thought something was funky. lol

  64. Best of luck to everyone in the storm’s path!! (Nothing wrong with using paper plates if you do not have power or water.)


  65. That’s why we’re not going to use upstairs bedrooms. Trees everywhere. Rather stay on first floor.

    Weather Underground says 100% chance of rain tomorrow and tuesday. 70% for Wednesday. Wind tomorrow only like 10-15 mph, cranking up to 35 mph by 8PM and then increasing through tuesday after that.

  66. Good idea on the second story. My niece was 8 years old and she was sleeping when the tree fell. Sometimes Austin gets some nasty tornadoes. It wasn’t the tornado, but the amount of wind and the large tree combined to make a huge problem.

  67. That tree sounds so dangerous! Do you have a basement to stay in through the worst of it or can you evacuate until it’s over?

  68. We have a full basement and yes, we would go there if need be.

  69. Hey, Upps and Uppityites.

    Just checking in from up here in the wilds of WNY. We are not excpecting the severity from this storm that you downstaters and coastal folks are, but we are preparing for strong winds and some flooding. All is buttoned down, and we’ll make do whatever happens.

    All reasonable contingencies are in place if we have a power loss. I’m a simple guy so I don’t need much to survive except, like you, Upps, I MUST have my coffee! I’m an addict, seriously. But, I suppose there are worse vices, no? (Don’t answer that) 😉

    Anyway, just dropped by on my daily lurk with fingers crossed for all you in the direct path. Be safe. This too will pass. No matter the bluster, once the storm clears, we will ALL still be here standing tall and undaunted.

    Uppityites always land on their feet.

  70. That’s good!

  71. imust, that type of maple tree is not uncommon around here. We have lots of trees. Lots of hundred+ year old trees, lining the streets and on land I have a large maple in front of my home too. Big as it is, it doesn’t approach the size of the one out back. Damned thing took (growth push) down a fence over a period of ten years. It loves where it is, obviously. happy happy BIGGGGGGGGGGGGGGGGGG tree. Massive root system.

  72. Just dropping in to say be safe East Coast Uppityites! I’d like to think what’s expected is hyped bloviating common to the MSM, but this one’s going to be nasty.

    Thinking of y’all from the Devil’s Armpit!

  73. Bless my neighbors who never complain about the leaves from that tree. It’s my only maple and it FILLS my land with them, and then theirs. lol. It’s very pretty, seriously.

    Correction, it’s not my only maple. I have another near the garage but not nearly as big. This guy is the Daddy of maple trees.

    House built in 1924 and you can bet that tree was long there before that.

  74. This is a segment of my land (with some tomato plants; grape vines to left) and you can see in the background how wooded I am. To the right of this shot toward the back is the garage and these trees are behind that building as well as on the other side of it. Maintaining this foliage is a huge job, seriously.

  75. The trees and flowers are beautiful. I hope they all make it through the storm….the scarecrow too!

  76. Scarecrow (Phil) is safely ensconced in garage for the winter as are my tomato baskets. Just foliage out there now. Beautiful at this time with all the leaves too.

  77. That three tier garden is self perpetuating. no annuals. Mostly tall phlox and black eyed susans.

  78. Uppityites always land on their feet.

    Damn right, Rev Vet. We endure. It’s what we do.
    Oh yeah no way I go without my coffee. End of story. That’s why I have that stove pot from years gone by. You know the kind. You boil it and know it’s almost coffee when it boils over and then you lower it till you SMELL the coffee.

  79. You guys are all amazing…you all sound super prepared. Uppityites rule! Hope you will be able to check in and let us know you’re ok.

    I also grew up thinking of gravy as the brown or golden stuff you put on meat and potatoes. Anything that goes on pasta is sauce, whether or not it has meat, or cream, or whatever. I don’t think I ever heard of marinara as red gravy til I read a comment of Fredsters.

  80. That portion of your yard and the pix of the trees are beautiful. We have nice trees where we live…pepper trees with branches that droop down low and sway in the breeze, they get pretty pink flowers. Magnolias, eucalyptus, liquid ambers and of course, oaks.

  81. Don’t kid yourself, socal. We’re crapping our pants. lol.

  82. Every time I’ve been back east, its always been in the Fall, which is my favorite time of year. But I’ve always been lucky and the weather has been nice. I’ve been in a few gales here on the left coast (one in the ocean) and one hurricane in SE Asia, but that’s it.

  83. Actually, in SE Asia, they call them typhoons, not hurricanes.

  84. HIya Uppity ,
    thanks for this post . I am six miles inland from Ocean City Maryland . We have a steady rain now , with intermittent gusts of high winds. I have provisions . water , wood for the fireplace , candles matches flashlights , first aid kit ( am a nurse so extras in that ) charcoal for the grill if we really are out of power for a while ,a battery powered radio ; freezer bags of ice in the freezer to keep it cold , a full tank of gas and a phone charger in the car . So far so good . They evacuated Ocean City to 17th street , which is southern O.C. , ( what do you do if you live on 18th street??lol) and they are issuing mandatory evacuation for all waterfront property residents , even here in Ocean Pines , on the east side of the parkway . So it seems that the Coast Guard and the Beach Patrol are more concerned about high tides, storm surges and flooding . But where I live is heavily wooded , so there is always a concern about trees here.
    I am faring pretty well so far , the only time I get a tad bit worried is when a broken branch hits the roof with a loud thump , and then goes ba bump ba bump ba bump as it rolls off the roof . I will look for the branches tomorrow during the daylight , to see what size they were, and obviously still have power and am keeping my finger crossed .
    I hope everyone stays safe . I have one suggestion of my own to add. Instead of filling up the tub , put a clean plastic storage 30 or 40 gallon container in the tub and fill that instead . You can even put cover on it to keep it clean . That way if you need extra water , you can use it for drinking in a pinch . Thanks again for the post , this Sandy too shall pass

  85. Hang in there Swan! We’re pulling for you!

  86. Upps and others in Sandy’s path: stay safe and good luck. Will be thinking of you.

  87. Thanks , so much , we are all in this together ! HUGS

  88. I am hoping that it turns out to be less than anticipated. And Romney is claiming that if he becomes prez he will eliminate FEMA? Roseanne Barr seems like an option, at least she is honest about being a clown, instead of earnestly pretending she is not. Hope and pray that the East Coast will be spared.

  89. It’s nearly 8AM. Wind is picking up; rain holding off. I’ve had an unsettled kitteh all morning – thanks UW for the reasoning. Just scattered bird seed on an old picnic table, and did a little more fussing around the yard. Nuthatch waited impatiently for me to go back inside. The nasal quality of “his” voice always brings to mind Felix of The Odd Couple.

    In the ongoing battle for the freedoms we are supposed to have inherently, Kirsten Gillibrand has a great statement in her TV spots. Imagine you NY area people are aware, but here it is for posterity:

    “I’m Kirsten Gillibrand and I approve this message because if 51% of Congress was women, we wouldn’t be debating contraception. We’d be debating jobs and the economy.”

  90. Still very quiet here. VERY quiet.

    Swan, please check in again when you can and good thoughts for you and the beautiful Ocean City. You’re smart and you’re resourceful and I know you won’t be rattled by Sandy.

    Listen to your cat Pamela. They Know these things. It’s not some old wive’s tale. They really DO sense weather irregularities. It’s part of their survival. If your wise cat were outside, he would not be found right now until after the storm. He would be holed up somewhere that in his wisdom is the appropriate spot.

    Yes AnnE I read somewhere about FEMA, but it wasn’t Romney, it was Ryan’s plan and I wouldn’t put it past him, but cannot confirm if it’s true. The overly religious who possess power are always pretty vile, as both history and the present confirm regularly.

  91. Everyone also remember that if there is a power surge and you do not have a powerful surge protector, your computer could be damaged beyond repair. Those strips you can buy anywhere do not qualify. When the storm begins, if I still have any internet — which I doubt, because TW has been going down without a storm — I will unplug my laptop and use battery power.


  93. Looks like today has been somewhat downgraded.

    My area will have winds around 20 with Gusts in the 30 mph range. Gusts are not sustained so I feel somewhat better about that. There will be torrential rain though. Increase of wind speed tonight with gusts in high 40s mph. Tuesday doesn’t look so good so far, hopefully a downgrade will come, there’s time.

  94. Thousands of birds just stopped by and there are water fowl in my cove that never visit here. I think they are taking cover. They are Chesapeake Bay critters.

  95. From NOAA

  96. Our forecast got worse. Shifting winds, then a direction change that will loosen trees. The wind is now blowing water out of the bay, but the shift will blow it back in along with the storm surge and there will be flooding. Harbors and shipping channels have been shut down.

    Would love to see Romney shut down FEMA. States and locals can’t handle all of the, but screw ’em. Gotta keep that cash to build up the navy and go help Netenyahu, the Brian crony.

  97. Auto correct….blah. won’t let me spell the name of Romney’s private equity company.

  98. Yes they warned of shifting winds here in yesterday’s report. From directions our trees are not accustomed to. I’ve go some very dumb neighbors, Mr U went for the dry ice and said there is furniture out on some people’s porch areas not far from here, so we’re going to knock on a few doors, damn things are going to be weapons. He says one house has a bike in the drive. Morons!

    Plenty of roofs will be tested in the next few days. Roofers will be jacking up their prices.

  99. FEMA is rarely a concern of the rich. If you consider Katrina levy flooding, the wealthy lived on the higher ground and the dregs lived near the levy. There were no rich people floating in that flood water, trust me. They all got their claims paid for comparatively laughable damage. And the people living on waterways have that On The Cheap government insurance. I remember Stossel doing an In Our Face piece about how he rebuilt his stilt house twice after two storms on our insurance dime, and he looked into the camera and said, THANKS! The very wealthy don’t care of one of their homes levels. They just rebuild for free.

  100. We just had some gulls out there yelling their asses off, which is what they do best.

  101. OMG–I have the local channel on the TeeVee for storm coverage and every 10 minutes, there are ads for our Senate race, McMahon v. Murphy. McMahon is running 3x as many ads (because she’s rich and she can).

  102. there has been some type of blight that apparently killed many huge oak trees in my yard and in the general vicinity this summer. I suddenly have three dead trees over my house just hoping for the best.

  103. Considerable changes in scope and timing

  104. CT, New Jersey, Delaware, Maryland Yikes. PA yikes.

  105. Yes Sophie, you are still showing as Cat 1, no downgrade. But tuesday hasn’t arrived yet. Fingers crossed on downgrade for you. Hugo is still Cat 1 too. Who gives an Eff about these politicians who are all safe and sound for sure.

  106. Isn’t it rich that all the sleazeballs are running ads to people who are freaking out and worrying for their lives? As if these people are just as important to you as a hurricane in your face. What an insult. Barack is everyone here on Tee Vee, it’s nauseating. Why doesn’t he make an ad that says, please vote for me if you live.

  107. That is a big change.

  108. Yeah. everybody is focusing on NY but some of these states need some attention. Seriously. PA with TWO green eyes. Coast south of NY is still Cat 1.

  109. Sophie, be safe.

    I can also see how Hugo’s area got evacuated. Lord.

  110. Still disturbingly calm here. I mean Disturbingly Calm Nary a leaf stirring on or off the trees. Not a single squirrel around. No strays. No nothing. Just deafening silence. This is going to happen suddenly.

  111. The flooding/surge is starting. I saw pix of lower Manhattan, VA. Scary.

  112. Making some beef and barley soup.

  113. Anybody out there having heavy rain yet? General Location pls.

  114. Yikes, indeed. I have no cream for my coffee. Not sure any stores are open.

    Political ads are still going on here as well. It’s all local politics. But they are getting a big bang for their ad bucks cuz a lot f people are glued to the TV. I’m not paying attention to them. My mind’s made up.

    I do remember the Stossel report on insurance for the rich fold beach homes. I think that cheap insurance is partially funded by making middle class home owners by flood insurance for homes that are nowhere near any body of water. I had a home in the middle of an old Turkey from and suddenly I was told it was in a flood plain and need flood insurance. Yeah, right.

  115. Gov Malloy has closed the state highways to trucks as of 11 AM and then to ALL NON-emergency vehicles at 1 PM.

  116. If you scroll down this page, there are lots of pix of the flooding. I have to go to work, dammit, and my hubbie took my laptop. I’ll be thinking of you guys all day. Stay safe please!


  117. Hope all are doing well. We are starting to get pics of the storm here. Looks like it isn’t real bad yet and hope that continues. As for political ads guess Utah is lucky we are not seeing any other then the one between Matteson and Love. Hope old Jim gets the boot. Guess by not seeing any others either we do not count or we know already who is taking it. I know Utah will go to Romney but I thought at least we would see an ad for who is running against Hatch.
    Stay safe folks . I hate seeing film of the morons running to check out the storm on the beaches it is crazy.

  118. Batten down the hatches! Hope the pantry is stocked. And the bar. No work. No school. Hurricaine party! Hope the power stays on and the the storm up heading back out to sea.

  119. Tonight would be the perfect night for the Dark and Stormy drink.

  120. A replica of the HMS Bounty sunk off the coast of NC. All but two crew members rescued.

  121. Ok how about some levity. Here are this season’s Sharia approved Halloween costumes.

    Also, CAIR’s lead Goatfucker says Sandy is God working to humble us.

  122. Funny you should mention party, Crier. My neighbor called to tell me her home is party central and, should I need company or a place to drink, it’s open house.

  123. How many crew, Hugo? And how are you doing?

  124. 14 rescued. 2 missing.

    I ran to the store for cream and conditions were OK. But when I left the store, rain was coming down in sheets. Another lull now, but predictions are the fierce winds will arrive the afternoon and last through the night. Not sure where to sleep in order to avoid those trees if they fall.

    A local radio station suggested a drinking game for the phrase, “hunker down.”.

  125. Lol on sharia Halloween costumes. One commenter doesn’t seem to see the humor.

  126. Mayor Bloomers warns people in NY City Zone A if they haven’t evacated to get out now. Here are NYC zones

  127. Well once the Feds announced they would close (opposed to the standard flexible leave/telecommute) everyone else in the DC area joined the bandwagon. No school for two days. No Metro (subway). No trains, planes or buses.

    It’s been raining since last night, steady and often heavy. The wind comes and goes. Supposedly the worst is to start hitting early evening and overnight.

    As to a comment on the last thread about trash, ours was picked up this morning (private – condo). They were emptying everything at the shopping center when I took a walk about. Trash pickup, especially of large dumpsters, actually makes some sense, depending on conditions. You do not want all that mess blowing about. It can block drains (the leaves are already a problem) and the foods stuffs that break free attract rats and other vermin not to mention contaminating high water that people then try to wade through.

  128. I bet Mr. Pansy President is in his bunker. Being fed grapes.

  129. So far it is still eerily calm. We had a light rain and it stopped quickly. Back to the deafening silence.

  130. Yes Utah it always pisses me off when I see news of morons out there playing chicken, then when they get in trouble we have to pay to bail them out. Idiots such as these should be billed for their rescue costs.

  131. Just got a couple of blasts of wind. Another one now. Leaves scattering. Sky looks really mean.

  132. we have light rain and winds with gusts. Some branches have fallen. Had a power flicker and nearly freaked out–too soon!

  133. Praying for all the east coast Uppityites!!

  134. My. Laurel, after much public outcry, our county exec cancelled trash pick up. I agree with u that pick up is a good idea for condos and shopping centers, but this is for individual homes in a suburban/rural area. Not a good idea because the trash and containers can get airborne. Unfortunately, we only have once a week pick up because we have our priorities ass backwards.

  135. Sophie, I’m gonna go check NOAA on CT.

  136. Chart Update. Things are very dynamic.

  137. It seems to be dancing around CT, with us always on the windy side.

  138. Getting local warnings to expect power outages for several days.

  139. It sounds like you all in the storms path are as prepared as you can be. I hope you remain safe and the clean up and recovery is swift.

  140. That’s it Somebody-as prepared as we can be.

    I have done everything I can do. I live in the woods (the suburban woods) and the trees are swaying. I worry about them falling–on my house or on a power line between me and the source. When the power goes out in this area, it’s a long time before it comes back on in normal conditions. I have a generator but am nervous about using it in a windy rain, even though I have seen dozens of diagrams about how to set it up safely. And then, using it will require going out for more gas while the storm is still going. So, we’ll see what happens.

  141. And what do you know! Today is National Cat Day. http://www.nationalcatday.com/

  142. Yup, Uppity, it was a good advice to clamp down anything in your yard that could become a weapon.


  143. That last update has three green eyes and circles on this region. A hurricane – tropical storm heading right for the forests and hills of Pa. Now I’ve heard everything. Midnight around here is going to be loud. It is already howling and acorns and small branches are dropping with each gust of wind. The birds are attacking the feeder non stop. They know they’re going to need the food energy later.

    Pamela, if you need help I am home and able to drive in all kinds of weather. I will come and get you and the kitteh! You have my phone #.

  144. Happy Cat Day Bill and TL.

    love the powerline pic, sophie. I was always told those things were dangerous. They can fall on your head if you’re not careful where you walk.

  145. Ok here we go. Major whirrrrrrrrrrrrling wind. Whoa.

  146. Sophie. Hollllllllllllllllllyyyyyyyyyyyyyy Shitttttttt! What moron left THAT out?

    Pamela, Karen, be careful!!! Take care of each other!

    I’m probably going to lose internet soon. This is not good. Not good at all. Major wind.

  147. Serious wind here too…lots of cracking sounds coming from the woods and a few thuds.

    Karen, you are such a sweetheart. Seriously, woman. I would bake you a pie!

  148. For the permanent record, the picture is from Milford, CT and it’s NOT MINE!

  149. Another well-heeled Milford genius. lol.

  150. Oh please, Soph..”Crack” and “thud” are sounds I dread.

  151. LOL! Guess that’s one good reason to NOT own a trampoline. Hope it didn’t bounce on someone’s car before it lnded in the wires.

    Steady roaring winds coming up the Chesapeake Bay. The state has closed the Bay Bridge due to gusts over 55mph.

  152. Karen if you are a cat in my home, EVERY DAY is National Cat Day.

  153. How am I going to keep my Collie Dog from blowing away when she has to go outside? Should I put her pack on her and load it with bricks?

  154. ROFL speaking of crashes……my other half just broke one of the lanterns. LMAO! I would kill him if it weren’t so damned funny.

  155. As the storm closed in on the mid-Atlantic coast, it washed away an old section of the world-famous Atlantic City Boardwalk and left most of the city’s emptied-out streets under water.


    uthorities warned that New York City and Long Island could get the worst of the storm surge: an 11-foot onslaught of seawater that could swamp lower Manhattan, flood the subways and cripple the underground network of electrical and communications lines that are vital to the nation’s financial capital.


    Hundreds of thousands of people were under orders to flee the coast, including 375,000 in lower Manhattan and other parts of New York City, but authorities warned that the time to get out was short or already past.


    Hundreds of thousands of people were under orders to flee the coast, including 375,000 in lower Manhattan and other parts of New York City, but authorities warned that the time to get out was short or already past.

    Water was already a foot deep on the streets of Lindenhurst, N.Y., along the southern edge of Long Island, and the canals around the island’s Great South Bay were bulging two hours before high tide. Gale-force winds blew overnight over coastal North Carolina, southeastern Virginia, the Delmarva Peninsula and coastal New Jersey.

    In the morning, water was already splashing over the seawalls at the southern tip of Manhattan and had matched the levels seen during Hurricane Irene in August 2011. Still, people were out jogging, walking their dogs and even taking children out in strollers amid gusts of wind.

  156. The wind is picking up again but the cats are all calm and watching the rain. They were all very edgy during the night and early morning. Will most likely begin to freak again when the next heavy bands hot.The leaves are now all off the trees (ours will still almost full).

    Barky was on TeeVee (again) trying to look lie he has a clue. I noticed in flipping through the local channels that NBC and ABC affiliates kept showing him over and over again. The others went with the MD and VA governors/emergency reps and the gang for DC. Now turned off until they have updates with some useful information.

    I forget that some counties/cities provide trash. OUrs just deal with recycling. Here, even single family homes are all contract for regualr trash (you can have three or four different companies serving a single development). The contractors make the weather calls. It can get confusing and yes it means there are often empty trash bins and cans blowing about.

  157. 150 people from Crisfield, a Maryland community on the Chesapeake Bay, have requested to be evacuated due to flooding. Generally, that area is popuated with people who make a living from the Bay, so things must be bad for them to want to evacuate.

  158. oh shit – if this is correct then the whole region is totally screwed for decades potentially:

    Fukushima in Jersey: http://enenews.com/oyster-creek-refueling-underway

  159. Upps, that obliterated article is scary as hell. The only thing left to do is pray. So sad, so horrible. I might as well have a few pieces of pie. The calories aren’t important. This is a crisis.

  160. Well, the electricity is starting to cut off and on. Time to break out the batteries.

  161. For anyone with a FB account, Jersey Shore Hurricane News has lots of pics and it’s ugly along the coast.

  162. Post a link hugo.

  163. I hope this works. Link to jersey shore hurricane news:


  164. We just had our first power blip. This is very early for this to happen in my immediate area with a hurricane or nor’easter given that they say the worst is to hit later tonight.

    NJ. We have our very own smaller scale research model just down the road at NIST.

    It’s Bloomburgs site but this does give some info on other reactors in Sandy’s path.


  165. Hugo
    The linked worked fine. Those pics are very interesting. The one showing the water level through the glass and it is still very early in the game. They have had some from the Maryland shore on TV and online but most are focusing on the shore erosion.

    Power going off and on now.

    Trying to get some work done before it goes altogether.


  167. I’m glad to see you guys still talking. The news looks horrific. We’re so sad and worried for you all.

  168. Maryland is a small state yet has beach erosion and piers being knocked out along it’s eastern shore by a tropical hurricane/storm and blizzard warnings in it’s western counties from the same storm.

    Each power outage lasts a little bit longer and the winds are really picking up speed.

  169. Still up for the time being…flickers going on, serious wind.

  170. Karen – in your offer to come rescue Rosie and me, I must say: you are a woman for all seasons. Also generous to a fault. I am totally embarrassed to reveal that rain and wind here are typical for normal weather. For once, this is the place to be! Thanks for the concerns expressed, but all others are undoubtedly more deserving of sympathy. Lights do blink at times. May lose power. That’s the only threat. And tomorrow winds will be from SW so we won’t be overly cold even if the furnace does not run.

    Rosie is weary after a long string of days with no opportunity for sunbathing. Me? My biggest problem is maintaining temper over extent of tee vee weather coverage. If only there was intensity like this over Obama Romney.

  171. Pamela! Hope you and Rosie are okay. This is Lily’s first hurricane. She just wants to play.

  172. Socal, thanks for the good wishes. I’ll keep typing as long as there’s power.

  173. Here’s the power outage map from my electric company…Just been coloring in all day long..

  174. What a sweetie Karen is! I read that they’re worried that the millions of rats that live below NYC are coming up in droves becuz they know the flooding is coming. Geez, what next?

  175. Not good. Not good at all.

  176. The wind. It’s like a stephen king movie out there.

  177. Sweet Jesus, the hudson is eating battery park.

  178. Power is out. I lit the candles and poured a glass of wine.

  179. I offered my sisters in VA & DE to evacuate to SW PA but they said, “No thanks, you’re getting snow,” I hope not…but those lines showing it all coming to Central PA made me realize it’s really Hurricane SANDuskY:) Look Out, Jerry!!! (Oh, and Karen, I baked a razzleberry pie just to feel ready for anything.) Fox News – Smith says their power has gone out and they’ve switched to b/u generators.

  180. Hi Uppities, I’ve still got power and am fine. It’s windy and scary and rainy. I’m very, very sad for my beautiful NYC. I don’t think any of us knows how bad it is going to be.

    Stay safe, SophieCT.

  181. Madamab, I was hoping to hear from you.

    I’m drinking a Manhattan. I don’t think I am going to have just one, either.

  182. Con Ed turned off lights at Times Square. here’s a live feed.

  183. Maybe The One could get out his magic flute to deal with those rats in NYC.

  184. Oh Uppity. A Manhattan sounds delightful. One of my favorite drinks!

    I was just considering a beer. My nerves are shot.

  185. Hope you guys are ok.

  186. I’m drinking a Manhattan.

    Well, Upps, I understand SANDY is having a Manhattan too. May I recommend a strawberry daqueri instead?

  187. Thrilled you lovelies are doing OK. I am not doing a rain dance so as to help quell the elements.

  188. I’ll send my submarine to evacuate NeedleNose. I’ll keep her safe, promise.

  189. OK, listen up…I don’t want to ever hear any of you knocking us Cali-people for living in EQ country.

  190. Earthquakes are fun. I was never afraid of them. 40 + years in Cali and I rode through some real good ones too.
    I am watching the news and man the east coast is getting it. Hope everyone is staying inside and staying safe. NES if I have told you once I have told you a million times Needlenose goes to me !! It is not open for debate lmao.
    I think I would be fearing the snow most of all. Trees are not ready to take such large amounts. That is what went on here last week. Trees had all their leaves and it snowed like crazy. Glad I down sized these huge maples I have. Now the leaves are coming down like rain.
    Anyway gang all the best wishes are going out to you. Hope you have power.

  191. Hi everybody, it’s nearly 3:30 AM, wanted to tell you I’m okay. The wind is pretty strong and the rain is sporadic, kind of in blasts. I didn’t hear any crack and thud sounds out there, but then I didn’t hear it last time a tree came down. When they uproot there is no cracking sound. I won’t be able to assess damage if there is any till daylight. The commitment here was to stay downstairs in case a tree near a bedroom plunged. Power has flickered a few times but I haven’t lost it, although outages have been reported in surrounding areas. There were also a couple of fires. A fair number of trees have reported as down. The wind hasn’t let up at all, and the gusts are kind of scary, but otherwise things are okay, at least in my immediate area. Judging from drain trap setup, it doesn’t appear as though we got an immense amount of rain. I’ve seen rain where the pipe could barely keep up with dumping the water back out, but not this time. This is good news for trees, as immense water is the biggest cause of uprooted trees, especially if you toss in wind. It’s always a surprise when daylight hits though, and people get to see what took place out there. If you recall, I had downed elder a couple of years ago and didn’t even know it till I left the house and saw the massive thing on the ground. My jaw dropped. It hit nothing, although it came close. That happened to me twice. The other one made a noise when it hit the garage gutter and a chain link fence. When they uproot, they sometimes do it in phases and then come to rest,and you wake up and SURPRISE!

    I just read that 5 people in NY have died from the storm, including a guy in Brooklyn when a tree fell on his house. I’ll keep you posted. I don’t think we are out of the woods with the power, though.

    I think I’ll go raid the fridge.
    Over and out.

  192. Thanks for the great kitty-buddy picture, Upps. Been thinking about you, and all my dear Uppities on the east coast — Godspeed and keep safe.

  193. Needlenose was hopping around and needed to go out, I figured it would be a good indicator of the wind strength so I put her on tie out so she wouldn’t be blown out of Kansas. Wind is fairly strong and her fur got a good airing. She stood her ground though.

    I did check in front of the house, wind didn’t take me away either. I saw one leg of a birch tree in front of a home down in the road, and that’s no surprise, as that segment of the tree looked kind of ill to begin with. I’m not going to call it in till daylight, since there isn’t a hint of traffic out there not even any sounds from a distance. The good news is, it seems my zillion leaves got raked for me. Picked em clean off my property. Yesterday at this time, there was a complete bed of them from the maple out front. I wonder who got them. lolol. I didn’t check the back beyond the flood light near the house. It’s just too dark and wet out there and nothing can be seen without a walk around the area, which I am not willing to do. I did see a branch from the big maple and it hit the air conditioning unit. I’ll worry about that next summer. Other than some smaller branches nearby, I didn’t see anything important in my immediate view. I’m curious about the box elders out back but no way I can take a look now. The rain is a steady drizzle right now, no pounding. Tolerable and not hard for drainage to process, but the rain pattern seems to keep changing unannounced. Even with the wind, it’s not cold out there at all. The trees have been de-leaved for sure. All those leaves downed everywhere at once is going to make for a bit of the slippery. Overall, compared to what I am reading about other places, we’ve done fairly well so far. It doesn’t seem to be gusting any longer. I hope I am not jinxing it. Tomorrow the winds are expected to continue.My cat is no longer doing that concerned Meow with the question mark at the end of it, so his predictions are pretty good.

    I’m wondering how Sophie is doing, last she commented, her power was on it’s way out the door. And Karen, Pam report back in. And our Marylanders got trashed. Madamab says she’s okay and that’s good, considering where she is. NYC is a mess. Ever seen Times Square with Con Ed turned off? Me neither. Here you go, live feed. Eerie. Amazingly, there are actually some nutballs roaming around there. Only in New York…


  194. Upps, glad you’re ok and that needlenose was able to go outside, poor puppy!

  195. Morning. The rain (with snow flurries mixed in!) is still coming down. According to the local reports we got between 5 – 6 inches yesterday which is not a record but it is still coming down. Apparently the rain was somewhat consistent over the course of the day so that helped. A lot of roads are closed with water and trees. The shore seemed to get the worst of things. Still have no public transit operating in metro DC. The winds were the worst last night into the early morning. The cats did not like the noise from the wind at all.

    I don’t see much down in the neighbor hood other than small branches but I have not ventured outside my own block. Many of the trees and much of the vegetation were planted in the circa 1990 so it is young and better able to withstand the winds and rain. The older trees in the preserve look to have withstood this storm so far.

    The power is steadier this morning (opps may have spoken too soon). My office in Virginia is still totally in the dark so it’s another semi telecommute day as I try and get something done between the power fluxes.

    All in all we seemed to have faired far better than our neighbors in NJ and NYC. Yikes.

    Take care all.

  196. Morning. Glad you’re ok Mt. Laurel. Any news are how the creepy policial class in DC is doing?

    We got a lot less rain than you did. Rain is just so damaging in huge amounts.

    Wind is much strong than it was when I last commented in middle of the night I don’t think I’ll be going out there to reconnoiter. I don’t think I’ll be wanting to stand near any of my trees out there right now. I do see some branches and lots of twigs and shit near the back of the house. Still holding out hope my power will stick around. Like I said, it’s a lot more windy. We’ll see. It’s pretty quiet out there so looks like others have the same idea. This is not a high traffic street though, so I can’t use it as a barometer of the rest of the area. But for the wind, all other sound is gone, it seems. It’s been a surreal 24 hours that way. The trees sure did lose a lot more leaves in this mess and, like I said, my front leaves have been raked right off for free by nature. I am loathe to let my dog out there again because the wind is stronger, but a dog’s gotta do what a dog’s gotta do. she’s smart enough to get out there and fix things up fast and come back in. Fortunately, there is no rain right now.

  197. Glad everyone is still okay! The photos of NYC and flooding look really scary.

  198. It’s 5:45 am. You are still there. Hopes you got some sleep. Hugs to you. Omg. Never have seen anything like this. In a word? Climate change.

  199. My trees stayed upright and all seems calm in the Chesapeake Bay area. Never lost power. However, one of my neighbors did not survive. 73 years old and a tree crushed his house. One of 2 fatalities in Maryland that have been reported. Good time to count one’s blessings.

    I hope all of the uppityites in Sandy’s path stay safe today.

  200. Another tree on house. A nightmare. Just horrible. It’s the thing I worry about first. It’s a dilemma for me beause I love love love mature landscapes I have always sworn I would NEVER cut down a live tree. But these trees have cost me a fortune in care and another fortune in professional removal of downed trees or trees about to down. I have that one maple that is very sturdy it seems, but so HUGE. I can’t replace the fence behind it without encroaching on the land behind it, it’s just moved right at the line. It would cost thousands to cut it down and it would be a sin against nature. Those frigging box elders I am beginning to hate, though. So many trees all rolled into one, you have to watch them to see if one base is leaning too far and pulling the others and shit like that. But boy do cats love those trees because they have built in seats and ledges. lol. Thank heavens the forsythia trees in front behind the fence are in perfect condition. I love those things. Privacy and the first bloom of spring all rolled into one.

    I took a shot and we went out there to look around. Lots of branches hurled, some big. One of them will need to be chain sawed. The tall pine near the rear of the house is still standing. For something so tall and not so wide, it sure is strong. The Christmas pines lost a lot of branches this time, though but are otherwise okay. I have one tall pine near garage that I know I need to cut down, it’s dying. It’s also very high. Another check to write. But you see how good everything looks with all that mature foliage. Bare land is so boring. Bah!

  201. socal, the dog just went out a little while ago and she is fine. She was very sturdy and steadfast against the wind and it didn’t bother her. I guess being bred to chase sheep around hills and things in the freezing cold and wind makes for a hurricane dog.

  202. This is what she REALLY waits for. Which is why Utah is a great place for her and California isn’t. So, whatchu gonna do for her, NES, while you fight for custody with Utah? (Utah, watch NES say she’s buy a snowmaker. You can trump her by promising to buy a sheep)

  203. I’m going to have my trees topped or cut soon. I fortunately have a connection with a tree service, so it will not be as costly as it could be. I know tree service is expensive, but it’s dangerous work.

    My dogs were not happy about going out yesterday. They don’t like the rain and they are water dogs. Spoiled? Nah.

    As for the fatality, I just learned who, and it is nit for me to judge, but this guy had a dog who was left outside in all extreme weather, including 102 degree temps this summer. I think the dog may have died recently. The dog was taken from him but returned once by animal control. My heart breaks for the poor dog.

  204. Hugo, he may have had to recently answer for how he treated the dog who had no voice or choice.

  205. I actually considered dog napping the poor little guy, but two cops live across the road.

    The tree was 5 feet in diameter, 15-20 tons and demolished the whole house. There are heliocopters and rescue trucks on scene. Calling for crane. Massive message–be nice to all critters.

  206. Wanted to send my thoughts out to all Uppity’s living through this ordeal! ((((Prayers for you all))))) Stay safe~

  207. Yeah sounds like he got his. Terrible to say.

    Too bad you don’t have a group of rescue banditos like the one I know. They go in the night, steal the abused animal and cart it off far away to a good home, never to be seen again. I participated in one of those with a cat this summer, if you recall me mentioning it.

  208. Waving to Justme! We’re doing okay, thank goodness!

  209. Happy to see folks posting up here that they are ok and came through with little to no damage.
    Needlenose would not like Calif. It has tons of fleas. Utah does not. Ever seen a double coated dog with fleas ? I used that stuff you squirt on their neck ( very expensive) and it did not stop the fleas. I had to bathe them every other day in flea soap. My poor dogs were miserable. They had never had a flea on them in their lives. Needlenose can go herding in the hills with her buddies so ne ner ne ner ne ner I win. Added bonus , I have enough grand kids via my daughter to sink the queen Mary so she would be in heaven.
    Speaking of the little woofers I would have stolen that dog Hugo. Agree about Karma. That is why I have this little Toto dog. Not because I needed to add to my herd, I just could not stand to see that little fur ball go through another Utah winter. They can be very brutal I am telling you.
    She now goes out the Doggy door by herself and does her thing and races back into the house and curls up in front of the fire place. She and the wrecking crew are firmly bonded and the races go on for hours lol. It is so rewarding to see a lifeless dog ( one who had nothing to live for) become full of life and love every minute of it.

  210. Utah, bless you for what you did for that little rug rat. As you know, it’s my philosophy that if you have to bend down to pet it, it’s not really a dog, and I know you like the rugged pooches, so I also know this was strictly an act of kindness on your part. And in return you get your lap warmed, I am sure. My dog often tries to warn my lap, but generally comes close to bursting my appendix in the effort.

    Yes, she loves herding kids! But since I know your daughter, if you want, I could hae a talk with her about what causes babies.

  211. I’ll buy a snow-maker and a herd of sheep. #NeedleNose

    Cute pic of her, Upps.

  212. Would you take her to the mountains? Will you mind having to remove fur from your suit before entering court?

    I dunno Utah. She really wants the dog.

  213. Needlenoses love for WHISKEY TRUMPS ALL !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  214. Soooo glad you weathered the storm Uppity! I’m not gonna say it was a breeze, however, the past 4 years has made you very resilient! Hope everyone else on the east coast is doing OK, considering…..Sending good thoughts out to all~

  215. send my thoughts out to all Uppity’s living through this ordeal!
    Praying for you all 🙂

  216. I’m not gonna say it was a breeze


    YOU ARE THERE!!!!!!

    You betcha! I wouldn’t DREAM of giving my detractors satisfaction!

  217. We all TY foxy honey.

  218. Opps!!! Yea, maybe should of wrote…. bet it wasn’t a breeze! 😉

  219. Hahaha Justme. A REALLY STRONG breeze!

  220. Power is back on! It went out about 7 last night, when I last posted. Going to take a shower while it lasts.

  221. A collie with fleas is not a good thing.

    It always made me freak a little when I would see those little black specs on that long needle-nose. Poor dog would look up at you as if to say, get it off me , get it off me.

    As to the DC critters, well recall those little beans have their own underground network. Heaven help them if they actually have to deal with public transit or weather (unless it is making millions from global warming and green energy scams and trying to call weather climate).

    And the are used to a lot of wind. They create much of it themselves.

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