Halloween and Fear, Then and Now.

Boo. Click on me right now or die.

Speaking of “Be Prepared,” this post was pre-loaded and scheduled on October 28, to ensure you Uppityites get to enjoy it even if Uppity and Toto were carried out of Kansas in the anticipated hurricane.



Traditionally on Halloween, I do Halloween food posts. But I think that’s tapped out, mainly because how can you top a meatloaf  hand, eh? Or other delectables, such as Brains In A Jar Cake or  Tentacle Pot Pie  or  literal Finger Food or Peanut Butter Eyeball Cookies .

It’s all been done–more or less, although the options for edible eyeballs never seem to end.

So this year, I figured you might like to see the last official photo of the Father of Halloween Costumes, namely Bela Lugosi. I don’t suppose any of you will question that this is indeed the last photo of him, as in this case, they slammed the lid and it stayed down. Permanently. Far as we know, heh. He wasn’t acting. As you can see, I got these photos from one of my secret favorite places, Findadeath. If you want the real poop and scoop on famous dead people, this is the place to go. You would be shocked at just what kind of  lowlife scum America worships once you see the truth about them revealed after their deaths.

Bela Lugosi died a pauper. Vampires never could hold down day jobs. You can imagine it was hard for him to find work even on the third shift, considering his image didn’t lend itself very well to normal parts once the Dracula thing got old — and his signature “Bite Your Neck” Hungarian accent did little to help the situation. He was also one Fugly guy. He almost had to be. There were no awesome special effects in movies back then. To instill fear, a movie had to rely on the Chill Factor of the Character. Still, Bela was a huge Effects advancement from the original Dracula movie, Nosferatu. Seriously,  Barack Obama and Paul Ryan are scarier than Nosferatu was. I know this because, when I was a High School English teacher, I used this movie as comic relief when I taught Bram Stoker’s Dracula as an additional requirement for AP students, some of whom were already smarter than I was. I remember a moronic Vice Principal  of limited Grey Matter asking me what my purpose was for distributing this book (which possessed the most advanced vocabulary EVAH). I told him my goal was to get them to…..you know….. actually want to…..read!  No Monarch Notes!  But mostly, I did it because it was fun. But I digress. I can do that. It’s my blog.

Bela did not have enough money in his estate to bury himself in death, and all of his caskets were actually owned by Parmount, so legend has it that Frank Sinatra paid for his funeral. No kidding.

I myself have been enjoying the quintessential Halloween experience for most of this month, thanks to the AMC Fear Fest. They are running All Halloween All The Time. I’ve seen Friday The 13th sequels, sequels to the sequels, and Sons of Sequels. I watched Michael Meyers and Jason VorHees shot up with enough bullets and sliced with enough blades to turn them into strawberry barrels, hacked,burned,  plugged, stabbed, drowned – over and over and over again.  But how could it be AMC Fear Fest without Stephen King, all the way back to “Dead Zone,” when Christopher Walken was like 12 years old.

Through it all, I got hooked on a series for the first time in decades: I’m talking about  AMC’s  The Walking Dead. Yes, that’s right……Me…the woman who never watched Seinfeld till after it hit syndication, is hooked on The Walking Dead series. I am so ashamed, but I can’t help myself.  Not since **Barnabas Collins and Dark Shadows have I known such joy. We’re talking ***blood and guts and veins in your teeth and dead burnt bodies here. I admit I’m a couple of years late to this series, but AMC took care of that problem too. They ran all of  seasons 1 and 2 episodes back-to-back before beginning this season’s episodes. By the time season 3 started, I was all caught up and hooked on Gruesome and Ghouls. Watching a group of the few remaining people Living On Earth, dirty, grimy, sweaty and sexy, collectively mowing down, decapitating and chopping up zombies without so much as a slight gag reflex —  and then shrugging and moving on — is just too much for me to resist. This practically makes me a member of a cult.

To enhance my embarrassment with myself, AMC continually played  snippets from a song between segments that I fell in love with. I mean this song had me moving and singing along, even though I  didn’t connect all the  lyrics. This song was hot, I mean hot as in, but for menopause, I would have probably reproduced to this song. It put me into a serious horizontal,  bone-jumping mood. So……  Being Me, I simply had to go find this song on the youtubes so I could capture it and  Hippy groove to it whenever I wanted to. Of course, I succeeded. And once I was able to listen to the whole thing, I was horrified at myself that I still loved the arrangement after I deciphered the lyrics and acquired the title: Kill Of The Night.

Let’s put it this way, boyz:  If you are on a first date with a woman and she tells you she loves this song, please understand that you are going to die tonight. I bring you the Ultimate Halloween Song:



If none of this entertains you, then how about watching Stephen King’s Needful Things tonight, for a creepy, back of your neck tingle?  I tried to find The Shining, but all I could get at the youtubes was the TV adaptation, sans Jack Nicholson. I mean if it isn’t going to be Jack saying,” Here’sssssssssss Johnnyyyyyyyy!!!!!!,” what’s the point? So, here’s Needful Things in 8 parts. You’re welcome.

Or if you would like to see how they did Fear back when there were no computerized special effects, while amusing yourself over how men and women were allowed to interact and behave in 1936, here’s the original Death Takes A Holiday.  Here was a fragile woman (weren’t they all–except for Kate Hepburn?) who dared to look for More. And boy did she get it. But when you’re hot, your hot!

Please note that there was a 1971 remake of this movie that is a great comparison of how far women had come since 1936. Until of course now. You can see that version  here.



And finally:

**RIP Barnabas. I wanted to have sex with you and Quentin.

*Boo Kitty, along with some other awesome gifs by some very creative people, was found here. Not to credit these brilliant “Giffers” would be a felony in my mind.

***Credit to Arlo Guthrie’s Alice’s Restaurant Massacre narrative.


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  1. Laker went to a costume party Sat nite. He went as Indiana Jones & created his costume on his own from stuff here, I am pleased to say. He looked cute. He said there were a bunch of batmans there and one weird kid had on a mask that was half Romney half Bark and a tee shirt that said “undecided voter”!?!?

  2. It took several months of my surgical tech telling me about how great The Walking Dead was before I decided to watch the first two seasons on Blu-ray with my wife and our neighbor, an elderly widow originally from Belgium. Needless to say, we all got totally hooked into it from the first episode and are now caught up with the current third season episodes. Just tonight, we showed the first two episodes of the first season to my in-laws, who were visiting for Halloween. Even with all the gross stuff they could not stop watching.

  3. Tony, Thank God I’m not alone!

  4. You are the biz, Uppity! Loved this post. Thank you.

  5. I know I dunned good when you show up!

  6. Best Halloween Post Evah.

    Loved the nod to Arlo!

  7. Well then Karen, this is for you. I own this vinyl, baby.

  8. Love this post and Halloween. The only day when I don’t feel guilty about sharing the sh!t out of my kids.

    The Walking Dead is my fave! Enjoying silent but deadly Michonne, a total badass.

  9. The Nukes are scarier than halloween. It could have been horrific. They need to do something about the older ones and they need to do something about safer storage of used material that is dangerous to keep around – they are just asking for a major disaster in highly populated areas. Indian Point is on a known fault line that has had earthquakes. WTF. Exelon – Obama’s BFF.


  10. Upps, are you saying I can get anything I want at a restaurant? You might want to rethink that. You cannot afford my food tab.

  11. Funny!


  12. jihad kitteh costume. Dark humor, I know But still…

  13. Save the pumpkins!

  14. Stop the marshmallow violence!

  15. Horrific cranberry massacre.

  16. Happy Halloween everyone. 🙂

  17. Here’s that Sandy Con Ed explosion that’s gone viral. Now THAT’s scary

  18. Uppity:
    You are too much
    the jihad Kitteh costume.
    Kitteh: What a trooper you are to put up with sick earthling’s minds.
    Henri is right.

  19. This is my favorite eerie ghost story on film. No fancy special effects just old fashioned movie techniques and a perfect musical score.

    The Univited

  20. handburgers:

    google images – halloween costumes for dogs – omg cute!!

    halloween costumes for cats – adorable!!

  21. Yay! Soupster is a walking dead addict too!

  22. Ewwwwwwww handburgers!

  23. Happy halloween, Uppityiies!! Glad you east coasters rode out that “little breeze” mostly unscathed. Another usual splendid Halloween post, Uppity!. Jihad bomber kitteh costume is a winner. Seems like yesterday, we were partying over 2 million hits here. Uppity Woman is about to get 4 million hits! And “the woman” (as MKBill calls her) went missing for a month. Someone feed me a handburger…Hands are missing and this was typed out with a pen in the nostril. BOOO!!!

  24. Hal, I noticed that a few days ago, about being close to 4 mil. Time has really flown hasn’t it?

    Oh, we have another repulsican making a statement about “the rape thing”. These creeps are just incapable of minding their own fucking business:


  25. Ewwwwwwwwwww snotty pen!

    Hey somebody noticed we are at the 4 million mark reallyyyyy soon. Even closed down we reach a milestone. Take THAT you big shot detractors.

  26. Jaysus another crotch sniffing asshole. What these guys deserve is the Rape Thing up their asses with a splintery baseball bat. That won’t “excuse” their inability to control their sphincters from therein.

    Here’s another guy who, if his daugher or his wife got raped, would be heading straight for that private clinic for that A word and call it a D and C.

  27. Hahaha! “Here’s another guy who, if his daugher or his wife got raped, would be heading straight for that private clinic for that A word and call it a D and C.”

    Upps you nailed it!

  28. Socal, I am so fed up with Republican men making statements about things of which they know nothing. By default, it also makes their opinions about the economy, foreign policy, or anything else suspect since they’ve proven they don’t possess any real intelligence.

    By the way, I answered you on LucasFilm on the downstairs thread.

  29. I’ll be happy to see that do nothing POS con job scott brown go down, though. Importante: Senate and house not held by one party. I like the way things look. This is very important because it ensures that these two hijacked extremist crackpot parties can’t get their talons into laws without checks and balances. It will also force a more balanced appointment of moderation to the SCOTUS. We already have enough extremist nutbags there. They already gave us Eminant Domain and Corporations are People Too. Enough is enough from both sides of these crackpot parties that have infiltrated the highest court in the land.

  30. Sophie, so agree abt Disney. They make horrible crap, and those poor dumb kids that are on those shows are usually really screwed up. We know a few. You wouldn’t believe the stories I hear about it. A lot of the kids (boys & girls) are introduced to drugs and sex when they’re like 12 or 13. Taken advantage of by the pervy older men that run everything like its their personal harem.

  31. uppity, that recipe has hot dogs and red dye. Now that’s scary.

  32. Hey karen! How are ya?

  33. Republican that ran against Allen West endorses the dem:

    WASHINGTON — Bob Crowder, the Republican who ran against Rep. Allen West (R-Fla.) in the primary, announced Wednesday that he is endorsing Democrat Patrick Murphy in the congressional race. And he didn’t mince his words.

    “As a Republican for over 30 years, I’m embarrassed by the radical fringe that has taken over the party. Sadly, Allen West is their poster child, and the hateful, divisive comments he’s made throughout this campaign make it clear to me he’s the wrong choice for our district,” Crowder said in a statement.

  34. NJ and NY are never going to be the same after this storm. Whole neighborhoods wiped out. I have been checking on the places I’ve lived in the past – where I grew up, where I raised my family, etc. and they are all hit so hard. We lived near the water for most of my 47 years in NY and my friends and family still live there. We saw lots of bad storms. This one is worse than all of them put together.

  35. Yeah Karen and I think some hot dogs aready have red dye in them.

  36. Disney has a despicable history of taking over very young kids and grooming them for their parallel universe movies, coddle them, control them and their every move in life. Then when their voices change, Disney kicks their asses out of the ‘family’ with a big steel boot. Which explains the so many fucked up lives.

  37. Interesting about Crowder. Wish Hillary had done that! lol. Hillary should have run as McCain’s VP. lol.

  38. Yes, it looks like utter hell. On ABC news now they’re showing gas bubbling up from under the water. Apparently there are gas leaks everywhere and many fires.

  39. Have you heard from Pamela? Is the power back?

  40. Got another header up for the Halibut.

    No haven’t heard from Pam, but Karen says she’s okay. She’s probably got a power problem though. Usually she comments in the AM so we shall see then.

  41. The very popular Jersey Shore is truly wiped out. So too Atlantic City, which was always a dump IMO, but still.

  42. Cute header. What a beautiful cat Bill is.

    They are evacuating Bellevue Hosp now.

  43. For those of you who didn’t click on BOO kitty in the post, if he wasn’t moving, click on him now. A brilliantly done gif file.

  44. Happy Halloween… enjoy. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=5nFbH1ULG-8 😆 😆 😆 😆 one of my favorites on HALLOWEEN…. 😯 😉 🙂 😆 😆 BOO!

  45. Pam said she was warm and safe. No phone or electric but doing fine. This region is restoring power pretty fast. PA didn’t have the ocean knocking on our doors. Downed lines and trees – nothing like they got at the shore.

  46. Love the post — happy Halloween!
    (Barnabus and Quentin — so different but both so hot.)
    I must say I like the ABC television miniseries of The Shining best: it was filmed at The Stanley (which inspired the book), the plot follows the book and the performances are excellent, not campy.


  47. Love your critique of Disney, Upps.

  48. What cracks me up, NES, is they pimp themselves ad nauseum as the “Family Channel”, “Family Movies” and “Family Fun”. And they use kids up and throw them away like yesterday’s newspaper.

  49. djmm, the ABC Shining version is on youtube in full, and it’s not in segments. So if you want to see it, you can grab it there.

  50. Whoa Casper! That was CHILLING!

  51. Yes djmm, Quentin was a hottie. Here’s something for you.

    Unfortunately, he has NOT aged well.

  52. Happy Halloween, Upps and all Uppityites. Boo!

  53. You know, Bill in that header looks amazingly like the Dude I rescued from PetSmart on his last days, about a month ago. You remember this guy? He’s doing SO well in his new home! He was so shy, hiding under a bed for awhile, probably waiting for somebody to surrender him again. It didn’t happen, and he’s sooooo happy now. He was days away from the needle. Petfinder Pic:

  54. Ah I see we have another Congressional Pervert. That’s new.

  55. Alas, Barnabus Collins. With that smeary hair brought forward. What a vamp. Dark Shadows was a trip, considering it was a daytime show.

    UW, you aren’t the only one who started paying attention to Seinfeld until it went into syndication. 🙂

  56. I had to literally run home from school, burst in the door, run to the kitchen and fix a peanut butter sandwich and glass of milk, carry those to the tv tray thing and watch Dark Shaows. It came before anything else even “Hi Mom”. 😆

  57. Support for California’s Prop 37, Labeling of genetically modified food, is tanking and once again Monsanto plays hardball to be the sole decider of what you ingest without your permission.

  58. O/T Upps and friends. I seem to be having trouble opening videos all I get is the link.I noticed YOU TUBE looks different and they want me to sign in on Google I don’t like Google.
    Amy advice would sure be appreciated. 🙂

  59. Any advice. 😆

  60. foxy, far as I know you aren’ ever required to sign in to google to view or search for a video, unless it’s mature or warning material. So the problemo is on your end. When you say all you get is a link, could you be more specific pls. Also what browser are you using.

  61. We now have a genuine 3 column republican rape advisory chart.

  62. Janet Neapolitano is in my state today, wrapping up a news conference with my Gov, our senators, and a few other pols.

  63. WOW, that republican rape advisory chart. WOW.

    I pretty much pelted the republican party call center volunteer with the uterus attacks when they called my house and asked who I was voting for. I told them I was getting on board Romney’s bus until he chose Ryan the neanderthal. The man was instantly arrogant and mocking towards me as if I was an idiot. I told him Ryan was far too concerned with my uterus and he was far too conservative for me to support. The caller said oh really (very smugly) and asked me for specifics. I threw the legislations at him, Ryan’s cohorts, Ryan’s religious holier than thou crap and everything else I didn’t like about Ryan back at him as if I was a sub-machine gun! He said very little after that and we soon hung up.

    If the republican party wants to attract independent wimmenz then they better get their hands out of our panties and they better stop talking down to us as if we are ignorant. That might be too much to ask. Sigh.

    obama sucks but I am not selling my soul to the devil just to beat him.

  64. as if I was a sub-machine gun

    You go, gatlin girl!

  65. All you third part voters will appreciate this — makes the case for voting 3P.


  66. Upps.I am on Firefox. Every thing was fine till a few days ago.
    And I have checked a lot of people are having the same problem the video won’t open.
    And the strange thing is it will open on some sites but not others?? 😯

  67. Correct, it doesn’t look good.

  68. Foxy, check and see if adobe flash is updated to current software. Let me know if it works. If not, we’ll check some other stuff. Exit firefox after you update and then go back in.

  69. I don’t know, though. I might stay home. I mean Stein is great about fighting for women but man, she’s way too far left for my tastes with the Green stuff, and the OWS stuff. Not to mention the government jobs push. However, I would like third party to get enough votes for a change to send a message that we are Fed Up with these assholes. But I am NOT a progressive, never said I was.

  70. Checked all up to date. Sometimes it works and sometimes not.
    For others like me that needs a fix.
    Here is our girl. Looking very Presidential. 🙂

  71. IT WORKED YippEE!!!!! 🙂

  72. Jill is getting a lot of Hillary voters. 🙂

  73. Ah it worked. I’ll send you a bill, Foxy. xxoo.

  74. Good video, foxy. Jill Stein is getting this Hillary voter’s vote. No, I’m not in love but she is quite a reasonable None of the Above data point for the post-election analyzers (if there really are such folks). I don’t want anyone misinterpreting my vote as a sign that the country is moving to the right. The country is not. The people who can afford to buy Pols are.

  75. Upps, there is a rebuttal from the CIA against the lies spread by Fox news regarding Benghazi. Gee, what a surprise. The red team media is willing to whore itself just as wontonly as the blue team media whores. They are slugs. Don’t you just cringe over the “new jobs!” headlines that are all positive about pitiful numbers? We are suffering and they are trying to make it out to be whipped cream on pie.

    The Annex was CIA. Of course they don’t tell us everything. That’s why they have investigations into events like this. I can’t stand that people are using this tragedy as a political tool. It is sickening to me.

    My sister and loved BIL served in war torn countries in embassies for decades. You have no idea how many times I worried to death over them. They had hidden foreign and international citizen passports sewn into their luggage lining should they need to pretend they were not Americans – to save their lives. State is a very dangerous job and it pays very well too. I take this all differently than most. I lived it.


  76. Would feel better if that CIA answwer had occured shortly after the incident, though.

    Who knows, Karen. When it comes to transparency, I am convinced thay are all liars, so who can figure out anything. People who believe one side or the other are generally partisans not looking for any facts.

    I can’t imagine that any facet of our government (exept for Obama, to be honest), be it state or military or CIA, would do NOTHING in the face of this attack.

  77. PSA, the new header is to remind you that the clocks must be turned back on November 4, so that you might be adequately depressed when you leave work in the dark.

  78. Wow…the NY Marathon is turning out to be an intensely controversial issue.

  79. Wow. That was fast. Breaking news: Marathon postponed!

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