No question where the brain is in this bunch

Any questions?


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  1. Sorry I haven’t been around much, I had a bunch of medical people harassing my ass today all morning. I’m burnt out.

    listen, for those of you who have laptops, I have been meaning to give you a link to SPEEDFAN. It’s a free piece of software that monitors your computer’s temperature. You can use it whenever you feel like your fan is working overtime or the lappie is getting hot. You just click on the icon and it will tell you if your laptop is too hot. You can then shut down for about ten minutes and bring it back to normal. This usually happens if you are doing a lot of stuff quickly or playing complex games. Sometimes it just happens because your fan is clogged with cat hair and you need to get some liquid air and blow it out.

    Anyways, it’s a great tool and will keep your computer from shutting down all by itself to protect it from the heat.

  2. Koreans caught lying like a rug about their auto fuel economy, forced to reimburse Kia and Hyundai owners to the tune of a zillion bucks.

    It’s not enough that Americans died to keeep them from the clutches of that North Korean nutbag Sum Dumb Fuck — as a sign of gratitude, they stuck it up our asses by lying about their cars.

  3. I would not have believed that if I didn’t just see it. But I don’t know why I should be a doubting Thomasina…they shouldf have sent my cat to the ME. He would have found Osama 10 years ago!

    Hope all is well with you, Miss Upps!!


    I agree with you on those Korean Auto makers but I think it’s safe to say that not only were they telling some tales about their cars, but the industry as whole is full of…….Doo-Doo!

  5. sorry…I added an extra T to your name! 🙂

  6. DDragon! is that You!? Check out the two D’s. Hehehehe.

  7. Ye of little faith, Ani!

  8. hehehehe…

  9. “I sincerely apologize to all affected Hyundai and Kia customers, and I regret these errors occurred,” said W.C. Yang, chief technology officer of Hyundai and Kia’s joint research and development center.

    Yeah now go commit hari kari, fuckwad.

  10. As Kelly Bundy would say, Urethra! Somebody finally did something!
    FTC files cases against “Cardholder Servicies” robocallers.
    Surely, everyone here has heard from “Rachael” during supper, while you were in the middle of something important, or on Saturday morning while you slept late…

  11. I had a Siamese when I was young that would help the dogs obtain candy and other goodies out of their reach. All one would find upon returning home would be the empty wrappers/containers. Caught her at it one day when she not only swiped hershy kisses from a dish but proceeded to remove the foil using that little slip of paper on each piece.

  12. That was so cute! Cats are such a hoot. Amazing that one could open a Hersheys Kiss. I have hard time opening those little suckers.

    I’m not surprised about the Korean cars.

  13. Upps, I’ve gotten those horrible calls. I’m so sick of phone spam and email spam. I would love to see them both outlawed. If these companies want to advertise, let them mail us a flyer or advertise in the regular media. When they phone and email they are intruding into, inside our private homes.

  14. Siamese are just incredibly smart cats. I swear they and abbysinnians are the brain surgeons of the cat world.

    Chocolate however is highly toxic to cats and dogs. When I was a child I lost a beloved young dog to chocolate, after he ate an entire LARGE solid chocolate easter egg. They love chocolate, which is why we have to lock it away from them. Kind of like children with candy, only more deadly.

  15. Not sure who’s the smart one-the kitty or the dogs who let him for all the work.

    As for the Korean cars, I’m not too sympathetic. Who buys a Korean car? Then we have to bail out the US auto industry. Can’t wait until the new Indian Hunk-o-Junks come into the US.

    As for the integrity issue, didn’t a Korean scientist lie about being the first to clone some animal? I decided some time ago that the concept of truth has different meanings in different cultures. That’s why we end up with melamine in food and anti-freeze in cough medicine.

  16. On the last thread NES linked to a Salon article on the progressive case against him. It was very good. They also have some other articles about why obama is lower than pond scum. The scales have fallen off their koolaid encrusted eyes.

  17. Hugo:
    Had not been for the mighty cat, the dogs would have stayed out until the crack of dawn or someone else would have open the door…
    Madame Belle wonders about that smart-smarts .
    She says: “we cats rule.”…
    Where do you get all this wonderful stuff? amazing…

  18. Thanks for the link Upps.Are you doing OK ?

    Was over to RD’s and she just now got Power back. 😉

  19. A friend of ours bought a hunk of chocolate to use in some Christmas treat baking a few years ago. It was in the bottom of a thick large bag that she put in the back of her huge SUV (she lives on a ranch, pulls horses). Anyway, she takes her little dog with her everywhere, and while she ran into another store for something, the little smartie got into the bag, got out the chocolate, unwrapped it and ate it all. She drove the dog immediately to the vet, and the vet saved him, but it cost her almost a grand in vet bills.

  20. I don’t know whether to think this is funny or outrageous:

    Akin was arrested several times, had to be carried out, at clinics. Can you be a senator with multiple arrests? No respect for the law?

  21. I didn’t think it was possible to find someone who could make Claire McCaskill look normal and good, but the mission has been accomplished.

  22. Gawd that Jim Messina looks just like a vintage Howdy Doody doll.

  23. If you’ve forgotten to turn your clocks back an hour, you’re running early right now.

    So do it now so you aren’t embarrassed when you show up an hour early somewhere.

  24. 5 days X 24 hours/day = long time without internet. Glad to be back. No permanent damage.

    Totally uninformed as to how uppityites have fared except 4 Karen who texted back that she too was offline.
    Glad this blog is open for business. BBL.

  25. Hey! Welcome back, girlfriend!

    Bet your kitty was a HUGE comfort.

  26. I myself got lucky and didn’t lose a tree the size of Brooklyn. This is because we didn’t flood, or at least I didn’t flood. So the wind had no potentially uprooted trees to send onto my house. It was hairy but we got by. Power was spotty but nothing serious like you had. Roads were blocked for several days in many places with downed trees, though. Some people did have power out for a few days, we just weren’t in the area that got nailed badly. There were lots of fire trucks out too

    One consolation is the wind raked my leaves for me. The wind was a horror show. My dog was priceless out there when she had to go out. The wind did a huge number on her fur while she remained firmly planted and undaunted. Tough girl. Indoors, it only took her about an hour to stop barking at the wind. Then she gave up. The cats slept through the whole damned thing but stayed REALLY close to us. Even my tuxie, who tends to hang out upstairs 24/7 didn’t venture up there and stayed on the first floor. We figured if a tree fell on the house, the second floor would get killed but maybe buffer the damage to the first floor, so we rationalized it was safer on the first floor — with lots of comfort food and scrabble. I mostly lost. I hate when that happens.

  27. NY, my eternal home no matter where I live:

  28. Hi Pam – 5 days is an eternity for me. I would have moved if I had to do without heat, internet and hot coffee and/or tea brewing.

  29. NY, my eternal home no matter where I live:

    Me too, karen! Seriously!

    Pam’s got the power back!!

  30. OMG 5 days without coffee would be 911 call for me.

    I’m prepared. I have a stove top coffee pot for just such occasions. With a gas stove top. If I’m gonna be in the dark I’m gonna be drinking coffee.

    Just one more bit of proof I’m from NY.

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