Stray cat interviews for On-Location Reporter job.


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  1. Now where did I see a little light grey cat who commands any scene and gets all the attention? That cat has a doppelganger and soul sister.

  2. Yeah that cat suspiciously resembles Tiger Lily…..

  3. OMG!! It looks astonishingly like Tiger Lily!! About her size right now too. Whew! I just checked on her and it is NOT Tiger Lily! Wow–she has a double out there.

  4. Sophie, did it ever occur to you that she is possibly capable of astroprojection?

  5. No UW although she does seem to have some super powers.

    Did it ever occur to you that Smokey Bones was just spayed and Lily could have A LOT more relatives out there?

  6. Yes Sophie, this did occur to me and, given their penchant for 1) understanding the earth’s magnetic field and relocating accordingly and 2) finding homes with suckers for cats residing therein, I worry daily that they might come find me. All of them.

    Or……they may go looking for relatives. Be afraid.

  7. ROFL!!!

  8. Or……they may go looking for relatives. Be afraid.

    And the relatives will tweet all their friends.

    Next thing you know you will have a dancing cat flash mob.

  9. Bahahahaha! Right on Sophie’s front lawn!

  10. Aww, that was so cute! It did look like a Lily cousin or sibling.

  11. It’s funny to me how I just don’t care at all about this election. My life will go on either way and what the big bullchitters are doing in DC won’t make much of a difference in the big picture. One may lead us to a military society entrenched in endless war, Wall Street over Main Street and continuation of the downward spiral – or the other one might lead us to the same or worse. There is no light at the end of this tunnel. It ends on Tuesday with a whimper either way. I don’t want Bushie’s party or Bama’s party to run things. Karl Rove and Axelrod are equally repugnant to me. I can’t stand Newty and Reid. Pelosi or Bachmann. Red or Blue? Not gonna do it. May not even vote for Gary Johnson this year – and I have always liked him. It is truly awful and discouraging when I feel I don’t even want to cast my vote after doing so every election since I turned 18. TPTB are going to win. We lose.

  12. I think after Obama loses that Bill and Hill will restore the Democratic party to it’s former glory. 🙂

  13. H.R.C. 2016 🙂

  14. Saw your title credit over at H44, foxi. Very funny.

    Karen I feel exactly the way you do.

    I still say Obama will win, but hey, what do I know. Either way, we all lose.

  15. I’ll be capitulating for Pretend Election Day and will put up a thread. I know you guys want one.

  16. Foxy I saw this over on your blog:

    this faux War on Women thing.

    Do you really not think there is a war on women, or at least on womens’ health issues? I was just curious.

    Love this vid that Beata put up over at TW. Note: video done by a woman.

  17. Kitty cat just wanted to be part of the action. Nothing like friends sharing fun.

    Here’s an election day reminder.

  18. Upps: is the time stamp correct here? Normally it’s an hr ahead of us on Central time but now it’s two hours ahead.

  19. crier I always loved the music theyused in those old news reels. 🙂

  20. Thanks for reminding me about the time, Fredster. Have to change it manually.

  21. Upps above. Okay, I thought that was something y’all had to do on your own. I guess MB took care of it over at TW. It was so odd at 2 this a.m. I only had to change the clock-radio and the microwave. Every thing else is set to change on its own.

    Hey, I saw you liked Walking Dead. What do you think is up with the guv? Last week I almost freaked when they showed those fish tanks with all of the heads in them. 😯

  22. Watching ABC News, wow, it’s going to be in the 30s in NY and NJ tonight, plus there’s a n’oreaster gonna roll in later this week.

  23. Yes I do admit MB is far swifter than I am, which is why I worship her.

    That governor guy has a really chalky undertone. Not good at all. Like whats her name said, Governor is not a nickname, it’s a title. I don’t freak on anything on the show, as the who thing IS a freak show. But I love it anyways.

    And yes, it was colder than a well digger’s ass this morning. I read about the noreaster, this would be a serious bummer for NJ, CT, NY, considering they haven’t gotten out from under the Sandy mess.

  24. US Conference of Catholic Bishops face IRS complaint over partisan advocacy.

    Too bad it had to reference Obama, because these snakes have been making laws in the USA for far too long. Their claws in congressional crap has been beyond excuse. They aren’t even covert any longer.

  25. Uppity said:

    I don’t freak on anything on the show, as the who thing IS a freak show

    You DO have a point there!

    Yes I do admit MB is far swifter than I am, which is why I worship her.

    Nah…she just has some time on her hands now. She said she and hubby were not even trying to get into the city since Bloomie put the 3-person deal on cars going in. I think they’ve dropped that now.

  26. MB, you got a regular Attila The Hun for Mayor, girl.

  27. Gawd, that kid on TWD is hard core. He shot her.

  28. I know!! 😯

    But is the baby a zombie baby??? Formula my ass, that kid wants BRAINS!!!!

  29. Nooooooo. She wasn’t a zombie when the baby was born. Hated losing her though. I liked her. and T Dog too.

  30. Tell me that kid isn’t going to be Effed up for life. In real life too, after playing that part.

  31. yeah but remember when Rick shot his buddy last season and then the buddy jumped up and was a zombie and Rick said it was in all of them and when they died they’d be zombified! (what a word!)

  32. Tell me that kid isn’t going to be Effed up for life

    Calling Dr. Freud, calling Dr. Jung! Calling Drs. Freud and Jung!

  33. I liked her. and T Dog too.

    Yeah but we still have Herschel. Is it me or does he have a Col. Sanders beard?

  34. Well, I have to go find something to eat. My schedule is soooo effed up it’s ridiculous. (shaking head)

  35. Good grief. What a freak.

  36. Yeah Fredster but the baby isn’t dead. The mother is dead, due to that minor detail of cutting her open without an anesthetic while she was already bleeding to death. Then her own son shot her to keep her from turning. Yeesh. To be honest, I’m a little pissed they offed Lori. I really liked her. She added some Human to the mix. And the grungier she got the better looking she got. That’s inspiring. lol.

  37. SophieCT and Upps: Take a gander at this. I’ve had this one tucked away for a good time to put it somewhere.

    Check #7 written by Annette. To hell with the zombies, I’m worried that these people are out there walking loose! 😯

  38. I just saw Carl shoot mom again. Yeah, that kid is gonna have issues big time!

  39. Do you think the walkers got Carol?

  40. Sarah Wayne Calies (Lori) talks about doing THAT scene (SPOILERS) on tonight’s episode of The Walking Dead:

  41. Do you think the walkers got Carol?

    I dunno. They had a woman on The Talking Dead..assistant director (?) and she mentioned that the folks on the show hadn’t asked about Carol. Sooo…

  42. Interesting read Tony. Lori *was* one of the main things that kept Rick on an even keel (as much as possible for Rick). But now he’s going to have the baby to be responsible for so it will be interesting to see how that plays out.

  43. Good God, Fredster, that crackpot zealot link is frightening. Did you notice one of the commenters runs “Prayerfulcryoutministries”? Even MORE frightening link, warning that we might be looking upon God’s face with dread. These people are mentally ill addicts. Reminds me of Cheech and Chong schtick on “I used to be all messed up on drugs, now I’m all messed up on the Lord”.

  44. Like I said Uppity, it worries me that those people are out there running loose and on their own. As I said, to hell with the zombiies, we can get them with one head shot. These folks? I dunno…

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