Music for the lull before the storm.

I always return to these two performances when I want to feel better. How about you? What music makes YOU feel better, even on the day before the Big Win that will inevitably become the Big Disappointment?

They seem so pleased to be there. With themselves, with each other and with Mozart.

I just love this, period.


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  1. I like Bono, Paul McCartney, Sting, the Stones. Actually I like alot of music but those those 4 are the only ones i’d actually pay $ to seetones

  2. oh yeah, & Dylan. I’d pay ro see Dylan too

  3. And your favorite Dylan youtube video is? Hope there’s that harmonica in it~

  4. my fave Dylan song is Lily, Rosemary, & the Jack of Hearts. Not sure if there’s a youtube video (I can’t always get them to play) but there’s plenty of harmonicas in the song 🙂

  5. Yay! It ain’t Dylan without a harmonica!

  6. Your wish is my command.

  7. Personally, when I think of Dylan, this always pops into my mind.

  8. Or I think of

  9. awesome! thanx Uppity! 🙂

  10. Music is the food of the soul..

  11. Never really liked Dylan. To me that guy just can not sing. Ice picks in my ears might feel better. Anyway glad to hear everyone has made it through the storm and hope the one coming is not too bad. Been busy getting my storm windows up preping for what is about to come. Getting all patio furniture in garage and draining the ponds.
    Brought up all my baking paraphernalia from the basement and getting ready for Winter. As much as I like all the fresh fruits and veggies that go with Summer I am more then ready for the great warm comforting foods of Winter and breads etc. I just put up my red hot cinnamon apple jelly and canned a boat load of pears. I even did several jars of pears in red and several in green to go on the holiday table. I scored on apples and there are several bushels in the basement so will be getting those all put up next day off I have then on to doing what I really love and that is baking.
    Any who looking forward to Obama going tomorrow that is all I will say on that . Take care all got to get to work.

  12. If I get one more political robo call I am going to spit. I long for a real person so I can blow his eardrum out with my old police whistle.

    These people are worse than Rachael from Cardmember Services. Of course, our Congressional pigs exempted themselves from the Do Not Call list.

  13. My crappy health insurance is going up another $57. I got priced out of my good health insurance. Soon the same thing will happen with this policy. Thans Barack! You asshole! Where’s my $2500 yearly rate reduction you promised with your lying mouth?

  14. I don’t know where all that insurance premium money is going. I took one test that cost $38 and the insurer paid $4. Another set of lab tests were $81 and insurance paid $16.

    I’m just so glad I am insuring someone else when I can’t afford my own.

  15. I’m a Bob fanatic. I spent more time following Bob than Hillary – lol.

    That isn’t Bob doing L, R and the JOH – he has never done it live except for one time in 1976 with Baez. It is a Bob cover band.

    Just for the record. I am very picky about my Bob trivia. I’m a Disciple.

  16. Bob gets better with age. Just bought his new CD.

  17. Hugo, I listened to it for weeks and that last song still made me cry each time I heard it. And it has been 32 years. Perfectly belated tribute. Love all 500 Dylan songs. Well, there are one or two that I cringe at but 99 percent of them are nothing short of brilliant.

    Love and Theft and Time Out of Mind were amazing too. What a guy.

  18. Okay this is priceless. This POS had a heart attack in prison and on his death bed admits to a gruesome murder, figuring he wouldn’t live to face the consequences. Too bad for him, the bag of shit recovered.

  19. Bill Clinton making Robo Calls for Warren. I guess Mr. self-impressed “Independent” Blunt Amendment co-sponsor and naked centerfold isn’t too happy about that.

  20. Obama heckled by anti abortion meddler in Ohio. Class video. Of course the heckler has a penis.

  21. Funny how the US Soldier who is accused of a rampage in Afghanistan is having a hearing already while that Fort Hood piece of shit Hasan has been collecting $6000 a month for three years awaiting trial.

  22. Brig. General jeffry Sinclair hearing, facing courts martial on charges including forcible sodomy, wrongful sexual conduct, violating orders, engaging in inappropriate relationships, misusing a government travel charge card, and possessing pornography and alcohol while deployed.

  23. Proving once again that morons should not be allowed to have kids.

    PITTSBURGH — A 2-year-old boy visiting the Pittsburgh zoo was killed Sunday morning when he fell off a railing that his mother had put him on top of to view a pack of African painted dogs, who pounced on the child and mauled him, police said.

    It was not clear whether the boy died from the fall into the wild dog exhibit area or from the attack, said Barbara Baker, president and CEO of the Pittsburgh Zoo & PPG Aquarium.

  24. Doesn’t this remind you of the good old days of ’08?–election.html

    It almost makes me want to vote Romney, but no.


    Rove is saying Sandy screwed Mitt’s lead. They are ass to ass at the end stretch. May the biggest crook party win. Who is better at stealing votes? Is it the ones who stole the 2004 election or the ones who stole the 2008 election?

    We can celebrate the end of robocalls and lying ads, at least.

  25. Let ME screw you!

    No! Me! Me! Me!!!!

  26. Hello Gang! I feel like this is a High Holy next-24 hours for all of us. Since this is a no-election site, I won’t say any more. But, just wanted to drop in and hug y’all. What started five long years ago for most of us, could end in 24 hours — Amen.

  27. I’ll have a thread up at midnight for all you anxious people who won’t sleep, imagining things will be different. heh.

  28. hey nes did you send me an email with nothing in it but a .doc attachment or was that a hijack? I didn’t open it.

  29. That JayZ rap piece is really a piece of work (a disgusting one). And, yes karen, you’re right to draw the connection to the primary. Oh! for a president that doesn’t believe a scumbag rapper has anything of value to impart to the voters. I’m so sick of Obama.

  30. No, Upps, it was a valid attachment. It’s a Word doc. with text. Are you unable to open it?

  31. If there’s only one thing that’s different come midnight tomorrow, that’ll be a BFD…as far as I’m concerned.

  32. Not surprisingly, I always go to Mozart as well.

  33. And that, Madamab, is why you are my blog wife.

  34. No NES, I didn’t try, the doc was entitled “documentcompatibilitymode” and that generally means an old version of word, so it made me skittish. I will go ahead and open it since you have confirmed. xo.

  35. Yeah barack doesn’t want that day after pill near the batteries and bumblegum but he exposes his daughters to the most violent, scum-riddled rap. Makes sense.

  36. Ok I read it NES. Good luck with that.

  37. I know, Uppity! 😀 I swear, Mozart had a direct pipeline to whatever celestial force is out there…

  38. Yes indeed he did! He sure had one to me.

  39. Yes, he was absolutely otherworldy.

  40. Here’s another one….

  41. Sigh. So beautiful.

  42. To bed with me. My circadian is still on daylight savings time.

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