So…….Now What?

I was going to do a post on  my own analysis of  What Happened and Why, because I see the ‘experts’ are missing some very obvious things, such as fear of what will land on SCOTUS  in the next few years. I believe this was another one of those critical elephants in the room the pundits ‘forgot’ about. I have several other issues I think affected the outcome,  what’s the point? It’s done.

But like I said somewhere in comments, just because you ignore a problem doesn’t mean it’s not a problem. I can assure you others aren’t ignoring it with you–and there might be more of them than you imagine. It’s kind of like that. Specifically, women are 51% of the population and they are sick of taking shit from Politicans and their Sycophants. That’s likely why 11% more women than men voted on Tuesday. 67% of single women voted for Obama. They will continue to play up the latino vote as The Decider, forgetting that half of them are women too. Just saying. Elephant. Meet Room.

That having been said, we will continue on fighting sexism and misogyny on this blog in all ways we can, and if you don’t like it, that’s why God made Exit buttons on blogs.

I will issue one caveat, here, for some men. If you do not believe that women have the right to be as equal as you are, if you think that women’s rights should take a back seat to something “more important” to you, then do us all a favor, including yourself — don’t fake it here.  You will give yourself away in no time flat. Just move along so we don’t have to help you do it. On this blog, nothing, and I do mean nothing, trumps human rights. Without your rights, you are nothing. The same holds true for the rest of us, even if it’s an inconvenience to you at any given time. Just move along. We are not put on this earth to obey you. Period. There are plenty of places for you to hang out, and this is not one of them. What’s so hard about that? If being sick of “asking” a patriarchy for rights we were born with makes us “Militant”  or “Radical” in your eyes, then that’s your problem, not ours. We aren’t falling for it. We don’t think you wanting your rights is Radical, so what gives you the right to think our same demand is?  We have some really wonderful and sincere men on this blog who are not only supportive, but stand beside us. We can do without you if  our stance bothers you, honest. For this is a feminist blog. Period.

That also having all been said, if this blogger were to blog about things, which of these categories, if any, would you care to see continue? Pick as many as you want——and feel free to discuss more ideas if you have any. I don’t see myself blogging every day right now,  but hey, the comment section of this blog will always be here for you as it always was, complete with welcome “OT” comments. With the same rules that once gave you comfort, and with the same sincerity. I definitely do not want to spend the next four years dedicated to politics unless it’s relevant to those things that trigger me, such as Women’s Rights. I do not consider that politics, I consider it critical to  the lives of 51% of the population. I might blow a politics gasket once in a while if I see something really stupid or dangerous (how easy is that?), but for the most part, I am not going to expend energy on these thieves.

We have those who have stuck with this blog, you troopers, you! We have those who found other homes in lieu of this one, we bear them no malice, welcome if we see them again. Wish them well if we don’t. We have those who lurk and “come out” now and then,  and we will have new members as well. It’s the cycle of blogging, so it’s best to just move on with life, including and especially life outside of the internet.


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  1. well it looks like everything is split 20%. Except for whatever else catches your fancy. But hey Upps, go for that one too. I especially like the you-can’t-make-this-shit-up articles

  2. Gotcha sonrisa! I like the You Cant Make This Shit Up stuff too. Laugh when I’m doing it.

    Maybe even bring back my Sneaky Weekend News.

  3. Leaves. They’re what’s for dinner. Especially when accompanied by a raw meaty bone.

  4. I missed one!

    It seems that Suzane DelBene beat John Koster of “The Rape thing doesn’t excuse abortion” fame. US House.

    Chalk another one up for the good guys who happen to be women. Buh Bye, asshole.

    So it does appear that all the rape lovers lost their seats or races. Paul Ryans Rape buddies in congress have been reduced and this is good. Especially for young girls who was forced to meet up with uncle Jeff one night and were given the “blessing” of pregnancy–and women bludgeoned in allies by psychos.

  5. I am still lurking, but I don’t think I am strong enough to comment yet. But since this is a comment, I guess I am closer than I realize.

  6. Yes let me see………
    Yes that does appear to be a comment! This means you ARE strong enough.

  7. I kept humming ‘There’s got to be a morning after’ all day yesterday.

  8. Sneaky Weekend News was fun.

  9. It can be about all of the above and then some. Dirty socks, bashing the powers that be, venting and ranting about the trials and tribulations of the day, and laughing – most of all laughing.

  10. Let’s have a sink party.

    Kitty Sink Party

    (I stole this from FB–I didn’t want to steal, but I can never get their links to work.)

  11. Agree Karen, laughing is good and we have done a lot of it.

    Sophie, I know you are going to wonder how the Eff I know these things but this is for you


  12. Leave it to you! Love the one with the cat taking a drink!

  13. Karen! Yes, laughing above all else.

  14. Uppity, I understand you are dealing with health problems, I am very sorry to hear that and sincerely hope they turn out to be less serious than you fear. ((( HUGS )))

    As someone who has been living with chronic illness for a long time, may I give a few suggestions for the blog? I’ll try not to be preachy.

    Yes to laughing! Yes to “other funny and absurd shit that happens” ( it got my vote ). Yes to pet stories and videos! Yes to women’s rights! And I would add “uplifting stories” to the list. I’m not talking Pollyanna stuff, but things like the Tiger Lily relay. That was so much fun. Just thinking about it now makes me smile.

    No to politics! And double no to cockroach / pervert stories! Like a lot of people here, I have been abused and those stories bring it all back. Don’t want to go there. Too painful and unhealthy, imo.

    I guess to sum it up, I would like to see fun and games! Upp, you have a gift for humor. Use it early and often and let us all benefit from it, including yourself. Humor can be so comforting and healing.

    My 2 cents.

  15. SophieCT, I lurv that picture! My cellphone doesn’t work but I keep it with me because it has a picture of my tortie in the sink on it.

  16. Hank the Cat ran for the VA Senate seat and got 5000 votes. That was the Kaine/Allen race. That many votes in VA could have made a difference. I found the store on Roll Call. (Would post a link, but am using a mobile badge and have not yet figured out how to share links.

    ***Fixit Fairy was here, although she preferred “Maine” to “Kaine”, thinking maybe Hank was a Maine Coon.****

  17. Sorry for typos. Kaine / Allen race. But Hank is a Maine Coon kitty.

  18. UW, I love you, and your blog, and all the folks here. I know I am the “special” Hillbilly on this bus. The one who sits in the seat over the wheel-well, next to the emergency exit, grubby little face smashed against the window, hat on backwards, with that musty little kid smell oozing from my white and blue striped overalls. And you all are still nice to me. And one thing I know for sure we share, is our love for the four legged, furry gifts from above.

    So I will be here as long as you will have me. I will always promise to pick up my beer cans, pork rind papers, and to only pee on the side and back lawns. 🙂

  19. Hilarious that you should mention it, Hillbilly. I actually put in my original post, “Hillbilly not withstanding”! Then I took it out because I figured you would know that. Truth is, Hillbilly, you treat us with respect even when you disagree. And you’re cute for a redneck who drinks cheap beer! I actually think you understand women’s plight on most, if not all, issues. You’re a decent guy when you’re sober. heh.

    I’ll try not to spread the word, Hillbilly, but you are a very gentle man.

  20. Hugo, way to go Hank! We could use some cats in government. They don’t take any bullshit and are insanely honest. They ignore idiots and suffer fools very poorly. And you could bet they wouldn’t vote for a thing without reading it first!

  21. Beata, thanks for that. I agree on all counts, although I seem not to be able to resist cockroach stories because 1) it reminds people that these kinds of scum require attention because there are too many of them and they are everywhere and 2) it pisses me off so much I want to vent and see them executed. We treat this scum with far too much respect and we need to rethink who the victims are and who the scummy perps are.

    As for me, I will make sure I am all right. I’m persistent that way. Seriously. The worst is really the least common, so all I have to do is hold on till I get to see a certain special specialist who is booked beyond comprehension but worth the wait — and stop festering and letting it occupy me with all kinds of imaginings of the worst. Tough to do!

  22. Check out fixit fairy, Hugo.

  23. LUV the pix upstairs; that’s exactly the way I felt yesterday all day long. I think I even got upset stomach.

    I don’t know how you all handle to watch and follow the whole ordeal.
    I did not watch any of it, instead I watched The Agony and The Ecstasy which was a big high just to a sink bottom the morning after; four more years of nothingness.
    Very difficult to come from Michelangelo to Obama Fuckfart.
    Maybe I should have watched The Terminator, Judgement Day…

    We understand you would like a break, but You make our everyday meow, the source of kitty heaven.
    I did not know that you’re having health issues, though your sense of humor can take far and beyond to overcome.
    Luv from Madame Belle…

  24. Oh I don’t need a break, Belle, just slowing down a bit is all. I think I already started that before the election, but hey, I’m here in comments even if there isn’t a new post. So you just keep honoring us with your beloved Belle pic and don’t worry about a thing.

  25. Why worry about the next four years of DC. We’ve already had 12 years of bullshit, we should be used to it. Think of it instead as four years of laughing on my blog about it.

  26. Look at it this way. Think of how unhappy Babs Bush is. Think of how Karl Rove won’t be fetching the big price any longer. Think of how Paul Ryan’s rape goombahs got reduced…by women winners. Think about how the Republican party needs to search its soul about dissing women, gays and minorities of all types and get down instead to the real business of government instead of the business of meddling. The Democrats will be forced to work with those who want to work with them and if they don’t, they will get to learn a lesson next. People are sick of these extremes. To the point of disgust, and it shows.

  27. TY, Fix-it fairy.

  28. SUSH UP! You are killing my Hillbilly mistique. I am as gentle as S.O.S. Pads toilet paper.
    Seriously though, I like, and respect, the heck out of you UW because you are civil, respectful, and just darn smart. Keep it under your bonnet, but real Hillbillies dig the smart chicks. Oh, we also like a great sense of humor, something everbody here seems to have a dab of:)

  29. We definitely have had 12 years of BS. The alleged leaders better now commence to leading. The next 2 months should be a hoot. Maybe Big Bird can teach them the letter “C” for compromise.

  30. But then again, Romney energy policies were worse than Obooma’s.
    So I would be depressed regardless…
    Gotta modify my life, paint my ceiling and compose a symphony; and keep on living on a shoe string budget and exercise to stay healthy cause I can not afford to get sick, that’s for the rich.

  31. GMInside from GMO Watch launches a site in response to Monsanto spending a fortune to kill Prop 37. Now you can find out what’s in whose food. Go there. Often, find out where the GMOs are on your grocery shelves.

  32. trying to tweet them about the email thing, it’s bullshit. Let people in. And give them the twitter account and FB account name FCS.

    But my twitter won’t let me retweet or do much of anything today.

  33. Postmortem on the trickery used in the $46 Mill campaign against Prop 37.

  34. Despicable. They are out of control because our elected officials ENABLE them. This should be a HUGE issue in this country. They are making you eat ROUNDUP for FCS!

  35. Good morning Upps and friends.I voted whatever she wants.. 🙂

    feel better cause we love you. xoxoxoxo 🙂

  36. “Hillbilly not withstanding”

    Well his screen name is Conservative “Hill” “Billy”.

  37. This is their Twitter acct: @justlabelit

    And this is their FB page:

  38. Look I am down for anything but politics. I mean I am sick to death of it. I am for the most part a funny and fun loving ( dare I say it ?) conservative mountain woman lmao. As my dear friend Uppity knows I like to do funny stuff that makes folks blow coffee out their snouts. So that is where I am going to go. Politically I disagree with many here and I know for a fact I have set many folks blood to a darn near boil level but make no mistake you have in turn done the same to me but through it all we are still here and laugh. That tells me more then anything else about you people. You are good folks seriously and I think we all need to ignore what is going on to some degree and live our lives for as long as we have life. Uppity you know I am worried about you and pray things go well for you.
    As for Monsanto I am so so disgusted with that and folks here abouts know I am not down for eating their shit. I will go out and shoot what I eat and or grow it. I watched a horrific video that brings back the movie soilent green. Yes these bastards are planning if not already using human body parts in feed. It is sickening and folks still have their noses in the air like a flock of turkeys. You have to take measures to safe guard yourself because no one else is going to do it. I make my own compost and will not use commercial grade anything in my gardens. I save my own seeds which btw grow better then any of that packaged shit.
    Any way for those of you who were enjoying my mistreatment of Uppity on my blog when I get time will resume the tale. It gets wild lmao.


  39. I have to leave the house soon and cannot stop clicking on the cats in sinks. Gotta get me one like any of them – one of these days. I worship them all – I must be a reincarnated ancient Egyptian.

    Stop. The cute hurts.

  40. I will go out and shoot what I eat and or grow it. … You have to take measures to safe guard yourself because no one else is going to do it. I make my own compost and will not use commercial grade anything in my gardens. I save my own seeds which btw grow better then any of that packaged shit.


    Haven’t you heard–the kitties passed a ballot initiative supporting free catnip.

  41. Karen, if you wanted one, I would drive a kitty to your house in a NY minute! (Not mine, mind you.)

  42. Honora’s comment on the theme song for the Poseidon Adventure (Original by the Master of Disaster), reminded me that whenever I see a troll online the lines from an old Bugs Bunny Cartoon pop into my head:

    “….I will name him George, and I will hug him and pet him and squeeze him…”

  43. I had a cat, my soulcat, who would open all the cabinet doors till he found where I put the catnip. Then he would take it and dump it all over the kitchen floor. One night we heard a ruckus downstairs and thought the house was being robbed. Running down the stairs, gun in tow, we found the cats sliding on the floor and cracking their heads on the walls.

  44. Upps:
    You are right. We already endured the Bushy-Chinay and Oblah-Vino, makes it 12 and let’s keep on laughing at the brilliant-less.

  45. Soph, I want them all. That’s the problem. How do you choose one? I could easily end up as “the crazy cat lady” when I retire. I feel the same about dogs too, so I am in big trouble.

    My friend with major storm damage to her home has 5 rescue cats. They are all at her daughter’s for now since she had power on and off and her mother’s place is not going to be turned back on anytime soon.

  46. I have been away from Upp’s blog for months and KAREN STILL DOES NOT HAVE A KITTEH??? What is wrong with that woman? Seriously, how can she on go living without a soft warm purry cat to snuggle on her lap? It’s one of the things that makes life worthwhile. Trust me.

  47. Karen I have an idea. Why don’t you let the blog help pick out a kitteh for you on Petfinder? We could have a blast at the site finding just the right one for you.

  48. Or….we could secretly pick one out for you in Sophie’s area and then she can deliver him/her. Oooooooooo! Fun!

  49. Come on! Say yes! We will advertise with a post so as many people as possible can have input. You won’t see the kitty will you see him/her.

  50. And by the by, SophieMeister, we are due for a Lily video.

  51. Boy would I like to steal that Maine Coon from next door and ship it to Karen. I mean after how this poor dog was treated can you imagine the cat ? This dog was never vetted and I mean it. I just had her spayed. I would have thought she had been being that she was a rescue from a puppy mill. According to my vet she has had many a litter and the uterus was well used. She had urinary issues as well as coat and skin not to mention ear damage. Sheesh I guess it is my lot in life to keep my vets eating well and happy lol.
    If I could get that cat I sure would and re-home it in a heart beat but she is not going to let it go that is a fact. There is a special place in Hell for folks that mistreat animals I am sure of it. If not when I get to heaven ( if I do) I will speak to God about fixing that problem. That cat is a beauty too and if I could have one I would steal her and keep her in a heart beat. She is huge and a tortoise shell I think . She is mainly black with orange, gray and white speckles and green eyes like you have never seen. I mean seriously green !!!!

  52. Oh, trolling Petfinder for Karen’s cat!! Fun, fun, fun. I already troll Petfinder like it was porn.

    Karen, let us do it. Please!

  53. Uppity, I know no matter what, I will keep reading you. This is not just because you are my blog wife, but also because you a) are an unbridled, unashamed feminist, and b) have awesome taste in music, food and liquor. (hic)

  54. Petfinder porn. ROFL!

    Madamab, hell the music, food and liquor would be enough to keep me coming back all by themselves.

  55. Now Utah, I know for a FACT that you have always wanted a Maine Coon. Now’s your chance. Steal the big guy and nobody will be the wiser.

  56. Uppity I would in a heart beat if hubby was not so severely allergic to them. If he did not have breathing issues already I think I would risk it. I just wish I had a place for it to go because the next time I saw her throw it outside and throw stuff at it to run it off in one of her fits I would grab it. I may anyway and surrender it to the shelter here. I know without a doubt someone would adopt it in a New York second. I mean this cat is simply stunning. It has beautiful long hair and those eyes would simply grab hold of you and never let go. Even if I could have a cat I still could not because Whiskey would be sure to try and kill it. He had no hatred of cats until someones nasty Tom ventured into our yard and he went up slowly to investigate and all hell broke lose. He was mauled by that thing and damn near killed it until I got him to back off. Now if he sees a cat he goes berserk and I am just not ready to play peace keeper in my house. I will wait. Before I croak I will have my cat again. A big gigantic black domestic long hair or my Maine Coon maybe if I am lucky a combo of both or more then likely a darn rescue that just ,like my last one sticks their paw out of the cage and snags me lol.

  57. I sincerely do believe cats do pick their owners and you have little to no choice if you are looking for a perfect match up. My cats always came to me or reached out from their cages at the shelter and snagged me with their claws. Not always the cat I thought I was looking for but when I took them in they became my dearest friend. Seriously and I have also found that to be true with dogs I have rescued like my best buddy Whiskey and Kahlua in her own weird way shows me she has tons of love by doing things like painting my nice hardwood floor remember ? LMAO. Now Carrie is always by my side as well. I had personally hand picked a cat in the past solely because of color etc and they just never seemed to be as close to me as the ones that just showed up needing a home.

  58. Ack you know how that kind of story ruins my day. Listen, do this. Find an area Maine Coon rescue, or Purebreed rescue and you can bet they will take the cat. Then steal it. Frankly, I surprised the cat goes back home when they toss him.

  59. Petfinder Porn lmao. Me I stay the hell out of there because I am the type of shopper that can not look without touching.

  60. Or just get rid of your husband and take him. lolol.

    Seriously though, Coons are easy to place. I have had my hands on several and never get to keep one, they get adopted in a flash.

  61. Uppity you know me I am going to snatch it. You know that. Then I will take it to a vet first and that will seal my case if need be to stop her from owning an animal again. Then I will see it goes where it gets care and rehabilitation to make sure it is not one that is mean. I highly doubt it is mean because it goes back. This woman is a true nut case I am telling you. She has multicolored hair and wears the same damn dress jacket daily something I am sure she got from the thrift store and she is well into her fifties. She is a freak !!
    I have been looking at cat rescues and will pick one I feel comfortable with or as I say get in touch with the spca here who has the cats at pet smart. This cat will get a home unlike the homely short hairs who stand little chance. Not to worry Upps you know I am on it. I thought last week I had her ready to give it to me now I have to wait. When she throws it out again it will just not come back.

  62. As far as Hubby roffffffff I have thought about it several times in the past but for the most part he is housebroken now and would hate to have to go through that again lmao.

  63. Uppity I’m so sorry to hear you are having health issues. Please know you are in my thoughts and prayers. I don’t know your issues, nor do I wish to pry, but just know I happen to unfortunately have a lot of practical knowledge with many health issues. Should you have need of anything other than thoughts and prayers, I’m happy to help in any way I can.

    As for your blog……..surely you must feel the need to abuse some more mollusks…….still my all time favorite!!

    I think you should just be you, after all that’s what drew everyone to your blog in the first place.

    In regards to the election, we will survive…..we survived 8 years of Bush and we’ll survive 8 of Obama. They say that which doesn’t kill you makes you stronger. I must be really strong if you combine the politics of this nation with the steady crap sandwiches life has thrown at me, LOL!!!

    So, meh…..we’ll all be a little stronger! But we will survive!

  64. The shitbag who shot Gabby Giffords and killed all those people is given 7 life sentences. Bummer, he should be executed like tomorrow. That’s my opinion and I’m sticking to it.

  65. Thanks somebody, but you have probably guessed I deal with those kinds of things privately, it’s just who I am. And yes, we WILL survive. We Endure. We are America. We Endure and we Emerge. It’s what we Do.

    Yeah the Mollusks post is a winner.

  66. Whomever did this should be found in a ditch. The dumb ass who set up Romney’s “Transition” website with his Inaugural speech draft on it besides, should have NEVER launched it and should it kept it password private. And it should have been scrubbed the minute he lost. Somebody found it and took screen shots and then they scrubbed it.

  67. What a wonderful post, and it was, in fact, what I expected to find today! Its a new day and our Upps is back! I put Food & Drink in the Other section!

  68. Upps, thanks for the GMO link. I got an email from my most political friend and she says they are gearing up and will fight it again.

  69. California voted to keep the death penalty.

  70. UW I respect your privacy, but you have my email if you ever need anything.

  71. God knows california has enough criminals who are worthy, socal.

    Say, I have baby back ribs slow roasting. I mean the real ones, not the figurative ones. Any bids?

  72. Socal I would be the anti gmo people learned some things and will deal with the lies up ahead in the next campaign. Just meet it head on and say, Monsanto wants to keep controlling the chemicals you ingest without you knowing it. That’s why they spent over $40 million to con you. Here is what they will say to dissuade you and here is the truth about their claims.

  73. Oh, I agree about the death penalty. Yes, I think they will be smarter about writing the prop, and their campaign next time around. Ribs sound yummy.

  74. Also, you are on target about their commercials. They were way too mild. The anti 37 commercials were a pack of lies and scare tactics, and they didn’t hit back hard enough.

  75. Hey Uppity! I wanted to check in and say Hi! I’m really glad you’re still going to be here. I have learned a LOT from this blog over the years and want you to know I really appreciate you!

    I hope you are doing well. I’m into Cream right now. Did you say you had seen them before?

    Anyway, am sending you lots of love and this:

  76. Well, you could start on the next election – its apparently Clinton vs Bush:

    I can’t believe they already starting on 2016!!!!! Ugh!!!!

    Seriously, just write about whatever stirs your passion at the moment. You are so good at that. No need to define anything – just whatever flows. Everything you write is interesting, no matter the topic.

  77. Dinah and Miles insist I come here frequently since they are fans of Bill. Dinah insists she’s not a groupie, but sometimes I wonder.

    I think we have to fight for women’s issues. It’s obvious now there’s a huge segment of the population that wants us back into their boxes.

  78. Daki, Bill does that to the girls, they just can’t resist that wild boy.

    Yes, I am hoping that the third wave is learning that you don’t ask for rights, you take them, and you don’t take them by flash dancing in front of the Capitol so the boys can see your shaking your butt. I hope one day soon enough to see 50000 of them march on Capitol hill and the white house. I always say the problem here is nothing 50000 women with torches and pitchforks can’t fix.

  79. ……….waving to Cat and saying Thanks!

    Laker Dude! I really appreciate you too, you are the hope of your generation. So young and sooooooooooo feminist. Way to go, guy.

    Yup, Laker, I did indeed tell you I saw them as a young puppy. And anytime you post clapton is a good time for me.

  80. Utahwoman, Maine Coons are adorable and deserve to be adored, not dumped. Good luck on your rescue!!


  81. I just looked up Maine Coons. I didn’t know they came in all different colors. They look awesome. I think I would like one.

  82. So Socal does that mean if I snatch this one I ship it to you ? LOL. I wish to high heavens I could keep it but even if I could have a cat I am sure my house will be the first place she would check. I just have to get it out of here if the chance arises again. It will be very hard for me to let that cat go trust me. It is one of the most stunning cats I have ever seen. Of course I would love to rip Joe off from Uppity too. He is so my type.

  83. Hopefully this will post to the picture . This is darn near what my neighbors cat looks like only picture limes for it’s eye color.

  84. Scroll down and look at the picture of the tortoise shell. Now think 20 plus pounds or more most likely more I think the neighbors cat could eat a Chihuahua and burp and look for desert. I am telling you that cat is stunning and those green green eyes. I would keep it in a heart beat. One of the most beautiful cats I have ever seen.

  85. Oh and that pic of the blue classic Tabby rof I had to send that to my brother. That is a knock off double of his boy Wing nut. That is my brothers baby lol. I mean big burly hunk that he is you all ought to hear him baby talk that crazy Wing nut. Buys that spoiled brat fresh fish on his way home from work at the Pier.

  86. Uppity I hope I interpreted this wrongly:

    We have some really wonderful and sincere men on this blog who are not only supportive, but stand beside us. We can do without you if that bothers you, honest

    You *were* referring to the *other* men leaving yes?

    Oh and I added FOOD on the poll but food/drink as Socal said sound fine to me.

  87. Utah: I’m not even a big fan of cats, more of a doggie person, but those kittehs are gorgeous!

  88. Fedster when I was a kid to young adult I never thought I would own a dog seriously. I had only known cats. Then when I was 26 I got my first dog. A black Lab and was a dog person for life. Since then I have had tons of both but I must say never ones I personally went out and bought as puppies or Kittens. It seemed there was always one wandering around somewhere looking for me to take it in. Same darn thing happened with Ferrets. I had 12 of them ( ferrets ) at one time. Truly remarkable animals and super smart as well as hilarious. After the last Ferret died I tossed the 4 story cage and said no more. They are not a real hardy animal but I will always love them. There are several reasons I can not have a cat right now but I would also have to take into strong consideration weather or not I could handle a litter box. I just do not do well with animals that go indoors. If I could get a young enough one and train it like I did my last one, and trust me here training a cat to do anything it does not care to do is work, but if it would go out side to poo and pee I would have no issues. But I remember how sweet the smell of a cat is when you stick your nose in it’s fur. Sounds weird I know but I always loved the kind of dusty sweet smell of cats. Just hate their poop. No dog ever raised a stink like a cat does lmao.

  89. Ok on food. I get it. Which reminds me. I should have added “FOOD RECALLS”.

    Yes Fredster, you interpreted it wrong and I can see why. I meant if our stance bothers you.. I clarified it appropriately I hope.

  90. Utah said: Same darn thing happened with Ferrets. I had 12 of them ( ferrets ) at one time

    Ah, my cousin had two in his life. I never met the frist one but the second was cute as a button and that fur is incredible. However, from what I observed they were sneaky little things. The cousin’s wife would tell theirs to keep out a room or something and that little dickens could squeeze into little tiny, tight places and behind furniture and then get into the room. And what was in the forbidden room? The cousin’s wife’s sewing and crafts room! Lots of goodies in there for curious little ferret to get into! 😆

  91. Maine Coons are large cats, and they like being held, so get strong. lol. This could be the biggest cat you’ll ever own. They have three coats of fur. They are very smart cats and usually laid back and friendly. I myself like the classic brown and white. Love the faces of coons. Norwegian Forest cats are also very similar and beautiful.

    I know what you mean about cat scent, Utah. They always smell…….spring fresh.

  92. @Upps: Oh yeah definitely on the food recalls, it’s getting close to holiday season so I expect a lot of stuff that folks were planning to use will be hitting the top ten recall list pretty soon. I had to explain to a friend tonight from nola about how leary I am going to the store for greens. As I said to her “if I could wash them in a mild bleach solution…” (shaking head here)

    Oh shit, I did not mean for all of that to Utah to all be in italics. I’m sure she’ll understand.

    ::::Fixit Fairy visited that comment::::

  93. I can’t believe the wild-assed shit I am reading on the interwebs. You can almost see people making themselves physically ill. It reminds me so much of a combo of 2008 and Bush-Gore post elections, right up to the voting machine rigging. This is unhealthy. Every four years we see one side implode over its loss to the point of hallucinations. Seriously, folks, get a grip. The status of these two parties are such that they are so hijacked that neither side will ever have a positive impact on you. The only thing they have in common are their corporate sponsors. Why does nobody see that? I tell you, it takes a good health scare for you to see exactly how stupid this all is. Here we go with yet another four years of conspiracies and delusions that someone will be impeached. Nobody will be impeached for Chrissakes. The “impeachers” have too many of their own skeletons, they are just as dirty as their target and they don’t want the curtain pulled down on them either. We must stop this waste of time, because that is exactly what is is: A waste of time. High Crimes and Misdemeanors is the NORM with these people.

    Do you all remember how I told you throughout this whole thing since the VP selection that Obama would win? Do you know why I said that? I said it because Ryan embodies the hijacked wing of that party just like Obama embodies the hijacked wing of the Ds. But there was a little addition here that mattered. Ryan embodies the social conservative, religious zealot wing. All that rape talk, if it didn’t offend a person, then it did make that person question their sanity. He was a reminder of what repulses people about that party. A dealbreaker. The MANY offended people saw his selection as a Fuck You from Romney, a statement that he just doesn’t care about them. The polls were all bullshit. I felt it every day. Half the pollsters belong to a party now. Even they were afraid to make a commitment. Asking people if the country is heading in the right direction without knowing why they said Yes or No, is just plain silliness. All it does is allow you and me to PROJECT what we think it means.

    The Republicans are straining at the gills to discuss what went wrong but they won’t admit that what went wrong is they are homophobic, misogynistic, Ethnicphobic and everything-phobic except for Mean White Men. It’s the truth. Conservative used to mean Fiscal Conservative. Now it means Theocracy. They need to drop this baggage and stop fighting like a dog with a rag in its mouth, tugging till their teeth fall out, or they will die and God forbid, we will be stuck with the crazy far left as the only party. They need to channel Eisenhower and get senstible again, without pretending it’s 1950, because, goddammit, it’s not! And nobody is going to let it be 1950 again. I wish for them to start focusing on what they are supposed to do instad of trying to regulate People.

    They need to recognize that you regulate utilities. You regulate airlines (unless you stupidly deregulate them), you regulate drugs. YOU DON’T REGULATE PEOPLE. You ESPECIALLY don’t regulate people who aren’t just like you When you do that, you become the Middle East without the murders. They need to get the HELL out of people’s bedrooms, tell the Pope to take a hike and go run the vatican, not the USA, and get back to the sane party they once were. And NO, you canNOT be a social conservative and pretend you are reaching out to the very people you are attacking day in and day out, and expect them to hug your ass. They know this, so what do they do? They DON’T reach out because they just can’t stop festering over everybody else’s lives and sexuality. Jesus H Christ! They lost to one of the worst and most dangerous presidents EVER because people saw THEM as too dangerous! What other message do they need?

    Their crazy religious right will damage EVERY SINGLE Presidential candidate they force to bleat out their dogma, and if they don’t learn this, I honestly think they might as well just put their own nails in their political coffin. Romney was damaged before he got to the General Election because he had to pander to these NUTS. Because the poor, women, ethic people who aren’t WASPs, gay people…….they have all learned how to use their voices amd votes in a huge block.

    This is NOT Reagan’s America and Reagan is just as much as fault as ANYBODY. THose borders have been open for a long long time.

    So what do I hear these ‘analysts’ saying on FOX? Why, obviously they didn’t ‘convince’ people that their way is Right. Okay, boys, convince women that their lives are incidental after a psycho rapes them. Talk about regulating 51% of the population and talk about them without them in the room, like they are your possessions. Redefine rape to suit you. Tell homosexuals they are evil and sick and need a ‘cure’. Tell Latinos you really don’t want them here and, even if they are legal, they are suspect. Oh yeah, and don’t forget to tell them in a way which “improves” your message delivery and convinces them to succumb to your bullshit. And don’t forget to insult them some more by telling them if they didn’t vote for Romney, they are on the take and stupid all rolled into one. Good luck with that, you stick-up- your-ass idiots. These people didn’t vote for you because they know goddamned well you hate them. Rush Limbaugh makes many millions off of all this discord. He needs it. I can’t understand why the party allows him to run them.

    People tend not to give power to people who show them every day that they hate them. And not everybody who didn’t vote Romney is “On the take” either, anymore than everybody who didn’t vote for Obama is rich. And some of those who voted for Romney are on the take too–if on the take means they get government money for a reason. The southern ‘red’ states are the BIGGEST users of ‘entitlements” and I don’t mean Social Security, which isn’t and never was an entitlement. It was a forced insurance program. If Congress didn’t steal 2.6 trillion from it for their special re-election projects, it would be solid. Nor does it add a penny to the National Debt. It is a separate pot, and lying about it is pissing people off. Congress just doesn’t want to pay back what they stole and prefer to punish their victims. If one of us tried that, we would be in Rahway for life and our assets would be seized. The repubicans use Social Security as their own way to redistribute the middle class’ money. Imagine forcing people to pay into a social security that is owned by wall street, and pimping it so freshly after wall street robbed the seniors’ 401ks. Yeah, that’s a great idea, so 30 years from now Wall Street can do the same thing to social security ‘investments’. The Republicans are no better than the Democrats. Non-Rich and middle class people in America are repulsed by their blatent love for corporations and people who will NEVER suffer financially. They really need to stop doing this or they will die, making it all the more difficult to bring the Democratic party extremists into check.

    And whatever you do, Republican Party, dont say you want to Fix Obamacare and keep the good parts, and reduce premiums (and MEAN it). Just say you want to repeal it. That will help a lot. Not. In fact, don’t change a thing. Change is bad. Really Really bad. Take a snapshot in time and leave it there and see how well it works out for you.

  94. Eh I blew a gasket.
    I can do that. It’s my blog.

  95. Standing ovation. You’re gasket is our gasket. Thank you.

    Hang in there. The Red team and Blue team ads are over. We can just go back to being the oft screwed little workers of the world again. We will produce and they will take it away and toss it away on frills.

    Just like always.

    btw – I love you. 🙂

  96. I bet Jesse Jr. didn’t cry for Staten Island.

  97. Jesse got re-elected from a psych ward–where he’s been hiding. What the hell does he care?

  98. Can JJJ remain in congress from jail? Orange jumpsuit or straight jacket don’t count, Upps, he has the right pigment to get their vote.

  99. FEMA centers closed shop on Wednesday due to – wait for it – bad weather. This goes in the – you can’t make this shit up – category.

  100. My favorite part about the blue team winning this years version of TPTB war is Rove, Rush, Morris and the rest of the bloviating scum sucking ground hogs crawing on their rich white bellies on the ground explaining to their deluded followers why they were 100% dead wrong about all the lies they made up all year.

  101. Hell, Chicago politicians going to jail is SOP with them.

  102. Karen, this election had a lot to do with May The Best Liar win. In fact, the last four elections followed that formula.

  103. Kinky Friedman said it best – it is called politics because Poly means many and ticks are bloodsucking parasites.

    Many blood sucking parasites is what it is.

  104. The Republican party is on the horns of a dilemma I do not envy. I really believe they know the apocolyptic right is tanking them but they are afraid to ditch them because it will mean they have to find those voters from among the rest of the country. They could do it, all it takes is dropping the social bullshit.

    In the meantime, they have to be very frightened along with being shocked. It would be best for them to take a deep breath and start using the art of compromise. God knows, Obama is a cave-in. He’s proven it enough times. Anything to get himself to the golf course faster.

    And Barack had better start acting like the USA is more important to him than a bunch of goatfuckers in the ME or his party is next. He had also best rethink obamacare because the majority of this country is not happy with what he carved out. Ditto with the Climate Change baloney that went way too far. The light bulb law alone is going to hurt him. If he does those things, his legacy might survive.

  105. Meet the face of the new, new, new and improved Bush dynasty. The GOP are all wondering how in the world they can get them some of that brown skin vote. They got a secret weapon in the wings. Guess who is going to be our future Red team candidate – George P. Bush. Isn’t that just peachy? Does the P stand for Prescott? Haven’t had one of those ruling us in a while. groan. loudly.

  106. Oh and Hannity is now on board. They have 4 years to turn the GOP into the Latino party of immigration reform. Maybe they will start pandering to wimmenz too!! We can only hope that Hannity pretends we are humans and equal to him and we have rights over our scary lady parts. Ay Carumba.

  107. They just don’t get it. They are cowards. They have to drop the crazy right. Next, the Democrats will be forced to drop the crazy left. Back to their fringe parties with them.

  108. I see arizona of “women are pregnant on the first day of their period even if they never have sex” fame, flipped a fair number of its state legislators to Democrat.

  109. I want a bumper sticker: Don’t blame me I voted third party.

  110. Hannity is part of their problem. Seriously. They can “Evolve” by telling him to STFU. And Beck. And Limbaugh.

    They can’t pander to women by trying to ‘convince’ them they are wrong and The Party is right. Women want them to leave them alone. Period.

  111. Upps, I can barely stand listening to Maddow but she did a great job the past few days discussing all the ratbastard wimmenz haters club guys who lost their balls in the election. Serves them right to treat girlz like slugs. Karma will give them all wimmen bosses.

  112. I LOVE that women in congress number has increased. Makes em nervous as hell. I hope it happens again in the next cycle. I hope we creep up on these creeps and make them take notice for a change.

  113. Torn between goatfuckers and perverts. Just keep cranking it out UW!!

  114. We need more moderates stop the far left and right loonies. 👿

  115. Meanwhile…………..on a blog with no more politics lmao. I am just not going to go with the rights and wrongs Pubs lost and I think this country lost too. No body won we are all screwed. Back to the cat . Isn’t that the most beautiful thing ever ? See he or she I know ( if I can get it) will have a home in a heart beat.

  116. Well I did say in the post I might occasionally blow a politics gasket. So you were warned. Besides, it pertains to women.

  117. Finally got that poll to show up at home last night. Same notebook. Same browser settings. Only one is business cable and one is dsl.

    Anyway, I have always found that the strength of your blog is a combination of the topics (wide variety) and the Uppity community that has evolved. The comfortable and engaging environment developed over time in direct response to how you manage your blog. A very deft balance of humor, personal insight, intellectual curiosity and a touch of well aimed snark. On occasion there is even somethink akin to fire & brimstone thrown in for good measure (particularly aimed at goat lovers, spiral light bulbs and GMO).

    I say go with your gut on topics and always feel free to take breaks as needed. Your health is more important. I serve as the webmaster for a couple small non-profits and I know how time consuming it is just to keep things up and running.

  118. LMFAO Uppity. You know me as well as I know you. Shit will blow our gaskets and anyone in shouting range is likely to need hearing aids later on from it roffffffffffffffff

  119. Dear Utah, it’s not like that ain’t da truth…

  120. That as nice Laurel, thank you.

    I take it Mt. Laurel was hijacked?

  121. Boehner is gonna hafta change his phone number. He’ making compromising noises. The wingnuts are going to go ballistic.
    Wait till Obama makes his. His wingnuts will go ballistic.

  122. I take it Mt. Laurel was hijacked?

    Gone with the wind! Tried several variations but WordPress was not cooperative. laurelhighlands was the only thing I could get the darn system to accept. May see if I can fine tune because I liked Mt.Laurel by gosh and have used it for years. Who would think a reference to a Bush (pun intended) would be so in demand that someone else would highjack the nom de plume.

  123. well nobody with the name tried to post here since your occurence. I will keep my eye out. Personally I just think it’s a glitch of some kind. I would log off and then try again.

  124. I agree that it seems to be something in the system. As I mentioned earlier, it kept telling me my name was already in use. I assume HAL is who hijacked the darn thing. Poor computer was probably on overload from all the vile on the net and knowing he will never get into space since NASA has been gutted. I only post here and on a couple of blogs of other Uppityland members and a really techie site or two. Nothing out there that someone would want to be me.

    So this time I went through gravatar rather than wordpress and now the really old avatar is back – and it accepted Mt. Laurel so let’s see if it takes in comments.

  125. Righteous rant Uppity!

    Mt Laurel, glad to see you’ve got your name back. We’ve had some minor issues with wordpress also. The reason why my kid doesn’t post here more is becuz it is a pain in the ass now to switch our names. It used to be easy, I just changed them in the comment box; now you have to leave the site and resign in, and sometimes it doesn’t accept it for hours. When they changed their system a few months ago, they made it worse.

  126. Those dear old repub men think they need to teach them new wimmenz how to handle their new senate jobs, but that feisty Tammy Baldwin doesn’t think so:

    “In an Associated Press interview on Wednesday, Johnson said he hoped he would be able to work with Baldwin in the Senate — as soon as he explained the “facts” of the budget to her.

    “Hopefully I can sit down and lay out for her my best understanding of the federal budget because they’re simply the facts,” he said. “Hopefully she’ll agree with what the facts are and work toward common sense solutions.”

    “I was a double major in college in mathematics and political science, and I served for six years on the House Budget Committee in my first six years in the House,” Baldwin responded in an interview with The Huffington Post on Friday.

    “And I am very confident that when proposals come before the U.S. Senate, I will be able to evaluate them as to how they benefit or harm middle-class Wisconsinites. A yardstick of ‘does it create jobs,’ ‘does it lower the deficit’ and ‘does it help grow the middle class’ is an important one. I’m quite confident that I have those abilities,” she added.”

    Go Tammy!

  127. LOL Go Tammy! You little woman, you! Next thing you know he’ll be rubbing your shoulders from behind. They like doing that to let you know they are there to protect you, right before they shove it up your ass and set you up when you aren’t looking. Man, I can’t believe how well Congress mimicks Corporate America.

  128. Yeah so General Petraeus resigned, giving the reason that he played a little bury the salami outside his marriage. All righty then. Like that’s something new with these guys. So what’s up with that?

    Nobody just comes out and admits an affair unless somebody else was holding it over his head and he wanted to get the …um…jump on it. I’m sure this wasn’t an attack of moral guilt. Just saying.

  129. Upps, yes, I had the same thought about Petraeus.

  130. Perhaps the dear General thought he would rather fall on a softer sword than the one Barkey and Val has set up for him.

    Yes, wordpress keep making me sign back in for each post. I think others have had that problem.

  131. Well apparently his latest receptacle happened to be his biographer. And there was some suspicion that she had gotten some access to confidential information. Or, on the other paw, maybe he knows something about a certain terrorist act that is surrounded with questions.

  132. Just keep doing what you are doing Uppity – you rock! Sorry to have been away so long; just trying to feed my family. Moved back to the mainland about a month ago and am up and writing again. You will be seeing more of me around here now. And yes, both parties are the same….glad people (not those on this blog) are pulling their heads outta their asses and figuring it out.

  133. Monster! I haven’t seen you in so long! How are you???? You left Hawaii?

    I’m glad you agree. These two parties are just taking chances apiece killing America.

  134. I’m better; actually getting enough to eat now that my cost of living has dropped 40%. No joke; COL went up 40% in 10 years in hawaii. Living in Washington State now; looking for work and dealing with the cold – big change from 82 to 36 – LOL.

    These two parties are flanking America for the globalists and UN – the faster people realize that outside forces are trying to dismantle our country using our economy and our social issues – the faster we can kick them outta our country and get back to American fixing our issues.

  135. Righteous rant above Uppity–worth framing. I echo KforC:

    Standing ovation. You’re gasket is our gasket. Thank you.

  136. Tammy Baldwin, Lesbian and mathematician. Be still my heart!

  137. Uppity, your analysis of the GOP is spot on. I wish you would copy-and-paste your comment and make it into a blog article so more people will see it.

  138. Thanks Jen, but i vowed not to make a post on this subject. Besides, nobody comes here anymore except on the downlow. They all hate me for not telling them what they want me to tell them.

    You’re welcome to use it any way you wish, though.

  139. OMG Sophie, you’re a frigging riot.

  140. Jen, that is an excellent idea.

    Tammy Baldwin is somethin! I loved reading that this morning! More leaders like her, please.

  141. Poor Upps! That comment is spot freakin’ on! And its topical, its what we, what everyone, is talkiing about, the repubs reaction to the election. Heck, t h e y are talking about it the most. And it doesn’t mean that you don’t find just as many things wrong with the Dems. Its just that its the reps turn at this moment in time. Not trying to pressure you, but supporting your writing!

  142. btw, loved the pic of the beautiful pooch upthread. Have looked at it several times.

  143. Yes she loves her her leaves, socal. She herds leaves.

  144. NOT Poor Upps, socal. In a sardonic kind of way, I am enjoying this. I called that race early and right, amazed that others didn’t see it for what it was. I could see that some people were about to blow up my blog and turn it into a nasty place of name calling and insults. I don’t do feeding frenzies nor do I do hallucinations. Nasty people bring other nasty people with them. I made the right call, some people saw it for what it was, others took it personally. Furthermore, Nobody didn’t appreciate my third eye for four years until they didn’t like what they heard. So what else is new? That’s life. I will carry on. I Endure. It’s what I Do. And I do it with happiness and a shrug. Nobody can ever say I am not consistent or question my integrity or my intentions. In the Grand Scheme of Life, none of this is all that important. There are too many good things in life to dwell on the bad things as dominant. That’s just how I think.

  145. We need more moderates stop the far left and right loonies.

    Foxy, the crackpots on both sides got rid of the moderates, the only sensible people in either party. People who understood the art of consensus. This bunch doesn’t even know what consensus means. That is why they are all useless ducks.

  146. Petraeus is now free to tell us (if only by leaks) what the eff went down with Benghazi. Two of his men were killed, presumably because O didn’t want to risk his reelection. And, don’t think for a moment that Issa isn’t going to subpoena him to testify.

    This whole affair thing stinks of Axelrod and the Chicago thugs.

  147. Did I say, I can’t staaaaaaand our POTUS. And, no, no one could be just as bad.

  148. Well you know it could be possible Patraeus was told someone would expose his affair if he wasn’t a good boy when he testifies. So he told on himself and now he doesn’t have to be a good boy anymore. He’s pretty hardcore that way. Interesting.

  149. I mean who admits publicly to an affair when he doesn’t have to?

  150. I Love when plots thicken.

  151. Me personally I think this is the door opening to let the shit out. I mean who the heck cares any more who is boinking who ?It at one time was scandalous but now really ? I think people just assume someone is stepping out on their mate and no big deal. When the Benghazi thing comes out in full ( if we ever get to that point) heads are going to roll. I have to say this about Nixon , at least he had the decency to step down, Obama ???

  152. Well I at least agree that no man just decides to have an attack of conscience and declare he had an affair in public, knowing fully well his wife might want to kill his ass in his sleep besides. So someone had to Know and threaten him about it. He either HAD to do it, or he chose to do it to get the hell out of the CIA before…….before what, who knows. People don’t go down in flames for affairs. Well maybe congress critters who are holier than thou do, but that’s about it. It sucks but it isn’t the end of a career. In this case, he resigned for…….an affair. Does. Not. Compute.

  153. Anybody know if there are military rules about affairs? I know another general recently got nailed for having sex with an assistant, who then wanted to stop and he threatened her. I posted it but don’t remember the details. They brought charges up on him. He’s toast. But in this case, it’s a consentual thing, so are there rules about that in the military with higher level officers?

  154. No it sure does not. So I guess we just wait and see. Me I think there will be some ugly things coming out that is going to piss off more folks then are already pissed. This may be the Democrats rude awakening. Both parties need a dose of pitch fork and torches as far as I am concerned. I think the Republican voters got the message according to the boards I read and want to dump the Evangelicals who are only using them but when it comes to vote they do not bother. Sure they come out in mass to support a CEO and buy a sandwich but are they there for the vote rofffff heck no. Oh maybe they would have been is Santorum had gotten the nomination but when they do not get the exact one they want to be in they do not vote just raise a stink before. I have seen post after post saying we need to dump them and stop with the rape , abortion stuff. Yes I think the voters of the Republican party get it but the party itself or shall we say the good ole boys and money bags do not. That is why most pubs have gone Independent like I have. Yes they still will likely vote Republican but then again if the right Democrat comes along they may not. The GOP had better use this time to re-think the message they send. Scaring folks is not a good plan, regardless how you stand on abortion they ought to get it that it is here and folks are not going to sit back and let it go away. Fact is many women in the republican party are not pro life or might be but would not vote to ban abortion. Why ? Because it is always a good back up plan. Plain and simple.I wrote a post on the board ( not this one) saying that the message I get from the GOP is hypocrisy. Why ? They claim to run on a platform of ” smaller government” and you all know I am down for that but how can it be smaller government when they want to control my body , weather two men get married or two women, when gays can not serve their country and the list goes on.
    The GOP needs to stop on the social issues and stand on small government , open the oil fields, go after the federal reserve and the like and they will be back in the game.
    Now Democrats are also in self destruct mode. No American who has lived with freedom or will work and pay their share and wants to do better is going to stand for the controls facing us with the Democrats . Yes at one time Democrats were a good party but they darn sure are no more they are socialist. They want to control everything and hand you crumbs. Both parties need a rude awakening and I think it is coming. Me I think I am leaning further and further to the Libertarian point of view.

  155. I’ve been trolling the Republicans on this and HALF of them get it. The other half don’t. Guess which half?

  156. Note the digs in that guy’s plane. No wonder we are broke. Do they HAVE to have solid wood? It’s the military FCS. I’m sure enlisted men who died in Goatfuckistan didn’t get their last ride home in a plane like his.

  157. It is not just women Uppity. Men get it too. Not all men in the GOP hate women or think they are baby machines. But I do think a great number of Republican women either stayed home or voted for Obummer just to say there stuff that in your ass and think about it. Me all I care about right now is the financial end and what it will do to our vulnerability on the world stage.

  158. Did you guys see the name of the biography she co-authoried?

    “All In – The Education of David Petraeus” Sounds kinky.

    Also, the pop vote totals are still being updated and Romney is now down to 47.9%. I kid you not, he got 47% of the pop vote. Karma, baby.

  159. Uppity @ 7:49, good! I’m glad to see you in Uppity form! Everything is always changing. We have to roll with it or go nuts.

    Utah, agree with you that they need to go after the Fed. I’ve thought so for years.

  160. I agree that P’s resignation must have some kind of raison d ‘etat, but I’m not buying into that Fox News crackpot-ery that bronco bama let them all die, becuz it would hurt his re-election chances if he sent in the military to help them. Why would it hurt his re-election? If he had been able to rescue those men it would have benefitted him. It hurt it more that they weren’t saved. It was a stain on his presidency. Since the compound was near a CIA outpost (according to WSJ), it will probably take a while before we learn everything that went down, but this theory seems completely illogical.

    This reminds me of all the ridiculous crap they slung at the Clintons. Whitewater. Murdering Vince Foster. Murdering kids. Dealing cocaine. Or FDR & Pearl Harbor. The reps went after him, saying he “let it happen” so he could get into WW2. Getting into WW2 was accomplished whether or not the attack was successful, so why would such a brilliant man want to throw away half his fleet and kill 3000 of his trained men? They could have repelled the attack and all been heroes, and we would probably had a much shorter war. So I’m not buying that it “helped” him to let it happen. Hopefully more info will come out in the near future.

  161. Goatfuckers???!!! How RUDE!!!!

    I’m guessing Islamophobia won’t be one of your favorite topics. 😉

  162. ROFLMAO! Just about peed my pants reading Andy’s comment.

  163. UW having an affair gets you court marshaled an unhonorably discharged. No benefits.

  164. good rant Upps. I LUV your rants! 🙂 I agree 100% the repugs need to dump the wingnuts

  165. Anybody know if there are military rules about affairs?

    Yep, check the UCMJ. (or at least there used to be)

  166. Don’t know if I can do 2 links in one comment (and amazingly, UCMJ adultery popped up real quick on der google)

  167. Wow an affair is pretty serious then. Affairs = serious. Rape, not so much.

  168. Andy, you would be guessing correctly.

  169. Utah, I think I read where Ober carried Catholics. Or more than he did before, I forget which. I think that may have been a nose thumb at the Pope on birth control. You see, he got a lot of protest votes, not because they loved him more but because they were repulsed at all the vagina probing and church meddling. I am followed by and have been following Catholics For Choice and they have just about had it. So Obama reaped those votes, shit that he is. This goes to show you just HOW offended many people are by some of the behaviors of the GOP towards women, gays, anybody who isn’t an old White Guy.

    And socal, I wouldn’t have put it past him to let that attack Just Happen. Do you know that he has ordered our troops in Afghanistan NOT to fire unless fired upon first? What kind of shit is that? He loves him his Taliban if you ask me.

    Utah, when I said “Which half” doesn’t get it, I apoligize for it looking like i meant men. I meant the far right religious nutbags. I know that not all R men are shitheads. But the ones in power, many of them are. Did you know that there are several Pro Choice Republican guys in congress? Do you ever hear from them? No, becausee that party ostracizes them and keeps them in the back of the room, won’t let them do any pressers, you get it. But their constituents defy them and re-elect the pro choicers. And that’s one big reason why Snowe resigned, I think. That and their complete unwillingness to reach consensus, my way or the highway.

  170. Brutal link, Fredster, Brutal.

    this is one of the happy days of my life because mitt lose the election and the country will continue to move fordward.

    America’s high information Obama supporter.

  171. The biographer has an interesting biography herself:

    Perhaps now that there’s an affair involved, the whole topic will get more media coverage. So far, I haven’t found enough information from reliable sources to form a theory of what might have gone down.

  172. Yes she is no slouch, Sophie. But she’s a shit, just like him and I don’t feel sorry for her one bit. I feel sorry for his wife. These guys in power, it’s getting more and more difficult to find the ones who aren’t pigs, seriously. Power makes them think their dicks are better. It happens all too often not to be true. This is a General who has been in charge of and controlling troops in times of major war and he can’t even control his own dick. Guys like him are the reason rape is no big deal in the military. Exaggerated Dick Importance rolls downhill.

  173. Adultery is definitely against the rules of the military but investigation, prosecution, and meting out justice has been unevenly applied. I know you will all be surprised, but historically, they look the other way for male officers. Females of any rank and enlisteds don’t fare as well.

  174. Upps: I just saw the remaindered thing and didn’t even read the comments..I promise. However I did do a slight grin at this one.

    shouldn’t the Romney merchandise go the Adelson and Koch since they paid for it.

  175. Okay you had your three shots, Fredster. Okay?

    I don’t think gloating looks good, reminds me of 2008. And to be honest, I would have voted for Romney to get rid of Obama if he hadn’t said Fuck You, Uppity, by appointing Ryan. He’s a blip on the historical radar now, I’m sure that’s enough punishment for his ego.

  176. my retirement fund tanked the day after the election. So the big boys on wall street get to make a statement and a profit all at the same time. Sell, profit, tank, buy in. Who are they kidding. These are the same animals the Republicans want to put in charge of social security, although as it turns out, they are no bigger theives than the congressional stewards who raided the pot.

  177. @Sophie-6:41: Then took it depends on how much publicity an affair has gotten as to how seriously they deal with it If the act gets a lot of publicity that brings down the image of the military they get a lot more serious. The interesting thing about this one is that it apparently began while he was stil on active duty but he is now retired. Offhand I don’t know how the military would deal with it, although even though he is retired he is still listed as Pratreus, USA-RET. He gets his retirment check and since it began on a.d. I guess there’s a possibility they could reduce his rank, i.e. take a star away from him. Just guessing here.

  178. Indeed, Uppity, I put this in the same file folder as Edwards and Rielle.

    From that link:

    With a degree in Political Geography and Systems Engineering, Paula pursued a military intelligence career abroad, serving in Asia, Europe, the Middle East, and Africa.

    Before I read that, I saw the biographer as a liberal arts major, writing a book. Perhaps she was more of a spy/hacker type or a wannabe.

  179. Don’t even ask me what that was supposed to mean above. I think what I meant to write was “the take on it”… Of course I have not been to bed yet, having had “dinner” at 2:00 a.m.

    And I only had two shots; the link and then the pasted in comment.

  180. Okay then you are entitled to one more shot. And you need to get your circadian clock fixed.

  181. I agree Sophie. When I first read her own bio, I thought, so what’s she doing writing a General’s Bio, she’s got all kinds of experience and education under her belt. The kind of experience that would lead someone to be looking at a general’s emails. Or the bio was a nice excuse for her to carry on an affair with him and get away with it. And he’s pretty damned stupid for a general, never thinking that someone could look at confidential stuff hanging around, especially someone of her intellectual caliber? Thinking with his little dick.

  182. As far as the presidential election results go, there is nothing to gloat about there. I feel nothing but scorn. The Republicans lost me at the primary when it was really clear that they had no intention of reaching out to or attracting independent or moderate voters.

    That being said, I am getting tired of the meme that stupid women chose birth control over the economy. As if family planning and reproductive freedom aren’t economics at their core. As if people who need to control women, know nothing about women’s bodies, and talk about women and not to them, and call facts “beliefs” would be good for the economy.

    I am pissed at the Republicans anew–first for continuing to be everything I haven’t liked for my entire life, second for failing to provide the balance a democracy needs, third for blowing what was an exceptional opportunity handed to them on a silver platter, and fourth, for daring to call the voting public stupid when they are the ones that blew it over and over again.

  183. Her background alone should have made her suspect to him, the idiot. And it’s cause for the trouble she’s in now. And if Obama wanted Patraeus’ ass on a plate over impending testimony, Patraeus handed it to him. I do not understand why these people don’t realize that being dirty will catch up to them and that they are NOT invincible or completely above the law. They might be, until blackmail time. This is just plain assinine and shows how testosterone can make men stupid and overly confident in their stupidity besides. And she was being just as stupid as he was. People See things sooner or later.

  184. How bright is this head of the CIA when he can’t even carry on a covert affair successfully?

  185. UW, ROFLMAO!!

  186. J Edgar must be laughing his smarmy ass off from his grave.

  187. I made a Funnayyyyyyyy!

  188. Feh, the whole thing will be broadcast as a conspiracy and maybe it was. But, true to this blog, I’ll wait and see. It all does seem very dumb to me, so wherever Dumb is, Obama is.

    J Edgar would have never let a president get the best of him. Just the opposite.

  189. Real question: why would resigning excuse or prevent Petraeus from testifying?

  190. It doesn’t. It’s called a subpoena. So it’s all moot. I don’t see that nasty Issa letting this guy just wander off into the sunset.

  191. That clock has been f*cked for years now. I am in hopes that it will just keep going until it gets around to a “normal” time, whatever that is! 😆

  192. Fredster, don’t count on the Mayans to fix it.

  193. If I were Patreaus I would look out for myself really carefully. Or he can plead the 5th, that’ll look good.

  194. Yes Yes…The Mayan Colander, the theory is full of holes but so is Obama’s time-line.

  195. HAHAHAHAH DE. Priceless.

  196. Uppity Woman, on November 9, 2012 at 7:06 AM said:
    Thanks for that rant, Uppity. I needed that. I haven’t been able to write anything recently. I have been so disgusted with our choices and went a little off the deep end myself…you are right, of course. It is all Kabuki Theatre. In retrospect, the only nice part of the election was that a lot of women stood up and handed the “Mr Rape Things” their ass.

    Write about whatever suits you, of course. I will always be here, grateful for you. Cheers and hugs, Ani.

  197. Uppity Woman, on November 10, 2012 at 7:18 AM said: Edit Comment
    How bright is this head of the CIA when he can’t even carry on a covert affair successfully?
    *Coffee spew*

  198. Also ROFLLL @ the line about head of CIA can’t carry on a covert affair successfully! Good one!

  199. The gloating is in poor taste.
    Besides jokes about Romney’s wealth are so…yawn.

  200. How bright is this head of the CIA when he can’t even carry on a covert affair successfully?

    Comedy gold.

  201. Why would it hurt his re-election?

    For the same reason it hurt Carter’s reelection prospects when the mission to save the hostages failed.

  202. I kid you not, he got 47% of the pop vote. Karma, baby.

    Karma for what? Daring to be rich? Daring to run against The One?

  203. In this case, he resigned for…….an affair. Does. Not. Compute

    Wise observation.

  204. I bet Jesse Jr. didn’t cry for Staten Island.

    Karen, nice zinger! ROFLLL

  205. Well, looks like he didn’t voluntarily resign; he was told to resign by Clapper, an Obama political hack.

    No surprise. Petraeus was a dead man walking once he stated that the CIA “did not make the decision” to to even try to rescue the dead diplomats/soldiers, thereby disclosing that there was a “decision” made and impliedly fingering the WH as the decision-maker.

  206. Ironic and droll that it takes a sex scandal to put Benghazi in the spotlight. How comatose do people have to be to ignore Benghazi and the crumbling economy while being diverted by Big Bird, Binders of Women, and a non-existent threat to contraception. Rome in decline, for sure. Free bread and circuses for all! An American Idol for Preezy! Sandra Fluke for Defender against the War on Women. Ridiculous.

  207. Oh I have NO doubt there is wayyyyyyyyy more to that Patreaus story. See what happens when you have a skeleton someone can hold over you in politics?

  208. NES Carter was dead meat long before that. He was complete disaster, which is why Obama loves hanging out with him.

  209. Who among us wouldn’t like to have Romney’s wealth. Take your time. I’ll wait.

  210. No gloating dear, just made a joke about it. Any complaints see the boss here.

  211. and besides NES was I addressing you dear? Nope.

  212. this is one of the happy days of my life because mitt lose the election and the country will continue to move fordward.

    That’s one confused Obot. It was GM that got the bailouit. :>

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