What we do for them.

File Under: Hooked and Controlled.

I feel much better about myself now that I know I am not over the top when it comes to my cat.


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  1. Well…I’ll take that over the car elevator.

  2. I’m going to the park with my dog. Don’t want to miss a nice day. Neither should you.

  3. Glad you have a nice day lol. I was out at dawn shoveling my darn truck out. Now the fricking lake has kicked in and the stuff I shoveled is right back. It is too early to have this much snow. Yesterday we had no power until 12 noon and I was to lazy to go fire up the generator so I just sat by the fire and cussed !!!

  4. Okay. I realize everybody is pissed off. Frontpage mag has this article saying Obama got 108% of the vote in woods county, Ohio.

    Now here is woods county election site results.

    108014 registered voters
    62338 voted.
    57.7% of registered voters voted in presidential race.
    Obama got 50.9% of that vote.

    The only “108” number there is 108,000+ registered voters, so I have no idea WTF these people are selling.

    Unless I read this wrong, these people are bullshitting you. If I have read it wrong, please let me know and I will retract.

    Please CHECK before believing. Most county tallies are ONLINE. I care too much for you to see you get carried along by right wing snake oil salesmen that match left wing snake oil salesman to a tee.

  5. The election is over. Weather or not there was cheating ( and I am sure there was) it is done and over. I am not pissed or even if I were what could I do ? I am concerned as to where we go from this point forward and saving my own bacon. There will be tons who scream that is what they do each election no matter what side wins. Republicans need to just go re-think all the things they are doing wrong and fix them or die and let a new party emerge. Same thing will happen to Democrats I think after the next four years. This to me is just another “Al Gore I won thing and Bush cheated” Get over it and move along people it is over. Republicans still do not want to admit people like Akin cost them the election. Yes Catholics and Jews voted for Obama. It happened and they need to figure out as I said the Evangelicals are destroying them. Democrats need to see this too before the left wing loons ear them apart. Frankly I see no difference in Harry Reid and his high and mighty BS then I do Akin. These people are scum and it pisses me off to no end they not by my choice can tell me what is good for me.
    I am more worried right now about the UN taking my gun or Israel dumping a bomb on Iran. Trust me it is coming and I do not blame them one bit but it will affect us. So if you are worried that I might get mad please don’t . I am not. Die hards will always carry the election to extremes. I vented when it happened and am over it. Nothing to see here, move along lmao.
    Folks squawking about how bad Romney would have been fail to get me to understand their point. Romney was in fact a moderate. Ryan was the right wing shit. Only reason Ryan would have bothered me was he would run in 8 years and if Romney did a good job he would win ( Ryan) and screw it all up again.

  6. I agree. Everybody is making themselves sick and lashing out, and it will not change a thing. Been listening to this for 12 years. Impeachment, fraud, etc etc.

    You can BET there was cheating, it’s just that whichever one cheats better wins.

  7. Okay now I’m really leaving with the dog. Had to wait for a call.


  8. Uppity Woman, on November 9, 2012 at 7:06 AM said:
    Thanks for that rant, Uppity. I needed that. I haven’t been able to write anything recently. I have been so disgusted with our choices and went a little off the deep end myself…you are right, of course. It is all Kabuki Theatre. In retrospect, the only nice part of the election was that a lot of women stood up and handed the “Mr Rape Things” their ass.

    Write about whatever suits you, of course. I will always be here, grateful for you. Cheers and hugs, Ani.

    Brought this up from downstairs. Thanks, Upps. Will try to be on time to the party next time.

  9. Ani:
    The fun is still going on. Just the latest about Petraeus resignation gives plenty to munch on the political soap opera.
    Check Hillary is 44 and NoQuarter.
    And you said it, there was a very good thing that the rape advocates got ditched.

  10. Haha! Love the kitteh elevator. Laker & I both are thinking we’d like to get one of those Coon Maine cats when we move. We’ve been reading about them, it said they are called “gentle giants”. They look cool.

  11. You might change your mind when you wake up to him sleeping on your head.

    Wanted the park with my beloved best friend dog and………..it started raining. Well, i don’t need to tell you that she doesn’t like her furs messed like that.

  12. Uppity Woman, on November 10, 2012 at 7:18 AM said: Edit Comment
    How bright is this head of the CIA when he can’t even carry on a covert affair successfully?
    *Coffee spew*

    That’s my job.

  13. Aww. Rain always comes at the most inconvenient time. I hope it lets up for you and maybe you can get in an evening run.

    Haha about the MC cats. Do they really do that? I haven’t had a cat in a long time.

    Well, we’re heading out ourselves today. Going downtown to a couple of events. Hope you all have a nice day. (I also loved the covert affair comment!)

  14. Nah socal. They are really very lovable and quiet cats, very polite and good lapcats. They just don’t know how big they are is all…

    You could probably get one from rescue. Buying from a breeder is pricey and you will save a cat who wants a home.

    Wet collies like like huge rats.

  15. Rain lol. I was shoveling enough snow this morning to sink a tug boat. Damn have I mentioned I could live fine without that stuff. Home for lunch gotta run and yes it is fricking snowing ……again.

  16. Now that the idiocy of the electorate has put us safely on the road to the European social welfare state, I’d like to quit my job and get Obama free stuff. Maybe the Obama voter here can tell me where I can git sum.

  17. Well everyone here is really happy. Back to discussing global warming as if that that fraud of an effort is the most important thing in the world. I mean these people cannot even fill out an adoption application for a cat without working that gem in somehow. But then these same people, who have to point out their pedigrees such as being ivy league lawyers who are very important people to anyone within shouting distance, also ask such insightful questions as:

    “How can these kittens be from the same litter, they do not look alike?”

    “We want a kitten, not a cat?”

    “What type of animal is this, it’s to big for a cat?” (Note: the cat that gets this every event is 10 lbs.).

    “Why can’t we just feed a cat the same kibble as our dog?”.

    In all fairness, a lot of our volunteers do not get that the reorganization going on at their workplace may just leave them with no benefits as of January 1st. New titles and job descriptions – the big wave of “your position has been eliminated but you can reapply for position X as a contract worker”. This has already happed to six people just in our small condo community. They got the word on Friday. I came home to find an impromptu meeting of people who just never thought they might be the ones giving up their pie for others.

  18. As to the votes. I will simply say, I saw internals in late October and again in early November and saw the mood of those behind the scene. The election results in many races do not compute. At all.

  19. MT.Laurel, whose “internals” (polls) did you see? Romney’s?
    While I agree with Upps that both parties try to steal votes, the Chicago Thugs are masters at it. The poll results don’t compute for me either.

  20. NES
    Circle D’s.

  21. In particular: VA, PA, and FL. General US. Some WV, NC and OH.

    The atmosphere was beyond grim and there was a lot of talk about a only a miracle could save them.

  22. Very interesting, MT.Laurel. Thanks for sharing.
    Tamerlane at the neighbor’s is convinced that O stole it and is running down leads. Perhaps you could fill him in…looks like you have good info.

  23. This is pretty darn cool:

    Okay, maybe cool in a geeky/wonky kind of way. But I was impressed.

  24. Did you know that Al Franken refuses to talk to the national press or appear on cable News, and he only talks to his own constituents’ news outlets? Did you know that he is considered in Congress to be one of the most serious of Senators? Who knew?

  25. “How can these kittens be from the same litter, they do not look alike?”

    This one is the Winner!

  26. He’s serious and very smart, and I like the way he’s voted on a lot of things. I was pissed when he voted against that farm amendment a while back. Went on his twitter and called him Al Frankenfood. There must be one of those agri-businesses in MN.

  27. Hell NES, Obama free stuff is easy. All you have to do is sell off all your assets, rent from a slumlord and stop paying your electric bill. If you hide the money well enough, you can later get the big tee vee and the dish on the house.

  28. Uah honey, you don’t hate snow like you do and then move to Utah.

  29. I cannot draw to save my life. If I tried to freehand a map of the states it would come out looking like a pie. Franken does a great job at art and a better than expected job as Senator. That contentious race was so close that they had the right to fight it out. What a year 2008 was – on so many levels.

    Great cat lift. Makes me think of – to the bat lift Robin.

  30. I cannot draw to save my life. If I tried to freehand a map of the states it would come out looking like a pie

    Karen, let’s face it, anything you draw will come out looking like food.

  31. UW @ 7:19, Yes, I’d heard that–fairly recently too, but I can’t recall where.

  32. WAPO on Petraeus. His girlfriend sent threatening emails to another woman whom she apparently viewed as competition, and that woman went to the FBI with them. Nasty catfight. Serves the idiot right:


  33. Socal – yep, they think they can hide it – they think they are so smart. There is a Linda Tripp in every affair. Somehow it always comes out in the wash and the guy gets his little pickle all shrivelled up as he begs his wife to forgive him. Hillary and Bill are the rare couple that can overcome something like this.

    Clapper has a hell of an impressive wikipage. This whole story is filled with who’s who and uber intelligencia. Interesting all around. This will go Hollywood someday. It reeks of sex and power and fallen honor.


  34. From Karen’s wiki link on Clapper…the guy seems to spout a lotta crap:

    In February, 2011, when mass demonstrations were bringing down Mubarak’s presidency in Egypt, Clapper told a House Intelligence Committee hearing that: “The term ‘Muslim Brotherhood’…is an umbrella term for a variety of movements, in the case of Egypt, a very heterogeneous group, largely secular, which has eschewed violence and has decried Al Qaeda as a perversion of Islam,” … “They have pursued social ends, a betterment of the political order in Egypt, et cetera…..In other countries, there are also chapters or franchises of the Muslim Brotherhood, but there is no overarching agenda, particularly in pursuit of violence, at least internationally.” [7]

    In March 2011, Clapper was heard at the United States Senate Committee on Armed Services and commented on the 2011 Libyan civil war that “over the longer term” Gaddafi “will prevail”. This position was loudly questioned by the White House, when National Security Advisor Thomas E. Donilon qualified his statement as a “static and one-dimensional assessment” and argued that “The lost legitimacy [of Gaddafi] matters”.[8] During the same hearing he was also questioned when he neglected to list Iran and North Korea among the nuclear powers that might pose a threat to the United States.

  35. I mean aren’t you glad crapper Clapper is the Director of Nat’l Intelligence. Everything he says proved to be 180 degrees wrong…from WMD, to the M’Brotherhood, to Quaddafi. Apparently, there’re no consequences for failure in DC. Explains the occupant of the White House…after all, everything he did also turned to sh*t, but we gave him 4 more years.

  36. Good catch, NES. I googled those remarks he made at the time and he did backtrack them.

    Here is one of the many articles that came up:


  37. Anyone speak Southern here? Is it insulting when someone from the South responds to a comment with “Well, bless your heart”?

  38. Our next regularly scheduled Rapture is 12/21/12 so please plan accordingly as time is running out. This has been a public service announcement.

  39. Yes NES. It is a gentle slap but a slap nevertheless.

  40. I mentioned PIE dammit. Where are you Ms. Pie. Get your ass back to posting. It is just hanging there. The pie comment. Waiting for you.

    *tapping foot*

    I want a cherry pie for the rapture day.

  41. “Well, bless your heart”?

    Very often, this is indeed an insult. The actual intonation will indicate the degree of insult. Starts at “you poor thing you just can’t help yourself” and goes all the way to that “bat&*^% crazy vermin” and beyond.

    May or may not be an insult if you take some a pie or cornbread done “Northern Style” to a pot luck. Also covers use of dinner rolls over biscuits. Then there is the whole pumpkin versus sweet potato pie conundrum. Some exclusions: any offering of food or comfort after someone passes. This shows good manners and therefore use of this phase is usually a compliment that you understand the niceties of society. (For a Yankee).

  42. IMO “Well bless your heart” falls into the category of, “Well, aren’t you special?”

  43. Karen, Her Pieness is on sabbatical and needs some healling time. To be sure, she will be back and I will keep in touch. If she doesn’t return within a reasonable time, as determined by us, I shall just go to her home and get her.

  44. Mt. Laurel, I have deep south friends who on occasion find the term “the war of Northern Aggression” coming out of their mouths. And Yankee is used all the time. YMCA stands for Yanks May Come Again.

  45. Ah the rapture. So close again! I am mostly prepared, what with having all those false alarm dry runs, you know. However, this year, I am jerry-rigging a contraption that will allow me to take Needlenose and her cat along with me. I mean, it’s cheaper than paying those After Rapture Pet Care heathens. It’s going to look kind of like a hot air balloon with pouches for food and water and things, harnessed to me so we don’t get separated during the indoctrination period Up There.

    I’m also expanding my choices of neighbors in my condo Up There. While I still prefer to live somewhere nearby Gilda Radner, my alternate is Kate Hepburn.

  46. Hillary and Bill are the rare couple that can overcome something like this.

    Indeed. I think it’s because Hill made him go to a counselor and DO the work that goes with counseling.

    As for her pieness, while I respect her need for R&R, I think she’s well aware of what could happen when Karen demands pie and there’s none forthcoming. Just sayin’

  47. Karen that reminds me of the time I was on a business trip in Orlando and stopped to watch The March Of The Royal Ducks at the Peabody. Everyone was laughing and having a good time and the woman next to me with her kids struck up a convo with me. Then she asked me where I was from and I said New York and she LITERALLY grabbed her two kids and fled from me.

  48. I also don’t think Cherry pie is appropriate for Rapture Day. I’m thinking Humble pie.

  49. Karen
    I love the YMCA acronym. And yes, when I lived in the south, particularly the Richmond area, I would often hear about the Northern Aggression. I was warned on my first day of work to never ever mention the words “Civil War”.

  50. okay, then let me speed up her healing time:


    This is better than cats in sinks!

  51. Technically, it’s not a rapture–it’s the end of days. So, technically, the most appropriate pie would be vanilla cream, seeings how vanilla and the Mayans are from the same region.

  52. Gilda and Kate – I want to live in your heaven hood.

  53. Cherry-Vanilla ice cream on the cherry pie. *drool*

  54. Oh karen, look at all that pie! (Even Pi pies..) We really do need pie.

  55. Brown Sugar to go with the pies. If Uppity was ethnic this is what I would imagine she looked like in the 70’s. Slim, stylish bell bottoms, a big afro and glowing from within.



  56. NES
    Alas, I have no paper trail. Never occurred to me to snap a few photos with the phone. I have to admit, I was surprised at fatalistic view.

    I would say that everything seemed to change after Sandy. Before the storm there were reps moping about every where and the politicians I know were just short of blowing circuits. Then, at our office complex, all these Uhauls showed up and it looked like they were packing up the larger campaign office near me. They said they were protecting everything in case the storm causes damage. After the storm all of a sudden all these out of state cars appeared. By that I mean not DC/MD/VA but a lot of out of area plates like NC, PA, FL and GA plus IL, IA and NV (which really stand out).

    I had out of state cars follow me on several occasions that last week or so and once I got to our parking area they would look about and then follow me to our office building. Turns out they assumed since I had Maryland plates, that I was working the campaign and figured I too was going to work at unicorn central. No one has been around at all since election day and I have not seen hide nor hair of my colleagues who hold elective office. All taking leave which is odd since they generally keep that for when they are in session. 2008 – they were all out and about talking up their game before McCain even gave his concession speech. This year – everything is now behind closed doors.

  57. Oh for goodness sake another rapture ? Ok this stuff needs to be scheduled for warmer weather. Tying your self to a tree to keep from going in conditions like these is just so so very wrong. If these nuts think I am leaving all my freshly canned food here for the heathens think again. I just am not going to go. I am not ready. I will wait for one that has better timing and fits into my schedule ty.

  58. Almost time for the black friday blog from walmart. lol.

    This year I am thankful that I do not still live on Long Beach island. I was there for 10 years, moved away for 5 years and went back for another year before I moved here. If I could afford it that is where I would have stayed. I am only in NEPA because of the cost of living in NY in the areas I love are out of my price range by far. Many are still without any power on Long Island and their sewer treatment plants are still down so they are told not to flush! For 12 days. Yikes.

    I am grateful that I am warm and my home is intact. The big things we can’t do much about but we can be thankful for many of the blessings that come our ways each day. There are always some. No matter how dark. Hang in there and turn off the TeeVee since they make crap up.

  59. Utah, you will be warm. You will have no needs at all. It is the rapture. It is going to be all spiffy. Unfortunately you will not be around to get all your Christmas gifts and you will not get to go to the mall the next day to stand on long lines to return all those gifts for ones you actually like. We’ll bring hot chocolate just incase there is a draft.

  60. Tying yourself to a tree. OMG ROFL!

  61. I was just on the recipe tab (making marsala tomorrow) and noticed Anthony’s pie recipe. It looks yummy. Has anyone tried it?

  62. It would’ve taken a lot of work to make me into an afro hairdo, karen. Straight and long and parted in the middle.

  63. Well I imagine that on rapture day, when I reach about 40000 feet the temp will feel like Utah.

  64. UW: You should just post a picture already so we can stop guessing.

  65. At what age would you like to see this pic?

  66. Recent. I’m reluctant to speculate what age that could be, but I have a pretty good idea since you told Laker you’d been to a Cream concert.

  67. I meant around what age do you want me to be in the pic.

  68. There is no way I would publicly post a recent pic of myself on this blog as it I might as well just put up a sign with my name on it.

  69. You could. I’d hate for the not-a-rapure to come and never have known.

  70. VERY cool post sister.

  71. Yeah well trust me, it’s not a good idea for me to do that.

  72. Looking for a vet day header, not sure I have one.

  73. Do schedule your post.

  74. G’Nite. I’m fading.

  75. Better wash your underwear in time for the Rapture, Upps!

  76. Thanks y’all for the interpretation of a Southern phrase.

    Upps, ya got it wrong, but you’re a Yankee so it’s ok.

  77. Anyone speak Southern here? Is it insulting when someone from the South responds to a comment with “Well, bless your heart”?

    It can be…bless your heart.

  78. Here we go again.

    You can’t stand each other. I get it. EVERBODY gets it. Now take it outside.

  79. Hey, I was minding my business. I saw no one else having issues with anything I wrote.

    I’ll tell you what upps: I’ll ignore the woman if she in turn agrees to do the same with me. I’m asking this in front of all the nice folks at your blog so they see I’m attempting to be fair and balanced, so to speak. If that’s beyond her to do that then I can just stay away. If I have something I need or want to tell ya, I can tweet you and ask you to check your email or something. Sound fair?




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