Next Scheduled End Of World/Apocalypse + Rapture – 12/21. Glad I kept last year’s checklist!

Looks like that side of beef
in the freezer is fair game now, Ralph.

Rapture In Pink.

Well,  it’s time to Prepare for the End-Of- The-World again. That means Apocalypse!

Seems like just yesterday when you were told to prepare for the last one. In any event, If you haven’t done your preparations during a previously scheduled End Of World, you should get started. I provide you with some upfront suggestions from last year here in my Up All Night Wondering If My Ass Will Be Raptured thread. Mind you, my preparations have not been End-Of-World tested, else we would not be here today. But let’s face it, this is Really the Big One and so many more people will be Left Behind this time, like people who use birth control, vote Democratic, eat fried foods,  show your legs, collect Social Security, or treat sex like it’s supposed to be fun – and other really bad shit.

Still, there’s hope for you.  As you all know, No End Of World program is complete without a follow-up Rapture. It’s like Peanut Butter and Jelly, they go together.  And you can be Raptured too, which means you won’t have to clean up the mess! All you have to do is say you’re sorry for anything you’ve done, including inhaling and exhaling, say you Really Mean It, and then you can go right back to doing any sleazy, rotten thing you want to do to anybody,  because you’ll be Saved, which will give you the authority to harass everybody else while ignoring your own nasty habits and behaviors.  How cool is that? And as a Reward for being Saved, you will be  abruptly sucked up into the sky in the Twinkle Of An Eye.  Seems fair! How envious everyone will be! I wonder if this young woman still has that Suburu she drove around advertising the Judgment Day last year– or if she’s in the hospital ward this year?

Since the current End Of World is scheduled for December 21, so close to Christmas, I am sure all the believers won’t be buying any Christmas gifts or putting up any decorations or things. In this economy, it’s not a good idea to waste money. They would only end up leaving all those fugly woolen socks and evil toys they charged to Capital One to the heathens left behind. This will be rough on retail sales.  And just think of how much fun this will all be for all those well adjusted children of the Big Believers. I mean, what  stable kid doesn’t want to go to bed at night worrying about an apocalypse just before Christmas?

Make no mistake! This is the Big One.  Do you hear me? Bigger than last year’s Big One and the year before’s Big One, even. In fact, it’s bigger than the hundreds or other Big Ones through the centuries. See  Have A Happy Rapture Day! for a list, current only to 2009. Who can keep up? Anyways, this Big One is claimed to be Predicted by the Mayans, who were so good at predicting things well in advance, that they missed predicting the end of their own culture, but nevermind. Besides, this year’s Believer list is probably much larger than ever before, considering the outcome of the Presidential Election. Barack Obama should really demand a cut  for this from all those preachers collecting the bucks. I’m sure somebody from Chicago is On It. After all, he has replaced Dick Cheney as the AntiChrist and that wasn’t easy.

You are here. Okay, maybe not.

There are many…….. exciting videos on Youtube on how this is going to roll out, but I felt the one below is the most believable, considering it was provided by an Obviously Very Christian Youtuber spiritually named “Wake The Fuck Up“. No kidding.

I do not know as of today if there is a Wake The Fuck Up Ministry, but if there’s money to be made from it, you can bet there is.

The title of the video also implies you should “Save Your Family Now,” although it doesn’t say how and you will be too busy crapping your pants while watching it, anyways. I was a bit disappointed to see the word “Theory” in the title. This is a small matter for the End-Of-Worlders, though–unless we’re talking about evolution.

You can’t make this shit up. But you don’t have to. Other ‘really’ reliable  people are making it up for you, and for a small donation, but preferably a big one, they will tell you more –like this charlatan, Harold Camping, who  Raptured his own self by disappearing just before last year’s Rapture didn’t happen, but not without the millions he collected from his followers. However, Harold confesses he accidentally “calculated the numbers” wrong, so to be sure he will be back soon with a more accurate Judgment Day and Rapture date.

Thanks for the millions, suckholes!

I will be providing you with more valuable information in the near future, with names of upstanding “Christians” who are prepared and swear the Apocalypse is really really really true this time,  they are going  to be Raptured and you’re probably not, including such bastions of integrity between woman-beatings and drunken binges, Mel Gibson. I will also be providing you  in the future information on the debunking of this bullshit by NASA, but don’t let that stop any of you from Believing. I mean, having the shit scared out of you every year over God is about the only cheap entertainment left. God must be so pleased.

Here is your Wake The Fuck Up video. Crank up that volume, I wouldn’t want you to miss anything.  You can feel free to peruse Youtube and pick out another one if you would like. The place is infested with them. Also,  please know, if you prefer reading, or actually can read, you can get your reliable information about Impending Doom right here at the Official Website. They cover it all, from survival items you can put into your shopping cart to Endtime Prophecies. They even have a countdown clock, as if  believers would need one.  “Gosh, Marion! I almost forgot that today is the Apocalypse!“.

When there is no more room in hell, the dead will walk the earth.


Now, I know that you want to know what things will be like when you are Left Behind, right? This is not to suggest you will be left behind, of course. But you might as well take a look at what it’s going to be like if they Checked The List Twice and you were a bad boy or girl. I am sure you want more than anything else to see this SEVEN PART video on the Aftermath, you heathen.


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  1. Ah horseshit !!! Just when I thought it was safe I have to dig out the chains and ammo. Afraid these raptured folk might want to swipe some of my newly canned red hot cinnamon and apple jelly !!! I do not send gifts along to the loons !!! I said I went into survival mode and I am. Got to go get out the heavy duty extension cords to run my electric blanket. Hate to think in all this I have to freeze to death on that tree. Will be showing the wrecking crew videos of the rapture so they know who to rip to shreds as they float by.

  2. One question………………How many raptures do we have to have before all these loons are gone ????

  3. ROFFFFFL! The best yet!

  4. Good timing, Upps. Another sign of the Apocalypse could be when real life becomes a soap opera.

    So, now it’s Peyton Place at the Pentagon?

    Yep, the Patraeus scandal is deepening. Turns out that another General is being investigated for “inappropriate communications” with a woman. Which General? Which Woman?

    Well, and you just can’t make this shit up, it’s General John Allen, you know, just the American Commander in the War in Afghanistan, and, the other woman is – wait for it – Jill Kelley, you know, the other other woman who blew the whistle on Paula Broadwell and Patraeus?

    Got that?,0,267874.story?track=rss

    Comforting isn’t it? While our brave women and men fight and bleed and die in battle, and while our brave intelligence officers risk their lives to gather information to help keep us safe from our enemies, well, their Commander and Director are staying busy with…other more important matters. Like sexy e-mails and such. Thousands of them.

    Seriously, I don’t know why I even bother with being a dramatist. No fiction can possibly compete with what passes for real life these days.

  5. “Inappropriate Communications”


    Is that like, um, sign language? You know, with your hands?

  6. Rev Vet, shit rolls downhill so it’s easy to see why rape is no big deal in the military, considering the big boys are pigs.

    I posted about another general about a week or so ago too, Jeffry Something or Other. Forced himself on her via threats

  7. Yes I found it. Another upstanding General.

    Brig. General jeffry Sinclair hearing, facing courts martial on charges including forcible sodomy, wrongful sexual conduct, violating orders, engaging in inappropriate relationships, misusing a government travel charge card, and possessing pornography and alcohol while deployed.

  8. Yep, inappropriate. 20,000-30,000 naughty hand signals?

    Good God.

    Of course, nothing surprises me anymore. Seen and/or heard it all by now. But, and please pardon my French…


  9. So that Allen pig is the third general. I’ll bet they all do it and this is why the military treats women like recepticles without their permission.

  10. Sinclair threatened to kill her if she didn’t keep having sex with him.. This was BEFORE the patreaus thing so it’s not a witch hunt.

  11. Oh yeah, Upps, sexual harassment and flat-out rape are rampant in the military. Just another filthy little secret that nobody really wants to talk about. Especially, Big Media.

  12. My God, we have mental pre-pubescent idiots running our military between jerkoffs.

  13. “running our military”

    Yep. That’s just it. With Patraeus and Allen, these are two of THE most important men in our service. Highly “respected”.

    I’m no Puritan, nor blind to sexual highjinks among the powerful- it’s as old as the first male erection. And, of course, it’s women who almost always suffer the most as a result. But, in THIS day and age, the age of instant technology, it boggles the mind that these two “leaders” could be so monumentally stupid.

    It’s the complete lack of judgement, and inability to use self-discipline, that bothers me the most.

  14. I’m going to watch that Sinclair case. If he were an enlisted man, he would be dishonorably discharged. AND imprisoned.

  15. Brig. Gen Jeffrey Sinclair. Look at this fucking ugly bastard and imagine yourself deployed and him threatening to kill you if you don’t have sex with him.

  16. Women in the military should have the right to shoot bastards like that in the head.

  17. Apropos of your Sinclair link, Upps, here’s a new Times story showing a current Rogue’s Gallery of our Military “leaders”…

    Just the tip of the iceberg, no doubt.

    Well, I suppose I need to hit the sack. It was nice to visit here with you in real time. As you’ve probably surmised by now, I’m the nightiest of night owls. I tend to get my best work done when all is quiet. I like the night. I am well acquainted, so to speak.

    I hope to dream of pleasant things, and wake up tomorrow (later today) to a better world. Oh, who the hell I am kidding? Maybe when I wake up it will actually be what it feels more like…December 21st.


    Goodnight. Or, Good Morning!

  18. Good morning to you, dear Rev Vet!

  19. And I feel a perverts on parade post coming on. In the real world, these pigs would have never gotten secret clearance, much less top secret. Character does count and I can attest that if you work for a company that has military contracts, they DO investigate you personally. And that’s a FACT. With the behaviors these creatures have displayed, they would have NEVER been cleared. NEVER.

  20. Not in the head, Ups. I’d take dead aim for the brain which is lower down, at the end of the torso.

  21. Yeah there’s that too.

  22. Screwing has always been a world wide pastime. Fact that a politician does it or general does it bothers me not. It is what people do. Cheating is right up there with celebrating Christmas, the majority do. I hold no one up to a standard of being faithful because I found out in life the majority are not. If it is consensual sex it is none of my business. I only become enraged when I hear it was forced and then you have my ire full fold. Fact is in the military it is as old as the military. No surprise to me that generals are in the sack with other women. Did any of you think otherwise ? I grew up military and roffffffffff I knew too many majors and up that had chippies on the side. You have the officers club lmao and they go there to compare notes. You have the doings where the wifeys have to attend in all their regalia and half of the wives compare notes as well. Do you really believe these are men with honor ? Or women with honor for that matter ? Hell our presidents stick their wick in anything and that has been throughout history even our sainted forefathers. No crime there moving along. Trick is not to get caught. There is the biggie lol.
    In my mind I think folks just need not get into a committed relationship or marriage if you can not refrain from having other partners. Stay single and screw till you drop.
    When you use your position to force someone to partner with you that is where you have screwed up and it becomes criminal and it too happens all too much yes even in this day and age. Women are the worst recipient of non consensual sex but underling men get it too. Men just opt not to tell as much as women. Used to be women did not tell either because of course they had it coming or asked for it or better yet needed it to adjust their hormonal attitudes.
    I despise any bastage who uses their position or power to force others to sleep with them and they need to be herded into a corral and slaughtered. That means from the manager of the local A and P to the very top of the ladder. Male or female.
    I know as a very young woman I lost two jobs due to the fact I refused to allow myself to become some bosses prostitute. But I knew others who did because they needed the job to survive. I did too but I figured there were other jobs and no fricking way will I succumb to the pressure to keep a job. Ten to one once the bastard got it he would fire you anyway but this was what women had to go through to keep food on the table. They still do. Ever notice on applications a question asking you if you have ever filed a sexual harassment suit or action ? Wonder how well that works out if you answer yes.
    These generals will pay for their deeds when the wife cleans their clocks and they had better do it quick before there is nothing to clean when they get a DD. Get it now ladies while you can lol. As for the other scum that threatened to kill or have her killed he need to be in that coral for slaughter. We kill pigs in this country.

  23. BTW I am not overlooking the fact that Patreaus needed to be held to a higher standard because of his position. I could say the same for a president too. Bedroom chat is not good for the security of a nation. Can you have an affair and not tell ??? Hmmm point to ponder. I have no clue. I know I do not always tell my mate everything but having never stepped out of the bonds of marriage I do not know what folks talk about or if they just screw lol.

  24. I’m with Utah on this. I’m sure most of the highly-ranked officers cheat on their wives — in this respect, they’re no different than other powerful men. What is amazing, though, is that the UCMJ bans it. I mean, how many men has Petraeus discharged for adultery over his career? Many lower-ranked officers and others, I’m guessing. That’s the hypocrisy part.

    Who was the most famous military man with a longtime mistress? Eisenhower.

  25. As most of you guys probably know, Diwali is the annual Indian (Hindu) Festival of Lights. (Lights as in open flames in clay wick-and-oil burners, for the most part.) Non-Hindus may celebrate it too – my family enjoyed doing so when we were kids. Take a goo at the linked satellite photo in the tweet:

  26. Well NES that is the long and short of the way things in this world go. “Do as I say , not as I do” I mean apply this code to just about everything in life. Take the so called Christians. Take the politicians , take the well anyone lol. Nothing gets under my skin much these days other then me being forced to do what the others think I should or discrimination or abuse of anyone not just women. The rest will be and always has been.
    Eh what will be will be I will not spend countless hours losing sleep over these generals or anyone .

  27. Wow that is impressive NES.

  28. Aren’t Hindus the people who believe you keep coming back till you get it right. That’s got to be exhausting.

  29. Yup Eisenhower too. Guess that makes it all right.

    Tune in tomorrow for my post on life threats for sex, rape, demands for naked pictures, pornography, bigamy and other assortied Okay things they do that makes one stop wondering why rape of female troops is no big deal when shit like this rolls downhill.

  30. Utah, a secret is only a secret if you are the only one who knows it. Therefore an affair can never be a secret. You find that out lots of times when you break up, I’ll bet.

  31. I’m looking for a story to add to my post on a woman general doing this shit and I just can’t seem to find any. in fact, I just can’t seem to find any women generals, period.

    Yeah I know there are a couple of tokens in charge of the latrine command or the barracks post offices.

  32. ROFFFFFFFFFF Uppity. Yea there is that too lmao. Like I said only way to get my ire is to go after the defenseless. Rape is rape. Weather you have power over that individual or weather you stalk and grab you are the pig that needs to be led to the slaughterhouse. No trying to fix you , no three strikes just a bullet to the head and dumped into a pile bound for the grinder.

  33. Well I know there’d be a token 4 star wimmin out there somewhere.

  34. Interesting article about women as admirals and generals

  35. When was the last time we heard about these women except to trot out stories that they exist. Wait, there was that one woman under bush who took a rap.

  36. Ah Uppity, you are mocking the gods. That is a no-no. Look at St. Marks Basilica in Venice – home of the four horses. It is a sign.

    *thunderbolt sound*

  37. Upps at 11:43 – there was a woman under Bush?

    Which Bush? A woman who was not Babs or Laura under a Bush?


  38. If Italy was to get a sign, it would have to be at that opulent, decadent vatican.

  39. It was a sign that it rained a real lot. lol.

  40. NES, I posted about Hillary on the last thread. 🙂

    I am still on fire but that is normal since I followed politics for decades.

  41. Babs was definitely a Top.

  42. If you google “rapture” you come up with some pretty scary webpages of people who are obviously either religious nutjobs or bathsalt users.

  43. Uppity:
    It’s required to have a penis to be a general…
    Prepubescent men are not only running the Military but the country, if you have not noticed.

  44. Well these women might not makes headlines upps but neither do many men generals or admirals until they are headliners in war or scandal. Just saying. I am happy we at least have broken the barrier in ranking in the military . Small steps are better then no steps at all.

  45. nutjobs or bathsalt users

    OMG I’m dyiing here.

  46. do many men generals

    Keyword: MANY.

  47. There is a TeeVee show about prepping for doomsday. Why prep if the whole world is going to be, um, doomed? If you build a bunker and stock it, etc, the planet is doomed. The earth ends. Why prep? If you believe it is over then why are you trying to avoid the end? It is either the end or not.

    Remember when NatGeo was about science? The good ole days.

  48. LOL, Karen’s been on a roll lately. She still needs to get a cat.

    Great post, Upps.

  49. Well yea there are many men generals and admirals. You have to understand that it is we of the sixties and seventies who fought to get just one so it is a step. Women were never considered military even if you served in a M.A.S.H. unit and took a bomb you were just a woman after all. You were not in the real heat after all. It is the way it was. Now women are being treated a bit more like the heroes they are. Imagine if you will if they called a war and no women showed up for that call ? I think they are getting it albeit in small doses but they are getting it. Imagine no one out there in the heat to repair the wounded ? It is not all men manning those hospitals and risking life. Never was. Women are now flying planes, helicopters and the ones lobbing bombs on the goatfuckers that want them dead. I never thought when I was young I would see that but I sure dreamed it. I wish I was 18 in these times in someways because I would go and do it in a heartbeat !
    Small steps but in the right direction. It is like blacks getting to ride in front or go to school. It did not happen over night. Sadly these things should never have had to be talked about and acted on. We all should have had the rights afforded us by way of being born and living. No one gender, color or sexual orientation should ever have had to fight for what always should have been theirs. But it is what it is and one day people will wake up to that or we all will have blown each other to hell and back.
    I have very mixed feelings about the statement the women made this time around. It is never good to cut ones nose off to spite their face but the message was sent and we will see what is to be. I would rather have had that message sent in 2008 to be honest but it is what it is. I like to see women stood up for what they believed in but I also think they may have made a deal with the devil to do it .

  50. Speaking of bath salts, have you seen a picture of that McAfee guy? Tres creepy. I wonder what Norton looks like?

  51. True story: a guy where I work had long stringy hair and was paranoid as hell and so they made him a manager. The rumors were that he was on bath salts. He was supposed to be shown how to use the computers but when they went to instruct him the monitors were all covered with cardboard boxes so that they couldn’t spy on him. He then said he couldn’t drive himself to work anymore because he was having mild seizures frequently. They drove him to work. Then he disappeared. We got a notice in our employee newsletter that he resigned and people say he’s getting permanent disability benefits.

    What. A. Freak.

  52. Typical software engineer genius. He contacted WIRED to tell his story. Check out the wierd shit about burying himself in the sand with a box over his head while they searched his house.

  53. I think there are more, wait a week UW. Pervs On Parade will become a huge NY Times best seller.

  54. I never liked his SW either. He sold that company for 100 million. lost it all in the bust and was only left with a paltry four million so he moved to Belize

  55. He moved there to avoid taxes. How do you like your move now, Dood?

  56. Sanger said Solomon argued with her husband over his lack of political involvement and that she believed her family would suffer under a second term of President Barack Obama, KPHO reported.

    Police said witnesses heard yelling and saw Solomon get behind the wheel and chase her husband through the parking lot.

    “At one point he went behind a light pole so the vehicle wouldn’t strike him. He ended up leaving the light pole trying to run away to a different area,” Sanger said

    Would have fit in well in the blogging community, hey?

  57. Wildlife for Hillary.

    I think the critters are grateful Hillary is talking about them and not gun slinging S**** P**** — joke….

  58. No kidding. Solomon sounds like an….uppity woman. You go, grrrrrl.

  59. Just saw that on the news about Mcafee. I had it when I was a novice to computers because it was recommended but found it to be shyt. It caused a ton of things to go haywire and to a novice it is a nightmare. I went over to Norton and have had very few issues. I am a believer in Norton and will not use other so called safety programs. Saw that piece about the AZ woman too lmao.
    What a screwed up palce we now live in.

  60. karen — I saw your post about Hillary. I agree with you.

  61. I’ve used plenty of them and none of them does the job Norton’s does. Some of them are nightmares besides. Like Kaspersky and it’s constant false alarms and attacking software you NEED. You have to run over to their forum and see the people hanging out waiting for them to fix it. Just a big pain in the ass.

  62. Re Solomon, no stabililty issue there at all.

  63. my 401k tanked some more, so that George Soros and Warren Buffet and Donald Trump can buy lower.

  64. Heck 401 K is going to be a standing joke to folks in the future. I tried to explain this to the basement dwellers but what do you think I got called besides racist ? Ya I am a filthy rice republican and they hoped I choked on my wealth. Sure would like to know where I hid that money I supposedly had or have. My 401 K is a fricking joke. Hubbys has tanked several times and just when you think it could make a come back bang there it goes again. I can see the history books after we are long gone.[ Those baby boomers were such goons to even think they had the right to try to save some money while poor people starved. ] [ Those baby boomers were some real cruel greedy mofos and deserved to lose it] [ they had the nerve to think they did build that ] I’m done lol.

  65. Ok I am not barefoot although barefoot is good………….I am not pregnant and pregnant is really bad………………………but I am bound for the kitchen. Got a good score of a bunch of pears and got to get them canned before they go south. Just finished getting my chicken noodle soup canned and got to sit and peel pears now. Will do some in red and some in green just for the holiday table the rest as is for me.

  66. Yes Utah and that is why it’s such a wonderful idea to privatize (as in gamble) social security with wall street, so that they will have more to steal again from retirees in 20 years.

  67. I admit to being totally ignorant about bath salts. Are these like the same bath salts all of us have used one time or another or is this some new druggie strain that has nothing to do with real bath salts?

    Like the difference between Coke and Coke?

  68. Bath Salts. Inquiring minds want to know because they only thing that comes to mind is what Uppity is referencing. The stuff you put in your bath. Often included in those gifty spa baskets at Christmas.

    I mean you now have to sign your life away to get real decongestants. Are they allowing just any five year old to purchase these salts with no ID required. Or is this something only really wealthy idiots can get their hands on?

  69. I believe the reference to bath bath salts is to the zombie killer of a few months ago.

  70. Diagnosis of Soloman: Bad case of ODS, further exacerbated by Post-Traumatic Election Syndrome. Been there…done that.

  71. Yes I remember Norton’s recovery tool. Used it a number of times.

    I know about decongestants too. I have to sign to get pseudoephedrine because dirtbags were making meth with it. Ridiculous.

    I looked it up and the druggie bath salts are not the same, they just copped the name Bath Salts and gave them a bad name. So they are different than the stuff you use in a bath. Like coke vs coke.

    I was wondering because I never remember feeling like eating somebody’s face off after using bath salts. lol.

  72. Yep, Upps, most Hindus believe in reincarnation, at least of the spirit. Now all original Buddhists (as opposed to Hollyweird fakes)have reincarnation as a central tenet of their beliefs — good deeds lead to nirvana, or final relief from the painful cycle of birth and rebirth.

  73. Yeah, NES, splains why Hindus are such peaceful people as a rule.

  74. Here’s a video of Holly Petreaus and what she does for a living while her husband fucks around. A great service she provides for military families.

  75. Oy would you check out Jill Kelley and her twin sister with Holly and Dave Petraeus. They look like the friggin kardashians.

  76. Oh so I can use bath salts safely and no longer fear I will become some cannibal psychopath ? Phewwww now I am so at ease. Here I was afraid we were going to have issues with little blue haired old ladies going berserk at Christmas time from bath salt overload. Thank heavens I can sleep now lmao.

  77. Uppity what is the difference between Wall street and Harry Reid and Co. We are screwed no matter.

  78. The internets are full of jokes about that book (I could not believe the title when I first heard it) and look what a Denver abc aff. did:

  79. Also, more not to like about Petraeus, pushing religion (he calls it spiritual fitness) on the troops:

  80. I love bath salts with essential oils. I would be bummed if I had to give them up, so thanks for that info. I was also wondering.

  81. Hell no Utah, at least there’s money left and it can be replenished. Giving a FORCED savings program to wall street is simply the very worst idea EVER. You are FORCED to GAMBLE and believe me, they will let the pots build up and then steal it again. Whatever a thief will do once he will do again.

  82. Not to mention the back door and front door and administrative fees that dwindle the pot down.

  83. Yes you can use your fragrant bath salts without fear of eating someone’s head.

  84. I do know Utah had banned the sale of Spice. I guess folks that want to get high will do it regardless of what it will cause. Nice to know we will have the ” walking dead” among us after the UN takes our guns. Oh say this will be a hoot.

  85. Oh I know Upps about placing SS into wall streets hands. But as I understood it to read it would have been an option. You did not have to do that and trust me I would not. It really angers me that the kitty is in trouble in the first place. Had it not been robbed by the thieves we elect and handled right it would not be in trouble. WTF folks that have not paid in can get it by getting some quack to disable them. Disability should have never come from a bank set up for retirement purposes. Eh it is our kids and their kids that really have to worry and I think they should be given an option to opt out and put it into a retirement fund. If you do not you’re screwed. Maybe it should just be put there for you like SS is taken out. I don’t know I made the age limit before the shit really hits so it is cool lol. My kids need to be thinking of other options. They will get everything I have to help them out.

  86. Yeah Utah you’ve got all those young pissants who think they are geniuses, ‘investing’ in wall street and down the road the taxpayers will be supporting them when they are old and indigent because of their own stupidity–just like the parents have to keep bailing them out now.

  87. Bath salts and now Spice? I am definitely behind the times. I guess there they co-opted the use of the term Spice from Herbet’s Dune series. So Spice is not Spice nor is it Spice (as in Pumpkin Pie).

  88. Those twins look like mega-Kardashian-size trouble. Now they’re REAL Lebanese, from what I understand.
    Hope Petraeus didn’t dip into either of those honeypots.

  89. Uppity asks if Baths Salts are not really bath salts the way coke is not really Coke. The analogy is a little skewed because Coke once had coke inside, but Bath Salts were never bath salts.

    But we can fix it thanks to NES giving me an idea. So, Bath Salts are not bath salts the way Lebanese (here) are not Lebanese.

  90. All I know is bath salts from bed, bath and beyond will not make you rip someone’s face off and eat it.

  91. I’d never even heard of “spice” til Utah mentioned it:

    It sounds really stupid.

  92. Agree with NES about those twins. Real Housewives of Tampa Bay coming up.

  93. Spice is synthetic mary jane and it ranges in potency. I used to see it in all the smoke shops when I still smoked. I think I first saw it in Nevada and I believe they can still sell it there. Comes in little round containers and has a boat load of different names. I believe kids have been dying from it too.

  94. I would be willing to bet that those supposed nasty emails sent to twin one were something she and twin two cooked up on their own. Frame both the general and the “biographer”. The phrasing of those emails seems to be more consistent with their behavior pattern. Was it not twin two that actually reported the supposed emails to twin one? This stinks every which way.

  95. Oh and was the FBI investigator that supposedly sent emails of his bare chest to twin one also supposedly also having an affair with twin one (or twin two or both). Stupid guy was used.

  96. Good link NES but the comments sheesh. Man these folks need to lighten up. He cheated big fricking whoop de do. That is up to his wife and family to judge and take care of. I agree with one commenter. Being the head of the CIA you lie daily that is what CIA does and does well to gather info.

  97. NES – that link.
    I would have to agree. While I feel for family that is exposed to the 3 ring circus that the MSM creates over this type of behavior, infidelity itself is not an offense against the nation. The response is way out of proportion.

    Now that mess in Benghazi is a whole other matter. Plus F& F and what ever they are trying to pull off in Iran. Which is why they are throwing everything out to try and get the heat turned elsewhere. They always do this when they want to pull something over on the peons – there is something big coming – and they want no attention focused on the WH/Rice/ValJar/ and company.

  98. I so agree Mt Laurel. Divert the attention is the name of the game. I think Petreaus ( however you spell his name) is falling on a sword . I hope the darn Pubs keep on going after Benghazi and pick up where they left off on F&F. I know we would be stuck with that lame brain Biden if we could get O to resign or better yet ship his ass off to gitmo. If Biden is involved and you bet he is then we are stuck with Boner and I spelled it that way on purpose. God help us all but I highly doubt it could be any worse.

  99. I read NES’ link and agree that infidelity shouldn’t be against the law, or other peoples business, and should be an issue of concern unless the person is neglecting his job or using their employers or other peoples money to finance the affair. (I’d much rather criticize this guy for the stuff he did in Iraq and Afghanistan.) However, apparently the good general has endorsed for years something called “spiritual fitness”, for which there is an actual military program that involved forcing new recruits to listen to Christian music and other programs. I could care less if anyone in the military is religious or not but he looks pretty hypocritical for trying to cram religious values down other peoples throats.

  100. We had an Uppity feast tonite, Uppity’s Chicken Marsala. Damn was it good! We’re all stuffed.

  101. Ooops. I put that link I just posted up earlier. Sorry about that! I’m getting so senile.

  102. And this is true of most all religious nuts Socal. That is the reason I do not subscribe to any organized religion. I have my own beliefs and they are mine and I try not to share them or to put them on others. The religious subscribe to the ” Do as I say , not as I do” policy as well as the powerful do.

  103. And with that I bid you all ado. I have an early get up. Work beckons.

  104. One more time with feeling.

    Infidelity. Is. A. Security. Risk.

  105. Ah you liked my marsala, socal! Yay! Did LakerDude give it a thumbs up?

  106. LakerDude was heartbroken that I didn’t make more! As it is, he got the lions share. Which is good since he’s a skinny Dude.

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